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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 19, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you're seeing in san francisco this morning as some of that cool ocean air has filtered right back in against the bay bayside in coastal areas. air quality is decent this morning for the north bay and inland pockets. >> not so much. so you're still going to be detecting that smoke as you breathe in stepping outside. so i'd say limit outdoor exposure definitely or outdoor workout yet again for your thursday, 50's and 60's for your current temperatures, especially cool in the north bay with a little bit more mild conditions right along the bay shore and the east bay talking more about how long the smoke will last for the rest of your forecast. first, though, on over to rain now with a look at the roads. >> john, good morning. thanks for that. you were actively tracking your traffic for you this morning. not seeing any major delays out there. but let's start with a look at the bay bridge as you're traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 8 minutes for your drive time at this hour. 5, 1880, moving along very nicely for you heading across the board. the peninsula are looking at the san mateo bridge a little under 13 minutes for you.
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there as you're traveling. so no major issues or delays and looking at the richmond, sandra fell bridge. while it says. 4 of a traffic hazard, one oh, one southbound at 3rd street in sandra fell. it's not causing much of a delay at this hour. that's on the opposite side of the bridge. as soon as you hit. towards sandra fell there will keep a close eye on that and have more coming up. but for now, darya and james, send it over to you. thanks 5. oh one and our top story. the fast-moving wildfires in northern california. authorities say. >> that there are now a dozen wildfires burning and more than a million acres have been charred in california so far the fires have forced more than 31,000 people from their homes. >> we have some video out of lake county where you can see the cash fire now is burned but 80 acres. it's destroyed about 50 homes including this entire mobile home park and firefighters say say they have about 20% contained. they stopped the forward progress. so that's some good news. but evacuation orders. do still remain in effect and there is an evacuation center at tells
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the ville high school. >> one of the hardest hit areas in the cash. fire is off of dam. road just north of lower lake high school. that's where the flames wiped out. the cache creek mobile home states kron four's taylor the psac ii has more. >> dozens of homes reduced to rubble after the cash fire tore through this area off dam road on wednesday. probably looking at several dozen homes have been completely destroyed. >> we see behind me the. fire activity. this pressure activity still ongoing is going to go up well into the night and the sec. this comes on top of the public safety power shutoff. >> red flag warning. it's a very difficult situation. faced greater today. >> most of the destruction located here and cache creek mobile home estates in clear lake several residents stayed behind on wednesday, including this woman seen hosing down the dry creek bed of cache creek trying to prevent the fire from moving to more homes. lee county sheriff brian martin says so far they
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know of one resident who was hurt during the fire and hopes they don't discover more as their efforts continue throughout the night into the early morning hours we have one confirmed civilian injuries. somebody at some significant burns and to get transported out area for treatment. >> right now we don't have any reports of any missing persons, which is a good sign at this point. in this mobile home park behind me is completely destroyed. some of the other homes completely destroyed. we're going to you're conducting a search to make sure that nobody in fact was a injured or killed in this fire. >> we're hoping that we come out with a good outcome. but at stewart early to say right now i'm taylor. second reporting kron 4 news. >> we have new satellite images as well that show the explosive growth of the caldor fire. and you can see that since igniting on saturday. it's burned. more than 62,000 acres up in eldorado county and that's just off of highway 50 about 60 miles east of sacramento cal fire right now reporting no containment as of yet. they're still working to get that underway more than 5800 buildings currently are threatened. that's forcing
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thousands of people from their homes. at least 2 people, we're told, have been hurt by those flames. >> meantime, the dixie fire has some evacuation orders now been downgraded. now they're just warnings as this fire is moving to the north. the dixie fire has burned about a 1000 square miles and after more than a month, it's still only 33% contained. cal fire says it's the first wildfire to ever burn across the sierra nevada mountain range. >> dixie fire. >> is the first fire that we're aware of that has burned. >> from. >> the west side of the mountain range all the way over and to the valley floor on the east side of the mountain range. we don't have any record of that happening before. >> more than 6,000 firefighters are battling the dixie fire right now. smoke from all those fires has created the hazy conditions that we're seeing. take a look. >> on the left. that's the view or not from lake tahoe from the sierra and you can
