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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 9, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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history. kron 4 morning news starts now. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us at 06:00am on this monday. i'm james fletcher. am reyna harvey in for darya folsom. >> can you believe it? the month is a 9 days in 90's august back to another monday again. i'm hoping that maybe the haze and some of the lingering smoke. >> will be less this week and was like it's crossing our fingers but he tell us rain. and james, we are looking at a better scenario now. now that this frontal system has moved through. it wasn't much of a front. but hey, it helps clean up the atmosphere a little bit cools us off a touch, if you will. >> provide this kind of nice on shore. winds that are work, but we are left with the fog this morning. not as intense as we typically get, but it's pretty much a loft and that will mix out in the next couple of hours. there you have the embarcadero right now as we take a look at the exploratorium going on there.
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yes, frank up and harbors place. we've got fish and down we get fusion tapped into. meanwhile, this is what it looks like at the golden gate bridge. we can actually see the towers, but it's still kind of overcast. this is a trouble spot that tends to take the longest to clear on out. get this a couple of hours. boom will be done by probably 11 o'clock this morning for most locations, temperature check for you. a lot of 50's and some lower 60's in hand. but the sun hasn't had tough early to it's magic yet we're tempted to a couple degrees behind complements of this front, the kind of cool us off from yesterday. some leftover breezy conditions to be found around the delta, particularly where they start to get up to the teens a little bit. so the game plan today with better sky conditions after shake the fog off 69 at 10:00am by one 85 now they'll be some inland spots that will reach and the lower 90's. however, we're looking for that to really built a near 100 or so by the end of the week. we'll get more in the weeds on that in just a bit. checking the traffic rain. what's what what's going on? say. things are looking great right now if you're traveling from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. 5, 1880, moving along as well at this
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hour, the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. little under 13 traffic is moving pretty like there. the richmond center fell comey traveling at a richmond. you can do that in under 2 minutes. and the golden gate bridge along. there are reports of pockets of fog still says it's about 20 minutes for your drive. there are some accidents out there. no major hot spots along the altamont pass. 5.80, westbound east of grant line road. there is an accident there. one latest walk and in pleasanton 6.80, northbound south of burnout avenue. there is an accident. they're keeping a close eye on that and more for now, let's get back to the news. >> 6 '02 is the time and happening today after 17 months at home. we have thousands of students in oakland now returning to in-person learning back in the classroom. once again that a lot of people are excited, but the pandemic is still here. covid protocols are still in place, including. >> wear a mask in the classroom. >> we have kron four's will tran standing by live out in front of oak elementary in oakland this morning. where will i have to imagine there's
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going to be a mix of feelings. both excitement and apprehension, too. >> absolutely. we don't expect everybody to come back because distance learning is still an option. they will start school in 2 hours from now. but there's a lot of fear, james, because the oakland unified school district, they are not requiring that their staff members prove that they are vaccinated or if they're not proving that they're vaccinated that they will have to undergo weekly tests and a lot of parents are concerned about that because teachers and staff members could be passing around the delta variant to their children, which is why there's a lot of controversy with his opening, but a lot of dignitaries will be here to try to tamp down some of that concern and we're talking the oakland unified school district superintendent will be here. the state superintendent and mayor libby schaff. so we will interview them but we do know they are assuring that the parents assuring the parents that the
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classrooms will be well ventilated. they will be social distance. you guys talked about the students will have to wear their mask. in the meantime, but they're saying that they could do a lot more. there's a board member and we'll hear from him coming up at 6.30 that the he says the unified school district that has millions of dollars to implement protocols that a lot of other school districts are doing right now to make sure at the very least that the parents aren't fearful when you're sending your children to school, you're always fearful of things, especially with covid-19 and we will get reaction as the morning moves on. but for a lot of students. i did few months ago, james and went on a limited basis. the kids went back to school. this will be the first time most of the students will be back since covid-19 just rocked the world. lot of trepidation on there. but a lot of happiness as well because a lot of parents, they do believe in a lot of scholars also believe that kids learn a lot better when
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their face to face with their teachers. and this case mask to mask back to you. there you go. all right. thank you very much. well. >> well, in addition to oakland other school districts across the bay area are returning for in-person learning today. those districts include. >> the jefferson union high school district in san mateo county, a lafayette school district and several others open later on this week over in the east bay. we spoke to one family in lafayette about how they feel heading back into the classroom. take a listen. >> the year has been a lot of adjustment. everything is just kept changing. and so we have to keep going back and figuring out what we're going to do next. i'm trying to stay safe. but trying keep the kids motivated and engaged trying to find new ways of them being able to socialize. >> i'm just the same middle school and its effect that i'm saying new school so that can be it's scary.
