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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 11, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> a fatal accident on one. oh, one reyna harvey has been tracking it and tell you about the impact on your commute. what's going on right now and you know, we're seeing a delay as a result of this accident one. oh, one southbound south of rock avenue actually are the air currently live at this moment. we're going to show you that scene. crews are working there. so they actually have that area shut down. there's only one lane open at this time. so several lanes are closed there. this has been happening since about 03:00am this morning. you're so you can see construction teams are there right now. they're working on some things. in addition to that accident and unfortunately this is a fait tally this morning. so if you're trying to get around that. this is just south of rock avenue want to one. so go ahead and exit before you get to that. if you're trying to not wait in that little delay there uk back on at 2 lee road or you can just wait it out and slowly drive through the air. >> 6, 8087 82. none of the other highways that are jason in this area been impacted by that accident. >> we'll keep a close eye on
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that. if you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes. they just turn the metering lights on. so they have to wait just a little bit. not too much, though, because it's still early heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes. there and there is a report of a fire. 80 westbound east across the boulevard enrichment. if you're taking bart. it's also a 20 minute delay on the richmond lie in the millbrae direction. so we'll keep a close eye on that. the dorian james, i'll send it over. you. >> and we are looking at conditions this morning that are actually relatively clear, not a whole lot of fun to be talking about. we do have a thin veil of low marine layer that's hovering across parts of the day as we do kick off this morning. a look outside from your berkeley hills. cam does show that very thin marine layer. you could actually see much of this view and visibility is fine for most areas are current. temperatures are mostly in the 50's to 60's with oakland and san mateo each at 58 san jose 60 to pittsburgh 64 livermore. not bad. actually really nice start at 65. once that sun
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comes up enjoy some time outside this morning before things heat back up this afternoon. james. our john, thank you very much. at 6. oh, one our top story this morning continues to be the dixie fire burning. >> in northern california. up in butte and plumas counties. and what we have here are 2 satellite images showing you the town of greenville. this is the view from before the dixie fire ravaged the town. you can see all the buildings there. the streets, everything clearly defined now on the right side, the after image this entire downtown section burned to the ground. every single building their reduced to a pile of rubble. that's how destructive this fire has been and it continues to grow in size 490,000 acres right now they are making progress and containment, but it's slow right now, containment is at 27%. but again, looking at these images, you really get a sense of the destruction fact aria with you and i were looking off camera at the number of structures destroyed over a 1000 and so think about that when you 0 in down on the
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ground and get a look at the damage like kron 4. sarah stinson is doing right now. and just. >> seeing the devastation in greenville. this small town that just as almost nothing left. sarah, good morning. >> yeah, it's really hard for the people who live here who stuck around keeping track of their livestock. volunteer firefighters having to see this. the destruction, their own library burned to the ground. you know, only the bare bones of it. still standing and you just go down the line. you all of the restaurants in the business is there's actually an american flag that someone stuck up. probably a symbol of hope for people, especially for the firefighters who are, you know, fighting these flames. cal fire and 4 in the forest service have been working tirelessly together around the clock to make sure the flames don't travel towards another community because so far chester crescent mills. jane ville have all been spared from this. the fire hasn't become close to susan biller quincy yet, but canyon dam,
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greenville alma nor all destroyed thousands are still evacuated, not knowing what will happen with just over a 1000 structures, though burned to the ground so far in this dixie fire. thousands of acres of the lesson and plumas national forest land is also burned, which is so sad. the dixie fire has so far burned a total of 490,000 acres. that's up from yesterday. it is 27% contained this morning. and i do expect that number to get a little bit bigger as we wait for the updated numbers. we know crews probably took advantage of the cooler temperatures that happened overnight. but it's about to be another hot day. triple digit temperatures. >> it's dry and visibility is poor due to heavy smoke. there might be isolated thunderstorms as well. later this week. the fire right now is burning mostly in the northeast region of the fire. and that is where they're trying to hold it so that it
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doesn't hit any more structures are homes yesterday. cal fire told me that's the message we're sending our fire crews save structures at all costs and no, of course lives to. but hopefully those who needed to evacuate did darya james send it back to you, sara. you know, i've been away for a couple days. and i know you've been covering the fires and you've covered. >> you know, you cover the fire in paradise. i don't know if you've been doing this. but what viewers so appreciate is when you go sort of block to block even if it's the downtown area and say what the business was. are what the address. if you can even make out in a dress because you're you've got a vantage point that people can't get in to see. so they appreciate even seeing was sadly the rubble left of their home. i don't know if you're able to do that. maybe later this morning are viewed an end already. >> yeah, and also there's a volunteer firefighter is also the president of the firefighters association up here. yeah, he's been really good about that. he knows
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everybody in town because he grew up here. so he's been calling people up saying i'm sorry your real estate office is no longer i and so on the hardware store, the owner of the hardware store evacuated out doesn't really want to come back up here because it's a generationally own business burned to the ground i assays is very, very sad. yeah. it is sad and i want to explain viewers why we do yeah, i really do appreciate it because they can't get in. and you're giving us a great view. >> of that. thanks a lot, sarah. >> they don't have the for the dixie fire now officially, but we are learning that pg and e a power line is believed to have sparked the blaze and it turns out it was supposed to be scheduled to be buried underground. the la times says the forest service gave the green light for that line to be buried last july and the state granted a permit for the project last october. but pg e says it still didn't have all the necessary approval.
