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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 19, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. well, things have gone from bad to worse. if you're trying to take the bay bridge and aria pulse. and i'm james fletcher. lanes shut down right now. a fire on the upper deck. let's get to the very latest in the traffic center with rain. and good morning. yeah, good morning. unfortunately. so this is 80 westbound just west of that treasure island exit. if you are on the bay bridge. >> let's go ahead and get a look at things over there for you. so here's what we know. we know that there is a vehicle on fire, a truck to be specific with you. fully involved. and that has all lanes currently blocked there on the bridge. 80 westbound just west of the treasure island exit. now we know fire crews are there so they're working to try to get that out. as you can see, traffic is just slowly inching to nowhere as all lanes are currently blocked there on the bay bridge. again, let's go
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ahead and get a look at drive times to show them a different angle of things. there about 24 this time continuously keeps changing because of that truck fire that we're actively watching right now. if you're at the house and you're thinking about taking the bay bridge. i would suggest maybe not. maybe taking another alternate as you're traveling this morning, you could take we actually have some video from the citizens app. you can see of that truck on fire earlier today. westbound lanes of the bay bridge currently blocked because of that. so again, a lot of traffic there this morning. it's been around since about 8.30, or so. and it quickly they quickly were able to shut things down. now that truck, as we know as of right now is still on fire of also seen reports that there's there. so that's also ay i- problematic is they're trying to get that out. so again, we're looking at video from our citizens app of a truck on fire. you can see some i taking that near the bridge there probably scary for
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people out there trying to drive. terms of drive times, i'm looking at right now, 24 minutes. but again, obviously people are stuck there. so that's going to go up and if you are trying to take other ways to get around that. the san mateo bridge is at 14 minutes for your drive time there. the richmond sandra fell comey looks good. 8 minutes. the golden gate bridge. also at 20 going back to the bay bridge. again, a truck fire 80 westbound right near that treasure island exit. and again, all lanes are currently blocked fire trying to get this out daryn. james, people were just trying to get into the sea when all of this has happened. so we're going continue to follow this will have more coming up. but for now, send it over to you. thanks so much. rain and out. just backing up what you're saying about traffic is just stalled out there. >> on the bay bridge. you can see all that traffic sitting right there at a standstill on the upper deck. >> which of course is your westbound traffic trying to head into the city. it's all under some marine layer that
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we're seeing hazy sunshine once this low cloud cover clears out. so even in areas where you're not really looking at the grey. you're looking up at that hugh, that very evident haze that is pushed into the bay over the course of the day yesterday we saw and we're going to see more of it today. a northerly wind pushing wildfire smoke. back with us. one of the reasons we're actually ferrying. all right at the surface this morning is the return of cool ocean air right along the coast in the core of the bay itself. this is actually making for a brief respite from poor air quality for beside in coastal cities. inland areas are already moderate north bay, especially the further north you get already in the unhealthy category. current temperatures are in the 50's to 60's so venture out there with some of our better air quality right now. some of our more comfortable temperatures. good morning to run those errands, take the dogs on a walk before we heat up and only get more and more hazy towards the afternoon. back to you. thanks a lot. >> it's 9. '03, and kron 4 is your local election headquarters. and tonight we're hosting a big debate.
