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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  August 20, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> today, 3 san francisco is now the first city in the nation to require full vaccination for against covid. for most indoor settings. how business is following this latest health order are doing. also another day of smoky skies across the bay area meteorologista breeze rodriguez explains how long this is going to last and how it can impact your weekend plans. plus the latest on the crisis in afghanistan today, president biden promised to do whatever it takes to get americans and afghan allies out of taliban control safely. now from the area's local news
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station. >> this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> i don't hate the idea. it makes me feel a little bit safer knowing that everyone else inside the restaurant is vaccinated. >> now at 3 phone keys wallet mask and your vaccine card. those are the items you will not want to leave home without as san francisco is now the first major us city requiring that you show proof a full immunization against covid before going inside certain businesses. thank you for coming here with a stern crawford is at 3 o'clock today on this friday. i'm justine waldman. san francisco is doubling down on safety. so they say the vaccine mandate includes places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues kron four's dan kerman checking out how it's going on day one of this. >> indoor vaccine mandate. he's live for us in san francisco with details. good afternoon, dan. that's right. good afternoon. justin moore in front the restaurant and
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valid. they are one of those that is requiring vaccination along with every other restaurant in san francisco. again, this is not all indoor places. these are places that serve food and drink the idea being. >> you have to take off your mask. they want to make sure that you are vaccinated before you come indoors. we have some video we can show you then checking we've seen people show there cdc card. we've seen other people so they're qr code that is issued by the state of california. many of these places are taking all kinds of things here. it will be there stopping people at the door before they come in the restaurant and checking on this. they're also doing this. it fitness we were at one of those fitness centers in san francisco's mission district earlier spoke to the owner as well as one of the clients to see how they're feeling about proving that they've been vaccinated before coming in the door. >> our staff, our clients and our trainers. we're really asking for this. and when that we've got the full-throated support of the mayor. it made us feel very confident that we
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can walk into this without navigating this new landscape by ourselves. i think it's great and essential, too, because then, you know, if you're vaccinated or not and you feel safer being around people who are vaccinated. >> now, again, this just went into effect today here in the city of san francisco. it applies to indoor businesses patrons going inside businesses that serve food and drink. we're talking about restaurants bars, clubs theaters, entertainment venues. this also applies to fitness centers and gyms and events with over 1000 people. so a lot of this is happening right now. that's where san francisco is against san francisco always seems to be ahead of the game in terms of these more strict requirements. san francisco also experiencing a surge like all the other counties have with the delta variant in as they are across the nation. and that is why they are doing this. we'll see how it goes. as we push forward reporting live in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. dan, did
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they give anr well, ask >> and when we asked oakland mayor libby schaff at the city is considering vaccination proof for indoor activities there and here was her answer during an interview with kron 4 this morning. >> i have been in close contact with our county's health officer. and remember san francisco as both a city and the county and counties are what issue the health orders our health officer is not quite there yet. he really believes that that indoor masking wearing those masks all the time is the most important thing we can do right now. now we're all working to get the vaccination rate up right now. we're still holding at our current policy. but i personally, as the mayor of oakland encourage all restaurants and bars to require vaccination. i know i check on yelp before i go to a restaurant to see if they require proof of vaccination. that's how i'm choosing. where i go. i encourage others to do
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the same. as of this week. 70% of all oaklanders over the age of 12. >> are fully vaccinated. happening tonight. masks will be required indoors and santa cruz county. even if you are vaccinated, the county health officer issued a new mask mandate setting a rise in covid-19 cases and hospitalizations. the order goes into effect tonight. just before midnight. there is already a mask mandate in place in every bay area county except for solano county. happening tomorrow. marin county will be offering a 3rd dose vaccine clinic for for people with compromised immune systems. it will take place at the marin county fairgrounds for people who have already completed their full rounds of pfizer or moderna. it is also only for marine county residents appointments are encouraged the additional dose will be matched to the initial vaccine type that you got.
