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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news generations of americans, daughters and sons. we do have a nice end to fight afghanistan's civil war. afghan troops will not. >> how many more lives american lives is it worth. >> now at 10, a crisis in kabul. president biden standing by his decision to pull the u.s. out of afghanistan as taliban forces
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overrun that war torn nation. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm pam jonathan mccall 10 has this monday night off in the last few hours, the white house has announced that president biden has officially approved 500 million dollars for afghan refugees. arriving here to the united states. >> it comes as folks desperate to flee from the country after the taliban's takeover yesterday. take a look at this dramatic video that shows thousands of afghan citizens trying to climb on board an american military jet as it tries to take off a number of people falling to their deaths. as a result taliban fighters captured all the major cities in that nation in a matter of days. seizing the weapons in the tanks from the afghan national army. president biden standing by his decision to pull the u.s. out of that country ending america's longest war. >> our coverage tonight begins with our washington correspondent allison harris.
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>> this didn't full more quickly than we had anticipated 6 weeks ago president biden said the taliban takeover was not inevitable. today. he flew from camp david to the white house to address the nation after the taliban completed that take over as 6,000 u.s. troops are heading back to afghanistan. for evacuations. the white house caught off guard by chaos at the airport in kabul. president biden not backing down i stand squarely behind my decision. american troops cannot and should not. >> the fighting in the war and died in the war that afghan forces not willing to fight for themselves. >> the president not taking any questions from press continuing to say the u.s. spent 2 decades of time and trillions of dollars never intending to nation build providing close air cover to afghan forces at the end. president biden saying no amount of u.s. military force could create a stable future for the country. weather
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today. 5 years ago or 15 years from now when i came into office, i inherited deal. the president trump negotiated with the taliban. under his agreement. >> us forces would be out of afghanistan by may one. >> even the president's own democratic allies expressing anger over the afghan interpreters yet to be evacuated. thousands remain in afghanistan as the taliban is reportedly going door to door to find them. the president acknowledging questions about why they weren't evacuated sooner. saying someone had to say in afghanistan hopeful for their country at the pentagon. a motion over afghan women and girls. and we're all mindful >> of the kind of governance governance that the taliban is capable of a lot of us have spent time in afghanistan and everything that you're seeing in the last 4872 hours is personal for everybody here at the pentagon. >> senate minority leader mitch mcconnell slamming the president for the quote, unquote, botched exit.
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administration looks to me like it couldn't organize a two-car funeral. >> and maybe it's off to idaho cup for the president put troops and around kabul to at least get out all the americans as many of the afghans as possible. >> that was allison harris reporting tonight in his remarks, president biden also saying that if the taliban attack attacks any u.s. troops in afghanistan. they will be met with devastating force. >> president biden, meanwhile is facing heavy criticism for how the withdrawal of american troops is taking place. it's actually happening 2 weeks earlier than he had originally anticipated marks and into a war that has cost the united states of billions of dollars over the past 20 years, 2 decades, which is why many local lawmakers say now is not the time to point graham lotus is here in the studio with that part of the story tonight grant pan, jonathan, such a complicated ordeal and it's important to take a look back at how we got here because as president biden alluded to his
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administration. >> is the 4th to oversee this war in afghanistan conflict truly began back in 1996. when the taliban first gain control of that country following a two-year civil war. the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan shortly after the 9.11 terror attacks removing the taliban from power initially the public and political support for the war was high. but that faded over time and the demands to withdraw troops from afghanistan continue to grow louder, but no action was taken until february of last year 2021 former president trump and his administration struck a deal with the taliban to pull all u.s. troops out over the course of the next 14 months that would have led to a full withdrawal by may of this year, 2021 president biden did delay the process a bit. but has largely stuck to this original deal on april 14th this year. biden announced that full troop withdrawal from afghanistan would be completed by