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>> we are. yeah. a couple of big gubernatorial candidates. republicans are going to be in our studios, which is why we're not there this morning. were busy setting it up and it's coming along. kron 4. sarah stinson. they're now with a preview. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, welcome to the kron 4 news studio, worst getting a behind the scenes. look, i'm sure you never been down here and this is what it looks like. that's the anchor desk. that's where the host will be. and then on the other side we basically turn this into a debate stage. this is for the inside california politics. governor recall debate and you're looking at the podium where we're going to see former san diego mayor kevin faulconer. then we're going to see businessman john and lastly, we'll see northern state assemblyman kevin kiley. this is going to be an intense one. we have candidates that only qualified for this debate by ranking high enough emerson college poll. governor gavin newsome candidates, larry and larry elder and caitlin jenner. they were invited. but all 3 declined to attend and that's unfortunate because
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there's going to be 28 million viewers at 6 of our nexstar stations, including right here at kron. 4. and as i said, the moderators, they're going to be sitting here and we have fox 40 in sacramento is nicky lorenzo. and we have ktla is frank buckley. the 2 already coast. the weekly, they host weekly inside california politics. so they know everything. they need to to really ask the tough questions. the questions that we all have and need the answers to before we fill out our ballot. these are the leading republican candidates and they'll be asked questions about the pandemic health care reform. we're going to talk the economy, homeless crisis wildfires things we deal with on a daily basis. so make sure you tune in tonight at 7 o'clock. take a look on your screen will show you exactly. we need to know tonight at 7 you can watch as governor recall debate. make sure you join us. not want to miss it at 7 o'clock tonight reporting in the studio. back to you. up in the newsroom. thank you,
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sarah 9. '05, and. >> a big story is the wildfires are still burning through northern california. that's why we have such bad air. and if you look at it, there's more than a million acres that have burned so far across california has been pretty intense. 31,000 people have that forced from their homes up in lake county. a prime example of what's happening here with the cache creek fire. >> 80 acres destroyed so far. 50 homes burned, including this entire mobile home park. firefighters have about 20% contained. they have at least stopped the forward progress. so that's some good news. but evacuation orders are still in place and there is an evacuation center that's been set up that kills the bill high school to accommodate those folks that have been against forced from their homes. take a look at the satellite images of the fire. you can see this is the caldor fire as it grew. >> and moved fire grew 3,000 acres overnight. now it has burned more than 65,000 acres in eldorado county, which it's off a highway 50. but 60 miles east of sacramento. 0
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containment right now. so it is just spreading and spreading and threatening 5800 structures including homes of thousands of people have been forced to flee and at least 2 people have been hurt by the flames. >> meanwhile, the dixie fire continues to burn continues to grow. some evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings. but this fire continues to burn primarily to the north. it has grown in size. now more than 678,000 acres charred and this is after more than a month of burning 35% contained at that number has not changed yet this morning. cal fire says this is the first wildfire to ever burn up and over the sierra nevada mountain range. more than 6,000 firefighters now currently battling the dixie fire. >> meantime, all of the smoke is creating very hazy conditions and we've been talking about this yesterday. you probably noticed that the sky look kind of or injured in year brown depending on where you were lake tahoe. you can see the lake obviously
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pleasant hill you can see that the strange kind of orange glow from the sun. and then if not, it was gray and the ashes on your was a clue as to what you're breathing in, too. that's a shot from martinez on the right and we saw that all across the east bay and a good bit of the north bay to in fact, the air quality advisory that was in effect has been extended through tomorrow. >> as you're looking for conditions to continue to be this bad crawford's will trend actually live for us out in the east bay with more on this and we'll as the sun has come up, we can get a better look at the haze that we see behind you there. >> you know, i'm perplexed that the air quality management team. they're calling this moderate because i think the air quality is downright awful. daria talked about it being nasty. look at right behind me. these are the hills in lafayette. yes, it's starting to lift a little bit. so now you can see the tops. but look at that. it's still sitting. >> pretty much on top of us and the sky. that is not clouds. i wish i could say those are clouds instead. that's the smoke. i know that
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because i get irritated every time i step out and i have to breathe a thin. i can tell you the conditions are just like it was yesterday. probably will be like this for the next several days. here's video that i got right around sunrise and look at this. another day of an orange sunrise because the sun is coming up right behind all that smoke that's coming from the north down to us and it is sitting on top of us. just choking has pretty much they're telling people, be careful try not to be out unless absolutely necessary. and yes, if you have a gym, go to the gym. don't go outside. definitely don't do any strenuous exercise even with a high and masks like n 95 because according to a doctor that we track down those n 95 masks will not save you. >> i see pictures of people jogging wearing an n 95 mask.
