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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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at know just really grateful for the good samaritans that stepped in to alert the authorities about this incident, about the infant child in the vehicle. >> and that under no circumstances should any baby be left alone. >> now at 9 of the mother is facing charges tonight after being accused of leaving her infant alone in a hot car. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9. i'm grant lotus. i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis tonight. >> police say the 19 year-old celina cook was in a nail salon and she left her baby an attendant kron first. and for now, he joins us live in vallejo with more from police on how good samaritan stepped in to help. dan. >> well, catherine, those good samaritans actually found the 3 month-old in a car that was parked at a shopping shopping plaza. it was in the 80's tuesday afternoon, probably even hotter in the car with the baby was. but thankfully, that baby was able to be
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rescued before any harm could be done. >> a 3 month-old baby left helpless by its mother in the back seat of a hot car police say the infant was found alone at the gateway plaza on tuesday, the 19 year-old mother nowhere to be found. this was a very tragic circumstance. the child was in danger and defenseless police public information officer brittany k jackson says good samaritans found the child in the parking lot and alerted officers witnesses say the car was found with the windows down, but the baby was sitting in the hot sun for at least a half hour officers later located. the mother identified as selina cook in a salon where she was getting her nails done and there are so many in this case that make it a very dangerous situation for that infant child. and we're just so lucky. >> im glad that the child was found safe. vallejo police are applauding the good samaritans for helping to protect the baby. the infant was later taken to a nearby hospital for
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a medical evaluation. we're just really grateful for the good samaritans that stepped in to alert the authorities about this incident, about the infant child in the vehicle and that under no circumstances should any baby be left alone. >> the mother was arrested on charges of child endangerment and after being released from the hospital. the baby was put in the care of child protective services reporting live in valais home. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. the governor has been offering help to oakland. this after oakland mayor libby shaft ask for more help with traffic enforcement from the state. they're talking about the chp. all part of an effort to keep people safe along the commercial corridors and international boulevard. kron four's. michelle kingston spoke with city leaders about that announcement. >> additional law enforcement support will be forthcoming into >> after a plea from residents
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and community leaders. california governor gavin newsom announced wednesday that oakland mayor libby schaaf's request for state law enforcement help will be filled. we take this extremely seriously we're responding to the demands from our residents from more law enforcement safety. the governor says the state has 5 active task forces and has budgeted 200 million dollars for evidence-based street outreach to address crime and violence as well as a 165 million dollars to address the issue of asian hate. some of the money will be going directly toward investigations as well as traffic enforcement. 2 issues. several city council members say need attention. >> it is absolutely critical that we increase the number of resources that we have when we have such a high rate of violent crime gun violence if the state, if the governor can provide resources that will help us one. investigates more of our serious and violent crimes in oakland and 2 to in
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force are speeding and reckless driving laws i'm all for that. would you know, as we certainly here in the city of welcome welcome the support. >> and he support the state of california can give us. i think that. >> you know, clearly is that, you know, that we're going through an emergency and we need to really stay support in oakland. michelle kingston, kron 4 news oakland police chief leronne armstrong hosted a facebook live tonight about the governor's plan to. >> send some help to oakland. he talked about the department's all-hands approach to fighting the problem. >> that when you have a shortage resources that you have a true. problem you have ta make some adjustments. and that's what we're going to local police department is that and no officer in this organization will be immune from coming out into the streets of support in our field operations. so officers that have desk duty. we're going to ask that they come out a couple hours. you can shift and actually support our patrol division answer calls
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for service help identify those that driving crime in our community. we, you know, have to do everything we can to manage this crime problem in the city of oakland and it has to be some level of enforcement in the count ability to address those that want to commit very heinous and violent crimes. >> more news in the east bay tonight where a woman is accusing bart officers of excessive force after the woman did not pay the fare. this incident happened back in 2019. he was captured on police body camera video and today a lawsuit was filed against the bart officers involved. kron four's gayle ong has this story. and we do want to warn you some images you're about to see may be disturbing to some. >> it was 12/31/2019. when says hey, jen, deborah rowe was approached by bart police accused of not paying the fare at the bay fair station in san leandro police body camera reported the incident in the
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video. you can hear denver road offering to pay the fare. but the officers deny the request and then the encounter took a different turn. different alleges. the officers failed to issue a verbal warning before using force wednesday. a lawsuit has been filed accusing the bart officers of excessive force. >> her lawyer, don t point, are given way in the officers, including the sergeant was so comfortable. using this brutish display of force in public. broad daylight. it appears to be that that that bart perhaps have still not gotten the message pointer says his client evaded the bar fare. but the outcome was out of line this is a $3.60 ferry.
