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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 17, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the weekend. so all in all, this is some pretty good stuff to be talking about, at least for the moment because we do have some changes just around the corner looking outside right now at your berkeley hills. cam visibility is not that bad at all. you can see all the way down into the east bay and things out there despite a little bit of low cloud cover are just fine. so one of the reasons that we have seen at least a temporary improvement in air quality is westerly winds now tonight into tomorrow morning. these winds are going to shift from the west to be dry. north easterly wind. you can see that occurring into early hours of tomorrow. this not only ups fire danger, prompting some fire weather advisories. but we also will be seeing some of that smoke drifting back our direction into tomorrow. so today a cooler one keeping the good air quality. at least for a lot of the bay area overall a good one to venture out there and enjoy a little bit radar shows you those mostly clear skies inland. partly cloudy skies closer to the coastline. not a lot of us in the midst of fog this morning, which is a nice note, 50's and 60's for current temperatures
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pittsburgh. you're right at 70 degrees right now. oakland dublin, san mateo each at 60 degrees later on today. quite the difference in temperatures as compared to yesterday, upper 80's for most of our inland areas with 60's and 70's. not going anywhere by the coast in the bay reyna. john, thanks for that. let's start with the bay bridge this morning. >> so because it's so early. the accidents. and i am scene around. there are not causing much of a delay because just one 80 westbound, 5, 80 east in the mac. arthur maze. there's another one 80 eastbound just south here. and so that's all like right in the maze. and just as you're getting ready to get on to the bridge, not causing much of a delayi still a little under 2 minutes for you. there. the san mateo bridge also looks great at this hour a little under 14 not seen any issues. no hazards awaiting you as you get off of the bridge there across towards the peninsula. the golden gate bridge will start with the richmond. sandra fell bridge, though there is a hazard finding westbound on this bridge. but it's so not seen any of the
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traffic being backed up as a result adaptive traffic's going around that a little under 2 minutes for you there and go. neighbors. it's great about 20 minutes. as you head into the city will have more on your traffic and weather for now. let's get back to the news. big story we're following, despite backlash from republicans. president joe biden is defending his decision to withdraw all u.s. troops from afghanistan. the president addressed the nation for the first time since the taliban assume power. he says staying in afghanistan is not worth more american lives. raquel martin has the latest. the president's speech definite getting mixed reviews from lawmakers while democrats are doubling down on the president's message. republicans called the withdrawal a disaster. the blames that squarely at the president's feet. this was a major failure. republicans like kansas senator roger marshal are slamming the biden administration's handling of afghanistan. i stand squarely behind my decision monday, president joe biden said he does not regret removing u.s. troops from afghanistan.
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>> following nearly 20 years of war. there was never a good time to withdraw american troops cannot. and should not. >> the fighting in the war and died in the war that afghan forces not willing to fight for themselves this week came after taliban fighters seize control of the capital city kabul. >> sparking chaos across the country and jarring image issue. an afghan citizens desperately trying to disgraceful way for america to exit this country's devastating republican senator lisa murkowski says the administration must explain itself is going to be >> for >> the biden administration admits afghanistan's fall was quicker than expected. one of the things that we couldn't anticipate didn't anticipate was the degree to afghan forces capitulated right now. the pentagon is surging thousands of us troops. the airport in kabul to help the thousands trying to flee
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taliban control. the administration says truth will be there to keep evacuee safe. but warn if the taliban tries to interfere, they're absolutely prepared to the respond itself defend if in flights have resumed after temporarily being pause yesterday after chaos broke out on the tarmac. >> the pentagon says they hope to evacuate up to 5,000 people on 20 to 30 flights each day and the coming days. for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. well, america's top general says the taliban takeover could lead to an increase in the terror threats. >> in the united states. joint chiefs chairman general mark milley made those comments over the weekend while breaking senators on the dan kerman has that story. s %- well, the u.s. decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan is being called into question now that the taliban is taking over kabul. >> questions are also being raised as to what the taliban takeover increases the chances of terrorism in this country. >> i believe that at least in
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the short to medium term the taliban would be engaged with consolidating their own power over their country and during this time we will have a lower likelihood of attacks. san jose state university political science professor car because she kamar says it's important to remember why the u.s. went into afghanistan in the first place. the gold with a simple it was to show the was that a country that harbored terrorists who would plot against the u.s. will be punished and that goal was accomplished. she kamar says the u.s. has received assurances from the taliban. they will not harbor terrorists and she thinks it's in their best interest to live up to that commitment. we now have to hope that the taliban actually get stronger going forward. she kamar says greater taliban control could be in the best interest of the united states. i'm not sure that the taliban today is in fact in a position to control and so such an attack might be
