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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  August 16, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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story out of the middle east. the taliban seizing power in afghanistan just days after president biden pulls u.s. troops out of that country will have the latest. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a monday. i'm darya and james, we've got a check of weather and traffic to start the morning as we're waking up to a little bit of, you know, little bit of big surprise a pitcher's to. yeah. is today. going to be the hottest day this week is today is easily going to the hottest day this week. some upper 90's, some triple digits out there for some of our for this to inland areas. >> that's a bit of good news is that after today. we are cooling things off a bit highs back into the upper 80's to low 90's as soon as tomorrow. another bit of good news. some better air quality today. so, hey, there's a little something to kick your monday off on a good note looking out there this morning at a berkeley hills cam. you can see down into berkeley as this low cloud cover shrouding out
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those hillside views. good news is though, cloud cover sitting above us bridge level visibility is just fine. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's to 60's. we will be seeing such a hot afternoon just around the corner. so my advice enjoy your morning and then keep it a little bit easier inside if you can later on today, i'm talking the cool down in the better air quality and the rest your forecast thanks for that. we do have an accident in the south bay one. oh, one at that 87 connector look like they have been working on clearing it was a much lower earlier. >> along one. oh, one looks like traffic is slowly but surely improving. there. if you're taking bart, there is a 20 minute delay on the richmond line in the sfo direction heading into the city a little under 13 minutes as traffic starts to pick up in this 6 o'clock hour headed across towards the peninsula. no major delays. a little under 13 minutes for you and the richmond. sandra fell bridge as you travel out of richmond under 8 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. for now, daryn james, send it over to you. thank you. 6.
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oh, one and a developing story that we're following right now. pg and e is warning they could shut the power off in the north bay. >> because of the drug concerns and high winds. the supposed to happen later this week and that's going to be a concern. that's the worry pga says he's conditions, of course, increase the risk for fire danger. the possible shut offs. >> we're told could happen potentially tuesday or wednesday. 3 bay area communities are in the cross hairs for this. we're talking napa solano and sonoma counties. and let's take a closer look at the neighborhoods and the numbers napa county. >> could affect 1800 people. so that's the area of most concern right now in solano county. only about 71 customers would be affected if they had to shut the power off and solano county. 71 are sorry in sonoma county, a 108 or so solano county is 71 so the big concern right now is for napa county. >> yeah. and pg trying to reduce the risk of wildfires. the smoke from the fires as we
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know at this point, already been impacting our air and the bay area air quality management district is extending its air quality advisory through today. it will be the 6th straight day. that smoke from wildfires has brought hazy skies to the bay area. it's expected to affect people in the north and the east bay the most with the course people with respiratory issues being told to limit their time outside. however, officials don't expect to issue a spare the air alert. so at least we've got that. meanwhile, it's been more than a month since the dixie fire erupted and it is showing no signs of slowing down the fire. the second in california history. second largest and continues to threaten homes continues to strain firefighting resources over butte and plumas counties. the fire has burned more than 57. a 570,000 acres destroyed more than a 1000 structures so far and forced nearly 29,000 people to evacuate. the fire is just 31% contained. >> 6. '03, is the time and today is the day that
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thousands of san francisco students are actually going to get to study in classes the first time they've been there in person for a year and a half a lot of them anxious to get back san francisco, of course, will be following california health guidelines, which requires all staff teachers to be vaccinated with kron 4, sarah stinson out of carver elementary school. >> with the latest on that this morning. sarah. >> looks like san francisco unified school district. they've done a lot to prepare for today. and it's all going to be worthwhile and they see those kids walking to the doors behind me live here at carver elementary school where we will see those kids excited to see their teachers in person. but it's not the first time in a year and a half for all the schools. as you recall, back in april, april 12. we saw about half the schools going back to the classrooms and they had some success with that. i'm sure they learned a lot too. you can see the video on your screen now, that's what's going to look like today. the little ones walking to their schools with their mask on because schools do have a mask
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mandate regardless of vaccination status masks are not required outdoors. well, in the last school year. the school district reported no outbreaks at schools summer camps or learning hubs when schools did do the in-person learning in the spring. only 7 covid-19 cases reported involving in-school transmission now we heard last hour from the executive vice president. the teachers union saying that they don't expect to have 0 cases because this community transmission, there's in-home transmission. so that's why they have a plan in place. let's hear now from the superintendent. >> talking about why they have their teachers fully vaccinated in the hope. but this will prevent spread of covid. >> given that we're in the midst of rising cases. a new variants in the community vaccine requirement is a necessary step keeping our students staff and family say we're giving our employees until august 31st to submit vaccination verification.