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see much of anything. and then in the middle, that's pleasant hill. yeah, that's kind of what i saw out. my neighborhood yesterday just skies were completely hazy. i couldn't. >> couldn't see the mountains hardly all around you at all. hazy orange glow from the rising and setting sun. and if you look at car parked outside, it may be covered in like i did. yeah. and out of my driveway in fact, it looked just like that. that could have been my car. i came home yesterday. yeah, from work. it was already beginning to collect. an extended the air quality advisory through let's go now to the east bay. covers will tran has more on the conditions in lafayette this morning. how is it will? >> it's bad. i can see the ash just floating around right now. so if you're waking your car is a little bit dirtier and dirtier than it was last night. >> it's too dark to tell right now on high up at 6 o'clock once the sun comes up, i will show you. i can see with my eye. there is a blanket of
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haze that sits on top of the hills. i'm in lafayette and i can tell you breathing is quite difficult. you didn't see me. but off camera was rubbing my temples because i think i'm coming down possibly with a headache. i'm not the only one because of the horrible conditions in fact, i don't need to show you. but just to quickly remind you really quickly just the conditions that we saw yesterday and it looks like it will be a repeat performance today as well. the hazy conditions all over the bay area because the fires that are burning north of us that air is bringing it down here and it's sitting right on top of us. no spare the air day. not yet. you talked about the advisory. they will monitor the situation over the next several days. they think that it could be better possibly into the weekend and early next week. but over the next several days, this is what we probably will be seeing, which is hayes. the orange high up in the sky. i mean, i see the sunrise being out in the field. and it's just an orange
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ball going up, slowly up into the sky. you guys talked about the ash. so this is video from our co-worker tamra berry. she lives in martinez and she too got us a little bit of video of just the hazy conditions and all that ash that came down on top of her car and all the other cars all over the bay area. so i wouldn't even try to your car for the next several days because what's the point you will be covered with ash all over your car. we've got a chance to talk to a doctor from kaiser permanente. if you're thinking about a mask and that being your body armor. he says think again. i see pictures of people jogging wearing an n 95 mask. >> they're not understanding the picture. that is not a healthy thing to do. even an n 95 mask or respirator mask to call it and 95 because it screens out 95% of the particulate matter. that's 2.5 microns or smaller. what means
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5% is getting through. and especially if you're jogging and breathing fast, you're going to be absorbing that. >> ad also goes on to say it's a vicious cycle. we are in a no-win situation, meaning that if you're outdoors right, then you will in all that bad air, the particulates that he was talking about. but if you're indoors, well, you could be exposed to the delta variant in covid-19. so it's very tough situation for all of us right now. and one thing to keep in mind, the doctor goes on to say if your lungs get inflamed, which usually happens for a long exposure with smoke. well, that leaves you more prone to coming down with covid-19 or other illnesses. so buckle up bay area stay inside and make sure that you try your very best early social distance at work. back to you. all much wealth. >> i would move on because 12 4 is your local election headquarters. and although governor newsome calls the recall a republican led
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effort. there are democrats on the ballot yet. financial analyst and youtube creator. kevin path. raft is working to convince voters that he is a serious. >> democratic option. fact talk one-on-one with capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> the california democratic party does not have an official backup candidate on the ballot. should governor gavin newsome lose the recall. but democrat kevin paffrath also known as meet kevin is confident he's at least the parties viable plan b avenue says branding is all about stop the republican recall. our argument is some california recall people are fed up. meet kevin paffrath, a political outsider and democrat in the wide field of republicans running to replace governor gavin newsome, the 29 year-old financial analyst youtube star and father of 2 boys describes himself as a jfk style democrat who wants to apply his economic expertise to state government. my career teaching folks about finances and wealth building has been all about being efficient with my time but also helping train others to