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they're not understanding the picture. that is not a healthy thing to do. even an n 95 mask or respirator mask to call it and 95 because it screens out 95% of the particulate matter. that's 2.5 microns or smaller. what means 5% is getting through. and especially if you're jogging and breathing fast, you're going to be absorbing that. >> so if those n 95 masks are not full proof. well, you can imagine this is basically worthless when it comes to fighting all of that smoke that goes into our lungs and the worst part is if you're out for a long time, guys. they believe that your lungs will get inflamed you'll be more susceptible to coming down with illnesses like covid-19, even if you're fully vaccinated. so we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. but if you have to be stuck, the doctors and the experts are saying try to stay indoors and recirculate the air. if you have air conditioning and if you don't keep the windows closed
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because this is part of the landscape for quite some time. this is. pretty much and a summer event these days in california. unfortunately back to you. all right. and again for my own health, i don't jog the thank >> ever in the south bay mayor sam liccardo and san jose want to make sure that people who are vaccinated know that they need to be before they get to big events like go see the sharks at the sep center. any other city run venue. yeah, that's going to be the new requirement in this proposal which still needs to be approved by the city council. but. >> it is moving forward and crawford's clean. the park was live for us in san jose with more about morning. camila. >> good morning. deiah james. so yeah, the idea is no covid shot, no access to large events. san jose mayor sam liccardo says in order for people to enjoy events at safety center or other places. they need to show proof that they've been vaccinated. he suggesting this for any of that with 50 or more people.
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and this rule would apply to any city owned facility that includes the convention center. san jose's historic theaters. the center of performing arts. and here at the sapd center, lockhart says the proposal is in response to the rising covid cases. but right now data from the santa clara's department of health shows more than 1.3 million people in the county have received a full dose of the covid-19 vaccine. once the san jose woman i spoke to says the mayor's proposal is a good idea. but they should still get everyone in. everyone should still be encouraged to get a covid shot. >> i think that people should be vaccinated just. never mind how many people around me. you know, you can be. you can definitely. transmit regardless of whether you're with one person or 50 people. i think that makes sense to get vaccinated. >> in san francisco people. new show proof of vaccination before going inside a restaurant, a theater and gyms
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the card also wants employees to look at that mine mandate to see if they should adopt a similar concept. but that conversation would be talked about until a future council meeting. however, the mayor's proposal on whether people need to their proof of vaccination at events at city own facilities. what is going to go before the city council at a meeting being held next tuesday. the needs 2 thirds of the vote in order for that will to go in effect. diane, james, back to you. thanks. camila. >> and a quick update on the breaking news story this morning on the bay bridge where we had at one point all lanes shut in the westbound direction. that's the upper deck of the span. it's actually on the other span heading into san francisco from treasure island. the update now as we have 2 lanes now reopened after a truck fire shut everything down for a while. it looks like firefighters are well enough handle of the situation that they were able to open up at least a couple of lanes but
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yes, this is a live shot. no one is moving. know. yeah. this. of course, the new span on the open side showing the backup, which with all the way back to the toll plaza
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>> and welcome back to the kron 4 morning news where we are following breaking news. a truck fire on the bay bridge that half the bridge shut down for some time. let's go ahead and take you out there right now. an update for you. at least 2 lanes are currently
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open from the truck fire on the bay bridge. all lanes originally shut down 80 westbound west of that treasure island accident. what you're looking at right now actually video from the citizens app. you can see multiple people stop to take a video because of the flames could be seen. you can see as far as it looks like. and barca darrell here now what we know so far around 8.30, this morning. a truck it was on fire. and again, the truck actually had propane on board. you see a different angle of that truck fire on the bay bridge. so again, they had all lanes they're shut down for some time. traffic at a complete standstill here on the bay bridge and they have thankfully been able to open at least 2 lanes for that does not mean traffic is moving any quicker right now at this hour, we're still seeing some delays. look at that. this is a live look right now. 80 westbound, you're looking at at the bay bridge. currently, you can see traffic is still bumper to bumper backed up there and will be for some time although 2 lanes are currently open because again,
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they have those other lanes are closed down, seal as you're trying to get that truck off of the bridge and still continue to put all of those flames out. let's get a look at the drive times right now. 32 minutes into the city that will go up, though, because as you can see, traffic is moving very sluggish through those 2 lanes that they have opened. so again, that's going to be here for some time. traffic is backed up at that fremont street off-ramp. people are stuck there. look just change the 40 minutes on your drive time. if you want to take a different bridge because you're not going to even go that way. 13 minutes to the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. richmond fell commute a little under 11 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 21. but again, we're staying on top of this. the bay bridge at one point completely shut down on the westbound side, 2 lanes currently back open because of a truck fire that truck with propane on board johnson it over to you. thanks for those updates rain at any spot that you're seeing low cloud cover. it's actually a good thing this morning.