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>> so have the till then to submit it. but all teachers have to be fully vaccinated by september 7th in on that day. if they are not fully vaccinated will have to test weekly at least weekly to make sure that they are not testing positive especially with the variance going around, as you just heard. so they're hoping that the vaccinations, the masking and the planning for the worst-case scenario will set them up for success so that they can focus on what they've always wanted to focus on, which is educating our youth. so join us again around 8.15. we'll be live again with marilyn in breach. going to be out here welcoming the little kid o's and that's always a fun site to see for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson kron. 4 news. thanks, sarah. >> looking forward to it at 6. '06. there are 10 other school districts that are going back to school today and you can see them on your screen. they include west contra, costa
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unified alameda, unified berkeley unified berryessa union school district cupertino union school district dublin unified, franklin mckinley school district on valley union school district sonoma valley unified and city unified. so a lot of kids heading back to class today. >> 6 '06, and let's stop covid now. when is everybody or more people going to get that 3rd shot right now it's the most vulnerable that are getting a 3rd dose of the vaccine for their added protection. yes. so they're first in line. and now there are discussions with. >> top doctors about perhaps maybe offering doses a 3rd dose to everyone with kron four's. gayle ong with a closer look at that story. >> health experts i spoke with say eventually we may need at their dose, but that should not be the focus at this time. >> focus is on getting that first and second shot for everybody else who didn't get those 4. and that's where we really have to concentrate getting the first and second shot for people with good onion systems. i think now the
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3rd shot from people with poor immune systems doctor reena subramanian an infectious disease physician at stanford adds those unvaccinated are still at risk. mostly the people are either unvaccinated or people who are vaccinated. but have a very poor immune system. and that's why we're concentrating on. giving the shot 2 people who really couldn't develop of good antibody response from the first to the fda and cdc's approval of a 3rd covid shot for the immunocompromised. a first step. many health experts believe. >> but doctor alley has soon an infectious disease expert in huntsville, alabama, hopes it will pave the way for everyone to get a 3rd shot. honestly, i think. >> everybody get and of needing a 3rd booster dose soon needed as an extra line of defense of the surging delta variant under the emergency use authorization. those who received organ transplants or have certain cancers or other disorders. >> should be able to get a 3rd
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shot of the pfizer or moderna vaccine. alabama doctor is confident a 3rd dose is safe based on results of several studies. those who had the transplant, for example, chemotherapy and got a 3rd of those. >> and they did not have any safety concern. the side effects similar to the second those side effect, though, for example, pfizer vaccine. but u c berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg agrees with the fda and cdc data. what i'm not in accord with is. >> going further than the data shows and that is. otherwise healthy. people. even people over 65. there's not evidence right now that we need a 3rd >> and the director of the national institutes of health says the u.s. could decide whether to offer americans a 3rd dose by the fall and if so, the plan may be beginning with health care workers. those in nursing homes and then to others such as the
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elderly in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> and you want to stay with kron 4 for our continuing coronavirus coverage that qr code that you see on your screen if you scan it with your phone. it will take you straight to our dedicated web page kron 4 dot com with our covid-19 information. everything from mask mandates to the changing protocols and requirements for all of our separate neighborhood. so make sure you scan that code and stay updated on the very latest with that. another big story that we're following this morning. we have more than a 1000 people now dead after a powerful 7.2 earthquake struck haiti. in fact, almost 1300 deaths reported so far hospitals that are already overwhelmed by covid patients are now struggling to help those that were injured in this latest earthquake we have john familiar with the latest. >> in haiti. the death toll is rising. rescuers are desperately searching for victims following a 7.2
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magnitude earthquake that struck this woman was saved after being trapped for hours elsewhere, similar scenes of widespread destruction and desperation. >> as president search for survivors. nearly 1300 dead thousands more injured or missing countless homes damaged or destroyed. >> the quake struck at 08:30am, in the morning in the southwest part of the country about 80 miles west of the capital port-au-prince. the head of haiti's civil protection agency declaring a state of emergency. >> officials say the race to deliver urgent medical supplies is being hindered by collapsed buildings that are blocking >> already overrun with a crush of injured medical staff are being forced out makeshift the earthquake is the latest challenge for the struggling nation. haiti is still reeling from the fallout of a 7 point. oh quake in 2010 that killed more than 200,000 people. the
