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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 12, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks for waking up with us at 7 o'clock. you missed the show. you know, show. the perseids meteor that. what. you know what to get you slept through. it doesn't matter. we were up. i could see that. to cloud. fortunately, unless you are higher up. are. >> further inland. maybe you did catch it. let us know. i know john was some fun pictures. so we'll chat with him about that a little bit. so they got sleep. instead you're better >> you're going to need the right because you may be sitting in traffic a little bit. this is a problem to start traffic in hotspots. rana. >> good story and days. we have multiple hot spots out there. unfortunately starting in san jose. a fatality here center road and capitol expressway. thankfully none of the major highways are impacted by that fatality. that was there overnight another traffic collision and
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fatality shutting down all the lanes here. 80 eastbound at 5. '05, northbound in vacaville. thankfully fairfield. all lanes have been open because we had an earlier traffic collision there down in fremont, 6.80, southbound at north mission boulevard. the off-ramp there is close, but thankfully none of the major highways are impacted by that traffic collision. and another one just popped up this way out in discovery bay, but still all lanes are blocked highway 4 westbound at east discovery bay blvd again, if you're headed into the city, no major issues via the bay bridge a little under 13 minutes. 5, 1880, moving along just fine and the silver line san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes there. so none of the bridges are impacted. but a lot of incidents and accidents out there today johnson it over to you. thanks for keeping us covered. that's a lot to talk about out there at least the bridges are doing fine now, i know a lot of her stargazers were a little bit disappointed this morning, especially if you are along the bay. >> or near the coastline as this blanket of cloud cover that you can see pretty much
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everywhere behind me really blocked out a lot of your views of the percy ads. but if you are inland or even hanging out right above the coastline. you got use like this. this picture absolutely gorgeous from juneau 4th right here. obviously during your pre dawn hours in a really nice for you. you have any pictures like that. go ahead and share with us to most of us are just looking at this this morning. the low for mercy tower cam, which is hanging out just above the clouds. a low clouds. you can see that blanket of fog shrouding the bay we do have a fog advisory along the golden gate bridge. most areas visibility is fine for inland areas. you're noticing some haze back out there which are reporter camila actually talk about seconds as well. 50's and 60's for current temps, dublin and livermore each at 60 for oakland sitting right now at 61 daryn. james. >> thanks a lot. john. 7. '02, and happening today. we're waiting to hear from the fda because today could be the day that they say that people with compromised immune systems
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should get another covid shot a 3rd one, a booster shot pfizer and moderna. the decision could come this morning. we'll keep you posted. it. this is because a recent study by johns hopkins found that vaccinated people with compromised immune systems. they are still 485 times more likely to end up in the hospital or die of covid. >> those who have a new depression of some sort or another. they likely never got a good immune response to begin that, in fact, we know they generally don't get a good immune response. we think they should get that additional boost sooner rather than later that very soon. >> so that's dot fauci saying that, you know, those people who have the compromised immune systems which is about 15 million people. they have underlying medical conditions or medications. they're taking that suppress their immunity and they're the ones that need the booster, probably not you and me. so wouldn't be coming for us any time soon. but very soon we could see these boosters rollout for those who
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are compromised immunity and as we track the numbers locally, the rise that we're seeing in covid-19 hospitalizations and positivity rates in contra, costa county. >> are forcing health officials now too. try different things to encourage people to get vaccinated. look at this number. for instance, this is the 14 day total 3,550 new cases of coronavirus in contra, costa county over the past 2 weeks. another graphic provided by the county health department shows that we have a 188 people currently hospitalized right now. for coronavirus 46 of them serious enough. they have to be in the icu and these numbers continue going in the wrong direction and that's what the graph across the bottom really illustrates. it shows the last 30 days. each bar represents a day. and you can see the trend keeps climbing and climbing and climbing in terms of the number of people coming down with coronavirus. and that is why, as i said, health officials are starting to get a little more creative in trying to influence people to get the shot. >> what a $100 help because that's what they're offering now. in contra, costa county $100 for every friend or