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>> yeah. a lot of apprehension. the air covid guidelines are in place for schools and lafayette including wear mask in school and protocols for students or staff get sick with covid. now, again, you want to go ahead and take out your phone right now scan this qr code because we have all the back to school information. you're gonna need over on kron. 4 kron. we both want help you get ready. so tune in all week because we have updates on covid protocols areas they area schools for you. also advice for parents and information on how students are dealing with a lot of the challenges there. get ready to go ahead and scan a qr code like i just mentioned. and that could give you all the information over on our app. >> all right. want to turn our attention to the massive dixie fire burning up in plumas county. here's the bay area and just to give you a perspective now where this fire is burning will zoom the map out and take it to the north where it's actively burning. in fact, burned more than 489,000 acres right now and it just 21% containment. it's now the second largest
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wildfire in state history. that's why the map a little bit. it's still further to the north there it is out nearly a gallon or again, this is just east of both chico and red bluff. and you can see it has burned a large swath right around lake alan or this morning, the town of chester to the north and to the south. all these dots. these icons that you see represent the status of various homes that first responders have visited in black. it means they're not in danger. read, however, means that they have suffered a catastrophic damage. in fact, many cases burned to the ground and then you have various colors in between that indicate levels of damage. a lot of properties have been damaged and a lot of ground has been scorched right now. like i said, the second largest wildfire now in state history saga has a closer look at the damage. >> the highly active dixie fires prompting new evacuations east of lake outman or leaving those who stayed behind with nothing to do. but watch. >> the wind. the wind just kills you. >> don't. you are of chester state behind as his wife and
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daughter evacuated. he's a retired firefighter of 23 years and is taken aback by the devastation. the dixie fire has cost. >> well, i've been on the cup up of make fires but not to speak is this is the biggest the traumatizing dixie fire continues to expand its perimeter this time traveling north of chester and towards james still and and a little bleak. there's a lot of dozer lines left over from the sheep fire. so the these will help us connect these dots and get him into. >> the walker fire as well. so we're really focusing on this effort just to keep it out of janesville after a few days, a moderate weather and light winds fire officials worried the warm temperatures and gusty winds. >> are likely to return this week causing more devastation. the live trees that are out there now have a lower fuel moisture. >> then you would when you go to a hardware store or to a lumber yard that has more moisture in it that we're seeing in the actual like vegetation out there. and for don, he comes to watch the fire every night, hoping it's under control soon. that's
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that's right. worse boylan up. now it's garage. reporting governor newsome, by the way, toured fire damage in the small town of greenville this weekend. >> the governor promised to help them rebuild while also acknowledging the growing threat of wildfires. take a listen. >> but our kids that are breathing toxic air from these climate induced fires. and so we have a deep responsibility to rebuild this community to do more to continue to protect communities like this but also the ted city of what's occurring globally. but manifesting its smash mouth ways here in california that climate change. >> and newsom also knowledge that forest management needs to improve as well. 8 of the 10 largest wildfires in state history have all happened within the last 4 years. >> volunteer firefighters are helping battle. the dixie fire, but they were not able to say their own fire station. rowena shattuck has the details.