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>> to move forward and actually buried at power line. >> that they are thinking may have sparked the fire and inspectors found no problems. >> with the power equipment in the area where the dixie fire started about a month ago. the utility did acknowledge that it's lines may have sparked both the dixie fire and the fly fire which later merged into one. >> 6. '07, is the time another big story that we're following this morning. the oakland unified school district now, reversing course and instead will be requiring teachers and staff to be vaccinated for covid-19 and there's not much time to get that done. this policy changes that may because of a spike in the cases in alameda county, kron four's, camila barco. >> is in the newsroom with more. hi camilla. >> good morning. deiah james. see at oakland unified school district employees have 2 options. they can either prove that they are vaccinated or get tested weekly and this rule applies to teachers
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administrators contractors and volunteers. they all must submit proof of vaccination by august 27th and starting september 7th any staff member who has not received a covid shot. we'll have to get a covid test once a week. according to the school district 92% out of its 3700 plus employees reported that the are vaccinated and this move comes one day after students return to school now as daria mentioned, the superintendent, the superintendent says that requirement is due to the high transmission rate that they're seeing an alameda county and this is just one of the new safety protocols. the school district is implementing. it's also requiring everyone to wear mas s inside and outside starting this upcoming monday. school leaders have also revised to covid dashboard and increase the hours for its covid testing locations. now oakland joins other bay area school districts in tracking their employee vaccination status. san jose moraine and
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san francisco school districts have also made similar rules darya james, back to all right. thanks a lot. camilla. >> time now is 6. '08. now. what about san francisco? well, their public schools are also changing policy just like camilla said. and those teachers and staff have to be vaccinated by the end of the month. and anybody who doesn't meet that deadline going to have to go for covid testing at least once a week. same thing there. the districts i did last week that they're going to have to change their policy because they've seen a spike in covid cases. they want to try to reduce the spread of covid in san francisco. >> here in the midst of rising cases. a new variants in the community vaccine requirement is a necessary step keeping our students staff and family say we played an active role. not only just our public statements, but also and, you know, closed door sessions with the district can saying, look, listen to educators are coming back. we need to provide our communities. the safest environment. and we're actually very, very happy to
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hear that they've changed that right to the pandemic situation and that the delta variant is changing daily and leaders need to adapt to that. >> and that's what they're doing is adapting. that's why san francisco public schools change the policy and they're about 10,000 employees. and so far they say only half have submitted their vaccination status to the district so far and the majority show they are vaccinated. the remaining staff have until august 31st to submit their vax if a vaccination verification. >> also happening today, a new vaccine mandate covering hospital visits will begin here in california. it requires anyone visiting a hospital or a nursing home facility to be vaccinated against covid-19 or at least provide proof of a negative test at some point within the 72 hours leading up to your visit. frontline health care officials call the mandate a timely precaution. given the circumstance that we're in right now. there's an exemption to this new restriction for anyone who is visiting a patient who is in critical condition when death might be imminent. so we'll
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give you a chance to say goodbye. happening today, governor newsome will be in alameda county. he's going to be at an elementary school to talk about the state's effort to protect students as more schools reopen. he'll also talk about a new push to encourage people to get vaccinated as covid cases rise in california. the governor's visit is set to take place at around 11 o'clock this morning and we will have live coverage on our 24 hour. streaming news service kronon if you haven't already download it, it is free. >> and stay with us. for continuing coverage. this will take you right to the spot on our website that house all the very latest about masks, the mandates, the breakthrough cases, the delta variant everything you need to keep your family safe. on kron 4 dot com. >> it's 6.11. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a bay area college professor is accused of setting several fires near national forest land. we're going to tell you about this case and we're following a brutal robbery that left one person dead in oakland we'll
