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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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only at metro by t-mobile. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> now at 8 o'clock, slow county. the only bay area county without a mask mandate. but one city within that county now looking to implement its own. that's where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman on tuesday. the benicia city council will be voting on a resolution to require face coverings. >> in indoor settings. president harry is live for us now in downtown benicia after speaking to members of the community about this
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possibility of a mask mandate just in the city, not throughout the entire county. good evening, amanda. >> good evening. i was here benicia about 2 and a half weeks ago when county health leaders said they would not be putting a mask mandate in effect. i spoke to some people here then and they told me they wanted to see a mask mandate today. i spoke to some more people and it seems that is still true. >> i think it's a great idea. i think it's overdue. masks may be back in benicia later this week. marianna more has lived in the city for more than 40 years. she says she loves it here. the think city to do more to prevent the spread of covid-19. >> if you follow the news at all and follow the we've got to wear a mask. we i have kids in school and there were enough the cages or a mayor steve young tells me he's been hearing similar calls for a mask mandate from other benicia residents. >> and since the county isn't going to implement one. he's
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looking to do it on the city level. however. >> covid cases are. >> rising at very fast rate in our county. hospitalizations are rising at a faster rate. and i think there is a belief on the part of the city council that we need to take action despite the action being taken by the county mayor young says back at the beginning of the pandemic, the city had to institute a mask mandate on their own as well. >> because health leaders wouldn't do it on the county level it's frustrating. none. on one hand too. >> feel like we out of step with the rest of the county. but i think the other way to look at it is perhaps the rest of the county is out of step with. >> the larger bay area. community moore says she hopes to see the county put this into effect. this week. i just hope everyone thinks about how to take care of not only their own needs and own desires. >> but what we can do as a community that we have to do to defend.
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>> the resolution to require masking indoors was just introduced to city council last week and they will be voting on it. this tuesday. the mayor says he's hopeful that it will pass live in benicia amanda hari kron 4 news. amanda, thank you. also on tuesday, san jose mayor sam liccardo will ask the city council in the south bay to approve an indoor covid vaccine mandate in san jose. >> the mayor is suggesting this for any event indoors that has 50 people or more. >> that would include the convention center. san jose's historic theaters. the center of performing arts and at the sep center, mayor liccardo says the proposal is in response to the rise in covid cases, the mayor expects exemptions for the vaccine mandate for children under the age of 12 who cannot yet be vaccinated. his proposal is set tr go before the city council. this coming tuesday. he will need a twothirds vote in order for it to go into effect. >> happening tomorrow, full
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fda approval of the pfizer covid vaccine could come as soon as monday as of now, the vaccines have been administered under emergency authorization leaving many americans hesitant to get the shot. the hope is that this full approval will give people more confidence in the vaccine. the u.s. surgeon general said today that the approval will likely lead to more universities and businesses. requiring immunizations for students and employees. moderna's approval is likely weeks away. we'll let you know what happens with pfizer's tomorrow. now, another big milestone in california's battle against covid-19 reached today as state health officials announced they have now administered 500,000 doses of covid vaccines for the 3rd straight week, almost 55% of eligible californians are now fully vaccinated against covid-19. meanwhile, just one week into the new school year in west contra, costa county unified schools. >> says it now has a positive case of covid-19 with in richmond, high. kron four's
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gayle ong live for us now in the newsroom with details on this case and. >> i was apparent that reached out to us about this. right. concerned about how the district is handling it. >> yeah. justin and jonathan and the district says that they are following county health guidelines and are also working with the contract tasting team. >> a spokesperson for west contra costa county unified school district confirmed a positive case of covid-19 within the richmond high school community and the individual was last on campus august 16th the statement also says the school areas where the individual spend time are being cleaned and disinfected. what school officials did not address multiple cases nor specify if the individual was a student or staff may want to remind everyone in the district community to stay home if feeling sick or ill all staff members must show proof of vaccination by september 7 or submit to weekly covid-19 testing senate president mike part. >> and that coleman every quarter, we're sure my cancels
