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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 24, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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morning as they drop off. >> when it comes to covid-19 the mayor benicia believes he know more about it solano county health director. i'll tell you whether he wants you to mask up or not. coming up in a live report. >> and just when people are feeling safe to fly and travel and vacation again. the governor of hawaii says not here. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> thanks, sir, for joining us to the finest hour on a tuesday. >> nothing makes tuesday feel better than the last hour of the morning show. will. this is true of the church is starting your day. so we'll try to get you where you need to be. and first things first, let's find out what is going to be like when you step outside to get where you're going. john, good morning. yeah. tuesday. not everyone's favorite but the forecast today make it a little bit
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better free at. we are looking at some sunshine this afternoon and some really comfortable temperatures add on top of that, some continued fairly good air quality. and yeah, not a bad tuesday. if you have a chance to step outside to enjoy it a little bit extra your view outside right now. does show some low gray. that is certainly a persistent across much of the bay area throughout the course of this morning as this is sitting above us visibility. not much of an issue out there just staying on the cool side for most areas currently 50's in more and more 60's on the map. san jose year at 63 now along with conquered livermore, fremont and each right at 60 degrees. i'm talking highs in the 70's 80's. for most of us this afternoon in the rest of your forecast. tom thanks for that. so good news regarding our hot spot on the richmond sandra fell bridge and just cleared that off the bridge all lanes currently back open. we're up to about. >> 44 minutes and it's slowly but surely going back down. 37 right now. we'll keep a close eye on that. still a hot spot because it's still pretty slow. the bay bridge heading
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into the city under 14 minutes. once you do it, the maze traveling to that freeman street exit 5, 1880 were seen delays because we had earlier accidents along 5, 1880. the san mateo bridge head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes and the south bay. we have some accidents like to northbound south of bascom avenue. another one right here southbound 6.80 at various a rope. we'll have more on that coming up with daryn james, back to you. thanks, ray. it's 9. '02, on our top story. a cwvid outbreak. several cases at several schools on the peninsula and that outbreak now is triggering new safety precautions were talking about the san mateo foster city school district. >> that's where kron 4 sarah stinson is live for us this morning in foster city with more on what's happening tariff. >> well, talking with parents, it looks like they're just trying to push forward as they battle their fears of this outbreak. meanwhile, also trying to make sure their kids feels comfortable going to school wearing that mask, of course, the parents has have
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been working nonstop in frantically, quite frankly, to get all of those students tested involved in this outbreak. take a look at your screen. we kind of broke down all of the information you need to know about this and this all involves the san mateo foster city school district now between the august 16th in august 22nd 14 students tested positive and one staff member tested positive. you can see how many cases popped up at each school with in this district. most schools having one to 2 cases foster city elementary school where i'm at right now. they reported 6 cases. you can see all those parents and students walking in before the bell rang this morning. and as i said, there's a little bit of anxiety the school in the district really got together. they quarantine testing contact tracing with all those people involved at this that the schools involved as well. but i talked to a a father of a young kindergartner and he said that, you know, he's he's
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anxious about this because he's sending his kid into just had an outbreak, but he asked to push forward as we try and, you know, get through school year during a pandemic. and then i talked to aid an 8th grader who says he'd rather just do online learning because of this. >> school started again, in the case are to go up again in every every school in my school had like 2, 2, to 3 cases already and i'm i like to go back time, but they haven't gave us an option. not knowing. how what could happen next. that's the portion that's not know >> even with the fear of the unknown. you know, as i said, pushing forward is kind of the name of the game today. most of these in school outbreaks come from community or at home transmission. the students testing positive here at foster elementary school are far too young to get the vaccine. so that's also of concern. now i've reached out to the school district here but have not heard back in time for this report. stay
