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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 13, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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okay. that something about 7 rate is over there stretch in it up in the traffic who's ready, john? how you weather is a stretch always move in well, it is a nice morning to get outside, maybe do some stretching out there before your jog. it's cool. it's a little cloudy but less muggy than yesterday was. so we are off to a touch of a nicer start than yesterday brought us your view outside firmer center tower cam. it was clear second ago. you can see much of it now is some clouds are pushing in right in front of the and we will be looking at some of that throughout the course of the morning, san francisco at least around to treat our visibility is starting to fall below a mile. >> most of us are hanging out just fine as far as visibility goes 50's and 60's for current temperatures. it's a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy start to this morning, but skies are going to clear a lot quicker than they did yesterday. and today is actually going to bring the least hot temperatures of your weekend's forecast. i'm talking just how much of a scorcher of a
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weekend. it will be still to come, thanks for that, daryn. james, we have to stretch because it's friday. the 13th. >> but the good news is we have pretty light travel for the most part. remember yesterday we had multiple hot spots all over the place. now we have had earlier traffic collisions. those have since been clear as you're traveling from the east bay to the city. a little under 13 minutes of things are looking great on that commute. the san mateo bridge as you're making your way across towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 14, no major delays for you. the richmond sandra fell as you're traveling toward sandra fell a little under 9 for you and let's head to the south bay where we did have an earlier accident along one o one slowed us down just a bit there. now we've recover 30 minutes to menlo park, not tracking any accidents along 2 8085 or 80 to daryn james, back to you. thanks to 7. oh, one and the breaking news from overnight. the fda authorizes covid booster shots. not for everybody. >> just for people right now with weakened immune system, right. which still constitutes about 3% of us population. so
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that's a big group of people that this shot will benefit kron four's. camila barco is live in the newsroom. >> with mark camila. >> diane james. 3rd covid shot could benefit cancer patients. people who have had organ transplants or anyone who has a weakened immune system. us regulators say this vulnerable group has a lower chance to fight covid-19. and after looking at data, the fda gave pfizer and moderna the green light to administer the additional dose. now people should get at least 28 days after receiving the second covid vaccine. however, people who have a healthy immune system do not need the 3rd covid shot. the cdc director says a 3rd dose provides extra protection for high-risk groups. >> this action is about start our most vulnerable who may need additional dose to enhance their biological responses to vaccines are protected against covid-19. >> covid cases surge across
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the country. california has an average of a 141 new coronavirus cases each day. plus more than 700 people are admitted to the hospital daily because of complications due to the virus. moderna responded this morning to the fda's decision the company's chief executive officer says that they will continue to research covid and modern officials said that there was a recent study done of a 120 people who underwent an organ transplant procedure that study showed a 3rd dose improved their immune system. now the fda did not mention anything about the johnson johnson vaccine in their announcement. but we're waiting to hear from the cdc. the agency's committee on immunization practices is meeting today. diane, james, back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up. >> big news in san francisco becoming the first city in the u.s. too. require proof of vaccination. if you want to go to anything indoors any kind of business and jim, a restaurant or a big event. this move comes during a surge
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of cases and hospitalizations and kron four's. maureen kelly is going to take a look at how it works. starting august. 20 of people will be required to show proof they are fully vaccinated before going inside. >> what the city is calling high contact indoor businesses such as places that serve food and beverages where people to take their masks off to eat and drink bars restaurants. theaters and entertainment venues as well as indoor gyms and fitness centers. also large indoor event of a 1000 people or more and proof of a negative test result is not going to cut it. this new mandate only applies to those currently eligible for the vaccine. so kids under 12 will still be able to go inside a restaurant. the mayor says this is an effort to combat a new surge in cases driven by the delta variant is to protect the workers is to protect kids. it's protect those who can't get vaccinated is to make sure that we don't go backwards is to make sure. i never have to get up in front of you and say.