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september 11th of this year. the 20 year anniversary of the attacks and that withdrawal process initially started in may. it took just 3 months for the taliban to begin advancing claiming cities around afghanistan yesterday. it took over the country's capital of kabul. prompting afghanistan's president to flee the country and triggering the collapse of afghanistan's western-backed government. so after 2 decades and 4 presidents. that is how we got there. local lawmakers including east bay. democratic congressman eric swalwell says now is not the time to play the blame game in question whether this withdrawal was the right move. rather, he says our focus now should be on helping the country's refugees. as they tried to life 20 more years and spent billions more dollars and lost thousands of more troops. i think it also reaffirms that the afghan army. >> despite all the capabilities was just not going to have the will to
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fight and defend the country. and so but i think second spent debating whose fault this was the second we're not spending opening our arms and helping the families who are going to be coming into our community. having left everything and bringing almost nothing. >> representative swalwell is offering to help reunite afghan americans living in the bay area with their loved ones who are waiting on special visas. he's made his office in castro valley open to anyone who may have questions. the address is on your screen to 0, 9, 9, 0, redwood road. it will be open tomorrow morning from 9 until noon, california senator dianne feinstein taking a similar stance. she released a statement today reading in part, quote, we have an obligation to do all we can to save human rights advocates translators journalists, and many others who worked with the united states and led the fight to build a civil society in afghanistan anyway to accelerate the processing of isis and refugee applications should be undertaken to save
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lives from taliban retribution. she also said she will support any legislation to try to make that happen. it is still not clear what will happen next in afghanistan. the taliban says it wants to form a quote, inclusive islamic government and is pledging to enforce islamic law while providing a secure safe environment for the people that many afghans do not trust the taliban whatsoever and are afraid of what lies ahead, especially for women and girls. jonathan, pam, back to you. >> all right. grant, thank you. the taliban's takeover of afghanistan is also very concerning for the bay area's afghan american population which is the largest in the united states. many of them live in freeman's little cobble members of the community say they're angry, they're frustrated and they are heartbroken as they watch the taliban take over their homeland. >> just sad. not about can is about being a human being.
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>> humanity spilling my country. seeing that told one flag go up has it emerged in many of the feeling of homelessness and not belong anywhere. >> many say they can only hope and pray that people in afghanistan will stay safe. but across the bay area. local afghan immigrants and outreach organizers are talking about what they can do to help enforce dan thorn live in our newsroom tonight with that part of the story pam, as you just heard there, we were talking with people tonight saying at this return of taliban rule. >> it's bringing back a lot of pain pain to afghanistan. the president of the afghan cultural society which is based in fremont. >> he's worried that this is a worst-case scenario and that 20 years of us involvement in any improvements that were made in afghanistan, falling apart and some local groups say that despite being here in the bay area. they'll be working to help those in need. a world away. >> for and fear have gripped bay area residents with close
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connections to afghanistan. the fall of the country's capital to the taliban and the images that have followed leaving local afghan immigrants and families alarm. it is horrific. >> it is deeply deeply disturbing to see democracy crumble so quickly. many you qtl is the son of an afghan immigrant who was especially concerned about what this takeover means for women and girls and the lgbt community in afghanistan. the system was already oppressive for those groups and under taliban rule life will likely be much bleaker the return of the taliban is also heartbreaking for the president of fremont afghan cultural society. he's disappointed in how the u.s. pulled out of afghanistan. the way us in the with biden did it. >> he did a very shameful job. >> you see any says his home country is going to experience dramatic change is culturally and economically and there will be no freedom. his family is fearing for their i to my
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sister bill of rights. i spoke to my cousins. they work or the situation read that they're scared you qtl agrees the united states should have handled the withdrawal better. >> human rights advocates translators and others who helped the u.s. and who are now trapped in the country might feel betrayed. afghans away out. people need to be airlifted out who are in danger of losing their lives. but we need to move now to get as many afghans out of there as possible. >> oh, man. he's in san francisco's mission district will be hosting an event tomorrow night at 7 o'clock to discuss ways to help the people of afghanistan, local groups, including the afghan cultural society are pleading with people to put pressure on congress to act and to again help their country reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4. dan, thank you for that report. in the midst of the chaos unfolding in afghanistan. a warning from the department of homeland security tonight about a heightened threat environment.
