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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon on anyone walking on the street. nowadays. >> it could be potentially become a crime. >> no at 9 caught on camera. a violent robbery in a good samaritan shot. the search underway tonight to fund the suspects responsible for it all. that's where we start the sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome. and i'm jonathan mccall. justine enjoying the night off the violent scene unfolding in oakland's chinatown. in addition to that one person shot a second person was also pistol whipped. it's also now
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renewing calls from community leaders to end violence on the streets against members of the asian community kron four's amanda hari live tonight with not only how the victims are doing but also getting reaction to 9 from the man in charge of oakland's chinatown chamber of commerce. amanda. >> i want to warn viewers about the video. they're about to see may be disturbing to some people. but it shows how this robbery quickly turned into a shooting and how was a situation where many people would have felt safe. it was 2 in the afternoon. people were shopping and walking around. >> i guess to connote the suspects besides just want anyone. >> any type that oakland chinatown chamber of commerce president karl chan's warning to everyone no matter where they are in the criminals when seeing of very little consequence when they're committing crimes. and that's what's it will continue to do
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what they do. this is surveillance video of the robbery from a corner store, an 8th and franklin people shopping in the area tried to get away. >> the suspects tried to rob a woman a man intervened to try and stop the attack. tran says that man was shot twice this is not easy for when gonna do good deeds and then they get the suspects got away in a silver sedan. this happened not far from where 2 women were robbed in broad daylight back in july. >> and where an elderly man with a keen was pistol whipped and robbed chan says he's been in touch with the family of the man that was shot saturday. the mom and the family. >> that devastate it. so you some time. another person was pistol whipped during the incident. chan is calling on city leaders and the community to make sure things like this stop happening. i think entire community has to come to get
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a. >> and say enough is enough. >> chan tells me that doctors say both the person that was pistol whipped and the person that was shot are expected to make full recoveries live amanda hari kron 4 news limited. we want to know is there anything specifically that the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is already doing to try and stop these types of crimes from happening. >> chan tells me he's working with the district attorney to make it so that when people commit crimes like this, they're not released from prison or jail as quickly that way, they believe there's a consequence for these types of crimes amid a hard line for us tonight here in san francisco with a tragic story. amanda, thank you. >> a little girl tonight in the south bay is dead after a bicycle crash in san jose investigators say the little girl was riding her bike down a hill near curry drive yesterday afternoon when she somehow lost control. >> and hit a curb. the impact
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caused her to hit a concrete wall paramedics took her to the hospital where she later died. investigators say that she was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. the girl whose name has not been released is now the 37th person killed in a traffic related crash in san jose. so far in 2021 also in the south bay tonight, a house party overnight in sunnyvale ends with one person dead. another person wounded in a shooting tonight. folks are t lling kron four's, camila barco about what they saw. >> neighbors say this neighborhood is relatively quiet, but saturday night, this street navarro drive turned into a party and as a result, one person died. >> maybe about 45 minutes before there was definitely some fireworks that went but then around about 11. you heard like probably 3 to 4 shots that went off teenagers wreak havoc saturday night in henry alexander. the 3rd sunnyvale neighborhood. we saw a bunch of kids walking that looked like they were definitely minors.
