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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>>now at 3 wildfire smoke is filling the bay area skies creating hazy conditions and unhealthy air quality this is wildfires are burning out of control in northern california. the newest one burning along highway 50 which is the route to get to south lake tahoe from the bay area. also get ready for covid-19 booster shots the biden administration now recommending more americans receive a 3rd dose to boost protection from covid. >>and because of the smoke and hazy conditions we have an air quality advisory that's now been extended through friday.
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your full microclimate forecast coming up in just a few minutes stick around kron 4 news at 3 starts right now. >>now from the area's local news station. this is 4 news at 3. >>now a 3 anonymous afternoon smoke is filling the skies after look deep orange this morning. so how dangerous is it to be outside today. thank you so much for joining us this wednesday right here on kron 4 news at 3 i'm justine waldman and a lot of people across the bay area woke up to an orange color sky which was the result of wildfire smoke in the atmosphere. let's see what looks like outside right now that smoke from northern california wildfires is impacting our air quality, here's a look now from our sutro tower camera showing us downtown san francisco can barely make it out in the shot it looks really hazy. also smells like smoke outside today, the bay area air quality management district has extended an air quality advisory. now through friday as we take a look at that
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picture we want to check in with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. she has more details now on the current conditions, good afternoon breeze any winds coming in to kind of blow the smoke out of here any time soon unfortunately just seen that's not really going to happen until this weekend when we get mother nature's natural ac kicking into high gear. >>pushing all the smoke and ash away from the bay area coastline even into our inland valleys but for now we're tracking moderate poor to very poor air quality so this is the type of forecast for you really need to listen to your body if you have any pulmonary respiratory issues, you're an allergy sufferer like me please limit your outdoor activity as much as you can fortunately no spare the air alerts have been issued because it's not really reaching the surface. but we are certainly noticing that smoke and haze aloft and it's because of all those nearby wildfires in and around the bay area just to our north and east when tracker for still seeing more of a north easterly push of wind so
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that's what's pushing in all this smoke and ash calmer wind speed so that red flag advisory allowed to expire a few hours earlier, but no that's not the marine layer we're seeing out there that smoke and ash that is certainly having an impact in our weather forecast because we are tracking cooler weather in london tomorrow, still tracking moderate amounts of poor air particles similar conditions as well for friday, so that's why that air quality advisory has actually been extended from now through friday night taking a look ahead though we're going to notice cooler temperatures this weekend and it's thanks to this cool down and also that cool sea breeze that we're going to notice cooler temperatures from coastal valleys and an improvement in air quality as well arriving saturday but from now until then be careful out there bay area just in your full microclimate forecast coming up in just a few minutes back to you thank you so much a breeze and our coverage of the smoky skies continues right now with kron 4 strips all he spoke with the bay area doctor
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who is suggesting we all avoid spending time outside in the bad air regardless of our age or health condition. >>inhaling particulate matter is not good for anybody's helps and should be avoided and to doctor thomas daley says you do not have to actually smell the smoke for it to negatively impact your body we know particularly matter it's not just the locks right these are tiny tiny particles these 2.5 microns smaller particles. they are absorbed into the long, but then they get into our bloodstream. all right, we see increased incidence of heart attack and stroke. this is not just people who have preexisting conditions that are affected doctor daley is a pulmonary and critical medicine care specialist for kaiser permanente in the bay area. he says poor air quality is poor air quality regardless of where the day falls on the air quality index. >>and any exposure can have lasting impacts for everyone ranging from children to
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elderly adults, the doctor daley ads kids should be spending their snack and lunch breaks indoors, they have respiratory systems that are still developing so they're much more sensitive to poor air quality. >>all of our children are at risk doctor ghaly also refers to a recent study published by the harvard school of public health, which suggests exposure to bad air quality from wildfires. >>increases your likelihood of a severe reaction to a covid-19 infection and this makes perfect sense. >>that's somebody who's inhaling these articulate matters they burrow into the lung tissue they are cars information and make sense but you would then be more susceptible to catch covid and if you did catch covid that the inflammation in your long would make you more susceptible to a poor outcome or even death wear an n 95 respirator mask if you have no choice but to go outdoors but remember it will not provide
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complete protection. >>and exercise on good air quality days so that you can stay inside on bad days. >>phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >>we're going to track the latest on the wildfires that are burning in california right now and the new fire that just started is the cash a fire it's burning in lake county. and there are evacuations in lower lake right now an evacuation shelter has been established and kelsey the high school we're working to get more information on this newest fire including how big it is and also any word on containment. bring you the latest right here on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock now eldorado county the calendar fire is now more than 53,000 acres and growing after it has now consumed 23,000 acres overnight the fire remains 0% contained. and at least 6,000 people been ordered to evacuate their homes. crews say that they're concerned with how quickly the fire is spreading and how difficult it is to fight it. the dixie fire
