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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 17, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good tuesday morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. >> it is august 17th. i'm reyna harvey. yesterday was a hot one. john tribal was actively given us a warning about that. i'm hoping we can get a break today somewhere in between. good morning, john. let's talk about that yesterday to reign of the nice little break that we've got headed our way this direction today. it's going to be a nice one for inland areas. nice little change of pace, at least. >> taking us from the upper 90's in triple digits where we were yesterday to just the upper 80's to low 90's today.
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so solid 10 degree difference for many of those further inland spots. a look outside right now shows your view from berkeley actually pretty clear. definitely starting off with some less low gray than what we saw this time yesterday and most of us are just fine. as far as visibility goes. we have some shifting winds the next couple of days. we're still in the midst of a westerly wind, which is going to continue to help to push any sort of smoke and haze at least the bulk of it out of the region. we will see a shift in wind direction arriving tonight, though, into tomorrow morning that is going to begin to draw some that wildfire smoke from the north back our direction. so do start to expect to see an even greater impact from smoke on into midweek tomorrow. radar overall shows you some of the low cloud cover that we do have this morning. but the dry conditions also that we're currently in the midst of 50's and 60's for current temperatures san jose at 62 pittsburgh. you have consistently been the warm spot that continues to remain true. this morning just below 70 degrees. well, double in san mateo and oakland hanging out right at 60 degrees right
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now as we work our way through this tuesday. do expect temperatures to rise to just the upper 80's to low 90's inland. that's the biggest difference in the most noticeable difference in this forecast today really is a nice one to be venturing out there enjoying what should be good to moderate air quality for most areas and a much more comfortable afternoon. something reyna i know you look forward to i'm excited for that. john, thanks for that. >> you can roll this tuesday morning. let's look at your traffic. the bay bridge. no major delays or issues as i was driving into the sea this morning. chp was active leave that role in the area. so make sure like you always do drive the speed limit a little under 9 minutes to make it into the city. the san mateo bridge also looks great. a little under 13 minutes for your drive time this morning. let's head over to the golden gate bridge where looks like fog is not this morning. 20 minutes heading into the city and the richmond center fell bridge a little under not. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, let's get back to this breaking news we've been following this morning. the
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biden administration is expected to announce recommendations for americans to get a covid-19 vaccine booster shot. now the booster shot will be recommended 8 months after receiving the second dose of your vaccine. the announcement could come as early as this week. the first booster shots could start being administered by mid september and health care workers and nursing home residents would be the first in line. white house officials say they hope to give everyone another dose of the same vaccine. they got the first time around. a surge in covid-19 cases is prompting the city of san francisco to reopen a mass testing site. there. mayor london breed said the city's averaging around 230 new cases a day. well, the testing site will be located at 7th and brandon in the soma neighborhood. it's going open tomorrow and will operate 7 days a week from 09:00am until 06:00pm. the site will be able to perform about 500 tests a day. drive-thru and walk-up services will also be
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available. results will be made available in 24 to 48 hours. there's no timetable on how long that site will be open. just a week after the start of a new school year oakland unified school says it's seen a covid outbreak at 2 of its campuses. so far. nearly 70 cases have been reported. kron four's, as you do, has the latest on that. the covid-19 outbreak has occurred as the new school year begins here at montclair elementary school in oakland. according to this e-mail from the principal to the montclair school community. quote. >> after consulting with the alameda county public health department outbreak team. it has been determined that there have been 3 or more cases within a class in the past 2 weeks that are epidemiologically lee oakland unified school district spokesperson john sasaki with more details on the situation. we actually have a class at montclair elementary. all the students are at home. >> isolating at home just it cited to caution you took. we