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family member that you can get to go ahead and say they'll get vaccinated show that they are fully that and then you get your money. kron four's will tran is live in contra, costa now with more on this new plan. i will. >> good morning, james and duryea doctor fauci. you know what, you might be able to do a better job than him when it comes to convincing people to get vaccinated. the contra costa health services. they're offering $100 every time a person gets fully vaccinated because the cases in contra, costa county just simply exploding when it comes to covid-19 among the unvaccinated. so if they are rolling out a program that if you are so successful, they will pay you as much as you can possibly get as far as unvaccinated people to get vaccinated who are eligible. well, 14 years or older you're eligible businesses sports groups, sports teams
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businesses religious groups. you can do this. get involved and you can get as many people. they'd love to pay you 3040, 50,000, if you can possibly do it, but anything over $600. you will be taxed as uncle sam once a piece of a cat friend for every person who is fully vaccinated. you will be paid every month. so you'll be on a basically the payroll, if you can do that. yes, that's a lot of information and you have to sign up for it. and we included that link on our website at kron 4 dot com. if you want to know more about this particular program because you can hit the streets because maybe sometimes it's easier to hear the information from family and friends. now, i can tell you in contra, costa county as far as those vaccinated every 100,000 cases that they get only about 8 of them are vaccinated. people. but the difference is for every 100,000 cases at least 46
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cases involve unvaccinated people and that is why they are getting creative. they are dipping into their own pockets to get people out there to the pitch. women or pitch men when it comes to vaccinations in this county 75% of those 12 years and older have been vaccinated, which of course leaves that other 25% which could make you very rich or at least extra money coming into the fall. and with christmas ahead. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. good incentive. thank you. will. >> 4 stanford university isn't taking any chances. in fact, they're going now require students in the fall to get weekly covid-19 testing even if they're fully vaccinated stanford just one of a handful of universities across the country. that's going to do this weekly requirement with kron four's taylor but sackey with a closer look. >> before arriving here on campus. students should already be fully vaccinated according to the university's other covid-19 requirements for the most part, students here are receiving this new
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weekly testing announcement pretty well considering the social aspect of the school. this message went out to stanford university students on wednesday, informing them that the school would now require all students regardless of vaccination status. >> to get tested for covid. at least once a week. students teddy solomon and ellsberg believe this will help keep students safe from catching covid on campus. i think it makes sense because there are a lot of breakthrough cases on campus. and it's pretty quick for us to get tested. so. >> it makes a lot of sense. i think we pretty important. make sure everyone that you see around campus has been or is safe and nothing a covid from them. >> the new rules require students attending classes on campus and those who live in university own housing to take a covid-19 test before school starts on august 15th. it's undergo weekly testing. after that, the new rules are a reversal of the school's initial policy that went out in a message a couple weeks ago saying students living on campus. we're coming to campus frequently in the summer were no longer required to participate in testing after providing documentation of
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full vaccination terms of transmission to other people. that may be vulnerable. it could be a good consideration in that regard. but of course it is frustrating to see that there is like some you know. kind of back and forth between what it's like actually required or what isn't unvaccinated students traveling from international locations are also expected to arrive on campus 70's before in-person activities to complete entry. testing vaccination for the period of restricted activity. previously stanford already mandated vaccines and face masks for returning students makes me feel better. and we're excited to hopefully have a normal year. and if everybody's following the rules, then it should be like that stanford university has recorded a total of 261 positive covid cases among students since june of 2020. >> well, 2 of the 15 staff members have tested positive over that same time period. >> more recently, though 7 students and 12 faculty members have tested positive just last week at stanford university tiller the psac ii kron 4 news.