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has also burned more than 635,000 acres across butte plumas to and lassen counties. this fire started more than a month ago and it is destroyed over 1200 homes and buildings. cal fire is reporting 33% containment. evacuation orders remain in place for several communities there. and in the north bay, there was a fire much closer to home but people are back home after one acre fire caused evacuations in corte madera the fire burned in an area right near the tube. ron in la cresta open space preserve. fire crews say this fire took off in a dangerous way along a hillside and threatened an entire community. they say that this should serve as a lesson how intense wildfire season can become. >>i think that this a good test run for really important for everyone said, especially when we have red flag warnings in the area to be ready to go at all times how their go bags ready and just be lacing up to the next that news media and
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social media just be ready to go and be ready to go at any moment. >>now you can find tips on creating defensible space also want to put in your go back our website kron 4 dot com. we'll go to the latest now on the coronavirus and it is official the biden administration is now recommending that everyone get a booster shot. 8 months after their second dose of the covid-19 vaccine. our washington correspondent reshad hudson has the latest details. >>health officials say it's common for protection from vaccines to decrease over time which is why they are now recommending a 3rd booster shot. the biden administration says vaccinated americans need to prepare to roll up their sleeves again these booster shots are free. we'd be able to get a booster shots of anyone of approximately 80,000 vaccination locations. >>nationwide. >>as the u.s. struggles against the delta variant the federal government is now
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recommending a 3rd shot 8 months after the second dose. >>recent data makes clear. protection against mild moderate disease has decreased over time which could lead to a these protection against severe disease. hospitalization and death. >>us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy says the booster shots will be recommended for those that received the pfizer and moderna vaccines. the booster doses will come after the vaccines are expected to have full approval from the fda. >>it will be just as easy and convenient to get a booster shot. as it is to get a first shot today. >>national institutes of health director doctor francis collins says because it was later than the others. the guidance doesn't apply to those who received the johnson and johnson vaccine if we're going by this 8 month rule or there would not be a need for that game is a shunt to start for a couple more months cdc director doctor rochelle walensky says. >>those who still have not
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gotten their first shot are strongly encouraged to do so. >>getting vaccinated you get out of the hospital getting vaccinated can see >>the biden administration says booster shots will be available the week of september 20th reporting in washington rashad hudson back to you. >>the biden administration also announcing today that nursing homes must vaccinate its staff against covid if they want to continue receiving federal funds this new policy was unveiled as the administration continues to look for ways to use mandates to encourage vaccine. holdouts to get the shots. this directive to nursing homes is not immediate, but it could take effect next month. the department of health and human services will have to write regulations to require vaccines as a condition of receiving reimbursements from medicare and medicaid. san francisco has already started to offer booster shots of either the pfizer or moderna vaccine to anyone who meets the specific criteria for
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immunocompromised health conditions. the city is following recent guidance from the cdc and the california department of public health when deciding who is currently eligible for this 3rd shot. so here are some of the current conditions that qualify you for this booster shot. cancer patients actively receiving treatment. anyone who has had an organ transplant anyone who was at a stem cell treatment in the last 2 years. people with immunodeficiency conditions patients with advanced or untreated hiv and anyone west to take medication that could weaken your immune system. so if you qualify based on this criteria you can get the 3rd shopping you do need to make an appointment at any san francisco vaccine site in order to get that shot. and happening right now there's a mass testing site for covid-19 that is open once again in san francisco. the site is in the soma neighborhood and they expect that that site will hand out 500 covid-19 tests a day. take a look at this
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graphic showing us the major spike that we're experiencing cases right now in san francisco. it is seeing 230 cases on average per day and that numbers only represent the people who are getting tested think about it that way in order to flatten the curve now the city is offering an encouraging testing especially as the delta variant continues to spread. so the testing site just to give you that info really clearly now is located at 7th and brandon streets in the city its drive-thru and walk-up testing. it's going to be open 09:00am to 06:00pm every day but it is by appointment only test results they say should be available 24 to 48 hours later, you do need to make an appointment online is we put a link to that on our website kron 4 dot com. talk a little politics right now because happening tomorrow we do have a programming alert to let you know about you can watch that republican gubernatorial debate right here on kron 4 were hosting it in our studios tomorrow evening. the one hour
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debate will be live starting at 07:00pm. and coming up here this hour during kron 4 news at 3 with the recall election. >>less than a month away we're going to sit down with one of the candidates and get to know his a little bit. plus rebuilding after the devastation the efforts to restore one of california's most popular parks after it was ravaged by flames from the czu fire one year ago. and in world news just the chaotic situation that's unfolding here the u.s. presence in kabul continues to grow americans and afghans are still trying to evacuate. we'll have the latest from kron 4 news at 3 comes right back.