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there's no way that for that small amount of money for what is a minor infraction. person should wind up getting punch multiple times thrown to the ground. pressed against the ground in such a way where it's hard to breathe and you start thinking about is where i'm going to die. >> after the incident. devereaux was taken to jail charged with resisting arrest and fare evasion. pointer says the charges have been dismissed by the alameda county district attorney's office. a statement on behalf of the bart police officers association reads, quote, the allegations in the lawsuit are just that and selected images do not accurately convey the totality of the encounter we are confident the officers will prevail after all the evidence is considered through the judicial process work confirms deborah rose arrest. in a statement, the agency says in part, quote, well, bart cannot comment on pending or anticipated litigation or personnel matters. bart and its police department. take all use of force incidents seriously. nothing is more
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critical than building trust with riders and the communities we serve through equitable policing practices. bart's general manager, chief of police and independent police auditor are working hard to advance progressive policing reforms to ensure our policies training and de-escalation tactics. exceed industry standards. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> berkeley police have arrested a 37 year-old man for hate crime after they say he walked into the congregation that a vote shalom this morning yelling threatening anti semitic reports. then police found him in front of the chabad house after the people inside prevented him from entering the name of that man arrested has not yet been released in san bruno an elderly resident recovering after being pistol whipped during a home invasion. police say it happened about 5 saturday morning in on a redwood avenue near the parkside middle school. police say 5 men entered a home. how the elderly residents at gunpoint while they look for
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valuables. one suspect pistol whipped a resident causing a serious injury. the man took off in a dark colored suv. the person who was injured has been hospitalized. >> on the peninsula. palo alto. police say 2 women reported being groped by a man on a bicycle on separate occasions over the last 2 days. the for battery was reported around 4.30 saturday afternoon on middlefield road near lifton avenue. the woman told police bicyclists rode up and grab ear and had with his hand as he passed, sir. the second groping incident happened just before 2.30 monday afternoon. and there is a sketch. police are releasing based off of the second woman's description of the man who grabbed her. police say they're still investigating trying to figure out if it was the same person involved in both incidents. >> the other big story tonight. of course, the new covid rules for teachers for staffers at california schools. governor newsome announcing today that everyone
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from teachers to bus drivers. we'll need to either get vaccinated and show proof of the vaccine or be tested for covid every week for is actually breaks down the governor's announcement. >> this new public health order goes into effect thursday and schools have about 2 months to fully comply. >> this school year. all california school teachers and staff will need to either prove they're vaccinated or get tested weekly for covid-19 governor gavin newsome making the announcement in oakland wednesday because it's the right thing to do. >> our most precious resource healthy and safe. our children. the new public health order applies to those working in both public and private pre-k through 12th grade schools will have until october 15th to fully comply. we think this will do exactly what it is tended to do and that's to encourage people to get vaccinated. >> with covid-19 cases increasing among the unvaccinated the new requirement adds to the state's mask mandate in schools. the governor putting these protections in place to make sure california children
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have access to in-person learning this year. this as his recall opponents have criticized him for allowing schools to shutter. last year. some republican candidates running to replace newsom reacting to wednesday's announcement. larry elder tweeted he would reverse the order if elected. in a statement, john said in part, the governor is a power hungry politician who wants to control every aspect of people's lives. kevin kiley tweeted gavin newson needs to stop using teachers and nurses as political pawns. no other state has these mandates a vote for the recall is a vote for basic decency. but oakland mayor libby schaaf pointing to florida's anti mask mandate as a reason to keep newsome in office that if californians do not participate. in the special election coming up. this could be our fate as well. >> unspeakable in the state of california. >> the governor would not say if he's considering an even stronger vaccine mandate for teachers and staff to eventually follow this public health order. he also wouldn't say of california will require
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students to be fully vaccinated once fda approved at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> bay area educators are reacting to the governor's announcement. the state will now require all school staff members to show proof of vaccination are good tested once a week. kron four's phillipe djegal has some of that reaction. >> a day after the oakland unified school district announced all staff would be required to show proof of vaccination against covid-19 or submit to weekly testing educators anticipated a stronger commitment from the state and wednesday during governor gavin newsom's news conference at pearl month elementary that takes a community and a village for students to fried with the delta variant spreading quickly throughout the country. the oakland education association says it supports the state and school district's decision to push staff members to get vaccinated. now with this announcement. >> we have a very important layer. protection for our