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without their knowledge. without their involvement. and that would be very disastrous for both parties but for afghanistan and for the u.s. and the rest of the world. >> in the meantime, she says the u.s. should be spending more money on counterterrorism and counterintelligence and more money should be spent to strengthen this country's infrastructure. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> well, the taliban's takeover on afghanistan is also very concerning for the bay area's afghan population, many of them live in fremont's little kabul. members of the community say they're angry. they're frustrated heartbroken as they watch the taliban take over their homeland. >> just sad. not about can is about being a human being. >> humanity is failing my country seeing that told one flag go up has it emerged in many of the feeling of homelessness and not belong anywhere. >> across the bay area, local afghan immigrants and outreach. organizers are
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discussing what they can do to help enforce dan thorn has been a part of that story. >> poor and fear have gripped bay area residents with close connections to afghanistan. the fall of the country's capital to the taliban and the images that have followed leaving local afghan immigrants and families alarm. it is horrific. >> it is deeply deeply disturbing to see the democracy crumble so quickly. many you qtl is the son of an afghan immigrant who was especially concerned about what this takeover means for women and girls and the lgbt community in afghanistan. the system was already oppressive for those groups and under taliban rule life will likely be much bleaker the return of the taliban is also heartbreaking for the president of fremont afghan cultural society. he's disappointed in how the u.s. pulled out of afghanistan. the way us in the with biden did it. >> he did a very shameful job.
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you see any says his home country is going to experience dramatic change is culturally and economically and there will be no freedom. his family is fearing for their lives. myself to my sister occur. right. i spoke to my cousins. they were the situation with that they're scared you qtl agrees. the united states should have handled the withdrawal better human rights advocates translators and others who helped the u.s. and who are now trapped in the country might feel betrayed. afghans away out. people need to be airlifted out who are in danger of losing their lives. but we need to move now to get as many afghans out of there as possible. >> reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. during the past 20 years, roughly 800,000 troops have served in afghanistan with nearly. >> 2500 americans losing their lives. and for those who have been deployed there saying the taliban regained control has
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been very difficult. kron four's. michelle kingston spoke with bay area veterans about what's unfolding in afghanistan right now. >> my heart goes out to the women and children because. >> seeing the news seeing. >> the. >> loss of hope. >> it's devastating and my heart goes out to them. >> some veterans of the war in afghanistan who live right here in the bay area reacting to the end of america's longest war that the people of afghanistan that the army folks, the the national army of afghanistan that leadership in afghanistan. they weren't really bought into it. they were really bought into the concept of changing kind of night. the cultural dynamic that existed there for you know, thousands of years just ensure doyon was deployed in afghanistan as a uelicopter pilot for 10 months. about 10 years ago. he's not surprised to see what is happening there right now based on the attitudes and perspectives of the people he met while
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overseas realize like once we're gone the whole dynamic of this area and everything is is going to change president joe biden said monday american troops should not be fighting and dying in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. a war that's lasted 20 years killing 3500 us and allied troops and 10's of thousands of afghans. >> this is not a failure on the united states. i don't see it that i mean, i don't know what else we could have done. other than just saying, hey, we're going live here for the rest of us history. i don't think there's more we could have done. >> michelle kingston kron 4 news. you can also follow our coverage over at kron. 4 dot com. go ahead and scan that qr code. >> on your screen right now. we're going to you up to date information about what's going on over there in afghanistan. well, a body found near pedro point in pacifica more than 2 months ago has finally been identified as a missing grandmother. jane fonda was last seen near the safeway in
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san francisco's marina district in may. that's where chp officers dropped her body was found a couple weeks later. but the san mateo corner was not able to identify her until yesterday. well, there's a new effort to shut down a south bay area airport. that community leaders say is a threat to public health. critics have been trying to shut down the reid-hillview airport in san jose for years because of the noise and potential for crashes. adding to the urgency is a recent study have revealed that children living near the airport have elevated levels of lead in their blood because of airplane emissions aviation business owners and private pilots announced that they're going to be switching to unleaded fuel. the critics say at this point that's not enough. >> unleaded gas supply for small air aircraft just isn't available yet. it simply can't be guaranteed them that the majority of planes will use unleaded gas going in and out. every retail air airport and frankly, we've waited long enough. we must take this
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action now because this is an environmental justice issue and an equity issue. but the fact of the matter is, is that this is an issue that every parent would want to protect their children from this kind of atrocity. >> back in november, santa clara county leaders voted to start the process of closing the airport and repurposing the land supervisors are expected to discuss the matter in a meeting that's going to happen later today. coming up on the kron morning news. the raiders are in. the only nfl team requiring fans. >> the vaccinated before they can come to home games. we have the details coming up. wel
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the kron 4 morning news at time for you now for a 45, am. >> as you're planning the next couple hours what to wear and what route you're going to take, john is in the weather center. actively covering that for you. good morning. john. good morning. rain. yes, we are going to be looking at a nice morning for a light jackets. but this afternoon you don't need worry about the jacket so much. we've got sunshine. and even though temperatures are cooler than yesterday as they're still certainly warming up for. >> shorts and t-shirt. if you feel like going that route. you're nor cal how the weather center forecast this morning is showing good visibility.