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>> so this was the corner of the fire station. our doors. i'm right here. out onto the street with volunteer firefighters with the indian valley fire protection district. >> helped battle the raging flames of the dixie fire, but they weren't able to save their beloved firehouse has all of downtown went up in flames. >> we were out. so busy taking care of from other people's houses and structures that we didn't have time to engine. 26 out the volunteer department of 15 is not only responsible for greenville but the surrounding areas, including taylorsville. >> indian falls arlington in genesee your your own first responder. and so we try in help the best we can. but we just do not have the resources. the funding now more than ever, the firefighters are looking to the community for help with funding this fire station was
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built around the 1940's and it wasn't only a place for the firefighters of the indian valley fire rescue to meet. it was a place where community members new to come each month and enjoy a meal with those firefighters. it's one of the anchors to a community. if you don't have those those core building. >> and it was a curse. nobody wants. nobody. people tend to go go different places. and now without their fire station firefighters will respond to emergencies from their own homes in the important thing is that this really severely hampers our efforts to be able to protect and serve. >> the community. sorry so it's it's more frustrating than anything. hopefully we can. remedy that. >> in greensville. but we wish attics fox 40 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news, a fire breaks
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out near a gas station on the peninsula. look at that smoke will have more of this incredible video just ahead. and after a long weekend of negotiations and debates. the bipartisan infrastructure bill is a little bit closer
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>> we are back at 6.15 as we check the bay area forecast for you this morning. we've got a live look at sfo behind us airport is awake and under way. looks nice out there. hopefully it's not as hot as
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it was over the past couple of days. let's find out. i think i remember dave talking about some slight relief. good morning you. good morning, guys. good morning, front came through in the big thing is a kind of vacuum cleaned out the atmosphere aloft. that was really the big issue for brought some nice onshore winds to kind of cool us off a touch. you even feel that going on inland downtown some of the fog still lingering at this hour, though, golden gate bridge is where it gets caught that would sometimes takes a tour around noon to kind of clear out into our afternoon. so there you see the picture going on there quite a bit glaze and certainly overcast a lot temperature check here. we're seeing some movement fell off our inland. 62 antioch last minute cooling for concord in livermore. they dip into the upper 50's same deal on the east bay fremont 5561 for oakland and 50's covering a up in the north bay so what happened was you see this churning of this low while that was way up north and most of the action was up north. but this dangling cold front did drop south. they didn't bring much the way of clouds at all kind of a weak
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front, really. but it was enough to help back in clean out the air mass. so not as hazy today might be still somewhat the race, but helping cool us off just a touch. but into the future. high pressure will be building. so is another heat spike coming our way towards the end of the week. also a little monsoon is sneaking in here. the first little wade gets here about tuesday. see some cloud cover off to the sierra really about tuesday. we'll see some develop right up in here. some scattered showers but temperatures some thunder showers. but towards wednesday night into thursday for our. maybe some scattered clouds kind of worry about that. again. maybe some dry lightning strikes. that's the only thing that kind of like, look out for that all comes together. there's a cell phone. the distance. still that fog mostly sunny today after we shake the fog off mild 70's cover you for the bay warm inland. a few 90's early in the week. tuesday and then wednesday night there's that monsoon whisper. coming up our way mid-nineties hold well inland. but then they're going to be popping to near 100. the days to look out for thursday and friday, maybe saturday. but it will probably
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break before the end of the weekend. high temperatures today 66 san francisco 72 open 81 san jose. so around the bay. not too bad. but when you get inland still looking at some lower 90's in the far east bay, a mixture of 70's and 80's up to the north bay as far as asphalt jungle what's going on there. rain. uh oh, i like that. asphalt jungle. alright traveling from the east bay into the cities. you can see they turned the metering lights on there. so little under 11 minutes for your drive time. things are still moving pretty swiftly this morning. the san mateo bridge we had across towards the peninsula. no major issues delays about 30 minutes for your drive there. let's get a look at the richmond center fell commute. as you head out of richmond about 12 minutes. traffic is picking up the air and the golden gate bridge traveling into the city. about 20 minutes for you. we have an accident along the altamont pass earlier that has since been clear. there is another accident. 6.80, northbound west of boerne avenue and pleasant him does look like it's causing much of a delay will have more on that coming
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up. and now let's get back to the news. all right. it's 6.17 kron. 4 is your local election headquarters. and we are just weeks before the upcoming recall election. and we're hearing now from california. >> republican leaders that they will not endorse a candidate in the race to remove governor gavin newsom from office. now the decision came during a virtual meeting last week where party leaders said that they were concerned that choosing one candidate over another could potentially turn off some voters and dissuade them from going to the polls. kron 4 talk to the california republican chairwoman jessica millan patterson about that decision. >> over the last month there was a process put in place prior to that there was no for the california republican party to even engage in an what was critical was at first of all, we didn't know when we started out this process, he would be on the ballot and with no prominent democrat on the ballot and such a outstanding field of republicans. it really puts us in a position where we can