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>> and i'm holding out all also notice dozen of cars. >> parked around the block and heard people blasting music. >> outs and are called sonny bill police to tone it down officers responded to the navarro drive around 10:00pm and found about 20d people partying inside. police say as they waited for extra resources officers on scene attempted to find the homeowner. but then somebody opened fire on said he saw kids running. >> like maniacs. i remember one girl running up and she was sobbing saying somebody got shot. someone got hit. one person died. >> and another underwent surgery. that victim is expected to survive. but neighbors like alexander question officers response. they could have more presence that could have been right in front of the house. >> they lives. could have been say people who live in the area say the home is normally rented out on air bnb. >> they believe that was the
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case saturday night. sonny bill councilmember mason also lives in the neighborhood as a neighbor. you want to know your neighbor. so you want to make sure that your community safe according to the company's website, parties are banned at air bnb listings. however, falling and alexander, we like to see stricter guidelines when it comes to house rentals from a city perspective. you know, i want to know what is legally possible for us to restrict and require from a safety perspective of vendors like air bnb. they should have. >> better structure when it comes to identifying who did this. >> who's running these houses. police did not mention whether they have the person responsible for the shooting. but they are still investigating what led up to shots being fired in sunnyvale. camila barco kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, take a look at this scene from the north bay. this owner of a business in santa rosa sharing this video with us here on kron 4 of glass of their business being shattered in downtown
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overnight. the owner tells kron 4 news that someone drove by that store and someone inside that car decided they were going to shoot at someone that was walking by the shooter in the car missed hitting the front door of the business. instead tonight in santa rosa. police are now investigating that scene. the center and meanwhile, is also behind bars tonight. now facing charges of attempted murder after investigators say that pointed this gun at someone sitting inside of a car. investigators say that victim and someone else was sitting in that car when 35 year-old. taylor young showed up. investigators say the victim then hit young in the face with the door. young then fired 2 shots into the car, but no one was hit. police arrested young a short time later and recovered this gun. investigators say that both young and the victim knew each other. now to an update on a daily deadly shooting in southern california that we first told you about yesterday here on kron 4 investigators
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now say the shooting that ended with one person dead and 2 others hurt in huntington beach all started with an argument over a piece of property. investigators say it happened when a group of real estate agents showed up yesterday with a family member to view that home. that's when someone inside of that house fired the shots. then later barricaded himself inside the suspect once he finally came out was taken to the hospital for gunshot wound but is expected to be okay. >> i think it's really sad that, you know, a probate gets to this point. people are just insane. >> so far. the name of the person killed has not yet been released, but it is believed to be one of the real estate agents now to a story that we first told you about as breaking news tonight here on kron 4 news at 6. a massive fire in redwood city, sending thick plumes of black smoke into the skies along the peninsula near palermo gas station at whipple avenue and veterans boulevard just east of highway one. oh, one
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tonight. the good news, this 2 alarm fire tao out crews have left the scene in the gas station has since reopened. but this is the scene of what things look like this afternoon. just a few hours ago. you can see that huge cloud of smoke just billowing redwood city police quickly closing nearby streets so crews could get to that scene and put out the fire. the call coming in just before 4 o'clock this afternoon about a homeless encampment. fire crews got to the scene. they say they found a 2 shipping containers packed with tires on fire. several crews from a number of agencies and san mateo county responding to that scene. helping to put out the fire. the fire chief from redwood city says it was put out quickly because of that mutual aid. >> crews. i'm wait several lines and its teams to fire. all right. now the fire is under investigation for the cause and there are no injuries reported. no structures were down and said that then the 2 shipping containers, the restored full of tires. >> once again that area, the lanes in that area near
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whipple and veterans boulevard. once again. all back open tonight. let's talk a little 4 zone forecast this sunday at 9 o'clock. a live look at downtown san francisco. you can see the transamerica pyramid off on the right side of your screen there. some fog is starting to roll back in as we close another weekend here in the bay area and get ready for a new work week and the first day of school for a number of kids here in the bay area. let's get you ready for it. all. his kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. >> front in our backyard here. but it's not like the winter storm fronts. the bring really strong winds and heavy rain. all that stuff. but it will give us some breezy conditions which we've got and we'll continue that a little bit overnight, cleaning out our atmosphere, which is kind of nice after all the fires. you can see the rain up here in the northwest. and this is actually red flag warning talk that you see with that read stuff off to the east of that. here's what it looks like as we go into later tonight that marine layer does redevelop tonight with some drizzle going on along the coast, though it won't be as aggressive as it was. this morning, but it will greet us
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again for 06:00am clearing out for the afternoon and the sierra remains pretty quiet going on here. that will be until the middle of the week. we get a whisper monsoon 56 tonight, san francisco, oakland 5758 going on for san jose. so a lot of uniformity across the real estate temperatures pretty much middle to upper 50's. we've got about 51 going on there for santa rosa. enjoy temperatures are warm and big time again towards the end of the week. hey, it's summer. we'll have that forecast a bit. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at night. >> me, the latest destruction left behind by the dixie fire as it continues to grow. but first, just hours away from the first day of school. we've got the last minute preps to give you and your kids ready to head back to class.
