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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  August 18, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the kron 00:00am morning but aims for harvey and the time for you now full with 30. yes, we get it on the dot. we've been actively looking at your forecast for the past few days on trouble. totals about yesterday's cool down, which was very nice because we get some rest last night. today. it's the air quality that we are the most concerned you know, i like to go outside, get some running in a walking in today might not be the best day to do that. yeah, definitely take it easy. at least especially if you have respiratory conditions today is not the day to be pushing it. >> as you're venturing out there because with so much smoke settling back into the bay and these poor air
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particulates, especially when you're talking wildfire smoke are especially harmful to a wildfire smoke is about the worst thing. those that are sensitive can be breathing in. and that's something that is drifting back across the bay today. a look outside right now isn't showing so much smoke or haze, but it is showing some marine layer evident right there along the golden gate bridge. if you want some better air quality. the golden gates going to be your best spot to find it. there's going to be at least a westerly breeze seeping into the golden gate. and that's going to keep your air quality about the best out of any about of any area in the base today. most of the rest of us have tapped into this dry northerly wind that you can see here on future cast of wind gusts. that's going to stay with us for much of the day. and that is why we do have air quality advisories as well as a red flag warning in effect for upper elevations of the east and north bay as well as all of northern solano and eastern napa counties on into late afternoon. it's not just the smoke that's drifting in,
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but also increased fire danger as we are dry and breezy in these areas and temperatures will be as warm as the upper 80's to low 90's in the same spots. current temperatures are in the 50's and 60's. so ahead of what will be a warm. but not unreasonably. warm afternoon do enjoy this cool start to the morning again. maybe limit those outdoor activities today advise you to get out there yesterday and enjoy the good air quality today. everything takes a turn. we certainly are still looking at similar temperatures. but with hayes drifting back in just think twice. before may be exerting yourself too much as you venture out. thanks for that. let's get a look at church traffic this morning on your wednesday commute middle of the week. >> from the east bay into the city a little under 11 minutes. things are looking great. there. let's head over get a look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond. sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 10 minutes. we'll have more on that for now, let's head over to the east bay. the mayors of
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antioch walnut creek are calling on other mayors to follow the lead at issue. covid vaccine mandates for all city workers. there starting on monday. all city workers in walnut creek were required to show proof of vaccination or either get tested weekly against the coronavirus. and next mayor announced a similar mandate. mayor lamar thorpe said currently only 62% of any acts residents are fully vaccinated. and just in the last 2 weeks, they've seen more than 800 new coronavirus cases. >> antioch is the epicenter. the spread of the covid-19 pandemic right here right now. in my opinion, 62%. the vaccination rate is dangerously low. we can do better as the city government. if you want if we want our residents to take vaccination seriously and we must lead by example. therefore, i will be advancing a measure that aligns with the city of walnut
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creek. >> in mandating covid-19 vaccinations or weekly testing for city employees contractors and volunteers. >> one increase mayor said they saw 5% increase in vaccinations among city workers after announcing their mandate. san francisco oakland and san jose have similar mandates for their employees. in the north bay. all sonoma county employees will now be required to verify their vaccination status by september 7th. the county board of supervisors unanimously approved the new restrictions employees who chose not to get the shot do have an option of taking a covid-19 test every week county health officials say 80% of covid-19 hospitalizations and 90% of icu patients and about 99% of all deaths from covid-19. we're from people who are not vaccinated. this all comes as sonoma county is celebrating a vaccine milestone. 80% of all eligible residents have gotten at least one dose of either pfizer or moderna vaccines.
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72% of residents are all now fully vaccinated and 70% of all people in the city of oakland are fully vaccinated. mayor libby schaff made that announcement on twitter. thanking healthcare workers and community leaders for helping with the vaccination campaign. there. >> now the tsa has extended a federal mask mandate be on the end of the year until january 18th it was originally set to expire next month. the extension covers the busy holiday travel season which led to a sharp rise in cases last winter. the order requires face masks on airplanes, trains buses in airports and train stations that includes both muni and bar. over in the south bay, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith rejected calls from san jose to resign over her management of the county's jail system. now the board of supervisors was asked to consider launching an investigation into the sheriff's office over allegations of abuse that led to inmate deaths or injuries.
