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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 13, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> it's the finest hour on the friday. i'm darya and a friday. the 13th to boot. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm james no. that's fine because it's the 13th still good. no knock on friday, the not its fault, we've got a great look at forecast ahead of us on this friday. a little warm but not bad. yeah. definitely a little warm but not that is the key word here because today is actually the coolest of the weekend tomorrow and sunday, only getting hotter. so if you can handle some low 90's inland today will be the most comfortable feel at least looking outside right now in berkeley, things are brightening up in brightening up really quickly. we do have some mostly cloudy skies still sitting above the bay. but more and more of us now are really tapping into some sunshine a lot quicker than we did yesterday. 50's and 60's for current temperatures pittsburgh, one of our first spots to reach 70 degrees. >> and conditions will further warm into the afternoon. the need to escape from the heat bayside in coastal areas still going to be nice and comfortable. i'm talking this
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weekend and an eventual cool down and next week. still ahead, >> tom, thank you for that. we have a couple of issues along the peninsula there. couple traffic hazards here. one. oh, one northbound south of kiel avenue in santa tale. a disabled plus a disabled car, 92 westbound west of south el camino reale and sam a tail. so you're seeing a lot of slow down along one o one, thankfully 92 san mateo bridge not impacted at all traveling into the city. a little under 14 minutes. so things look great there. 5, 8080 looking good as well. the san mateo bridge. we just looked at things over there soon. as you hit the peninsula, you might have a little delay along one o one but not going across a little under 14 minutes and a traffic collision along highway 4 westbound just east of bailey road in pittsburgh still slowing traffic down. we'll have more on that coming up with daryn send it over to you. thanks a lot. rates. 91 and the breaking news from overnight. the fda authorizes covid boosters. >> just right now for people with weakened immune system.
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impact about 3% of the u.s. population. that's what's in that category that will need this extra booster shot proffers camila barco actually live in the newsroom to explain more. >> about this camila. >> yes, the guard james covid shot could benefit cancer patients. people who have a weak immune system or had organ transplants. yes. regulators say this vulnerable group has a lower chance to fight covid-19 after looking at data. the fda gave pfizer and moderna the green light to administer the additional dose. now. it should be given at least 28 days after receiving the second covid vaccine. a clinical professor at berkeley says there's limited evidence on the effectiveness of a 3rd covid shot. but the vaccines up to this point have been able to provide protection against the virus. he says the emergency authorization use of a 3rd dose comes at no surprise. >> well, it's not surprising. you know, we no one expected these vaccines to work forever and everybody knew that the
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vaccines would not work as well. in immunocompromised people in general and they wouldn't otherwise healthy people. so what we're seeing is the evolution of this virus and its behavior and human beings and how well the vaccines work and because there's now enough evidence that they may not work as well in certain immunocompromised people, the goose to make sense. >> now a recent study, however, showed a 120 people underwent organ transplant procedure. researchers say that the 3rd dose improved their immune system. now the decision of a 3rd covid shot comes after covid cases skyrocketed across the country. california right now has an average of a 141 new coronavirus cases each day. plus more than 700 people are admitted to the hospital daily because of complications due to the virus. now, if you are healthy, a 3rd covid shot isn't recommended at this time. however, the fda did not mention anything about the
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johnson and johnson vaccine in their announcement. darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, camille. and we have heard from doctor fauci that at some point will all need a booster shot when that will be though, we'll have to wait and see. >> well, you have to be fully vaccinated starting next friday. if you want to basically do anything indoors in san francisco. it's the first city in the nation to require that you be fully vaccinated to go to a bar or restaurant a big event, a jam. this move is because they want to get a handle on the coronavirus cases that are spreading kron four's maureen kelly takes a look at how it's going to work. starting august. 20 of people will be required to show proof they are fully vaccinated before going inside. >> what the city is calling high contact indoor businesses such as places that serve food and beverages where people to take their masks off to eat and drink bars restaurants. theaters and entertainment venues as well as indoor gyms and fitness centers. also large indoor event of a 1000