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focus on question number one and each one of these candidates can make their case to the californians as to why they would be the best replacement for the worst governor in our state's history. >> yeah, perfect or should say a recent poll from emerson college and inside california politics found the race to unseat newsom is close. but many political insiders do expect the governor to come out victorious. >> meanwhile, mail in ballots for the september 14 recall election already on their way to you. most are expected to arrive by monday. august 16th the ballot's going consist of 2 questions. do you approve of the recall of governor gavin newsome. and the second question asking voters which of the 46 challengers. they want to replace governor newsom in office once voters drop off their ballot, they can track it through your county. registrar's where's my ballot tool. you can find more over on our website at kron 4 dot com. also you can see the republican candidates go head to head in a debate later this month inside california politics. we're going to host a debate right here in the
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kron 4 studios. you can thursday, august, 19th at 07:00pm. >> now to national news. this morning. senators were pretty busy over the weekend. negotiating amendments for the bipartisan infrastructure bill looks like there is some forward motion we have a bill passed its latest hurdle. our washington correspondent basil john is live this morning in washington with the details. good morning, basal. rayna james, good morning. and yes, after 2 weekends in a many senators were in the working late into the night in order to get this infrastructure bill across the finish line. >> and many democrats and republicans are feeling good about it. president joe biden's infrastructure package is one step closer to passing in the senate. we have plowed through senate democratic leader chuck schumer and the rest of the senate. >> work through the weekend adding amendments to the bill will move forward to wrap this up as it expeditiously as
6:21 am
possible. the bill spends 550 billion dollars in new money on the nation's physical infrastructure. we as a nation need to invest in our infrastructure utah republican senator mitt romney says both the democrats and republicans want to invest in roads. bridges, railways broadband in water all these elements and more. >> are addressed in this bipartisan infrastructure agreement. but democrats are pushing to marry this infrastructure package. >> to their 3.5 trillion dollar budget bill focused on climate change paid leave and health care. the 2 track process is moving along. it's been a process that has in a very good process. it's taken a while, but it's going to be worth it. now. house speaker nancy pelosi echoed this sentiment. we just come up as a point of concern for some republican lawmakers as they are not sure as to what the future will be like for that infrastructure bill when it reaches the house reporting
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live in washington. i'm basil john. all right. thank you very much, basil. and after the break, another violent robbery in oakland's chinatown. now local leaders are speaking out. >> again about the push in violence against the asian community. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today.
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morning a good samaritan shot in a violen robbery in the east bay. now the search underway to find the shooter.
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>> it all happened in oakland's chinatown. now there are new calls from community leaders to end violence against the asian community. kron four's amanda hari has the details for us. >> i want to warn viewers this video may be disturbing to some people, but it shows how quickly a robbery turned into a shooting and it was during a situation for most people would feel comfortable. it was around 2 in the afternoon and people were walking around and shopping in oakland's chinatown. >> i guess to connote the suspects besides just 2.81. >> any time that oakland chinatown chamber of commerce president karl chan's warning to everyone no matter where they are in the criminals when does seem know very little consequence when they're committing crimes and just lets it will continue to do what they do. this is surveillance video of the robbery from a corner store, an 8th and franklin people
6:26 am
shopping in the area tried to get away. >> the suspects tried to rob a woman a man intervened to try and stop the attack. tran says that man was shot twice this is not easy for when gonna do good deeds and then they the suspects got away in a silver sedan. this happened not far from where 2 women were robbed in broad daylight back in july. >> and where an elderly man with a keen was pistol whipped and robbed chan says he's been in touch with the family of the man that was shot saturday. the mom and the family. >> that devastate it. so you some time. another person was pistol whipped during the incident. chan is calling on city leaders and the community to make sure things like this stop happening i think entire community has to come to get a. >> and say enough is enough. >> chan tells me doctors believe both the person that
6:27 am
was pistol whipped and the person that was shot will make full recoveries. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 6.26 at the time. coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news the white house covid task force is issuing a warning as the delta variant fuels a surge of new covid cases across the country will bring you their message in just a moment. accident, accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle,