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>> helping to block out that haze that's still sitting at upper levels that cool marine layer scooting in overnight really sparing our bayside in coastal cities. the smoke that's sitting above us this morning. smoke is going to sink in later in the day today. so enjoy this brief respite of green indicating good air quality closer to the coastline. you see what's happening further inland and further to our north, which is that less than ideal air. that is planning on making its way down towards the surface. still under red flag warning to a wide swath of northern california just outside of the bay area. high fire danger remains for the north coast as well as the sierra nevada as we continue to see these northerly in very dry winds pushing down from the north 60's and 70's close to the coast 70's and 80's along the bay and 90's for a few of our inland areas today we will continue to be looking at temperatures on the warm side for inland areas. another air quality advisory extended through today into tomorrow before we should see some improvements in air quality come the weekend. back to you.
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>> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us as always to help us understand robin money to help me understand. the markets look a little mixed right now. i noticed earlier the dow is off late. more than 300 points looks like it's made a lot of that back. what's going on. it's kind of yo yo in right now. the markets are dropping on fears. the feds could take away comedy to monetary policy. stop buying back bonds which will raise the cost of. >> yet across america. jobless claims so no problems there. wales dropping a low on tuesday became a lower low on wednesday and it looks like a lower lower low today, which basically says it's a transitioning market. it's too early to say. we might buy the deaths send it right back to record highs next week. but tonight we get tesla give us i summer ii on what's going on. you may remember 2 years ago, elon musk promised over. he referred to his millions of robo taxis on the road this
9:21 am
year. not going to happen. he's a height machine at times and amazon starting a department store. did you know amazon is the number one retailer of clothing in america. >> khloe know i did know that clothing really. at 20 years ago we would have said that would never happen. you got to try before you buy it. yeah. not so much, i guess with these your knees, your return policies. people are well into order. it and send it back if it doesn't fit, i guess i'll never do that with shoes. no have to try on anyway. let's talk about cars. that's another thing. a lot of people want to test drive before they buy you say the cost of ownership is efforts of 10 grand a year. >> yeah. and this is a study done on cars that were 33,000. 1st things first you depreciated mommy a drive off the lot. that's about 40% of that cost. so you don't think of it that way. but you just spent $33,000. you know, it's worth $27,000 us out. years you've lost money. other costs are tied towards fuel about 17% or 10.7 cents a mile.
9:22 am
insurance is the 3rd highest costs followed by taxes and then finance charges on top of it. so owning a car is the more and more expensive. and today gm said we want to get 5 g in cars so that we have sellers dvd entertainment centers anymore. they can say, you know, kids in the back watch a movie thinking watch a movie pay gm to put the movie on for them instead of apple or amazon. i somehow think they're going to be involved. they can do music services. they can do gm restaurant recommendations more and more services come into our vehicles as a way of attacking on the bill. >> my all right. and then finally, we know that gambling on sports has been around since sports has been around. but i guess the nfl you're saying is embracing it a little more. explain. >> yeah, well, couple years yes, here are nfl would only allow one gambling site commercial during the show during game. now they're up to
9:23 am
10. so they're racing the s p n needs this advertising online gambling is big to get 300, $500 sign-up bonuses during the game. typically in 2nd half of the season. draftkings and fanduel and number one. and number 2 in market share with 40% and 35% barstool sports is a stock. you should keep an eye on as they're getting in and big cities are big states like new york have signed on frontline campaign. >> all right, rob, thank you as always. we appreciate it. and don't forget send rob your topics if there's something you want to know more about. that's making headlines on wall street sent him a note reach out to him on facebook, twitter e-mail and directly. he'll talk about right here on the kron 00:00am morning
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>> it's 9.25. we have an update on what's going on washington, dc and it is getting bizarre. the supreme court is now among the buildings that are being evacuated because of a bomb threat. yeah. this is out in front of the library of congress apparently somebody in a pickup from what we're gathering from people at the scene. >> drove up onto the sidewalk of park was approached by an officer told the officer he had a bomb in the officer said he was holding something this and it looked like it might be a detonator. they're not sure. but that person is back in the cab of the pickup truck and that's why they're taking this so seriously yeah. they've cordoned off the area evacuated surrounding buildings and they are talking to him. you know, you can see how of evacuated and cordoned off the area. >> apparently he's writing on