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> really discourage any kind of heavy activity and you know, today we're thinking of qualities in the unhealthy for sensitive groups category. so people with respiratory conditions or maybe even the elderly or children should maybe stay inside as much as they can today, you know, and if smoke levels are really rising. you know, you smell it in your neighborhood. maybe keep the windows and doors closed. you know, you know, put your conditioning on recirculate, things like that. >> so we're talking now about our weather forecast. we just we're hearing there from part of the air quality management team in the bay area. they're concerned about the air quality for the next couple of days. we'll get an update now on the smoky skies from our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez yeah. and we're noticing anywhere from moderate poor to very poor air quality pours for those of you in the north bay valleys. but we are going to see improvement. thanks to mother,
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in the south bay. thanks to that westerly flow. but we are still going to see more of a northwesterly offshore wind influence for the north bay and east bay, specifically the valleys there tracking moderate air quality. but still improvement. nonetheless, not tracking poor to very poor air quality for most bay area cities. so we do have an air quality advisory that's going to continue through saturday. but the spare, the air alert will be allowed to expire tonight when tracker for tracking breezy winds mainly more of that northerly flow for those of you in nevado in downtown san francisco. not really improving the air quality out there right now so that smoke and fog also known as smog lingering out there along the coast. but we are going to get a break. in addition to that, cooling down for inland valleys anywhere from 5 to 10
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degrees below average. this weekend until we rebound to seasonal temperatures this upcoming week tracking it all in my full forecast in just a few minutes. just fact, to you. thank you so much for recent. we'll turn now to the latest afghanistan. and today president joe biden outlined a plan to increase evacuations of americans and people who worked with the u.s. government over the last 20 years in that country. >> our washington correspondent reshad hudson has the very latest. >> good evening. president biden says the u.s. is conducting a difficult and risky mission to bring americans home from afghanistan. but some lawmakers say it didn't have to be this way. good afternoon, standing alongside his national security team. president biden said the u.s. is doing everything it can to get as many americans and allies out of afghanistan as possible. united states stands by its commitment. we've made to these people and includes other van left and such as women leaders. >> and journalist. >> president biden said the military has increased its
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footprint and evacuated 5700 people in the most recent 24 hour period. >> this is one of the largest most difficult airless in history. >> the scene in afghanistan remains chaotic but president biden warned the taliban not to stand in the way of the evacuation. >> we met with swift and forceful response. >> some lawmakers like alabama congressman jerry carl c the biden administration is leaving congress in the dark. >> we can't just keep being treated like what your children and not, you know, given information or has made no faces. karl is also worried about what will happen to the weapons and equipment. the u.s. gave the afghan military. they may not be capable or have the knowledge to operate it, but it will be purcell and it will be sold on the black market somewhere. >> during those remarks this afternoon the president said they're working to determine how many americans are still left in afghanistan reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you.
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>> fremont has the largest afghan population in the united states. and today congressman eric swalwell held a town hall with leaders of the local afghan coalition to talk about how his office can help evacuate people from the country. >> fact that we live in the largest africanamerican community and the country right now it is tugging. i don't heart because we have heard and seen so many stories of our neighbors and family members who have members who are and afghanistan. officers dealt with hundreds of cases. >> is the box that requires a letter of recommendation from someone with sister due on the battlefield. it's very hard for many of these family members to find the people who assisted them, particularly when the family members of the interpreter. do not speak english as well as the interpreter speaks. >> congressman swallow has set up a special e-mail for people who want to seek help. he also said his office is responding to requests that coming through direct messages on
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twitter and instagram due to covid regulations. he's asking people to refrain from coming directly to his office to meet in person. representative anna eshoo apollo off to release the statement about the president's remarks. it reads in part, it was the right decision to end the forever war in afghanistan. i traveled there several times and saw firsthand the of our courageous men and women serving. now the u.s. must do everything humanly possible to evacuate american personnel. the afghans that assisted us, the journalists and the artificial and no artificial deadline should stop us. we're also learning this afternoon the vice president kamala harris will be visiting the bay area next week to rally against the recall of governor gavin newsome harrison newsome will hold an event to urge californians to vote no on the recall ballot. the event will be held next friday. the 27th, however, the exact time and location have not been made available just yet, but we
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will bring you all those details as soon as we get them and also covered the vice president's visit. coming up here during kron 4 news at 3 o'clock today. a new option to help avoid traffic in the east bay, but it's going to cost too. >> details on the new toll for an express lane on 6.80. also help for businesses hit hard by the pandemic. the extra money going to small businesses in east oakland's. and those massive wildfires continue to tear through northern california community is how you can help those impacted by the devastation.
