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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news by >> they were my sister's house in quincy with the trailer. >> they went back home the next >> no 10 wildfires continue to burn through hundreds of thousands of acres in northern california, not only breaking records but destroying towns along the way. that is where
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we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome. jonathan mccall justine has the night off tonight, the dixie fire which destroyed the entire town of greenfield. now the largest fire in california state history tonight. the search is on to find as many as 4 people now unaccounted for from that fire. michael shure brings us the latest. >> the raging dixie fire continues to destroy everything in its path. including the gold rush era town of greenville, reducing more than 180 homes to ashes and threatening more than 10,000 buildings in the northern sierra nevada. according to the california department of fire and forestry protection. the dixie fire is now the 3rd largest fire in recorded state history. it is currently burning an area larger than new york mandatory evacuations
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remain in effect in several communities. but some people have been allowed to return home to check for damage. what hacpened? greenville's my uncle in a mine. >> they were my sister's house in quincy on with the trailer. they went back home the next night blew it. >> state and federal resources are being provided to battle 29 major wildfires. so far more than 800,000 acres have burn and 8700 firefighters are actively working to contain those fires. the fires not just destroying forestry homes and buildings but making the air quality dangerous. >> we're not just talking about biomass burning, but we're talking about also other compounds, even paints plastics computers materials that we have been doors that can be consumed by the fire and be part of the particles that we are actually breathing the dixie fire's impact not only in the air but on the
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ground and drought conditions in the next year could make rebuilding a years long process even after a fire, there's still lots of dry fuel that can catch on fire. the next year. so another year of drought make it very, very difficult to all this infrastructure. the base lee has to removed like a hazardous waste site. >> california's fire season is on track to pass last year's, which was the worst burned in recent state history since the start of the year. more than 6,000 fires have destroyed more than triple the land for the same period in 2020. michael shure ktla 5 news. >> here's a look at the latest air quality mount for the bay area. and you can see the entire bay area is in yellow, which is the moderate level which is not too bad. considering. all of the smoke we've seen in the last few days. but we definitely want to be in the green and that's where we want to be. so hopefully in the next few days we will get back there coming
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up in just a few moments. we'll talk live with a member of the bay area air quality management district about some of the conditions that they're seeing an when things will finally start to get a little bit better here in the bay area. now let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look tonight courtesy of the mount tam cam. you can see that fog is starting to move back in. and we're also dealing with plenty of smoky conditions. the saturday night kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr here tonight when the skies could finally start to clear out. >> good evening, everybody. we are still dealing with some hazy skies a little bit naive clean this thing out until week system up in the northwest drop south and kind of cleans things out. you'll feel the winds working their magic a bit. now here's how it looks like for your evening plans by 9 o'clock. we'll call it mild clear inland, but certainly bay fog at work. temperatures still off the inlet in the 70's. meanwhile, by the witching hour, we got bay fog developing cool conditions getting in inland temperatures down to the 60's. and tomorrow morning bay fog note. some drizzle there, too,
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by the way. and temperatures almost uniformly in the 50's, which is pretty much where they're going to rest. so tonight we're looking for a low about 57 san francisco 58 oakland 59 mostly clear san jose but still left over haze and fog. low temperatures across the real estate mid to upper 50's. coming up a little bit. of course, we'll have your 4 zone forecast. dave, thank you. just days before students in oakland unified schools are set to head back to the classroom. >> some parents and community leaders have signed onto a petition calling on school leaders to make weekly on site. covid testing available for anybody who may want it kron four's amanda hari talked to the woman behind that petition. >> i feel like this is something really, really important to help keep our kids in our community safe. and unified school district kindergarten teacher and a mother of usd students. she says the schools have great ventilation heppa filters and
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masking. but the school board could be doing more testing is a really critical. so she started this change. dot org, petition thursday night calling for the board to provide testing. it is already received hundreds of signatures. we delivered in person yesterday to shopping gonzales is how she's the school board president. >> she wasn't there. but we a message with her husband, oakland school board district 5 director mike hutchinson says he supports the petition. it is a bare minimum safety requirement to have covid testing offered at all of our schools. he says he's pushing the board to make sure testing happens. i've introduced a resolution which will be coming at wednesday school board here in oakland. >> to call for weekly testing hutchinson usd has 300 million dollars from the state of california in covid relief funds that could be used towards this effort and what i
