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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 16, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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16th 04:29am. approaching 4.30. john stable. and i've been actively talking about this great weather. also this slowly improving air quality for those of us who are very sensitive to the air. john, what can we expect today night fell to this weekend. it was breathe unaided like it too much. i'm sure a lot of you are the same. >> good news for today's air quality will gradually improve by the afternoon. i have a detailed air quality forecast in the full forecast for you. but just a little allusion to what we've got ahead of us is that improvement definitely better than we were this weekend as far as temperatures go, we're still going to be hot for another day. you look outside this morning at the east bay. this is your berkeley hills camera. definitely some low lying cloud cover. but visibility has not been an issue for most this morning. we do have 2 advisories as far as wind goes one on the altamont pass along 5.80, east deliver more as well as along the dumbarton bridge right there at the south end of the bay, 50's and
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60's for current temps san jose liver morning chat 62 pittsburgh definitely a mild spot at 69 while alameda and oakland at 60 some 50's along one. oh, one from santa rosa down through timber on all at 55 degrees right now. here's a look ahead into the afternoon. so daytime highs today will still be high inland areas well into the 90's. in fact, i have 3 triple digits in your 4 zone forecast ahead. coastal areas. much more mild in the 60's bayshore areas anywhere from the 70's to the 80's reyna don, thank you for that. let's get a look at your bridges this morning. >> heading from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes. so things are looking great there on that commute. the san mateo bridge also pretty light for us this morning on the 13 minutes, the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're traveling out of richmond across or sandra fell a little under 9 minutes and they've already taking those cones they had on the bridge off of the bridge of that even more improvement there and the golden gate bridge heading into the city. a little under 21 minutes. happening today,
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san francisco unified school district. they're going to be welcoming students back for in-person learning. >> all the students and school staff are going to have to wear mask regardless if you're vaccinated or not. >> teachers must either get vaccinated against covid-19 or submit weekly coronavirus testing results. the district also provides online classes for families who are concerned about covid. in san jose students who fell behind last year because a distance learning may have another chance at improving their grades. city leaders are introducing a new bill that's going allow students to redo the 2020 to 2021 school year. the grading system is going to be based on pass or fail instead of letter grades to earn a high school diploma. city leaders say the bill could help many students in underserved communities. san jose. police arrested 2 people told for cars and cited dozens of people inside shows over the weekend. this comes almost
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2 months after san jose become the first major us city to make it illegal to promote the sideshows in street racing activities. kron four's tell has more on the city's crackdown. there. >> drivers went on an illegal sideshow spree across the city of san jose saturday night in west san jose where they ended up north san jose east san jose one. oh, one downtown. several several at one time as they moved around the city trying to avoid the police to jose police arrested 2 people including the driver of this vehicle and recovered in a legal go sky. police say they also towed for cars incited 20 people. however, more than 200 cars involved in the sideshows got away at one side show a car had several spectators but police have not released information about injuries just a few months ago, cell phone video captured the sideshows near monterey high. >> council member in foley says. >> the city has made it known that they do not take these crimes lately. it's scary.