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we'll start our wild. her. >> fire coverage right now and let's get a look at the damage from the cache fire in lake county, which has burned 75 acres. firefighters say they stopped the forward progress but not before it wiped out. dozens of homes and decimated entire mobile home park. as of this afternoon. the cache fire is 40% contained. dry and gusty conditions are making it challenging to fight the caldor fire that's burning in eldorado county. that's east of sacramento. this fire has burned more than 73,000 acres in the eldorado national forest. there's no containment and it continues to spread with the flames moving through steep terrain in heavily wooded areas. more than 6900 buildings remain threatened right now. 104 structures have already been destroyed. and to the dixie fire which has now burned more than a 700,000 acres and is 35% contained.
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nearly 650 homes and hundreds of other buildings have been destroyed. 16,000 more remain threatened as this fire continues to move north nearly 6,000 fire personnel are on the ground in the air in this area trying to put the fire out 3 of them have been injured in last month while battling the flames. now the salvation army is responding to these wildfires as well by providing support to thope displaced by the dixie caldor and monument fires all those evacuees need help. so the organization has set up centers throughout northern california for evacuees to go for meals, even emotional and spiritual support. while back hope that their homes are still standing when they returned some. may lose everything that they have. and now the salvation army will be there to support these people as well. >> this is the salvation army has been in these communities for decades. and so one cease-fires are done. we're going to remain there to help individuals rebuild their lives and to get them back on their feet again. and so the
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public support in any way, shape and form is is greatly appreciated. >> we have a list of where the salvation army has set up an evacuee centers. it's all on our website. kron 4 dot com. let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside. along the san mateo bridge we're really looking at here besides people starting that getaway friday is the smoky conditions. the hazy skies that are sticking with us today in our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here to let us know how much longer that is going to be lasting. good afternoon, recent. hey, they're just seen yet and we're going to notice some much needed relief. >> and improved air quality by your saturday morning and that's going to continue throughout this weekend. thanks to the return of that strong seabreeze pushing the smoke and ash out of our area. but one thing that we really want to keep an eye on out in the atlantic is tropical storm henri. it is going to become a hurricane this weekend, especially on saturday with sustained winds at 85 miles
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per hour right now. 70 mile per hour winds, but it is expected to make landfall sunday night throughout the southern portions of new england right now. it looks to make landfall in the state of massachusetts sunday night through monday. but we are going to notice tropical force storm. winds by this weekend, specifically saturday into sunday along the coast and also rain totals ranging anywhere from one to 4 inches throughout the new england coastline. but back on land and closer to home. we're tracking that marine layer pretty stubborn right now along the media bay area coastline. so we are noticing a mixture of that marine layer and also the smoke in temperatures out there right now. very similar to yesterday. 6070's and 80's low 80's. for those of you in livermore mid 70's for san jose with mid 60's for downtown san francisco and berkeley and low 70's for santa rosa. but 10 degrees warmer. for those of you in novato. thanks to those offshore northerly winds. but
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future cast for going to see some much needed drizzle helping to clean out our air along the coastline. that's where we're tracking. good air quality for your saturday and also overnight lows. how widespread mid to upper 50's and daytime highs tomorrow. 5 to 10 degrees below average. most of our inner most cities struggling to reach the low 80's like livermore in antioch, oakland 68 degrees in downtown san francisco in the mid 60's. and we're going to notice quite the temperature swing next week and a week from today just seen triple digit heat. so enjoy the cool down this weekend. back to you and the cleaner air. thank you so much. back now to local news and in the east bay, the east oakland business community got an economic boost today. money from the state is now helping minority business owners open their door squad force has it has the story. now. >> you may not know that despite having over 64,000 residents. we do not have a retail bank in this district. we did not have. >> a major team grocery store.
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>> almost 80% of the dollars earned by district 6 residents gets spent outside of our district. we are here. to do something about it. >> east oakland business entrepreneurs will receive an 8 million dollars infusion of state funding as a result of the california capital and the community at east oakland city councilmember lauren taylor, the capital and the community initiative seeks to address the lack of access to capital that are. predominantly minority low income, small businesses. >> face. first you have to believe you can be an entrepreneur esl ventures is the entrepreneurial support system helping east oakland business owners with their funding eligibility over the next. >> 10 years. we plan opening over 3,000 businesses. >> create over 3 billion dollars in revenue. over 60,000 jobs for black and brown folks not to be a 13% dent in the unemployment rate.