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>>we do have some breaking news right now here on kron 4 news at 3. on the cash fire that's burning in lake county, here's a look now at the area where there are evacuations in place right now evacuations. are in the red zone there again this is lake county. the areas that are in yellow, those are evacuation warnings but this fire is burning right now in lake county and there are evacuations that are happening at this very moment from what i know about reading about this fire right now as that this is a wildfire that's burning in clear lake it started this afternoon. there are that are issued right now for clear lake and lower lake. we're trying to get some information from the authorities that are handling this fire. how big this fire
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is if there's been any damage if there's been any containment. so we're still working to get a lot of details about this right now, but this is one of the cameras and the area short of showing us the heavy smoke that is in the area, this is a pge camera positioned in lake county can't see any flames from this camera but the skies are so hazy out there right now. but it's hard to really make anything out. but again. a new fire has just started this afternoon. we're working to get some information about containment. but there is an evacuation shelter that has been established kelsey the high school. we will get you all the latest information as soon as it comes in right here on kron 4 news at 3 o'clock. the world news right now as us evacuation efforts are still underway in kabul, afghanistan amid chaos on the streets right near the airport. the pentagon is saying that 10's of thousands of american troops on the ground are there to safely put passengers on plane. planes not escort them
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inside the perimeter, our washington correspondent jessi turnure reports now on the latest from the defense and state departments. the biden administration says it's working around the clock to make sure americans and afghans can leave kabul as quickly and safely as possible this is an all hands on deck effort and we aren't goingto let up deputy secretary of state wendy sherman reports u.s. military flights evacuated 2000 more people in the last 24 hours. >>and promised to evacuate thousands and thousands of afghans in the coming days we will stand with those who have stood with us sherman says more than a 100 countries have joined the u.s. and warning the taliban against blocking any passengers from getting to the airport and their actions in these days. >>well tell us whether there's reality to what their words say or whether there is not general mark milley the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff confirms about 4500 u.s. troops are currently on the ground keeping the
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airfield safe wherever there are threats if we identify them. we will take immediate military action without hesitation secretary of defense lloyd austin says there have been no hostile interactions with the taliban as efforts continue to increase evacuations every day we have to help those who helped us in washington, i'm jessi tenure. we have continuing coverage of the taliban takeover on kron 4 dot com just scan this qr code. >>on the screen right now with your mobile device and we'll take you straight to our web page where you can read about what is next for afghanistan along with local reaction and also where you can get help for loved it has now been one year since a dry lightning storm ignited the czu fire it burned. thousands of acres destroying nearly 1500 buildings in this fire took a heavy toll in big basin, one of california's oldest parks kron four's rob fladeboe has a look now at the park a year later as well as all the efforts to restore it.
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>>is the devastation wrought by wildfire is painfully obvious is one drives here along highway 2.36 descending into big basin state park in the santa cruz mountains the picture on either side of the redwood studded forest is heartbreaking. >>crews are hard at work clearing away thousands of dead trees burned utilities, campgrounds and other park infrastructure. the park visitor center as seen in this historic photo burned to the ground. the park lodge bathrooms and other facilities at the park headquarters are unrecognizable. this was big basin state park a year ago this week as the 86,000 acre czu lightning complex fire burned 97% of the park. thousands of towering douglas firs and other trees were lost. but most of the old growth redwoods some 2000 years old will live on.