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it's dangerous. and the city is taking action to make sure that they don't happen in the city of san jose. the recent arrests come almost 2 months after the city added another tool to its belt and stopping activity in june of this year. san jose became the first major us city to make illegal to promote sideshows. >> whether on social media phone where word of mouth and in 2019 city leaders passed an ordinance to make it illegal to be a spectator at a sideshow. instances violators can face fines up to $1000 in jail. time up to 6 months. well, it's too soon to tell. fully believes the combined ordinances seem to be working according to police, that i've had contact with this morning in discussions about this. >> they believe that the couple of ordinance, both with the bystander ordinance a couple of years ago and then the recent promoter ordinance on social media will be very effective tamping down the the
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sideshows. >> well, they hopes additional penalties will continue to discourage sideshows and prevent more injuries or even deaths from happening. most recently 19 year-old jamie pitch died in june after crashing his vehicle during an illegal street race on still avenue in san jose to love key kron 4 news. >> also in the south bay planes at the view airport and san jose, they're going to be switching to unleaded fuel. this comes after a recent study showed elevated levels of lead in blood samples taken from children who live nearby the airport representatives for the group committed to keeping the airport open will release more details about the switch to online. a few later this morning. last november, santa clara county supervisors voted to begin the planning process for closing the airport and repurposing the land supervisors are expected to discuss the matter in a meeting tomorrow. over in the south bay police arrested a man they say was drunk driving and tried to leave the scene after hitting a pedestrian
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near downtown. the person who was hit later died. police have not released any information about the person who was hit but shortly after that crash, police tracked down the driver and arrested him on a dui hit and run and vehicular manslaughter charges. this is san jose's 15 pedestrian traffic death so far in 2021. a fight over a parking spot and with minimal park police arresting a man after they say pointed a gun at a woman. it happened yesterday morning at the safeway on el camino real out the victim told police she asked the man to move his car because it was taking up 2 spaces when officers arrived after the contract that the confrontation there, they found the suspect with a loaded gun in the front passenger seat. police arrested barton lunsford with and no word on the charges. he now currently faces. police say the gun was not register. 4. is your local election headquarters and happening today. governor newsom will be in san jose to wrap up his
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string of campaign events encouraging supporters to vote no on the upcoming recall ballot. the governor spent the weekend rally in southern california. that election is now less than a month away. jennifer mcgraw has the latest. answer is no. >> vote no on the recall send the ballot back in with less than a month to go. governor gavin newsome supporters calling on californians to fight recall meanwhile, in santa we're looking for someone who's not. gavin newsome. this guy has failed so badly a rally advocating yes, on the recall to get new some out criticizing the lockdown orders. gavin newsome didn't care. when you lost your job. he didn't care when your child couldn't go to school. he didn't care when you had challenges in your life. but now he's showing up asking you to help him out because his jobs on the line now recent polls show voters
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are nearly split over the recall vote. the emerson college. next, our poll found that 46% of voters were in favor of the recall against newsome. >> well, 48% were opposed. >> son. is hoping his party will save him. you look at registered voters, we're going to defeat the saying overwhelmingly question is can we close that gap unlikely voters by reminding democrats. what's at stake. but those supporting the recall election say nuisance initial pandemic restrictions are having a lasting impact on small businesses. we're understaffed. a small businesses are jumping through every hoop. >> in the world for every time that new some changes his mind on something. i want folks to understand it. that we will turn the page on this pandemic. and you will see marked progress the september 14 election will break down into 2 questions to keep new stunning power or toss the governor and elect a new one. >> and don't forget, you can see the candidates go head to
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head in a debate this coming thursday inside california politics will host a debate right here in the kron 4 studios on august 19th at 07:00pm. another big story this morning. the biden administration is facing a swarm of backlash after taliban fighters successfully capture the afghanistan capital. right now. thousands are trying to flee is chaos breaks out across the country. kron four's, washington correspondent raquel martin is live in dc with the latest. good morning. workout. >> good morning. what we still haven't heard directly from the president. but we do know he will be briefed on this now, kate audit situation playing out in afghanistan later this morning. but we did get an update from the pentagon. they will now be sending even more troops to try and secure that airport in kabul and make kabul and make sure as many americans in afghan citizens get out as safely as possible as soon as possible. >> the u.s. embassy in kabul is now urging americans and
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afghans not to travel to the international airport in kabul until at images overnight continue to show hundreds making a mad dash to planes. the fleet taliban control the pentagon and state department say the u.s. military is now sending 6,000 troops to secure the location to evacuate thousands of american citizens and vulnerable afghans. the ramped up effort comes after sunday. taliban fighters successfully seized the capital of kabul. nearly 20 years since being ousted unmitigated disaster of epic proportions earlier sunday on cnn's state of the union, texas republican michael mccaul slammed the biden administration's exit strategy. this is going to be a stain on this president in his presidency. and i think he's going to blood on his hands for what they did on twitter. iowa republican senator chuck grassley compared the now dire situation on the ground decide on calling it, quote, failed leadership. this is not
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saigon. but sunday morning, secretary of state anthony blinken push back against criticism and stood by the administration's efforts. we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission. >> and that mission was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9.11 and we have succeeded remaining in afghanistan for another. 1, 5.10, years is not the national interest. >> the u.s. and now dozens of countries are calling on the taliban to keep the borders open, to allow afghans to flee if they so choose. now the big question is will the international community ultimately recognize the taliban government secretary blinken says they are in the middle of diplomatic talks to determine this would ultimately will come down to if they continue to violate human rights or potentially harbor terrorists for now in washington, raquel martin, back to >> thank you for that report. workout. well, still to come on the kron 4 morning news the giants and a's built make for the playoffs. we have the highlights coming up after we
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get back from break.