3:21 pm
>> california state senator nancy skinner led the charge for passing the capital in the we've got a huge percent of those grants. >> largest portion of them went to oakland small businesses. >> yeah. lines as one of the for small businesses that received one of the first capital in the community at checks and the ceo jerry bailey says it's going to make a big this money means so the wine and liquor business. as you know, not a lot of folks that look like me are the rest of you in this crowd. it takes money to get those grapes. >> into wine into a bottle. and so this really helps me to do that. has it made kron. 4 news. >> let's talk about baseball right now because happening tonight the a's will host the san francisco giants for the bay bridge. serious first pitch is at 6.40 kron 4 will be there tonight for the game in the last bay bridge series
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in june. the giants beat on 1, 2 games and the a's took one. a lot of fans expected to attend we'll bring you all the highlights during our newscast in primetime. also in sports news, kron 4 is the bay area's home for the raiders this weekend. you can watch the silver and black take on the la rams tomorrow right here on kron. 4. starts at 7. but before that at 6.30, will be the kron four's raiders pre-game show the game at 07:00am awe. going to be talking about all the good things that happened. the game with jason dumas and kylen mills right after and sandwiched in between. yes, the bread there. that's the meat we have kron 4 news at 6. and then after the post-game show bring you the news as well. all right. well, if you have any. plans. for dinner tonight. i want to watch this report first before you make any reservations will hit the road to discover the coolest bay area roadside food joints. >> to satisfy your taste and
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in the east bay. we want to. had to sit and lot of traffic. right. but if you want to do that, it could have to cost you if you're traveling on 6.80, what you need to know that these new express lanes that just opened up in walnut creek. is a 3. we'll be right back. you try to stay ahead of the mess but scrubbing still takes time. now there's dawn powerwash dish spray. it's the faster way to clean as you go. just spray, wipe and rinse. it cleans grease five times faster. dawn powerwash now available in free & clear. this... is what freedom sounds like. and this. this is what freedom smells like. ahhh, enjoy 30 days of open-road freshness. febreze car.
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afternoon. there's now a new option to help beat the traffic in the east bay, but it will cost to toll started this morning on the express
3:26 pm
lanes on 6 ad from walnut creek. >> 2 martinez kron four's camila barco has details now from contra, costa county. traffic is moving here in concord and the digital signs are up and running. >> these tell you how much it's going to cost you on where you need to go but the prices fluctuate depending on the level of traffic. drivers are on the fast track to beating traffic with the new 11 mile express lane on southbound. i 6.80 it starts a marina vista avenue in martinez and goes all the way to read road in walnut creek. the new extension has to toll zones and drivers are charged through the fast track system. they need a fast track toll tag. car pool is need a flex toll tag to show how many people are in the vehicle. you pay half the price. if you drive solo, but you need to have a clean air car and a fast track have toll tag one man tells me he's in favor of express lanes despite him not taking advantage of them. i
3:27 pm
grew up had here with the freeways were half as wide as they are now. >> they used the medians. but i understand it. i overall, i think they're wonderful. i think they're great. i don't have a problem with them. >> i think they help with the traffic. >> according to the metropolitan transportation commission, the minimum fee for each toll zone is $0.50. the spokesperson for the department told me there is no maximum the express lanes operate from 5 in the morning to 8 at night in concord, camila barco kron 4 news. >> up next here at 3 year we call ballot likely arrived in your mailbox already. and now a local election official will explain what you need to know about how to vote. plus, san francisco now are firing that you show proof of full vaccination against covid for many indoor activities. we'll show you some convenient ways to capture and store a digital copy of your vaccine card right on your phone. and up next, an east bay family
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remembering their loved one was killed 5 years ago. there's a big reward still a table for any information
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3:31 pm
will inspire witnesses to come forward. >> musician alex goodwin would have been 27 years old this year but his life was cut short to gun violence. still in some ways for his family. it feels like time has not passed. it is definitely hard taking it. >> they even after 5 years of him being gone. i think about him just walking to >> that he always do. instead alex's grandmother, older sister and mother kmiec a good win are reminded of him every time they walk in and out of their home in the san pablo park neighborhood in berkeley. a mural painted out front keeps his memory alive alex is not just another victim is not just another number. he. >> he's my son is a brother is a grandson. he's a friend and it's important that justice be served in 2019, the berkeley city council approved the police department's request to increase the reward money in
3:32 pm
this case. >> from $15,000 to $50,000. >> and that reward is still on the table money that will be distributed to those who provide information leading to an arrest and conviction. but over time the family says leads on what happened. august 19th 2016 have run dry. someone came to up on the doorstep. >> run the door. alex went out. so kind of a secure the house and see what was going on. >> and that's when he was shot. the killing shocked. the family because they say alex stayed out of trouble now violent alex's life would be. way. >> friend >> time in lie. >> that's he did, although the investigation has not progressed as they would have liked. >> they are still hopeful. it will end with convictions. we.