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that bag this contra costa resident has been keeping safe, but says whether it's school or workplace, it is hard to keep up with the changing health guidelines call. think at first. >> officials said that masks not necessary to wear. then change their mind. and it happens all the so it's difficult to find our own way. so it just makes me more warning about this the united teachers of richmond union has listed the schools that are reporting covid cases within the first week of classes. >> and you can find that list on our website. kron 4 dot com live in the newsroom. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> gayle, thank you. meanwhile, a new study has found that 80% of elementary school students could actually contract covid-19 within 60 days of returning to school. if adequate masking and regular covid-19 tests are not available. the data coming from north carolina state university. doctors are also
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warning parents that masks are the best way to protect under the age of 12. we're still not yet eligible to get vaccinated. some health experts believe that vaccinations for children as young as 6 months old could be available at some point this year. right now on kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date on the latest covid headlines just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device and you'll be directed to our website. it's right there at your fingertips at kron 4 dot com. >> we'll go now to our wildfire coverage and firefighters are starting now to gain control. the caldor fire this year is new video from the nevada national guard performing a water drop on the fire. quite a perspective that we have not seen before and also showing us the efforts that are coming to try to get this fire out. it is 5% contained tonight and the fire has already scorched 104,000 acres. the strong winds allowing the fire to a rough ton size earlier this week in eldorado county more than 8,000 acres since just last night alone.
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>> it is now destroyed the town of grizzly flats. at least 328 buildings alone have been destroyed. another 13,000 now being threatened by those flames tonight, kron four's ruin a shot. has more on the firefight from eldorado county. >> amber's from the caldor fire ignited flames on the north side of highway 50 yesterday. today that spot fire spread to about a 150 acres. the steep terrain hasn't made it easily accessible to fire crews. we have to have some hand crews as well. some dozers are working diligently to get some containment line built in around that fire. keep it from grabbing ahold here north of 50 because the main goal still the objective. >> keep head of the fire south of highway 50. >> high winds yesterday push embers up to a mile from the head of the fire starting the spot fires. and although the winds have died down. there are new spot fires to worry about like this one along eagle rock ridge near covers. but firefighters are keeping a watchful eye out.
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>> what would be great is if it actually burn out some of the fuel load there ahead of time before the head of the fire came silver fork. road is an area that firefighters have been keeping watch. we were here yesterday and saw nothing but smoke. but today a very different story. one witness said the flames got pretty crazy here overnight despite the hard work. they're still 0 containment. the fire. captain says significant moffat must take place before they can call a containment line. going to be a fire fight for some time now, though, we need more t3e whole state needs more help. >> everyone's doing the best they can. we appreciate their efforts in eldorado county where we dish at current 4 news. >> meanwhile, the dixie fire, the second largest in california state history has now burned through more than 724,000 acres at last check. the fire is 30% contained but continues to threaten 10's of thousands of buildings so far more than 1200 structures have been destroyed in the fire. more than half of those are
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homes. meanwhile, in lassen county mandatory evacuation orders have been dropped for folks who live in clear creek westwood and point out. starting tomorrow 9 national forest in northern california will close because of the ongoing wildfires. according to the california department of fish and wildlife. those closures will last until september 6th to enforce the eldorado national forest closed last week because of the wildfires. >> progress on the fire fight. tonight. the cache fire is now 100% contained. it did burn 83 acres evacuations still main remain in place until further notice. this is happening in lake county and fire crews are still there continuing to mop up and make sure that it is safe for people there to return for all things wildfire season. it's all on kron 4 dot com. we have everything you need to know so you can be prepared. just scan. this qr code on the screen right now. and we'll take you to the section that's dedicated to wildfire coverage on our website. kron 4 dot com. and