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students and place elementary school teacher and second, vice president of chaz says more than 90% of the union's members have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. >> she says the in place. want make player in student vaccinations down the road. unnecessary. this in itself could potentially. >> really improve the situation for everybody. and so we may not find need to mandate vaccinations. we will be the. >> for states to require vaccination or regular testing for staff. we hope that that encourages families as well. the state says schools must be in compliance with the new vaccination policy by mid october. you know, clink, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news the california teachers association released a statement in support of the new public health order. >> it reads in part, we know
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from our surveys nearly 90% of educators have already been vaccinated yet in the past few weeks we've seen a rising spread of the delta variant, especially among children just as the new school years starting today's announcement and appropriate next step to ensure the safety of our school communities and to protect our youngest learners under 12 who are not get vaccine eligible from this highly contagious. delta variant. >> today stanford university announced it will require weekly covid testing for all students, even if they're fully vaccinated and universities, not just one of a few in the country now requiring weekly testing kron four's. taylor bus aqi reports before arriving here on campus. students should already be fully vaccinated according to the university's other covid-19 requirements. >> for the most part, students here are receiving this new weekly testing announcement pretty well considering the social aspect of the school. this message went out to stanford university students
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ipon wednesday, informing them that the school would now require all students regardless of vaccination status. >> to get tested for covid. at least once a week. students teddy solomon and ellsberg believe this will help keep students safe from catching covid on campus. i think it makes sense because there are a lot of breakthrough cases on campus. and it's pretty quick for us to get tested. so. >> it makes a lot of sense. i think we pretty important. make sure everyone that you see around campus has been or is safe and nothing a covid from them. >> the new rules require students attending classes on campus and those who live in university own housing to take a covid-19 test before school starts on august 15th. it's undergo weekly testing. after that, the new rules are a reversal of the school's initial policy that went out in a message a couple weeks ago saying students living on campus. we're coming to campus frequently in the summer were no longer required to participate in testing after providing documentation of full vaccination terms of transmission to other people. that may be vulnerable. it could be a good consideration in that regard. but of course it's frustrating to see that
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there is like some you know. kind of back and forth between what it's like actually required or what isn't. >> unvaccinated students traveling from international locations are also expected to arrive on campus 70's before in-person activities to complete entry. testing vaccination for the period of restricted activity. previously stanford already mandated vaccines and face masks for returning students makes me feel better. and we're excited to hopefully have a normal year. and if everybody's following the rules, then it should be like that stanford university has recorded a total of 261 positive covid cases among students since june of 2020. well, 2 of the 15 staff members have tested positive over that same time period. >> more recently, though 7 students and 12 faculty members have tested positive just last week at stanford university. taylor kron 4 news. >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage on our website. we have everything from mask mandates to the latest on
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breakthrough cases. you can scan the qr code and you'll be directed to our web page dedicated to covid coverage. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> napa county fire chief jeff billion ounce that he is resigning from his position and taking a new job as assistant fire chief at the american canyon fire district. cal fire chief shannon jones at the snow mud lake napa unit released a statement today that reads in part. well, we're sadd and the chief bill lee is resigning. we wish him the very best. we have an amazing group of the very best trained firefighters in the nation. and we're confident that we can respond to the needs of the community at a moment's notice chief was appointed by the napa county board of supervisors and served more than 2 years as fire chief there he will begin his new job on september 20th of this year. >> the dixie fire reached a new milestone today cal fire says it has now burned more than half a million acres. and it's only 30% contained flames have destroyed more than 1000
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buildings over the last couple of nights. a number of homes burned down. >> in the kitty ridge area for when the caught up with a couple who returned to check whether their homes survived. she reports from plumas county. >> it's not a governor or now it's been scary for the last 2 are busy and more out. huge flames and large billowing, smoke along kitty ridge have come dangerously close to many homes including van and cape ropes who've lived in their home for more than 35 years. yesterday. last night. we just left. was coming right down to so we just got out here last night. >> flames form this black tornado like pillar of smoke as the helicopter safely made its rounds battling the fire. >> many homeowners braved the fire in state on their property for days.