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sheriff smith says she will not resign and defended her record on managing the county's jail system while critics say the 10's of millions of dollars spent on jails have failed to make things right. shares have blamed the failures on a lack of staffing at the jails. now, as for the lack of the investigations. i'm fully prepared to move forward. >> and since there continues to be a lot of speculation. and certainly in france's, i welcome any and all investigations. not only did we cooperate, but we as we are continuing to make progress on their long recommendations were continuing to send updates to the auditor's. >> shares have called on the fbi to get involved and insisted her office has aggressively implement reforms and improve the system for inmates to file grievances. republican doug oc is dropping out of the recall race for california governor. in a statement he revealed that he suffered a heart attack on sunday evening. well, she says
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he's now focusing on his health and is expected to make a full recovery. he thanked his family supporters and team for believing in his campaign and vision for the state. 3 republican candidates hoping to replace governor newsom in the recall election debate last night in sacramento. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala was there and has some of the highlights. >> this was the second recall debate among some of the top polling republican candidates. but once again, larry elder, the front runner declined to debate. and so some of the focus tonight turned him. >> larry elder should be here to defend his positions. but is not well, republican candidates have publicly remained cordial throughout the recall process that changed in tuesday night's sacramento press club debate former san diego mayor kevin faulconer calling out candidate and conservative radio talk show host larry elder for saying women no less than men are easier to manipulate. and then it's ok to discriminate against pregnant women in the workplace. >> we got a call it that. all of us on the stage and
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everybody running for governor. that's not who we are is california. the other 2 candidates assemblyman kevin kiley and businessman john did not follow faulkner's lead of scolding elder. but they did say they wish he would debate the 3 did collectively criticize governor gavin newsome for the state's homelessness and wildfire prevention issues and pandemic-related policies with some ballots already in the hands of california voters. the republicans working to make the case on why each should be chosen to replace newsom but as began his opening statement, a service processor shouted he was being served in a lawsuit out of san diego county superior court. >> and through a packet of papers on the floor which set by cox's feed all night. neither he nor his campaign would immediately comment tuesday address that. i'm not going another lawsuit on the minds of all candidates won in federal court now questioning the constitutionality of california's recall process. candidates say they are not worried. i don't think it has any legs to it. have no doubt that this is going to be tossed but it just serves to
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underline the of the new 7 campaign and the disrespect they have for california voters. >> this is not the only time will see kylie and faulkner on stage this week. the 3 are participating in our inside california politics debate thursday night. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news and you can watch that debate right here on kron. 4 were hosted here in our studio this thursday evening. >> it's going to be live at 7 o'clock. governor gavin newsom toured the devastation from last year's czu lightning complex fire. this is big basin. where woods state park up in santa cruz mountains. he discussed efforts t t ttackle the climate crisis help communities affected by wildfires across california. it's been one year since a dry lightning storm ignited that fire. it burned thousands of acres destroyed nearly 1500 buildings. the fire took a heavy toll in the big basin. one of california's oldest parks kron four's. rob fladeboe has a look at the park a year later as well as the efforts to restore things. there.
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>> the devastation wrought by wildfire is painfully obvious is one drives here along highway 2.36 descending into big basin. state park in the santa cruz mountains. the picture on either side of the redwood studded forest is heartbreaking. >> crews are hard at work clearing away. thousands of dead trees burned utilities, campgrounds and other park infrastructure. the park visitor center as seen in this historic photo burned to the ground. the park lodge bathrooms and other facilities at the park headquarters are unrecognizable. this was big basin state park a year ago this week as the 86,000 acre czu lightning complex fire burned. 97 1% of the park. thousands of towering douglas firs and other trees were lost. but most of the old growth redwoods some 2000 years old will live on.