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>> i'm sorry. i know we just reopen and now the city is closed again because we're seeing too many people die. and it's not just patrons by october 13th. >> the same types of businesses will have to get proof of vaccination from their workers as well. vaccines are armor. they are our life jackets. they are parachutes. our way out. of this pandemic. one man drowning his sorrows of the recent loss of an unvaccinated friend to the virus had no problem with the new added barrier to coming inside employees need it. you this. you know, the the patrons need it. >> it says to keep everybody safe that. so, you know, that's. >> you know, i just want this to be over the phone. >> the new health order does not apply to people picking up to go orders. it also does not apply to those who choose to sit outside maureen kelly kron 4 >> well, take it back. and one marine was saying fitness studios restaurants bars are all considered to be the 3 key sectors that will be affected
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by this new policy. we asked the business owners in san francisco face up or checking their customers vaccine status and the vast majority of them said. >> of vaccinations for folks going to the gym is actually a very good you know, health focused him straight to start with. and so if we can give our clients that are coming just one more way air of confidence that they're going to have to work out in a healthy environment after a poll we did over 80% of our of our membership responded. they would like to go through with that. and we declare that we would be. >> only allow unvaccinated individuals to hang out indoor and our stab lish meant. however, this new rule could be hard to put into practice the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association told us that they've tried to ask. >> customers in the past to show their vaccination cards. but oftentimes it's difficult to verify their idea. well, as we were talking about like can you show a picture of your card on your phone. do you have to have the actual card.
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is that. >> who's going to do it. like i heard somebody who works in a bakery. there's only 2 people they got to hire somebody out front. so there's a good they come in. so there's so many logistics with this and it all has to happen next friday, which is so soon. >> a lot you believe that between now and then. by the way, think about this. if you're not fully vaccinated today, then forget going somewhere next week. is that what takes this long for you to get all the shots. i know that's the thing or you have to keep checking remember because you can do the covid check right can show a negative test. >> and thanks keep evolving and changing so what we've done, what we can to try put all the information together in one place for years. you can check it as it evolves over time. so keep it tuned to kron 4. and again, we've got a qr code here on your screen right now. that will take you to that special kron 4 dot com that we dedicated to all of these stories about the mask mandates back to school. what requirements apply to all all of this. yes. so make sure you you keep checking it often. all right. happening today, by the way, governor newsom is going to be kicking off his
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vote no recall campaign in san francisco. my ballot in the mail yesterday. as you probably did. and the governor has a lot of work ahead of him. >> kron 4. sarah stinson is live with a preview. hi, sarah. >> you know, very james. we have a democratic state. and i think in the bay area we live in a little bit of a bubble going up to the wildfires. i saw a ton of signs that we're all over the highway saying recall get gavin newsom. there's a lot of people who are even talking to me about that in the vaccine and all that even though i was there talk about wildfire. so there's a lot of people who want to recall gavin newsom. and it looks like he has his work cut out for him to take a look at this poll. it's an exclusive poll that we have inside california politics with emerson college. 46% are planning to vote on recalling the governor. 48% want to keep the governor and 6% are
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undecided. so that's why the governor is looking to sway more californians with this vote no campaign is going to start san francisco this morning and work his way through the state to rally up these voters. his efforts are just as early voting for the september 14th recall election opens this monday. governor newsom's main goals are to educate people on how to vote when they get their balance and ballots and urge them to vote no saying if you recall in your next governor will be republican. dozens of candidates will be on the ballot vying to oeplace governor newsom. not all republicans candidates are targeting hispanic voters studies show they make up 30% of the voting population and the recent polling majority are looking to recall newsom. so we caught up with a political analysts and sonoma state university professor to learn more about how tight this really could be. >> this is a fundamentally a democratic state. it's a blue state but if the recall were held today on question one. i'm not certain that gavin
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newsome would would pass that he's probably below water below that 50% mark as of today. but they haven't really ramp things up, fundamentally a blue state. republicans have a ways to go, but they certainly have had the wind at their backs the last couple of weeks with 3 more debates to go. it's going to be a very interesting last 4 to 5 weeks here. >> it sure is. now i know there's been some confusion on understanding the ballot. if you don't want to recall governor newsom vote no. if you do want to vote, want to recall him, then vote yes. make sure you read it carefully can be confusing. you can drop it off. it can dropping out. you're nearing polling center. you can also vote in person and you can still register to vote as well. in the meantime, governor newsom heading down from the capitol down here. 2 a san francisco's gun make his way down to los angeles and san diego hoping to gain more people who'll vote no on the recall. >> for now. we'll send it back to you in studio.
