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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  August 13, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> booster shots for people with weakened immune systems are getting the green light now from the fda will get either pfizer or moderna the mrna ys. it's unclear when those shots will start to actually be administered. but it's expected to be quite soon. our had that fred, the doctor peter chin hong from ucsf. he joins us now to talk about the booster, the recent vaccine requirements. >> an ounce for san francisco in a whole lot more. let's with squid and kick it off here with the booster is it just for immunocompromised people are 65 plus or do you decide who gets a
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>> well, vicki, the lowest hanging fruit is definitely the email compromise patient population and even within that group, there are those who i even more immunocompromised and others. so i think what you'll get from the cdc in the next few days is clarity on who a month stay in compromise going to be included. definitely solid transplant. definitely people stem cell born march on spots of people may hear some kinds of chemotherapy. we're waiting to hear the rest in terms of people over 65 even though approved in some other we're still waiting on that guidance. we haven't seen a lot of breakthrough hospitalizations with people who are just over 65 without being immunocompromised. we have seen hospitalizations in those who vaccinated, who are immunocompromised coming in just last week i was taking care of some of these patients talking a lot about needing to
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prove you're vaccinated soon in san francisco to enter indoor. >> areas. what about outside? we have these concerts that are outside. >> yeah. the giants and a's games. the forty-niners soon. people packed together not needing to wear masks. technically, how safe is it to be outside now with delta. >> that's a great question. we do know that in the pre delta days being outside was 20 times, less risky than being inside. so if you take a vaccinated person, our doors, even the fee, some delta. and you know, that else's twice as likely as infectious as the previous variance. then you know, is still talking by a very, very little wrist. you take an unvaccinated door is with a risky spent on bunch of people crowded closely together. you can see how that might be risky. so it's you know, the behaviors ride them being indoors you can be the
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only person in a trader and that will be relatively wrist free. this is being, you know, being very intimate with somebody outdoors who is we don't know the side of 7 that could be risky as well. it sounds like a a numbers >> back to the vaccines were she also hearing them the moderna it tends to be a little bit more effective against the. >> the delta variant. why is that? why i mean, pfizer's similar. type of vaccine. so. how do you explain it. >> i think the study findings were frankly baffling to many people, including myself. i think what is consistent amount of what study look at is that both vaccines pfizer moderna and j j to some keeping people away from the hospital. if you think about the outcome we care most about is making someone super sick enough to go to the hospital.
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and in that all vaccines in operation warp speed and doing a fine job. so i got pfizer. i'm not rushing out to go and get moderna now, example. >> so many of us have spent so much time over the past year and a half doing everything we can to avoid the virus. but delta has kind of changed the game. it seems do we as a society need to kind of mentally emotionally get comfortable with the fact that we're probably at one point going to inhale the virus that sars covid too. but if you're vaccinated, then it might not turn into covid the disease and you'll be fine. but will all sort of inhale. the virus. >> you're right. grand. i think at the end of the day. >> some, you know, at some point all of us will probably be exposed sars covid 2 that causes covid. but we just want to make sure you know, people vaccinated that they don't end up in the hospital. we have to be able to learn to live with this. as you said, we can't
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shut down businesses every time there is infection as long as the hospitalizations, a stable right now we're in this really bad limbo because we have infection risk. but we also have high hospitalization rates because of the wide swath of people who i not vaccinated and you can see that in the states where there is very low vaccination rate. they're really missing the scenes of the hospital is kind of like 2020 all over again. >> oh, boy, that's a nightmare i'm ok, gentlemen, you were talking about inhaling the virus. let's talk about schools air filtration systems is that something that? school should be installing. and is it effective. >> yes. so they are portable half of areas could be another layer of protection. but it's not a mandatory thing. the way i think about enhancing safety in schools. the most important thing parents can think about
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is vaccinating all the adults in the kids like that. a good ineligible vaccinations under 12. that is teachers staff grandparents parents cousins, brothers sisters. what older the next set of things are just sort of like icing on the cake. there are. many of the things that schools use and the cdc is deliberately written their guidance and that way. so there's masking, which i think is the relatively straightforward relatively easy to implement cheap. there is ventilation. you open the window. we live in california. it's hopefully i will be relatively easy to do. 3 feet apart, not a game changer for schools that can do it, but you know, half of filtration might be one thing that some rooms mike invest in. so. they are bunch of different things that people can do testing, of course, is another strategy like what stanford started announced
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going to start to do once weekly. so you have a bunch of different things. but vaccination is the most important thing second wasn't one thing. and there was one thing mice by before and then you can choose from the press. we're going to be ok. we're definitely going to be ok, i'm going each other person i promise. and you know, we'll you know, we'll have chairs or saludo. what have you. >> all right. peter chin, hong, i always a pleasure to watch. have you on the program. you're so informative and thank you for leaving us with that positive definitely thanks. grant. vicki that. thanks. thank you. and by the way, you can stay with kron 4 always for continuing covid coverage. >> just scan the qr code with your phone. you'll be directed to our web page dedicated to covid. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. plans to repopulate areas evacuated due to the dixie fire have been canceled cal fire had originally planned to
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allow residents of some areas of plumas county, including the town of chester and les common or west to return home today. but those plans have been delayed because of spot fires along the highway. 36 quarter. >> the bay area air quality management district has expanded their air quality advisory through sunday. the advisory was scheduled to end today. the extension is due to smoke from wildfires in northern california and southern oregon. the air quality district says the smoke will be especially bad in the north bay mountains, east bay hills diablo range and coastal hills. people with respiratory illness. they're being asked to take extra precautions to avoid exposure to smoke. >> may not look the same in a few years. the concerns over the clarity of the lake. just ahead. >> cheaper groceries and reducing food waste. a new company kicking things off in san francisco and bill cosby
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is back in court. the new allegations he is facing in california.