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be official with their time so they can build their wealth to invest in people in education, in health care, mental health, education so that way the cost and burdens on government are actually lower. we then spend less money on medical on welfare and on social programs. and instead we can lower taxes in his first 60 days. paffrath promises to immediately focus on the state's homelessness crisis by working with the national guard to identify 80 facilities to be used as shelters. he also plans to craft an infrastructure package that includes working with the federal government to boost wildfire prevention. >> increase water access by building a pipeline from california to the mississippi river and speed up the legal immigration process. on top of housing homelessness wildfire prevention and state spending. >> paffrath says newsome has also failed on covid-19 while the democrats as he is vaccinated and believes in science based solutions fred says he does not agree with statewide pandemic-related mandates. i believe mandates are the responsibility of individual businesses or local
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communities. i don't believe a governor can for the entire state. we should or should not have mandates with recall ballots now in the hands of voters. governor newsom has urged his supporters to leave question to blank and not pick a replacement candidate, but pat frat says it's nonsense and it's either really stupid or it's sabotage that they don't have a backup. and this is why we think towards the end of this election. it wouldn't be a surprise if they look for hail mary backup option democrat. >> and based on polling. we expect that to be right now. the democratic party endorses us in the back door when i speak with individual representatives from our federal government when i speak with senators or assembly, men and women. they say, look. we're voting no on recall, but we're voting on the best backup democrats because leaving a ballot like doesn't make sense that tells us regardless of the outcome of this race. he says he still plans to run for governor in 2022. >> at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. tonight. you can see the
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republican candidates hoping to replace governor newsom go head to head inside california politics hosting the debate. >> in our kron 4 studios. don't miss it in airs tonight at 7 o'clock. >> all right. we'll take a break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, california has new vaccine mandates for people attending large events. but the rules in san francisco are going to be a little stricter. we'll explain. and coming up as well on the kron 4 morning news california's attorney general announcing a new investigation into the death of oscar grant will have details coming up in a live report and president biden promising to keep us troops in afghanistan until all americans are evacuated. we'll have details as well. in a live report from the scene.
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>> 5.15 right now. i'm a yesterday's a little bit of a and it was a small d. i think that's why i just was like me. i'm not going know yesterday was a day where everything was sealed up in the house because you can just see the smoke
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outside, at least in my neighborhood. yeah. when you think john is the wind going to change enough to clear things out anytime soon. so not just yet. we're still going to be in the midst of this haze the smoke for yet another day or 2. at least we do have air quality advisories issued by. >> the bay area air quality management district through tomorrow. now there could be a change in the pattern this weekend that will offer us some relief. so hold on to that for the time being, though, susan, just marine layer you're looking at, but also that shroud of smoke that gradually settles into the bay high fire danger continues across the very northern tier. the state red flag warnings for a wide swath of the state from sacramento on up through reading from the coastal range into the northern sierra including areas like vacaville eastern napa and lake counties as well. most of us across the bay area of seeing a red flag warnings expiring as winds have calmed down enough. but that northerly wind, especially to our north is still carrying smoke or direction. also still upping fire danger, low pressure area that brought us the smoke is still leaving, but it's still
5:17 am
that northerly wind that's going to transport smoke from those fires to our north placing it right across the bay. we've been spared a little bit by marine layer right along the bay shore and the coast itself as you can see here, there is some green indicating good air quality for some of us closer to the coastline. pockets of moderate nevado as well as the inland east bay and then unhealthy stuff. the further north. you get in the bay right around clear lake ukiah. lot of that stuff is going to settle back down with this is marine layer burns off and you can expect an impact from less than ideal air quality yet again towards the afternoon. as for daytime highs, not a 4ot of change from yesterday. so it's another day with hazy sunshine 60's at the coast. 70's 80's right along the bay and then 80's to just very low 90's for inland areas san jose 82 today looking at low 90's in pleasanton livermore on up through danville. the concord oakland 73 degrees for your high while the lay who at 77 nearby vacaville at 96 today.