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. back, everyone. this week students in more than 2 dozen bay area school districts will head back to class for in-person learning. >> all of them say that they are confident that they can offer at least some form of safe. in-person learning students in oakland unified schools will head back to class first thing in the morning. you can see the complete list of the first day of class for all schools here in the bay area. we have that list posted right now on our website at kron 4 dot com and kron 4 and kronon want to help you get ready for the upcoming school year starting tomorrow we will break down the covid protocols of school districts across the bay area. we'll
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also give some advice for parents in some information on how students are dealing with various challenges and changes because of everything happening. you can get kronon ready for school by simply scanning the qr code on your screen. you'll be directed to your app store. that's google play or apple to download the kron on app for free. the issue of mask mandates in vaccines at schools. now causing issues for parents and students nationwide with some districts going all the way to the supreme court in the battle to keep students and teachers safe. ashley ketz has more. >> from preschool to college school leaders are faced with a new dilemma to require students and staff to wear a mask and be vaccinated. i think we have a very safety protocols here in a camper said it starts all the way from entering the campus or allow them and their parents to make that the debate has
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spread from inside the school house to capitol hill. >> and even the supreme court. president joe biden asked republican governors to quote, get out of the way of efforts to contain covid-19 and florida governor ron desantis fired the governor who. >> protects parents and their ability to make the right choices for their kids. education. just friday. the florida board of education decided to give private school vouchers to parents who feel their local public school mask requirement is harassing children in arkansas. republican governor asa hutchinson is changing course. >> first he banned mask mandates for public schools across the state. now he wants to amend act to allowing school districts to make that choice. we're pushing the vaccines out. but those under 12. >> cannot get vaccinated in the schools. and so i realized that we needed to have more options for our local school districts to protect those children. it was an error to sign that wall.
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>> now the supreme court is being asked to block a planned by indiana university to require students and employees to get vaccinated against covid-19 and their decision could create a standard across the nation. >> that was ashley ketz reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, as kids head back to class. there is a new report the shows that some parents are now worried about so-called mask shaming despite the state of california requiring those mask in class. it's actually up to each into individual district to enforce the rules. parents and educators now have concerns about the potential for bullying over those masks. i do have concern about that as well. i i really don't know. i hope not. >> i hope they're being called to each other and you know. being okay with. letting them do what they want to do. and if they choose to wear masks, not to give them a hard time about it. >> professional say help. parents address the topic with children can actually have a big impact. california
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lawmakers are considering a new bill that would make it illegal to harass people at vaccination sites. if this does become law, it would be illegal to obstruct intimidate or harass people when they're receiving vaccines. the bill comes with a fine up to a $1000 or 6 month jail sentence. some though, now question if the bill actually violates the first amendment here. the very latest covid-19 numbers across california tonight in the last 24 hours, the golden state saw more than 13,000 new cases and recorded 36 new deaths here in the bay area. the 3 county seeing the most covid new covid cases. santa clara county saw 429 along with 3 new deaths. contra costa county saw 372 new cases with no new deaths reported and alameda counties saw 325 new cases with one new death. meanwhile, this as this covid cases surge across america continues. there's
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also a new conversation about mask mandates at schools along with the best ways to fight the spread. felicia bolton brings us more. >> as the delta variant surges in parts of the country and with hospitalizations continuing to rise. there are renewed discussions about the need for mask mandates and arkansas. one school districts on nearly 170 students enter quarantine after one full week of classes today. republican governor asa hutchinson says it was a mistake to banned mask mandates and that state this april. it was an error to sign that law. hutchison is a part of a growing number of republican lawmakers urging their colleagues to allow local governments to make their own decisions when it comes to slowing the spread of the delta variant. but in florida, governor ron desantis continues to outlaw mandatory covid protections like mask. this despite florida city multiple daily case records over the last week. let people make their choices giving good