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>> well, yesterday we brought you the near family. this is 5 generations of loggers in this area. we showed you their home which they were protecting alongside firefighters and today it is still standing we come back this morning, i didn't think you'd be here. i really did. the couple returned to check on their home which sits on 2 and a half acres. they were relieved to see it was all right. pretty good feeling the other far come right down to the road, right beside it. they were able to move their horses dogs and a cat to safer ground along with stuffed animals housed in the family sore foot museum. >> he used think for. one thing that my neighbors are hear her. so than my for now, they can breathe easier knowing their home is safe. so ever it's still and thankful
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thankful that more people lost their >> well, it was ruin the show next reporting tonight evacuees from the dixie fire are taking shelter wherever they can groups gathering in the plumas county town of susan villar setting up tents in our views. there. some are staying in the parking lot of a local college hoping that they will have hopes when they're allowed to go back. >> the salvation army has been hard at work helping first responders and those people who had to evacuate homes in the 4 counties where the fire is burning more than 4300 meals have been served. it's happening at 2 shelters in susanville hundreds of meals also being served daily at last some community college and last and high school. >> and now it's time to get a check on the 4 zone forecast is we take a live look here tonight over the san mateo bridge you know, since they were. is that okay to the
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bridge. >> a lawrence is here, lawrence, who are beginning to look out for smoke again, right. >> yeah. we could see some of that move into our skies as early as tomorrow. again, i think this is going to be in the upper levels of the atmosphere. so we're talking about 1000 feet on up and that's good news. ron, not write down right where we live. so i think they're calling down where we live is going to be okay. we've had a westerly component. the wind not so in and around the fire for a look at this is just terrible. smoke conditions in around the fires. see here over the fires parts of the northern california reading. you're seeing a lot of the smoke filter your direction. shasta boy, just a mess up there, of course, for the quincy here. you've got smoke conditions there as well. but the bay area has been mostly spared from all of the smoke and we're getting more that on shore breeze that onshore wind is keeping your skies. pretty nice out there. mostly green out all around the bay area. and that's the way it is likely going to star. now we are going to notice some changes, though, coming our way. we get that nice fog that has moved on shore. and really that helps to freshen up the atmosphere, especially the lower levels, the upper
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levels. you don't get the fog and that's where we're going to see some of that smoke moving in. we saw some of that smoke building out from the some of those fires today, but kind of change in direction. remember, most of this is going in north easterly fashion. now you see moving back out west back out toward the ocean, which in some ways of some of the cleansing fashion. but not all that, all those take a small change. the wind direction, get a little more. no link above the wind and then all of a sudden you start to see some of that smoke work its way in the bay area expecting to see that now over the night we're going to see a forecast models are picking up on that. as some of that smoke going to start to filter down into parts of the north bay overnight tonight. it's tomorrow about the middle of the day in the afternoon. so expected to get a little bit hazy out there, especially in parts of the north bay napa county sonoma, maybe parts of the east bay, too. but again, most of that smoke and probably be above a 1000 feet or so. so the air quality down below is looking ok so far. thank you, lawrence. still to come tonight will be taking a look at the alarming rise in. >> deadly road rage incidents
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across california. >> also new cdc vaccination recommendations for pregnant women. the potential health risks that doctors are very worried about. >> and if you recognize this woman officials want to hear for you a deadly. incident involving coyote ease. this woman is accused of feeding
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>> if you're caught feeding a coyote, you could be fined said. and the coyote, though, could really end up paying the ultimate price. that's why san francisco animal control workers are asking for help and. >> tracking down a woman who is suspected of feeding the coyote is regularly kron four's haaziq madyun explains. >> a photo of someone who appears to be caught in the act. feeding wildlife that bernal heights park in san francisco. >> you're looking at a woman bringing a tray of meat. coyotes on days when she's not there. a coyote the week for her. you know, they know somebody is coming with the trade. meet. we need somebody to tell us who she is. the photo was taken recently. >> the executive director of san francisco animal care and control virginia. donahue says they've received several reports about this individual feeding coyotes. >> this is the first really good photo that we have gotten. we have heard. she also goes to other parks.