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country's leadership is also on the brink following the assassination of haiti's president last month. the u.s. coast guard is sending medical staff and supplies president biden has also authorized an immediate us response. and to make matters worse. tropical depression grace is moving toward haiti. it's expected to pass over it later today. >> and into tomorrow. that storm potentially could dump as much as 8 inches of rain and that, of course, will hamper search and rescue efforts will keep you updated on that story, too. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news the taliban seizes power as the u.s. which treats we're going have a live report from washington, dc and what's going on there and what our next move should be. plus more side shows over the weekend in the south bay. we'll see how san jose is responding. and after the break, how are people responding to the great highway reopening to car
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>> 6.15 right now and starting today, you can drive your heart out on the san francisco's we highway. oh, my gosh. it's 6.15 it open at 6 during the pandemic. the highway was shut down. 2 cars and turned into a recreation zone. con force amanda hari has the latest. >> the majority of the people i spoke to said that they're going to miss having the highway behind me open to only
6:16 am
pedestrians behind me. here is a cross walk that people are going to have to use from now on to get across the beach and they're going to have to be wary of cars like this sign right here indicates now vehicles will be going by on weekdays. >> that sentiment was echoed by almost everyone i spoke to walking along the great highway. the stretch from lincoln to sloat boulevard has been a favorite place for people walk bike and hike since april twenty-twenty the lindsay albert says she thinks having this highway reserved for pedestrians has been good for the neighborhood and she's not the only one you can see in these photos, hundreds of people protested the reopening the rally was held by walk san francisco leaders of the organization say since closing 2 vehicles, the great highway has become one of the most visited recreational spaces. second only to golden gate park. but one person i spoke
6:17 am
to says there's some work that has to be done before permanently closing the great highway to traffic here he says he doesn't want all the traffic that would normally be using the great highway rerouted through the neighborhoods, although albert says she'd like to see the great highway be only a pedestrian space. she's grateful pedestrians will have it on the weekend. it's rather have that than nothing at all. >> the great highway will be open to vehicle traffic on mondays starting at 06:00am until friday at noon in san francisco, amanda hari kron 4 news. well, what will the weather be like if you're headed to the v at high, whether driving through or walk walking. hey, john, you know, good for both. but maybe if you are walking it today to stay off the road. yes, it's going to be nice for commuters. i know they'll enjoy looking outside this morning. we do have the gray out there. that's certainly true along the great highway as well as down to san jose. actually. >> that's your view of
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downtown san jose sitting under what's not necessarily the sunniest of mornings just yet. we are looking at this low blanket of cloud cover pushing across the bay yesterday. you noticed haze and some air quality impact. today. we're going to start seeing improvements. we will see a westerly breeze helps to push through and that's going to actually help to push smoke out all the way into the central valley. so big improvements will play it through one more time for you here. some moderate pockets of air quality this morning. gradual improvement through the day later this week we see a shift in wind direction that means an offshore wind that's likely to drop back in some of the smoke. so enjoy or improvement while it last this morning. it's good to moderate pockets of air quality with our worst of it right around duke high up in northern mendocino county. and then of course, even worse than that. once you head up to the dixie fire area. as for temperatures today, it's going to be 60's at the coast 70's 80's right along the bay shore, the 90's to triple digits inland today is easily the hottest of the forecast. good news is after today we do start to cool things down a bit after
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today's upper 90's to low triple digits. enter hottest it will be upper 80's to low 90's that are hardest from tuesday through the weekend skies do remain dry. so fire danger is going to remain a thing thanks for that. so we do have a hot spot. but on the bay bridge this time there is a traffic collision 80 westbound near the treasure island exit. there was a hazard at first. >> now. looks like traffic slowed down a bit and then an accident happened. so about 17 minutes as reading from the east bay into the city. we're going to see long it takes to get that clear. other traffic collisions to keep on your radar on and son. all 6.80 southbound just south sheridan wrote there doesn't look like that's causing much of a delay. thankfully up along highway 4 as well. eastbound will pass road in pittsburgh. if you are taking barker's a 20 minute delay on the richmond line and the direction and also heading towards sfo head in a cross towards the peninsula under 14 minutes there. no major issues or delays darya james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. 6.19 and the big story. there's a lot of desperation for people to get