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people or more and proof of a negative test result is not going to cut it. this new mandate only applies to those currently eligible for the vaccine. so kids under 12 will still be able to go inside a restaurant. the mayor says this is an effort to combat a new surge in cases driven by the delta variant is to protect the workers is to protect kids. it's protect those who can't get vaccinated is to make sure that we don't go backwards to make sure. i never have to get up in front of you and say i'm sorry. i know we just reopened and now the city is closed again because. >> we're seeing too many people die. and it's not just patrons by october 13th. >> the same types of businesses will have to get proof of vaccination from their workers as well. vaccines are armor. they are our life jackets. they are parachutes. our way out of this pandemic. one man drowning his sorrows of the recent loss of an unvaccinated friend to the virus had no
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problem with the new added barrier to coming inside employees need it. you the you know, the the patrons need it. >> that says to keep everybody safe that. so, you know, that's. >> you know, i just want this to be over the phone. >> the new health order does not apply to people picking up to go orders. it also does not apply to those who choose to sit outside maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> well, fitness studios restaurants, bars are all considered to be the 3 key sectors. it will be affected by this new policy, which by the way, a negative covid test doesn't get you out of you have to be fully vaccinated and we asked some business owners if san francisco in san francisco, if they supported this move to check customers and their vaccine status. the majority of them came back saying, yeah, they're fine with it. >> we are firing of vaccinations for folks going to the gym is actually a very good you know, health see to start with. and so if we can give our clients that are
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coming just one more way air of confidence that they're going to have to work out in a healthy environment after a poll we did over 80% of our of our membership responded. they would like to go through with that. and we declare that we would be. >> only allow unvaccinated individuals to hang out indoor and our stab lish meant. >> however, there is this new rule could be a hard one to enforce the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association told us that they've tried to ask customers in the past to show their vaccine cards. but they say can be difficult to verify everybody's true identity. >> and remember with the snow really can't test your way out of it. they're saying you have to have a and be fully vaccinated, which is a change from the rules before because everything's changing. that's why we have our update on our website. the specials covid spotted kron 4 dot com and you get all the information just scan. a qr code will take you right to that spot on our website. >> also happening today. we turn our attention to politics we have governor newsom kicking off his vote no recall
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campaign here in san francisco based on our exclusive polling. the governor has his work cut out for him. kron 4. sarah stinson is live this morning with a preview. hi, sara. >> yeah. we're going to governor gavin newsom is heading to san francisco today for this. a vote no campaign and it looks like he does have his work cut out for him. we have an exclusive poll. take a look at your screen. you can see our inside california politics emerson college poll and it shows 46% of people are planning to vote on recalling the governor. >> 48% want to keep governor newsom and 6%. our undecided. so that's why the governor is looking to sway more californians with this four-day vote. no campaign. governor newsome will start in san francisco this morning. in work is way down the state to rally voters. >> his efforts are really just. as early voting for the september 14 to recall election opens this monday. governor angles not only to
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educate people on how to vote when they get their ballots, of course. and urge them, though, to vote no saying if you recall them your next governor will be republican. >> dozens of candidates will be on the ballot, not a republican vying to replace governor newsom candidates are targeting the latinx voters studies show that make up 30% of the voting population in recent polling majority looking to recall newsom. we caught up with concord political analyst michael yaki. about how tight this race really is. >> but the governor is facing is is a very close race at this point. and the other way, it doesn't become close he gets democrats out to vote and he's got to make sure that they understand the message is no. and yes, most people think that you're voting for someone, but you're actually voting against something happening. so having a clear message on voting no, it's going to be key. the other key thing is giving people a reason to vote now. and i