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>> we will have those details coming up tonight at 1030 do all big news developing on the covid-19 front this monday night the biden administration is expected to announce. >> recommendations for americans to get a booster covid-19 vaccine. tonight. the associated press is reporting that the booster shot would be recommended. 8 months after folks receive the second dose. the announcement could come as early as this week. the first booster shots could start being administered by as early as mid september health care workers and nursing home residents would be first in line. white house officials say they hope to give everyone another dose of the same vaccine. the received the first time the details tonight still being ironed out. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you updates as soon as they become available. a surge in covid-19 cases here in san francisco now prompting the city to reopen a mass testing site today. mayor london breed said the city now averaging around 230 new cases
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a day that testing site would be located at 7th and brandon in the soma neighborhood. it will open this coming wednesday and will operate 7 days a week from 9 in the morning until 6 at night. the site will be able to perform up to 500 tests every day. drive-thru and walk-up services will be available. results will be made available in about 24 to 48 hours right now. there's no timeline on just how long the side will stay open. >> after reopening campus for in-person learning a spokesperson for oakland unified school district says to classrooms have been shut down because of an outbreak of covid, one at an elementary school. the other at a high school families at montclair elementary school recently received an email stating that there have been at least 3 cases with a clash within a class in the past 2 weeks, district officials say another outbreak has been linked to oakland high school. >> we're doing lot of contact tracing cases like this where we have situations where we
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chicken possibly have a positive case during the course of the past week we have 58 total student case across the entire district. and a total of 10 staff >> there are more than 35,000 students and the oakland unified school district officials say even with measures in place such as mask requirements and vaccine mandates for teachers. there were inevitably going to be covid cases and they will now focus on preventing further spread in the classroom. san francisco, public schools back open for in-person learning in children at carver elementary say that they were very excited to see not only their friends but their teachers for the first time in a year and a half. the school district says it is taking extra precautions to make children and parents feel safe, including making sure that all teachers and staff are vaccinated by september 7th. >> if a case does pop up students go home. immediately and they quarantine this. and we believe that what you want to do is get students back, make sure their mask and then
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surround them by vaccinated adults or in our case, adults who are getting tested weekly. >> san francisco mayor london breed also on hand to greet students back to class today encouraging people to get vaccinated. one of her biggest messages of the day. she also talked about how important it is to provide free muni for children under the age of 18 so that they have no problem getting to school. >> a new study finds that younger children are more likely to spread covid-19. then once originally believed researchers analyzing public health data from ontario, canada to identify covid-19 clusters in which a child was the primary case inside of households. researchers say they found that children under the age of 3. we're more likely to spread the virus than teenagers. the risk of death or severe illness still remains much lower in younger children. pediatricians say that this news should enforce the importance of distancing frequent cleanings and wearing masks. >> another big story tonight
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pg and e is warning customers that the company might have to turn off power tomorrow due to the wind and dry conditions. those outages would last through wednesday afternoon and in that affects about 48,000 customers here in the bay area. that includes more than 2000 customers in napa county, 240 customers in sonoma county and solano county about 40 for customers are said to be in danger of having their power cut while it's all part of an effort to reduce chance of wild fires sparking. >> and there are regions of the bay area under a fire weather. watch kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight with those areas of the details on what we can expect over the next 48 hours. yeah. guys. this really the first offshore wind event of the fire season. this going to be the first of many. i'm sure as we get further and further into the summer months and october 2. so the offshore winds not developing just yet. we're still seeing some fog moving along the coastline. that gives you an idea the sea breezes still kicked in. but i
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think by tomorrow afternoon will notice the away by tomorrow night. we're really going to watch those winds ramping up. >> specially over the mountaintops and in the north bay, we're talking winds 30 to 40 miles an hour, maybe sustain across the mountain tops. maybe gusting to 50 plus across, especially the north bay. but even parts of the east bay. you can see some strong, gusty winds of the diablo range as well. so we're watching very, very closely that comes with gusty winds and very low humidity to go along with that already. the fires burning in northern california. of course, lot of smoke. the throne into our atmosphere from those fires. mainly moving toward an easterly, a northeasterly direction for today, very gusty winds developing late in the day. we're going to see more of those winds on the way. in fact in and around those fires. now. we see those winds blowing over 20 miles per hour in some spots today. things kind of kicking around just a bit. now to 20 miles an hour to chester to 16 in quincy and not a strong into susan bill, but you can see the colors there in red and brown. that's a red flag