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>> we are back and you can see on the big wall there. what we're dealing with the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog. but thankfully it's not traffic down yeah. that's what he said. one good bit about that. but yeah, a little bit. a little foggy out at the golden gate bridge day. how long. i think that will last. that's you. that's a trouble spot. they're set up. probably take 2 around noon or so to kind of clear out a little it's going improve around the bay. little. >> little bit earlier than that is what we're looking at. good morning, guys. good morning, everybody. what we have for today is the kind of a mild forecast, although inland, it will still be pretty warm. we'll see some lower 90's it work. but that's an improvement from this weekend and that will recover back to those lofty upper 90's by the middle to latter portion of the week. live shot of the embarcadero as you can see, a little bit of breeze from the flag, the flag of flapping. often the distance there. and there's the bay bridge as well. half moon bay. the coastal areas. the fog lingers quite a bit with the overcast skies. again, breaking up for the afternoon 62 antioch. at this hour. we had some last minute cooling for concord and livermore at 58 lot of 50's line up the
6:31 am
east bay shoreline 50 up to santa rosa with napa at 59. this is what we expect here. today's 10 o'clock about 70 85 going on at 1 o'clock. but still some lower 90's to be had will have a that in your 4 zone forecast. coming up in just a rain. it looks like the not lined up too badly there. the bay bridge toll plaza what's going on. you had david. unfortunately, just had an accident there at the bay bridge. 80 westbound. >> just east of the bay bridge toll near the toll plaza right now. it doesn't look too bad. the traffic may start to build in a moment if they aren't able to get that off of the freeway. still a little under 13 minutes for you to make it from the east bay into the city to that fremont street exit for a lot of you guys going back to school today. the san mateo bridge also looks great there heading across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes. the richmond sandra fell commute looks great as well. a little under 11 minutes as you're heading out of richmond. we already showed you the golden gate bridge where there are pockets of fog. but about 20 minutes for you to make it into the city. there's a 10
6:32 am
minute delay. if you're taking bart on the richmond line in the various in millbrae directions because of an equipment problem on the train will have more on your commute as back to school work today. for now, let's get back to the news. all right. and let's get you the very latest on the delta variant. it is causing a sharp rise as we know it. covid cases nationwide hospitals are seeing more patients in the icu. and there's also a sharp uptick in children getting sick unfortunately in this is all a school gets back into session. >> johnson has the warning from the white house covid response team. >> the u.s. is now averaging roughly 100,000 new covid cases a day numbers not seen since last winter's deadly surge driven by the more transmissible delta variant cases are continuing to rise. these cases are concentrated in communities with low vaccination rates, white house coronavirus coordinator. jeff zients says hospitalizations and deaths are also up in 7 states alone, florida, texas, missouri, arkansas, louisiana,
6:33 am
alabama mississippi. states with some of the lowest vaccination rates. account for about half of new cases and hospitalizations in the past week. despite making up less than a quarter of the u.s. population with school back in session, public health officials say they're seeing more cases in children she's doing much better. she's off the breathing machine right now. she stable and ice are about hours ago. she's resting in her mother's arms comfortably, 11 month-old ava ramires contracted covid and was airlifted from houston to a hospital in temple, texas about a 170 miles away. >> because there were no available pediatric beds in the greater houston area. certainly scary for parents. she each arrived at a hospital in houston where because of her condition. they needed it. but her on a breathing machine doctor richard king is a pediatric critical care specialist in northridge. we're an uptick in the number of cases not just in total number of cases in children.
6:34 am
but also hospitalization among children with covid. >> so she with the delta variant to complicate things. so wouldn't were also hitting the virus. the virus on the season for children as going to start to see a lot more fluid. king says there is no evidence the delta strain causes more serious disease and children. but he echoes concerns shared by the cdc that children are susceptible to the highly transmissible variant. john fund ktla 5 news. >> here in the bay area. the uptick in cases is now forcing some san francisco restaurants to shut their doors at least for the time being. kron four's. gayle ong has the story for us. to san francisco restaurants are the latest to temporarily closed its doors after confirming covid cases among staff, the businesses report staff has been fully vaccinated but are coming down with covid breakthrough cases. >> that's why public health officials change health orders from a mask to vaccine mandates. oakland resident jamie rather is recovering
6:35 am
from the delta variant. i can't taste or smell. >> hardly at all. i still get headaches now and then i'm just way more tired than i ever was before. rather is fully vaccinated and says she contracted the virus at home. i got it from my girlfriend who we confirm she had it and then. >> about 2 days after she started showing i searching symptoms as well. we live together. it was kind of inevitable. but we figured because i was back. see where both acts and that it must just been a common cold and. >> then it was too late at that point. >> rather does not work in the restaurant industry where breakthrough cases appear to be impacting the business, but she says having to take off work to recover was financially challenging. i just want people to learn that we're not as invincible as we thought. we were with the it's definitely always better to take more precautions than you think. you need to. >> and health experts recommend getting the vaccine is the best way to get ahead of the delta variant because on vaccinated people can experience severe symptoms. gayle ong kron 4 news.