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information on make a good decision. the cdc reporting nearly 24,000 new cases in that state on friday after recording more than 22,000 cases the day before louisiana republican senator bill cassidy, a doctor by trade says desantis is making a mistake by not backing down from his ban on mask mandate. a local official should have control here. >> i don't want top down from washington dc out top down from the governor's office when it comes to local conditions. it my hospitals full in my vaccination rate is low and infection rate is going crazy. we should allow local officials to make those decisions best for their communities. but as the delta variant search continues more people are not just calling for the return of mask requirements. but for new vaccine mandates as well. >> california, new york city and new york state will require government workers to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing and the nation's top doctor anthony fauci says local vaccine mandates are likely needed to
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stop covid from spreading. and i believe that some people on their own. >> once it gets approved as a full approval will go ahead and get vaccinated. but for those who do not want i believe mandates at the local level to be done. however, that's a step too far for many lawmakers in covid hotspots. >> across the country. whenever politicians mess with public health. >> i'm usually doesn't work out well for public health. >> right now to kron 4 dot com. you can find the latest mask mandates covid-19 numbers and where you can get a your home just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed there. despite calls for him to resign and step down from office. new york governor andrew cuomo says he's remaining defiant. >> police and the investigation at the next move investigation at the next move from you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget.
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! >> breaking news at a new york state tonight, a top aide to governor andrew cuomo has now stepped down as cuomo digs in his heels to stay in office. the move comes after a recent report after he was found to have allegedly sexually harassed at least 11 women while in office. ayana harry brings us the latest. >> in the attorney general's report. she's referred to as executive assistant. number one and describes being groped by the governor on more than one occasion. she's finally revealing her identity calling the governor's actions
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criminal as cuomo's personal attorneys pushed back hard. >> executive assistant number one, he did not grope her after a strong denial saturday night from governor andrew cuomo's legal tefm. the woman known as executive assistant. number one has ended her silence. what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law in an exclusive interview with cbs news and the albany times union, brittany comesas described being sexually harassed and groped by governor cuomo camisa filed a complaint with the albany sheriff, it was the right thing to do. the governor needs to be held accountable attorney general letitia james's office said they will cooperate with the albany shows investigation and turn over any evidence related to comesas complaint. sheriff craig apple says the governor could face misdemeanor charges. >> we have a lot of fact-finding to do. we have a lot of interviews to do. you know what, i'm not going to rush it because of who he is. and i'm not going to lay it because of who he is surrounded by a growing crisis. the only time cuomo
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spoke publicly this weekend was to virtually address the nationals dominican day parade as the attorney general's report of cuomo's rapid loss of support dominated the sunday political talk show round tables. the goveonor's going to try to normalize his situation. i think he's a good talking to grandmother used to say, you know, you can do this the easy way. you can do this our way. and i think he's just decided he's going to the hard way. the state assembly's judiciary committee will meet monday morning. their impeachment investigation to the governor is nearing completion, cuomo and his attorneys have been given until 05:00pm friday to turn over any evidence they may want considered in the governor's defense. i got to her reporting for us tonight. still to come here on kron 4 news at 92 fire continuing to grow. >> and now has another town in its path. efforts to contain and still to come. not a wildfi
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coverage. tonight. the dixie fire. now the second largest fire in california state history. >> the fire has now burned through more than 463,000 acres. it remains 21% contained tonight, the only fire larger than the dixie in california history last year's august complex fires the several fires from their merged into one burning through more than a million acres tonight. flames continue to threaten thousands of homes in northern california. thousands of people are still under evacuation orders. susan
9:30 pm
ville now the latest town caught in the path of the flames fire destroyed the town of greenville last week for the first time since those flames destroyed much of the town of greenville. some folks they're now getting a first chance to go back to their homes to get a look at the damage. her wish attics is in greenville with the latest. >> yeah. what want you to see it at the same time that we're looking at it too. >> through her daughter's iphone, brandi studios. her husband and their daughter looked at the place they've called home for the past 18 years. i guess the it's looks like the kitchens because i see great here >> fire decimated their home in the rest of the bloc on wednesday and they haven't been allowed to go back soon as it's hard to