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the wildfires providing some smoke for us here in the bay area and the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory for tomorrow because of the wildfire smoke. we are taking a live look now at 6.80, in walnut creek. still some haze out there today, but it did get a little bit better. we definitely saw the blue skies. >> could even more than what we saw yesterday as well. so once again, the air quality district recommending that if you do have just some respiratory issues. make sure you don't spend too much time outside while we're dealing with all the smoke and haze across 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what is on tap how our air quality is looking tonight and what you can expect as you head out the door to school and work first thing in the morning. yeah, that's right. jonathan just and in fact, we are noticing those moderate to poor air particles returning. >> for downtown san francisco out there right now. even making its way across the bay into the east bay shoreline and east bay valleys. pretty good for those of you in napa and mill valley. but santa
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rosa starting to notice those hazy conditions as well. but san jose pretty good air quality out there right now. but we are going to notice that smoke and ash in the upper levels for your monday. but the good thing is it's not going to reach the ground. so no spare the air alert will be issued for the bay area tomorrow. but we are going to notice moderate air particles at times with everyone, with the exception of the south bay going to remain under that good category throughout most of your monday and wind speeds out there right now. we are tracking more of a northwesterly flow and that's why we're seeing more of that smoke and ash returning to the bay area as opposed to yesterday's westerly breezes that push that smoke and ash out of our bay area forecast that brought us some much needed relief as far as air quality goes or we can actually breathe a little bit better today. open some windows around your house. but tomorrow we are going to notice hazy skies and temperatures warming up as
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well. triple digit heat returning inland. find out when in just a few minutes in my full forecast. back to you. jonathan just seen. thank you so much for race. and coming up here tonight at 8 and neighborhood in san francisco wakes up to screeching tires and burnouts. we'll show you how police tried to stop. >> this sideshow. >> plus, tesla announcing shipment delays. fun most of its new models. we'll let you know how long they will last. >> plus, wild weather from deadly flooding in tennessee to the destruction from tropical storm henri. we'll take a look at the damage and also see the cleanup efforts.
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i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. >> tonight at least 21 people are dead and more than 45 others are missing as flooding swamps middle tennessee. this is video from the city of waverly just outside of nashville. you can see just the horrific damage and destruction left behind the from those waters. most of the victims from this incident have died from this town tonight. we've learned at least 2 toddlers among the dead cars and debris have been just thrown around some of those in this area now, staying at shelters because their homes are just underwater. a nearby town. also receiving more than 17 inches of rain which also sent a new record there. now to the northeast will tropical storm henri continues its destructive path. >> it did make landfall earlier today along the rhode island coast on redid weekend
8:17 pm
to a tropical storm last night. we were talking about it was a category one hurricane, but it was downgraded. still, though it had sustained winds of up to 70 miles an hour. areas from new jersey through massachusetts have been hit hard with intense rain leaving behind flash floods. >> callous trees and power lines have toppled down, leaving 10's of thousands of folks in the dark this sunday night on re is expected to weaken overnight into a tropical depression. has the latest. >> roaring waves powerful winds and heavy rainfall all signs of tropical storm henri making landfall in westerly, rhode island sunday seen a lot but this is definitely doing a lot of damage to the sand. you can see the roshan. it's really taking it out. >> so that's the biggest thing here. >> roads in front of miss beach flooded similar sites captured in the watch hill part of town too parking lots looking more like ponce. many
8:18 pm
capturing the fierce motions of mother nature in person despite being warned by officials to stay at home we just wanted to get out before it got too bad. you know, so. >> we're stuck home all day with no >> and this is one of my favorite spot so loudly. i don't want it. >> feet on the ground. so we know whaa's going on so that we can actually get to work great to be covering that island. governor dan mckee taking a look at the coastal town himself during the call with president joe biden. mckee says he stressed how communities like westerly are often hardest hit. >> and with thousands without power in this town alone. he says he's thankful the state has experienced tackling storms like this one. >> public safety teams are emergency management on national god. well, a local responders. they've gone through this before. so safety is a priority. but we also need to get better at the recovery. and that's why i'm down here west. >> that was shooter reporting for us tonight. now president