9:27 am
a dry erase board that he has in the vehicle with him. and that's how he's communicating an ace. they say he's saying. >> anti-government they take this threat seriously. he hasn't got out. they don't know there's a bomb and they're not that he said if that he propane tank in the cab and he had a bomb and detonator. so they're keeping everybody away. they're not letting public transit go through or anybody else go through out of caution and trying to talk to the man right now and see if they can get rid of this threat and get back to business as normal. back to business as normal. but we when a truck hit my son, back to business as normal. but i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> 9.29 the breaking news is thousands of people trying to get from these band of san francisco ahead. a wrench thrown into their commute. yeah. the bay bridge westbound in the san francisco blocked by a car fire in harvey the traffic center with more yeah, exactly. you mentioned it's a mess out there still. so anybody that's trying to get into the city this morning. >> i would avoid the bay bridge altogether. >> if you can. a live look outside right now 80 westbound, this is where that. >> truck fire originally was 80 westbound. just west of that treasure island accident. look at traffic. still slowly sluggishly trying to make their way into the city right now. upwards of about 50 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling. but this fire could actually be seen from across the city here. we've got some images port in this morning. this one from the citizens at you can see the fire looks like this was taken from the embarcadero area of that truck on fire.
9:31 am
now the truck was actually carrying propane inside. so again, that may be the cause of the fire at this hour. there still currently investigating that. and again, you can see this from a distant view. just how thick that smoke was and how far you can see the fire they are in the city shutting the entire bridge down for a period of time. so what we know right now, 2 lanes currently open. so again, if you do have to take the bridge. look at that 59 minutes for your drive time a lot of people wishing they had taken some alternate routes this morning. if you do want to go ahead and take some alternate routes maybe the san mateo bridge, for example. we're looking at 14 minutes there, the richmond, sandra fell commute. that's even got an uptick in time about 17 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes there. but going back to the bay bridge. leave you with that 59 minutes as you're traveling into the city because of that truck fire that truck again filled with propane again. fire still currently on scene.
9:32 am
2 lanes. carly open at this hour. we'll keep a close eye on this side. a look at just changed to 62 minutes. wow. i would not be one want to be stuck in that. but again, please take some alternate routes. if you can and hopefully we'll have an update on the traffic when we get back to john. i'll send it over to you that so hard to look at all those scars just backed up on the bay bridge. your perspective right here. this is just before you get to that accident is showing. >> a very slow go for those commuters on the upper deck obviously heading into the city, at least there is some movement now, but it's not a lot just yet. focus on the clouds up about. we do have very still winds in san francisco. some low gray hanging out overhead us what's above that low gray is the hazy layer that's been pushed in from the north by northerly winds aloft. so we're being really spared our air quality along the coast and along the bay. they inks to that westerly breeze last night. what we're going to see this afternoon, though, is as that
9:33 am
cool marine air starts to burn off descending of that low haze that is likely to result in moderate to unhealthy pockets of air quality come the afternoon. so enjoy your cooler temperatures and her bear better air quality all temporarily. while we've got it north bay and inland east bay are already in the midst of the haze. you're not really looking at that break from it like those of us closer to the bay and the coast are currently back to you. >> kron. 4 is your local election headquarters. and tonight we're hosting a gubernatorial recall debate with some of the top candidates. yeah. the debate will be in our kron 4 studios. and joining us to preview what we should expect to see play out tonight as our political analyst michael yaki. good morning, michael. good morning. so we are inching ever closer to the actual recall. tonight's debate will feature 3 of the top vote getter so far in terms of our polling, john, kevin faulconer, kevin kiley. what do you expect to hear tonight. well, i expect to hear a lot of talking about the empty chair.
