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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  August 24, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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have been out of school. for a year. we need to give them the best opportunity to succeed. and right now the tax structures. we are the worst state in the nation. as far as a business friendly environment we need to change those type of things. jenner has declined to debate other republican candidates, all who have signaled they would drop statewide vaccine mandates or covid-related rules jenner would not directly say if she would do the same. so yes, i am for the vaccination. >> i think it's a good day, but i'm also far. personal freedoms. this is a free country. what's left. but it is a free country. few to make your own decisions and i respect the decisions that you're going to make that decision to take the vaccine should between you and your doctor. >> i asked general how she has a republican would work with california's overwhelmingly democratic state legislature.
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she responded by saying she would push to make the legislature part time as a means of saving taxpayer dollars at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com. you can scan kron 4 dot com. you can scan that qr code on your screen. our web page and you can get the latest on the candidate who can get details on casting your ballot coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6 president biden is not backing down from his initial deadline to withdraw troops from afghanistan. >> how the federal government plans to reach the goal as evacuation efforts pick up in the middle east.
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>> now to the situation in afghanistan. president biden not backing off his initial deadline to get americans out. that's despite pleas to extend that deadline. he held a briefing earlier today. our washington correspondent basil john reports on the federal government's plan to try to reach this goal. >> sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to our troops. the biden administration is sticking to the august 31st deadline. >> to get americans and afghan refugees out of afghanistan that the mission has been to end on the 31st. that is the assumption that we are working towards pentagon spokesperson john kirby says the state department is reaching out to americans who are still in afghanistan to communicate to them, let them know what.
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evacuation plans are possible. we're seeing increased pace, increased pace in the flight schedule a couple and with the help of a global coalition army major general hank taylor says more than 21,000 people were evacuated from kabul in 24 hours. one aircraft left on or about every 45 minutes. the taliban opposes any extension and says foreign nationals must leave by the deadline. lawmakers are worried there's no possible way that we can get. >> every american still in afghanistan out in the next 7 days. house republican leader kevin mccarthy says there should never be a time where the taliban and directs us actions. we should stay until every single american. >> is able to get out of afghanistan. the pennsylvania democratic congressman matt cartwright has concerns, buf it's still hopeful about how things will look on september. first these people are on top of their game and they're taking this enormously seriously. >> so i have a lot of faith
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that they're going to get this right reporting in washington. i'm basil >> the bay area's becoming a place of refuge for americans to green card holders and afghan refugees who are fleeing afghanistan bay area. congressman ro khanna says his office is getting 10 to 15 requests a day from afghan families trying to get loved ones out of the country just yesterday. the family. you see them there arrived safely in milpitas. they say they were beaten by members of the taliban trying to get to the kabul airport. thomas says there will be time later to and answer questions and ask questions about how this all unfolded. but he says the immediate focus getting people help. >> right now as americans. is it the bay area. let's focus saving as many lives as possible. please contact our office. if you know anyone in afghanistan was trying to leave in needs to be on the
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state department i've really been touched by how much support we've received from the bay area for these families. and i think right now our country should just be united. getting americans out getting a green card holders out, getting our allies out invulnerable, afghan women and children. now. >> he also says you can reach to reach out to his office. if you're interested in helping families, once they do arrive in the bay area. meanwhile, air bnb is doing its part to help evacuees with the need for temporary housing today. the company's founder and ceo announced it is pledging to house 20,000 afghan refugees for free. just over the weekend, about 200 families were able to be placed an air bnb son, san francisco, seattle, chicago, atlanta and washington, dc and there are air bnb locations in other countries opening up for temporary housing as well. if you have a space you'd like to share head to the air bnb, dot org website. there's a page for you to add yourself to the
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list. you can find much more coverage on our website. kron 4 dot com to scan the qr code on the screen with your mobile take you straight to our web page, you can read about what's next for afghanistan. >> time for another look at the forecast as we look live at the golden gate bridge and we see the overcast. they're a good sign lawrence. it to the sea breeze is still alive. yes. sea breeze with us, at least for another day. the next 24 hours and looks like it will stick around. >> after that. we'll see a bit of an offshore wind. i think as we get into thursday and that means we're going to see a little less fog and probably a whole lot more smoke. >> in the bay area. may be down to surface level to we've got to watch it very, very closely. but out there. now you see the deck of clouds. moving on shore. that is pressing well inland and helping to cleanse your sky from many of the plumes outside the sea breeze continues to blow out there. fairly strong one this afternoon to 20 miles an hour in the 15 in the of the west at 22 in san francisco and 60 mile an hour winds right now in oakland out of the west. things are about to change.