6:20 am
out of afghanistan. some people that are mobbing. the airport actually clung to a u.s. plane that was taking off and died. >> as they just couldn't. hold on. that's how desperate the thousands of people are to get out of the chaos that has erupted in that country. we have kron four's white house correspondent raquel martin standing by in dc with the very latest on what we're seeing happening this morning. raquel. >> good morning. what we still haven't heard from president biden directly, but we do know he will be briefed on everything that is unraveling in afghanistan as we speak later this morning, we got an update from the pentagon last night. we do know because of how many people are flooding the airport and because of the security situation in kabul. they are sending more troops to that airport to try and get more people out as safe and quickly as possible. >> the u.s. embassy in kabul is now urging americans and afghans not to travel to the international airport in kabul
6:21 am
until images overnight continue to show hundreds making a mad dash to planes. the fleet taliban control the pentagon and state department say the u.s. military is now sending 6,000 troops to secure the location to evacuate thousands of american citizens and vulnerable afghans. the ramped up effort comes after sunday. taliban fighters successfully seized the capital of kabul. nearly 20 years since being ousted unmitigated disaster of epic proportions earlier sunday on cnn's state of the union, texas republican michael mccaul slammed the biden administration's exit strategy. this is going to be a stain on this president in his presidency. i think he's going to blood on his hands for what they did on twitter. iowa republican senator chuck grassley compare the now dire situation on the ground decide on calling it, quote, failed leadership. this is not saigon. but sunday morning, secretary of state anthony blinken push back against
6:22 am
criticism and stood by the administration's efforts. we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission. >> and that mission was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9.11 and we've succeeded remaining in afghanistan for another. 1, 5.10, years. it's not the national interest. >> the u.s. and dozens of countries are now calling on the taliban to keep their borders open and afghans who are seeking refuge to leave the country. right now. the big question remains where will these international allies acknowledge how of the taliban as the government in afghanistan things continue to progress in this direction. secretary blinken says right now they are in the middle of negotiations. but in the end that all depends on if the taliban continues to violate human rights and potentially harbors terrorists. for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, raquel time now 6.22. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a warning for t-mobile
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customers. somebody could have your secure data because hackers may have gotten away with it. >> we'll tell you who's at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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you have t-mobile, somebody may have your info. there's been a massive data breach that could compromise. >> millions of t-mobile users a post in an online forum claims to have accessed and downloaded personal
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information of more than a 100 million people and the stolen information allegedly includes your name cellular data address, social security number directly from t-mobile servers and the hackers apparently are selling parts of the stolen data through their underground forum starting at 6 bit coin, which is about $270,000. a spokesperson for t-mobile says the company is looking into the breach. >> well, the biden administration says that it to again push forward free community college. that plan is still on track. senate democrats have moved a new budget bill ahead now the plan has the support of the national education association. no surprise there. they say not every student wants a four-year degree. but every student should have access to public education, education secretary miguel cardona says the plan will help cut down on student debt with his become a big problem. >> you should have mountains of debt. when you graduate college, we. for given over
6:27 am
3 billion dollars in student loan debt already. and we're looking for ways to make sure that we're keeping our borrowers front and center. >> and the president's bill is also calling for free preschool and 3, 4 year or for 3, 4 year olds and paid family and sick leave to lot of republicans, though, are opposing this bill putting forth the argument that the price tag is just too much for the country to a fort. >> time. now 6.27. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news governor newsom is in the bay area again today working to convince you. >> to vote no on recalling happen.