6:36 am
>> 6.35 the other big story that we're following this morning is the fact that covid is on the minds of parents across the bay area well, there are obviously concerns with students coming back to the classroom for in-person learning that we could see the transmission rates begin to climb. yeah. been talking to a lot of parents and students there some apprehension. >> this morning after 17 months of being home. oakland students are going to head back to the classroom that have to wear mask and also going to have to follow covid protocols. will trend actually on the story for us. joining us once again live from oak elementary out in oakland. good morning. well. >> good morning, james. the rain and 90 minutes from now, the kids will be back inside the classrooms. in fact, they open up the gate about 5 minutes ago you talked about protocols. for many parents not enough protocols in place because they're still fearful of covida 9 and the de variant and they say the unified school district not doing enough to make sure that their kids are safe. one of the things that they're
6:37 am
frustrated about is open unified school district there, not requiring that their staff members, which of course includes the teachers show proof of vaccination. and if they don't do that and they will have to undergo weekly or biweekly covid-19 tests. that's not some of the other school districts in the bay area in california who are doing that. not happening at oakland unified school district. the school district does say that they are having well-ventilated classroom set the kids will be socially distance inside the classrooms. and you talked about they will be required to wear their masks at all times. unless, of course, the drinking or eating, but we got a chance to track down a board member over the weekend. he says the school district can and should do more. >> it is a bare minimum safety requirement to have covid testing offered at all. of our schools i've introduced a resolution which will be
6:38 am
coming at wednesday. school board here in oakland to call for weekly testing and what i want us to guard against as much as we can is to ensure that our schools don't become the transmission site for this deadly virus. >> here's the thing, though. even though they are back inside the classrooms today. rain and james, they are providing distance learning. if parents are still fearful about that. but this is a big day for the city of oakland and for many parents, let's face it. a lot of parents rely on the school district for them to get the kids so they can go to work and provide for their families. so that's another component to what many parents are happy about that. this is such a big day that we're here specifically because we do know in 90 minutes from now, the oakland unified school district superintendent. that person will be here. the state superintendent will be here as well. joined by board members. and of course, mayor libby
6:39 am
schaaf. we will have the full coverage when he begins at 8 o'clock this morning. back to you. >> all right. looking forward to it. thank you very much. well. over on the peninsula massive fire. redwood city sent thick black smoke into the skies near a valero gas station. >> and whipple avenue in veterans boulevard just east of highway one. oh, one. you're looking at video right now from the citizens app. gas station has reopened this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon. you can see the huge cloud of smoke billowing out of the storm. redwood city police quickly closed nearby streets so crews could get to the scene there. when firefighters arrived, they found 2 shipping containers full of tires on fire. >> several crews responded from san mateo county redwood city fire chief says the fire was put out quickly because of the help they receive from other fire departments. there's no word on any injuries this morning. >> in the south bay a weekend house party ended with one person being killed and another injured. all in a shooting kron four's camila barco has more on what happened.
6:40 am
>> neighbors say this neighborhood is relatively quiet, but saturday night, this street navarro drive turned into a party and as a result, one person died. >> maybe about 45 minutes before there was definitely some fireworks that went but then around about 11. you heard like probably 3 to 4 shots that went off teenagers wreak havoc saturday night in henry alexander. the 3rd sunnyvale neighborhood. we saw a bunch of kids walking thatn looked like they were definitely minors. >> and i'm holding out hall. he also noticed dozen of cars. >> parked around the block and heard people blasting music. >> outs and are called sonny bill police to tone it down officers responded to the navarro drive around 10:00pm and found about 200 people partying inside. police say as they waited for extra resources. officers on scene attempted to find the homeowner. but then somebody opened fire on said he saw kids running.
6:41 am
>> like maniacs. i remember one girl running up and she was sobbing saying somebody got shot. someone got hit. one person died. >> and another underwent surgery. that victim is expected to survive. but neighbors like alexander question officers response. they could have more presence that could have been right in front of the house. >> they lives could have been say people who live in the area say the home is normally rented out on air bnb. >> they believe that was the case saturday night. sonny bill councilmember mason also lives in the neighborhood as a neighbor. you want to know your neighbor. so you want to make sure that your community safe according to the company's website, parties are banned at air bnb listings. however, falling and alexander, we like to see stricter guidelines when it comes to house rentals from a city perspective. you know, i want to know what is legally possible for us to restrict and require from a safety perspective of vendors like air bnb. they should have. >> better structure when it comes to identifying who did
6:42 am
this. who's running these houses. police did not mention whether they have the person responsible for the shooting. but they are still investigating what led up. >> to shots being fired in sunnyvale. camila barco kron 4 news. >> 6.41. is a time. still ahead, a couple of football legends with area ties are docked and into the hall of fame and prices at the grocery store could soon be going up. and it's all because of california's historic drought. we'll talk more about that in just a minute.