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want us to guard against as much as we can is to ensure that our schools don't become the transmission site for this deadly virus. >> those kron four's amid hard reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, free backpacks school supplies and covid-19 vaccinations. those all at today's 9th annual stuff. the bus school supply giveaway that helped hundreds of families in antioch for many students. school starts next week as kron four's phillipe djegal found out they'll now be ready to head back to class. >> clarissa wilson founded the stuff, the bus school supply giveaway in india when she was in the 6th grade and over the years it has become so popular. the bus is too small to accommodate the crowds stuff. the bus like physically now we're stuck in a mall with monetary donations from local nonprofits and members of the community wilson was able to purchase enough backpacks and school supplies to hand out to at least 5,000 families ready
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for pickup saturday at this summer's bill town center. we do k through college. >> i always include college because now now i'm in college families struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic are grateful for the event. still all there is excitement ahead of the first day of school. >> some parents are concerned about their kids sharing a classroom with others while covid-19 continues to spread not quite sure yeah, i feel like is not the right time for them to >> but it fall. i need them to go because i need to go to work. contra costa health services also set up a pop-up covid-19 vaccination clinic at the anyone, 12 years of age or older can walk up for a shot. >> county wide antioch has reported the highest number of positive cases the last 14 days. >> and the city has the 5th lowest percentage of fully vaccinated residents at 61.6% really want to push everybody to get vaccines. i don't even like needles, but i had to get
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one just to be able to go to school. so i know a lot of people, a lot of students are in the same predicament every shot in the arm counts in antioch, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> this school season will be like no other we've ever seen before, but we here at kron 4 and kronon want to help you get ready for it all next week. make sure you tune in for updates on covid protocols and a number of bay area school districts also will be giving parents information on how students are dealing with various challenges to get ready kron on ready for school just scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to your app store, the google play or the apple store so you can download kron on for free. >> kron 4 news is still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news refusing the vaccine. some san francisco law enforcement. agencies now threatening to walk off the job over new vaccination requirements. also some talk live with the bay area air quality management district about what they say. they're l%
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saying right now during all of this smoky haze and when we'll finally start to clear out front. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> welcome back, everyone. after burning for a matter of weeks. the dixie fire now larger than the entire city of new york. it exploded. this week an intense winds and bone-dry temperatures so far it scorched more than 447,000
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acres. so far, no deaths or injuries have been reported. but the tire has destroyed much of the town of greenville crushed paulson. go brings us the latest. >> the exclusive dixie fire continues to destroy anything in his path. but tonight, residents of metal valley near quincy. we're allowed to go home. see if it's still here. this is mason steve's in-laws home. he says since they're older. they're being overly cautious about going home too soon. a choice. others in the area are making as well greenville. they let us go back. you know my uncle and when they were my sister's house in quincy on with the trailer. they went back home the next night blew up. california's largest single was far showing no signs of letting up as disability continues to deteriorate. fire crews hoping the weather improves. in the meantime, they continue to protect structures and drawn lines to slow the fire down. plus around the community fight indian falls greenville and canyon dam thought devastation. >> fire crews are now trying to protect preston built what
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happened greenville's us an absolute shame. steve hopes his in-laws home doesn't face the same fate, but he believes the dixie fire could have been avoidable and something needs to change. i think the people that i'm allowed to get like this need to hold accountable. >> gurajpal sangha reporting for us tonight. >> the dixie fire doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. but an investigation is already underway into what sparked it. a federal judge has ordered pg e to explain its potential role in the fire igniting last month. a tree fell on the utility companies. power line at the start of the fire pg and e has already stated that its equipment may have been responsible pg and e has about a week to respond. those fires have started to impact air quality in some parts of the bay area. we've been seeing it over the last few days. joining us live now to talk about what we've been seeing in the air and when things will finally start to clear out is spokesperson for the bay area. air quality management district walter wallace, walter, thanks so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock.