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the bay bridge is one of our spots looking at clear skies, at least when you look at the horizon, some low clouds or certainly sitting over head this morning. we're in the midst of a pattern change. nice little dip in the jet stream bringing our cool down today also resulting in westerly winds for the time being. winds are going to shift, though, and by the evening tonight we'll be out of the north and east. now the concern here is that's going to dry draw some of that very dry air from our inland areas out our direction. and that's also going to replace this cool westerly wind that's pushing smoke out of the region with some smoke from the north. that's likely to filter back in during the evening hours, winds from the north and east this dry offshore wind does up fire danger and that's red flag warnings will take effect for upper elevations across the north bay. the east bay eastern in northern solano counties and much of the eastern napa county lasting into tomorrow as these dry winds pushed back in this morning. we can expect a couple of pockets of poor air quality up along the north bay. as you can see here, we
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will see smoke steering its way back. our direction come tomorrow. so enjoy this brief break from the smoke while we've still got it. good air quality for most of the day today. we will see a few moderate pockets in there, though, as i noted, as for temperatures it 60's for san francisco. another coastal spots. our inland areas are about to see the biggest drop in temperatures today, which is going to take us from the upper 90's to low triple digits of yesterday to just the upper 80's to low 90's today. south bay numbers really comfortable sonny bill and i 77 san jose warm but not bad at 81 degrees. pleasanton and livermore out of the 90's and into the mid 80's while fremont hayward up through oakland all in the 70's conquer down from 99 yesterday to 87 today antioch in vacaville are only 2 90's on the map and barely even getting to 90 degrees. santa rosa through center fell in the 80's. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days. so daytime highs inland aren't changing much from this point forward will have a lot of upper 80's a few low 90's mixed in, but
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overall nothing close to triple digits, which is a good note. as for tonight into tomorrow, gusty northeasterly winds does up fire danger and it's also likely to push some smoke into the region. so starting on wednesday, lasting through thursday do expect a high fire danger and a declining air quality for much of the region. reyna. john, thanks for numbers look good. right heading into the city this morning, bay bridge traffic across now let's get a little under. >> 20 minutes. 10 minutes for you to make it into the city this morning to the fremont street exit. let's head over look at the golden gate bridge about 20 as you travel into the city. no major farm. well. we're on your traffic and weather coming up. for now let's get back to the news. the death toll from the earthquake in haiti. now more than 1400 at least 6,000 people are injured with thousands more left with nowhere to live. and although search crews could hear people trapped beneath the crumbling buildings but having a hard time reaching them. >> lot of people crying for help on the of those. but
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unfortunately they don't have the means. had them so we don't have many. we skewers on the and specially or so. we have facing tropical depression. >> people here in the bay area are doing what they can to support those dealing with th devastation. kron four's, amanda hari spoke with one woman who has friends in haiti and explains how she is trying to help. she says her friends are lucky enough that they're physically okay. >> but they've lost everything. their home is destroyed and these are people who are impacted by the earthquake back in 2010. so now they're experiencing all of this all over again. >> micaela walls lives in oakland. but a piece of her heart is in haiti so on stickney out there to visit some trains and those friends became our family was traveled to haiti in 2018. these are photos from that trip. she says at that time people were still trying to recover from the 2010 earthquake.