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tuned to kron 4 dot com as the day goes on. hopefully we can get you some more information especially if you're a parent in this area. i'm sure the more information the better for now live in foster city. sarah stinson, back to you. >> absolutely. all right. thank you very much. sara. and today a big church in san francisco is telling people you're only welcome. if you are vaccinated grace cathedral is going to require proof of vaccination for anybody who wants to come in age 12 and older church leaders say this follows guidance from public health officials on events and gatherings dean malcolm clemens young says that everyone at the church to feel healthy and safe and he believes vaccines and masks are the best way to do that. >> it's a matter of life and death. a number of deaths and the number of hospitalizations particularly unvaccinated people. so we're saving people's lives will be out in the world. such a blessing and a gift. comes with a responsibility. the responsibility is getting vaccinated. i really do. encourage other religious leaders talk to a number of
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them in. they keep saying to their congregants. they say it's a matter of personal choice. it's a matter. i'm not a doctor. that all those kinds of things and those that's not helpful. >> tourists who come to see the inside of the cathedral are also subject to that proof of vaccination mandate. >> let's get to the north bay now are solano county is the only county in the bay area's. we know that doesn't have a mask mandate in place. but that's not stopping one city from thinking about implementing one on its own. the nation may go it alone will see what they do tonight. kron four's will tran is live right now in the nation with the details. i will. >> good morning, james and area. if the mayor and the city council members get their way. they're going to override the health department and say. >> you could do what you want, but we will do what we want and we are requiring that people have been nice show wear their they will meet at 6 o'clock tonight and they're scratching their heads wondering what does the health
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department know that we don't know for them not to implement a mask mandate. so right now you can walk into the buildings without wearing your mask. but if the mayor gets his way, then you can walk into any building we're talking city county commercial business, then you will have to mask up if you're 12 years or older and they cite that there has been a huge uptick in covid-19 cases, specifically from the cdc between august 14th and 21st. when they saw an uptick about 34% of cases within the county yet there is still no mask mandate coming down from the health department. so i got a chance to talk to some people walking around this morning. here's one lady's reaction to why no mask mandate. i think it's wise it. it can't hurt if nothing else that can hurt. >> in the buddy. >> are you surprised at the health department says go ahead and do it. we have you can do it, but we don't think it's that effective.
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>> i am surprised. i think as the anything we can do. to keep us, you know, safe and healthy is is a good idea. >> so here's the thing. the health department says that yes, they do acknowledge that the covid-19 cases are going up. but they believe it's those big events were a lot of people show up and that wearing a mask inside a building might not necessarily be a big component of slowing covid-19 down, but they are telling the mayor and the city council members and most of the people in benicia. if you want to wear a mask by all means we won't stop you. go ahead and wear your mask. vallejo. they're keeping a close eye on this situation as well. and if things work out in they believe that they, too will try to impose a mask mandate some time as early as next month. right now. in you have to wear your mask if you're inside a government building, but they too are looking at possibly commercial buildings as well. back to you.
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>> thank you. we'll way hawaii's clamping down even further before they said you had to have a covid test yeah. vaccinated. now they don't want you to come at all. if it's just for vacation and that's coming straight from the governor of hawaii says the covid numbers have been surging. it's not a good situation. so unless it's absolutely necessary. essential business. >> the telling tourists stay away. crawford evans live out at sfo with this going impact. a lot of people's plans. the only. >> i yeah, especially people who probably planned months ago and now are trying to travel today. in fact, i ran into one of those people and said, you know, i feel bad, but i already got these tickets. so they said at least that they were vaccinated. but the governor of hawaii is asking people, please don't make any plans. he's at least trying to make this happen until the end of october and then again, october and it's another reassessment of what's happening there right now. it
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is surging and multiple oahu hospitals have the regular bear beds near capacity because so many people are coming into the a e are sick with covid-19. the delta viruses really strong right now. in fact, last friday to help with the overflow, the city of all who set up a tent of 25 cots just right outside of queens medical center in the west side of a wild foods. so the hawaii's governor did do an extensive plea of why it is so important for people not to travel to the islands. let's take a listen. >> it is a risky time to be traveling right now. i did ask everyone residents and visitors alike to reduce travel to hawaii, to essential business activities on we do know is not a good time to travel to the restaurant capacity has been restricted.