5:18 am
also that red flag warning in vacaville northward. as you head out to the central valley or the north coast now temperatures will remain pretty steady. your next 7 days. not a whole lot of change tomorrow. another hazy one saturday and sunday could break the haze a little bit as we move into next week. highs remain in the upper 80's to low 90's right now. john, thanks for that. we are get you going on this thursday. morning a day away from friday. >> let's go ahead and start with the golden gate bridge as you're traveling into the city, a little under 20 minutes for your drive times and no major delays or issues there. the bay bridge looking great at this hour. little under 9 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit. also 5, 1880 moving along very nicely heading to the south bay to check on things along one o one 82 to 80 to 85 things are looking nice as you travel along 8 8680, no major issues and delays. and let's head up and look at highway. we'll have more on that coming up. the dorian james. >> all right. thank you very much. time now is 5.18. the
5:19 am
california department of justice will be conducting its own independent review of former bart police officer anthony peroni parole for his role. i should say in the 2000, 9 shooting death of oscar grant grant's uncle says that he's been waiting 12 years for peroni to be held accountable and he's applauding attorney general rob bonta his decision. >> the optimistic that he's doing it for right from us. art and well out a lot to speak to the essence of what it should be, you know, and giving us our day in court. >> alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley had previously conducted her own review of the night that oscar grant was killed. but after a 3 month investigation, they could climb to file any new charges. >> a big story this morning, u.s. officials say evacuations from afghanistan will continue to ramp up in the coming days. but they're nowhere near the numbers. the president says that they have to be. yeah. the president vowing to get every american who wants to
5:20 am
leave the country out before troops are withdrawn. we have our dc correspondent raquel martin. >> with the very latest on this. >> while president biden says the goal is to have us troops withdrawn from afghanistan by the end of the month. he's adjusted for the first time last night that they could stay longer to ensure every american citizen who wants to leave can get out. however, he did not extend that promise to the roughly 60,000 afghans trying to also seek refuge. >> u.s. officials say they're ramping up evacuations out of afghanistan is an all hands on deck effort and we aren't going to let up the biden administration's and already the u.s. military has evacuated roughly 6,000 people since saturday. but they the ultimate goal is to get that number up to 9,000 people per day. it's obvious we're not close to where we want to be. so we're going to work that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week wednesday defense secretary lloyd austin's at the pentagon and the state department are
5:21 am
deploying more personnel to the airport to heat things up and provide more security we're going to get everyone. >> that we can evacuate evacuated and i'll do that as long as we possibly can. but outside the airport taliban fighters have set up security point in curfews that made it difficult for many to leave overnight chaos broke out at hundreds of afghans without needed paperwork but desperate to flee. >> crowded the streets nearby us official that this point say they cannot ensure safe passage to the airport. but a warning. the taliban to back off and maintain a peaceful operation. whoever there are threats. we're closely monitoring those at any moment. they could happen. we will take immediate military action without hesitation. and according to the rules of engagement. the taliban and every other organization that country knows it. >> and as a valuation is ramp up. the president continues to
5:22 am
face backlash over his withdrawal strategy. but last night the president did defend himself calling the chaos we see now inevitable for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> thanks for killed 5.21. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news. a man is chased down the streets of san francisco by another man with a knife. we're going take a look at what ended up happening. let's take a live look here at the bay bridge approtch looks pretty clear is just clear. isn't the word
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>> it's 5.24 and a big story that we're following. a man with a big knife chasing another man down the streets in san francisco. the victim tells kron 4. it all happened while he was out walking his dog with his wife, kron four's dan thorn takes a look at what happened. >> a brief. but stunning video an unknown man with a large knife is caught stocking. another man who is seen running away this playing out near san francisco's jefferson square park. it was really scary. it's one of those like when time slows down and and you you know, i guess this really happening. that's the same skyler givens says his attacker is homeless and had recently taken over this area across from his family's apartment while givens and his wife were walking their dog monday afternoon. the unknown man laying on the sidewalk became aggressive and pulled
5:26 am
out the weapon from his bag and he pulls out this big night. there's like 10 or 12 inches and thankfully. >> i had a taser with me and i ended up firing the taser him so i could get away and run away quickly. >> high voltage shocks heard on video weren't enough to keep the man from approaching givens was forced to run behind a security gate at his home. i never thought i'd have to use my taser if i didn't react in that way. i very well could have been stabbed. givens says the attacker was arrested shortly after police arrived after nearly a decade of living and working in san francisco. givens has noticed a recent increase in homeless encampments and drug use in his neighborhood. he's worried people who enjoy the park may encounter a similar nightmare and may not be able to defend themselves. i feel a little bit less safe use here. as i've been walking around throughout the day. something i think about it, i'm not going be able to go outside thinking about that. >> we've reached out to san francisco police for more information on this arrest. as of this report, they have not gotten back to us. givens says
5:27 am
that he and his wife have been so shaken up to the point that they are seriously considering moving out of san francisco reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> san jose's mayor is proposing people be vaccinated to enter ♪ ♪ bye dad. bye. [ sings along with music ] have a great first day, dad. certain hpv-related cancers? you're not welcome here! get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way.