3:21 pm
>>redwoods are survivors they're built to come back from all manner of disasters. they can sprout from their base. they can sprout along their stems and they even sprout new branches and needles park on redwood says one of the reasons that they're resistant to fire park can be 12 inches thick. and although the top scorches fire. underneath. there's still plenty of the red of the redwood that remains. >>among the survivors are of the iconic 300 plus foot tall mother and father of the forest, which still bear the burn scars from a 19 o 5 wildfire, new growth in the canopy above and on the forest floor aside from widespread damage to infrastructure like the bridge here on the skyline to the sea trail. >>the trails themselves have been damage and will take a lot of effort for rehabilitation from falling trees and other damage many of
3:22 pm
these trails will likely remain closed for years to come public input is being sought in the already budgeted 186 million dollar rebuilding in re imagining of the park which will take into account a changing climate. >>and guarding against more frequent fires. >>there will be a stronger alliance on you know the history of the park and that architecture while taking into account. you know as we move forward in this process that we are in a changing environment. and we need to plan for session so hot didn't burn the still smoldering embers in the most remote corners of the park are sparking the occasional hot spot to this day. >>as debris removal winds down visitors can expect very limited access. >>but they can take comfort in knowing that big basin is resilient. so some of these old giants are down. but the same time almost all of those trees are re spreading from their roots. >>as we see these fairy rings as we see. >>the ways redwood forest
3:23 pm
forms. we see the new trees spring up. from the base of those old giants. and that's what's created the forest. we see now. and that's what will create the forest we see in the future. and big basin state park. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. still ahead at 3.45 that was the case that rocked the bay area 12 years ago. >>our police officers involved in the shooting of oscar grant and now california's attorney general's office says it will conduct its own independent review of the deadly shootings. this investigation will now focus on. and the abuse trial for r kelly began today in new york we will hear from the alleged victim from the stands. bay area homeowners,
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let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. >>national news an r kelly is long-awaited sex-trafficking trial is underway in new york city the singer is accused of sexually abusing vulnerable underage women at a times filming the abuse. today, one of his alleged victims took the stand. harvey takes us to the court. >>a legal team ready to defend our kelly as federal prosecutors insist the singer used every trick and the
3:27 pm
predator handbook say for nearly 3 decades, the r b singer abused and exploited young women, girls and boys to >>with the help of his inner circle prosecutors said r kelly ran a criminal enterprise that recruited women and teen girls to have with him. they said r kelly's abuse was both physical and psychological women locked in rooms for days without food, forced video-recorded with kelly andrews that include having to call our kelly daddy and waiting for his permission to use the restroom. pix 11 spoke with lee merritt he's the attorney for one of the women. kelly is charged with abusing faith rodgers over the years, the of these develop a bit of a coat where there's contracts and agreements involvement has been traveling world and physical restrictions ones lives in danger and but kelly's defense team insisted his relationships were all consensual and even called some of them beautiful. >>saying the people he was sexually involved with knew
3:28 pm
exactly what they were getting into and it wasn't until the relationship ended that they became angry, resentful and even spiteful several of kelly's loyal fans came to the courthouse to support him. yeah think is really had to bring the president >>prosecutors said during the trial they will tell the stories of 16 girls and young women, including r and b singer, aliyah who kelly married when she was only 15 years old and the first witness on the stand was juror on the pace. pace testified she had contact with kelly for 6 months when she was just 16. >>i was a on a harry reporting for us this afternoon. the jury is made up of 7 men and 5 women r kelly faces decades in prison. if he's convicted. also if the recall election were held today, governor gavin newsome when he keep his job the governor's team will likely not like the answer from our political analyst. >>and speaking of the recall will have a one-on-one report
3:29 pm
with one of the been are moving at oriole candidates is youtube star trying to convince voters to take him seriously we'll hear from him next. and today we did notice the cooler forecast because of the smoke and haze blanketing our bay area skyline. >>tomorrow though some warming with seasonal temper you try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's dawn powerwash dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster.