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>> thank you very much. sir. i am really the big showdown touching off here in the bay area. the governor here today and then yesterday his big challenger, larry elder was in the bay area here he is in san jose. this was yesterday. he was at a church. we had a rally and it has shown a variety of issues, including covid restrictions policing. the 2020 election. he says this is a big one. elder says he would repeal. >> any mask mandate and any vaccine mandate in the state and he wants to change state regulations to make it easier to bill housing in california. and this rally was at the calvary church in san jose, which is the church that was fined. nearly 2 million dollars for defying santa clara county's covid health orders. a spokesperson for the church says they're not door seeing any specific candidate. >> well, don't forget, you can see the major republican candidates going head to head in a debate next week. if you still haven't made up your mind on the questions regarding the recall join us
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inside california politics is going to be hosting that debate right here in our kron 4 studios and we're going to air it live next thursday again. that's august 19th at 07:00pm. we'll see you there. we'll take a break here as we're coming up on 7.12. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news climate change could have a severe impact on the >> we'll talk about the warnings from experts coming up.
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>> 7.14 right now. and we're checking out the weather on a friday so nothing can get me down there you go there no, not even fries are teens. i even was like, yeah, don't care. doesn't bother. you know that mommy. okay. i mean, i'm not going to go looking for monday the 13th. those are problems yet that yes, yes, i don't know why that focus on friday monday. that fact that there of not this friday. the 13th hopefully starting out for you. want us all to know. we are looking outside at some gray this morning. so i guess kind of a spooky feel. the started out. >> we are going to see skies clearing out a little quicker than they did yesterday. though, and today is actually going to be cool. stay of the weekend, not by any means. a cool day, though. we're still well in the 90's for inland areas. air quality less than ideal into the afternoon. we will have some moderate pockets popping up for the east bay in the north bay and the bay area, air quality
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management district has issued an air quality advisory. a step below a spare the air alerts. not quite bad enough for that. but if you're sensitive to the smoke, you may notice that feel later on today. future cast of winds shows calm winds to start. but winds generally picking up towards the latter part of the day today. this is actually going to help us a bit as far as temperatures go before temperatures really start to spike into tomorrow and sunday not looking at any chance of showers as we did yesterday. remember, we had a couple light sprinkles, not your forecast for today. much of that monsoonal moisture is now resulting in our better chance of thunderstorms in the sierra nevada, not looking at as much of a muggy feel to it. just a bit of fog out there this morning. as for temperatures later on today. 60's and 70's return to san francisco. 60's also returned to the coast while temperatures along the bay shore anywhere from the 70's to the 80's, you're actually going to look at a lot of these numbers in your 4 zone forecast today and think to yourselves. well, that looks exactly like yesterday that well, for most of us, that is exactly the case. things really not changing
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that much pleasanton and livermore each at 92 danville at 94 oakland are right at 74 and are right on par with yesterday for antioch in vacaville are 2 hottest spots at 9699 center fell in novato just shy of the 90 degree mark today, tomorrow and sunday as a promise. you getting hotter. but we do cool down after that inland falling into the 80's for your highs by tuesday and wednesday. bayside in coastal areas in the 70's to 60's and that's not going anywhere anytime soon. reyna. tom, thanks for that. i was afraid we're going to see more traffic like we did yesterday. now we have seen some accidents, but they have quickly been cleared off of the highways this morning. a little under 21 minutes via the golden gate bridge, little pockets of just take your time as you're driving there. >> heading into the city a little under 30 minutes. the metering lights still off at the bay bridge. traffic is moving along there. 5, 8080 look great as well, one. oh, one traveling towards menlo park. it'll take you 29 minutes to do that. no major delays along to 37 8.80, or
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6.80. and let's look at highway for where it's still a little slow at this hour as you're traveling towards conquer to 42. it will take about 26 minutes. darya james, back to you. >> for your money this morning. the postal service wants to charge you peak shipping fees this holiday season and facebook pushed its office reopening to 2022 jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more. but you're the facebook but the i am really here. good morning to the area. >> i mean, faces look at almost 2 years of being out of the office. so they have delayed the return to the early next year. this new reopening date will apply to overseas offices as well. >> many of the tech industry's biggest companies were the first to close down early in the pandemic and now the company is delaying the plans about the concern about the delta variant and rising covid cases. well, the u.s. postal service really want to get