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>> the new york state assembly will suspend its impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo once he steps down according to the chamber's top democrat. this is because the assembly judiciary committee cannot legally impeach and remove an elected official who's no longer in office. the 3 term democratic governor announced his resignation on tuesday
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over harassment allegations and an investigation by the state attorney general there that accuse cuomo of sexually harassing at least 11 women cuomo set to leave office august 24th new york's governor kathy hochul will take over becoming the first female governor in new york state history. >> bill cosby was back in court today facing a new accusation of sexually abusing a child cosby is being accused of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old girl back in 1974 that accuser judy haas claims that cosby met her gave her alcohol then took her to the playboy mansion where he allegedly tried to make advances cosby could potentially go to trial for this case next year. the comedian was recently released from prison after pennsylvania's highest court throughout his previous assault conviction. los angeles. judge has once again dismissed one of 11 assault counts in an indictment against harvey weinstein. one count of battery was restrict
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by restraint was dismissed 2 weeks ago because of the statute of limitations. the judge allowed prosecutors to amend the allegation. but yesterday she rejected the updated count 2 weinstein has pleaded not guilty to the other 10 counts. the 69 year-old convicted rapist was serving a 23 year sentence in new york when he was extradited to los angeles last month to face charges there. >> 3 seasons on those here for the silver and black of the the silver and black of the raiders are getting re this is an epic bbq barbeque burger. cannonball! ♪ ♪ what? nothing, you're good. face is good. face is good. your face is there. try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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>> lake tahoe is getting warmer and it's clear water could be in jeopardy. the new state of the lake report shows the tahoe surface water temperature. it reached a record breaking 68 degrees in july. the multiyear drought has also lowered lake levels by nearly 2 and a half feet. you see davis's environmental research center says that these conditions are setting the stage for. >> dangerous bacteria and more invasive species to take hold a tipping point that could destroy the lake's clarity. >> let's show what's and i'm age look like. he's a he can from a leak that does suffer side of chair will and it's pretty. and thing can be toxic. >> oh, that would be terrible. scientists plan to monitor the lake with drone flyovers and
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diving expeditions. meantime, a tahoe officials locals say whether visitors are being asked to do their part by keeping trash and contaminants out of the waters. there. >> that's one of those days where it's just miserable a new york city. you have a 195 million people across the u.s. that are under heat advisories today with excessive heat warnings in place. that means more than half the country's population is facing dangerous heat. at the same time severe thunderstorms are threatening the midwest and parts of the east coast. and just today no announced the july was the earth's hottest month ever recorded. and with that we bring it back to the bay where it is not oppressive. certainly not in san francisco quite pleasant on this friday night as we look live there quite our yeah. one of the few the clothes that is. nice and cool. yeah, we're lucky to be here. we've got that nice on shore breeze right now in the fall.
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>> hanging out around the bay area. but it's going to get hot again away from the coastline even around the bay area this weekend. these temperatures going to be soaring near triple digits. but all along the west coast, high pressure taking in over the southwest again. but across the country. there you go. forecasted highs tomorrow. 91 orleans 85 degrees, oklahoma city 92 in hot in denver, a 103 in vegas 99 in boys in really the western half the u.s. is going to bake under some pretty tense scene fact. we've got some heat warnings up across the pacific northwest current temperatures up there. you're looking 90's. so right near seattle was temperatures. a scorching in many spots 95 in portland got a 105 degrees in the dallas. you got 97 degrees also these temperatures just pretty hot. generally anywhere. you go away from the coastline. but right along the beaches. you see just enough of a breeze there. keep those numbers much, much cooler. all right. our fog has moved back in. it is going to be sticking around tonight pushing into the bay. people out and about on the go. looks like out on the golden gate this evening.