8:19 pm
joe biden also made remarks on the tropical storm today. he said fema is prepared to provide resources. 4 states that have been affected by henri. >> yesterday. i talked to the administrator in each of the governors in the key states, most likely to be affected. urge them to take advantage of the assistance fema can offer in advance and committed to do everything we can to support their communities through the storm. and after years, fema has already preposition resources in the region. to speed our ability to respond includi food, water, lifesaving communications equipment as well as generators. >> president biden also says he already approved emergency money to help rhode island, connecticut and new york recover from the damage that henri caused. >> meanwhile, back here at home we could always use some rain from henri without the damage. but another live look tonight at long, the san francisco embarcadero as we wrap up another weekend and kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa
8:20 pm
rodriguez is joining us now. not only will be can expect for the week ahead. but also what's left of henri still of doing some damage tonight. a lot of rain. yeah. in fact, a flash flood watch remains in effect for the new york city, new jersey, metro area. but it has been downgraded from a tropical storm. >> to now tropical depression with sustained winds at 30 miles per hour. and it's going to make its way into the southern portions of new england all the way through tuesday words going to remain as a tropical depression, depression storm with wind speeds sustained at 30 miles per hour. but it did break rainfall records. new york city's central park in just an hour. they got 2 inches of rain and in new jersey, part of the metro areas there got up to 9 inches of rain. so let's take a look at its current path out there right now. we are seeing a line of storms from syracuse all the way down into philadelphia. but scattered showers everywhere else. and we are going to notice, though, as we go back on land and closer to home here in the bay area,
8:21 pm
drier outlook and unfortunately can bottle up all of that much needed rain. in fact, all we have to deal with is sprinkle. so welcome to our bay area summer. we're tracking 50's along the coast. 60's as you make your way inland. 10 degree difference right now between our coolest coastal cities and our warmest inland valleys with antioch still flirting at 70's right now at 69 degrees and overnight lows cooler in the mid to upper 50's. santa rose even cooler than that of 49 degrees for your overnight. temperatures. and we're going to remain about 5 degrees below average conquered 82 degrees oakland 68 degrees in downtown san francisco in the mid 60's and mid 70's. for those of you in san jose. and then here's our weather roller coaster ride. enjoy the below average temperatures because by the middle of this week. it's going to be transitional day warming up thursday near triple digit heat inland going to reach that triple digit mark by friday. so we are going to have a little heat wave. nothing too major. but any time we see triple digit
8:22 pm
heat, especially with our exceptional to severe drought conditions. it is a cause for concern. so just giving you guys a heads up to plan ahead and let's be safe out there. you're just the messenger right. i'm always the messenger unless it's perfect weather. thanks to me. i take all the credit. thanks of reasons. haha. >> still ahead, attention wal-mart shoppers there's new technology that walmart employees are using to see if people are stealing when they are using the self >> also many concerts events canceled because of covid-19. but one big annual entertaining event has now moved online. we'll show you how you can take part after the break.
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>> welcome back, everyone. the and little burning man event has been canceled for the second year in a row because of covid-19 this year, though burners can enjoy a virtual reality experience from home. it kicks off today and runs through september 7th. you can take part in the event for free with 3 d artists and performances, you can find more details listed on their web site. that's virtual burning man dot org for your money tonight. tesla says it is delaying shipments for most of its new models because of a parts shortage. the company says the new buyers should still receive higher in the versions of the model 3 and model y in about 4 to 6 weeks
8:26 pm
but delivery of less expensive models could be delayed all the way up until next year. a shortage of computer chips used in tesla's electric vehicles is responsible for those delays for months called for has been telling you about the problem that's impacted a number of car companies including toyota, volkswagen and ford. >> here's what's coming up tonight at 8 president biden may extend the deadline to pull troops out of afghanistan as the crisis in the country. intensifies. the president's plans to get americans and our rallies out safely. also, there was another deadly hit and run in san jose in the latest developments on the investigation. plus, what police are doing right now. after an overnight sideshow in san francisco damage property. it disrupted a neighborhood. we have the video. it's right after the break.