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thanks for having me. okay. talk a little bit some of the conditions, some of the impacts that are getting reports of here in the bay area over the last few days. >> shares for the past few days what we've seen are on the stream lea a smoky skies and we see people be very alarmed by that. and we call a smoke advisory because a lot of the smoke tends to be aloft. but we are seeing some localized impacts in the north bay in parts of the east bay. so in those cases where there are those localized impacts. we're letting people know that if you to smell smoke, you probably are being affected you should take measures to protect yourself and your family by limiting your exposure outside. >> should limit their time outside over the next few days because we have haze and the smoke in the air. >> you as of right now, based on the air quality monitors. the air quality. it is not at the ground level. it's not
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that bad. but in certain higher elevations, it is pretty bad now. it is extremely unpredictable. weather. weather patterns are going to co and that's where meteorologists are a model using the models on the day by day basis to kind of see what happens if the smoke at the higher elevations does drop to ground level been what we would do is we would actually call a spare the air day and let people know that yes, air quality has been the unhealthy for sensitive groups or worse range. and in those cases what you would want to do is, you be indoors with the windows and doors as long as he possibly setting up a clean air room with and some type of air purifier and making sure that you're out. you know, your windows or caulk and things of that nature. but really just limiting your exposure outside of the best thing you can do if you believe that the airport is unhealthy in your area. so we've been spared from the smoke from these for a good while now. >> the big question a lot of folks want to know is when will we be spared again, wind can some of the snow start to clear out.
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>> well, you know, wildfires are extremely unpredictable and they can happen at a moment's notice. and because these wildfires that we're dealing with right now are so unpredictable. our meteorologists are actually calling this on a day by day basis. that's the kind of feel comfortable doing it right now. so if you notice, we've been calling a smoke advisories because we're so closely. so it's really difficult to tell. would be almost irresponsible for us to really try to predict too far out so we're taking it on day by day basis and as of right now, a lot of the smoke is a lot and we're waiting to see what happens in the future. >> right now. you guys have extended that advisory for tomorrow. i guess at what point would you make that call for monday. >> we would make a call for some time before noon tomorrow. so i will be talking with the meteorologists in the morning to see what the models are showing it what they believe up an adequate forecast would be for monday if if a lot of that smoke
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happens to drop and we see that the air quality monitors are showing unhealthy levels may believe that it's going to be unhealthy based on the weather patterns and they would call a spare the air for the following day. but is all determined on whether or not what the weather is going to look like what the smokes going to do in the next few hours. all right. everyone will be waiting and watching to see what happens tomorrow. >> walter wallace with the bay area, air quality management district, as always, thanks for the time. the knowledge kron 4 news at 10. >> california republicans have worked hard to try and get governor gavin newsome out of office. they say they can do it without endorsing a candidate for the party says it's better that way. >> plus spirit customers fed up and frustrated still waiting to go home. another day as the airline tries to rebound. the olive branch the carrier now trying to extend
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>> welcome back, everyone. tonight, the ceo of spirit airlines says that they are slowly starting to get things back to normal after being forced to cancel 2000 flights earlier this week and hundreds more today. all because of operational challenges and staffing issues. it's little relief, though, for the thousands of passengers who have been stranded at airports all across america who have been trying to get home for nearly a week. many martinez has the latest. >> i've been trying to get home since tuesday. jim says
10:22 pm
nick says the airline given the hotel room for each of the last 3 nights or, you know, a pretty nice hotels get kind of old after wall like to go to sleep in my own bed at home. this hotel is the closest one to the airport and for the past several days, the last few rooms available each night have been booked by stranded passengers hopes tonight is his last night in myrtle beach. he's flying home with another airline tomorrow for an extra $1200. first to atlanta, then to tampa before finally making it home. it's a day's worth of travel longer than it would take me to drive from here to pittsburgh. that hurts location and why our estimates that one-way rentals are up 25% this week because of canceled spirit flights. the top destinations pittsburgh in cleveland but finding a rental car might be difficult. that's why gloria cooper is waiting out the cancellations even though this is my 3rd day waiting to get to my destination. >> why do you steer it told
10:23 pm
news 13 earlier this week proactive cancellations were targeted in parts of the country where passengers had other options. cooper was rebooked by spirit to fly out tonight with american airlines. it wasn't really a process the life. a good 7, 8, 7, hours. >> he even that good as spirit is offering him $50 discounts on future flights. i don't care. >> it can take those $50 and skip the more the some long shot. >> still to come tonight, rising covid cases starting to impact a number of businesses show you how one owner orange county now dealing with the growing number. >> of breakthrough cases among his own staffs.