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>> maybe he felt it. i got felton july was the hottest month ever recorded around the
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world that all according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration noaa. they released their data showing the combined land and ocean surface temperature on earth was nearly 2 degrees hotter than what's considered average. they say it was the hottest july and a 142 years. last month, numerous heat waves are recorded around the world putting a new meaning on hot girl summer. john travel in the studio this morning. actively checking on the heat. is it going to be just as hot. this august as it was in july. and so, yes, there's likely to be a trend of weather generally. that's what we've seen over the past 20 or so years. this gradual increase. >> in temperatures across not just california but as rain was mentioning in that story just a second ago just across our climate. playing it as as a whole. so i mean, we'll see what the climatology ends up telling us it certainly has been a hot one here in the bay area over the past few days,
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though. you're north cal on the weather center forecast this morning is showing some clear enough skies to kick things off right across the bay bridge. we do have some breezy conditions in the u.s. a couple of wind advisories. one along 5.80 east of livermore on the altamont pass and the other on the dumbarton bridge bay bridge. you don't have a wind advisory, but obviously enough of a breeze out there this morning. skies will remain dry as we work our way through this morning's forecast the sort of cloud cover sitting above the bay so drizzle is also going to remain minimal. let's get a look at smoke. so we did have some impact from wildfire smoke over the weekend. but look, as we see the sea breeze pushing in overnight tonight. it's really going to start to clear that worst of smoke further and further inland playing it through one more time for you hear this deep reds and yellows indicating those pockets of heavy smoke that gradually just retreat further and further inland even meeting some relief towards the central valley as we work our way into your monday night, which is a really nice note as of this morning, we do have some moderate pockets to poor pockets of air quality across the region already improved on
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the peninsula and across the bay side and will continue to gradually see these improvements through the day. so this is really good news. even as today will be the hottest of the forecast meeting that's going to keep you inside more than the actual smoke. well, as conditions improve as far as air quality goes 60's for your highs at the coast. it will be 70's and 80's right along the bay shore today millbrae at 77 degrees. foster city right at 80 redwood city at 84 degrees for your high today. south bay temperatures 80's to low 90's, depending on where you're talking san jose 87 fremont, 83 hayward on up through oakland and eventually to richmond in the 70's. well, danville and conquer just shy of triple digits. we've got any out pittsburgh and vacaville each in the triple digits. so today our hottest one, the one thing we can hold on to as a positive. today is the improved air quality now tomorrow temperatures do noticeably fall from the upper 90's to low triple digits that are hardest today to just the upper 80's to low 90's that are hardest for the remainder of this forecast skies do remain clear and dry. that's not going to change. they
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cited coastal areas remain in the 60's to 70's reyna. john, thanks for that. let's look at your traffic on this monday morning traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes. so things are looking great. there. let's head over and you look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays. a little under 13 minutes. the richmond sandra fell bridge that comey also looking pretty nice and light little under on minutes as you're heading across towards san rafale and the golden gate bridge. no major fog to slow you down a little bit. so take your time as you're driving about 20 minutes into the city. well, the giants have the best record in baseball and they got another win. >> i the colorado rockies at home in the 5th inning yesterday. >> tommy la stella hits a ball to the right field wall. the ball was just inches away from a grand slam, but it bounces back the field after hitting the walk. but that is good enough. the 2 runners to come on hall. the giants will go on
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to score. 2 more runs in the 7th final score was 5 to 2 tides manager. the cap alerts for a starting pitcher. alex wood or his good day on the >> he definitely likes the ball in his hand and a big moment. i think he likes the role of of taking care of our team at lights are all take care of our bullpen. and i think it's just kind of cool that that's lining up and up days after we don't play baseball. he comes back the next day and the storms. well, it's always nice. could be game. always nice to get a stop after a loss and again, seriously and so felt good. over the palace, i you know, and do it tough next 2 weeks. >> the times will host the new york mets tonight at oracle park. first could stand is going to be a 06:45pm. not a good day for the oakland a's. they were on the road taking on the texas rangers. here is a rangers on runoff. a's pitcher sean, and the first with him playing catch-up for the rest of the game and the and the a's had a chance to