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>> staff are tightening up on covid vaccines, requiring them. and so are we in the public and private schools in california because the governor just said that % everybody who works in k through 12 public and private schools has to be vaccinated or submit 2 weekly testing. he says the only way that we're going to be able to make sure that it's safe for kids in class. >> we think this is the right thing to do. and we think this is a sustainable way to keeping our schools open and to address the number one anxiety. the parents like myself i 4 young children and that is knowing that the schools are doing everything in their power to keep our kids safe, to keep our kids healthy. >> because the kids can get vaccinated right now, they're too young. if they are under the age of 12. so everybody who works in the schools has to get vax by october 15th. and as you know, tde governor has already issued a similar mandate for health care workers and for state employees and the governor's announcement comes just a day after we heard from the oakland unified school
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district which announced that it would require its staff to get vaccinated or face regular testing. it's the same barr the delta variant is spreading quickly throughout the country in the oakland education association says it does support the state and the school district's decision to push staff members to get vaccinated. >> especially as daryn mentioned since kids under 12 aren't yet eligible to get the shot. >> could potentially really improve the situation for everybody. and so we may not find you need to mandate vaccinations. we will be the. >> for states to require vaccination or regular testing for staff. we hope that that encourages families as well. >> yeah. the state says that schools must be in compliance with this new vaccination policy by mid october. >> time now 7.11 and still ahead o he's number. this will be story. maybe you'll see that in the next hour. also coming up. >> a baby in a hot car in the north bay and police say the mom left the child there.
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we'll tell you what's going to happen. >> and it is going to be another hot day today. maybe not as hot as yesterday but with the muggy air feel and less than ideal air quality. still not your ideal conditions to be stepping outside. >> inland areas in the 90's bayside areas mostly the 70's. i've got your forecast. >> and we've certainly had a busy morning on your roadways like major hot spots out in vacaville up in fremont. again, we're looking at your again, we're looking at your drive times becaus you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less.
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>> 7.14 right now and reyna is juggling several hot spots. yeah. in the south bay than some problems. randy. good morning. yeah, good morning. a lot going on this morning. discovery bay that accident, all cleared right now. but in the south bay, there was a overnight fatality center road and capitol expressway. and again, police are asking people to stay out of this area if you're trying to get to any of the major highways. talley road will be a good option for you. but one. oh, one 8782. none of those highways are impacted, which is the little silver lining in this with multiple accidents along 80 thankfully the one of fairfield all clear for the one in vacaville. still here, 80 eastbound at 5. '05, northbound all lanes still blocked there. so if you're trying to get around, it also would be maybe 12 to one 13 to get back on and out here in fremont, 60 southbound north mission boulevard off ramp from southbound. 6.80. is still shut down. but the highways are impacted. there. >> heading into the city. we're finally starting to see
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just a little building at the bay bridge. little under 15 minutes. 5, 8080, moving along just fine. >> the san mateo bridge across towards the pe minutes. and here's what i was talking about. thankfully. they just cleared all lanes here along highway 4 in discovery bay, jonassen it over to you. a lot going on out there today arena. thanks for keeping us covered on that as far as weather goes, at least that's been fairly co-operative this morning. >> we are seeing some gray hanging out overhead, but it's hanging out just above us. so visibility has been fined for the vast majority of the bay area so far. >> you're looking outside at berkeley right here. not much of a view as you're really just in the cloud cover in the berkeley hills down below actually doing just fine. something to note about today. we have this layer of smoke right above the bay that's going to start to settle into upper elevations of the east bay and north bay it's not enough for a spare. the air alert day. but the bay area air quality management district has issued some air quality advisories. so if you have a sensitivity, especially to smoke this is something to
7:17 am
note for those north bay and east bay neighbors, especially at her upper elevations. we've seen a couple of sprinkles reaching the ground this morning raiders pretty generous. with that. we have a very dry layer hanging out closer to the surface. that is making sure that not a lot of rainfall is actually reaching the ground but definitely a couple spots of low sprinkle so far the muggy feel has to do with a resurgence of monsoonal moisture that's working its way in from the south. most of it is staying offshore resulting in potential of dry lightning, especially for southern california here in the bay area just contributing to that muggy feel that you won't be able to miss into the afternoon. this is something that we're actually going to see hanging out incrementally all the way into the upcoming weekend. so it's hot. it's hazy at times and it is also humid at times too. this makes this week not feeling the best especially for getting outside too long during afternoon hours, 60's and 70's near the coastline. it's definitely most comfortable out this direction. further inland. you get. well, the further warming those temperatures become