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right now, get 0% apr financing, or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪ >> no, 30 a wild scene on the streets of san francisco overnight because of an illegal sideshow despite tougher laws in a dedicated detail to deter drivers. these incidents continue to take place. >> here in the city. and this is cell phone video that captured that large illegal sideshow in san francisco. that happened earlier this morning us at 6 and harrison street just before 03:00am, over sacking has the latest now on the investigation.
8:30 pm
>> san francisco neighbors near 6th and harrison streets. will screeching tires in burnouts sunday morning. it's a legal side show shut down the intersection just before 03:00am spectator cars, blocked traffic from moving in before police arrived. eventually dispersing a large crowd. >> well, san francisco police were able to break everyone up. they say no arrests were made. this comes almost a year after city leaders and police pledged to crack down on sideshows. they even pass new legislation last fall that now allows vehicles involved to be impounded for up to 30 days and said 15 additional city cameras are now used for surveillance and these activities. in addition. >> san francisco, police formed a specialized stunt driving response unit sideshows are dangerous. problem plaguing most of the bay area so far the city of san jose has taken the strictest approach to cracking down on these events. >> in june of this year. san
8:31 pm
jose became the first major us city to also make it illegal to promote sideshows with their own social media phone or word of mouth. and in 2019 city leaders made it illegal to be a spectator and a sideshow. san francisco police did not say whether or not anyone was injured during that early morning sideshow. >> if you have any information or video. police would like to hear from you in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. >> now to the east bay where oakland police are investigating a shooting that killed one man around 6.30 this morning and foothill boulevard. this is video of the scene that was posted to the citizen app oakland. police have not released any information on the suspect or any information on a victim. we'll bring the latest as soon as new information comes into the kron 4 news room. also in the east bay, a 33 year-old oakland man was killed this morning on international boulevard. police say he was driving east around 3.15 this morning when his toyota prius collided with an suv that was going south and seminary avenue. investigators say the toyota then hit a building before coming to a stop which
8:32 pm
you can see here in this citizen video, emergency crews say the driver was dead by the time they got to the scene. the 20 year-old driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition. san jose police tonight are looking for a driver in deadly overnight hit and run crash in the south bay. >> it happened early this morning on rigoletto lane and brahms avenue. the crash. now the city's 40th fatal traffic crash of 2021. it's also the 17th time a pedestrian has been killed in a traffic crash in san jose in 2021 tonight. police say they are looking for the driver of a four-door acura car. investigators say it will likely have front end damage. >> now to our afghanistan evacuation coverage as the u.s. continues to evacuate american citizens and afghan allies from the country. the president did say today that august 31st deadline could be extended. those comments coming from president biden as
8:33 pm
he addressed america on those conditions during a rare sunday afternoon address. >> kron 4 washington correspondent kellie meyer brings us the latest. >> this is the first we're hearing that that august 31st deadline could be pushed back. but the president says right now he's focused on making sure americans and afghan allies get out safely a long way to go. >> a lot could still go wrong in a rare sunday address. president joe biden told americans the august 31st deadline to withdraw all troops. >> could be pushed back. there's discussions going on with his military spending. >> i hope is we will not have to extend >> one extension that is happening is to the safe zone surrounding the kabul airport which could allow more americans and afghan allies to get through as thousands gather ortside that perimeter is a source of criticism from republican lawmakers, illinois congressman adam kinzinger on cnn's state of the union. why are we sitting in the kabul airport in afghanistan right now with such a lack of