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think that what the use campaign hasn't done as well as it should. it's defined what the alternatives are. you know, that are these people anti vaccine or the anti mandate. is this the kind of time when you want to switch governors in the middle looked in the middle of up what is still a pandemic. >> those are all really good points now. again, early voting starts monday. the actual a recall election is on september 14th. you can mail in your ballot, you can drop it off and you can vote in person. you can still register to vote today. so if you need to do so. go ahead and do that. you can participate in this. >> unprecedented recall election for now, send it back to you guys in the studio. >> okay. thank you very much, sara governors in san francisco but his competition was in san jose yesterday. here's conservative radio host larry elder, the top republican defeat. the to defeat news on those trying to anyway and he was in san jose touching on a variety of
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issues, including covid restrictions. police saying crime the 2020 election. elder says he would repeal any mask mandate and any vaccine mandate. >> if you are take over and he wants to change state regulations to make it easier to build housing in california. and he also talked about the homeless crisis. >> others need to >> this rally was held at calvary church in san jose, which is the same church that was fined. nearly 2 million dollars for defying santa clara county's covid health restrictions earlier this year. a spokesman for the church says they're not endorsing any candidate at this point. >> well, don't forget, you can see the major republican candidates going head to head debating the issues come next week inside california politics. we hosting that debate right here inside our kron 4 studios and we are going to broadcast it live for you. so if you want to tune
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in, check it out next thursday. >> august 19 beginning at 07:00pm. >> well, things already brightening up outside as we speak in temperatures for san francisco and oakland really nice afternoon highs back in the 70's. another warm one for san jose and more than just warm further inland as highs return to the 90's. i've got your forecast. >> and we have a disabled vehicle along one o one right near the senate to wear slowing things down along one. oh, one we're also chec
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>> 9.14 right now and we are checking out the weather on friday heading into the weekend, which means it's all >> it's always nice on friday. even if it is friday, the 13th with been which we've been talking about all morning long. john. not a bad start to friday. the 13th. yeah. it definitely could be worse. we've got everything working in the studio today, things are working outside just find. it's a typical start to the morning for this time of year for the bay area. we've got the low gray a little bit of a breeze. things moving along just fine on the bay bridge as you're making that crossing you're not running into the fog this morning that sitting well above yet and temperatures pretty comfortable for the time being. air quality is being minute lee affected by some wildfire smoke just enough that the bay area air quality management district has issued another day with air quality advisories. that's a step below a spare. the air alert day. so not even in that
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territory just expect a few isolated pockets of moderate air quality for the east and north bay winds have been fairly calm to start. but do expect winds to pick up a later today. it's going to be a breezy finish to the day. this is going to transport a little bit more of that low out from the coastline in london. start off tomorrow morning with another dose of cloud cover much as we're in the midst of right now. smoke is still heading out of the region. but some of it has settled in with us why we do have those air quality advisories. as for monsoonal moisture, a bit of a muggy feel today but not near as much as yesterday. any chance of thunderstorms out towards the sierra nevada. as of now 60's and 70's for your highs in sf today. 60's right along the coastline. and most of us along the bay shore will be sharing a range of 70's to 80's familiar territory. we've been here a lot this week and we're keeping it around as we work our way into the weekend, too. san jose 87 campbell 89 some 90's for the tri valley in pleasanton and livermore as well as for areas like danville through conquered oakland, berkeley and
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richmond. nice and cool in the 70's. a little cloud cover this morning already seeing that cloud cover breaking, though antioch in vacaville at 9699 are 2 hottest spots for the afternoon. a look ahead at next 7 days, things get hotter before getting cooler saturday and sunday. our hottest of days right in the middle of the weekend. so not the best timing. i know. but a full 10 degree cool down from these days on into tuesday and wednesday when our highs only be in the upper 80's bayside in coastal areas in the 60's to 70's reyna. tom, thank you for that. a few hazards along the peninsula. >> one. oh, one northbound south of key hill avenue here in san mateo, a stalled bus vehicle, rather, they just were able to move this one off of the road. so we're seeing some improving along one. oh, one. but the other traffic hazards still there. 92 westbound west of south el camino and sam a tail. so we're waiting to see when they're going to be move that from offer the robot or seen a delay along the peninsula because of those 2 stalled vehicles as you're traveling into the city. a little under 30 minutes. moving along major