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>> 6.29 right now. and we're taking a look here at so as it gets lighter out, it gets. >> dark around. we're still a little worse at you can see the fog and low clouds a whole lot more. can't make out san bruno mountain looks like pretty gray over the bay here on this monday. yeah. >> tell them that start guys. good news is visibility has been fined so far this morning but not so good news is we're just not going to see a whole lot of sunshine to wake you up as you are venturing out of your house to kick things off. a look outside at our berkeley hills cam this morning shows you the gray that is at least rounding out this perspective looking down from the hills at the east bay to start fog cast shows that we will have visibility impacts at a minimum this morning. and even hayes is going to be less and less noticeable come the afternoon. so less of the gray less of the smoke later on today. all this adds up to
6:31 am
good conditions. if you don't factor in temperatures today is going to be warmest of the forecast highs climbing well into the upper 90's to low triple digits. enjoy your morning hours. we're still in the 50's and 60's talking about that afternoon heat. still to come right now. don, thanks for that. we do have a hot spot on the bay bridge. there's a traffic collision. 80 westbound near. >> the treasure island exit and you see traffic here building about 15 minutes as you're heading into the city this morning. they also had an earlier traffic hazard there. that slows down a bit. 80 westbound and that accident following closely behind as you head across towards the peninsula. no major issues for you. there a little under 14 minutes. we do have other traffic collisions that tell you about like this one up in pittsburgh. highway 4 eastbound at willow pass road and another one is the no southbound just south of sheridan road. so we're looking at that there. if you are taking bark, there is a 20 minute delay on the richmond life in the barry as a direction. the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 8 minutes star ian james, back to you.
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>> thanks. rates. 6.31 kron 4 is your election headquarters and happening today, governor newsom is going to be in san jose wrapping up his campaign events, trying to get people to vote no on the recall. the governor spent the weekend rallying people in southern california. let's take a closer look. answer is no. >> vote no on the recall send the ballot back in with less than a month to go. governor gavin newsome supporters calling on californians to fight recall meanwhile, in santa we're looking for someone who's not. gavin newsome. this guy has failed so badly a rally advocating yes, on the recall to get new some out criticizing the lockdown orders. gavin newsome didn't care. when you lost your job. he didn't care when your child couldn't go to school. he didn't care when you had challenges in your life. but now he's showing up asking you to help him out because his jobs on the line
6:33 am
now recent polls show voters are nearly split over the recall vote. the emerson college. next, our poll found that 46% of voters were in favor of the recall against newsome. >> well, 48% were opposed. >> newsome is hoping his party will save him. you look at registered voters. we're going to defeat the saying overwhelmingly question is can we close that gap unlikely voters by reminding democrats what's at stake. but those supporting the recall election say nuisance initial pandemic restrictions are having a lasting impact on small businesses. we're understaffed a small businesses are jumping through every hoop. >> in the world for every time that new some changes his mind on something. i want folks to understand it. that we will turn the page on this pandemic. and you will see marked progress the september 14 election will break down into 2 questions to keep new stunning power or toss the governor and elect a new one.
6:34 am
>> and don't forget, you can see the republican candidates who want to replace governor newsom go head to head in a debate this thursday inside california politics is going to host the debate right here in the kron 4 studios tune in thursday at 07:00pm. >> well, in san francisco usf welcome some students back to campus for a move in day over the weekend staff made sure that sophomores got the proper greeting after missing out on their freshman year experience. we have kron four's camila barco with more on that. >> it's the hustle and bustle of moving into college. the sophomores have been looking forward to this day for 2 years and actually seeing like one of my friends in person for the first time that expanses very surreal to be like that europe buildup. second year. students like dominique chesson spent their freshman year of college learning from home personally for me on my mind hard now as a residential assistant, she's
6:35 am
helping 500 students move into the school's brand new residence hall lone mountain the 2 connected buildings have a gym common rooms. outdoor courtyards and a 150 apartments equipped with full kitchens and private. that's overlooking the city the project has been a decade in the making 10 years ago, we imagined, you know, tearing down the things that were here just a low-slung building and then putting up residence halls for supports the senior director of housing hasn't seen a new dorm style building for students. >> since the 1960's. however, covid has changed the traditional college experience masks are required on campus. everyone needs to be fully vaccinated and students will need to report how they feel daily doing online survey despite the protocols. the class of 2024 is looking to interact with each other and ditch. the zoom calls. i couldn't be happier. honestly,
6:36 am