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tell you what city leaders are saying about that. plus, after the break. new york is going to have its first female governor because governor cuomo is stepping down. we'll have details and a mix of clouds and sunshine already across the bay this morning. you can see some of the low fog that is draping areas in the distance around san bruno in daly city. >> most of us are pretty free of the fog this morning. temperatures later today, another hot one highs climbing well into the 90's. your forecast is ahead. >> and we have a hot spot in the south bay along one o one that i've been following. we'll tell you more about that. we also have a bark delay about 20 minutes. if you're on the richmond line
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sign up for flex alerts today. >> 6.15 right now and the breaking news that we're covering is a big traffic accident. 1. one south. it was a fatal it was. yeah. we've got rain harvey tracking the incident from the traffic center. good morning. right now. good morning. a fortune like you mentioned, a fatality. >> one. oh, one southbound just south of all iraq avonue are actually on scene. carly. and you can see they have several lanes are blocked. they have one lane open and traffic has been backed up for the past 3 hours or so. this all happening around 03:00am this morning. you can see crews there. they're gonna have construction work being done there because it looks like some damage was also done to the roadway there as you're traveling. let's go back to the maps. we can show you if you are traveling around one, oh, one southbound south of
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alum rock avenue. you could take exit marbury road and then get back on one. oh, one at 2 lee road. but instead of doing all of that. you could just stay on one on one and have to wait do that. another traffic collision just popped up along one. oh, one, this on the northbound side just south of oakland wrote there. so again, you've got an accident on northbound want to one. and this we on southbound one. oh, one not seeing any major delays along 6.80 or 82 traveling into the city this morning from the east bay a little under 11 minutes. we the bay bridge. you can see the metering light. so just been turned on. but again, still down to under 11 minutvs for your drive time there heading across towards the peninsula at no issues. things look great. there. and up here we had a report of a fire right in the center divider enrichment, 80 westbound east of carlson boulevard. john thomas and it over to you. thanks so much. what we are seeing this morning is actually some pretty co-operative weather as you're venturing out there. >> temperatures not too cool. some 50's and 60's little bit of low grade. but visibility has been fined for most of us.
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san jose this morning. you can see that skies are definitely not the brightest just yet. that will be getting there and maybe a little too bright come afternoon hours as daytime highs for san jose near 90 degrees reach the 90's for many of our inland areas as for air quality do expect more areas of moderate pockets of moderate streaming in from the coastline. we did have some smoke settling in over the weekend at the coast, which is gradually diffusing our direction as we make our way through the start of this week and that has resulted in at times a bit of a hazy view. but really our smoke impact is nowhere near as bad as areas further to our north and east where most of that wildfire smoke continues to be sent. as for daytime highs today, it's another hot one very similar to yesterday. 60's and 70's in sf 60's of right along the shoreline and a lot of our bayshore cities actually rising into the 80's today saying carlos in redwood city, right back up to those mid 80's 86 degrees each san jose just shy of 90 campbell
6:18 am
actually getting to 90 degrees livermore at 97 with danville 98 today. much more comfortable on the east bay shoreline from san leandro up the richmond with highs only in the 70's in the spots vacaville at one o to any 99 while santa rose in petaluma in the mid 80's. here's a look ahead to our next 7 days. it's solid 90's inland. at least you have the 70's by the bay and 60's at the coast. if you need escape tomorrow won't be quite as hot as today. but it does have a muggy feel to it, which isn't necessarily ideal either. good news is next week is trending a touch cooler highs. mostly inland down into the low 90's james and darya. >> thanks, john. 6.18 and national news. the big story is new. york's governor cuomo resigning amid harassment allegation. it was big news when it happened yesterday. he once again apologized to his accusers but still denies. >> that he sexually harassed anybody we have tom, the govan with the latest. let's start new york. tough. with the truth.