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light still off at the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes. so not impacted by those traffic hazards. a new accident popping up. this time out in castro valley. 5.80, westbound east of to 38 northbound. not seeing any major issues along 8.80, and another one up here along highway 4 this is eastbound west of willow pass road pittsburgh have seen too much of a delay. darya james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of 9.18 and time to talk movies. a number of premiers hitting the theaters this weekend include including this biopic that looks awesome about aretha franklin lot of people looking forward to that. dean richards has more in this week's movie review. >> the u.s.. i got a single by this thing. aretha franklin had to be intimidating, to be chosen to play aretha franklin
9:19 am
by aretha franklin in a movie about her life. that was the challenge facing oscar winner jennifer hudson. and while no one could ever match the queen of soul's interpretation of the song. jennifer, does every single one of them. justice respect skims over the early part of a wreath of life and career. >> we really don't learn much of anything that's new, but the dodger here is overflowing. it's tough for stories like this to do justice to such a legendary life and body of work. the movie felt abbreviate rush. no doubt to keep the movie at a reasonable like he had it still talks almost 2 and a half hours because the script pounced all over the place. the performances felt shallow stopping only when jennifer stepped in front of a microphone. another standout was when marlon wayans stepped in as her husband showing he can do drama as well as he does you'll constantly be comparing everything in perspective to the real aretha franklin. it doesn't help that the show real aretha footage
9:20 am
over the credits of this film. and we remind you that no one can come close to the real thing. even with its problems. this dean's list b is worth a watch. the other major release of the week is ryan reynolds free guy and a reverent high tech comedy that puts you inside the world of video games. is a bank teller realizes he's really only a virtual background player in the world wide video game at the movie is self-aware and often and i at the audience. it is heavy and all things gaming, which i am not so i thought lost in many of the references here while occasionally funny. the movie runs at a frantic pace with an avalanche of cliches. stop with the facts to replace any kind of actual storytelling my final level. a dean's list >> the best movie of the week is the touching drama cota. it's an acronym for children
9:21 am
of deaf adults coming of age story about a teenager who is the only person who is not deaf in her immediate family. her whole world is her family. so when she wants to take on the outside world. she's torn between love of family and her own dreams. a coming of age stories come and go. all of the time. but this one is unique coming from a perspective that sold them told and mostly from a primary cast. it's almost exclusively death in real life. mostt notably oscar-winner marlee matlin this dean's list days in theaters and also on apple tv. plus, i hope you have a great weekend in chicago. >> and dean richards. all i want to see the last one. apple tv. i had apple, but the plas do i have the plus. i don't know. i don't know what the levels all watch free guide will compare know. oh, my god. >> you can go to movies together. a 9 coming up with a call for morning news, a bay area teacher is living out
9:22 am
every baseball fan's dream. >> and all while helping to raise money for others. we're going to take you to this field of dreams.
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9:25 am
hoping to see a ball game at all. 30 big league parks. and on his way to that goal. >> he actually the taking a detour to the actual field of dreams. mark demsky takes a look. ryan wilson. no, not that brian wilson, the former giants pitcher this. brian wilson is one of the more dedicated baseball fans you'll come across. i don't know where the line is between fan and fanatic. but i am a super fan for sure which led wilson to start a 10 stadiums in 10 days tour that began back in the 2018 season. >> with the goal of eventually seeing a ball game in all 30 big league parks. 10 different stadiums. >> can't skip any i love the source scheduling aspect of wilson is a 2 time cancer survivor who is currently in remission teaches journalism at palo alto high school in
9:26 am
the bay area and chronicled online. both his 2018 2019 tours on social media where he has thousands of followers air. when i do some of my stadium tours like to try to raise money for stand up to cancer you know, some of the other organizations. but just kind of happy to be a survivor. he skipped last year because of the pandemic and this summer. he instead hit the road with his family touring the this was more just a family vacation. so because we haven't really gone anywhere. you know, 18 months or and the the field dreams in iowa. >> was a little was not planned. but on their drive home, they found themselves only a couple of hours away and like any baseball fan wilson felt compelled to take the detour. >> what they found was pure baseball paradise. >> 7.