7:18 am
foster city at 79 redwood city and san carlos 85 for today's highs south bay temperatures 80's to low 90's san jose 87 fremont and union city in the low 80's while pleasanton and livermore in the low 90's danville 95 today oakland 74 1 of her more comfortable spots antioch in vacaville not are most comfortable spots at 9699 santa rosa petaluma at 83 degrees. here's your look ahead. we have a lot of heat muggy conditions to get through all the way into the weekend. but look at what we have to look forward to into next week by next wednesday, our inland areas are in for a nice cool down, taking us into the 80's again, bayside in coastal areas, not budging much sticking with what we know the 70's and the 60's back to you. >> thanks, john. 7.18 for your money. are you still paying off your student loan. a lot of people are 20 years after they graduated college and amazon has been a cash cow for california. jane king is in new york at those stories and
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more jane happy cows in california make happy campers. >> haha. that's right. amazon is huge in california. it's invested 81 billion dollars in the state just in the past 10 years. so the since 2010, the company also says it employs a 153,000 people. this is full and part-time workers in california. it also supports 200,000, both small and medium size businesses that sell products on its website. california has 60 fulfillment and sortation wind and solar farm in 92 whole foods market. so huge presence in the state. we'll survey by intelligent dot com shows about half of americans who took out student loans 20 or more years ago still carry that debt with them last year student just exploded as the pandemic that many people out of work. in fact, overall 1.7 trillion dollars in student loans and pumpkin spice season. believe it or not is almost here.
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duncan says they will launch their fall menu earlier than ever thought august 18. so it's going to have a new pumpkin cream. cold brew. also the pumpkin spice latte then will be pumpkin flavored coffee and pumpkins and muffins and things like that too. and wendy's is opening 700 ghost kitchens in the u.s. uk and canada by 2025 cities, ghost kitchens delivery. they work for the 3rd party apps like uber eats aed grub hub and door dash and they help the restaurants cut down on costs. there's not as much labor. they don't use much where footage and oftentimes are in less desirable neighborhoods like parking lots and they can save money that way to live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. so you it's wendy's burger, but it's made not at wendy's. >> most kids. it's it's almost like almost like a food truck. it's made in that picks up. you don't go up in order, right. just the delivery person comes to get son into yes, yes, because i can't lift
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a finger all my food and so need hank e j. >> time now is 7.20, and searching for things on google can be tricky. sometimes if you're not getting the results you're looking for. but there are some tips and tricks on how to make that a little bit easier. and we've got rich demuro to explain in this morning's tech smart. we all know the basic way to search google yup pop some words into a box and you hope for the best. but these tips and tricks will take your results to the next level and help you find exactly what you're looking for faster. >> so simple. yet so sophisticated, if you're still just typing in words. these tips will help you find exactly what you're looking for. faster, starting with a minus sign but a hyphen in front of a search term and none of your results will contain that word. folks are the opposite but search terms in quotes and results will contain those exact words when you want to see results from a
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specific web site type in your search terms, then a colon and the website for instance, is i onsite colon nps dot gov will bring up all the times as i a national park is mentioned on their website. if you want more varied results, try nast rick. it can take the place of a word or number handy for filling in the blanks. looking for a particular file like a pdf or power point type your search terms then file type colon pdf. one of my favorite search terms on google is verses. it's handy when you want to compare one thing to another and you don't know what the other thing is. for instance. hello, fresh versus will show you other meal kit options out there. >> learn more about an image with river search go to images. dot google, dot com then dragged the image onto the search bar. if you want to see results from a specific time. do your search then hit tools in use the selector to choose a time frame. and when you want to have a little fun hover over the i'm feeling lucky button to watch it change. one more click and
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you'll be taken to something new. finally for something old search. google in 1998 to see what results look like more than 20 years ago. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart it too much is there so i can search to get all the stuff you said i can help searching gulf or searching new tips. if you can come up with a sheet. you can print out the role might. well, that's what i need. i 10 friending 7.23 right now. we've got lots was speaking a pen to paper. you know, the governor signing a check from california for oakland. we're going to tell you how much he's going to spend to help us fight crime.