9:34 am
>> the one that that's not there. larry elder. i think the count faulconer especially has decided that he's got to make a break out of the pack. us is trying to make the moderate. we'll see successful and it's given they're probably going to tweet a lot of photos of kim and trump over the past years. but. it's clear that falconer's aside as former mayor san diego. so been executive for but he can train. kim's demonstrates the to the voters out there. he has the chops to be the replacement for gavin newsom. should he be recalled now. again, tough to recall him. and just a beat, larry elder as like a 20 point so this is going to be a tall order for him, but we'll see what he does that tonight. >> tall order, but yet the shortest order for you to become a governor. >> because it's amazing that one of these guys, if there's enough. >> right vote to recall could become governor was such a tiny fraction of the electorate. >> that's right. it's better than playing the lottery right
9:35 am
now. so. will say i mean, the fact is that you have you're 4050%, of the people who are undecided said responded to the polls. but the fact is probably 80 to 90% of them are democrats and i don't know if they're ever going to do any what so as you said, daria magnification of storm who may only have 20% or 20% out of 100. you make that a 20% 50. it's a much it's a much bigger think so. yet again, the democrats have play this card of we're not going to put it. we're not going to put anyone on the ballot. we're not going to let what we're not going to promote anyone vote for anyone on the ballot. so for the republicans, it's an open which is why they can endorse anyone. but now you as elders service is kept his lead amongst the establishment rank and file sure see others like your pocket or even some of the other people in the debate stage are probably going to start at question whether or not that was a good strategy.
9:36 am
or the gop endorse one candidate because now it's just going to be a popularity contest name recognition and with such a short time frame up to go and not that much money be put in the race by any of these candidates. it's going to be hard or something or another to try catch up to older. i just because of sheer inertia at this point. what is that? what is the strategy them with elder not appearing in. not agree to do any debates. >> well, i mean, it's it's a classic political strategy. i've got a 20 point lead. it has really changed all much. in fact, it's gotten a little bit better. so i'm going to hang out now. the only way this could change. and i think. falcon and others are hoping that new symbol train started to find who these other candidates are, especially targeting. he does not want people. i think there is a free vote on referendums. recalls are, as i've said before, are like tree shot. he's got to make it that it's not that it's there's no free lunch on this felt so the only way to do that is to find
9:37 am
these are the people are very other statements out about women, about abortion, about about trump. all those things have to come out to at least make people realize all those people who vote for joe biden just a few months ago that this cast characters doesn't have what it takes be. you don't have the best use of california in mind. and again, he's got to stress that economy. it's about covid vaccine and it's getting back to school. those are the things that gavin has to compare you're to get people to either be motivated enough deal with the recall and also too. get people to understand that if they were to vote yes, these are the alternatives that they face. >> you know, curious just for your take on this. we heard from kevin path ras, who's that youtube stars got a following meet kevin kevin, right. yeah. he's the only
9:38 am
democrat that's, you know, risen in profile as we're getting closer closer to the recall that he tells our capitol bureau reporter that he's talked to people high up in the democratic party here in the state who say that they will vote no on the recall, but that they will also vote for him. the recalled the successful just to ensure that a democrat gets their vote. he thinks there's this sort of momentum under the radar that will benefit from what you think about that. >> well, i mean, i could make a joke. but what he meant by a high democrat because i think that that it's going to be very difficult for any party leader to take the leap from gavin to kevin everett. i just don't see that happening. he's not really a democrat sir fits the mold of what we think it was democrats. he's got a youtube following. he's been it's been a a it's called the landlords landlords. youtuber. i don't know what it but he's of course, you know, he's there trying to prove himself as a democrat or an alternative. it's it's not going to work to get anywhere
9:39 am
near that. i think that the campaign is going to be about photo. and the reason you want to vote no, it's because. cast of characters who are trying to take a job with only 1015, 20% vote. don't have what it takes in the middle of the worst existential crisis. the californians face, whether it's whether it's academic, whether it's wildfires. these are things that demand your experience and leadership and certainly experienced used if they want to go exact opposite direction that i think the majority states has been supportive and will continue to be supportive so long as. you know, the governor can certainly make that call. >> ok. thanks a lot, michael we'll see what happens tonight. we'll see what the debate tomorrow. we'll talk to you again. and of course, the results autumn utley of the election. and you can see the republican candidates go head to head in our inside california politics debate
