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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 13, 2021 4:00am-4:17am PDT

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you
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now for 14 on this friday. >> the 13 and actually i said it out of my mouth and didn't even pay attention to what i was really saying. so john told me was friday. the 13th so we should just say it's going to be really left today for you. nothing bad at all. no superstition. none of that. and really good weather tip. >> there you go. let's weathers the cherry on top of because it is friday, naturally. we are going to be a looking outside at certainly less cloudy conditions this morning. than we had yesterday. so already starting out things a little bit nicer. on that note, your view outside from our berkeley hills cam this morning is showing conditions out there that are definitely cloudy but not near as visibility in this couldn't see much at this day - point up near berkeley hills yesterday at this point we will look at moderate pockets of air quality again across the bay area today, much as we saw yesterday, a smoke aloft tries to settle on into the
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bay. our impact still relatively minor compared to areas further to the north and the east of us. what we do have is some fog at the coastline at times overall conditions out there to start the weekend are actually going to be our coolest the rest of the weekend after this gets hotter. so if you are inland in really want to step outside during the afternoon hours today is the day to do it before saturday and sunday's heat 60's at the coastline will make for a nice when you get out there and some 70's and 80's right along the bay. certainly not bad. san carlos and red was spread of redwood city. right back to where you were yesterday. each 84 degrees. san jose 87 today where saratoga los gatos and morgan hill in the 90's fremont 81 union city hayward on up through oakland up to richmond in the 70's san ramon 88 in danville at 94 degrees. the late show 81 compare that to vacaville an antioch. you're pretty much the same as you were yesterday back into the 90's. santa rosa down through center fell in the 80's for your highs, getting a
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look ahead in our next 7 days. most of our highs today will be in the low 90's after this we will see temperatures rising steadily back into the upper 90's saturday and sunday climbing near triple digits for some of our warmest of conditions monday. we start to cool down that really takes hold into tuesday and wednesday. that's when your inland areas only in the 80's. so something to look for too reyna. john, thanks for that. let's check on your traffic this morning. traveling into the city. >> from the east bay a little under 11 minutes of things are looking great. there. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and under 14 minutes. well in national news, the 2020 us census results are out and they show the country has grown more divers over the past decade with the white population shrinking for the first time on record. the report shows the population growth rate of nearly 7 and a half percent. the second lowest after the great depression and that small girls was fueled by a hispanic bull. the white population
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share fell from 63.7% to just under 58% experts say it's probably because of the shifting tumult tight racial identities. well, here in california, the hispanic or latin x community now represents more than 39% of californians lobby. white population fell from 40 to 34.7%. the census data is used to determine legislative and congressional districts also electoral college votes that come with them. and with that less than a week until recall ballot it now boxes the california republican party is targeting hispanic voters and an effort to get more people to vote. governor newsome out of office. this comes after our recent inside california politics poll so the majority of that racial group would vote to recall newsom con force. ashley zavala got an exclusive look at how the parties hoping to accomplish all of this. >> and also dozens of california gop volunteers
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gathered for a virtual workshop thursday. the focus build relationships and gain support for governor gavin newsom's recall from latino voters with this governor can't buy is the people of california and the movement that's been created by his failed leadership. the group plans to spend the next month in gauging with latinos to religious and community groups going door to door and propping up phone banks. they're working to reach business owners impacted by shutdowns and lower-income let the you know, is affected by the state's taxes and housing issues. thursday's workshop comes after all, recent inside california politics. emerson college poll showed growing support for governor gavin newsom's recall. >> 54% of hispanic respondents said they would vote to remove the governor from office studies show about 30% of californians voting population is latino what our job is that the california republican party is to make sure we turn those voters out. i know you are the first gop chairwoman. >> what do you think is just
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not sitting well with this group when it comes to this governor. >> well, i think within the latino community, there are some very specific issues that are in trouble to our everyday life in that pursuit of happiness. number one is being able to find a good job so that you can provide for your family. number 2 is making sure that your children have a good education so that they can have a better life. and number 3 is making sure that our streets are safe. see a gop officials say the group now has 64,000 volunteers a 52% increase from the last election cycle. those volunteers are set to mobilize on the gop is day of action. this upcoming saturday. >> the group that knowledge is there's a lot of work to do in a little bit of time in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> conservative radio host larry elder held a rally in san jose on thursday. he touched on a variety of subjects, including covid restrictions the police and the 2020 election. elder says he'd repeal any mask for
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vaccine mandates and wants to change state regulations to make it easier to build housing in california. he also talked about the state's homeless crisis. >> others may >> the rally was held at calvary church in san jose. that same church was fined. nearly 2 million dollars for to find santa clara county health orders earlier this year. a spokesperson says the church is not endorsing any specific candidate. caitlyn jenner kicked off her campaign bus tour. she spoke in venice beach yesterday to highlight the state's homeless crisis. however, she is not said how she would address the issue. she also fail to acknowledge the recent cleanup of the boardwalk area. jenner came under fire last month when she suggested moving homeless people to quote uig open fields to place their tense. she's been running last in the polls among all major republican candidates. the election is september 14th.