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>> can't believe that it's >> big it's very unbelievable. heartbreak. it's not about holds 6. if you can. just the memories that we have there. a told us that that we had is so if you can't replace. >> just down the roadway. utter destruction in downtown greenville. the fire destroyed all but perhaps 3 structures in the area. well, hunter ace hardware has been a mainstay here in downtown greenville for more than 90 years. but as you can see, this is all that's left of the 3 story structure. you know, so much history in that store. 3 stories high. >> used to have a meat market. a barbershop in debt groceries. >> kimberly prices fiance who
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is also the town's assistant fire chief owns the hardware shop. it's been in his family for 3 generations. he was too upset to talk considering he also lost 2 homes to the fire. >> we see pictures of the hardware store and getting leaves first to it. if you carry. >> but in the midst of all the devastation is a silver lining kimberly's home survived the destructive flames. really for that. i feel set for that my hope that they're there the family says they're grateful to the community and their friends who are there to help them during this time. we love you. you're in ar hearts. and we will gain are. coun back green go strong, plumas county y struck. we will all stand together. and we will bring our community back. >> rowena shaddox reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, we've learned that 8 of the 10 largest fires in california
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state history have all happened in the last 4 years. governor gavin newsom, meanwhile, spent part of the weekend in the northern california town of greenville getting a chance to tour the damage for himself. the historic gold rush era, town destroyed. as we mentioned by those flames from the dixie fire last week. the governor promise that help is on the way to help the town rebuild the governor also acknowledging the growing threat of wildfires. >> but our kids that are breathing toxic air from these climate induced fires. and so we have a deep responsibility to rebuild this community to do more to continue to protect communities like this but also the ted city of what's occurring globally. but manifesting and smash mouth ways here in california that climate change. >> governor newsom also said that forced and vegetation management must improve a historic fire lookout on top of mount harkness in the last in volcanic national park also another casualty of the flames
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fire destroyed the stone and wood tower that has stood there for more than 90 years. it was still being used as an active look out to monitor fires right now on kron, 4 dot com. we have tips available for you to get you ready for the fire season just scan. the qr code on your screen and will be he'll be directed to wildfire coverage on our website at kron 4 dot com. the smoke from that fire along with several others burning near that fire in northern california cause the bay area air quality management district to extend their advisory through the rest of today. one has not been issued for tomorrow, but we want to show you some video from noaa showing the massive plumes of smoke that have been hovering over the skies of the bay area. this weekend. meanwhile, here's a live look at the current air quality map across the bay area. we're still in the moderate zone which is yellow. the goal always to be in the green. experts say that if you have respiratory issues, make sure you don't spend too much time outside
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because of the smoke and haze that could trigger some breathing issues. california's ongoing drought could actually drive up food prices for californians. according to the u.s. drought monitor more than 95% of the golden state is currently under a moderate to exceptional drought. california farmers say right now they're being told by regulators that they will not be able to take water out of major rivers and streams. the conditions are also forcing the state to shut down a number of power plants. the edward hired high and power plant at lake oroville, which is california's largest was shut down last week because there simply was not enough water to power it. now to our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look at the city courtesy of the mount tam cam. it's buried underneath all of that fog and smoke and haze. we've seen in the last few days. kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of your monday. >> hey, good evening, everybody. here's the situation that we have with this front. our backyard to
9:36 pm