9:40 am
tonight in the comp for studios. that's at 07:00pm. we'll b
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9:43 am
different buildings but an event drove up alongside one of them and told a police officer that e had some sort of bomb inside of his cab of propane tank and then said he was holding a detonator and that is where we are this morning. they're still trying to determine if he was truthful and what he said. and here's the weird thing is they said that they're talking to him with a white board that he has in his truck. so we came there with what he said was a bomb and white board. and that's how they're talking to him. >> they're saying that he's saying some anti-government things. so maybe he's upset about something and trying to somehow negotiate. but they have any verified. if it's really truly a bomb or not. >> and on one side, you've got the supreme court, which is why that's been evacuated on the other side. you've got the u.s. capitol in some portions of that have been evacuated as well, though congress isn't in session right now. the court is in recess. so. it's not a very active day in that part of dc but nonetheless, anybody who has been in buildings in the area. they've all been evacuated now is police continued to determine if this is an actual threat and
9:44 am
they're commuters are being steered around that area and wait until you see the area. you should steer around this morning. that's one of our hot spots. the bay br
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> 9.46 and breaking news is the accident of the bay bridge or the truck fire anyway is causing a huge backup even though the open some lanes, you can go by one. so that really helped much. we've got rain harvey the traffic center with more on what's become a nightmare commute for a lot of folks that feel really sorry
9:47 am
for the people who have to take the bay bridge into the city drive times. >> up to about 55 minutes at this hour. so we'll go ahead and show you the bay bridge currently you're looking at westbound 80 year. and again, this all started with a truck that caught on fire that truck we know so far was pro pay take. >> and that caught on fire. there. they at one point had all the lanes shut down on the bay bridge. you're looking at video from our citizens app of people who are actively see in that truck on fire. this looks like this was taken from the embarcadero got some other shots to show you just how far off this fire could be seen there on the bridge. now again, what we know they've currently open 3 lanes right now. and so again, they've been actively tryyng to get this truck that was on fire off of the bridge this morning. you can see for people who are trying to make their way into the city. they've got an extensive way. 55 minutes at this hour. traffic is sluggish. people
9:48 am
are trying to get in there. so let's say you don't want to take the bay bridge at all. let's say you want to take the san mateo bridge. it will take about 14 minutes. if you're leaving the house, let's check our other bridges richmond sandra fell bridge about 21 minutes and the golden gate bridge at 20 minutes there. but again, if you're just waking up this morning and you're looking at the traffic on the bay bridge right now. that's almost and still 55 minutes there to make it to that freeman street exit a fully engulfed truck. at one point the bridge was completely shut down on the westbound side, this accident. 80 westbound just west of that treasure island exit. and again, at this time, 3 lanes currently open and it's still a very slow and sluggish commute. john, i'll send it over to you. thanks for those updates right now to good morning to be heading into the city. you can definitely see just how slow moving any of that upper deck travel on the bay bridge is right now. >> barely seeing any of those cars moving currently. but i guess still an improvement from where we were at earlier
9:49 am
when nobody was moving just now starting to see the flag blowing in the wind just a little bit. we saw some marine layer pushing in overnight. this is low grade that sitting right above the bay and it's actually helping air quality closer to the coast in closer to the bay itself. but aloft is that layer of haze that is gradually going to sink in with us throughout the course of your thursday's forecast. so enjoy this brief break from the poor air quality that many bayside in coastal areas are getting poor conditions further inland as well as to the north were specially around lake and mendocino counties. we're in the midst of some very, very poor air quality out that direction. winds from the north continuing to push into the bay area continuing to funnel that smoke down our direction and also continuing to up fire danger. one of the reasons why red flag warnings may not be in effect for the bay area anymore but are in effect for much of the northern tier. the state from vacaville on up to lake tahoe from sacramento to reading from lake county on over into the sierra nevada. all under those red flag warnings for yet another day.