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>> she says people may think they're helping the coyotes by feeding them. >> the coyote don't need help. there is of food around. they do not need you to serve dinner not only as a human feeding a coyote against the law with a fine up to $1000. but donohue also explains why it's a really bad idea for the coyote. >> because when you feed wildlife eventually loses its fear of people. we just had a horrible outcome for in july. we had a coyote who approach on 5 different occasions. toddlers in a tiny guarding getting way too close. so ultimately we have to eliminate the coyote. situation was completely preventable cause that coyote had been fed. very often by very many people over the course of 5 years. eventually the coyote that pays the price
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officials at san francisco animal care and control are desperately trying to avoid a similar outcome. >> and are asking for the community's help. if you know this woman tells me she is numbers 4, 5, but by 4 9400. we to reach out. we want to talk to her. we have to, you know. get her not to feed coyotes. think because there's a possibility that, hey, maybe this woman doesn't have that. she shouldn't be feeding the coyotes. >> there is that possibility there is a lot of fighting age. >> has it made you in kron. 4 news. >> san francisco police are investigating an attempted robbery in union square and a shooting that left a 14 year-old boy injured. but police are saying about the suspect. also how san francisco state is getting students ready to return in the fall and the new vaccination recommendations for pregnant women. the risks
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>> the cdc is urging pregnant women to get vaccinated saying they were a higher risk for severe illness and complications given there. pregnant status. yeah. and this follows a ucsf study that found women infected with covid while pregnant. >> do run a higher risk of delivering prematurely. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> so it's actually a really difficult decision because we just really know like what the risks where with benefits were as a pediatric nurse. sarah
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mcdougal was offered the vaccine before most people back in the early days of her pregnancy before there was any data on how it would affect her child. she eventually got her shots now, just days from her due date. she's feeling really grateful it. sorry, stressful just that the delta variant being around people. >> that just would have been a whole other level of stress. her decision was bolster today by the cdc pushing the shot for pregnant women after new safety data on 2500 women showed no increased risk of miscarriage for those who received at least one dose of the pfizer or moderna vaccine before 20 weeks of pregnancy, although all 3 available vaccines are being recommended. we know that the risks not receiving the vaccine and contracting covid are really real can result in preterm birth ucsf assistant professor deborah kara sec is the lead author of the largest study of its kind. it looked at all. california births from july 2020 to this january. >> and found that women who contracted covid while pregnant faced a higher risk of delivering prematurely. the risk of giving birth before 37 weeks was 40% higher and the
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risk of delivering very prematurely before 32 weeks was 60% higher babies that are born too soon. often have longer stays in the hospital and can have nick, you stays. it can be associated with health problems throughout infancy and and even educational issues into childhood as well. the cdc says the vaccine is also safe for breastfeeding mothers and women who are planning to get pregnant maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> san francisco state university is preparing to welcome students back in person for the fall semester and the president of the university says as one of the first school campuses in the state to shut down when the pandemic hit safety has been a focal point from the start for the university. and according to the school's website, the schools taking a series of steps to try to keep everybody on campus safe, including a hybrid model for classes, ppe and contact tracing. the university also has a covid-19
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vaccine policy. it requires everybody on campus, too, either show proof of vaccination or to agree to mandatory regular testing. >> we are using the company actually verify students are uploading their cards as we speak as well. as in putting the dates of their vaccination with vaccination we received and then over the course of about a week or 10 days. the company actually verifies the authenticity of the carts, please. facts unaided or file for an exemption. if you qualify for an exemption and upload those vaccination cards. the more vaccinated this community is a more normal. we will beat. >> the university is following the state's department of public health guidelines by requiring masks indoors. accommodations will be made for teachers and staff infected with covid as well as for anyone who was in close contact with someone infected. in other news, san francisco police are investigating an attempted robbery in union