9:27 am
>> sio a from field of dreams is like the pinnacle of baseball movies. you know, it's got that it's got so many really deep level connections for me. >> one right >> yes, you should go in the court. you know, you should like walking to the corner and walk out of the corn and pretend you're joe exactly what he had to catch played catch with my boy. yeah. which is like i think you have to write like some played catch on the field. my i ran the bases with my we get a little lump in your throat. right. you know you you this there's some theres something magical about this is one of those must see best >> that's so cool was mark demsky reporting. wilson says he's not sure when he'll continue his 10 stadiums 10 day tour. but he's hoping to
9:28 am
finish it some point. but what a worthwhile detoured. yeah. >> they connect with a great movie and then the real of her. well, the real when they built the field of dreams they have a game last night. that's right. yeah. white sox and yankees sox. one. >> 9.27 and there's lots more ahead. we'll. >> from the field of dreams to the field of genes. the forty-niners will take the field tomorrow for the first preseason game. and guess what fans. you're welcome to come fans. you're welcome to come in. we'll (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure.
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>> 9.30 right now. we're taking a live look here at sfo i never go there anymore. been in oakland. so many times, but it looks like it's running on time and pretty sunny yet doesn't look too socked in with fog. yes, sunshine coming through john in the weather center, keeping an eye on our improve. sometimes you got to go stuff over a deal. i mean, sometimes, you know, lights on delays. yeah, that's up to you, john. >> i know your secret santa rosa. now to the all. yeah. go to the shoulder. there rosa, we got out of yeah. >> san jose is a bit of a drive to haha. but it's also beautiful. i love that airport. we are looking outside at some conditions this morning that have cleared out really nicely most of us are looking at a good dose of sunshine at this point. even your berkeley hills cam which oftentimes shows cloud cover later in the day than about any of our other cameras is showing a lot of rightness working its way down. now areas like santa rosa out to the coastline in point. rays are some of our cloudy us
9:32 am
still bayside areas of clear really nicely now has his the city and the south bay. well, san jose, you're doing really nicely at 67 same in dublin in concord, pittsburgh at 71 enjoy this moment because it gets hotter for all these areas into the afternoon talking that hot friday afternoon forecast. still to come, reyna so that we do have a hot spot this morning. almost out of got the tracker and but anyways. >> this is a hotspot 5.80. westbound to 30 northbound. at least 2 lanes there. our block this traffic collision has been there. they just turn into a hot spot because lanes are blocked us in castro valley. so as you're driving along 5.80, you're going to experience that slowdown and that delay some of the only a8cident out there. we've got another one that just popped up. and sam, a tail one. oh, one northbound south of east hillsdale boulevard there. and we're seeing a delay along one oh, one to 80 not so bad over there. another traffic collision. a new one up here in pittsburgh. highway 4 westbound east of lovers road. so now in the 9 o'clock hour.