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don't have any evidence that there is community transmission in that class or in the but we just want ensure kids and they cost a 6. >> in fact, the entire class will need to be fully quarantine for 10 days because the 3 positive covid-19 cases. meet the california department of public health's definition of an outbreak probably honest with you. there's been another oakland high school that is in the same situation for doing a lot of contact. tracing cases like this where we have situations where possibly have a positive case. >> putting this into perspective. the oakland unified school district has 80 schools with more than 35,000 students. and so far they have 2 classes that have been shut down due to outbreaks of covid-19. i can tell you during the course of the past week we have 68 total student case across the entire district. and a total of 10 staff even with mitigation measures in place masking indoors and outdoors for both
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the vaccinated and unvaccinated modified classrooms testing and mandatory vaccinations for teachers all usd officials say it was inevitable that the pandemic would eventually infiltrate into the classroom. we know that covid exist in the community. and so those kids probably came to school with it from you know, their neighborhood or close contact they've with the people. has made kron 4 news. >> happening today. pg and e is warning customers. the company might have to turn off power due to the wind and dry conditions. those outages will last through wednesday afternoon. impact around 48,000 customers. we have new information about the number of people who could be affected by this. that includes more than 2000 customers in napa county, 240 customers in sonoma county, solano county only 44 customers are in danger having their power cut off. happening
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today. governor newsome will be a santa cruz county to mark one year since the czu lightning complex fire that fire burned more than 85,000 acres in santa cruz and san mateo destroyed about 1500 structures today. the governor will be talking about how california's working to tackle the climate crisis and working on wildfire recovery efforts across our state. and this morning, we're also following the very latest with the dixie fire burning in butte and plumas counties so far that fire has burned more than 500 70,000 acres. it's still only 31% contained. we know that it has destroyed more than a 1000 buildings there. well, switching gears happening today in the south bay, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith will hold a news conference to respond to calls by mayor sam liccardo for her to resign. kron four's. rob fladeboe has the very latest updates on this story. sheriff smith. >> must resign san jose mayor sam liccardo on monday blamed santa clara county sheriff
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laurie smith for failing to implement reforms in the county jail system amid a long-running allegations of inmate abuse cost taxpayers millions of dollars under sheriff smith's leadership. the sheriff's office is engaged extensive efforts to conceal the facts around these and other incidents. >> most probably by refusing share information with the county office of corrections and law enforcement monitoring. as well as the county auditor. >> citing his record as a former prosecutor mayor la carte also called out sheriff smith over her refusal to cooperate with the criminal investigation into allegations that her subordinates in the sheriff's office were involved in a scheme to accept bribes. chene for concealed weapon permits the benefit in her reelection campaign. >> when a criminal grand jury indict the sheriff's top assistants and campaign fundraiser and bribery charges related contributions to our own reelection efforts. we should have stirs concerns.
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but when the same sheriff the top law enforcement official. in the county then refuses to cooperate with that same bribery investigation for fear of incriminating herself. time for concern is long past sheriff smith must resign the mayor's action follows a request by 2 county supervisors who are calling for an investigation. >> into the sheriff's alleged mismanagement of the jails amid a recent 10 million dollar payout to the family of an inmate who suffered a massive head injury while in custody in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news president biden says he stands by his decision to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan. we have the latest coming from d c. plus health care workers rally at the state capitol to protest the new vaccine mandate. why some of them disagree with the decision to require vaccines for health care workers. and ballots already being sent to voters. governor newsom
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campaigns in the bay area hear his message that he has are you.