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>> i 29 and thanks for tuning in. so early on a thursday
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morning. we can't tell if it's going to be another orange the smoggy day. yeah, i don't think so. good morning, john. yeah, already looking a little bit on that discolored side looking at a few of cams this morning. >> and there is some haze that is definitely settled into the bay area this morning right along the bay shore as well as the coast to being spared at the moment by this marine layer. there's your low clouds pushing in over san francisco. this means conditions at the surface are okay, but there's still smoke sitting right above you right along the bay shore and that is going to settle down later on today and make for an impact resulting in the less than ideal stuff. you'll be breathing in stilk a northerly wind for the very northern tier. the bay area to that's upping fire danger for areas like calistoga an atlas peak also funneling more smoke down our direction. so even though temperatures look pretty nice. it's the 50's 60's this morning and some 70's 80's 90's this afternoon. it is going to be another hazy. one for many areas, especially in london, north bay neighbors. i'll be talking more about that. still to
5:31 am
come. first, though, it is thursday morning is there a lot of traffic on roads. people still heading into work arena for john this morning. it's thursday light so far we're getting a look at your bridges to get you going this morning. all right. let's start with the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula there. let's look at that a little under 14 minutes for your drive time as you're moving along. >> let's head over to check out the bay bridge a little under 9 minutes as you're heading from the east bay into the city. 5, 1880, moving along very nicely at this hour. and let's look at your highways southbound 6, a dublin to fremont to 62 about 13 minutes receipts to little slowing along the altamont pass. there's also some high winds, the air. but you see looks nice as well as 6.80 there and 24 traveling towanda creek. there is a 5, 8, 11 minutes for your drive time 13 is fairly clear as well. we'll have more coming up. the dorian james, back to you. thanks a lot. 5.31, of the south bay san jose mayor sam
5:32 am
liccardo wants to make sure that people are vaccinated before they go into the sapd center. >> and other city run facilities. yeah. this new vaccine requirement proposal has been approved by the city council kron four's camila barco live in san jose. now. >> with more on the story coming >> well, darya james, this proposal is still waiting to be approved by city council and this proposal is basically saying that you need a covid shot in order to attend these events. the sap center normally host concerts the san sharks play here. their season starts in 2 months and they bring in thousands of people. but like i said, san jose smear wants you to get a covid shot in order to attend this. his new ordinance would require people show proof of vaccination before entering an event with 50 or more people and this rule would apply to all events at city owned facilities on the list is the convention center. san jose's historic theaters. the center performing arts and sap
5:33 am
center. the card of says the proposal comes after seeing a rise in infection rates. he says the most effective way to return to pre pandemic ways. it's for the entire community to get vaccinated according to santa clara's health department, more than 1.3 million people in the county are fully vaccinated. but it's unclear how many people in san jose are now a also wants city employees to look at san francisco's current mandate that ruling says people must show proof of vaccination before going inside a restaurant, a theater and judges. but that's for another council meeting. the mayor's proposal. however, on vaccination requirement for fit for city facilities will be heard at a council meeting held next tuesday. he needs at least 2 thirds of the vote in order for that to pass darya james, back to you. all right. thanks, camila. >> time now is 5.33 in the east bay another covid case reported at a bay area school, somebody connected to richmond high school now has tested positive and that person was last on campus on monday. and