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>> 7.26 in the east bay. help is on the way to oakland from governor newsom. he just announced he's going to send resources to try to tackle the growing crime problem. he says the state has 5 active task forces and also they budgeted 200 million dollars for evidence-based street outreach to address crime and violence as well as a 165 million dollars to address asian hate crimes. >> we take this extremely seriously we're responding to the demands from our residents from more law enforcement safety. but, you know, as we certainly here in the city of
7:27 am
welcome welcome the support. >> and support the state of california can give us. i think that you know, clearly you know, that we're going through an emergency and we need to really stay support. >> and they're going to get some of the money is going to directly towards investigations as well as traffic enforcement. >> the smoke from the wildfires north of us is having a negative impact here in the bay area. and you know, park will live in walnut creek with the w
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>> welcome back. the time now is 7.29 well traffic trackers busy this morning as we have hot spots. let's get right to it. rain harvey and we have a lot of hot spots. unfortunately down near the south bay overnight fatality still closed on center road in capitol expressway. >> thankfully none of the major highways that are adjacent to that are being impacted by that accident again up here in vacaville. some good news for this. so on teesside they've open at least one of the lanes here. you still have that 80 eastbound 5. '05, northbound connector ramp right there. that's close. but they have one lane at least open their the other ones are still blocked. traffic is being diverted off at 5. '05, or at orange drive or again, you can go ahead and hop on the jason highways like 12 to one 13 back on to a t down here in fremont, 6.80, southbound on north mission boulevard that off-ramp still shut down from southbound,
7:31 am
6.80. so again, keeping a close eye on those things traveling into the city. now things are picking up a little under 19 minutes for us. 5, 1880, also traveling a little quickly at this morning. not seeing any major slowdowns or delays. there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond under 13 minutes. not too bad here. we'll have more on that coming john. i'll send it over to you. nice to at least see the bridge is doing all right. we are seeing some cloudy skies across the bay area this morning. >> you're also pretty muggy feel to it as you're venturing out there. not a very comfortable day by any means. as we do feel some monsoonal moisture and that humid feel working its way back into the picture. viewing outside right now at the embarcadero skies are definitely on the gray side. visibility is overall fine, though, for the vast majority of us current temperatures in the 50's and 60's conquered. you're at 65 degrees right now berkeley and san francisco in the upper 50's. i'm talking about any chance of thunderstorms. we could see as well as some smoke and haze in this forecast. still ahead, james,
7:32 am
thank you very much, john. alright. let's get the latest now. the dixie fire which has burned a whopping 500, 5,000 acres so far. you can see. >> some of the latest with the damage here in this video. 30% containment is where we are this morning. you can see all of the homes, hundreds of structures have burned, even more than a 1000. >> and this is all been going on for about a month now, kron 4 sarah stinson has more on the firefight. >> the dixie fire completely destroyed the town of greenville overall. it's burned 1000 plus structures and that includes the fire station here in town. i talked with the firefighter who not only lost his place of work. but also. >> his home home. we have burned there's nothing. you know, it's sad. i can see my chair warm while my gear was, you know, i can just imagine might you're hanging out there and my name, george will lee has been with the indian valley fire rescue for 5 years. he says he loved
7:33 am
working and living here but seeing it all look like this is eerie. i couldn't tell that one building from from another. i was unsure what street i was on a times as willie walks through the rubble of his own fire station. he described what it was like when those flames first started roaring towards his town. it just rained amber's. it just came down all at once. all at once. that was thousands of fires around me and we knew it was time to go is probably should left a little earlier we had trouble getting now willie joins other agencies like cal fire says there's going to be a lot of obstacles as they try and gain full containment. one of our top priorities is to continue to protect any structure that is being threatened by this fire. we don't want to lose any more structures from this point forward. we still have the fire department were still fighting fires now local firefighters say they're not going to let all of the destruction in their town. >> get them down right now. they're focusing on gaining full containment and stopping
7:34 am
the flames from destroying any other nearby community. >> reporting in greenville. sarah stinson. >> back to you. and when you look at that giant fire in the other fires in california. that sent a lot of bad air. our way. it is. and it's been causing problems in terms of air quality. we know that there's an advisory in effect for today. in any event with the kron four's camila barco actually on the story for us live from the east bay camila. >> yeah. well darya james, you can see some of the effects from those wildfires here in walnut creek just behind me over by the hills. there is a slight haze. there are some clouds and an overcast. but the good thing is there is no smell of smoke. now, this is a map of the current air quality here in the bay area. take a good look at the yellow shaded parts, that means the air quality is moderate in those places. so its mostly risky for people who are sensitive to air pollution. but take a look at this. this was a sunrise earlier here in walnut