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>>an update now to the breaking news. we're watching here on kron 4 this is on the cash fire that's burning in lake county. this is a map showing us where it's burning in relation to clear lake. the red zones there are areas that are under a mandatory evacuation right now. the yellow evacuation warnings here is the new information that we just got from cal fire this fire has now burned 100 acres and it is 0% contained. so here's a map now of the region showing us the evacuation orders and warnings that are in place. the original location of this fire according to cal fire was dam road and wilkinson avenue in the clear lake. zones in red that is where there are evacuation orders in place for parts of lower lake and the yellow zones are where there are evacuation warnings. there is an evacuation shelter that has been established kelsey the high school and there are some road closures in place because of this fire right now. those details are all posted on our website kron 4
3:33 pm
dot com we're constantly getting new information this fire into our newsroom tonight. to keep you posted here. now this live pictures from a p jeanne camera that's in the region showing us the incredibly smoky skies also giving us an idea of what firefighters in the area are dealing with this are trying to do air drops and even fight this fire from the ground. the conditions are ripe for fires to continue to spread because it's windy and dry out there and it's really hazy again. this is the cash fire right now it's at 100 acres 0% contained. there are evacuation orders in place and also warnings for parts of lower lake and clear lake. keep you posted with any new details as soon as they come into the newsroom, it's time to talk politics now and in california. there's a lot going on although governor gavin newsom is considering the recall a republican led effort. there are some democrats on the ballot. there's a financial analyst in a youtube star who is working to convince voters. he is a serious democratic contender.
3:34 pm
and he spoke one on one with our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >>the california democratic party does not have an official backup candidate on the ballot should governor gavin newsome lose the recall but democrat kevin paffrath also known as meet kevin is confident he's at least the parties viable plan b avenue says branding is all about stop the republican recall our argument is so california recall people are fed up meet kevin paffrath a political outsider and democrat in the wide field of republicans running to replace governor gavin newsome the 29 year-old financial analyst youtube star and father of 2 boys describes himself as a jfk style democrat. >>who wants to apply his economic expertise to state government my career teaching folks about finances and wealth building has been all about being efficient with my time but also helping train others to be efficient with their time so they can build their wealth to invest in people in education in health care mental health education, so that way the costs and
3:35 pm
burdens on government are actually lower we then spend less money on medical on welfare and on social programs and instead we can lower taxes in his first 60 days paffrath promises to immediately focus on the state's homelessness crisis by working with the national guard to identify 80 facilities to be used as shelters. he also plans to craft an infrastructure package that includes working with the federal government to boost wildfire prevention. >>increased water access by building a pipeline from california to the mississippi river and speed up the legal immigration process on top of housing homelessness wildfire prevention and state spending. >>says newsome has also failed on covid-19 while the democrats as he is vaccinated and believes in science based solutions that fred says he does not agree with statewide pandemic-related mandates i believe mandates are the responsibility of individual businesses or local communities. i don't believe a governor can for the entire state we should or should not have mandates would recall ballots now in the hands of
3:36 pm
voters governor newsom has urged his supporters to leave question to blank and not pick a replacement candidate. >>but pat frat says it's nonsense and it's either really stupid or it's sabotage that they don't have a backup and this is why we think towards the end of this election, it wouldn't be a surprise that they look for a hail mary backup option democrat. >>and based on polling. we expect that to be right now the democratic party endorses us in the back door when i speak with individual representatives from our federal government when i speak with senators or assembly men and women they say look where voting. no on recall, but we're voting on the best backup democrats because leaving a ballot like doesn't make sense that tells us regardless of the outcome of this race. he says he still plans to run for governor in 2022. >>at the state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>and you can watch that debate right here on kron 4 were hosting it in our studio tomorrow evening with air live at 07:00pm. now the fact that
3:37 pm
governor gavin newsom is fighting to hang on to his job has been sending shock waves through the democratic party. that means we could soon see more far far more aggressive ads in tactics from the governor's team are catherine heenan talk to our political analysts to get his read on how far those attacks could go good afternoon. candy is pretty far yeah political analyst david mchugh in just he says that. >>if the recall were held today gavin newsome would lose, but he also says we may see a big pivot and the tactics and what he describes as the democrats getting all hands on deck. i would expect hard hitting rhetoric and ads and hard-hitting really kind of themes these last couple of weeks particularly against larry yeah and bringing out the big guns. so we've conceivably could see the obamas coming to california i think that's what's at stake. i mean the laid out at the top here that look all that's at stake is the future democratic