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>> well, welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the time for you now is 4.12 and we've been talking about the heat
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and how thankfully my job is telling us all. yesterday. today is going to be a major improvement from the hot conditions of monday. good morning, john. yeah, pretty nice improvement out there right now for sure. we're going to be looking at conditions today. that will be very nice for inland spots considering you are in the upper 90's to low triple digits yesterday. >> some upper 80's to low 90's doesn't sound all that bad today. a look outside right now at the embarcadero, including the bay bridge and the flag. it's blowing a little bit and that breeze that we do have steadily moving across the region this morning, this westerly wind has actually resulted in a big improvement in air quality helping to sweep some of that poor air out of the region. a reversal in wind direction starting tonight into tomorrow morning, though, is actually going to be pushing some smoke back into our region. so right now it's that westerly wind do expect winds out of the north on into late night and early tomorrow morning and that in your smoke tracker is going make a difference. so we still do have pockets of unhealthy air quality that can be expected at times in the north
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bay and east bay today. but you notice how most of it pushes out. look at what starts to happen in some early mornings hours of tomorrow that smokes going to start to drain back into the bay, likely to have a hazy impact for your wednesday. right now, air quality is mostly good with some moderate pockets out there. but definitely a lot of green showing up on the map this morning. as for our daytime highs today. this probably the cherry on top of your tuesday. it's going to be a nice one. some 60's along the coastline. mostly 70's today. right along the bay. it's back to that comfortable zone redwood city and san carlos each at 78 degrees south bay temperatures in the upper 70's to low to mid 80's san jose 81 degrees free might union city hayward 70's. well pleasanton and livermore out of yesterday's 90's to the 80's. same from san ramon to concord oakland and san leandro sticking with the 70's much as you have the past couple of days, even vacaville in antioch out of the triple digits where you were down to 91 degrees, which is some of our hottest temperatures will have in the bay today, which
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comparatively to where we have been. isn't that hard at all. we're actually going to stay with these 80's inland. for most of us pretty consistently through the forecast. 70's are going to stick around right along the bay and 60's near the coastline. lots of sunshine dry skies. certainly not going anywhere. reyna john, thanks for that. we are tracking your morning commute and i'm not sitting major hot spots, but i am scenes accident. >> there's one 80 westbound at 5.80, east. all right there in the macarthur maze because it's so early we're not seeing that impact anything. major. and there's another one just adjacent to eastbound at 8.80, and again, because it's so early. if able to clear those 2 accidents shouldn't be any major delays for you. still a little under 2 minutes to make it into the city. let's head over and get a look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues or delays. the golden gate bridge also looks pretty nice this morning. about 20 minutes into the city. the richmond sandra fell
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commute. there is a traffic hazard the year. 5.80, westbound. but again, very quiet. no major delays as a result of that little under 9 minutes. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up. now let's get back to the news. we're less than a month. the recall election and with ballots already starting to arrive in people's mailboxes. the state's top elections and law enforcement officials are now urging californians to get out and vote. but this comes as some are now questioning the constitutionality of california's recall process entirely ashley zavala shows us how state leaders are reacting to this. >> we want to make sure every californian those because this is an important decision like every decision that we make an election. secretary of state shirley weber and attorney general rob bonta reminding california voters to make a plan to get their ballots in for the recall election. in the last thing we want to hear down on september 16. is that someone forgot to go the polls. both bonta and weather are in their respective
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offices because of the man at the center of the recall. governor gavin newsome newsome appointed whether a secretary of state when the position was left by now. u.s. senator alex, by the governor also pointed bonded to attorney general when president joe biden be a bus headed to join his as democrats push for higher voter turnout among concerns of a lack of enthusiasm in the party. the state leaders were asked about the appropriateness of their message monday. what is the alternative to it. >> to suppress voting because you think there may be more democrats registered in california and of that itself would against everything that i believe in. >> a separate issue that you could face questions about the constitutionality of california's recall process over all this comes as some legal scholars know voters might not have an equal say in the outcome of the election because the law allows newsome to be replaced by a candidate who gets fewer votes on question 2 that he doesn't question one bond a would not
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say if he's ready to defend the state's recall election laws shou d their constitutionality be challenged in court where >> and we'll be coordinating with the secretary of state's office to determine next steps. and so, you know, that's where we are in the process. >> state leaders say for now, the way the process is set up is legally compliant. they promised the election will be carried out securely and with integrity in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> governor newsome was in san jose on monday as part of his vote no on the recall campaign. newsome urged voters to help prevent larry elder, the leading candidate in the polls from becoming the next governor. >> the guy on the other side of this question. question, too. one is overwhelmingly winning. doesn't believe in a minimum wage thinks it should be 0 dollars doesn't believe in a woman's right to choose doesn't believe in an assault weapons ban. >> event was the last stop of newsom's vote no weekend of action campaign tour.