7:19 am
your holiday packages to you on time. so it says it's going to start charging more is requesting a temporary price increase on a variety of mail services for the peak holiday season. and this will range from $0.25 to $5 a package spinning and weight and size of the package. this would go into effect october 3rd and would expire sometime early january oreo doughnuts are a real possibility. the parent company of and elise has already launched oreo muffins, frosted cookies and cupcakes. they say they are considering oreo doughnuts as well. so this is part of the company's push into cakes and also pastries that they've been doing lately and taco bell is teasing a 4 lane drive-thru concept restaurant with contact-free ordering so taco bell, if i will have customer orders handed over through a lyft say no to see anybody touch anybody. it's the first to taco bell defy location that will open in minnesota. live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. darya
7:20 am
back i like that stray appears, but better than that, i like the. >> oreo donuts because that sounds like it's like a cookies and cream flavor to me. it i mean, why not? there's oreo ice creams and doughnuts to so good. thank you, >> oreo ice cream on an oreo done that haha. all right. time to talk the latest from samsung includes new foldable phones. if you're interested. >> a new watch is send a little more. we've got rich demuro explaining in today's tech smart. >> samsung updated its foldable phones. the samsung galaxy z flip 3 and the galaxy z fold 3 all phones have foldable screens that samsung says are more durable than ever before. >> samsung's latest unpacked event brings upgrades to their foldable phones. the galaxy z fold 3 and the flip 3. >> bay to the 5 videos and make lives better for the first time. both phones are now water resistant. the
7:21 am
inside screen on the flagship pulled 3 isn't any bigger, but it is more durable. plus the phone has a thinner hinge and its overall lighter. samsung has hit in a selfie camera under the screen. also new the full 3 now supports a stylist. you can write on-screen the fold is $200 cheaper than last year. but it's still starts at a whopping $1800. many people are now looking to upgrade earlier so they can get their hands on a portable device. meanwhile, the more pocket flip has a bigger screen on the outside along with an improved selfie cam. >> here, an even bigger price cuts now starting at $999. $380 less than last year's model we object to constraints in closed ecosystems. is your slow to innovate. >> and we tear down walls that stifle innovation and forced premiums other announcements include new galaxy watches with brighter displays. >> designs, longer battery life and a new operating
7:22 am
system, a new sensor measures body composition. samsung says you'll get better fitness and sleep tracking along with more accurate calorie counts. finally galaxy buds to are smaller and lighter. i love the sleek look and feel and they sounds good. but at $150. i just wish they state better in my ears. >> some pretty amazing engineering here. and of course, that's very possible. both phones will be on sale august 27th. they'll be testing them over the next few weeks. i'll have my full review soon. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. all right. looking forward to that review. thank you, richard. 7.22 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the dixie fire continues to rage out of control. have the latest developments from overnight. >> stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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>> 7.25. and let's give you the latest on the wildfires. the dixie fire has now burned more than a half-million acres and it's in 4 different counties and it's only 30% contained that's been burning for nearly a month now. these are the flames that firefighters have been dealing with it consumed more than a 1000 structures. >> 550 homes to be exact all throughout the northern sierra nevada and we still have a border that 1000 homes still threatened. yeah. that's where crews are really concerned, especially about this week in because there could be dry lightning over the next few days. >> they're also urging people be vigilant. they don't need any more wildfires sparked.
7:26 am
>> if there's even a blade of grass near you. that is enough to start a fire these days. it is so dry and the way we've seen this this this burned through live timber in the 10's of thousands of acres an hour is unlike anything we've seen other than a few times. >> over the last few nights flames from the dixie fire had destroyed a number of homes in the kiddie ridge area. >> and again, we'll keep you updated on the firefighting lake tahoe by the way, is getting warmer and it's clear water could now be in jeopardy. that's according to researchers at u c davis who say that tahoe reached a record breaking temperature of 68 degrees last month. >> and the dry season is also lower lake levels to buy nearly 2 and a half feet. researchers say if this trend continues bacteria and more invasive species may end up growing as a result of that could has clarity.