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you can see the major republican candidates go head to head of the debate later this month inside california politics is hosting the debate right here at our kron 4 studios. it's going air live next. thursday, august 19th at 07:00pm. developing news. the california supreme court will not review a petition to limit governor newsom's emergency powers that decision ultimately confirms newsom's emergency orders mandated during the pandemic have been within his power to do so. 2 republican assemblyman filed that petition after the supreme court ruled back in may. the newsome did nothing illegal. the lawmakers want that decision overturned claiming his recent policies are too far-reaching. the justices voted unanimously to deny that request. still to come on the kron 4 morning news britney spears battle for freedom. it made decision. her father now make some big news
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and pop stars britney spears ongoing legal battle. her father, jamie spears finally agreed to step down as her conservator. he served in that role for 13 years insisting she wasn't stable enough to manage their own finances. britney's attorney fought to have him removed accusing the pop singer's father of mental abuse. jamie spears said that while there are no actual grounds for his removal. he does not want to continue a public battle with his daughter. and heads up. if
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you're planning on going to coachella or stagecoach this year. make sure you're either vaccinated or have a negative covid test easy presents the world's second largest live music company says it's going to require either proof of vaccination or that negative covid test to enter any of its live events. the new rules are going to take effect by october 1st. meantime, chicago health officials say that so far there's no evidence to prove that the lollapalooza music festival was a super spreader event. it had about 2 weeks ago, health officials say there's been enough time to determine whether cases of covid can be linked to the music festival. people who were there had either be vaccinated or show a negative covid test the festival to about 385,000 people to grant park. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. we have the latest on the wildfires burning all across the west coast where the firefight stands this morning. welcome
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back to the kron 00:00am morning news. i'm reyna harvey. it is 04:29am. approaching 4.30, and it is also friday. the 13th. so we've got some tips for you for you to stay safe out there. no walking under any letters pending any black cats seattle our producer catherine
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don't step on any cracks. hopefully that covers it all good morning. nice. good advice. stay in the ac. haha. >> because if you are stepping outside todayrare going to feel some more 90's out there and of course, on friday, the 13th it's always just safer to stay inside. stay cool and maybe taking a little bit easier, as has been all week long. if you don't like the heat looking outside this morning. we do have some low gray out there but not near as much cloud cover is what we saw yesterday. this is your view from have been great bay right here. conditions out. there are breezy, but certainly not as drizzly nor as humid feeling as they were yesterday. winds will be pushing in from the coastline. a pretty steady wind from the west actually into the afternoon. winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour at times today. so do watch out for that is going to be one of those days where you don't miss it, especially on bridges as well as near the coastline. where will be most exposed to some of those higher gusts 50's and 60's for current
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temperatures pittsburgh. you are definitely the warm spot much as you were yesterday at 67 berkeley oakland and san francisco each at 58 right now. a look ahead at our afternoon. hours does show daytime highs cooling a touch as compared to where they have been. most of us falling into the low 90's inland. worst coastal areas


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