7:35 am
creek. you can see there is a slight tinge of red and orange hayes is actually adding to that and you also noticed an overcast over by the hills. this is all due to the smoke lingering from the wildfires north of us. the majority of smoke is forecasted to stay above the surface. but some people may notice a in higher elevations especially in the north and east bay. now experts say the air quality is not expected to be poor enough to prompt a spare the air alert. however, smoke on the other hand, can irritate your eyes and airways. so if you smell it, you're encouraged to stay inside with your windows and doors closed another tip. you should also have your car vent systems recirculate to avoid outside air from coming inside now daryn. james d pite seeing some overcast and some clouds. we're good to go here in walnut creek is the air quality is good and the air quality index is 33 and in other places here in the east bay. i've seen the same type of air quality. that tells you on your phone. all right,
7:36 am
james, thanks camellia my eyes. tell just immediately after it changed all right. thank you. commit 7.35, right now. and the college professor accused of setting 7 fires in northern california made an appearance in federal court. >> gary maynard who taught at santa clara and sonoma state university's has to stay behind bars because the judge thinks he's a danger to the community and a possible flight risk. erick rucker has more. >> the accused arsonist in college. professor gary main art remains in jail. court documents say main ard said 7 fires between early july and august some nearby. the dixie fire the state's second largest fire ever. minority is accused of starting these fires near the lassen and shasta trinity national forests. >> so obviously the case is under investigation and there isn't much that we can release at this point. adrian freeman is with the public affairs office for the shasta-trinity national forest freeman says will not being able to go into detail about this specific
7:37 am
investigation looking into any type of arson is a laborious undertaking investigating fires on public land is a very serious and complicated process. a lot goes into it. it takes a lot of human power. >> to go through many, many pieces of information to make sure that we're doing the right thing. court documents say one of the tools investigators used was a tracking menards vehicle. mark reichel is a sacramento based attorney with experience in federal law that track is going to be real important the supreme court has acted. so you can just get records on people. rare circumstances. so thank probable cause a crime was committed. secondly, not just that you have to prove that other means you know, getting the evidence are very difficult. all that is expected that pg and e may have played a role in starting the dixie fire. reichl also says the prosecutors may not be telling all they know right now this is a case where they don't have to sure thing they have. >> so change someone under charges federal court. they really just need probable cause of the crime. a certain
7:38 am
federal so they can come in and just shows certain amount of the heart and say we can get him on one. your honor will probably cost these detain him for now so in our faces, an arson charge in connection with the ranch fire and unauthorized entry of a closed area in reading eric rucker. >> time now 7.37. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, one east bay woman is suing bart police. now after she says they used excessive force. we'll explain what happened. when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online.
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>> 7.40 right now. and in the north bay of a mom is facing charges because police say she left her baby alone. >> in a hot car. >> police say 19 year-old celina cook left her 3 month-old infant in the car at gateway plaza. well, she was getting her nails done and a salon and this was on tuesday when temperatures in valais who are about 80 degrees or 80's into the 80's in the luckily a good samaritan passed by and saw the baby was in the car. they were walking by the called the police. >> there are so many in this case that make it a very dangerous situation for that infant child. and we're just so lucky glad that the child was found. safe are just really grateful for the good samaritans that stepped in to alert the authorities about this incident, about the infant child in the vehicle and that under no circumstances should any baby be left alone. >> now the people call the
7:42 am
police said that the windows were down, but the baby was still sitting in the hot sun and police say it had been at least a half hour. the mother was arrested on charges of child endangerment. as for the baby, it was checked out the hospital and then put into the care of child protective services. >> at the coast today. do expect mostly cloudy skies high temperatures in the 60's and a noticeably muggy feel that you also have further inland today. muggy and hazy for inland valleys highs into the upper 80's to low 90's. i've got your forecast. >> and we've got multiple hot spots out there throughout this thursday morning commute. we still have one of the south bay. another one up in vacaville.