6:19 am
>> his tone consistent since these allegations first came to light last december defiant. >> the reaction was outrage. it should have been. however. >> it was also falls, but also contrite. now don't get me wrong. this is not to say that there are not 11 women who i truly offended. there are. and for that i deeply deeply apologize. >> at the state capitol. lawmakers from both parties were determined to spend many weeks and millions of dollars seeing this through 2 thirds had already made up their minds to impeach. >> the content of the report are deeply disturbing. we will review that report in detail, including the underlying evidence. >> new york attorney general letitia james whose report was released. exactly one week ago saying in a statement that today closes a sad chapter for
6:20 am
all of new york. but it's an important step toward justice. >> the governor. did not violate brittany commisso minutes before the governor resigned. his lawyer appeared by video conference verbally shredding the a g s report and the conclusions drawn. they're in the investigators acted. as the prosecutors. the judge. and the jury of governor cuomo. >> that was tom negoven reporting governor cuomo will leave office in 2 weeks. >> another developing story that we're following this morning overnight, the senate passed a 3 and a half trillion dollar budget, a budget resolution which lays the groundwork now for democrats to pass a massive spending bill without bipartisan support and all this comes after the senate passed a massive infrastructure bill yesterday our dc correspondent basil john is live. >> with the overnight details. good morning. >> well, james darya, good morning. and it was a night filled with amendments for
6:21 am
that 3.5 trillion dollar budget resolution. and in the end democrats got their way. >> the yeas are 50. the nays are 49. and the concurrent resolstion as amended is agreed to just before 4 in the morning, the vote, a rama ended and the senate approved the 3.5 trillion dollar budget bill. senate democrats have just took a massive step. >> towards restoring the middle class in the 21st century and giving americans more americans. the chance to get their senate democratic leader chuck schumer says reaching this point was not easy, but necessary. the democratic budget will bring a generational transformation to how our economy works for average americans. the budget resolution would help the federal government focus on assisting families fighting climate change and raising taxes for the wealthy. republicans stood firm against the bill. >> people want to pretend this is just business as usual.
6:22 am
senate republican leader mitch mcconnell said this measure will ruin the country's economy. this reckless traction is spending spree. >> isn't nothing. like we've saying this blueprint now heads to the house along with the infrastructure bill. now top house democrats announced that house lawmakers will return to capitol hill. >> on august 23rd so they can vote on that budget resolution and on other measures reporting live in washington. i'm basil john, thanks, basil. >> kron. 4. don't forget is your local election headquarters and ahead of the recall election of governor newsome. you can see the republican candidates go head to head in a debate next week inside california politics will be hosting that debate right here in our kron 4 studio. so if you want to check it out. definitely to an end. it'll be thursday. august 19th at 07:00pm. >> 6.22 is a time. and coming up, a strange turn in the murder case of kristin smart. why defense attorneys say the man accused of killing her
6:23 am
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>> 6.25 and the name of convicted killer scott
6:26 am
peterson has emerged in another separate high-profile case. the murder of cal poly, san luis obispo student kristin smart. yeah. it's a little bizarre turn of events. the attorneys for the accused killer. in that case. paul flores. >> dropped a bombshell claim suggesting that perhaps there's a link between peterson and smart. scott and peterson turns out attended cal poly at the very same time that flores and smart did. in fact, they were all at the same party the night the smart vanished and even though peterson was ruled out long ago legal analysts say it's a tactical move that could influence even just one potential juror scott peterson was convicted in 2000, 4 of killing his wife lacy and their unborn unborn son connor. >> what the defense is trying to do is so seeds of doubt and cast doubt on the investigation of their clients and say, look, scott peterson, one of the most notorious murderers in the country went
6:27 am
to school with kristen smart and he's already been looked at what's going on here. >> flores is charged with killing smart. his father, ruben is accused of heeping him conceal her body. kristin smart spotted, by the way, has still never been found. >> a warning for people in pollo. also, police are looking for a man possibly responsible for 2 assaults. coming up, we'll give you his composite sketch which is very detailed. let you know the locations in a
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>> 6.29 right now. and let's take a peek. right. miss you. so, you know, they're just 2 days without it. but i feel much better and it's a little behind it. that's kind of what we can to looking up to each morning this week so far. >> john, in the weather center tracking that grey skies for how long i like their thank said to your it's it's a little chilly in here and looks very nice. and it's nice to be stepping outside when it's hot outside with some shorter hair to kuz. >> you know what, that's not the first time i've heard that are you sure is something else the only like a couple those like a long time. it started well, the hair cut of anthems a it will be. are definitely