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you have this trough of low pressure along the west coast here the last couple of days. that's giving us kind of the south easterly component to the wind sending that smoke back up into tahoe now as high pressure builds in all of a sudden we start to see maybe a little more of a northerly component as that ridge starts to build overhead. now tomorrow. not quite there yet. but as we get into thursday, i think that's what we're going to see. setting up. it's not going to be a real strong wind, but it doesn't have to be. these are very light particulates, very small particles in the atmosphere. pollutants doesn't take much to get him to move. and with that little north lea normally when i think we'll see that smoke and hazy conditions back in the bay area on thursday and possibly into friday too outside right now to 75 degrees in cocker with some sunshine there, 60 with patchy fog in the san francisco 56 in 66 a nice evening in the napa valley overnight tonight, low clouds and fog going to move back on shore. maybe a couple patches of drizzle. i think it's going to feel into the valleys as we head through the day tomorrow. couple high clouds drift overhead. then we start cloudy skies a little bit around most of the bay area. but still the clouds could linger toward the
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coastline that will keep those numbers cooler their plan on some 1560's out toward the beaches. some 70's as you take away the bay, some 80's inland hot 90's and triple digits, though, as we head in toward friday and the weekend, guys. >> thank you, lawrence. still ahead, the latest bay area phone scam that police say you should really know about coming up in sports. the a's trying to break out of the recent doldrums against the mariners sports director jason dumas has the highlights coming up. boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone.
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police department is warning residents of a phone scam where the caller poses as a police officer. >> the those heights station tweeted out a warning today saying the color will tell the victim that their identity may have been stolen. these scams involve a request for personal information such as name date of birth or information from your bank account. police say obviously do not give out that personal information over the phone to these callers police suggest make a proper police report for anyone who gets a call like that. >> next to beaty a service. it's going to resume in the south bay just in time for niners make this the summer you taught them what it means to serve.
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3 months since the mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose. and today there was an update on when trent might be up and running again. 9 vta workers were killed may 26 by co-workers. samuel cassidy. and since then, the trains have been out of service as of today. all 42 miles of the light rail tracks have been inspected. more than 300 employees have been reese retrained and a certified trains will begin running tests trucks this week. if that works out well service could be restored within a couple of days. the current plan is for a limited service by sunday for the forty-niners versus writers, pre season
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game at levi stadium. now is not a good time to travel to hawaii. that is the message from the governor there who was urging tourists to stay away amid a surge in covid cases. >> governor is urging people to reduce travel to essential business only at least until the end of october. honolulu's mayor rick lang. you. plenty of darty says he'll restrict indoor gatherings to 10 people and outdoor gatherings to 25 the changes take effect on wednesday. >> we do know is not a good time to travel to the restaurant capacity has been restricted. there is limited access to rent a car. it's and we know that the visitors to succumb to the islands will not have the typical kind holiday that they expect to get when they visit hawaii. >> sad news there. governor ea
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is also encouraging people to get vaccinated against the virus. >> and time for another look at the forecast to him talking about travel looking live at sfo. >> probably some of those planes wanting to go to hawaii because check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow or guys here in the bay area. that fog is kind of swept back on shore. we're going to see more of that, at least overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. but the coming days i think we'll see a change in the weather pattern as we will see a little bit of offshore wind. that means more smoke and more haze and much warmer temperatures coming our way out there tonight. you're looking some of that fog making its way in over the golden gate bridge. you see the pattern kind of change in moving more tua fall-like pattern and that's when the start of the fog change a little bit as well. air quality the as bad up in the high country just very poor air quality there in the bay area. not so much. we're very fortunate to get that seabreeze and looking good across much of the bay area, some places inland here in yellow. there. that's a moderate amounts of pollutants in the atmosphere, but that fog be thankful we have and it