5:34 am
according to the west contra, costa unified school district any area where that person spent time on campus has now been cleaned and disinfected. the district is working with the county's health services department right now to conduct and contact tracing campaign. let everybody who may be impacted now. >> 5.33 headquarters. and tonight we're hosting a gubernatorial recall debate with the top candidate the debate will be in our studios in kron 4. sarah stinson is there now live with a preview about what we can expect sarah. >> yeah. how cool is this we're going to have the inside california politics the governor recall election debate right here in our own calling for studios. we thought let's we'll show you what it all looks like. so come take a look. you can see all of the queen's the cameras and what's even cooler is you can see how we've transformed our studios. you can see the podiums where they will all be standing first up, we have
5:35 am
former san diego mayor kevin faulconer. then we have businessman john in the middle and northern california assemblyman kevin kiley. it's important to note candidates could only call 5 for debate by ranking high enough in our emerson college poll. governor gavin newsome in candidates, larry elder and caitlin jenner were invited. but all 3 declined to tend this debate will be live on 6 of our nexstar tv stations for 28 million viewers to watch not only will the questions asked by the moderators. there will also be questions from voters themselves. now back out here in the studio. this is where the moderators will cent right here on this anchor desk. this is usually where darya in james said and here you'll see nicky lorenzo from ktxl in sacramento. frank buckley from ktla in los angeles that who usually co-host the weekly inside california politics. they will pose questions about their views on the pandemic health
5:36 am
care, the extreme drought claimant education, infrastructure and the economy. now the gubernatorial recall election. it's september 14th. but you're going to want to tune in tonight. at 7 o'clock so you can get an inside look at their answers to all those types of questions and you can see who you may want to vote for in this 3 leading republican candidates know make sure to tune in. if you're going to comment on it on social media put hashtag inside california politics reporting in the studio back to you. all right. looking forward to it. thanks a lot, sarah. very cool time now is 5.36. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. we have an update. >> on oakland a's pitcher chris bassitt after he was hit in the head by a line drive that for you coming up in a moment. here's a quick live look outside a few of the golden gate bridge at this early hour. again. 05:36am, at least the fog doesn't look too bad. >> we'll be right back. charlie's my little sidekick when it comes to projects around the house. but, she disappears on me.
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5:40 am
injuries. the police say that bernal should be considered armed and dangerous. >> on the peninsula. san jose woman now behind bars accused of stabbing a 16 year-old girl in downtown palo alto. police say 39 year-old kunisha monique thomas walked up behind the girl as they were walking along university avenue when police say that's when thomas attacked the teen with a knife. pulled her to the ground and then continued to attack or 2 witnesses had to intervene tackling thomas and pinning her to the ground until police got there. the girl, we're told is in stable condition. police say she had no relationshit with her attacker. as we head to break. >> let's give you a quick live look outside now as we look at the bay bridge approach westbound 80 you're right. in the san francisco reyna harvey with another traffic check for us in just a moment. it's us in just a moment. it's 5.40. we'll be right back. us in just a moment. it's 5.40. we'll be right back. reggie bush used to eat breakfast somewhere else, but then he tried wendy's breakfast. *mumbles inaudibly* hey! are those fresh eggs for me?