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there is limited access to rental cars and we know that the visitors to succumb to the islands will not have the typical kind holiday that they expect to get when they visit hawaii. >> along with those restrictions are little bit more. mayor of honolulu announced there could only be a gathering of 10 people indoors and outdoors. there could be on the a maximum of 25 people that does go into effect this. wednesday. that will apply to weddings and any other big events. so they're making it you know, restrictive right now. and that's just the main important thing is that just to hold to plans. do not visit hawaii for now, back to you guys. thanks, yoli. she makes a great point about the weddings. that's something people planned, right. because. >> covid store all it. we're getting handle on it. we could have a wedding. let's go to
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hawaii and then they had already planned. >> a lot of people have flights booked into the is it's going to be an we'll take a break. 9.11 is a time. we'll be back with more headlines in just a minute. in fact, when we come back, one east bay mayor is proposing changes to the techniques that police use when subduing people. some say it's long overdue. >> they say that being in on around salt water actually a positive impact on the brain even dislike looking at water can be healing. >> and it's a relatively new approach to healing from trauma and pain and loss. when we come back, we'll take a closer look at surf or sometimes called ocean therapy. low gray still hanging out across the bay area right now. but. >> it will clear out, setting us up for some sunshine and some really comfortable afternoon temperatures in the 60's 70's and 80's today. enjoy it because it's not going to last for a long time talking to changes in your forecast. >> and we're closely following a hot spot on the richmond. sandra fell bridge drive times
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starting to change. looking at drive times
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>> 9.15 right now and we are checking out the weather and our own little palm trees here in san francisco. looks pretty good. should see some sun today. and you don't want too much sun anyway know which we're going to get at the end of the week. it will saving it all up for what day the the thursday is the start. then
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every day after >> it is definitely going to be maybe a too much sunshine kind of weekend as temperatures really do climb too. what will be too hot of daytime highs by the time we reach friday and saturday, especially so we can actually appreciate a little bit of our low grade that we have this morning and setting us up for what will eventually be some sunshine this afternoon and some really comfortable weather for your tuesday. looking outside at san jose. it's gradually getting brighter. you can see some blue up above a little bit of the gray there in the distance too. that gray that you're looking at its not smoke this morning because we do have really good air quality smoke continues to be sent out of the region and that is keeping most of us in the green much like yesterday. there will be moderate pockets. we're already seeing one of those around conquered right now as well as further north in the bay up into lake and mendocino counties. overall, though we have seen some big improvements in air quality and that continues as hazy skies continue to our north. but the bay area actually just on to a nice little cool down this cool sea breeze really
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kicked into gear sweeping out some of the poor air this weekend. it continues and will also have contribute at least to a moderating effect on our temperatures. keeping daytime highs as cool as they were yesterday. if not even cooler 60's for your highs and san francisco and right along the coast daytime highs along the bay shore in the 70's. millbrae at 70 degrees. redwood city of 76 mountain view cool 73 today in san jose and comfortably. warm 78 east bay highs anywhere from the 60's 70's to the low 80's livermore 82 same for you in danville while oakland at 67 degrees are very warmest high today. vacaville. usually our hottest spots, but i'm not going to call it hot today. only 84 degrees the way how and napa right at 70, sandra fell nevado petaluma at 76 a look ahead at our next 7 days shows today and tomorrow. the comfortable ones hazy skies return on into thursday, as do the 90's friday and saturday getting even hotter and staying warmer into next week.