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really helps to clean things out with that ocean air and we'll see more of that overnight tonight. and tomorrow morning, too. temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow. also the remain cool near the coastline. 1560's there that sea breeze will be blowing in the afternoon 59 pacific with some patchy fog 61 in half moon bay and breezy as you get inside the bay, a some more sunshine and some blue skies out there as well. i think tomorrow afternoon 74 degrees in san carlos 75 in foster city as you head further south of 70's 80's and some sunshine as we head throughout the day will be warm. a low 80's. i think inland by tomorrow afternoon the warmer spots. hey, we're checking in at 72 degrees. 82 it creek about 60 degrees in berkeley and mostly sunny skies. but breezy by the afternoon 76 in benicia. and as you make way back toward the coastline. you've got some patchy fog highs. they're generally in the low 60's. now with the next couple of days, things change tomorrow be last cool day. we're watching temperature. jump a good 10 degrees. i think on thursday that we see that week offshore wind bringing some of that smoke back in the bay area. i think stays hot and hazy. 2
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friday temperatures near triple digits on friday and saturday cooling only slightly on sunday. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the a's bullpen has been free falling the past 3 games each game. they've been winning in the 8th inning or later only to lose. meanwhile, the yankees are on a 10 game win streak. something's got to give sooner or later or oakland. they'll be watching the playoffs from jack london square somewhere on the couch series finale against the mariners. the short two-game series bottom of the first no score too long for mitch moreland and he grounds one into left field. that brings on in a run in taken early one, nothing lead off miles. >> top of the 3rd now tied at one to one for luis torrens and. the lines that one. and just like that, the mariners take the lead. top of the 8.
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3, all garrett clinton he sends this one to right. can a can't quite get to it. the runner will score in seattle had the lead to 3, 8, couldn't get anything going all game. they left 8 men on base. they lose 5 to one after the game. bob myers did not hold back when asked what his struggling team can approve a pox. it just. >> everything right now. bob melvin. everything put too much pressure on every facet that we have right now. not a lot of room for that tough stretch. we went through. we did not look good today. we have to flip the switch and start playing like we do. usually on the other side of those games. this is the wrong time to go into a slump. it sure is. >> giants fans in new york, san francisco taking on the mets at citi field. second inning mike yastremski. one
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swing of bat. he goes deep to right and offer a 2 run home run his 20th of the season. 3 nothing giants capital for fremont way junior. see yeah. is deep. but at big apple into center city field. that's a 2 run home run. then. very next. batter brandon belt let me get in on the party. back to back home runs for the giants. 6. nothing felt second of the game. 19th of the season. and guess what, the giants. they are winning this game right now. i can look at this 8 to nothing. in the 8th and. san jose earthquakes ford cate powell will take the national stage tomorrow. the 17 year-old northern california native is set to be the youngest player in the mls all-star game. kowal was the first player in the league, the record for goals and 4 assists this season. he's also helped lead the quakes offense
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in their 10 game. unbeaten streak. the teen surprise cow with the announcement of his selection after a recent practice. >> i was something i always remember. my teammates were awesome. really enjoyed and loved but was super happy for me. it was really course branson honestly like i had. yeah. like i didn't put it together like what was going on. and then i heard my name someone jersey shows just awesome really just to compete for me. i'm going to go out there, make states ron, i'm going go in. >> but there and just compete give him >> good for 17 years old. the footwork yeah. meanwhile, giant is rolling. looking good and well planned. well. rolling with a capital r. yes. thank you, >> and we'll be right back.
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don't thank them too soon. does not stop here. we've got a full hour ahead on kron on sanaa's a hernia live for us in the newsroom with a look at what working on for 7 o'clock thank you, catherine and ken tonight at 7 o'clock a moment of sheer terror. turns into one of joy and gratitude as an off-duty officer jumps in to save the life of an infant. so grab your phone. you can catch that and so many more local
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stories in just a few minutes. at 7 o'clock on our kron, on app and it's now even easier to download just scan the qr code you see on your screen right now. it will take you directly to the kron on app in i tunes or google play. catherine, ken, back to you. thank you. son os. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. we'll be back at 8 o'clock. we hope to see you then. have a good one.
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♪ ♪ >> do not come. >> the governor of hawaii is asking tourists to stay away. >> then, last video. it her final moments as it happens. >> this is really scary. when back in the family of the twins swept away speaks out. >> it doesn't seem real that we lost our babies. >> plus, first lady jill, or demand for an apology after this. >> the most patriotic thing jill biden could have done is not let him run in this mental state he is in. >> plus, she's getting out of jail after just seven


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