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square that left a 14 year-old boy injured. we have some viewer video of the same. police say this happened yesterday afternoon. >> stockton just north of market. police say 2 groups of young people have been fighting some of them tried to rob the 14 year-old who was shot. the victim was treated for non-life threatening injuries and police are looking for 2 suspects. a recent road rage incident in southern california that killed one person has brought to light. >> the larger issue of an uptick in deadly road rage incidents across the state across the country. nancy loo has more. >> just this weekend here in southern california road rage led to the death of 23 year-old kristen nichols who was 8 months pregnant with their second son. there were passengers in a gmc pickup which was cut off by another vehicle in long beach road rage stretched on for blocks before reckless driving led to the deadly crash into a 3rd
9:36 pm
vehicle. a witness captured much of it on her cell phone the way they were driving something happened. just felt something was going to happen and it did in another recent incident captured on dashcam near seattle. a man hurled an axe at another driver who had accident i 5 to avoid confrontation. the jeep also accident and block the victim before the axe pro surveillance video led to the man's arrest. 3 days later, just a few months ago, 6 year-old aiden leos was killed in a road rage incident along the 55 freeway in orange county. his mother was cut off by another driver. she allegedly used a hand gesture and a man in the other vehicle opened fire. 2 people were arrested in that incident, including a 24 year-old man who faces a murder charge. and that was nancy loo reporting for us tonight here in the bay area. there have been at least 3 shootings along highway 4 in contra, costa county. >> in the last 2 weeks. >> still ahead, what the white house is trying to do now to fight higher prices for gas
9:37 pm
and groceries. >> tonight. the best meteor shower of all summer going to take place. will we be able to see. it will talk about that next. >> and in sports, the a's looking for their 6th win in a row giants. also in action jason dumas says highlights coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
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>> looking to continue their traditional late season push out in ohio taking on the indians. the game was delayed about 45 minute who would've guessed it? bad weather in ohio. all righty a's down 3 to 2 in the 8th until. absolutely crushes that elvis has left the building. that's a tie game right after that one. later in the ending to one for jed lowry. he blasted deep to right field. 3 run homerun a's take a 6, 3, lead and that was the final score oakland wins its 6th straight game. steph curry in the house for the warriors summer league game against the raptors. nice little chain. you know, 40 just got 200 million dollars, john. i he was a force all over the floor tonight you get the block there. then later in the 1st quarter. look at him in the buries the trey he led all players with 18 points and he can knock down the 3 what a
9:41 pm
career he's going to have. here is another guy. we knew he had a jumper coming into the nba moses moody. he finished with 14 points now late in the game. gary payton, the second give me that. don't through to people from lining up of us of his pops. he had 13 points. 6 assists warriors win 1984 they play again on sunday against the new orleans pelicans. we are just a few days out of the forty-niners first preseason game and more specifically the debut of the rook trey lance, one of the biggest knocks on lance coming into the draft is that he simply hasn't played that much football. he only started 18 games in college and only one since 2019. but ray said once the initial butterflies subside will be like riding a bike. >> super excited. yes, excited to go out and to be with this locker room and kind of the same time, everything's new like you so just being able to get used to everything
9:42 pm
everything from you know the hotel the night before the game to pre-game warm-up, you know, everything's going to be new. but at the same time, you know, football is football everything i can to feel as prepared as i can on saturday. >> and don't forget about the rain saturday. august 14th taking on the seahawks and we have you covered from start to finish before and after 5.30. i host a pre-game show along with kate rooney that leads right into kickoff at 6 raiders seahawks on kron 4. then we have a post-game show breaking it all down live shots from vegas. he won't want to miss it. tune in kron 4 all evening on saturday for all of your raiders coverage. grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too?