8:34 pm
confidence. >> that were begging the taliban to allow us to save our own citizens. secretary of state antony blinken telling cbs face the nation. they are in control. a couple that is the reality, the president said sunday that the taliban has not taken action against us forces but didn't shut down using sanctions against them. >> something >> the president says nearly 8,000 people were flown out in the last 24 hours and more flights will be added with the help of commercial airplanes to aid us evacuation efforts. the president promised we're working hard and as fast as we can get people out. that's our mission. there are currently 9 days until troops are set to withdraw from the region and the president is set to meet with g 7 leaders this week to discuss the ongoing situation in afghanistan. >> reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> right now the kron 4 dot com. you can find more on the cover to the situation in afghanistan just scan the qr code on your screen with your
8:35 pm
mobile device and you'll be directed to our website where you can read more about what's next for the country along with local reaction and how you can help those refugees now coming to america from afghanistan. >> we'll take a live look outside right now at the richmond. sandra fell bridge. but there is back up now going from the east bay in 2 moraine county because of some construction that's happening on the upper deck at this moment. but what we also want to focus on is the weather forecast and what the temperatures are going to do this weekend if we're going to still see those hazy conditions and that bad air quality. >> from for meteorologists marisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on the way for the start of monday. yeah. unfortunately, already tracking the return of those hazy skies, especially for those in the east bay over berkeley. we're getting a mixture of that smoke and fog also known as smog for your sunday night. >> getting the return of that marine. they're going to bring us some patchy coastal drizzle. and for those of you looking to get a break or
8:36 pm
escape the smoke and ash from the bay area into this it's actually worse there than it is here. so we are tracking westerly to southwesterly breezes for the next couple of afternoons and you're going to have either very poor unhealthy to worst air quality for most of this upcoming week. crystal clear skies. but you wouldn't know it because of all of that smoke and haze out there. 77 degrees for south lake tahoe tomorrow and upper 70's. for those of you in truckee. we're going to stay in the mid 70's for the next 3 days. for most of the sierra and for us here in the bay area. few degrees below average from coastal valleys. we should be in the upper 80's for our warmest inland valley specifically in livermore in antioch, averaging 80 degrees instead only warming up into the mid 80's there, santa rosa, you're going to be about 10 degrees below average 75 degrees. so very pleasant temperatures. but redwood city in mountain view in the mid 70's with half moon bay in the low 60's and taking a look
8:37 pm
ahead at your next 3 day outlook. we won't see seasonable weather until the middle of this upcoming week. that's going to be our transitional day before we start to head into hotter temperatures in the triple digit or near triple digit heat later this upcoming workweek into the weekend. more in my full forecast in a final check at your forecast in just a few minutes. john in just back to you. thank you so much for reasons still ahead, an airport worker ohio. >> caught on video stealing from travelers that worker was pushing in a wheelchair as this investigation unfolds more victims are saying that they had items stolen at that airport as well. we'll dig into the story. plus, a close call on a missouri highway. just how close look at that. >> how close one uber driver came to a head on crash will tell you the details come about.
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>> take a look at this. right now. shocking video from st. louis, missouri shows an uber driver while just avoiding a head on crash from wrong way driver by a matter of inches. the uber driver says she initially thought the car was on the other side of the highway. but only realized it was in her same lane at the last second. that's when she swerved to get out of the way. but get this. police say the same wrong-way driver was involved in another crash right before this incident.