7:27 am
>> what's and i'm age look like. he's a he can from the link that does side of chair will and it's pretty. and thing can be toxic. >> and we don't want that algae those bacteria blooms in lake tahoe last time researchers were able to see 100 feet down into the lakes. clear waters was back in 1960. it has steadily clouded over time. they say they can only see about 70 feet down. >> can you imagine if instead a bluish green like that. all right. time now 7.27, we've got lots more ahead that we're covering this morning. police in san francisco are trying to solve. >> a 15 year-old cold case and there's an increase in the reward that they hope will find the killer.
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>> 7.30 right now. and lots of clouds there could like bounce like a trampoline or so that wow. but since covid. i don't know if we'll ever go back to like i jumpy yeah. trampoline. ways take your kids for birthday parties and stuff where they licked everything. all the ball pits. my kids didn't like every really doesn't matter because my kids were there i was a little queasy about this mcdonald's place truck. yeah. >> kids played on the money. we need to know more. i don't
7:31 am
think john. yeah. you don't see a lot of those anymore know they're being like designed for covid. that just haha. definitely not after covid haha. >> well, we are looking at a good day to maybe just get outside and play in the park or something with the kiddo's once the cloud cover clears, it may be a little nicer to do so late morning because as of right now, it's still pretty great for a lot of the bay. you look outside at the coast does show you happen base routed in low lying cloud cover, visibility hasn't been a huge issue this morning. a lot like yesterday we are seeing a few low visibility spots in the upper elevations around san francisco itself. but most of us are fairing pretty well. current temperatures in the 50's to 60's, similar feel asked to yesterday. today does bring some changes, though, and i'll be talking about what exactly to expect still to come. >> all right, john, we do have an accident in the south bay to 80 southbound northbound, rather just south of lawrence expressway. so right here in
7:32 am
san jose not causing much of the delay will keep a close eye on that as we travel into the city this morning. a little under 15 minutes. so things are looking great. no major issues. looks like it's just a little gusty there from that flag off center there blowing in the wind. as you head across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes and we're looking 80 here to travel and stanley and roll 2.38 towards know pete is to 37 on sick people. 27 minutes to make that drive for the most part, everything is looking great. 5.88, 80's. well, daryn, jays, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> 7.32 the time. the california recall ballots are beginning to arrive in mailboxes. the republican party is targeting hispanic voters, especially in an effort to vote. governor newsome out of office. this after our recent inside california politics poll. it showed the majority of hispanics would vote to recall kron four's. ashley of all has the story. >> on september dozens of california gop volunteers gathered for a virtual workshop thursday. the focus build relationships and gain
7:33 am
support for governor gavin newsom's recall from latino voters with this governor camp by is the people of california and the movement that's been created by his failed leadership. the group plans to spend the next month in gauging with latinos to religious and community groups going door to door and propping up phone banks. they're working to reach business owners impacted by shutdowns and lower-income let you know is affected by the state's taxes and housing issues. thursday's workshop comes after all, recent inside california politics. emerson college poll showed growing support for governor gavin newsom's recall. >> 54% of hispanic respondents said they would vote to remove the governor from office study show about 30% of californians voting population is latino what our job is that the california republican party is to make sure we turn those voters out i know you are the first gop chairwoman. >> what do you think is just not sitting well with this group when it comes to this governor. >> well, i think within the
7:34 am
latino community, there are some very specific issues that are in trouble to our everyday life in that pursuit of happiness number one is being able to find a good job so that you can provide for your family. number 2 is making sure that your children have a good education so that they can have a better life. and number 3 is making sure that our streets are safe. see a gop officials say the group now has 64,000 volunteers. a 52% increase from the last election cycle. those volunteers are set to mobilize on the gop is day of action. this upcoming saturday. >> the group that knowledge is there's a lot of work to do in a little bit of time in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and you can see the major candidates, the republicans go head to head in a debate later this month here on kron 4 inside california politics hosting the debate right here in our kron 4 studios and air live next. thursday. august 19th at 07:00pm. >> will san francisco police are now offering a $250,000