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john staying on top of the richmond. sandra fell comey where we had a hot spot last time we checked in. >> now drive times are back down to under 13. we're at about almost 44 when we last checked in, they've been other clear that accident that was on the bridge off of the bridge traveling into the city. little under 13 minutes. no major delays view of the bay bridge. moving along a little sluggish because we had an earlier accident there in the early morning hours heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that it under 14 minutes and in the south bay still checking on some accidents like 2.80 northbound south of south bascom avenue and then another one southbound, 6.80, at berryessa road in san jose. thankfully it looks like drive times and the highways around those have not been impacted daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot to 9.18 and the death and sickness caused by covid has increased the needs for people to be able to handle this grief. yeah. it's been a lot to process one bay area woman. >> in fact, is practicing a new therapy that takes people out to local beaches and kron four's pam moore to explain
9:19 am
more about it. >> inhale. >> this is not a yoga class, not a surfing lesson. it is a gathering of women supporting one another as they move through their grief led by someone who knows the subject to well after the pandemic and the loss of my sister. i came to the realization that. >> grief is so universal and it's so hard to talk about kelsey ellis is a certified grief counselor in twenty-twenty. her twin sister. audrey was one of the first people in the u.s. known to die from covid before much of the world really even knew what it was. now kelsey uses her passion for the ocean and surfing for classes and she calls waves of green recently as the love from our hearts to the speaker. >> you never really know. you're going to
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>> waves of grief is a free program over the months since it started. the women have come with all kinds of pain and loss for some relationship has ended or a loved one has passed by have lost home for the wildfire or dealing with abuse trafficking loneliness. the key. here is the community of others who listen and understand that we find some sense of the least and the ocean. >> kelsey's parents instilled a love of the ocean in both of their daughters and now that same love is helping all of them deal with their grief. >> that's right. and the beach. it wasn't just surfing. it was love at the gave us power. and also helped us heal in many ways we can be more proud. it's a perfect backdrop to help people. because it's. >> sanctuary and she's sharing that in creating a sanctuary place for these other people. i feel that.
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>> they see kelsey being healed in being so touched by it. they're not afraid. >> in a corner of the beach. the women share their feelings and their thoughts and then head into the sea to face their waves of green. >> i feel supported it when i come here and i feel love n. it's beautiful to be by the ocean doing this. so i i always come back stronger and giving me an opportunity in a place to open up about my grief and be vulnerable. i'm an immigrant here and i haven't seen my pants for while and then i go out to the mother ocean. >> it's a leap. however, i feel falling off the modern age. and my mom. i feel like she's hugging me and she's there with me. we talk a lot about like waves of >> if you are. grieving someone you can have like strong waves of anger, sadness it's so easy to want to like push those slaves away just to
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leave all of your stress on land sort who beats, you know what you're going through. emotion. whenever kelsey is here. she says sister audrey is never far from her thoughts. i feel her with me so strongly and i know that she would so be here to see loved the water i know that it i was the one that had passed like she would be doing something very similar to. >> well, if you'd like more information about waves of grief. we've put a link to the concerned about the envelope that they're putting their recall ballot in. we'll tell you.
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>> 24 and kron. 4. is your local election headquarters. and we're following up on something that viewers have asked us about some people have been concerned about holes in the envelope for the recall ballot. and our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala checked it out. >> in this photo from a nevada county viewer a hole on the side of the recall ballot envelope. exposes an unfilled ballot bubble. another photo shows that one removed from below the unfilled bubble is one of the options on ballot question. one shell gavin newsom be recalled from the office of governor. this is not the case for every county. donna johnston with the california association of clerks and elections. officials explains some self-control as to how they placed the ballot into some
9:26 am
counties have a completely blank side of the ballot. they could pull that that direction. so there's absolutely nothing showing. >> when they play sudden to below some of the holes do not correspond with some globes with any information about whatsoever. why did these holes exist on the ballot at all. there for different reasons. there are one reason is that they help identify the balance been extracted from below for the counties that use processing equipment and the others. the holes are placed so that will obviously apparent boehner will know exactly where to sign me up a little. so it's on either side of the the area that they're supposed to sign. >> according to political data recall ballot return tracker. more than half a million ballots have been returned to local elections officials about 3% of all ballots for those who already turned in their ballots, possibly with answers. exposed johnston says those voters should not worry says officials are very hardworking dedicated people who are just trying to help get every vote to count. they
9:27 am
want to make sure that that evern ballot gets processed. and so for sunday. >> they are not concerned with how somebody voted but making sure that their ballot is is properly cast for voters who might still have concerns with the turning the mail in ballot. johnson says there will be opportunities to vote in person when polls begin opening september 4th. >> in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> 9.27 the time. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news san francisco restaurant owners weighing in on vaccine requirements. now more than a week into these new rules. how's it going so far. we'll find out.