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>> redwoods are survivors they're built to come back from all manner of disasters. they can sprout from their base. they can sprout along their stems and they even sprout new branches and needles park on redwoods is one of the reasons that they're resistant to fire. >> the farc can be 12 inches thick. and although the top scorches fire. underneath. there's still plenty of the red of the redwood. that remains. >> among the survivors are of the iconic 300 plus foot tall mother and father of the forest which still bear the burn scars from a 19 o 5 wildfire new growth in the canopy above and on the forest floor aside from widespread damage to infrastructure like the bridge here on the skyline to the sea trail. >> the trails themselves have been damage and will take a lot of effort for rehabilitation from falling trees and other damage. many of these trails will likely remain closed for years to
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come. public input is being sought in the already budgeted. 186 million dollar rebuilding in re imagining of the park which will take into account a changing climate. >> and guarding against more frequent fires. >> there will be a strong reliance on, you know, the history of the park and that architecture will taking into account you know, as we move forward in this process that we are in a changing environment and we need to plan for section so hot didn't burn the still smoldering embers in the most remote corners of the park are sparking the occasional hot spot to this day. >> as debris removal winds down visitors can expect very limited access. >> but they can take comfort in knowing that big basin is resilient. so some of these old giants are down. >> but at the same time almost all of those trees are from their roots. >> as we see these fairy rings as we see. >> the way the redwood forest
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forms. we see that new trees spring up from the base of those old giants. and that's what's crea ed the forest we see now and that's what will create the forest we see in the future. that big basin, state park. rob fla 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning scary moment for the oakland a's. >> their pitcher takes a line dive to the head. a line drive to the head. we have an update on his condition this morning. we get back. welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news. the time for you now 04:45am, and we are. >> checking your traffic. checking your weather on this wednesday. morning. things are looking nice. but we've got a couple of things to tell you about. good morning, john. that's definitely true. rain. unfortunately on a nice day like today where daytime highs that are warm. it's really mostly only be in the upper 80's. >> we do have some wildfire smoke that returns to the region. this is going to make for some less than ideal conditions to be enjoying too much of the afternoon outside that calendar weather center forecast this morning is showing clear conditions at the bay bridge. certainly less of a great impact than what we saw yesterday and one of the reasons for that is we traded in that westerly wind for a northerly dry wind which unfortunately is actually a ping fire danger. one of the
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reasons we do have red flag warnings in effect across northern in eastern napa counties and then upper elevations of the remaining north bay and east bay on into the afternoon. these dry northerly winds will be the breezy asked for upper elevations across areas like atlas, peak the mountains of the northern part of the day and the hills of the east bay too. we won't be looking at these red flag warnings remaining into tomorrow. so that's a bit of good news expiring later on today. one of the reasons for this northerly wind is this low pressure area which is still bringing us at least a cooler feel as far as temperatures go. but as we know, wild fires are to our north. so any wind out of the north is just going to push that smoke our direction. and that is certainly the case for those of us venturing outside today. you're going to notice most of that air quality impact, especially for the inland. if you want a good place to get to right around the golden gate is going to bring a little bit of relief from that poor air quality as we do see a marine layer trying to push its way through the golden gate much of the rest of the bay area's just going to be sitting under that smoke
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today. we're already seeing a difference is compared to yesterday. a lot of the bay area starting things out in the moderate category as opposed to the good. you can see that red to our north that's going to try to drift its where direction and at times today do expect pockets of poor to very poor air quality possible, especially further north in the bay area as for temperatures today, that doesn't change much from yesterday. one of the nicest things about today's forecast is the fact it's not excessively hot. some 60's near the coast, some 70's to 80's right along the bay and then 80's to just barely low 90's for very warmest of temperatures for this inland, pleasanton and livermore holding on to upper 80's, whereas union city through oakland up to richmond in the 70's danville up to concord as well as antioch pittsburgh in vacaville will be in the low 90's. but just barely even getting to that threshold. a look ahead at next 7 days does show a few 90's popping up from time to time for inland areas. but nothing excessively hot do expect hazy sunshine to
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last for much of the rest of the week right now. john, thanks for that. starting to the bay bridge a little under. >> 11 minutes for your drive time this morning. things are looking great. no major delays and let's overlook at the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes as you travel into the city will have more on that throughout the morning. let's get back 2 bay area baseball a tough day for the oakland a's who are facing the white sox in the chicago and the second inning ace pitcher chris bassitt was. >> hit in the head by a line drive pass. it had to be carted off the field. but say he was conscious where she was taken to the hospital. a's manager bob melvin says. >> the team will know more about bass's condition today. as for the ace a's went on to lose to the white sox. >> with a final score 9, 2, 0, 2, teams will play again tonight. first pitch at 5 to score. the giant will try to sleep in new york mets today at oracle park. here are the highlights from yesterday in the 7th evan longoria hit his