8:41 pm
>> a walmart employee is giving people a behind the scenes look at how the retail chain keeps people from stealing during the self checkout to the employee posted this video on it showing the inventory device that they use to keep people honest when they're scanning their own items. the device allows employees to see what customers are buying if they've avoided a purchase and if they're paying all in real time. walmart also uses an ai base camera system to look out for shoplifters. the 2019. in 2019 theft and fraud cost retailers 62 billion dollars and they are watching. you don't think about if you're trying to. >> miss milky way or that candy bar coming the tv. that's right. >> all right. still to come in
8:42 pm
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>> welcome back, everyone. caught on camera. a horrible story out of cleveland tonight, a worker at the cleveland hopkins international airport. >> seen on security video stealing money from senior citizens in wheelchairs. and police say the same worker also ripped off 2 other senior
8:45 pm
travelers reporter ed gallek has the new developments on the investigation. >> a traveler arrives at hopkins airport gets taken through the terminal in a wheelchair by a worker. but look, security video shows the worker takes the passenger's purse and puts it behind the wheel chair and right here police say that workers stole hundreds of dollars just before helping that passenger get on a bus. patricia realize later. she had been ripped off police say last month the same worker stole hundreds of dollars from 2 travelers. senior citizens. she pushed in wheelchairs. we requested the video so you can see how it happened. i knew answer hold >> my thing thought of aunt. everybody else behind all. your sessions. >> thank for
8:46 pm
>> it is cold. the cleveland police body camera video shows officers confronting the worker. once they suspected her of stealing from seniors. a police report shows here that work or walk through a section of the airport counting money should stolen and finally, as police questioned her, they say she pulled 500 bucks. >> out of her appears right you won't go to job worse than >> you heard on that video police threatened to take that airport worker to jail. but we just checked and weeks after what happened. no charges have been filed here at court. we reported earlier police told the victims if they wanted charges, they would have to file complaints themselves here with the city prosecutor. >> one victim tells us she is talking to the prosecutor about charges but not patricia. she hopes this isn't a for that worker to learn a
8:47 pm
lesson and you to keep your belongings where you are and remain responsible for them to take nothing for granted. >> that was ed gallek reporting for us tonight. >> all right. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at downtown san francisco in the transamerica pyramid this sunday night. >> and happy sunday night to all our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the week ahead. and there's some triple digits out there yeah. we're going to notice a gradually warming up into the end of your workweek forecast. and next weekend. >> going to be a hot one. let's take a look, though, what you can expect for your monday. micro climate outlook. right now we are seeing upper level clouds. so not really tracking them much dense, low clouds and fog up to 5 miles visibility. for those of you at half moon bay waking up to patchy coastal drizzle for your monday morning commute in mid 60's for downtown san francisco low 60's from pacifica and half moon bay at 62 degrees winds out of the
8:48 pm
southwest at around 10 to 20 miles per hour. just start out your work week monday. low 70's for millbrae and burlingame at 71 degrees in mid 70's for san mateo at 73 degrees. of palo alto trying to flirt with 70's. but 69 degrees to start out your work week monday. and also back to school monday as well for a lot of students out there. we're tracking san jose 76 degrees. so pretty pleasant temperatures. and as you make your way inland livermore 83 degrees with a low 70's for hayward walnut creek and conquered in the low 80's and orinda and moraga 72 and 73 degrees napa 70 degrees and sonoma 10 degrees warmer in the low 80's with santa rose at 75 degrees. but a little bit warmer nevado 78 degrees. and we're going to be on cruise control through tuesday, wednesday. that's going to be the day where we're finally going to reach near average highs from coastal valleys. but look at how much we warm up 10 degrees by thursday and in the triple
8:49 pm
digits by friday for inland valleys, 70's and 80's along the coast and east bay shoreline until we gradually start to cool down but still going to be warm even for the next 7 days. back to you. jonathan just seen. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> look, i've only been here in the bay for 3 years now. but there's just been something electric about the bay bridge series this year. i took in a matchup a few months ago at oracle and now is that this game on friday at the coliseum in it has not disappointed bay area baseball fans this season in today was no different. let's go out to oakland a 106,708 fans turned out for the 3 games of the bay bridge series at the coliseum scoreless game in the 6 until mark hanna. goes opposite way to right it falls in tony kemp. comes around to score rbi single for a's take a one