9:50 am
today's daytime highs in the 60's and 70's for san francisco. it will be 60's right along the coastline and looking at temperatures in the 70's 80's for most of our bayshore cities. burlingame right at 80 degrees. redwood city and san 83 degrees each south bay temperatures. also in the 80's 90's for many of our inland east bay and north bay cities climbing into the mid 90's for areas like danville in vacaville from 93 to 96 degrees today not so bad at 77 mill valley really nice and some better quality out that way to at 74 degrees. temperatures will remain in the upper 80's for most areas on through. the forecast into the weekend, at least most inland areas bayside in the 70's 60's at the coast. we will see hazy sunshine bowl today and tomorrow with air quality advisories in both of these days. so hoping for some improvements as we see in a disturbance working across the bay area on into the week. >> all right. thank you very much, john. again, air quality
9:51 am
because of that smoke, because of the winds continue to be pretty poor around the bay area. yeah. we saw it yesterday. we're going to see it again today. the air quality advisory. >> is in effect again, tent saying that you shouldn't do. >> like things outdoors them. a car lot of exertion lot of breathing. crawford's theresa stasi takes. it's been insane and that's how employ collins tells me how it's been at this is hardware in walnut creek since the smoke started saturating the skies were stocked full of filters. we have every single kind. we have all the government regulated ones >> that still trail. the harmful chemicals in the air that are rated for ended above for >> the 18. to filter. most of the smoke at kyle explain with recent fires as well as the pandemic demand for filtration systems in mass have skyrocketed will not need to filter. if you don't have your however. >> you'rd going to want to get some sort of air filtration
9:52 am
system. >> or air purifier in your apartment or your house or whatever hopening windows right now at this point is not recommended. and speaking of those mask, they just fly off the shelf. a my first encounter with running out of masks was 2 years ago during the fires there where we are. >> looking for masks for the particles in the air and couldn't find many then and little did we know that that was going to be the least of our problems. masks. >> medical experts say toxins from the fires, particularly alarming for those with respiratory challenge is no safe amount of particulates matter. >> there is no safe exposure to poor air quality there is no safe exposure to wildfire smoke. i see pictures of people jogging wearing an n 95 mask. they're not understanding the picture. that is not a healthy thing to do. even an n 95 mask or respirator mask that call it and 95 because it screens out 95% of the particulate matter.
9:53 am
that's 2.5 microns or smaller. what means 5% is getting through. >> of course, as we've been telling you, when it comes to taking care of your lawns. they had the smoky skies or the pandemic. always check with your medical provider to get the best advice reporting here and want to create theresa kron 4 news. >> 9.53 time. again. the breaking news on the bay bridge. major delays in the westbound direction. the upper deck heading into san francisco will have an update coming up in just a moment.
9:54 am
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>> well, we did not want to end the show the way we started the 9 o'clock hour, which was was the mess at the bay bridge. but unfortunately that seems to be the case, right harvey keeping an eye on that back up a below. yes, still very much a hot spot there. at least 3 lanes are open will go ahead and show you the bay bridge right now. what's going on? so 80 westbound just west of that treasure island exit. that's where that original truck was on fire. this truck was carrying a propane tank. we know that it caught on fire. one point all the lanes there shut down this is video from our citizens app. you can see fire there could be seen as far off as from the embarcadero and some other shots and different angles in the city. so again, if you are traveling there about 56 minutes to make it to just that fremont street exit. and again, as you can see, all lanes currently blocks and people are going around turn in this little middle section the air and heading to the
9:57 am
eastbound side of the bridge because they just don't want to wait. it's a mess out there, john. i'll send it over to you. >> with a quick look at the 7 day, john, where the sand so we're going to be looking at conditions out there today in the upper 80's for many of our inland areas. most importantly, though it's back to the hazy sunshine. we go today, both today and tomorrow. air quality maybe a week it will be we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great day. but line.
9:58 am
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