6:31 am
looking at a hot afternoon after what is a cool start to this morning. we are in the midst of some gray right now is james and darya noted. but it's not all that bad. visibility is actually holding up just fine for most areas. you can senior center tower cam right here. that low gray and also a little bit high cloud cover aloft fog cast doesn't show much visibility issues. there are some spots in the north bay and in sonoma county and right around the marine had winds to some fog and low visibility just in localized areas, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures pittsburgh in livermore at 65. where is oakland and berkeley at 5856 right don, thanks for that. so some good news will, you know, bad news and good news. so we'll start with the bad news. first. we had a fatality this morning. one oh, one southbound south of alum. rock avenue in san jose. >> the good news is they just cleared the scene. all lanes are open. however, you're still going to see a delay because traffic has been backed up. they've only have one lane open for the past hour or so. and up here,
6:32 am
another accident won't one northbound at oakland road in san jose. so that one still there of the one that we've been covering all throughout the morning. the hot spot they just opened up the lanes there. so we're going to keep a close eye to see just how backed up traffic is a long one on one. if you're heading from the east bay into the city under 14 minutes. although traffic is building here that drive time may go up also going pretty quickly at this hour head in a cross towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. no major issues or delays. we had a report of a fire. 80 westbound east across the boulevard or richmond here. and let's go to richmond to check out these richmond center fell bridge a little under 9 minutes for your drive time. no major delays issues a 20 minute delay on bart the richmond line in the direction daryn. james, back to you. thank you rate 6.32 and happening now, palo alto police are investigating 2 assaults that happened in 2 days. and both cases, a van on a bike groped the women kron four's will tran live in palo
6:33 am
alto with what investigators know so far will. >> they're still looking to see if this man is responsible for both assaults. you can see there's a running path a bike path right behind me. >> this is on the 500 block of sand hill road and just to give you a landmark. it's right across the street from the stanford shopping center. so let me pull up a map for you so you can know the locations. they're not too far apart from each other. i already said that i'm on sand hill road. this is the second incident. the first incident. police are still looking at. this is on the 400 block of middle feel most middlefield road. let me show you this composite sketch so you can look at shem for a long describe exactly what happened. now, the second incident happened 2 days ago at around 2.20 in the afternoon. a woman in her 40's next to the stanford shopping center. she was standing at this location when she says a man on a bicycle comes by and grocer and even yells at her. get out of the way. he's
6:34 am
described as a white male 6 feet tall. he's bald. he was not wearing his shirt at a at the time. he was, however, wearing blue shorts on a black bicycle saw that composite sketches. you can clearly see pretty descriptive as she worked with the police department 2 days before that on middle feel road there was a woman in her 60's who was sexually assaulted. they are still talking to the 2 victims and talking to the public to see if this particular man was responsible for both assaults. good news is both women are okay, but until they track this person down there telling people obviously to be very careful, be very mindful. and i got to tell you, james and darya being out here. so many people exercising. i too am looking around for this particular man as well. so, so far it looks like it's safe, but they want you to be careful in the meantime, eyes peeled. he's just never know what could happen even when you're just standing there
6:35 am
waiting probably to cross the street. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> it is 6 34 and in the south bay as well as 24 year-old man is now in custody as police say he's accused of breaking into a home and sexually assaulting a young girl. it happened in san jose just after 7.30 friday morning on damson drive. that's right. near regional medical center and 6.80 police say the girl was playing in a room when she was grabbed by the stranger. the suspect is identified as dupree hornsby of san jose and police say he locked the child in a room and that's where he assaulted her. they say he didn't know the child before the attack. >> one of the few details that we did collect during the investigation was that this suspect was not known to the residents of that apartment. a complete stranger. and in doing that action entering a home and being so brazen and so assaulted towards a child of this age. it is completely unacceptable. and i think not only every officer in this department. but every resident in the city would say the same thing.