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warning and a fire weather watch. but you can see much of northern california, including the bay area under those watches and warnings and that will be the case starting tomorrow night at 11 o'clock tomorrow night and that will continue right into wednesday morning as well. as far as smoke is concerned become a little bit of a break today. but i think tomorrow with that northerly flow going to kick in. i think we're going to see some of that smoke work its way back toward the bay area. the models start to pick up on that to you see the reds and the oranges begin to filter back into parts of the north bay and the east bay and that will continue in store tomorrow afternoon as well. so that's something we're watching out for. 2 is more smoke on the way as that system kind of rolls on through right now. we're kitchen enough of that sea breeze. and that is bringing the fog back on shore for tonight. i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. we'll start to see the skies clear out even along the coastline. but out there right now. they've got some patchy fog over the city of san francisco today. the temperatures well, right at the average in the san francisco 69 73 degrees in oakland. yet some 80's in the
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san jose 90's in livermore concord. but here we go. we're going to see a series of these trough roll on in this. what happens, these troughs come in of low pressure behind that high pressure starts to build in. that's how we get these offshore wind events will see this kind of play out right on through october so the rain can't get here soon enough the rain. a significant rain comes, of course, that will help supple the fire danger. all right. thank you, thank you. tonight, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith now facing mounting pressure to resign from office. >> among those leading the charge. san jose mayor sam liccardo. the car use a smith of failing to implement reforms at the santa clara county jail amid long-running allegations of inmate abuse that have cost taxpayers millions of dollars. mayor liccardo also called out smith for her refusal to cooperate with an ongoing criminal investigation into allegations that members of the sheriff's office accepted bribes in exchange for concealed weapons permits that benefit in her
10:20 pm
reelection campaign. >> when a criminal grand jury indict the sheriff's top assistants and campaign fundraiser and bribery charges related contributions to our own reelection efforts. we should have serious concerns. but when the same sheriff the top law enforcement official. in the county then refuses to cooperate with that same bribery investigation for fear of incriminating herself. time for concern is long past sheriff smith must resign. >> sheriff smith expected to provide a response to those allegations in the news during a news conference tomorrow morning. we'll bring it to you live here on kron 4. governor gavin newsom in san jose this morning as part of his vote no on the recall campaign. >> newsome urged voters to help prevent larry elder, the leading candidate in the polls from becoming the next governor. the guy on the other side of this question.
10:21 pm
question, too. >> one is overwhelmingly winning. doesn't believe in a minimum wage thinks it should be 0 dollars doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose doesn't believe in an assault weapons ban. >> the governor was joined by san jose's, the state assembly member ash color and congresswoman zoe lofgren among others today's event was the last stop on newsom's vote no weekend of action campaign tour. state officials have already started mailing out the recall ballots to california voters. the ballots will have 2 questions 2 parts. you will first vote yes or no on whether governor gavin newsome should be recalled regardless of how you answer question one. if you want, you can then vote for which challenger should replace him if more than 50% of voters say no to the recall the newsome will stay on as governor. and if more than half of the voters say yes, he will be removed from office. the recall election is set for
10:22 pm
september. the 14th. you can see some of the recall candidates go head to head in a debate this week inside california politics will host the debate right here on kron 4 in our studios. this thursday evening live at 7 o'clock. >> meanwhile, we've learned that a fully vaccinated staffer inside of governor newsom's office has now tested positive for covid-19 that's has so far not been publicly identified, but the governor's office says that the staffer has not interacted with the governor or other staff members that do routinely do interact with him. the news comes as all of california's assembly, staff now required to could vaccinate id by september 1st the rule applies to anyone who works for the assembly, not just the assembly members assembly. speaker anthony rendon says that people will be provided time off to get the vaccines if needed and there will be upcoming vaccine clinics for staff members. >> still ahead tonight, a worsening drought reaches a historic new low where a water
10:23 pm
shortage has been declared for the first time ever. and it is affecting millions of people. >> hoping to put the brakes on an organized effort by local leaders to permanently shut down the reid-hillview airport in san jose. some private pilots now starting to pump their planes with a different type of fuel and escaping the grip of an alligator. a trainer, yanked it to a reptile come enclosure and whipped under water as a great father fisa save her life and
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>> well, this is pretty scary. an alligator encounter at a you tub petting zoo over the weekend. it goes terribly wrong. the gator latches onto a handlers hand and refuses to let go as the reptile begins to roll and zoo visitor jumps into the enclosure and on to the gators back. >> for over a minute. the handler and the visitor struggle with that gator to free her hand. finally, the animal releases her and another man pulls her to safety in a facebook post that petting zoo. thank the 2 men who jumped in to help. they said the handler is doing well and is in recovery. >> federal safety regulators are investigating at least 11 crashes involving tesla's autopilot feature. the national highway transportation and safety administration said that 7 of these crashes resulted in 17 injuries and one death. all of
10:27 pm
the tesla's in question had either the self-driving autopilot feature or the traffic aware cruise control engaged as they approached the crashes. the accident is under investigation took place between january 2018 and july of this year across 9 states, including california. you have massive data breach could compromise millions of t-mobile users a post on an online form claims to have access and download downloaded personal information belonging to more than 100 million customers. t-mobile said today that unauthorized access to some of its data did take place over the weekend. but they have not yet determined whether personal customer data was involved. a spokesperson for the carrier said that the company is now looking into the breach to better understand what details were. indeed stolen. >> coming up next at 10, a warning from the federal government about a heightened threat environment as we approach the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks.