kind of a vacuum cleaner. that's the one factor we're getting from all of this. there is the rain that's leads with that way up in the rockies that you have a red flag warning ahead of all of that because of the winds that will drive. it will get some surface winds with that as which we did this afternoon and for tonight. but working on cleanup that smoke will be left with the marine layer coming back again for tonight. not as aggressive as yesterday morning. that will see tomorrow morning. mixing out the sierra quite quiet. but when a note that because upstream, it looks like there's something to look out for. fog that more coastal concentrated than we saw this morning. mild, but breezy still left over early in the week. it's mild for monday. but then by tuesday, temperatures already starting to move. and mid-nineties going on well inland and then by the end of the week. that's when temperatures push up to 100 is possible. this is contra. costa county mostly the deltas. we're going to see those numbers really start moving. this is what i wanted to mention real quick and this is near the meteor shower. time right up here about thursday morning or so. you know, wednesday night, thursday morning zone. a
9:37 pm
whisper that monsoon at this mean some of the cloud cover may come with that. we don't want to hear that with the showers. okay. there are the other showers going on showers and thunderstorms in the monsoon. the southwest 4 zone forecast for your monday 66 at the coast will do about the mid 60's here. half moon bay about 63 73 going on for burlingame. so we are getting the influence of some of that cooling, although it's not being as it's not as apparent in the southern end of the peninsula. 80 for palo alto, 81 for redwood city to the south bay got the lower 80's for most of the santa clara valley. however, morgan hill 8987 los gatos. you can see inland starting to pop back real quickly, east bay shoreline still staying in the upper 70's but tri valley. you're popping in the lower 90's already 91 walnut creek, concord and 91 that will continue to climb as you'll see in the seven-day forecast 67 from berkeley 75 the we still have the air flow helping there. but there's out to the delta, we start to get in the 90's. real quickly. some 95 vacaville 75 for napa. 81 santa rosa. more. those
9:38 pm
80's heading down south. here it is 7 day forecast. i couldn't do it. i'm gonna keep 99 in there for the forecast as we finish off the week, some 100. but just know that it's very possible we could top off at 100 or so on the east bay shoreline temperatures get to around 80 or so at the coast keeping it around. upper 60's. today the senate voting to end debate on a roughly 1.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> voters voting 6829 to end that debate. 60 votes needed 18 republicans, senators crossing the aisle. joining democrats in helping the legislation move one step closer to getting past kron. 4 washington correspondent raquel martin brings us more. >> today's procedural vote. he's up a final vote on the package for as early as tuesday morning. that's despite pushback from republicans who argue the plan will add billions to the federal deficit. but democrats and republicans who support
9:39 pm
the package say they're optimistic it will make it past the finish line thanks to a special sunday workday. the senate is one step closer to passing a massive infrastructure bill. it could go quicker, but it's going. >> and that's the good thing on cnn's state of the union. republican senator bill cassidy who helped negotiate the 1.2 trillion dollar deal said he's optimistic it will make it across the finish line by tuesday with some republicans on board. we've had about 17 or 18 of indicated that they're going to vote yes, i think it's time for us. to come together on the senate floor sunday, ohio republican rob portman push back against his republican colleagues who argue the plan will add billions to the federal deficit. it's good for the country. it builds our core infrastructure. it doesn't raise taxes on the american people grow the economy lead to more tax revenue coming in. >> to the treasury and yet includes responsible pay for us. senate majority leader chuck schumer says republicans have until the end of the day
9:40 pm
to propose additional changes to the legislation. >> i hope they will cooperate so we can move more quickly. otherwise will proceed by the book and finish the bill. schumer says the senate will remain in session for as long as it takes to get the bill passed. will keep proceeding until we get this bill done. what's the bill passes in the senate that heads to the house. we know speaker of the house nancy pelosi says she will not take the bill up unless democrats also passed a massive 3.5 trillion dollars spending plan. >> that plus, however, is already sparking some controversy for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> today. also marks the first 200 days of the biden harris administration in a tweet today the white house said that in just 6 months the administration has vaccinated millions driven. a record breaking economic recovery and reached a historic bipartisan infrastructure deal. for your money tonight. if you are on the hunt for a new job there
9:41 pm
are plenty of them available. according to the u.s. department of labor right now there are more job openings than there are job seekers. many companies are trying to entice workers with things like signing bonuses and even flexible working agreements right now. there are more than 6 million more unemployed americans compared to february of last year. northern california. not the only place dealing with massive wildfires tonight. take a look at this scene from greece. a massive fire. there has forced thousands of folks and tourists to evacuate evacuate the island of a veto evacuees were ferried to safety as homes in a nearby suburb or just completely destroyed by the flames. aerial footage shows the view of those flames that are continuing to spread. the blaze is the most severe of dozens of fires that have erupted across greece amid high temperatures and strong winds. from fire to rain.