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5:44 am
rated for tenant above for >> the mars rating. to filter. most of the smoke at kyle explain with recent fires as well as the pandemic demand for filtration systems in mass have skyrocketed will not need to filter. if you don't have your however. >> you're going to want to get some sort of air filtration system. >> or air purifier in your apartment or your house or whatever. i'm hoping windows right now at this point is not recommended. and speaking of those mask, they just fly off the my first encounter with running out of masks was 2 years ago during the fires there where we were. >> looking for masks for the particles in the air and couldn't find many then and little did we know that that was going to be the least of our problems. vis-a-vis masks. >> medical experts say toxins from the fires, particularly alarming for those with respiratory challenge is no safe amount of particulates matter. >> there is no safe exposure
5:45 am
to poor air quality there is no safe exposure to wildfire small. i see pictures of people jogging wearing an n 95 mask. they're not understanding the picture. thit is not a healthy thing to do. even an n 95 mask or respirator mask to call it and 95 because it screens out 95% of the particulate matter. that's 2.5 microns or smaller. what means 5% is getting through. >> of course, as we've been telling you, when it comes to taking care of your lawns. they had the smoky skies or the pandemic. always check with your medical provider to get the best advice reporting here and want to create theresa kron 4 news. >> was like i struggle because i want to shut all the windows. but then we've got a little warm and we're like >> and we just just fans blowing in the house. yeah, but. with you could tell the smoke was getting so we're just talking off camera while that well, starts going on
5:46 am
about air purification system. something to do to try and clean out the area's been pretty bad job because going to be that again. yeah. you know, all those air purifiers a gun out is so many of us noticed that his yesterday, i'm sure rushed to the store, got the n 95 mask got the air purifiers. we've got another hazy day ahead of us today to you can actually see. >> that glow. it's a contribution of marine layer. but as well as that haze already resulting in some discoloration. now we are coming to continue to see this northerly wind pushing wildfire smoke from the north or direction. that's also upping fire danger for yet another day across a broad swath of northern california. much of the bay area has seen red flag warnings expiring but fire danger is still of concern here and winds at least in london and upper elevations are from the north bayside in coastal areas being spared, the bulk of smoke this morning by resurgence of marine layer that scooted through the golden gate and now is resulting in a range of good to unhealthy depending on where you're at as far as air quality goes, the broader
5:47 am
picture does show this northerly wind continuing, though, and even if that's only sending smoke aloft. there is plenty of smoke still sitting right above the bay area that once marine layer burns off. we'll settle right back in with this. you can see that range of air quality. we have this morning areas where we have seen the return of that westerly breeze. looking at some good conditions but only temporarily pockets of moderate further inland and then further north in the bay as where you're seeing the poor to very poor stuff, something that we will see in pockets popping back up across the bay area into the latter part of the day today. now today's daytime highs 60's 70's for san francisco 60's at the coastline. 70's and 80's for our bayshore cities today. much like yesterday. daytime highs inland at our warmest. only in the low 90's. so really not a lot of change from yesterday. it's back to the hazy. sunshine. it's back to the warm but not too terribly warm of conditions. oakland 73 while danville all the way up at 93 degrees. the late show at 77 all vacaville at 96 today santa rosa through
5:48 am
center fell all in the 80's. a look ahead of next 7 days shows daytime highs not changing too terribly much in this forecast. we get a little cooler into the weekend and also see a low sliding through that could result in some lift in the transport out of smoke. at least temporarily resulting in times of improved air quality come the weekend reyna all. thanks for that. on this thursday morning. we're already seeing some action out there on your highways. let's start in the south bay. >> we're looking at an accident along one oh, one here. northbound want to win at oakland road in san jose. you can see we're already starting to see a delay, not much happening along 6.80, or are adjacent freeways. but as you can see, that accident is starting to slow down at least along one. oh, one of your wannacry northbound 6.80 adding nacio valley road, another traffic collision not causing much of a delay. it's still pretty early and we're still making good time along highway 4 heading into the city from the east bay under 12 minutes. you can see the meteor lights are still off at this hour. 5, 1880 moving
5:49 am
along nicely and the san mateo bridge looks great in a little under 13 for your drive time. daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot, ray. it is 5.40 and oakland a's pitcher chris bassitt. >> is going to have to have surgery on his right cheek bone. as we told you earlier this week he was hit in the face by a line drive tuesday night. that ball is going a 100 miles an hour. white sox game. his cheekbone fracture and he needed stitches. but the good news is his eye is okay. the eye socket. his vision is okay. he is going to have a consultation on monday and then get the surgery soon after that. here's manager bob. he's getting it was awful. i mean, you know, we. >> after the game got a little bit of news. and we talked briefly. but it was just silence because everybody, you know, had the same take. you know, we got. >> what we considered was good news today so everybody is in much better spirits in the clubhouse.
5:50 am
>> and now sickly yesterday's game between the a's and white a's first baseman seth brown hits that solo homer to left field that ties the game. but then the white sox, they took over after that. the a's just couldn't muster announced offense to keep the a's lost to the sox final score 3 to 2. they're going to try to avoid a sweep today first pitch at 11:10am. >> didn't go much better for the giants. they were facing the new york mets out of oracle park in this game actually went the 12th inning. former giant kevin miller who is now on the mets and he did a three-run home run that pretty much sealed the deal for the i just couldn't answer back at the bottom of the end. it. so that's how it went down giant slew 62 as they have the day off today. than the compact to of oakland. actually tomorrow night for the bay bridge series against the a's this weekend against the giants. and don't forget, kron. 4 is your bay area home for the raiders. and you can watch the silver and black taking on the la rams this saturday on kron 4.