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>> as covid-19 cases continue to climb of a surge of the delta variant. we're starting to see more so-called breakthrough cases among folks who are vaccinated the problem now forcing some restaurants to shut its doors for the time being. kron four's. gayle ong has the story.
10:27 pm
>> to san francisco restaurants are the latest to temporarily closed its doors after confirming covid cases among staff, the businesses report staff has been fully vaccinated but are coming down with covid breakthrough cases. that's why public health officials change health orders from a mask to vaccine mandates. oakland resident jamie rather is recovering from the delta variant. i can't taste or smell. >> hardly at all. i still get headaches now and then i'm just way more tired than i ever was before. rather is fully vaccinated and says she contracted the virus at home. i got it from my girlfriend who we confirm she had it and then about 2 days after she started showing i searching symptoms as well. we live together. it was kind of inevitable. but we figured because i was back. see where both acts and that it must just been a common cold and. >> then it was too late at that point. >> rather does not work in the restaurant industry where breakthrough cases appear to be impacting business. but she says having to take off work to recover was financially
10:28 pm
challenging. i just want people to learn that we're not as invincible as we thought. we were with the it's definitely always better to take more precautions than you think. you need to. >> and health experts recommend getting the vaccine is the best way to get ahead of the delta variant because on vaccinated people can experience severe symptoms. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> the union representing san francisco sheriff's deputies say that some deputies could walk off the job over a vaccine mandate issued by the city of san francisco that mandate requires workers to receive the vaccine by september 15th or risk being fired. thursday in a facebook post. the san francisco deputy sheriff's association call that mandate too strict. the union says that some deputies would rather be tested weekly but city officials disagree. the city says it's too risky for unvaccinated deputies because the highly contagious delta variant so far close to 23% of deputies are not vaccinated. this move comes as
10:29 pm
the cdc is urging folks who have already been infected with covid-19 to get a vaccine. a new poll from gallup shows that one main reason that many americans are not getting vaccinated just because of a belief that they say that previous covid infections have left them immune officials say that natural immunity is effective. if you have been exposed to the same variant, but that drops off, if you're exposed to others, they say that vaccines boost antibody production and enhances the body's immune response against new versions of the virus cases of covid-19 are spreading rapidly with the highly contagious. delta variant now the dominant strain here in the u.s. but there are other variants now circulating doctors are also keeping a close eye on the lambda variant, which was first found in south america but is now starting to pop up in many places in the south, including louisiana. alex denis brings us more. >> scientists around the world
10:30 pm
closely monitor variants of the covid-19 virus people like, you know, that variants don't change. and then stop changing that. keep mutating. and when they crop up we assess communicable. are they how contagious to we think they are can they have protection of our current vaccines. these mutations are classified as either a variant of interest variant of concern, variant of consequence. the lambda variant is the latest strain to pop up first detected in peru the law it doesn't look as though this land that they're in is competitive from a contagiousness point of view, unlike the delta variant, which is currently the most dangerous circulating categorized as a variant of concern is not likely that a variant like delta that is already problematic could for the new tape and become a variant of high consequence. what that means is. >> the variant is no longer recognized by the antibodies that the vaccine induces. if
10:31 pm
this variant really if they did the protection of our current vaccines. we have to start all over and everybody would have to get read backs unaided with this new vaccine against this. you. >> old variant some refer to that situation as a doomsday variant. but how likely is this to happen. there is a definite chance, although i can't tell you what the likelihood is. >> that a very high consequence could arise. but as much more likely, if we don't get people vaccinated. alex denis reporting for us tonight right now on kron 4 dot com. we have everything that you need to know about mask mandates where you live. >> breakthrough covid-19 cases and much more just scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. let's take a live look outside at sfo this saturday night. a lot of folks getting on planes have been somewhere this weekend or coming back home. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr here tonight with a look at what's on the way from the start of your sunday.