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>> she says she was devastated to hear about this magnitude. 7.2 quake. >> i feel extremely said that they have to go through something so tragic it really worried me was immediately reached out to her haitian friends. her friend daniel lewis sent kron 4. this message for lot of people a lot of people is on concrete steel. now he says they need help. they need things like medical supplies, water shelter and food. walz is using her instagram account to try and collect money and clothing to send to haiti. there are also dozens of nonprofit organizations, collecting funds just give watch one in good will give it to bed. >> wall says in addition to the loss of life and resources. many of the survivors are suffering emotional trauma. their speed is now is that they're seeing people crashed under bill. does. they're seeing kids and families separated. this is video from lewis of a group of
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people trying to pull a woman from the rubble. >> they say at this point everyone is just trying to survive each day it's a lot of grief and sadness. and i think it's too to say what we're hoping for next one. we're still trying to fit like, you know, figure out. >> how they deal with people now. like how to fix the situation now woman i spoke to says that people in haiti still need a lot of help. >> she says donating to any nonprofit doing work in haiti can make a difference. a simple internet search will pull up dozens of nonprofits trying to help amanda hari kron 4 news. >> switching gears forty-niners fresh off their preseason debut and back on the practice field in santa clara the miners are going to practice in the bay area for a few more days before traveling to la to play the chargers on sunday. well, niners quarterback jimmy g still getting the majority of reps with the first team at practice. but rookie qb trey lance will likely see more playing time this weekend.
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head coach kyle shanahan is looking forward to see guys in a joint practice setting with the chargers. >> i think they're huge. i mean, you get sick of going schematically verse the same stuff over and over the same fronts. the same coverage is. i also think you get sick of going against the same guys too. and especially the players with that. so on to be able to go out there and you have similar practices, but you get all new fronts coverages which takes people time to adjust to. and, you know, to do that without having a cart, a period and stuff like that, which you start doing week one i think is a huge advantage. >> sunday's preseason game against the los angeles chargers is going to kick off at 04:30pm. the las vegas raiders are the first nfl team that will require all fans to show proof of covid vaccination before attending games at allegiant stadium. the policies going take effect starting with the first regular season game on september 13 fans will have to show proof through the help pass feature on the clear mobile app fans are going to have the opportunity for the
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fans to receive vaccinations at the stadium prior to home games and those fans will be allowed to into the game while wearing a mask. the team is expected to release more details in a news conference later this afternoon. kron 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders because we still owe the raiders. you can watch the black take on the la rams this saturday on kron 4. it's all going to start 06:30pm with the kron 4 rate is pre season game show followed by the game at 7. >> and then an analysis of all the action on kron four coming u
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the next hour, people in the north bay are bracing to have their power shut off. >> we'll have the details on that coming up in a live report. >> and we're following a breaking story from overnight. the biden administration expected to announce recommendations for covid booster shot will have the details in a live report.
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>> breaking news this morning. the biden administration is expected to recommend booster shots for most americans as covid continues to spread across the country. >> and a covid outbreak at 2 schools in oakland just a week after the kids went back to class. >> and strong winds and dry conditions could force pga need to shut down the power for thousands of bay area residents today and tomorrow. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> morning and thanks for waking up with us. on tuesday morning. i'm darya folsom. well, but yes, yes, try to remind when it's only tuesday. it is only tuesday, but that's
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okay because for me today is a day of relief. it was hot in mind. i so my headline was crazy when in the yeah, i think it's a much wind. but point was hot tough to get to sleep. but i understand today a little bit of relief john. yes, those westerly winds helping to push and some of the cooler air that we do have today. so good news for you. james is temperatures out there. the east bay are not going to be near as hot. >> as what they were yesterday. yesterday easily the hottest of this forecast. now, even though temperatures are cooling down. it's those same winds that are upping fire danger across much of the bay area over the course of the next 24 hours as of this morning. we're looking at some good conditions. this is your view outside of berkeley right here. skies are clearing up. at least you can see down below into berkeley. those westerly winds pushing in are going to be replaced by a hot and dry offshore wind out of the northeast coming tonight and that means fire weather watch is taking effect 11:00pm lasting through 11:00am on wednesday. this is going to means a hot


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