i've made so many friends online and seeing them in person through throughout the halls and everything. it's amazing like being able to talk to be able build that connection again, just learning about everyone at usf camila barco kron 4 news. >> 6.35 the time in the south bay students who fell behind last year because of distance learning may have another chance to improve their grades city leaders are introducing a new bill that would allow students to redo the 2020 21 school year. the grading system will be based on pass or fail and instead of letter grades. that's what they'll do to earn a high school diploma. city leaders say the bill can help a whole lot of students, especially in underserved communities. >> 6.36 the first time in san jose. police arrested 2 people and they also cited dozens of others. people and some cars that were involved in this side show over the weekend. this is 2 months after san jose became the first city in the u.s. to make it illegal to promote sideshows or racing
6:37 am
activities that are illegal. crop was taylor. sackey has a closer look at what the city is doing. >> drivers went on an illegal sideshow spree across the city of san jose saturday night in west san jose where they ended up north san jose east san jose one. oh, one downtown. several several at one time as they moved around the city trying to avoid the police to jose police arrested 2 people including the driver of this vehicle and recovered in a legal go sky. police say they also towed for cars incited 20 people. however, more than 200 cars involved in the sideshows got away. >> at one side show a car had several spectators but police have not released information about injuries just a few months ago, cell phone video captured the sideshows near monterey high. >> council member in foley says. >> the city has made it known that they do not take these crimes lately. it's scary. it's dangerous. and the city is taking action to make sure that they don't happen in the city of san jose. the recent
6:38 am
arrests come almost 2 months after the city added another tool to its belt and stopping sideshow activity in june of this year. san jose became the first major us city to make illegal to promote sideshows. >> whether on social media phone where word of mouth and in 2019 city leaders passed an ordinance to make it illegal to be a spectator at a sideshow. both instances violators can face fines up to $1000 in jail. time up to 6 months. well, it's too soon to tell. fully believes the combined ordinances seem to be working according to police, that i've had contact with this morning in discussions about this. >> they believe that the couple of ordinance, both with the bystander ordinance a couple of years ago and then the recent promoter ordinance on social media will be very effective tamping down the the sideshows. >> well, they hopes additional penalties will continue to discourage sideshows and prevent more injuries or even deaths from happening. most
6:39 am
recently 19 year-old jamie pitch died in june after crashing his vehicle during an illegal street race on stell avenue in san jose to love key kron 4 news. >> it's 6.38, and the planes at the reid-hillview airport in san jose are going to switch to unleaded fuel. there was a recent study that showed elevated levels of lead in blood samples taken from children who live near the airport representatives for the group committed to keeping the airport open are going to really releasing more details about the switch to unleaded fuels later this morning. but last november, santa clara county supervisors voted to begin the planning process for closing the airport and doing something different with the land. their supervisors are expected to talk about this further and a meeting tomorrow. >> well, also in the south bay police have arrested a man they say was drunk driving and tried to leave the scene after hitting a pedestrian near downtown that person who was
6:40 am
hit later died and police have not yet released any information about the person hit. but we know that shortly after the crash, police tracked the driver down and arrested him on dui hit and run charges and also vehicular manslaughter charges. this is san jose's 15 pedestrian traffic deaths so far in 2021. we'll take a break. coming up on 6.40. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. the giant to the a's both trying to make their push for the playoffs will have the latest highlights coming up after the break. >> and we are looking at conditions today at there hottest for the week ahead at the coast. you'll notice some 60's out there cool and breezy forecast. but it really is as inland areas. >> that are going to be in for the scorching hot temperatures this afternoon climbing into the 90's low triple digits. your forecast is ahead. >> and it's getting busy on our highways already tracking a hot spot, an accident on the bay bridge that some other accidents to tell you about. and some delays on far. we'll have more on that coming up once we get back.
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hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> 6.43 and it just wasn't me. are you july was the hottest month ever recorded around the world. this is according to data from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. noaa released its data and it showed the combine land and ocean surface
6:44 am
temperature on earth was about 2 degrees hotter. then what is considered average. it was the hottest july in a 142 years. last month. numerous heat waves were recorded. all around the world number if you heat waves yeah. number of them back to back unfortunately, which is why we're in the pickle run right now with the drought and the fire season. it's definitely a pickle. the weather center. >> with a look at our forecast well, that's a pretty shot, that would help cool us off no right a little bit of marine layer. you would think schooling us off this morning. you can see the sun rise above it. also a little bit of that reddish glow because of the haze that is in the atmosphere to you probably noticed that this weekend. we have a big good news this morning, which is that marine layer keeping things cool for the time being. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast right now is showing the exploratorium sitting under some of that gray. that's not going to stick around, though.