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>> 29 and i think it's clearing. i want to share too hard. has anyone ever clear, right. you can't we just look away. but i do feel since we last checked and i can see a little more a little more of them out hand in the foreground, and nice and blew up above, which is. >> nice to see which we can see that from the ground level. john. >> but we'll get it can't look too closely like daria said, maybe go back to sleep unless you've got to go to work and don't take my advice. it's still pretty gray out there below the clouds, but they are gradually clearing in lifting that marine layer steadily becoming a little less dense in beginning to burn off. so you'll start to notice brighter and brighter skies in between the great your view outside at the embarcadero right here does show you some brightening conditions. obviously it's not blue just yet, though, at least what you're looking at is that deep
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in marine layer and not smoke this morning. we are on another day of better air quality, which is a really important thing to know. you can get out there and breathe easy today, 50's and 60's for current temperatures talking a really pleasant and eventually sunny afternoon still to come, reena. tom, thanks for that. finally starting to see some improvement, especially along the richmond sandra fell bridge. we haven't hot spot at the top of the hour. >> up to 44 minutes now we're back down to 13. they were able to get that accident clear off the bridge pretty quickly. the bay bridge. also pretty light at this hour. little under 12 minutes. she finally do reach the maze. things are looking good as you head across towards the peninsula. you make that an under 14 minutes. and again in the south bay looking at some things. and a slowing us down to 80 northbound south of south bascom avenue and report of a fire just off of that northbound 6.80, at south king road in san jose darya, james, back to you. thank it's 9.31. and this morning sonoma county is moving up its deadline for teachers and staff to be fully
9:32 am
vaccinated sonoma county teachers and administrators now need to show proof that their vaccinated by september 24th, which is 3 weeks earlier. then the state deadline of october 15th. and someone for the fully vaccinated, then they have to be tested once a week. the county health officer said it was important to move up the deadline because the rising covid cases in sonoma county. county officials say since schools open earlier this month. there have been 38 cases of covid identified among 32 students and 6 staff members. and an east bay. the city of richmond is requiring all of their city employees to be vaccinated by september 7th all city personnel have to be at least partially vaccinated by the 7th and then by october 18th, all city personnel need to be fully vaccinated and show proof anybody hired after that date has to be fully vaccinated to be able to be
9:33 am
hired. >> and now that the fda has given full approval to the pfizer vaccine. legal experts say to be a lot easier now for employers to require vaccines among their employees reports. risa stasio has the story. >> it's a very big deal. that is you see hastings law professor juried rice on the legal aspect of the fda's move monday. the fully approve pfizer's covid-19 vaccine in the last few months more and more companies including san francisco county have mandated all employees must get vaccinated in order to show up for work. she says those that have been saying that they would not get vaccinated because the vaccine had emergency authorization usage only don't have as much legal legs to stand on anymore. but she adds that doesn't mean everyone will do it. >> and you can lead to really most of the last thing following 2 players men beat them against university are using the idea that can't mandate the vaccine this
9:34 am
removes they if ground from underneath that argument and most of the loss that we have to. we could see it from my experience. most people are probably going to shift the goalposts and come up with something else too big to say as the approval was rushed and people who work on a consistent basis is at a hospital are going to be required to be vaccinated and have proof of vaccination or prior to allowed to work and we also have a facility within our saturday jail called the out patient housing unit alameda county sheriff greg ahern tells me there are us required to be vaccinated. >> in addition, currently the department follows the county guidelines. hearn is taking that even a step further personally have made videos and statements to the that we want to make sure our people are vaccinated. we have to encourage to educate them. what to tell us safe. it is and make sure they understand that we fully support people being vaccinated. >> and that is for public or
9:35 am