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>> you can see some of the recall candidates go head to head in a debate this week inside politics are inside california politics. they will host that debate right here in the kron 4 studios this thursday evening live at 7 o'clock. you will not want to miss this. a fully vaccinated staffer and governor newsom's office has tested positive for covid-19. that staffer has not been publicly identified the governor's office says the staffer has not interacted with the governor. this all comes after california's assembly staff are now required to get vaccinated by september. 1st the rule applies to anyone who works for the stanley not just a silly members, assembly. speaker anthony rendon says people will be provided time off to get vaccinated if need be and there's going to be upcoming vaccine clinics for staff. there. people against a covid-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers gathered at the state capitol to make
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their voices heard billy tauzin brings us that story this morning. >> we are dedicated to our jobs and to have to choose one or the other. and to be forced to be out of your career is it's sad. region has been a registered nurse for the last 9 years. her friend and fellow owners currently, we know he has been one for 18 both saying it's a tough job and it's one that they love. i can't imagine doing anything else. to be part of somebody is life in their worst moments and maybe make a difference is really. >> why go to work every day. but with the vaccination mandates still looming overhead, health care workers like we know fears for people who have been working years on the front lines. the mandate for my feelings and it made a hostile work environment that makes. >> an extra added stress in an already stressed. >> for in this taps into something more personal. my parents come from a communist country. >> my grandfather did time not a concentration camp. i grew up understanding what it was
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like to not have the right to choose even with the potential for hundreds of healthcare workers to lose their jobs. senator richard pan says there are hundreds more who agree with what the mandate is trying to do. the vast majority actually. >> understand what it means to be health care professional. we for your patience first, we have a virus that has killed more americans. >> and a little over a year. then died in all of world war 2, we now have a safe and effective vaccine. so why would we not. want to require people to take the steps they need to take especially the health care facility. so go nurses. go. medical workers, however, veteran nurses like 2 recent albert think the vaccine is still too much of a risk it's very scary. i'm 2 years away from retirement. i'm very scared. i will not take melanie townsend. >> fox 40 news.
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>> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news people get food stamp benefits should prepare to see their monthly benefits increase. >> we're going to tell you when and by how much will they get back from break.
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>> in national news, beginning this fall, food stamp benefits will be increased by 25% and that change will be a permanent one. a washington, dc correspondent trevor shirley explains. >> these changes are expected to impact around 42 million americans, all of whom will see their benefits increase later this year. the change comes after the biden administration approved the measure, the department of agriculture secretary made the announcement earlier today. the change in food stamps also known as snap benefits will start in october. most people who get snap benefits will see an average increase of about $36 a month. the effort is part of the biden administration's plan to enhance the social safety net. some activists say current snap benefit levels aren't enough and push families towards unhea thy cheaper food. they also say the current benefits may not last an entire month. forcing some families to go without food. and these changes are slated
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to be permanent. but that could also change based on the priorities of a future administration reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as the telethon strengthens its hold in afghanistan. the local afghan community is concerned for their loved ones. we're going to explain after the break.
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welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning news on this august 17th tuesday for you. the time for you now. >> for 28 as you're planning and you might have experienced a lot of heat last night may have been difficult to sleep. if you have allergies that mixture and, you know, not the greatest. the john has assured me that today will be much better. a little cooler hopefully. good morning you. good morning, radio. yes, we're looking at definitely a cooler day today. >> i know it sounds like you had a couple issues last night as you're trying to get to bed. and i think a lot of us right there with with those hot temperatures. it's not the easiest to settle down without the fan trying to blair in some cool air for you tonight. she's going to be easier one because today's daytime highs not quite as hot conditions out there. as far as air quality goes, have improved a little bit from the smoky us
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of conditions that we had over the weekend. so all in all, this is some pretty good stuff to be talking about, at least for the moment because we do have some changes just around the corner looking outside right now at your berkeley hills. cam visibility is not that bad at all. you can see all the way down into the east bay and things out there despite a little bit of low cloud cover are just fine. so one of the reasons that we have seen at least a temporary improvement in air quality is westerly winds now tonight into tomorrow morning. these winds are going to shift from the west to be dry. north easterly wind. you can see that occurring into early hours of tomorrow. this not only ups fire danger, prompting some fire weather advisories. but we also will be seeing some of that smoke drifting back our direction into tomorrow. so today a cooler one keeping the good air quality. at least for a lot of the bay area overall a good one to venture out there and enjoy a little bit radar shows you those mostly clear skies inland. partly cloudy skies closer to the coastline. not a lot of us in the midst of fog this morning, which is a nice note, 50's and 60's for re


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