7:43 am
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>> 7.44 right now. and before you head out the i still have my conserving water. this is from utah. i still have the utah water. it's become ice water from utah for us yet what have that water. you don't want any know. we're good. says bottle for body requires very little water. we our water problems not because of you. i've been well, if you need to bring some water back from another state travels darias your we are looking at swell. some humidity out there today. that's due to monsoonal moisture. that's working its way up our direction across the bay area this morning. >> you're nor the weather
7:46 am
center forecast is showing some overall grayer conditions even for areas like san jose you're looking up at a blanket of clouds out there and even some haze too. the bay area, air quality management district has issued some air quality advisories across the east and north bay today. part of the reason for that is we don't have air quality is bad as it would need to get to a spare the air alert day. but with smoke sitting aloft. it's going to try to settle in the upper elevations of the east and north bay. so there will be some spots of moderate conditions out there as far as air quality goes, had a couple of sprinkles this morning. radar showing you that mostly offshore. we have a pretty dry layer closer to the surface that's keeping much of this rainfall from actually hitting the ground much better chance of seeing it along the central coast. this humidity. monsoonal moisture working its way back into the picture from the south and although thunderstorms are more possible for southern california really for the bay area. we're tapping into mostly the humidity and then some haze, of course, and
7:47 am
fires burning to our north all this adds up to less than ideal conditions to spend it on a time outside during the afternoon. sure. most of our comfortable temperatures will be near the coastline. but the further inland you get. we're still going to be looking at daytime highs climbing well into the 90's saying carlos in redwood city at 85 san jose 87 today we've got 70's and 80's along the east bay shoreline 80's and 90's for inland valleys of the east bay danville, a warm spot at 95 antioch in vacaville mid to upper 90's, whereas you'll find some 80's from santa rosa down through center fell. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days. so daytime highs remain pretty consistently in the 90's through the weekend into early next week. but inland areas do see a fall into the 80's by next wednesday bayside in coastal areas. not a whole lot of movement definitely more comfortable spots with 70 some 60's and today a muggy one do expect some muggy feel all the way into the weekend, too. as monsoonal moisture sticks with us over the next few days. reyna don, thanks for that.
7:48 am
still hot spots and the south bay like this one center road. >> and capitol expressway. they're still working that area overnight fatality again, a tele road would be a good alternate to get to these highways that have not been impacted like one. oh, one by that traffic collision up here in vacaville. they have open one of the lanes here. 80 eastbound at 5. '05, northbound. the connector is closed, but one lane is open on 80 eastbound that side. they're diverting traffic off at 5. '05, or at orange drive. and again, we had an earlier fearful that was slowing us down a bit and people are reporting a fire right here just to the side of the bay bridge there. that's east of west grand. it looks like something in the bushes may be on fire there causing some smoke to kind of bill over the overpass there about 17 minutes traveling into the city this morning. the of the bay bridge 5, 1880, moving along there checking on a richmond. sandra fell commute. a little under 14 out of richmond. pretty slow along highway 4. we had an earlier accident. they're traveling towards conquer to 42. it will
7:49 am
take you about 35 minutes starting to back to you. >> thank you very much. 7.48 is the time one of our big stories this morning comes out of the east bay where a woman is now suing bart police after she says they used excessive force when she was stopped for not paying the fare. so the incident happened at the san leandro bart station. this was back on december 31st of last year. should patients devereaux who you see there. in this newly released body camera video. there she is saying will all go back and pay the fare if that's the problem. but the officers denied that request and then the encounter took a different turn. and that's when fists started flying devereaux alleges the officers failed to issue a verbal warning before the used force. her lawyer. says that while his client did
7:50 am