public safety, but also the safety of our personnel. >> as for how some employers plan to deal with vaccine mandates. the department of human resources in san francisco. an official tells me that they and the next couple of days are going to be issuing 17 notices of intent to those employees to suspend them for 10 days without pay for noncompliance with city policy do report their vaccination status. and there could be more letters in the coming days and weeks. theresa kron 4 news. >> the 5 and san francisco businesses that have implemented vaccine requirements for customers just got through their first weekend with the new rules and the owners say so far so good. some are worried that it was slow down business, but it turns out that the new tools that are out there like vaccine verification apps have really helped to simplify and streamline the process for restaurants and customers. laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association
9:36 am
says that she heard a very few problems over the weekend and she already talked about 15 different restaurants. >> i've heard of one or 2 people having some people unhappy about it. many of us have gotten myself included one or 2 e-mails, 3 or 4 from upset people who are, you know, against being asked to prove or get the vaccine. but overwhelming majority. went very smoothly. >> smoothly for the restaurants and for the gyms. i can tell because i just showed my membership. then they put my covid you're you're done. now it's in my file. the next hurdle for the businesses is they need to have their workers verified employees have to be a vaccine by october 13th and all of san francisco's restaurants and i'm the expert we talked from golden gate. she says it's not a problem. she said 95 to 98% of restaurant employees are already vaccinated. you know. >> well more reforms could be coming to antioch police department. now that mayor lamar thorpe is looking to ban
9:37 am
several controversial and potentially deadly police restraint techniques including putting a knee on a person's neck. >> but prohm techniques. it can be anything from when your hand on somebody's back and using all of your body weight to keep them down. that's that's something that can cause position of fixation. so anything that obstructs the airways we want we want to certainly take a deep look at me and banned from from any use. >> over the past year. 2 people have died in police custody. they're in and out. one of them, 30 year-old angelo navy veteran who died after an officer put his knee on his neck during an arrest last july. a jury ruled that that death was deemed to be an accident. but family members argue that a ban on need to neck restraints could very well save his life. >> he would be alive today. if maybe there's insufficient, it may be that it's not their whole change of behavior. but it is definitely a positive step. >> mayor thor plans to submit the proposal to the antioch city council tonight. me says
9:38 am
if it's approved, the policy could be implemented before the end of the year. so we'll definitely follow that story. >> 9.37. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news there are big wildfires still burning in northern california. we're going to give you an update on just how big they've got. and the giants are on the road tonight for a tough matchup against mets. we're going hear from manager gabe kepler about that and what else the team is facing. >> and we are going to be looking at a pretty comfortable day along the coastline staying mostly to partly cloudy out that direction with highs in the 60's. now for bayside inland areas. sunshine prevails this afternoon and really comfortable weather to highs in the 70's 80's enjoy every minute of it is we've got a warm-up heading our way. >> and we're starting to see a lot of improvement out there on our highways and bridges recovery from
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9:42 am
>> oakland loses this 1, 5, to 3 was the final score. but like i said, though, the lead up to game 2 today. hopefully even out the series with first pitch at 1237. as for the giants, they've got a tough fight. they've won 8 straight series. but. >> you know, as the dodgers are really breathing down their necks right now. they're just 2 and a half games back and the next stretch of games is tough starting with the new york mets tonight. here's manager. gabe kepler. >> we have our work cut out for us in the series with the mets. it is a stretch a lot of games in a row and it is an east coast where we're going to go play 2 top teams in the mets in atlanta. but for us as always has been and will continue to be. when we talk about this, it's it's just one game rights. the first game of of the series is the first thing road trip that we're going to be focused and i think we're going to be able to to reset your with the off day in and use that as a as a catalyst to to recover a little bit. >> first pitch against the mets is at 04:10pm today. it's
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9.42. and we'll be right back.