9:42 pm
folks in omaha, nebraska trying to wring themselves out from a storm. >> that dumped as much as 5 inches leaving homes and cars under water. look at that. the rain get this even filling the inside of some parking garages. there were reports that 3 people were stuck inside of an elevator as water reached up to their necks. city crews spent the day cleaning up the damage left behind from that storm. next in sports, the giants try to take their series against the milwaukee brewers behind the red hot hitting the brandon belt. >> kate rooney has the highlights from abreu tell. still to come.
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force.
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now serving at a taco bell near you. >> so the olympics, well, they may be over, but that it doesn't mean the influence from this year's games are gone as well. for example, for the first time since 2008 baseball was part of the summer games. it may be known as america's past time. but it's also japan's most popular sport as steve infanti tells us we're actually seeing a japanese influence in the game now more than ever, especially when the best player in the game is from japan. >> he is the story of the major league baseball season. shohei ohtani is doing things that really haven't been done
9:46 pm
since the days of babe ruth leaving the majors at the plate in home runs while serving as a reliable pitcher on the mound. every 5th day. >> i know house or for a pitch and then for him to go out there and be ready to perform as a as a position hitting you know, just i can i can i don't see who's more deserving of an mvp and then him. i mean, it's it's incredible what he's doing. beirut. stop doing it in 1920 because it was too hard. >> think of all of and not shown a ohtani is both dominant pitcher. >> and an incredible here. >> we'll show that on his path to mlb started was paid in part by the japanese born players who came before him. they don't was really the first to find great success in america. bursting up on the scene with the dodgers back in 1995. then 6 years later it was ichiro stir. he has several artifacts on display here inside the baseball hall of fame documenting his
9:47 pm
career. but his impact on the game is being felt even today. >> everybody agreed if he wanted to, he could have been a home run here, but he chose to be a guy who really settle for singles. the occasional double so that he could have an impact on the bases and impact on his offense. that's where figured he needed to do to be a successful player for the seattle mariners for a long time and he was there was nobody like him. in other words, he was unique and whether you're talking about each know mole or ohtani. that's one thing they all have in common. their unique and their memorable. i believe if you're good enough to play this game in major league level than, you know. >> the door should be open. you jackie robinson did that long ago and it doesn't stop there. the borders shouldn't stop. if you're good enough to play. want to play here. you know, let them in and let him play. i think if you're young player in japan and i mean some want to stay in japan. obviously. and just play major league baseball there. but i think when they see be a
9:48 pm
success there. and the reaction of crowds to an 8 year-old to normal. >> then then they start to dream. dreaming of becoming the next japanese born player to leave a lasting imprint. >> on the game that they love in cooperstown, new york. i'm steve infanti. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> might something like a broken record yet because the giants are still the best team in baseball this weekend. the orange and black had a big-time weekend series against the nl central division-leading brewers looking to take the series with the win today. gabe kepler and company trying to maintain their four-game lead in the national league west and the sky has been on fire since coming back from injury. this week. brandon belt hit 2 home runs yesterday. today. he did it again as a pinch hitter this 2 run blast in the 7th that tied the game at 44 then in the 8th tommy la stella was also been red hot after coming
9:49 pm
back from injury ends with an 11 pitch at that with a single to center. brandon crawford scored the go ahead. run and eventual gamewinner giants win 5 to 4 to take 2 of 3 games from the brewers. have been playing for do well to a chance to sweep the raiders at the coliseum this afternoon. first inning oakland jumps out in front right away. sean murphy lines. one on to the left field corner. jed lowry going to score. josh harrison coming home. but he's called out at the plate. but as you can clearly see, he touched the plate before the tag. so the a's challenge the call and sure enough, the umpire crew overturns it. nice job, lou. harrison is safe days lead 3. nothing. bottom of the 6th. starling marte he's been so good. slaps a single to center. mark hanna scores went 4 for 5 and is hitting for 25 since being acquired at the trade deadline that trade
9:50 pm
looking pretty good is when 63 the astro's last open is now only 2 games back in the american league west this is getting good. the pro football hall of fame induction ceremony was today. was the headliner, but 3 inductees actually have bay area ties forty-niners gm and stanford alum. john lynch of course, john was a nine-time pro bowler with the bucs and broncos raiders. great charles woodson also a nine-time pro bowler and then tom flores, a trailblazer who coached the raiders to 2 super bowl titles. lynch, though, made a call for national unity for people from all backgrounds citing the bond he had with his nfl teammates. >> tonight. i advocatc that we take the lead of football and huddled up as a people, as a great nation. let's find the common ground through our shared values. let's celebrate and learn from our differences. derrick brooks from pensacola, florida. warren sapp from apopka, florida. and john letts from solana beach, california have so to get all of you.