10:32 pm
>> good evening. everyone is a little change coming our way to help clean out that atmosphere, particularly aloft. it's maybe good. it's not at the surface level, but it's harder to clean that way because the air at the surface doesn't help upstairs. well, when you have a system like this little. so not the one that will do the trick week speckle piece of energy to drop south by tomorrow. that will drive some local winds and all of that. but help clean up the atmosphere a little bit as well. we can kind of get an idea about this in the medium range forecast as we get into tomorrow morning, we start off with the additional fog and drizzle. all of that. then the system plows on through cleans out the atmosphere. strong onshore. winds and cooler temperatures at it. we're on to something here by sunday and then monday temperatures start to creep up a little bit as you jump over those winds here. this is what's going on for the overnight hours. little bit of a breeze, a place. yeah. but by sunday this gets more interesting. we always have those onshore winds. we got the inland heating, the differentiation. it's cool over there to warm here that drives an onshore wind. but this is driven. some
10:33 pm
not that are big features on the globe that do this like lowe's and fronts and all that not bad. that will help clean things out. finally and cool things off and the inland spots long-range monsoon where arya pretty quiet in the desert southwest by comparison sake. but later on after all that's done. little piece of energy comes up here by thursday, something to kind of look out for because we want to watch out about dry lightning. but then the monsoon does become more active in the sierra but also in the 4 corner states. and that's pretty typical this time of year. let's check out your 4 zone forecast for tomorrow. 65 for san francisco. there's the coastal fog developing lower 60's at the coast for a high 70's. meanwhile, along the bay shoreline, maybe still an 80 for redwood city. but we're looking a lot more 70's tomorrow than today. dawn of the south bay about 79 san jose there. 78 santa clara 80 cupertino east bay shoreline gets pushed back to the middle 70's tri valleys out of the 90's. now in the upper 80's. meanwhile, a walnut creek in
10:34 pm
8788 conquered 65 for berkeley. 72 vallejo still kind of toasty up a vacaville 91. but we're trying. we're working on it. 73 napa 78 for sonoma 79 for santa rosa and more 70's down south. here you have it in the seven-day forecast. little drop happening sunday tomorrow. 91 for monday. and then we do bounce back up to the middle 90's. as you can see. but the bay temperatures will hold pretty much into the 70's watching out again for a little moisture whisper. coming up here by thursday. back to you. dave, thank you tonight sept disco fire. investigators are looking into what sparked a fire this afternoon in downtown. >> it happened near cleon jones. one person had to be rescued from that building tonight, san francisco fire says the fire now under control. but we are seeing in contact with the department to learn more about the condition of the person who had to be rescued. in the east bay. one person is dead after a pickup truck crashed into a pet food store in livermore overnight. it happened early this morning. investigators say
10:35 pm
that truck collided with the store on first street when officers got to the scene, they say they found the driver dead inside of the truck tonight. the cause of this crash still under investigation. also in the east bay tonight, oakland police searching for answers into homicides. that happened overnight in a matter of hours from each other. the first one happened around 3.30 this morning on san leandro street. investigators say when they got to that scene, they say they found that man. >> dead at that scene. the second shooting happened just hours later, 3 hours later when investigators say they found a man bleeding in the street near perrault and 35th medics took the man to the hospital where he later died. so far police have not released the names of the victims or a motive in either case, anyone with information now urged to call oakland police in southern california tonight, a domestic dispute ends with one person dead, 3 otoers hurt in huntington beach. chris wolfe brings us the latest on the investigation.