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we hear from local experts. plus one disaster on top of another. the desperate search for earthquake survivors in haiti. as a powerful storm is beginning to move in and not getting the covid vaccine could mean that you'll pay more for your health insurance by some employers are considering whether to charge their unvaccinated workers. those stories and much more coming o when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> now at 1030, the taliban takeover has prompted a number of airlines to divert flights to avoid afghan airspace. united airlines started rerouting its american to india flights around afghanistan yesterday. spokesperson for the airline says they are now working closely with the faa to best determine how to continue service in the area. british airways virgin atlantic singapore airlines and lufthansa also say they are rerouting flights in that region. >> america's top general says the taliban takeover could lead to an increase in the terror threat in the united states. joint chiefs chairman general mark milley made those comments over the weekend. well briefing senators on the situation. so as we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9.11 attacks. we want to know just how much does that threat of terror increase kron, four's. dan kerman has the details. well, the u.s. decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan is being
10:32 pm
called into question now that the taliban is taking over kabul. >> questions are also being raised as to whether the taliban takeover increases the chances of terrorism in this country. >> i believe that at least in the short to medium term the taliban would be engaged with consolidating their own power over their country and during this time we will have a lower likelihood of attacks. san jose state university political science professor car because she kamar says it's important to remember why the u.s. went into afghanistan in the first place. the gold with a simple it was to show the was that a country that harbored terrorists who would plot against the u.s. will be punished and that goal was accomplished. she kamar says the u.s. has received assurances from the taliban. they will not harbor terrorists and she thinks it's in their best interest to live up to that commitment. we now have to hope that the taliban actually get stronger going forward. she kamar says
10:33 pm
greater taliban control could be in the best interest of the united states. i'm not sure that the taliban today is in fact in a position to control all of afghanistan. and so such an attack might be without their knowledge, without their involvement and that would be very disastrous for both parties but for afghanistan and for the u.s. and the rest of the world in the meantime, she says the u.s. should be spending more money on counterterrorism and counterintelligence. >> and more money should be spent to strengthen this country's infrastructure. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> you can also follow our coverage right now with kron 4 dot com, just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen. it will direct you straight to our website where you can read about exactly what's next for afghanistan along with local reaction. >> now to the latest on the devastating earthquake in haiti tonight, the u.s. coast guard is flying in humanitarian aid into haiti as the race to find survivors in the rubble there continues for
10:34 pm
a 3rd day. that 7.2 earthquake rocked the country saturday. it came as that fragile nation is reeling from the pandemic. the assassination last month of its president. the death toll currently stands at more than 1400. it is expected to rise new yorkers in brooklyn's little haiti neighborhood are mobilizing to send help. >> i want everyone understand this. there's no place on earth that's been put through as much halas haiti. nobody will >> have quake and 2010 that the real people. >> in 2000, 10 more than 200,000 people were killed in an earthquake near haiti's capital city of port-au-prince. according to the usgs saturday's earthquake released twice as much energy as that 2010 earthquake. located near a more rural r- community as if things could not be worse for the people of haiti tropical depression
10:35 pm
grace is moving toward that battered island nation. the storm could dump as much as 15 inches of rain. there, hampering search and rescue efforts for those missing victims. the national hurricane center also warned flash floods and mudslides are possible. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking the conditions. he joins us now with more. not a great scenario at all. these folks dealing with that terrible devastation from the earthquake in now. here you go. it's not a powerful storm system, but it's a storm that's got a lot of tropical moisture in it. it's going to drop a whole lot of rain. >> certainly going to see some flash flooding there as they're trying to dig out people still from some of that rubble and here it is. you can see is a grace rolling on in right right where the epicenter, the earthquake was and well, they've got a long way to go. it is only sustained winds of 35 miles per hour making it tropical depression but it doesn't matter. it's spinning up all
10:36 pm