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for expert help with all your insurance needs, money tonight, us consumer prices rose yet again in july. according to new numbers out from the. >> labor department's consumer price index. that report shows that inflation rose last month by 5.4%. and while republicans are sounding the alarm. >> the white house is remaining publicly optimistic kron four's, washington, dc correspondent raquel martin has the story. >> put more money in your pocket wednesday. president joe biden announced his administration is taking new steps to lower consumer prices at the pump and the grocery store after new report showed higher inflation for the 3rd month in a row crackdown want some major players are. >> dewey 9 the economy that
9:46 pm
are keeping prices higher than they need be president biden also announced plans to fix supply chain bottlenecks. he says are likely causing price increases. so my administration is bringing together port operators shipping lines, labor unions to speed up the porch operation. the white house and says higher prices are temporary and say the latest numbers show the economy is rebounding, but republicans warn if democrats forced through there are 3.5 trillion dollar budget plan prices could soar even higher. the last thing we need to be doing right now is pouring more fuel on that fire. republican senator bill haggerty says the additional spending will only hurt the middle class. i don't think the american public wants this, but wednesday senate majority leader chuck schumer defended the massive package is transformational. schumer says raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to bankroll. the plan will ensure inflation rates do not spike. some are worried about inflation. the way to deal with that. >> is too. make sure you pay
9:47 pm
for it. we intend to pay for it. still, some economists say inflation could remain a concern for the foreseeable future in washington. raquel martin. >> the biden administration is reportedly hoping to eliminate fossil fuel an aircraft within the next 30 years. the report says it would be replaced with a fuel made from feedstock materials similar to cooking oil and animal fat and which produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. the white house is talking about a target date of 2050 to get all aircraft off fossil fuel. >> nasa's return to the moon could be significantly delayed by problems with the next generation of space suits. according to the agency's inspector general, the suits will not be ready for flight until 2025 at the earliest. nasa had hoped to return to the moon by 2024 a recent report attributes the delays too funding shortfalls covid
9:48 pm
impacts and technical challenges in response space x ceo elon musk said on twitter it seems like there are, quote, too many cooks in the kitchen and added space x could step in and make the suits. they look kind of cool. whatever even they don't >> as we switch gears now and talk about the forecast taking a live look here over 6.80 in walnut creek. >> and kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look ahead. yeah, guys. and speaking of space, well, you're looking up toward the heavens tonight. got an inside out there. the person meteor shower, the best meteor shower of summer. and really one of the best of the year. taking place tonight. tonight is the peak. if you get a chance, go outside and check it out. there's only a couple problems. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. but yeah, if this all works out, if you get a nice clear spot. look toward the northeast. that's the best that see him anywhere in the sky and we're talking up to 40 maybe as many as 60 meteors per hour temperatures going to
9:49 pm
be the 50's best chances after midnight until about dawn and then so as clouds that are going to be the issue. partly cloudy skies around the bay area. you've got some fog along the coastline. and would you know, we've got the monsoon just about to move in. here's the very latest on the forecast models. you see that patchy fog along the coastline. that alone impede some your viewing then all of a sudden we're starting to see some of the subtropical moisture coming up on the southwest monsoon. watch what happens as we take you right toward a midnight. there you go. all of a sudden you get the clouds rolling on through. now there will be breaks in the monsoon clouds. you may be able to walk outside and take a look for a few minutes and see couple meteors before those clouds begin to roll back in again. it's not going to be just one huge cloud deck. but you can see right here in the models trying to pick up on a little precipitation with that too. it's a possibility there's a chance we could see an isolated nhunderstorm with that monsoonal moisture. doesn't look like a good chance. just not a really good trigger mechanism to get the thunderstorms developing out there. then as we head through the day it kind of a muggy feel to it in the morning,
9:50 pm
especially and then by the afternoon we start cloudy skies and maybe a couple more months clouds roll through on friday before we get into friday evening, things settle down, get more of a westerly wind. all right. that's our weather here. other parts of the country. they're worried about fred. fred. yeah, it's right now just a tropical depression. but fred making its way the dominican republic into haiti area. they're looking to possibly 4 inches of rain as the core. that low comes overhead now, fred expected to move right along the cuban coastline. there, possibly strengthen into a tropical storm again, as we get into friday early in the morning and then watch what happens from there. fred star state game at the u.s. first making its way the keys possibly with sustained winds of 45 miles per hour and then right along the coastline and possibly up into the panhandle. and there you go. it's got a long way to go here is showing some strengthening on the models maybe even more than we've got to what looks like some nice warm water out ahead of it. we haven't seen any storms rolling through there as of late. so
9:51 pm
conditions may be right that we could see that intensify. we could be talking about hurricane approaching the coastline as we get into sunday of this weekend so we'll have to wait and see. thanks. well, several people had to be rescued from fast moving water. this is tucson, arizona. that's dicey crews here pulling 3 people out of that pickup truck after they got stuck in the. fast-moving waters months. little thunderstorms hit southeastern arizona causing the scattered flash flooding in the area. hackers have stolen more than 600 million dollars in what's probably one of the biggest thefts of crypto currency. >> ever. hackers exploited a flaw and the poly network. that's a platform that connect different blockchains polly network said on twitter it has asked to establish communication with the hackers hoping to get the money back. polly chain is also trying to blacklist the tokens involved in the hack. so far only 33 million dollars like to that theft have been frozen.