10:36 pm
>> chaos and calamity huntington beach neighborhood saturday as the community becomes the scene of deadly gunfire. >> it happened at a home on operetta drive neighbors say an 59 year-old man was living there but was in some kind of dispute with a sibling. apparently his sister over the property upon arrival rediscovered their work shooting victims at the residence to the front of the residence officers rescued those shooting victims have been transported to local hospitals. >> exactly what happened is unclear. however, police confirm 4 people were shot and authorities believe the gunman is one of them self-inflicted. it's possible again on speculative at this point police swat officers firefighters and paramedics converged on the scene and taped off an expansive section of the neighborhood. we could see sharpshooters perched on a rooftop. it was all part of a
10:37 pm
tactical operation to clear the area of any dangers or potential lingering threats. what we know at this point is it seems to be an ongoing family dispute over ownership of the today. there were some real estate professionals that came to visit the property. >> and that's when the at least one person is dead you know, we're just police everywhere and then i saw they bought 2 people out that were shot. he apparently shot in the head or something. >> it was one person still in the house or in the back out there trying to catch up with get him out very scary because i hope to be able to walk my son in a stroller one day and not be scared about what's going on. >> so, you know, it just it is alarming. >> kron 4. is your local election headquarters. and tonight, just weeks before the upcoming recall election. california republicans say they will not endorse a candidate in the race to remove governor gavin newsom from office. the move came
10:38 pm
during a virtual meeting this morning. party leaders say they were concerned that choosing one candidate over another could turn off some voters from voting earlier tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. i talked live with the california republican chairwoman jessica millan patterson about the decision. >> over the last month there was a process put in place prior to that there was no for the california republican party to even engage in an what was critical was at first of all, we didn't know when we started out this process, you would be on the and with no prominent democrat on the ballot and such a outstanding field of republicans. it really puts us in a position where we can focus on question number one and each one of these candidates can make their case to the californians as to why they would be the best replacement for the worst governor in our state's history. >> a recent poll from emerson college along with inside california politics found the race to unseat newsom is close, but many polls do
10:39 pm
expect the governor to pull out a victory mail in ballots for that recall election are already on their way to voters. most are expected to arrive by monday. august 16th the ballot will consist of 2 questions. the first. do you approve of the recall of governor gavin newsome. yes or no. the second question will ask voters which of the 46 challengers. th3y want to replace newsom in office. one is voters drop off their ballots. they can track it through their county registrar's office. we have those details on how you can do so on our website at kron 4 dot com. also you can see those candidates go head to head in a debate later this month inside california politics will hosted right here. the kron 4 studios. you can see a thursday night august 19th at 7 o'clock forty-niners fans getting a big tree today they were finally allowed back inside a levi stadium for the first time since the pandemic. thousands attending this morning an open practice for the team as they get ready for the upcoming season. kron four's camila barco was there.
10:40 pm
>> saturday morning. hundreds of people were decked out in 40 niner gear. some people set up their own tailgates. but everyone had a mask in hand as everyone had a mask in hand as they ste stadium for the first time since the start of the pandemic. >> a 40 niner fans are pumped for the return of football season is going mainly because they'll be able to witness the action from inside levi stadium for the first time in 18 months home. you know, we all and i'm excited to actually experienced this and to be honest, it's my first time experiencing camp saturday morning about 20,000 fans got a glimpse of their favorite players at training >> everyone was required to wear face masks indoors. >> and the same is expected for people who attending games
10:41 pm
during the able to watch the game and be part of it reported calls. got to follow. >> and the guidelines. we do all that and you pretty good. >> there are no rules for social distancing. but levi stadium is going cashless this season. encouraging fans to use credit cards or touchless payment options. and even with covid protocols in place. it isn't ruining the mood. and if they wanted me to wrap myself in cellophane. i would do >> fans say they're looking forward to more than just the romance of the game. it's it's a part of us. i contacts mow the grass. >> you're just. >> this morning, though, that the morning miss what we know from the valley. you know, it's it's it's it's nothing else on that. >> the forty-niners take the field for their first preseason game. august, 14th against the kansas city chiefs at levi stadium. camila barco kron 4 news. >> stay with us, everyone. we'll be right back.