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we're going to see our numbers and the much we're cool on the coastline. of course, 59 degrees in pacifica. still 84 degrees. that's relatively warm in cockermouth comfortable 80 in the napa valley right now and 69 degrees in berkeley. but things are going to be changing overnight tonight. we've got some mid to high level clouds rolling on through some of the monsoon going to be moving on by tonight. then tomorrow just some patchy fog into the bay early along the coast. then we clear things out by the afternoon. a lot of sunshine and then these temperatures start to settle in and get a little hot. well into the 90's, getting near triple digits by tomorrow afternoon inland, 70's 80's around the bay 60's toward the coastline next few days will be hot through the weekend that will cool down slowly toward the middle of next week. all right, lawrence. >> hey football is back. forty-niners kick off their preseason schedule. this weekend. this is also going to be the first time that the niners play in front of fans at levi stadium since the end of the 2019 season despite the recent surge in cases. the team is not limiting capacity
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inside the stadium there. there are going to be safety protocols, though in place. you're not required to prove that you're vaccinated or prove that you don't have covid-19, but they are encouraging everybody to get vaccinated if you're outside, you won't have to wear your mask. but if you're inside like in the bathroom, you're going to have to mask up regardless of your vaccination status. the team is going to have a hand sanitizers available throughout the stadium kickoff. time is 5.30. jimmy garoppolo will start in the. >> highly touted rookie trey, let's expected to play a lot in the 1st half their meanwhile, we're just about 24 hours away from the raiders preseason opener is they will host seattle in vegas. the silver and black will look to improving many areas this season after a lackluster 8, 8 record last year, the betting odds out of vegas, though, this year have the raiders finishing campaign at an underwhelming 7 in 10, although we might not see many of the starters for the raiders in tomorrow's game. it is a chance for the rookies and reserves to make names for themselves, try to help the
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squad get rolling right out of the gate. how you get watch this thing. well, kron four's, your bay area, home of the raiders. you can catch the silver and black taking on the seahawks in their first preseason game tomorrow night on kron 4 starts at 5.30, with the crowd for pre-game show followed by the game at 6 in that analysis of all the action on the kron 4 raiders post-game report. you can also screen to get all your raiders news. >> and some money while making sure no food goes to waste. now there's an app for that how it's changing the grocery business
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>> what if we told you that you could get a whole bag of groceries worth $50 for just under $6. there's a new company that's making its way here to the bay area says a good deal, right. not only will it help you score that deal. but you'll be helping fight food waste at the same time. kron four's. noelle bellow reports. >> it's. >> it sure that it's so simple to do something that makes sense. and i think today we or need to do things that just make sense, too good to go. it's the latest worldwide effort to reduce food waste. and a few months ago. it made its way to the bay area in the bay area. mean, we don't not even 3 months ago. we've already saved more than 70,000 lucy bash is the co-founder of too good to company created in denmark 5 years ago with the intention and dream of a planet with no food waste.
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now. it's 14 million users around the world are using its app to buy products that would otherwise get tossed that connects stores that might have left the rate the end of the day. >> to consumers. people like you and who can pay a small price and the app to come at the end of the day and couldn't hold the food that would have been thrown away. all you have to do is download the app and set your location. it will automatically show you which restaurants and grocery stores are having deals, places like luke local in san francisco. the minimum amount when fact can >> 3 on i would say that our backs are filled with at least $55. >> local cells about 6 bags a day at the too. good to go. rate of 5.99 customers can find anything from bacon to fresh produce cup cakes and bread and their bags. it's actually items that are super fresh still on there. just past their best buy to so we have fresh sally general
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manager alejandro palomar a says being able to reduce waste and bring in new customers is a big benefit. there is really. >> not a lot of work and you're able to sell something that he would have just tossed before. there's no joining fee for businesses or customers, too good to go just takes a flat rate of a buck 79 on each bag. >> and here in the bay, there's even a donate feature encouraging users to help fight food insecurity with the sfa moran food bank. >> and that's when you kind of closing the new and making sure that of course you can find a way. but you can also help writing food insecurity. so, you know, it's making that when we got that again, where everyone can benefit currently about 400 businesses in san francisco. oakland and berkeley our partners with too good to go in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 foot. we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 06:00pm more in just one vicki and grant thanks you both.
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vicki, welcome back. good to see you. justine is here with me tonight at 6. oh, happy to say that and coming up in northern california. doctor accused of selling fake vaccination exemptions for children. >> who is taking action against him and what parents need to know. plus, governor gavin newsom speaking about the upcoming recall election. what he is saying to his supporters and campaign volunteers also be joined live by our political analyst david mckeown to go over. >> the recall election. i'm justine waltman. i'm pam moore. the news at 6 is next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. and again, if you, you know, don't have somebody in your party who wants to show proof of vaccination or isn't capable of it. >> then i would recommend that you you call the restaurant and you see if there's an outside table. going out in san francisco starting next week you are going to need to have your covid-19 vaccination card in order to enter any business that draws a crowd. >> good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on this friday on kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. i'm justine waltman. ken wayne is off tonight. now proof of vaccines. >> we'll just be another thing you're going have to show if you want to eat indoors or head to the gym in san francisco. but you actually need the that cdc card that you got when you got your shot. not so much conference as you in, you explains what you do need to have.


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