that rainfall in and around that area maybe 4, maybe 8 inches of rain going to fall across parts of the area that just experience that terrible earthquake. not a great center for trying to rescue people out there. looks like it will continue on its way. maybe cut across the yucatan peninsula into the gulf of mexico and could be headed toward mexico proper over the weekend. that's not the only tropical system we've got fred out here to read just made landfall this afternoon. and right now sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. but fred is going make a mess of things all along the eastern seaboard going to bring with lot of heavy rainfall. the possibility some isolated. tornadoes along with that system. so going to be a messy couple of days here across a good part of the u.s. but in the meantime, yeah, we're going to see some changes coming our way. we're going to see those winds beginning to pick up outside starting especially tomorrow night. but will notice the clearing along the coastline even by tomorrow afternoon, those offshore winds likely to continue into wednesday morning, then subside a little bit temperatures likely to stay a little bit below the average. but fire danger will be elevated looks like tomorrow through wednesday morning. all right. thank you, lauren
10:37 pm
barnes, thank you. a historic drought triggering unprecedented action along the colorado river. listen to this. >> a water shortage has now been declared on the river for the first time ever in history. folks who live in 2 states and mexico are now being required to cut back on their water usage. the federal declaration now paints a bleak picture of just how climate change is impacting the west. gene kang has the details. >> our historic drought and climate change causing unprecedented challenges. >> california is facing in both the colorado river basin and its terror sierra nevada's fortunately, good plan ii as unable to california to be prepared for these times. but that does not limit the challenges that we face ahead. >> a new two-year study focused on the colorado river basin by the u.s. bureau of reclamation officials declared for the first time, a level one shortage for lake mead, which california depends on.
10:38 pm
they predict by january 2000, 22 elevation levels will be just above 1065 feet, which is dangerously low. >> so it's a pretty dry year on the colorado. in fact, it's the second driest year on the colorado river system in 60 years. the metropolitan water district, which is the biggest treated drinking water provider in the nation serves about 19 million southern californians right now. i'm telling everyone. do one thing do one thing today. you know, did use your water consumption. governor gavin newsome urged everyone to reduce water use by 15%. >> southern california experts say has planned for this extreme drought with important tools, including water conservation and recycling efforts. desalination and reducing water consumption in los angeles homeowners are limited to watering their lawns 3 days a week if things get worse with the next step would be. we go to today. week outdoor water. >> water. and we do enforce that. we help our water
10:39 pm
conservation response unit. both la dwp and the metropolitan water district have incentives for customers to save money and water. thank you to all of southern californians for saving water. they've done a great job. but this is another level. another emergency, another agency. >> that was gene kang reporting for us tonight. water conservation experts say they hope that everyone does play their part. so california can avoid a water shortage. >> tonight. there is a new effort to shut down a south bay airport which the community leaders say is a threat to public health. critics have been trying to shut down the reid-hillview airport in san jose for years because of the noise and potential for crashes. but adding to the urgency now is a recent study that revealed children living near the airport have elevated levels of lead in their blood because of the airplane emissions yesterday. aviation business owners in private pilots announced that they were switching to unleaded fuel.
10:40 pm
but the critics say at this point that is just not enough. >> unleaded gas supply for small air aircraft just isn't available yet. it simply can't be guaranteed them that the majority of planes will use unleaded gas going in and out. every retail air airport and frankly, we've waited long enough. we must take this action now because this is an environmental justice issue and an equity issue. but the fact of the matter is, is that this is an issue that every parent would want to protect their children from this kind of atrocity. >> back in november. santa clara county leaders voted to start the process of closing the airport and repurposing the land supervisors are expected to talk about the matter in a meeting again tomorrow. >> still to come, tonight to the clog a dramatic leap of faith, a tense rescue after a man is trapped on a cherry picker that goes up in >> plus, in sports. chris ryan has the best game of his short giants career sports director
10:41 pm
jason dumas has the highlights coming up. >> also, health care workers protesting the state's new vaccination mandate. well, their voices be heard by lawmakers or could they lose their jobs.