9:51 pm
>> if we could all team up the way those guys did. i think things are going pretty well for all of us. some good teams and some good names and yet they were who's your favorite guy who got inducted into the hall of fame charles great and a great with the raiders to good quarter. good quarterback love watching them. even a speech today to yeah. kate, thanks. appreciate it. jonathan. so this one will be right back.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you.
9:54 pm
taco bell's fry force. in dish, we take you inside of one of the last family owned restaurants in walnut creek. >> sunrise. bistro has been serving up breakfast and brunch for 40 years now and customer say the food is legendary kron 4 anchor vicki liviakis takes us there. >> serving up the local since 1981 sunrise bistro is one of the last standing family owned eateries and bustling walnut creek. nice crown. >> try to get it's a family i love it. and kale that's joseph my gosh, cindy is the mom who started it all. >> and joe is her son who is happy lets him. you do all the talking here about your community care about good food. they all go together. he my son is is the leader of that. now we met joe back in 2003 when he was one of the
9:55 pm
first marines to go into the iraq war. we refer to him as g. i joe he returned safe and sound and now runs sunrise bistro order from happy. it's still a family operation. hasn't high is the chef. he runs catering are busy every day. 70's got spun eating here since he was a teen. so when you when you hear how are and what at least once a day once a the food is both healthy and hearty this ample servings of everything from fruit salads and green salads and sauteed veggies to blueberry what's your favorite? >> burger ys are a big crowd he's really getting in there. and you can order your eggs to pick up, if you like, in
9:56 pm
walnut creek vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> should have some late night hours of red sun rise beast row. meanwhile, we're always looking for great places to dine in or good take out in your neighborhood. use your mobile device to sctn the qr code your screen and it'll take you directly to the dine and dish web page on our website at kron 4 dot com. there you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to check out. >> talking with this morning. right now can take a look at this. caught on camera. >> a new york city police officer jumping into action to save a 5 month-old baby who stopped breathing officers rushed to the scene after a passer by told them a father was holding his child who fell unconscious. police provided the baby some much needed critical aid until paramedics could get to the scene. the baby was treated at the hospital, then released back home. somebody a long way from
9:57 pm
home. a look at this. a crime for viewer sharing this video with us of a fox exploring the streets of downtown san francisco overnight. the fox spotted near the corner of stockton and sutter officials say if you happen to come across any wild animals. it is best to just leave them be and make sure you give animal control a call. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock after 2 hours. the news in prime time but did not go anywhere, though. kron 4 news at 10 o'clock come your way in just a moment.
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10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 family. >> it devastated so you some time. >> no 10 caught on camera. a violent robbery. a good samaritan shot. the search now underway to find the suspects responsible for it all. this is kron 4 news at 10 o'clock this sunday night will come jonathan mccall justine enjoying the night off the violent scene unfolding in oakland's chinatown. in addition to that one person who was shot a second person was also pistol whipped. it's also renewing calls from community leaders in the east bay to end the violence on the streets against the asian community. kron four's. hart live tonight with a look at


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