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>> we are back. 9.45. is the time. let's get you updated on the latest with the wildfires of the caldor fire. the one up in el dorado county continues to burn in about a week now, little more than and firefighters are starting to
9:46 am
get a small part of it under control. the fire did grow overnight, but it's burned about a 117,000 acres so far containment has gone up from 5% to now 9% this morning. that fire has destroyed, though, about 450 homes with 17,000 other building still threatened by the flames. >> and amid the devastation from the counter fire. search crews are looking for a man who's been missing in eldorado county since last week. rowena shaddox has the details. >> monday about 8 o'clock in the evening. well, you know, that you change his mind and he wasn't going to leave its going to stay there. wait it out. and if you have to leave your weight loss in gym. bradford and his family are hoping to hear from his uncle marvin creal. >> as the threat of the caldor fire crept closer. marvin filled this truck with items. important to him guns. he like point that were made. i guess that meant something to and a bunch of. has taper work. jim
9:47 am
offered to go there and help his uncle. but martin said he'd be fine by wednesday. jim called all of his uncle's numbers after hearing the area of grizzly flats was gone. i called all of to have that isn't to call the thought is jimmy in and i you okay. and then the phone. now there's a lot boys in the background of phone going to try to come back >> it just once or and that was the last. the family has heard from marvin the el dorado county sheriff's office has been looking for him and is asking the public's help. apparently when they found his truck somewhere abandoned including the keys in the ignition park somewhere in the grizzly flats area. fox 40 went to find martin's creekside drive home this deer sat quietly staring at the devastation around it. the whole neighborhood decimated by the caldor fire will. sadly, this is all that we have found left of marvin is
9:48 am
property. the house is completely gone. we know that there were 3 cars parked here in the front that large box and in the very back of the property. >> we see what's left of a jeep. just about 4 miles from the home. firefighters were battling spot fires in the canyon above grizzly flat road multiple choppers were doing water drops. at the same time. >> the family hopes marvin pulled over to help someone or maybe he needed help and someone took him to the hospital. >> he had bad knees and was known to have car problems. this really good. got. it's a really >> and then finally, the dixie fire. let's update you on that. it's burned. more than 731,000 acres now across 5 counties containment is at 41%. it's destroyed more than 1200 buildings. most of them homes unfortunately. and it does continue to threaten more than 12,000 others.