9:33 am
are we starting to see more traffic collisions across our nphighways heading into the city. no major delays as you're traveling from the east bay. they are 5, 1880, moving along just fine. the san mateo bridge also looks pretty great. a little under 14 minutes there for your drive time and we'll leave you with the richmond. sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 8 minutes daryn. james, back to you. thanks >> so let's talk politics now as california's recall, ballots are starting to hit mailboxes. the republican party is make a concerted effort to target hispanic voters in a bid to unseat governor newsome, get him out of office and we had a recent inside california politics poll that showed the majority of hispanics. >> would vote to recall kron four's ashley zavala has the story. also dozens of california gop volunteers gathered for a virtual workshop thursday. the focus build relationships and gain support for governor gavin newsom's recall from latino voters with this governor can't buy is the people of california and the movement that's been created by his
9:34 am
failed leadership. the group plans to spend the next month in gauging with latinos to religious and community groups going door to door and propping up phone banks. they're working to reach business owners impacted by shutdowns and lower-income let you know is affected by the state's taxes and housing issues. thursday's workshop comes after all, recent inside california politics. emerson college poll showed growing support for governor gavin newsom's recall. >> 54% of hispanic respondents said they would vote to remove the governor from office studies show about 30% of californians voting population is latino. what our job is that the california republican party is to make sure we turn those voters out i know you are the first gop chairwoman. >> what do you think is just not sitting well with this group when it comes to this governor. >> well, i think within the latino community, there are some very specific issues that are in trouble to our everyday life in that pursuit of happiness number oae is being
9:35 am
able to find a good job so that you can provide for your family. number 2 is making sure that your children have a good education so that they can have a better life. and number 3 is making sure that our streets are safe. see a gop officials say the group now has 64,000 volunteers. a 52% increase from the last election cycle. those volunteers are set to mobilize on the gop is day of action. this upcoming saturday. >> the group that knowledge is there's a lot of work to do in a little bit of time in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and don't forget, you can see the major republican candidates going head to head as they debate the issues later this month inside california politics is going to be hosting the debate right here and our kron 4 studios. it's going to air next thursday. so not just later this month next week, next thursday, august 19th at 07:00pm tune in and watch. >> no one else you can watch this weekend. the raiders channel 4 and the niners if you like, with that high c
9:36 am
jimmy g is going to get the start. but then we're going to see trail. and yes, we'll get to see strut his stuff and find out why. >> the niners traded so much to get him in the lineup. let's hope it's all worth it and it's going to be first time in a long time that fans are going to be in levi's person. watch a game kron four's will tran is following us live from santa clara high. well. >> good morning, james and area. this will be the first time the fans will get to be in the stadium and full capacity since 2019 in the nfc championship game when the niners beat aaron rodgers and went to the super bowl. no restrictions as many fans as they can possibly pack into the stadium regardless of the surge in delta variant covid-19. but there are some covid-19 things that you need to know. one being that if you're indoors like if the restroom you will have to mask up regardless of vaccination status and there are certain locations within the ballpark
9:37 am
where you will be indoors and they will have. you have your mask on if you forgot your mask, they will have plenty of masks available so you can get one from the staff members here. plenty of hand sanitizers. so you can watch the field and once or outdoors don't worry about putting on your mask. you're good to go there. >> you can see jimmy g and trey lance. they want to see trey lance and jimmy g play a real game. they look really good in practice like alan irene island iverson said practice. we're talking about practice, not a game but practice. now they get to see them in a game situation, especially trey lance to take him for a test drive. i mean, he was the 3rd overall pick according to pix, the experts believe that the niners will go deep into the playoffs and probably into the super bowl and you get to watch the whole thing. >> but remember, make sure that you bring your mask. they will ask you to social
9:38 am
distance if you possibly can. but that might be hard with a full stadium and speaking a stadium. this was the area where the most vaccinations took place in the entire state when this was a vaccination site, 350,000 people get their shots. they won't require you to prove vaccination. but the niners they are encouraging you to join the team. team vaccinated back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot. all right. and as daryn mentioned earlier, the raiders also playing this weekend taking on the seattle seahawks marcus mariota will likely not be playing on saturday. he suffered a leg injury practice. but coach gruden says that he should only be out just a few days interestingly, though gruden makes a point of saying nobody's playing nobody that, you our car, the starters, he says is a chance for you to see. >> the other guys and to see in person. they're beautiful palace at allegiant stadium in vegas.