7:35 am
reward for information that will help solve a cold case murder. this week marks 15 years since 17 year-old was killed. he was in the intersection of grove and baker streets when he was shot several times and every year around the date of his death. his family, friends and police officers gather at that site where it happened to remember. >> i was getting by a car for graduation. but it didn't make it. you know, it still hurts. it hurts. and can do to bring awareness, not just to my son but other mothers and fathers that are out there suffering in silence. >> and breeze mother. and since the shooting. she has been advocating against gun violence. in the south bay kids at the milpitas unified school district are back in class. and we spoke with the m usd superintendent, cheryl johnson who says that the parents, the students, the staff, they're all really excited that kids are back on campus again, though, they do
7:36 am
have to wear masks at all times. but that's just the situation we're in right now. she went on to say that while there has been an element of anxiety with regard to in-person learning in the pandemic. she is optimistic that the school year will be a safe one. >> i heard, for example, from one of our staff members that it just felt right. it felt right finally to be back at school. with people in the classrooms rather than behind is in spring. so we're very excited to start this new 2021 2122 school year where we're ready. well, we've from our health experts that we will get through new delta variant. and we will just continue to thrive as we have here in india. see because it's really about family and it's about having the best team ever to that worked together when we have difficult times like this. >> in addition to returning to in-person learning schools within the milpitas unified school district are also
7:37 am
offering virtual programs for anybody who would rather do that. and you got to remember their mental health for your health this morning. that's what we're talking about. students returning to school and experts reminding parents. >> because of your kids mental health at this time because they had a whole year where they were distance-learning. they gave up sports, gave up extracurricular activities. so this is all kind of new again and one way to support children, they say is to talk about it. what in-person learning is going to look like. encouraging parents to talk to the kids >> what school is going to look like. they'll be still masks on indoors. and the safety layers of what they're going to be doing encouraging the kids to feel like what they do washing hands wearing their masks is actually a way of protecting our people is a really hopeful message for young children. us are going back. they feel like they're part of it and they have a sense of control as well. >> and the doctor says it's also wise said to involve your child's pediatrician to answer any questions that you not
7:38 am
feel equipped to answer or are not comfortable answering. >> the forty-niners are one day away from taking the field and the fans are welcome back. but there are covid-19 guidelines that you need to know. and i'll tell you all about that coming up in a live report. >> a mostly cloudy start to this day. but we do have a lot of sunshine to look forward to later on. we're still holding on to 90's in win. it will be upper 80's and san jose open in san francisco in the 70's still muggy for many areas. your forecast ahead. >> and not quite friday light because we do have some accidents that have been popping up all throughout the morning. nothing like we saw yesterday. we'll have a look at your drive times and following an accident in the south bay. once we get back.
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feel the difference with downy. >> we're back at 7.41 developing right now. the biden administration is sending 3,000 troops to afghanistan to help escort us embassy workers out of that country in this all comes just hours after the taliban capture to strategic cities in western afghanistan. so the situation does appear to be deteriorating rapidly. the state department says it will continue operating within the embassy, though analysts say the sending troops could indicate that the u.s. government is losing faith in the afghan military's ability to hold back the taliban search. this is not
7:42 am
abandonment. this is not an evacuation. this is not the whole sale. >> withdrawal. we believe this is that the prudent thing to do given the rapidly deteriorating security situation in and kabul. >> president biden is still planning on a complete military withdrawal of troops from afghanistan by august 31st. we'll take a break. 7.42 time. we'll be right back.