3:33 pm
>> deserve. jess is just like any other community in any other family. i feel that the young people involved in our lives. you need to see that the justice system. once good to come about this and the public can help make that happen. >> phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> a bay area doctor has now been charged with possessing child. this is according the u.s. department of justice. the federal complaint alleges that 58 year-old joseph andrew pollack had at least 2000 sexually charged images and videos of has apple i-cloud account. he's also accused of using the social media app kick to upload some of these images. according to healthgrades mahlich is an oncology specialist affiliated with several bay area medical facilities. he's also an associate professor at ucsf school of medicine. we'll switch gears right now and
3:34 pm
talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here from our mount tam cam air quality does not look good at all from the shot. there's a nice mix of. fog and smoke. it's hazy out there today. you could smell the smoke in the air and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here. same air quality should improve over the weekend. but that shot there of tahoe behind you. we can see that the air quality in that direction. is not any better. in fact, it's actually worse. this is the worst category that we actually can get. >> according to that air quality scale. so we are tracking worst air quality for those of you in this year's if you are trying to head to lake tahoe or truckee trying to get a break from the smoke and ash. you're going to notice worsening conditions right now throughout this year. and that's because of a change in wind direction. breezy winds 30 miles per hour less out of the west-southwest blanketing the sierra right now with that smoke and haze in future cast for not going to show much
3:35 pm
improvement with air quality for your weekend low 70's for south lake tahoe truckee in the mid 70's and we are going to notice warmer temperatures this weekend. but hazy skies as well. and temperatures going to peak on monday for the next 3 days at 78 degrees for us here in the bay area. we're going to see 5 to 10 degrees below average temperatures, 63 degrees for half moon bay hayward in the low 70's with a mountain view at 71 degrees and conquered 78 degrees and delay hope in the low 70's. so we are going to see most inland areas struggling to warm up into the low 80's but then warming up to seasonal averages by monday of this upcoming week just team. back to you. >> thank you so >> the recall election is set for tuesday. september 14th. yet every registered voter in california can expect to receive their recall ballot in the mail may be already got it. the once you get it and fill it out. those ballots can be dropped off at a ballot
3:36 pm
drop box or mailed with the envelope that's provided. they're also be polling places open on election day. but voters must first answer. the question. if governor gavin newsom should be removed from office. it's a yes or no question. and then the second question that is asked if he is removed, then you have to select someone to replace him. you can pick a replacement candidate, even if you vote no on the recall. you can also leave that section blank local election officials say doesn't matter how you vote. they just want you to vote. >> because it's the foundation of our democracy. it is really essential that everyone actively participate in all elections. >> if you're not registered to vote, you have until election day. that is september 14th in order to do so. one selection officials process and confirm your registration. the ballot will be counted. and our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4
3:37 pm
dot com just scan the qr code on the screen right now with your mobile device and we'll take you straight to our web page where you can read all about the candidates running in the recall election. you'll also find some important dates and information on how to cast your ballot and catch up a little bit on the debate that we had here last night. now businesses in san francisco, requiring proof of vaccination against covid from customers and important. always keep your vaccine card close by. so today's tech smart, rich demuro has dunce has found some convenient ways to capture and store a digital copy on your phone. >> right now. there's not one official way of keeping a copy of your vaccination card on your phone. but there are several methods where you can keep an easily accessible digital copy on your phone. here's a look. >> snapping a photo of your vaccination card is a quick way to store it on your phone. but here are some other ways to keep it easily accessible. for starters. you can scan a copy of your card using the iphone notes app. open a new
3:38 pm
know hit the camera icon and choose scanned documents. onhe you're done swipe left to right on the no to pin it to the top of your list for easy access. on android long pressed the drive icon then hits can once you save your know going to options and tap make available offline then add to home screen. this will give you a short cut for fast access. if you want to more digital version, including a qr code check with your state. new york has the excelsior pass app. the california department of health let your request a digital copy of your vaccine record. there's a website called vax. yes, it will give you a free digital vaccine. passport your phone just submit a snapshot of your vaccination card. and the site uses artificial intelligence and state records to validate your information. the clear app has a feature that allows you to create a digital vaccine card. complete with your photo. no subscription