3:38 pm
the future by administration, what happens in 2022 the pin that the 2024. that's all that's at stake with the california recall, so you need to have all hands on deck and all hands on deck means you need to think about getting people like. >>not just first lady, former first lady michelle obama not just the former president you need oprah any will smith any hollywood you need all of that if you're gavin newsom who's never lost an election in a state that hasn't elected statewide republican since 2006 and that means that this recall the warm has turned and the degree to which that could threaten the future of democratic national politics is huge especially since andrew cuomo is now going to be out in new york and mckeown says of newsome does lose he might exhibit humility rebuild his organization and take another shot run again in 2022. we will hear mckeown at 5, 6, including what he will be watching for in tomorrow night's debate justine thank
3:39 pm
you so much catherine coming up if you are having a barbecue soon you might want to check your pantry. >>there is a recall alert to let you know about regarding who stis buttons. also in health news fertility does not last forever. why experts are saying men's biological fox are taking too. and later an east bay woman is celebrating a very special birthday today, turning 105 years old we're going to celebrate with her a little bit later
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>>back to our breaking news, the cash fire that's burning right now we have some new video now into our newsroom showing us the extent of the damage of this fire that's happening right now in lake county. we're seeing the damage here looks like firefighters are on the scene trying to get some control this fire that has already burned 100 acres, it is 0% contained. the structure though looks like a total loss can tell that was a house or garage or some sort of out building but this is some evidence to us this afternoon that the cash fire that is causing evacuations and evacuation warnings to expand this afternoon is destructive and is doing damage right now. we have the latest information on our website kron 4 dot com. there are a lot of road closures in the area because of the fire and how quickly it is been growing this afternoon the lake county sheriff's office is reminding people that it's better to start to evacuate early so you can
3:43 pm
avoid any type of congestion and it will be a lot easier and less chaotic if you're trying to get out of areas that need to be evacuated right now. we'll keep you posted here as you can see there's a lot of new information coming into our newsroom, reading the cash fire in lake county again it's at 100 acres right now. we still have more news to get to though this afternoon. still ahead attorney general rob bonta is investigating the 2009 shooting of oscar grant. but
3:44 pm
3:45 pm
3:46 pm
>>we're taking a quick live look outside here in the bay area we're looking at the smoky skies. that are really blanketing us. this is a live shot now of the bay bridge will want to talk about right now are the weather conditions. in lower lake and also twin lakes. that's where the cash fire is burning currently it's at 100 acres. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now she's looking at the weather conditions in that area how hot is it how windy is it what's the situation. yeah that's what noticing this recipe for fire danger there is a red flag warning in effect for the highest peaks and lake county. >>elevations above 1500 feet going to see wind speeds and directions out of the northeast 20 to 30 miles per hour with that imminent fire danger warning in effect through 11 o'clock thursday morning and we're tracking right now low 90's in the area relative humidity in the teens wind speeds out there right
3:47 pm
now specifically at the lower levels 7 miles per hour. but we are tracking gusts in that 20 to 30 mile per hour range for the cash fire areas, but here at home we're noticing effect from the fires to our north and east bringing smoky and hazy sky conditions out there you can see with radar for that marine layer nonexistent, so all of what looks like cloud cover up in the upper levels it's actually smoke and ash from those fires our wind direction north and east pushing in all that smoke and ash into our area with temperatures out there right now 60's 70's and 80's half moon bay, 58 degrees about 25 degrees cooler than those of you and and chug but check out santa rosa. the cause of that thick smoke and ash in your area, 12 degrees cooler. then were just 24 hours ago we are going to see overnight lows mid 50's to even low 60's tonight with temperatures rebounding to write about where we should be 68 degrees
3:48 pm
for downtown san francisco, mid 70's for oakland and upper 80's for livermore and even conquered and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. little change through friday, but then a big cool down this weekend with finally some air improvement, thanks to mother nature's natural ac westerly winds pushing all that smoke and ash out of the bay area through early this upcoming week just seen back to you thank you so much for brees and back now to the cash fire that's burning in lake county as we take a look here. >>at the evacuation map showing us again that it has sort of extended again lower lake there are evacuation in place right now people who live in the red zone are being told to leave immediately people who live in the yellow zone there. >>around twin lakes. that's where there is an evacuation warning in place this is all according to the lake county sheriff's office are asking people on those yellows and to be prepared to leave there are a lot of road closures in the area. most of that information is posted on our website kron 4 dot com this fire. as we can show you some video i have
3:49 pm