evade the bart fair. the outcome was way out of line. >> given way in the officers, including the sergeant was so comfortable. using this brutish display of force in public. broad daylight. it appears to be that that that bart perhaps have still not gotten the message. this is a $3.60 ferry. there's no way that for that small amount of money for what is a minor infraction that a person should wind up getting punch multiple times thrown to the ground. pressed against the ground in such a way where it's hard to breathe and you start thinking about is where i'm going to die. >> well, deborah was taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest and fare evasion. now they say the charges have since been dismissed by the alameda county district attorney's office. we did get a statement on behalf of the bart police
7:51 am
officers association which we have on your screen here. it reads in part, quote, the allegations in the lawsuit are just that and selected images do not accurately convey the totality of the encounter. we're confident the officer chris will prevail after all, the evidence is considered through the judicial process. 7.50. let's talk baseball. the giants, the winningest team. >> i like to say it because i don't think that's a word that the sports they winningest because they keep winning. look at this game against the diamondbacks first, appreciate the nurses nurses appreciation. thank you. bottom of the 3rd inning buster posey with this home run to right field. and so what the second game in a row. >> that cozy hit ron, always a lot of fans and that gave the giants a 2 run lead. the next inning lamonte wade junior hits one to deep center field you're not going here. let these guys all and that was weighs 14th home run of the
7:52 am
season. high 5 now 7, grand in crawford hit a home run another foothill high along. >> arizona's brett, the gas so that, you know, they will both would. i still different times but same school in pleasanton. that's crawford's 19 home of the season and the giants win it. 72 how about those a's a's in cleveland. the game delayed because cleveland was raining 45 minutes. they had to wait make sure field is all good men. the 8th inning alexander's ties the game with solo home run left field. that's a nice one. and then later in the baby is god. it worked like to calm babies. that baby was gone. jed lowry. watch this baby three-run home run to right field. >> glynn wins it. 63 it's the 6th straight win for the a's. >> well, let's talk about the
7:53 am
forty-niners. we are just days away from their first postseason game going to be hosting the kansas city chiefs on saturday. the niners expected to play rookie quarterback trey lance will give him a chance to face against another nfl team a chance for the fans too. give them a once over. yeah, one of the biggest knocks coming out of the draft was that he didn't play a whole lot during college. he only started in 18 games. he only played one game last year because the pandemic canceled the season. but again, saturday's game against the chiefs levi's kickoff at 5.30, and will all get a chance to see him in action give a little look. see, that's right. that's because hires around the block. >> kron 4 home of the raiders. you can also check out the raiders in their preseason game against the seattle seahawks. >> and that game is this saturday right here on kron. 4. 1st at 5.30 o'clock. some raiders, a pre-game show and then the games at 6. and after that, we'll have some analysis with kron four's rater post-game report. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> we're back at 7.56 happening this morning in the south bay, we have sent us a student's able now to get free backpacks for school before the start of the new school year next week. today sacred heart community services is going to be giving away the backpacks and school supplies starting at 8 o'clock this morning. look at all is back its not whatever the rollers. that's anymore. that was up the if you have to take a backpack. sacred heart is located.
7:57 am
>> at 1381 south. first street in san jose and today is the last day of the giveaway event. >> which means that by the end of it all about 3800 backpacks is what they expect to have given out. parents can also help by donating supplies to help other families in need. i think also you're supposed to double strap that these chase it with backpacks. you know, we were kids, it was one showing children. yeah. was very cool. now posture. that's right. and nations 7.57 it coming over the next hour. when are we going to get booster shots. it could happen as soon as today but only. >> for certain people will hear from the nation's top doc about line. and there's a new incentive for you to encourage friends and family to get their shots in the east. bay could mean an extra 100 bucks or more in your pocket. we'll tell you how.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for joining didn't quite rain on the parade. this month. yeah, but the it kind fog on the percy and it was cloudy blocked the view a bit early this morning. if you tried getting up to watch unless, of course you're inland or higher up. john, we did get some pictures from people that saw it. yes, some of us knew what they were he got out there because it was actually quite the challenge to get views like this last night. this one was actually down at big sur from our viewer jonelle orth right here and


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