5:51 am
>> our coverage starts at 6.30. that's when pre-game show gets under way. the game itself is at 7. and then of course, will analyze all the action on the kron 4 raiders post-game report. make sure you tune in again this saturday night. we'll see you there.
5:52 am
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things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today. >> and so when i went to they system, which, you know, is a because then you have to wait. >> well, disney says guess
5:54 am
what, we're bringing back a way for you to skip the long lines. but instead of the fastpass you have to pay for this one. this system is called lightning lanes. and you have to pay to use it to get in on this new fastpass system. it's a $20. jeanne. plus service. >> area james, it lets you reserve a time. >> for the lightning lane for your ride. >> no. it lets people with enough money. >> reserve a time, at least write at least fast as it used to be free. yeah. and just like fastpasses not every right is included in it the most popular ones have an additional fee to make the lightning reservation by the way. so on top of that getting the lightning line service for 20 bucks and you have a fee. it's going to launch this fall. i what i am so i'm just bombed i'm i must say as a disney fan. yes, the fast passes are your only way to be
5:55 am
able to get in the rides that you went to disney to do, you know, just like at star wars. what i know you was you want to go on and i know you. yeah. but it's getting to the point now where they're nickel and dining everything to the point where it's just it's unaffordable. >> disney. stop it. and it's all and it's expensive enough as it is now. you're going make me pay for the privilege of not having to wait in line as long everybody else. it's going to be live with me to have to wait the 2 hours now. so fast pass. they didn't have fastpass when i went. but they did at that one galaxy ride of the showers, one that you could reserve a free man. i got in at the end of the day. so good luck started tell you. more thoughts on this to come. in the meantime, we'll take a quick break here at 5.55 coming up in the next hour, the kron 4 morning news getting ready to host a debate. >> for some of the republican candidates in the recall election. we're going to have a preview of what we're setting up in our studios. plus, dozens of homes destroyed by a new fire burning in lake county. this as firefighters say their
5:56 am
resources. our stretch real thin right now and those wildfires are causing more concerns about air quality right here in the bay area will have the very latest coming up in a live report.
5:57 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6.
5:59 am
>> and thanks for waking up with us. well, we can still breathe think things are going to get worse later. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. in fact, let's start the hour with that. a check of the air quality. the winds today so fans can get any better could morning jog a good morning. it doesn't look like today is going to be much of a better day, guys, we're still looking at a lot of smoke, at least sitting right above the bay. there are a couple of spots like closer to the coastline and along the bay itself where we do see some low clouds and marine layer pushing back in helping to clear up there at least temporarily back to good conditions in spots like san francisco at this moment. still moderate for inland areas and unhealthy for the very northern tier. the bay and a northerly winds will continue to push more and more smoke. at least our direction. so do expect another one with hazy sunshine and especially further inland. some impacts where you can actually smell that smoke and see a little bit ashfall 50's and 60's for current temps with concord at 60 degrees berkeley and san francisco each at 59 little bit cooler up in the north bay
6:00 am
talking everything you need to know for yet another hazy day. still to come, first on over to rain now where we're getting look at the roads. yeah, we're getting a look at the roads on this thursday morning. and we already have some accidents to tell you about as you're driving out there. >> let's head to the south bay. this one along one on one. if you're there in the san jose area. let's pull that up. oakland road here. you can see we're seeing just a little delay along one. oh, one, nothing major along 6 8085 or 80 to 80 and jason highways next to that at the walnut creek northbound 6.80, at an acl valley road. there's a traffic collision there. but as you can see, things look pretty nice and light along 6.80 and 24, for that matter and seen just some small slowdown is traveling from antioch towards conquer travel into the city under 13 minutes for you this morning. 5, 1880, moving along nicely and let's quickly get a look at the san mateo bridge you heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and under 14 darya james, back to you. thanks,


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