some more information at that video we showed you at the this area right here is from a mobile home park that's in the area and firefighters are there right now trying to put out and some of those homes that bert and also trying to save any of the properties that are there. this is video showing us the flames and destruction of the cache creek mobile home, a state again the cache creek mobile home estates area has burned significantly in the fire. it's still at 100 acres 0% containment and evacuation orders and warnings are in place for this area. more details as we get them. now go to a tragic story, a mother and daughter from santa clara died in a car crash. when they were driving to the daughters university 50 year-old rebecca house woman was driving with her daughter 18 year-old emma not her when a semi truck crashed into their van on highway 95. and mahler county in oregon boise state
3:50 pm
university put out a tweet with the news they were on their way to emma's first year at the university, a go fund me is quote both them and rebecca always had positive attitudes, bright smiles and unforgettable courageous laugh. they will be missed by all who were lucky enough felt the warmth of their also a missing mother and northern california. the whole family was found dead along with the family's dog in the sierra national forest search teams initially located the family's car near a gate to the national forest on tuesday. the letter found the bodies of all 3 family members near an area known as devil's gulch in the south fork of them are said river. they have been identified as john garish ellen chung and their one year-old daughter muji they worse. no clear cause of their death right now but investigators are suspecting carbon monoxide poisoning could have led to their deaths. for your health right now and that that recall are we talked about other batches
3:51 pm
of hostess hamburgers and hot dog buns that are being recalled because of listeria and salmonella concerns no illnesses have been reported but did decide to voluntarily recall some of its soft white hamburger buns and soft white hot dog buns the syrian salmonella can cause harmful infections in young children or adults with weakened immune systems. a full list of all the items the code numbers in the batch numbers in the best buy dates can all be found on either the fda's website remained even easier you can go to kron 4 dot com. the 2009 shooting of oscar grant will now undergo an independent review by the state attorney general's office as kron four's has he been reports the actions of another bart officer on that fruitvale bart platform will be the focus of this investigation. >>california attorney general rob bonta says the department of justice will conduct its own independent review of former bart police officer anthony peroni is role the 2009 shooting death of oscar
3:52 pm
grant. a jury found the by police officer that pulled the trigger johan as early guilty of involuntary manslaughter for shooting oscar grant in the back while he was face down with the fruitvale bart platform however officer peroni was never criminally charged for his involvement. attorney general bonta released this statement regarding his decision. quote transparency is critical to building and maintaining trust between law enforcement and the communities we serve. the california department of justice is committed to conducting a thorough fair and independent review and will go where the facts lead unquote oscar civil rights violated. >>he suffered a hate crime and then he was murdered. >>oscar grant's uncle bobby ex says the family has been waiting for 12 years by the law to catch up to anthony peroni and hold him accountable for his role in the death of his nephew, his thoughts on attorney general bond to reviewing the case so we're cautiously optimistic that he's doing it for right
3:53 pm
from us. >>art and well out along to speak to the essence of what it should be. you know and giving us our day in court. >>alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley had this to say about her decision to not prosecute anthony peroni i listened very closely to the request of the family. when they asked me to re examine the involvement of former bart police officer anthony peroni and in view of everything we have considered and reconsidered. >>we conclude that we cannot prove peroni guilty beyond a reasonable doubt civil rights attorney john burris represented grant's family in a successful civil suit and says he sees an important opportunity here frankly what is important here is the family and other people that you need to know. >>but there's a way to go on others to jen available to them when the local district attorney's office refuses not to bring charges. >>has it made kron 4 news. >>and right after the break right here on kron 4 news at 3. we wish a very happy birthday to a 105 year-old
3:54 pm
woman. from oakland.
3:55 pm
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mr. clean clean freak >>a very special birthday right now is an oakland woman is turning 105 years old today she is runs a harvey devereaux her great grand kids and her grand kids our kron for viewers and they're celebrating her long life and runs i was born in 1916 in louisiana, moved to oakland in 1939 with her husband where they had 3 girls. she is also
3:57 pm
a nationally published poet and gets this. 15 years ago, she wrote a poem praying that she would live to be a 105 years old and today that prayer came true, randes a has witnessed a lot of history in her life to survive through the pandemic while living in a nursing home near lake merritt so let's all take a minute here to wish her a happy birthday and thank her family for sharing this with us and being loyal kron 4 news viewers. and that does it for us right now here on kron trees at 3 i'm justine waldman lot of breaking news with a new fire that's burning in lake county including evacuation orders and warnings that have extended. we'll have the latest for you during kron 4 news at 4 o'clock that at 5, 6 and also in prime time tonight, thanks for joining us. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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