6:43 am
does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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>> california's ongoing drought could drive up food prices. according to the u.s. drought monitor more than 95% of the state is now under at least moderate drought conditions, california farmers say they're being told by regulators they will be able to take water out of the major rivers and streams the conditions are also fortunate state to shut down power plants now the ever higher power plant at lake oroville, which is the largest in the state shut down last week because there isn't enough water to power that kind of makes me a little afraid to hear that a little bit. not enough water to power. that's the that's the world we're living in right now. not water for a lot of things and it doesn't look like we've got much on the way. the day has been following the forecast for us. and yeah, we're still pretty dry for the foreseeable future day and got to stay that way. good rain and james. good morning, everybody. alive from the nor cal honda weather center. >> we have today for your forecast of slightly warming.
6:46 am
temperatures in the inland valleys. but they're really going to kicking into action by the time we get to midweek, latter portion of the week. >> still dealing with this overcast dog scenario with us, although at sfo, we can get a glimpse of some light coming through their. how aboutpthat? and and no delays occurring this morning at sfo temperature check for you. and a lot of 50's on the board here. some 60's off to the east bay with antioch at 60 to 59 conquered 58 for livermore upper 50's lineup. most of the east bay shoreline. now ahead. we don't see too much of a change except this warm-up days. but there is the interruption of some of this moisture. most of it will be up in the mountains and the sierra. however, there are 2 bits that come up here. one by thursday evening. now, the thing we concerned about this is i know it's very benign here. but is dry lightning strikes. that's the big threat from our standpoint in the southwest. get enough rain from this. there you see that continues to churn each day. and it's popping like this because this is daytime heating. they sometimes called the east coast. it's a air
6:47 am
mass thunder showers is just a lot of humidity in the air this time of year. and you get daytime heating and boom, you get your thunder showers going on there. at least the though, tho get rain 66 for san francisco down along the coast. we're looking at mid 60's here. daly city about 65 peninsula bayside a 75 going on for a millbrae 74 for burlingame. we still scratching lower 80's now as we head down so that's recovered 81 san carlos 83 for redwood city and also some lower 80's down here to the south bay, morgan hill 88 at least it's up 90 notebooks. got us to 83 going on for cupertino east bay shoreline to the south there. also reduced from the 80's. they're going to cover the upper 70's. you can see tri valley lower 90's, 91 pleasanton livermore dublin about 87 91 for walnut creek dandole 9367 for berkeley. san leandro pair of sevens. 70 ballet hosso that on shore. wind as day time heating helps cool you off the air conditioner in place 86 for fairfield, 78 for napa and 84 for santa rosa with no
6:48 am
valley, also kind of cool with 69 with some of the overcast skies lingering later in the day. now, later this week, here comes the spike will be up to. i would say 99 for now we may have to replace that with 100 or so that should break by the middle of the weekend as we drop to 91 along the east bay shoreline about 80 or so to the coast around 70 as we approach this heat spike. right. how's traffic holding travel. it's great out there. if you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 10 minutes. remember, we had a traffic collision and if you can see right there, they are working on getting that off of the bridge was right through the toll plaza. see the emergency vehicles. >> right there. so looks like this will be a major hot spot. it looks like they've been able to try to get that off of the road and the bridge there. a little under 14 minutes for you to make it into the city to san mateo bridge also looks great head across towards the peninsula. no major issues, no accidents there. a little under 12 minutes. james, back to you. now to bury baseball. we have san francisco giants going for the series victory over the milwaukee brewers.