6:36 am
>> police say hornsby was chased out of the home by another family member. he's now facing 8 counts of felony crimes against a child. happening right now. police in fremont are looking for a woman who's been missing for 6 months. take a good look at these photos. 32 year-old janeen williams was reported missing on february 10th by her social worker. according to police, she may be in hayward or oakland or richmond. they're not quite sure they say she suffers from mental health issues. she stands 5 feet. 3 inches tall about a 150 pounds and she often wears colored wigs as you see here. she also goes by the name a lexus. if you think you know where she is. let police know. >> time now is 6.36 in bay area college professor has been arrested he's accused of setting fires. 47 year-old gary steven maynard is charged in connection with one fire that burned in lassen county and authorities say he may have sent other fires over the last several weeks and they say he was a danger to the public. maynard has taught
6:37 am
crime and sociology at several california colleges, including santa clara university. these accusations against him are staggering to his old friend and former roommate. he's a kind person, but he deals with mental illness. i i didn't think he was capable of doing something like this. so i'm in shock. i hope he gets the help he needs. he's. he's >> the federal judge overseeing the case has acknowledged mental health issues may be involved. authorities say that maynard was living out of his car and he has been linked to a list of fires between july 6 and august 7th the most recent not far from where the dixie fire is currently burning maynard faces up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000. fine. if he is convicted. the city of pleasanton agrees to pay nearly 6 million dollars to settle a lawsuit with the family. >> of jacob bower who was a
6:38 am
mentally ill man who died in 2018 after police restrained and repeatedly tased him the settlement between the city and bauer's family is the biggest the city has ever paid bauer died on august. first in 2018 after a struggle with the pleasanton police and this is body cam video of their encounter. police responded to a call about man acting a radically and talking to himself in a grocery store near his home. >> also in the east bay, the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce is now calling on governor newsome to issue a state of emergency to tackle the crime wave that they're experiencing. they do this. the. >> the state emergency was we want you to bring in county florida, highway patrol. i'm not only asking you to put money chinatown. i'm asking sending the movies. the chp. good to see to low. and we as we need to help.
6:39 am
>> chan went on to say the robberies in oakland, including the chinatown area are getting more bold, more vicious happening in the middle of the day. often times. chan is also holding oakland city leaders partly to blame for what we're experiencing. they say the recent calls to remove money from the police budget was not a good idea. >> time. now 6.38 the victim of a hit and run in oakland believes the man behind the wheel was trying to kill him. now police say that they're confident they'll be able to find the driver. a witness was able to catch part of the collision on camera and kron four's maureen kelly has that video. >> you can see the suspects four-door silver chevy volt in the distance behind the trees speed backup group and drive narrowly missing the people in the road. neighbors call out asking if they got the suspect's license plate and the car comes back in the other direction. this time the vi standards yell out with a warning all >> joseph lax is the man who was hit. he says the neighbors
6:40 am
heads up likely saved his life. i have my back turned initially and just know they don't like for you. >> so i got in front of my car. just like a split second and the but in 90 degree turn around my car and still hit me clipped inside of the full 3.60. but not a fractured elbow blackson his girlfriend say the act of road rage was sparked around 06:00pm sunday. they were driving her sister home along the narrow winding roads of montclair. they say they got into an argument with the driver of the fault. >> after a near collision when the suspect came speeding around a blind turn base starts going crazy. >> you know, something's going to kill us to my girlfriend chill sister last of away from the encounter but says the driver followed them, bumped him with the car once before driving back up and down the road multiple times before. finally hitting him and then driving off almost hit her and her sister again or sisters like steps away from them until you definitely was trying to kill us like it was
6:41 am
over something so small. a key was speeding. >> and then for some reason he thought we were the ones speeding and. >> i think that's kind of like what scared us the most is how quickly it escalated and how quickly people up. and really like what was going through your mind that you thought it was a good idea just to like try to run us over. >> oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $7500 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case, maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> wow. all rights. yeah. the time to peer bread. french bulldogs worth about $15,000 each are now back home. the san jose police department located the stolen dogs while tracking down 3 men link to gun violence. 23 year-old nelson vargas, 19 year-old christopher rosales and 22 year-old omar to bora. they were arrested in connection with a series of 10 violent crimes dating back a year, including carjackings, armed robberies and possessing illegal guns. the dogs were still in the possession of the
6:42 am