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second weekend in a row, the senate hart and work in washington, dc trying to finalize that one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure plan today the senate passed the 60 vote threshold needed to advance it kron 4 washington correspondent raquel martin brings us the latest. >> this is the second saturday in a row. senators have stayed in session to work on this massive bill lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they're eager to get this legislation
10:45 pm
across the finish line. but final details continue to hold things up. the 1 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill has dodged another pothole on capitol hill. the motion is agreed to yet another rare saturday session. senators voted to advance the bill west virginia democrat joe manchin helped write the legislation were compromised that will address our infrastructure needs without going overboard we're one step closer to completing. >> this product, texas senator john cornyn was one of 18 republicans who joined democrats to push the bill forward but republicans aren't done trying to put their stamp on the bill to fund infrastructure projects in communities across our country without increasing the deficit this week, the congressional budget office predicted the bill would at 256 billion dollars to the deficit over the next 10 years. the full senate deserves as full shape.
10:46 pm
this important legislation. the senate has already consider 22 amendments with more to come and republicans will have another chance to block the bill before a final vote. we can get this done. the easy way or the hard way. senate majority leader chuck schumer says, well, democrats are willing to make a few more changes to the bill. it's time to get on with it. the senate will stay in session until we finish our work. it's up to my republican colleagues. how long it takes a final vote on the bill is likely within the next few days. again, there's no set date for a final vote. but pushback from conservative lawmakers could stall things until monday or even tuesday night for now in washington, raquel martin news nation. helpful reprieve for folks who are still dealing with student loan debt. >> the biden administration is extending a moratorium on those payments through the end of the year. but officials say that this will likely be the last time that they delay those loan repayments as they try to keep the economy still moving the move continues. the
10:47 pm
suspension of payments for all loans that are owned by the department of education. it also maintains a 0% interest rate and keeps in place a freeze on the collection of defaulted debt payments will once again be due on february 1st when it has to absolutely get there on time. it could now take a little longer. that's because the u.s. postal service says it is finalizing a plan that could slow service for some first-class deliveries starting october first first class mail could take anywhere from one to 5 days instead of the current one to 3 days to get to its final destinations. usps now blaming unreliable air transportation weather delays and a record mail for the changes. the agency says that more than 60% of its delivery times, though, will remain unchanged as we close in on the closing ceremonies of the tokyo olympic games. the olympic flame will be extinguished in the task of hosting the next games will now fall to paris. but before
10:48 pm
we get there, we're now learning more about a u.s. navy captain who played a big role in lighting. the olympic flame marielena balouris has the story. >> captain brad stallings had lived in japan for about 4 years now. so he's made a lot of great memories here, but he says are running in the olympic torch relay is one of the memories of the top of his list. it's a moment captain brad stallings will never forget and everybody was lined up on the street the runners. each had a different station running a leg of the olympic torch relay in sas a boat up and those just thousands of people all over the place. so that was amazing. stallings is the chief of staff of us naval forces, japan in yukos ca. he is to be the base commander in sas a bow, which is about a 2 hour flight from tokyo and that's where he was chosen for the torch relay one of 18 runners in the area as you're running, that people are just cheering on and the feeling became overwhelming. you know. >> raley said in, you know, hey, you're part of something big here. you're running a
10:49 pm
torch for the 2020 olympics the smiles and cheers of usa surprising him, but also reminding him of the alliance between the 2 nations being selected as an american to run on that team in japan that the relationship between the japanese and the americans is rock solid stallings now has the memories and the stories along with that or she paid for to look back on and pass along to his son. >> marking his moment, his piece of tokyo twenty-twenty could tell you how much pride right in that relay, you know, he was just amazing in tokyo. i'm marielena balouris. >> so little 4 zone forecast saturday night. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there as folks head into the city may want to avoid those caltrans trucks. there. looks like they're blocking off traffic. but nothing significant. we've learned. we've been checking in with them throughout the night as folks head on into the city. but let's get you ready for the start of your sunday his