6:45 am
we are actually going to see sunshine returning and some upper 90's to low triple digits at are hot us this afternoon radar currently shows you dry skies as any cloud cover sitting right above us. here's a little bit of good news for you after such a smoky weekend. look at how smoke really retreats from the bay area come this afternoon. this is around 10 to midnight tonight. we really start to see some clearing occurring playing through it again. we're in some moderate pockets this morning. there is your deepest areas of smoke and gray that just gradually skew further and further inland. this is going to bring big improvements in air quality today. such a nice change from where we were over the weekend. we still do have those moderate pockets this morning with some good areas closer to the coastline. obviously the worst to smoke is going to be right around this fire such as in the northern edge of the screen right there as well as towards reading and out into the north coast ranges as these are where the fires are actually burning. we have had that smoke make its way into the bay area, though, as for daytime highs later on, it will be 60's 70's for your
6:46 am
peak temperatures golden gate park up to a nice 68 certainly beats the 90's in triple digits that we're going to have further inland burlingame at 80 degrees for the high today saying carlos 85 redwood city 84 south bay daytime highs in the 80's and 90's inland, east bay. some of these numbers kind of hard to look at pleasanton and livermore 9596. and then you've got danville and conquered egypt 99 degrees head on over towards oakland, richmond and berkeley where you'll find some mid 70's for your highs. antioch pittsburgh in vacaville are very hottest of spots in the triple digits. santa rosa nevado and center fell may not be triple digits, but you are in the 90's later today. here's a look ahead. next 7 days. looking better temperature wise after today's upper 90's to low triple digits that are hottest we cool into the upper 80's to low 90's that our warmest we will likely start to see the return of smoke towards the middle of the week as an offshore breeze. it's going to start to carry some of that. he's back out our direction. so even though today is our hottest one do enjoy the improvements in air quality
6:47 am
reyna. don, thanks for that. we do have a hot spot on the bay bridge when an accident. >> 80 westbound near the treasure island accident now looks like they just got that accident. clear off of the bridge. but again, we still have slowed traffic here about 16 minutes for you to make it to that fremont street excellence. you finally do hit the may's. we have some other accidents like how we 4 westbound at san marco boulevard in bay point looks like a traffic collision. also an overturned tractor trailer as well. so again, we're seeing a delay as you're traveling in that area. union city, 80 southbound at alvarado niles role. there is an accident. at least one lane is blocked. no major delays along to 38 as you're traveling there of him to know westbound 88 richmond parkway. there's a traffic collision there. and what we're looking at our other bridges heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. the richmond sandra fell comey also looks pretty nice as well daryn. james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain is 6.47 the time. let's talk baseball. the
6:48 am
giants with the best league best record in the league right now. they got another win by beating the colorado rockies at home and let's get to the highlights this morning. 5th inning. that's where pick it up yesterday. tommy la stella with this ball to right field. going going almost gone. >> houses just off the top of the wall. so nearly a grand slam, but it was good enough for 2 runners to come home. the giants would go on to score. 2 more runs in the 7th. so the final in this 1, 5, to 2 giants with the win manager gabe kepler praising starting pitcher alex wood for his day on the mountain. >> i think he likes the role of of taking care of our team at lights are all take care of our bullpen and i mean, it's just kind of cool that that's lining up and up with days after we don't play baseball. he comes back the next day and the storms. well, it's always nice. could be game. always nice to get a stop after a loss and again, series oneself felt good then something i you know, and do it tough next 2 weeks.
6:49 am
>> yeah, the judge going to be hosting new york mets tonight at oracle park with first pitch at 6.45. so as for the a's, they were hoping for a win, didn't get it, though, on the road taking on the texas rangers and let's pick up the action with the rangers with a home run. yeah. this fees pitcher sean, the nia first inning one of it and they're really heights for the a's. they did have a chance to try to tie it up in the 9th inning. could happen. starling marte a hitting that ball left field. but just to get deep enough a's lose to the rangers. final score. 74 will be on the road tonight taking on the chicago white sox first pitch at 5.10. >> about football. college football. nothing was normal about the 2020 season. cal's program was hit hard. the bears had to cancel 4 games from their shortened season because of covid and now they are getting ready to kick off the new season. kate rooney went to berkeley to check out the team.