9:49 am
>> 9.48 right now. so let's see wind. we're going to bed air again because it is going to happen probably pretty soon just smoke from those >> and with so many fire still burning across the bay area outside of the bay area. you know, it's going to drift our way soon and that day looks to be thursday. in the meantime today and tomorrow will still bring some improved air quality to the region which is certainly been a nice break, not just from the smoke but also a break from the heat the past couple of days you're nor cal how the weather center forecast this morning is showing not so much smoky skies, but that low gray were all too accustomed with for the bay area, which is your marine layer, which is scooted on shore during her overnight hours. sitting right above us as you can see, air quality is really good across the region. smoke is being sent to the north and east. it will settle back with us come thursday as high pressure builds back in sinking in still air mean smoke will have an opportunity to make its return. we do have a couple of moderate pockets with air quality this morning, including right around conquered out towards rio
9:50 am
vista and even in livermore. also looking at a little moderate pocket for most of us, though this is not resulting in really any issues that you'll notice as you get out there hayes to our north will eventually push back our direction as well. he starting to build back in come thursday. just a reminder to enjoy today and tomorrow. we've got it if you liked yesterday, today and tomorrow to continue that nice trend of weather winds from the coastline have swept the south over the weekend we saw improved air quality that continue westerly wind will continue to keep air quality. good for us for a couple more days. 60's for your highs. in san francisco and right along the coastline temperatures along the bay shore, mostly back into the 70's burlingame at 72 saying carlos a really nice 77 south bay temps in the 70's to just barely low 80's in los gatos similar range of numbers for the east bay, whether you're in the 60's and oakland or the low 80's and danville. it's honestly a really comfortable range of numbers. everyone in between in the 70's, really lucky ones
9:51 am
benicia in sonoma at 76 degrees. really nice afternoon. same number for petaluma nevado and sandra fell. here's a look ahead in our next 7 days. today and tomorrow. looking good. we've got the nice air quality. we've got the comfortable temperatures thursday getting warmer. it's starting to notice some more haze and by friday and saturday, we're settling into temperatures that are very hottest right around 100 degrees. reyna something you that so no major issues along barred. if you're taking that. so that's the good news. >> tracking one. oh, one traffic along the air heading towards middle park about 28 minutes. no major delays along 2 8085 or 82. let's get a look at the bay bridge down to under 12 minutes of things are looking nice. they're traveling to that fremont street exit under 12 for the richmond sandra fell number. we start with the hot spot there at this hour at about 44 minutes. so things look nice and traveling along highway for just 15 minutes as you're traveling towards co
9:52 am
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>> i'm 54 almost done here on the kron 00:00am morning news, but they never stop on kron-on. noelle bellow is in the newsroom with a preview. hi, noel. high daria san jose could be following san francisco and requiring vaccination proof. >> to enter businesses are going to be following that closely. plus doctor fauci actually giving us a possible end date for the pandemic and the only way to reach it is for more people to get vaccinated is also mentioned when kids under 12 might be able to get their shots to get
9:55 am
all that information and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen. it's going to take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. thanks a lot. let's talk football. yes, let's talk football forty-niners have one more preseason game left before they really start to count. >> but here was over the weekend. rookie quarterback, trey lance helping lead the team to a pre season win over team to a pre season win over the los angeles chargers. it threw an interception no worries because he settled in and by the end of the game. he threw for more than a 100 yards had 2 touchdowns. yes. had that one interception. but if you ask head coach kyle shanahan. he says he saw a lot of improvement she was actually a good thing. shows that he can rise from a challenge like that. take a listen. >> something's amiss and the chiefs game effort was focused on a in this game. >> so so make some corrections throughout the game 2, it was trails and a lot of football.
9:56 am
a lot here. so i think he's thrown one interception since high school. so, you know, it's kind of to watch him go out there and throw throw pick have a couple close. things able as they used to. and i know got down pretty bad to watch him go out there and recover almost nice for me to see. >> he can't let that shaky james know when i throw an interception, i just keep on going. well, like and ernesto. our producer aptly pointed out this is when you want to shake all that stuff out for the pre season before the games really start to count. so it was next up, we've got what would have been a battle of the bay between the niners and the oakland raiders this coming sunday. but of course, the raiders are now in las vegas. so it's just a normal. >> preseason game 1 o'clock on sunday rivalry game. but again, just good practice. yeah, right. >> let's check out the 7 day around the bay forecast showing it's looking good today, tomorrow after that, we don't have to pay attention to what we actually do because it's going to get hot and hazy again starting on thursday. tomorrow, do look really good.
9:57 am
so maybe go on a hike or something. and i see that you don't have any 100's there. is that just because you're getting up to the things you know what, i don't to triple digits a little bit i think with temperature is down a couple neither a good nor about the likes of the smog will actually mailed last week have temperatures down for a few spots. john, thanks. ran james. and we'll see you back here tomorrow morning for wednesday. >> didn't
9:58 am
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