alleged gang members when they were taken into custody last week. but the police department says 3 puppies valued between 10 $15,000. each are still missing puppies and dogs are truly. >> members of the family. they saw them as a way to make money. they saw them as a way to sell them on the black market or sell them online representing themselves as the owners. >> officers say to be cautious. if you're approached with an offer to buy these types of dogs always be on your guard. so cute and so expensive. >> time now 6.42. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> forty-niners and raiders. they are getting ready for preseason games this weekend. we'll take a peek and how they look. and after the break, one county is taking new steps to conserve water. now even asking tourists to shorten up the showers.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> we're back at 6.45 a quick heads up. if you have a trip to hawaii plans soon. let you, james now. okay. here's what you need to know is once again issuing covid-19 it. so they're going make you test, right. well, turns out the governor signed an executive order which includes limiting social gatherings to 10 people or less indoors 25 people or less how you are going to have a giant it was just us and a couple family friends, right. businesses to including restaurants, bars, gyms, churches. they all are going to cap a 50% lines. right for events larger than 50 people. like, let's say, a wedding,
6:46 am
right organizers have to contact their county leaders in order to get permission to move and so they have. but this so far we at last check. they're not doing the testing thing, right. they're talking about maybe starting at but not exactly a no restrictions yet to the state's program, fully vaccinated. people can travel to hawaii without getting a covid test first, which we all are. so the new restrictions to go into effect immediately, though. so just if you have a trip coming up right. you have axe unaided and you're and that's right. just again expect there to maybe be a line outside of russia everything might just be reservation on, ok. well, you still have a great time. there you go. 6.46 and the drought is forcing people in mendocino county cutters to conserve water. forget don't know why though, going to see no county. they're saying tourists need to take shorter showers or they're asking them to county officials. >> they've been seeing a big dip in the water reserves that they have. so now some hotels have closed their lobby restrooms and others have stop watering their lawns and they
6:47 am
are asking guess if they can conserve by shortening their showers and doing whatever else may be not flushing every time it would be greatly appreciated. >> there's a lot of fear. the worst drought since at least 1977 it's we have communities without water, infrastructure. >> that's definitely really scary running out of water. >> and some people, you know, james special in your trust, your just jump in and you go all we didn't know about the shore. so if things get worse. >> they might have to start closing down rooms that they rent at hotels because they don't want to use up that water so that would not be good for their economies. actually, i want that to happen. so let's all do our part. >> john, in the weather center. keeping an eye on the weather. obviously we have no rain on the horizon. looks like actually hot temperatures for quite a little while yet. no rain yet we get the feel of a little muggy this yet. so is probably that muggy day. no rainfall from that. we'd love to see that unfortunately we just get the downside of any sort of moisture in the air. >> which is that muggy feel
6:48 am
along with the heat that we have no shortage of this week. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast this morning is showing some gray skies across parts of the bail the sunshine piercing through those clouds now lighting up court quite hour as well as some other parts of san francisco. she can see not brightening up really nicely here. we will have some pockets of moderate air quality on the map today. nothing like the air quality that we have to our north or to the north and east around the dixie fire as these continue to be those areas where smoke is really being seen still being funneled mostly to the east and northeast so bay area dodging at least the heaviest of smoke impacts for another day. today's going to be hotter than tomorrow is about to be. but tomorrow is going to be that muggy feel so depends on what feel you prefer 60's near the coastline today. daly city at 66 half moon bay at 68 burlingame in millbrae in the 80's. also 80 solidly from san mateo down through mountain view at 83 degrees. south bay daytime highs in the 80's to 9. the san jose 89. campbell, 90 degrees. upper 90's for
6:49 am
some of our inland valleys like livermore at 97 in danville at 98 today. certainly much more comfortable from san leandro oakland up their berkeley and richmond north bay highs. 80's 90's to even triple digits vacaville at one '02 today nevado and center fell each in the low 90's. a look ahead at our next 7 days. tomorrow is a little bit cooler cloudier, but feels muggy because daytime highs still in the 90's with the higher humidity is not going to be the most ideal feel for your thursday as for the weekend ahead. still hot. but we do see at least last hot conditions into next week to look forward to highs. inland will fall into the low 90's if you need a break from the heat. the coast as your obvious spot to get closer to highs only in the 60's out that way. reyna. john, thanks for that started in the south bay where we had an earlier hot spot here. >> that since been cleared. but we're still seeing residual delay. so long one on one southbound south of alum. rock avenue is where that accident was. and as you can see, we're still seeing the
6:50 am
the residual delays from that accident earlier, 6 8080, to of these jason highways have been impacted by that heading into the city this morning. a little under 13 minutes as traffic starts to build here reaching the foot of the maze. 5, 1880 moving along just fine heading across towards the peninsula. looks like we have a major delay here. we've got a looking to see what's going on there about 38 minutes for your drive time here across the san mateo bridge that looks like that is a hot spot. as of right now, the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 13 no major issues for your delays and then we're checking on one. oh, one 47 minutes because of that earlier accident that we had traveling towards menlo park daryn, james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain of 6.50 is the time. let's get you caught up on very baseball. the giants taking on the arizona diamondbacks and the highlights. let's talk taking you to the bottom of the 5th. that's buster posey with a home run off the center field wall 14th of the season.