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
employers across the united states are considering charging their unvaccinated workers, more money for health insurance analysts say workers could end up paying 20 to $50 extra per paycheck. >> if they do not get the shot. the logic is people who are not vaccinated are at higher risk of getting covid and if they get a bad case of covid. it could be in the hospital days racking up medical bills and the 10's of thousands of dollars companies already charge premiums for people who are labeled a greater health risk, for example, smokers typically charge more than nonsmokers health care workers in california are required to get the vaccine by the end of next month. but not everybody supports that move during a rally at the state capitol today. protesters demanded that california lawmakers eliminate the vaccine mandate for health care workers. >> claiming that it violates their rights. melanie townsend has the details from sacramento.
10:45 pm
>> we are dedicated to our jobs and to have to choose one or the other. and to be forced to be out of your career is it vivian region has been a registered nurse for the last 9 years. her friend and fellow owners currently when nobody has been one for 18 votes saying it's a tough job and it's one that they love. i can't imagine doing anything else. to be part of somebody is life in their worst moments and maybe make a difference is really. >> why go to work every day. but with the vaccination mandates still looming overhead, health care workers like we know fears for people who have been working years on the front lines. the mandate for my feelings and it made a hostile work environment that makes. >> an extra added stress in an already stressed. >> for in this taps into something more personal. my parents come from a communist country. >> my grandfather did time not concentration camp. i grew up understanding what it was like to not have the right to choose even with the potential
10:46 pm
for hundreds of healthcare workers to lose their jobs. senator richard pan says there are hundreds more who agree with what the mandate is trying to do. the vast majority actually. >> understand what it means to be health care professional. we for your patience first, we have a virus that has killed more americans and a little over a year. then died in all of world war 2, we now have a safe and effective vaccine. so why would we not. want to require people to take the steps they need to take especially the health care facility. so go nurses. go. medical workers, however, veteran nurses like 2 recent albert think the vaccine is still too much of a risk it's very scary. i'm 2 years away from retirement. i'm very scared. i will not take vaccine. >> melanie townsend reporting tonight organizers say they will demonstrate outside of the state capitol every day this week.
10:47 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants opening up a 3 game series with the new york mets and it was a beautiful night at oracle beautiful day out today. want to. >> coming to work with has a different story. bottom of the 5th. giants down a run. and phil kris bryant. that one carry look like he got all of that. 2 run blast. give the giants the lead bottom of the 7th brandon belt pinch hitting. got a hold of that one that being carried out without and 16th home run of the year. and guess what, guys work done on the very next pitch. kris bryant with his swcond home run of the night. halfway up the bleachers, the 21st of the season. john's up 3 later on. one out. one on. i'm sorry for brandon
10:48 pm
crawford. that goes off the wall. here comes evan longoria. just got back from injury, a couple of days ago. now. here's some action against this guy had too many drinks. ran out on the field gets tackled. but i got to be honest, it was a a. lazy effort by security guy was running around a field for a while. but guess what, it's all that matters. a giants win and nobody was hurt. 75 still 4 games up in the nl west. a's in chicago. the white sox and a's haven't. >> identical record and matt chapman this guy. i was criticizing him the other day, but you must heard me his 4th home run in 3 games. certainly oakland goes of one. nothing stand in the loy hammon s often chapman's glove uncharacteristic of him
10:49 pm
chapman's, one of the best defensive players in baseball. should giant 3rd. the white sox get a run there from tim anderson for 2 now showdown. josh herrit is harrison craig crumble. and crumble. when that one harrison had been raking as of late high heat their white sox win 5 to 2 former aides closer liam hendriks got his 27th save of the season for the white sox. the forty-niners are fresh off of their preseason debut and back on the practice field here in the bay area for a couple more days before they pack up and head down to la there. they'll get ready for preseason game. number 2 against the chargars after saturday's game against the chief. the outside noise only got louder. who should be qb one. trey lance threw for a 128 yards and a beautiful touchdown pass. but it's still jimmy g getting the majority of the reps with the first
10:50 pm