9:52 pm
>> up next, a near tragedy caught on camera the moment a car barreled into a tattoo shop with the customer sitting inside.
9:53 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home.
9:54 pm
remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> video shows the moment a car plowed into a tattoo shop. this is a north carolina. you see it happening there happened over the weekend in fayetteville, a customer had been sitting in front of the
9:55 pm
store when it happened but managed to walk away without serious injuries. the driver also suffered only minor injuries despite how all of that looks. the shop owner says he's had to relocate for now. but is very grateful. nothing worse happened. >> here's something you don't see day and hang with me here. this guy said to be handcuffed and headed to jail. we don't see where he actually escapes from custody gets out of a patrol car and then runs into the woods in steals an atv. there's end of it. the crash into that muddy puddle. the suspect had been driving up to 70 miles an hour. blowing stop signs through busy intersections. this is in edmond, oklahoma at one point the atv's owner again, the thing stolen even hopped on a different four-wheeler and tried to chase the guy down but was unable to eventually the suspect you saw there wiped out and that big old
9:56 pm
puddle and was taken into custody again. he was originally accused of stealing copper wire. it's why he was in the patrol car. but of course those charges likely grew after this stunt. i would say so. >> a widowed father from anaheim recreated his late wife's maternity shoot for their babies. first birthday. his senate. yet your eiglarsh. she died after being hit by an alleged dui driver. that was last august when she was about 8 months pregnant. doctors were able to deliver the baby girl and to honor her james alvarez and their daughter adeline rose recreated similar poses in the same place as the paternity shoot from a year ago. %p>> the maker of barbie launched a new doll dressed like elvis the timing of the release coincides with. elvis week, which is when fans gather each year to august graceland in tennessee. the dow's jumpsuit was inspired by
9:57 pm
elvis's american eagle outfit. she's wearing a cape a ring and has a ponytail. there we go up and up. the elvis presley barbie doll went on sale today. you can buy or for 50 bucks at major retailers. and no one. in this room is a bigger fan. >> i know that was about to introduce. yeah. you're probably going to like get one just for a collector people give me all kinds stuff. yeah. i'm not going go out and buy a barbie of us yeah, well, it's really cool. you know, it's kind of cool. is it giving you bourbon for christmas every year. so at least now now you'll get knows what to expect. august 16th 1977 that's the day he died. so they have a big thing in memphis every year, graceland and all these big activities >> other celebrities show up and and britney spears used to wear that same outfit when she first started her shows in vegas. sure. let's kind too much information well, you can
9:58 pm
add your barbie collection now. okay. haha has that bar because what works. alright, that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9. thank you very much. grants, katherine. and we are moving on. here's what we're working on for you at 10 o'clock. >> we're talking about berkeley as we get our scripts moving through the prompter here. the unified school district in berkeley could be the latest in the bay area to introduce its own covid vaccine and testing requirements will let you know where that stands right now. plus, temperatures nearly in the 80's today and the and a baby was found alone in a car while the mother allegedly said in a salon getting her nails >> how some good samaritan stepped up to get the child to safety i'm pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. the news at 10
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