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>> some 44 right now. and we're taking a look at the weather heading into the weekend, which is always good. that's right. we've got john on this friday. the 13th with a look at what it's like out there. on it out. see, i was kind of thinking about the back of my head. but it doesn't bother friday and thing. yeah. superstitious my it was born on friday, the 13th. so after that it wasn't friday. it's not always the friday, the 13th. so she was fine with a 13 actually like friday. the 13th it's as you were saying earlier, it's the other days that the 13th falls on that. you watch out monday's friday's fine. well, it is going to be a nice one today for this friday, the 13th. you can see outside your north calhoun. the weather center forecast in san jose this morning that we are looking at some bright skies
7:46 am
out there. we do still have some no moisture left over across the bay area. it's not going to result in any chance of thunderstorms nor even any scattered sprinkles like we saw yesterday will contribute to and at times muggy feel although not as much so as yesterday as for current air quality were good across the bay area. but there is smoke sitting right above us. that's going to try to settle into the east bay and north bay. and because of this, the bay area air quality management district has issued some air quality advisories. they're not spare. the air alerts are actually a step below that. but you can expect some moderate pockets popping up this afternoon as for a future cast of winds relatively light this morning picking up this afternoon. one of our breezy us of this forecast. gusting as high as 30 miles per hour for upper elevations and out along the coastline. as i mentioned, we don't have any chance of sprinkles like we saw yesterday on what was such a muggy start to your morning. we certainly do have some moisture left in the atmosphere, but any sort of thunderstorm activity has moved its way out into the sierra nevada. so we've got a little bit of fog this morning. some haze do expect
7:47 am
this afternoon. all in all, not a bad start to the weekend today and actually your coolest day of the weekend is about to be today. we're heating things back up inland into tomorrow. 60's and 70's for your highs in sf 60's along the coastline and then some 70's and 80's along the bayshore millbrae at 78 burlingame at 80 degrees. san carlos in redwood city each 84 today while south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80's and low 90's for some. so definitely still warm, especially pleasanton liverm re on up through walnut creek and concord. yeah, you're still mid 90's in many spots oakland in the other hand, only in the mid 70's. so a good spot to get to if you don't like the way those 90's feel antioch in vacaville mid to upper 90's for you, santa rosa down through mill valley in the 80's looking ahead at next 7 days. temperatures tomorrow and sunday are very hottest and then there's relief inland after that tuesday into wednesday highs falling into the 80's coastal in bayside areas in the meantime, in the 60's to 70's
7:48 am
tom, thanks for that. highway 4 is the slowest highway and tracking at this hour. and we have a hazard there. >> highway 4 eastbound at willow pass road in pittsburgh, a stalled vehicle. and so things are slowing down just a bit. there as traveling crockett down towards the maze of the take you a little under 15 minutes to make that drive heading into the city. a little under 50 for you there to that fremont street exit. so the meteor lights still off of the bay bridge traffic moving along just fine and head in a cross towards the peninsula. their 14 minutes might remember yesterday we had multiple hot spots. we have had accidents. we have not had hot spots this morning the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond, a little under 12 minutes. let's head to the south. a look at one o one. a little slow in their 36 minutes to what's been a partner at a major to 8085 82 look great. 8.80, a little slowing but still looks good for this friday. daryn. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. football is back to pre season gets underway this weekend. both the raiders and the niners are going to on the field. what we know when it
7:49 am
comes to the niners is jimmy g at least is going to start the game may be the first possession, but then they're going to trey lance in there get a chance to get sure. for sure. shanny want the fans to be able to see what he's like and the fans want to see what the games like. >> after the 2019 season where we couldn't go to levi's and now you can. we've got the kron four's will tran actually out there live because don't forget, we are in the midst of a protocol will has what you need to know if you're planning on heading out there. a will. >> this is not the 2019 season. that was the last time we saw full capacity inside the field. the jeans when the niners took on the packers in the nfc championship game and then twenty-twenty of course, covid-19 just ruled the world and now we are heading back with there are things that you need to know. so let me just talk about the niners really quickly, you talked about jimmy g and trey lance. they are 6 expected the take the field. they want to take trey lance for a test drive. i mean, they invested a 3rd pick
7:50 am