8:50 pm
nothing lead. but this giants team never count him out top still one. nothing pinch hitter donovan solano. that is deep to left for a 2 run homerun giants take up to one lead in the first time in major league history. a team has taken the lead on pinch hit home runs in consecutive games. >> in the 8th inning or later lamont wade did it yesterday in the 9th down to their final out. chad pender first, jake mcgee jake mcgee wins this battle he gives his 27th save giants win 2 to one there 2 and a half games up on the >> how about some football week 2 of the jimmy g trey lance quarterback competition could train make a move and get the inside track at that qb one spot. let's go to sow cow niners taking on the rams in the beautiful new so-fi stadium. i got to get down there and check it out. there's number 5, looking swag doubt first offensive drive for the niners below a little
8:51 pm
high. like to catch it, but also a bad throw intercepted by asante samuel junior i cheered for his dad for the eagles. jimmy played 2 series he with 3 of 6 15 yards in a pick. later in the 2nd quarter. julian will jordan willis comes off the edge. you get the sack for a safety now hear trey lance, he had to just kind of like a rock below the throw wasn't perfect. it goes off a defender's hands and was intercepted too much mustard on that one. but to settle down later in the drive find mohamed junior for the touchdown. he also ran in the two-point conversion. but it was taken back all of the penalty. 3rd quarter. lance. now, that is a dark rick fit over the middle for the touchdown that travis benjamin 16 yard grab 1510, 49 is to 1400. 2 yards in those 2
8:52 pm
touchdowns forty-niners win 15 to 10, they host the raiders a week from today in the final game of the pre season. so guys. you know, the years moving along. it's hard to believe like we're at football basketball is getting ready to start back up. training camp or basketball star september 27th. we have football week. one is september 12. we have 2 baseball teams playing great. >> will be a busy sports department here yeah, that's good. again. get better than having been to bad teams. and no sports. and i had to cover news. i had to put on your guys had for going early in the pandemic. but. i'm and this will take that exactly. thanks >> all right. coming up. >> cuteness alert. check out this panda. we'll show you how he enjoyed his smash cake at his first birthday party.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> a big celebration in the nation's capital. the the baby panda their show. she. which means little miracle just turned one years old and he enjoyed a specially made fruit cake right there with this mom and dad. the base of the cake was made from frozen diluted grape juice and decorated with sweet potatoes apples, carrots pair sugar cane banana and bamboo sounds delicious. so
8:56 pm
it's pretty good on some of that. >> meanwhile, we have an itch take care me too. that's exactly what this bear was doing at katmai national park in alaska. seems like. he was getting the spot a new tiktok dance actually maybe this could also be what some folks were doing this morning when they woke up. not me. but, you maybe you somebody who knows. that's what the mayor is doing. >> and back here at home. check this out. a llama walking on bay area beaches. this is video taken by kate point and you can see the llama strolling down near beach. it appears that though the owner was taking it on a walk so looks like a dog, but no, that's a llama. and if that isn't something you only see in the bay area. i don't know. it is anymore. on the beach. la mama beach. you have a llama. where do you take it. >> to the big conversation. starter definitely. you an and
8:57 pm
ha. alright. that does it for us here on kron 4 news that we're just getting started here during our primetime coverage will be back. >> at 9 o'clock. here's a look at what we're working on right now. the fda is expected to grant full approval of the pfizer covid vaccine as soon as tomorrow. the question now will this helps skeptical americans get aboard that getting vaccinated against covid. >> plus dueling demonstrations from left and right wing group spreading out across the city of oakland tonight. we'll let you know what police are now saying about the man arrested and the damage left behind from all of the i'm justine waldman don't call the news at 9 coming your way in just moments.
8:58 pm
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all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon now at 9. we are potentially just hours away from the food and drug administration officially approving the pfizer 2 dose coronavirus vaccine. >> rather than it just being used under emergency use authorization. so health officials are hoping that this will lead some of the vaccine hesitant to finally get the shot. good evening and thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall. so far, nearly 200 million americans have received at least one dose. >> of the covid-19 vaccine despite the shots lacking full


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