3:39 pm
necessary. and if you don't feel comfortable uploading your card check with the health provider that gave you your shot. carbon health cvs walgreens and wal-mart all participate in the smart health card standard, an app called common pass can then import the qr code they provide. it's free and commonpass promises not to track you. >> i've got all these instructions and apps linked up on my website. just go to rich on tech dot tv for the link. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> stay with us here on kron 4 for continuing coronavirus coverage just scan the qr code with your mobile device right now. and you'll be directed to our web page. that's dedicated to covid-19 coverage. it's all on kron 4 dot com. and coming up here if you're a bank of america customer. there are some changes you need to know about. if you plan to write checks. >> from your savings accounts. and a new app that helps schools with contact tracing for covid will learn how this works. also, what would you do
3:40 pm
for a better night's sleep. experts say the answer is pretty simple. so will tell you the new track to catch them better. z's still take a nap right now. that will be right back.
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>> for your health. this afternoon due a hard time falling asleep because your mind is just racing. i say like my mind just goes in the circle. sometimes, but stretching and even regular yoga practice can help people
3:43 pm
with insomnia. this is according to the sleep foundation and sleep. experts say an evening stretch along with deep breathing will loosen tight muscles calm the nervous system and bring your whole body into a more restful state before bed. like that idea for your money as well. bank of america customers will no longer be able to write checks on their savings accounts. this change will encourage customers according to the bank to use their savings account as a place to save money checks presented on or after today will be returned unpaid and payments processed as a check using a savings account may be rejected. still ahead here, we're going to talk about the d word. say that. i mean the drought. scientists believe. that what is ahead when it comes to our drought situation is not so great. so we'll take a look at what their forecasting for the next couple of months. we'll take a break and be right back.
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look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better it comes to our drought emergency, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is predicting little early for early fall. this new map released just yesterday shows a high likelihood of warmer and drier conditions for much of the west. that's what we're seeing right now on the screen. those brown areas. that's what we're talking about now. the agency expects drought conditions to persist through november
3:47 pm
warmer and drier through november usually get to see a little bit of rain. come at least late october. we'll check in now with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. she is tracking the drought conditions for us with that very red map there behind you. yeah. very red and maroon unfortunately. so we're under that extreme to exceptional drought category. >> fortunately holding steady. but it is the case with warmer and drier weather through the fall. we could all be under hxceptional drought conditions, not just the san francisco peninsula but also the south bay as well. let's take a look, though, at your microclimate saturday outlook as we're tracking cooler temperatures and some patchy coastal drizzle so unfortunately that's going to be all the rain were expected to see in the coming months. just in the form of drizzle, believe it or not. so we're tracking mid 60's for downtown san francisco in the mission district about 5 degrees below average there with happened in the mid 60's as his daily city going to see the return of the cool westerly breezes so that on shore flow going to help
3:48 pm
push smoke and ash away from our bay area. coastlines. if you do have any outdoor plans take advantage of that, especially for those of you locked in because of all the smoke and haze out there the last couple of days. millbrae and burlingame, upper 60's with low 70's for san mateo and san carlos paulo alto 69 degrees and we're tracking 70's and 80's for those of you in the south bay milpitas in the low 80's. and we're seeing 82 degrees for livermore. so about 5 degrees below average. there. but conquered 78 degrees, 10 degrees below normal with oakland at 68 deghees. going to see more of a northwesterly flow throughout the north bay that ville 82 degrees. but later in the low 70's with those of you in santa rosa in the low 70's. but mid 70's for nevada and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. seasonable weather arrives this weekend just seen by monday. but then we're going to notice, though, early late next week into this
3:49 pm