9:39 am
>> gives you goose pumps. you know, gets excited and i don't think you're going to see a lot of the players play. unfortunately because of, you know, the reality of what this is. this is an exhibition game. but to unite with our fans and. kickoff football season officially in las vegas is somewhere really excited about something. we really take a lot of pride. >> so far for this is, you know, doesn't count right thing. i love downplaying it. you're dying to see football. love seeing don't forget. we are. by the way, your bay area home for the las vegas raiders lot of local fans still want to see the play the game. so we've got it for you. saturday beginning at 5.30. we'll have our pre-game show. >> and then we're going to follow that up with the 06:00pm broadcast of the game itself and then afterwards are going to break down all the action, the crop for raiders post-game report. make sure you tune again. that's 05:00pm 05:30pm, tomorrow. we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like...
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9:43 am
he does want to continue a public battle with his daughter. >> times. i 42. we'll be right back. 45 and the future of
9:44 am
9:45 am
lake tahoe may not be blue. no. in fact, you see davis environmental researchers say that. >> their annual state of the lake reports suggest climate change and above average
9:46 am
temperatures may be affecting. now the clarity of tacos bluewater melanie townsend takes a look. >> the last time researchers were able to see 100 feet down in lake tahoe is clear water was in 1960. but in the last several years, the average depth of visibility was no more than 70 feet due to environmental changes. doctor jeffrey shaw toe with the environmental research center says this is keeping them from reaching their goal of improving tahoe, uc-health clarity. the biggest factors being heat in microscopic put the same to change the way from this is how to pitch is increasing. >> so this temperature of 20 degrees celsius. 68 degrees fahrenheit. actually society and that change into elite. that does lake tahoe also dropped 2 and a half feet last year. this combined with the
9:47 am
reduction of uv radiation from wildfire smoke in warmer surface water temps will only exacerbate the buildup of an invasive species of asian clans. >> in algae called on the left here beautiful, beautiful scene. there was a bottle of this is what a child who bought a look like now. so what can be done to save the lake from bacteria and clans. >> we'll turn. researchers have come up with several different solutions. and one of them comes in the form of animal treats. >> and you change she looked at clues. thank, you know, the plan is to harvest these tiny. yet heidi destructive strip isis then and then though the don't reach as a way of summing engage in people's awareness of the patients. for now, turk scientists will continue to monitor with drone flyovers diving expeditions in psa keeping lake flew china
9:48 am
beyond just having tools been having an improved in sacramento, melanie townsend, fox 40 news. >> it is. i wanted to stay and i never thought i'd say this, obviously blue. but cold. it's supposed to be cold. and if we don't want that creeping in the late. right. well, the weather up there look fantastic in that video. let's find out what kind of weather we can expect here in the bay area. >> with john. good morning john. yes, nice to see the blue up there, at least when that story was being put together because i who hasn't been under the blue skies. >> 100% so far this summer season. there's been smoky skies from time to time just as we tapped into this weekend here in the bay area now where we're at right now is actually not too bad here nor the weather center forecast is showing some clearing skies over san francisco. and although we do have an air quality advisory in effect, most of us are actually in the good category, moderate pockets will pop up this afternoon and that's why we're
9:49 am
in that category. just below a spare the air alert. so at our worst in that moderate group today areas to our north continue to be in the very poor to worst air quality categories. now, as far as conditions go with winds, winds will pick up later today making today, the breezy us of the week so far winds anywhere from 15 to 30 mile per hour gusts at mountain tops bridge level and near the coastline. that's something no impact. you more as you're driving home from work today. it's also going to steer some more cloud cover and into the evening tonight. so do expect another gray start to the morning tomorrow for your saturday right now. we do still have some low grade hanging out from sonoma county out into portions of coastal marin counties, little bit of it at the coastline. but we've cleared up really nicely a lot quicker than we did yesterday. still a muggy feel at times but much of our monsoonal moisture has shifted out of the region. any chance of thunderstorms and snow across the sierra nevada. and unlike yesterday when we had a few sprinkles. obviously this morning has been dry and clearing out quicker, 60's and 70's for your highs in sf 60's