6:51 am
is home run that gave the giants a five-run lead that the diamondbacks would not go away in the 6th inning. arizona actually scored 5 runs to tie the game. and then in the night. >> here we are with kris bryant all tied up at 7 pc ground ball to first base. bottles. and that was good enough to get runner in 8 to 7 the final score giants with the win. it's all before game lead over the dodgers in the nl west. meanwhile, the a's, they were in cleveland looking for their 5th straight win. let's go to the 10th inning a's fans. there were weeks for the to come their way. jed lowry at the plate here is the left field that scored a run to give the a's the lead fact open would go on to win live final up or 33 still 2 games behind the astros. >> in the a l s. how about the niners. >> they are preparing for their first preseason game this weekend. let's take a peek of them. practicing in santa clara yesterday. the niners can host the kansas city chiefs at levi stadium and jim but rookie trey lance
6:52 am
are continuing their work on the field. buddy. buddy from the competition. let's call it the starting quarterback job is still grabs for now. head coach kyle shanahan says there were some scuffles at practice between his players. >> which he considers a good thing because he thinks that means they're really itching to get to a real game. >> that didn't seem all no 1, 2, punch or anything. that's a big thing. we go for. i expect a scuffle little bit especially in a dozen blitz pickups. i heard it over. there was some the linebackers and backs. and, you know, a little bit with the one on one with the line and the line we're sick of going against each kind of we call that pump to go to the chargers next weekend. get a golden looks you guys stop because practice. but you love to see guys really >> like in all those guys up front, they face set the tone for us and they've done a great job at this camp. you know, coming off the with urgency hit in its been impressive. >> see you jimmy g called a good thing. it's impressive they want right is serious competition kickoff against
6:53 am
the chiefs is at 5.30 saturday night have the football season is barbecue. the loss rate or the last 3 years. las vegas illustrate they're getting ready for their preseason game as well. this coming crawford's jason dumas has an update from training camp. >> 2 years ago. the raiders drafted safety johnathan abram's in the first round. and when he's been on the field. he's been a good player for them. >> but that's the issue. a broom is never on the field. he has only played 14 out of a possible 36 games in his young career. he plays a physical brand of football which clearly comes at a cost to his body. but if abrams stays healthy, he can take this defense to a different level. we'll be tracking a broom all of training camp and monitoring his health as the season approaches. >> because you slipped up, i'm forevermore going to call them the last vegas raiders las vegas. yes, i like it. did we all right. just a reminder.
6:54 am
>> kron 4 is the home the bay area, home of the las vegas raiders you can watch the silver and black taking on the seattle seahawks for their pre-game. game. this coming saturday right here on kron. 4. it starts at 5.30. what the pre-game show than the game itself will be at 6 and then we'll have all the action in the analysis coming up afterwards for the post-game show again. right here on kron. 4 set tune in this saturday at 5.30. 6.56. is the
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time. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news firefighters making some progress against the dixie fire. but it is still threatening communities will have the latest developments at the top of the hour. and a live report and 2 bay area school districts for person course now requiring vaccines for teachers and staff. >> we'll have details in a live report as well. stay tuned. a profit warning news at 7 begins in just a moment.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning. just catching up with you on a wednesday at 07:00am led to be back. i'm darya folsom and james fletcher. we do want to start with a check of traffic will get to john in the weather center in a second. but rand is following something going on on is that the san mateo bridge or in san mateo itself. yeah. the san mateo bridge so unfortunately all the san mateo bridge where a lot of people. commute in traffic here this morning. 57 minutes. >> for your drive time this morning. so there is a traffic collision on the bridge on the high rise. 92 westbound. so i would say don't take this bridge right now, especially if you need to get anywhere because we're already almost at 60 minutes. let's say if you want to take the bay bridge, for example, because you need to


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