6:49 am
>> and let's get to the highlights. always fun when they win here we are 7th inning giants trailing 42 brandon belt with this 2 run homer that would tie the game that belts 4th home run in the last 3 nicely done alright. 8th inning. now tommy la stella this single to center field is good enough to score brandon crawford. and with that the giants take the lead and go on to 5 final 5 to 4 now to the a's. they were taking on the texas rangers at the coliseum and fans were in attendance, loving every moment here we are first inning, sean murphy driving in a 2 run. they're driving in 2 runs to give the a's a three-run lead. and then later said brown extends that lead with his 13th home run of the season. winning 5 finalists 63. >> well, the pro football hall of fame class of 21 is composed of 8 new members. the marquee name being peyton manning. there were connections as well. that includes tom flores was a longtime raiders player and
6:50 am
coach and current forty-niners general manager john lynch lynch is a stanford alum who spent the majority of his career as a safety and tampa bay and then and denver lynch won a super bowl with tampa bay. he's currently in his 5th season as forty-niners general manager and after 8 years awaiting he is now in the hall of fame. >> belief is not something that simply happens. it has to be nurtured a million times over a pat on the back. a piece of advice, coaches. these are the things that foster belief in ourselves as my journey illustrates one person can make a difference. i encourage each and every one of you to be that person who provide someone else with the belief that they too, can be great. >> very inspirational and also raiders. great. charles woodson was inducted into the hall of fame as well. you'll remember he spent 11 years with the raiders and during his induction speech, he paid
6:51 am
a very sweet tribute to his mom. >> you >> mama you the queen of >> give everything never doubt bill john legend, thank you. >> i >> was really cool and a reminder. the raiders are getting ready for their first preseason game. this coming weekend. we've got kron four's. jason dumas us with an update from training camp. the raiders strapped up the pads for the first time. this past tuesday and practiced in full pads through saturday. >> that has given the coaching staff a better understanding of what they have in some of the guys, especially the fringe roster spot guys ahead of final cuts on august 31st.
6:52 am
one of the most interesting position battles this camp for las vegas is the wide receiver group. they're expected to keep 6 ride receivers on the roster alameda native keelan doss is one of those receivers gunning for a roster spot. dos spent most of last season on the practice squad. we will keep you updated on the receivers and all the other position battles during training camp >> in kron 4. by the way, the bay area, home of the raiders and you can watch the silver and black taking on the seattle seahawks in their first preseason game this saturday. a kron 4. it all starts at 5.30. >> with the crop for raiders pre-game show that will have the game at 6 and then analysis of all the action on the kron 4 raiders post-game report. we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
and we are back. time now 6.55 clear your plans for late wednesday evening. a meteor shower. >> it's going to be lighting up the bay area skies. the meteor shower is visible every year during early to mid august. the annual sky spectacle is caused, of course, when the comments with and the dust and debris that least behind enters the atmosphere. but according to an astronomer at chabot space and science center. this year's meteor shower has a couple of elements working in its favor. >> the main thing is it's going to be dark. we don't have the that wednesday night
6:56 am
thursday morning. we don't have a loan to interfere with with say, a meteor shower. so we have nice dark skies that will allow you to see a lot of meteors. you can even and they, you know, semi dark skies. church semi dark areas. you can expect to see somewhere around 50 or 60 meteors per hour. if you get far away from the city lights out in the country somewhere. you might see as many as a 100 per hour. >> wow. well, the best times to see the meteor shower apparently will be, as he said wednesday night between 11:00pm and 04:00am the next morning meteors, as he said, should be visible about every minute or so. so enjoy the are you going to be i mean, we wake up at that time. yeah. maybe we'll catch a glimpse of some driving into if i can. >> spot in coming up in the next hour, the dixie fire rages out of control as it forces a new evacuations. firefighters are still
6:57 am
struggling to gain containment. we're going to have all the overnight developments at the top of the hour. >> and more bay area. kids heading back to school today as covid cases continue to rise. we'll have details on that coming up in a live report as well. 2 big stories
6:58 am
6:59 am
we're following at 07:00am first. it is back to school for many bay area, students and teachers this week. we're going to be live in oakland as kids come back to in-person
7:00 am
learning for the first time in more than a year. plus the dixie fire exploding out of control becoming the second largest wildfire in california history. fox 4 morning news starts now. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here on a monday. i'm james fletcher and i'm reyna harvey in for darya folsom and it was a warm weekend that you actually got a chance to go out and do some fun activities of the family. al last friday we had a whole day full of surprises that i plan. so we had fun jumping around from san francisco to the east bay doing a bunch of fun stuff. and i got to say it was actually really nice day and wasn't terrible. i know got a warm over the weekend. but i think we've got cooler temperatures in store slightly anyway. right a little bit. yeah. yeah. some lower 90's in the far east bay, you know, around the media pay, though, at least for keeping in the 70's here in that groovy. yeah. morning, guys. morning, everybody. >> we have the morning fog still take


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