6:50 am
>> finish the job. that's the mantra. cal football has adopted for the upcoming season. i think finish the job just seeing this. >> you know, it's just common ation everything. the kind of work for which will cost the first class recruits coming in. so it's just we just we want to finish and make some special atmosphere. the bears thought they had a chance to be special last year their 4th under head coach justin wilcox that covid-19 had other plans. >> callan it up with a four-game season winning just one game. that's part of the reason why so many seniors 9 to be exact him back for a 5th or 6 year as a result, the bears have experience in death at almost every position we have the talent to get out there and be really competitive. we just want to see that talent compete. >> each and every day have that focus have that energy to practice in. i will see that improvement if we continue to do that, the most improvement is needed on the offensive side of the ball. >> cal finished near the bottom of the pac 12 in points per game and yards per game
6:51 am
last season during training camp player said they're confident that improvement is happening. you can see. >> the play calling from play action just to different personnel says in just the wa> chases comfortable in office. you know, you could really see of slinging the ball out there like all over the field. chases chase garbers the 5th year bears quarterback. he's on the manning award watch list for the nation's best qb and he'll need to live up to that on or if the bears are to achieve their goal. our goal is to win the pac. 12 get a rose by think best. >> the only goal that we have. there is no. not winning the pac 12. that's our goal. >> cal season opener is september 4th. when the bears host nevada at memorial stadium in berkeley. kate rooney. >> and kron. 4 is your bay area home of the raiders to see you can watch the raiders take on the rams. >> this saturday in pre season. it's 6.30, pre-game show followed by the 07:00pm game and then the post-game analysis of what happened. you
6:52 am
got to tune into that all on kron 4 this thursday. i mean, sorry saturday thursday the debate will be right back to the show. so many ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:53 am
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>> and we're back at 6.54.
6:55 am
check this out in southern california whale watchers spotted the pair humpbacks watching them back. yeah. the mother whale and her calf hung around next to that boat full of excited passengers in the santa barbara in the channel there for a that's what they do this. so like the other end know the whales are like, let's watching. you want to go out and vote yellen will are watching time. >> whatever they decide to swim close to a boat like that. they call it mugging, which is fine. and that that's a good mugging. it's a good, not a and yeah, looks like they you know, looks like the mom might be healing from an injury. she was struck by a boat so they're really surprised how close got to their boat. >> but now obviously thrilled by the experience and looks like mom calf are doing okay. there's kind of floating around again. never happens when i paid the few times for. we'll watching. i never see them once. i spray. it was like a mile right. >> how about this little guy?
6:56 am
he's the that dog the old that dog. they brought him back in south carolina because of covid, you know, they couldn't let slider do his duties there in myrtle beach for the pelicans because the pandemic. but now you can see he is due to fully. carrying out his duties at the yeah. and he does a really good job. my dog would just well, my dog is too small to get his mouth around the bat and then he would not know what to do if you could build what a good boy. this is. and of course they work for cheap funeral treats. yeah, it so kind of good. pat. >> 6.56 right now coming up in the next hour. pg and e is warning they might have to shut off the power will tell you why and what neighborhoods. >> have to be ready. at that again. but an air quality again, a problem we're going to tell if your neighborhood is going to see smoky skies. >> plus the death toll is rising after a massive earthquake in haiti.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
right. we are back at 07:00am and a warning now. power shut off in the north bay this week because of the risk of wildfires. >> there's a strong wind event will tell you what's going to happen. that's going to threaten power lines. governor newsom is in the bay area this morning urging you to vote no on his recall. and a big story
7:00 am
out of the middle east. the taliban seizing power in afghanistan just days after president biden pullout of us troops will have the latest on that story as well. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and get ready for monday. not well, some monday to it for some. it's back to school a true for you. it might be starting to feel like that might be within the next weekend that everybody will be back in class after a year and a half. yeah. we'll talk more about that. a live report a whole lot of school districts having kids back in class today weather wise. it is going to be a warm one for kids, especially inland. we've got john with that forecast a job. yes, are in the neighbors upper 90's to low triple digits for some of our very hottest of temperatures today. not the most comfortable back to school day. >> for some of those school districts that are making that return. little cooler closer to the coast in the bay and better air quality. so at least we


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