10:50 pm
call for meteorologists dave spahr with a look. >> good evening, everybody. we're going to be looking at a scenario of a system dropping south to help clean us out. so we still have some haze to kind of deal with today. sure. tomorrow, though, better progress on all of that will look better just to have that a clearer picture we can get the footprints load out of this. watch what happens tonight. we have the fog coming back to greet us tomorrow morning drizzle and all that jazz. but look what happens by tomorrow afternoon washed pardon me a tory clears its way out and will be driving some winds. so everything is in tandem. we've got clear skies. we've got the sweeping on through and reduction of temperatures on your sunday. not too bad for monday. either. tonight we have that fog coming back again. 57 throw coastal drizzle in there to fog 58 going on for oakland fog again shoreline drizzle. why not 59. meanwhile for him to san jose and mostly clear skies. most readings across the bay tonight will be in the middle to upper 50's. of course we'll be checking your 4 zone forecast. coming up in just a bit. back to you. still to
10:51 pm
come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. we continue to pay tribute to japanese culture and history. >> break, we'll show you japanese art form dating back to 580. the closing ceremonies
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
for the 2020 summer olympic games will take place in a matter of hours. >> but in today's destination, japan, we pay tribute to the japanese culture and history tyco or drums or a japanese
10:54 pm
tradition dating all the way back to 500 a d the booming beats have been used throughout history by the military for communication entertainment and more recently social movements. jacqueline abad shows us the centuries old art form. >> tyco means drama in japanese. the musical group portland tyco has been around since 1994. and since then they've been educating others about japanese and asian american culture. >> it's that drumbeat. it's the polls that that attracts people and i think brings everyone together, right. because we all have heartbeat. we all feel that it's the the beats. >> the movements. >> and the that grab your attention. this is portland tie. go. >> is a japanese drumming that blends music and movement and
10:55 pm
for portland we combine that with an asian americans sense of identity, creativity and empowerment when kiama the executive director says in many cultures the drum is the earliest musical instrument,x the site's the voice. >> and tyco started as a drumming phenomenon back in the 1950's. >> and now you'll find type of groups all across the world. and portland. tyco has performed throughout the pacific northwest sharing their and their passion and over 1500 today we perform for which is one of the group's signature pieces that was written by. >> and karen tinny and that has a lot of movements and just kind of a high energy is kind of like an exercise. and i performing i put together. but like many organizations they move to online during the pandemic and when we met with
10:56 pm
the team, they were practicing on these tires. >> meredith chan is the artistic leader and performance coordinator. we worked on building tie or so they're not as loud. so we keep the neighbors happy. harry. so. >> they're not exactly like real but they do get like i have the same feel and there have that deep sound. they were finally able to leave zoom rehearsals and play together again. has given us a vehicle to have a voice. >> and in a way to lake protest and bring everybody together. portland tyco came together back in march to perform at a stop asian hate rally following the murders of 6 asian women in atlanta. we hadn't met in person for. >> got a year. so we were asked to perform at one of those rallies and the group thought it was really important for us to be there to perform for the asian american community. >> this art form is intrinsic to not just the asian american
10:57 pm
community but for those who stopped to listen. i want them to feel and want them to feel empowered as you can tell, title is kind of not only performance but hopefully for the audience members as well. it's a visceral experience. >> and for asian americans. i think there's that sense of a loud noise and the big presence is important for us. >> portland title will have performances in july and throughout the summer reporting in portland. i'm jacqueline abad. >> that is the first here tonight on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, thanks so much for spending time with us. if you join the wealth in the morning news starting at 7 seed night tomorrow night, 6, some time.
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>> hi, everybody. and welcome to destination grant lotus and with travel restrictions finally lifted in california. people are ready to hit the road again and we're here to help you plan your next trip. over the next 30 minutes. we want to make your life a little bit easier showing you places near


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