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first home run after coming that from the shoulder injury that would extend the giants lead. the mets have come back to make it a one-run game. but the giants hold on by striking out alas mets batters in the 9th. any final score was 3, 2, giants game 3 is today with first pitch at 1245. the forty-niners will be in los angeles today to hold joint practice with the chargers while the offense seems to be in good hands under. >> head coach kyle shanahan. there are some questions about the defense. a number of key defensive players are still rehabbing injuries and 9 are still have to figure out who starts at safety. these are all concerns and defense coordinator. the markle ryan's has to keep in during joint practices. >> the charges practices coming at the perfect time because we're at a point in camp where yards he's tired of going against each other. tiger going against the saints schemes. you know how everybody plays. you know, what plays a comment. so it'll be good us. go against
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different people, different schemes and just to face different challenges and to see how our guys respond together. you know, as a group saw excited for our guys to go out and practice this a charge. i think it to be really good work on both sides. >> the niners will play the chargers this sunday for the second preseason game kickoff will be at 04:30pm. nfl teams want stadiums back to prepandemic capacities the season for the las vegas raiders that means becoming the first franchise to require vaccinations. fans of 2 options either show proof you got the shot or will get one at the stadium. nancy loo has the story for us. >> in the wake of a season fumbled by the pandemic. the nfl aims to have full capacity crowd soon at all. stadiums. the las vegas raiders are leading a charge with a strict new requirement. that's a native people only. >> into the stadium for your games this season. what that does make sure that we know that we will have. full
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capacity. and no masks team owner mark davis acknowledged a tough decision that could alienate some in raider nation if people are concerned about taking >> the shot or whatever that we will refund their money for the season, for the 9 games. for now, vaccination is not required at all. other nfl venues at so cal's new so-fi stadium which is home to the chargers and rams the policy adheres to the la county guidelines of an indoor mask mandate, although enforcement appeared lacking at the pre season game last weekend the new orleans saints, the kansas city chiefs and a number of other teams are requiring either proof of vaccination or a negative covid test for fans at their home games. the impact of the raiders decision is not yet known. but many fans are thrilled about no masks. this writer blogger plans to be at 2 upcoming games being vaccinated. >> being able to feel comfortable around 80,000
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people. it's like it's something that is good for the team. so i personally like it because i wanted to go to game and >> kron 4 is the bay area, home of the raiders. you can watch the silver and black take on the la rams this saturday on kron 4. it's going to start at 6.30 pm with the kron four's raider pre-game show all followed by the game at 7 they were going to have an analysis of all the action on kron 4 raiders post-game report. >> we'll be right back after the break. take a look at
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this. disney has expanded its collection. well, that halloween costumes for people in wheelchairs or those who have other accessibility issues. there are several will chair covers that tie in with the costumes to make a complete some of them include the mandalorian and black panther. the costumes are made from stretch fabric and are open in the back. the covers fit most and it will chairs a 24 inch wheels. you can find a link with more details over on our website. kron 4 dot com. how awesome. coming up the next hour, one of the bay area's largest school district returns to class today amid rising covid cases. we're going to have details on that in a live report. >> plus, as covid cases rise across the bay area. san francisco's getting ready to
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>> my check. 1, 2, >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning and thanks for
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waking up with us on a wednesday and darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we're halfway through the wednesday starting off just fine. although i think today's the day that the smoke might get a little bad for yeah. when is that going to happen, john. so yes, today is the day, guys. when smoke starts to really settled back into the bay area. we've already seen that northerly wind kicking into gear. so that transport is occurring. it's going to be sitting above us this morning were spared by this lower marine layer for only the time being right along the bay smoke is gradually going to settle in likely through the day. so you'll notice more and more of that hazy impact towards the afternoon. unfortunately, as for conditions right now, we do have a little bit of low cloud cover. nothing like we saw yesterday. obviously we've got a fairly clear shot of the golden gate bridge right here. most of our winds are out of the north now and you can especially notice that right around atlas peak those northern portions of in the eastern portions of napa county where we are seeing our greatest winds, but we will be looking at breezy conditions holding especially in upper elevations into the afternoon.


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