team in practice. although plans got a couple of those first team reps today as well. the niners must trim its roster to 85 this week in cars. shanahan. he's looking forward to seeing his guys in a joint practice setting. i think they're huge. i mean, you get sick of going schematically verse the same stuff over and over the same fronts. the same coverage is. >> i also think you get sick of going against the same guys too. and especially the players with that. so on to be able to go out there and you have similar practices, but you get all new fronts coverages which takes people time to adjust to. and, you know, to do that without having a cart, a period and stuff like that, which you start doing week one i think is a huge advantage. >> guess what, the forty-niners on the only team in action this weekend. the rate us also in action taking on the rams at 7. and you can watch that game right here on kron. 4 news in. guess what. we have a pre-game show starting at 6.30 kylen mills in. i will host that leading all the way up to kickoff. then soon as the game goes final kron four's post-game
10:51 pm
show all the analysis. live coverage from southern california. and breaking it all down. kylen mills and myself all that action this saturday starting at 6.30, only on kron. 4 news anyway. that is your look at sports. we'll b
10:52 pm
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>> dramatic video shows a close call for a man who jumped to 25 feet from a burning cherry picker in alabama. the man got stuck after the car came in contact with power lines. fire crews made up makeshift net out of a tent so he could jump safely. the man suffered a leg injury taken to the hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation. the firefighters quick actions now being credited with saving his life. >> a man is dead after falling from a theme park ride in utah over the weekend. a parkour took the video of the scene scene. the man dangling from the right at lagoon park. authorities say the 32 year-old was flown by helicopter to a hospital after falling about 50 feet. he later died an initial investigation didn't reveal any mechanical failure to the ride. police say they do not know why the man chose to hang from the ride. they are continuing to investigate. an ohio woman reco
10:55 pm
police say the metal piece broke off from one of the passenger trains, according to police paramedics found the victim bleeding rushed her to a nearby hospital. this isn't. however, the first time this has happened. a similar accident happened on the same ride back in 2000, 4. 4 people were hurt. then after being hit by a section of the rise. watch cable. >> all right. something a little bit more positive after being closed for most of the pandemic. san francisco's great highway at ocean beach is back open to cars. but only though, during the week, it's compromised at san francisco city leaders came up with to keep traffic moving and pedestrians and bicyclists. happy. the stretch between lincoln way in sloat boulevard will be closed on holidays and weekends the weekend closures start fridays at noon and will stay in effect until 06:00am monday morning. take a look at
10:56 pm
this incredible lightning storm in the skies above arizona overnight. the national weather service says there were around 60,000 lightning strikes across the state over the weekend. several inches of rain also fell during heavy monsoon storms. >> powerful winds knocked down power lines, leaving thousands of folks in the dark. but there are also reports of quarter sized hail falling in some areas is just what we don't want not here. boy, that the mess that's all part of the monsoon that they're seeing there. so yeah. numerous lightning strikes there. we had a few lightning strikes of the sierra nevada today. not so many right now. kind of quiet. >> outside. we do have a couple patches of fog developing along the coastline but not much has moved inside. the bay just shift tomorrow. we'll see some changes throughout the day. we're starting out with some patchy fog in the morning. the getting breezy by the afternoon 60's in the san francisco about 64 degrees. daly city. 62 in half moon bay inside the bay 71 and sunny in burlingame about 74 degrees foster city 72 in san carlos and 73 degrees in mount view.
10:57 pm
the south bay got to make sure 70's 80's in the santa clara valley east bay going to be up in the 80's by tomorrow afternoon will be warm there, but not as hot as it's been 86 degrees in danville about 87 in walnut creek. 72 degrees downtown oakland. how about the parts of the north bay. you see those temperatures warm. in fact, some 90's well inland by tomorrow afternoon. back out toward the coastline can keep you much cooler. the next few days, those winds going to be kicking up, especially tomorrow night through wednesday morning. high fire danger expected temperatures staying a little bit below average. i think cooling down into the weekend all right, thank you. thank you, everybody. good night. sleep tight.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: they are still there. brave reporters witnessing history. >> our hotel is under lockdown. >> i'd be lying if i say i know how i'm getting out. >> are they at risk? and the hero navy seal who killed usama bin laden, exclusive. what he's saying today about the fall of kabul. then a crocodile daddy. the dad who leapt into a tank to save a woman while his wife and kids watched. if plus, mass shortage. >> there is concern that we may not have enough mass to grow


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