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tie up the game in the 9th in the air. and that starting our hits the ball to left field, but it did not fly canal a's lose to the rangers with a final score 74 the a's on the road tonight taking on the chicago white sox. first pitch is going to be at short. nothing was normal about the year 2020, including college football cows program was hit very hard. >> the bears at the cancel 4 games from their shortened season because of covid. now the bears are starting to ready to kick off this season. kate rooney went to berkeley check the team during training camp. >> finish the job. that's them on track. cal football has adopted for the upcoming season. i think finish the job >> you know, it's just calm a nation of everything we kind of work for which will cost the first class recruits coming in. so it's just we just really want to finish and make some from this year. the bears thought they had a chance to be special last year their 4th under head coach
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justin wilcox, the covid-19 had other plans. >> callan it up with a four-game season winning just one game. that's part of the reason why so many seniors 9 to be exact him back for a 5th or 6th year as a result, the bears have experience in death at almost every position we have the talent to get out there and be really competitive. we just want to see that talent compete. >> each and every day have that focus have that energy to practice in. i will see that improvement if we continue to do that, the most improvement is needed on the offensive side of the ball. >> cal finished near the bottom of the pac 12 in points per game and yards per game last season during training camp player said they're confident that improvement is p% happening. you can see the play calling from play action just to different personnel says in just the way chases comfortable in office. you know, you could really see of slinging the ball out there like all over the field. chases chase garbers the 5th year bears quarterback. he's on the manning award watch list for the nation's best qb and he'll need to live up to that on or if the bears are to
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achieve their goal. our goal is to win the pac 12 and get a rose by think best. >> the only goal that we have. there is no. not winning the pac 12. that's our goal. >> cal season opener is september 4th. when the bears host nevada at memorial stadium in berkeley. kate rooney. >> now 4 on 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black took on the la rams the saturday across fort can start at 06:30pm with the crime rate is for game show followed by the game is 7. and then an analysis of all the action on the kron 4 raiders post-game report. >> we'll be right back after
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>> welcome back. for 55 on this monday morning. kicking off the work week with a bit of good news and a bit of bad news. let's start with the good news first, air quality is on the up and up. we saw some really hazy conditions over the weekend. we're still the midst of some less than ideal conditions this morning. but improving come the afternoon as of right now. you can see the low gray that we have sitting over the coast. that is actually good air quality are cool. coastal breeze really sparing us some of the haze this morning. now day planner at the shows highs
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mostly in the 60's couple low 70's possible in areas like happen bay, though inland areas. here's the good. the bad news improved air quality. this afternoon. but a very hot afternoon with highs well into the 90's. you can see in your 4 zone forecast for today, areas like antioch. and then even pittsburgh in vacaville will be back in the triple digits conquered close enough at 99 today. hayward in oakland. much more comfortable in the 70's >> thank you for that. john. minor league baseball team in south carolina is going viral for their 4 legged that boy, this is slider. he's the myrtle beach pelicans bad dog last year he was sidelined due to the pandemic. but he's back in action and ready to play ball. slider is the 3rd that dog for the minor league system. and still to come in the next hour. pg and e warning of potential power shut off. >> it has an increased fire danger. we're gonna tell you when they could happen and which areas may be impacted by that. and there could be air
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quality concerns for a lot of us today. we'll tell you which areas could see smoked the surrounding fires. and the death toll continues to rise following the massive earthquake in haiti. we have the latest developments there.
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>> a warning now from pga a power shut off possible north bay this week to reduce the risk of wildfires, the strong winds threatening power lines. >> and governor newsome in the bay area today urging people to vote no for the recall. >> and the big story out of the middle east. the taliban seizing power in afghanistan just days after president biden pulled u.s. troops out of the country. we'll have the latest. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good monday morning to you and thanks for joining us. busy day. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. hope you had a good weekend in terms of temperatures. i think if i hurt right today might be the hottest day of the week. okay. and then rolled down a hill in a good way the temperatures at working in a good way. after today. today is going to be


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