early weekend. temperatures in the triple digits our weather roller coaster ride. just getting started. back to you. the 101 next friday. while san francisco based startup called trace innovations has created a contact tracing app with the goal of keeping schools open, even if there is a covid outbreak. >> and with the delta variant continuing to spread and kids under the age of 12. still not eligible for a vaccine. contact tracing in schools should be one way to narrow down the number of people who came in contact with an infected person on campus. >> all students faculty and staff to down the out. it runs the background using bluetooth using their proximity to themselves and other students and within the school. and if someone tests positive report symptoms to a school nurse the school nurse and go into the dashboard. she's an unusual status to confirmed positive test. immediately. they'll see all close contacts going back as many as 14 days based on
3:50 pm
that bluetooth proximity. and so when seconds, they're able to identify close contacts and notify them with their school specific next steps to prevent a further outbreak and so he goes a long way to keeping kids safe and protect in-person experience. >> the co-founder also told us that the app a secure and does not require or restore any sensitive information. educators can go to wwd. trace innovations dot com to learn more about how to sign up. for their school. cars burgers and shakes. her big part of california culture and drive ins became even more popular during the pandemic. kron four's because of the aca's has more now on today's dine and dish. >> if you're still a bit nervous about eating out at a restaurant. you can always died in the comfort of your own car. no shame in going to drive through a crowd favorite in and out burgers all around the bay. >> in the south bay serving of hot dogs since the 1930's is
3:51 pm
marks a san jose landmark and a source of hot dog eating inspiration. how many >> past the surfers and beach traffic on highway one in 92 sits the roadside caboose everybody's talking about. >> that's lunch. net much of it. yeah. >> the roadside stand is run by a young dad named sky. >> is a tasty burger homemade chips just like dad, it. >> everything's in bucs rest that be all from local farms. many of the street and just up the way long lines at guerrilla barbecuing, but he knows a good place to >> compose. how could bay area hot spot got roadside. >> garlic fries, sweet potato fries, just some of the reasons people are flocking to get the got experiences got magic formula. a winemaker.
3:52 pm
joel gott and his brother started got in the wine country is back in 1999. they took over an old roadside stand up there and they brought roadside americana as. >> to that napa valley. and if you're looking for a healthy drive-thru. >> 3 >> cars are stacked up waiting to order. and yes, it's the same amy's you find at the supermarket drive through this kind of this kind of novel and that's what i was second. let's let's try let's see what it's all jeriann the i'm neither i love me. i'm going to give it a try drive-thru food anyway. you slice it is about as american as apple pie. >> vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> the key put some miles on the car for this one. she sitting right there are all right. well, if you're always one to find out where you can
3:53 pm
dine and just just a scan. this qr code on your screen right now. as you can see, some of the places that we have visited and also that' great way that you can submit some restaurants for vicki to dine and dish at. we'll take a break and be right back. 2
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
dogs are now home safe with their family after surviving the cache fire officers with north bay animal services found them in an area scorched by the fire this week. they
3:56 pm
say one of the dogs was on a chain, but he did not have any injuries. the second dog was also found huddled in a hole in the ground. not that far away officers eventually learned that the dogs live together and they were soon reunited with their owners. it is a good story. it's time now to see what news nation is working on for tonight. >> tonight. on the dollar report, a messy with raul continues in afghanistan today president biden plays defense his new plan to slow the taliban and bring everyone home safely. now, here's leland vitter with a preview of on bout. thanks, joe. tonight we're going to check in with a journalist currently in afghanistan. >> how she's covering events as they unfold. plus, what it's like for american citizens during this crisis. that's coming up on ballot tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> and you can watch news nation on the channels listed right here. more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. here's what the team is
3:57 pm
working on kron on for 4 o'clock that show starts in about 4 minutes from now. right now. they're trying to be getting you some information about the chevy bolt recall. there's been an expanded recall for that fpvehicle that they want to let you know about. so just scan this qr code on your screen right now and we'll take you directly to the app store. you can download the kron on app for free and watch that show and so many others right here on kron 4. >> and that does it for us right here on fox news at 3 o'clock say thank you so much for joining us this week. i'm justine waldman. a few back it's not prime time to force this weekend.
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