9:50 am
near the coastline and temperatures along the bay mostly in the 70's to 80's today. burlingame at 80 degrees. san carlos and redwood city at 84 for your highs. south bay temperatures in the mid upper 80's to low 90's that our warmest in the south bay east bay daytime highs. not much different than yesterday. it will be 70's for the east bay shoreline, at least for the most part to some 90's further inland danville up to concord over to antioch it up to vacaville all in the 90's and some of her hottest spots today, tomorrow and sunday are actually going to be even hotter than today's about to be. so we have to get through some more heat before we do eventually enjoy some cooler weather on average into next week. highs falling into the upper 80's that our warmest by tuesday and wednesday bayside in coastal areas staying pretty much the same with 60's and 70's not going anywhere in these areas. reyna john, thanks for that. we do have a hot spot. this one is in castro valley. >> 5.80, westbound just east of to 38 right there. so you're saying that delay 2 lanes blocked not seen any major issues along 8.80, or
9:51 am
what you do finally hit 5.80. there. that's not the only accident that is the hot spot, though, for us down here in san mateo one. oh, one northbound south of east hillsdale and at least one lane is blocked there and we're seeing that slight delay to san carlos highway 4 westbound east of loveridge road in pittsburgh. you're seeing that traffic delays as you're traveling crockett down to the maze because of that. i'm taking a little under 13 minutes. there. 11 minutes into the city. we go. the bay bridge looking great to that fremont street exit no major issues there for us. that's the silver lining in this friday. 13th, the san mateo bridge also a great under 14 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula and the richmond sandra fell bridge let's nice a little under 9 minutes. golden gate bridge. 20 minutes for your drive into the city. daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. raise. 9.51 and san francisco police are offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads them to solve a cold case murder this week marks 15 years since 17
9:52 am
year-old aubrey opera. casa was killed. he was at the intersection of grove and baker streets when he was shot several times every year around this date of his death, his family and friends and police officers gather at the site where he was killed to remember him. >> i was getting by a car for his a graduation, but it didn't make it. you know, it still hurts. it hurts. and can do to bring awareness, not just to my son but other mothers and fathers that are out there suffering in silence. >> ever since the bridge mother has been advocating against gun violence. 9.52 is the time will be right back.
9:53 am
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>> 95 just about done on the kron 4 morning news for friday, but they never stop on kron on sanaz to her knees in the newsroom with a preview. hi son. good morning, daria. we're just about one month away from governor newsom's recall election and he's launching his no recall campaign. today's on a few minutes, he'll be kicking off that campaign. >> from andy's cafe here in san francisco. we'll have that live for you live on kron-on once that begins at a watch newsom's campaign launch and get real-time updates on all your local and national
9:56 am
headlines. grab your phone scanned, the qr code you see on your screen will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron-on for free. back to you. thanks a lot and asked to amazing baseball games. the giants and the a's. the giants was amazing. >> because it's their 5th in a row. they're still number one in baseball for winds and it was 7 to nothing. so long out. you can't. yeah. they will out the rockies will be better than could be better than 7 to 0. how about. >> 17 his ear all i can't even believe so the a's were playing the cleveland indians. but i think it was the cleveland indians from major league baseball with charlie as opposed explain this. i don't know but i love that they were on fire. the a's is. >> 17 to nothing about that. we'll see what yeah, go for. but they're into the home stretch of the season outlook at sharp. both teams looking yeah, but not the not the indians. it was for major league after rent that want to get yeah. wow saying all
9:57 am
movies. >> that you missed i i like is james tie right is right. his forty-niners this weekend. levi stadium mention that con for is going to show you the raiders giving 20 of saturday and the weather. yes, if you're not on the couch to santa clara this weekend. tomorrow night. 80's names to that sunscreen sunscreen and screen and football. that's weird baseball. i get the sun some of ball. i know it's a new one. all right. have a great a monday. in
9:58 am
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