overall on hand. so they want to see what he can do in pre-season practice. it appears they are just clapping like crazy really impressed with them and jimmy g. they already know what he can possibly do. but they want him to knock off some of the rust and that's why he's going to play tomorrow as far as covid-19 rules. well, you don't have to be vaccinated. they're not requiring you to prove that you don't have to be tested before you come in here as well. but they want to make sure that you have your mask on when you going in to indoor locations like the restroom. but if you're outside and you are cheering. of course you don't have to wear your mask. but if you're inside regardless of vaccination status and there are some places within the stadium where you will be indoors. you will have to mask up now. let's listen to coach kyle shanahan talk about his 2 joules jimmy g entry. lance. >> trying to most or starters going. jimmy will be hopefully just one series. i'm going try
7:51 am
and there and hopefully just the whole 1st half, just trying to get him reps of really doing everything in when it gets the game here. it's a lot of really. we'll see if the attack on. we'll see if he scrambles ceilings and there. >> so here's what you need to know. they will have plenty of hand sanitizers across the stadium and they're encouraging you to get vaccinated because this is one of the biggest spots in california, if not the biggest vaccination site with 350,000 people vaccinated. and that's why they're behind the shot back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll and don't forget to the raiders are going to be taken on the seattle seahawks that's going to be coming up on saturday as well. marcus mariota probably not going to be playing on saturday. he suffered a leg injury during practice. but head coach jon gruden says that he shouldn't be more than a few days before he'll get back in the swing and don't expect to see much derek carr or any of the other starters, though, because. >> gruden says this is a chance for the other raiders
7:52 am
to play and for the fans to get a taste of being there in for the first. yeah. first time in this huge palace. >> gives you goose pumps. you know, gets excited and i don't think you're going to see a lot of the players play. unfortunately because of, you know, the reality of what this is. this is an exhibition game. but to unite with our fans and. kickoff football season officially in las vegas is somewhere really excited about something. we really take a lot of pride. >> grew its so funny. like so, you know, you're not going to see the raiders but comes to the raiders. let down ever. >> well, they're going to kick off at 6 o'clock in vegas. and we by the way, you're going to get a bringing in that game where the bay area home for the las vegas raiders. >> still tough to say los vegas raiders, you know what, though? what's really cool is football's back. i mean, i that's what you care about
7:53 am
season. it's bad. it's back 05:30pm saturday. the pre-game show here on kron 4, 6 o'clock, the actual game and then we'll follow it up with the post game report. we'll be the post game report. we'll be right back. you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50.
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my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more.
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i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. >> baseball and the a's and the giants red-hot starting with the giants and the rockies at oracle. and as you can see, their 4th inning pitcher logan webb almost hits a grand slam ball bounce off the wall and he ended up with just. keep on texas, a single
7:56 am
2 runs score that makes it 4, nothing giants. and lamonte wade junior last one to right center field. somebody got that it's 430 feet for that one made 7 to nothing. and that was the final score 7 to nothing. and it turns out that's nothing compared to the a's cow. yeah. you get a lot of this. so the a's all looking for their 7th straight win taking on cleveland and oakland offense just exploded in this game. the a's scored early and boy, did they score yeah. it's starling marte with hit for leading the way hit 3 rbi eyes. >> oakland went on to win by final 17 and nothing will hold those plants over that 17 to not 17 yeah. so it 7 to nothing to help. that was a big hit. were they playing the cleveland indians are was as a sort of cleveland middle school was or cleveland middle school that so you don't often
7:57 am
seen in the majors like that. but that should happen. that >> all right. we'll take a break. it is coming up on 7.57. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. the fda has approved booster shots for the covid-19 vaccine for everybody, though, will explain who will be up in line to get this 3rd shot. >> and governor newsome will be in san francisco today kicking off his vote no recall campaign will have the latest details on where the governor details on where the governor stands in the current you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for joining in 8 o'clock. i know that he's been up and added since 04:00am this morning. so we're happy to. >> start off your friday. absolutely. if you're just waking up enjoy a little more sunshine than we had earlier this morning. john has been following the low cloud cover which hopefully is bidding to lift for more and more people yeah. it definitely starting to lift for an offer some of us at least across the bay area. what we're going to be looking at as we work our way through the afternoon is plenty of sunshine. so maybe save or a little bit of this great. well, we got it certainly savor the cool while we've got it before the 90's approach us later on today. your view outside from our half moon bay camera shows some brightness working its way through that low cloud cover, not as much cloud cover is yesterday and that means increased sunshine earlier and


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