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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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rtphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know. we're here to offer just some love with offer a prayer. >> we're here to just offer them whatever they need right now. we just want to support them and just help them in whatever we can. >> now at 9, a somber day in livermore after the superintendent of schools announced that 6 high school students. we're involved in a car accident on friday night. one of those students was killed and the 5 others are still fighting for their lives in the hospital tonight. thank
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you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news at 9 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. officials say that the teens were inside of a truck that plunged hundreds of feet. >> often they can embankment last night just hours after that horrific scene hundreds of folks in that community attended a vigil to pray for the victims while remembering the lone student killed kron four's amanda hari was there and reports on more on what we're learning about the victims. >> hundreds of people gathered together to support one another after an unthinkable tragedy region seeking mercy through all of this 6 livermore high schoolers were involved in a crash friday night. one was killed in the accident. superintendent kelly bowers sent out this message to the community no words can express our collective sadness and grief at this tragic news. our hearts go out to this young man's loved ones and our entire school community. we are all understandably
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grieving this tragic loss of young life. these are photos from alameda county fire of the crash site of is a bit ponce spoke at tonight's vigil. she says this is devastating for the community and she feels it personally know the family. >> my son is really good friends one of the boys and we know the family well. and we're just here to just offer prayer to anyone to who's in need. ponce tells me that some of the parents felt they needed to do something. >> and a vigil seemed like t e right way to help the community and the teens were here to offer just some love my hair to offer prayer. we're here to just offer them whatever they need right now. we just want to support them and just help them in whatever we can. parents coaches and community members spoke at the vigil many more prayed ponce as it meant a lot to see the turnout that it's actually overwhelming it just shows how come you can come together when something tragic happens and how it can come from
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>> as kron four's amanda hari reporting for us from livermore tonight. another big story we're staying on top of staying on top of for you this evening is the terrible air there is another spare the air alert in effect for tonight and also across the bay area because of all the smoke that's blowing in from the wildfires. a look there at walnut creek, san francisco and a shot that should be showing us. you can kind of make it out there. the golden gate bridge unhealthy air across the bay area today contributing to that are the number of fires that have been burning across northern california specifically. >> one of them. the calder far caldor fire should say crews now getting the upper hand slowly on that as well. containment now growing to 19% on this as flames continue to creep closer to south lake tahoe. the fire has now burned more than 152,000 acres and is now 19% contained favorable weather today did allow crews
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to get more containment on the growing blaze. cruz, meanwhile, working around the clock to stop the fire from reaching the lake tahoe region. we're told that the eastern edge of the fire just 8 miles away from the city of south lake tahoe. >> the fire has destroyed more than 600 structures since it first started about 2 weeks ago today which of course is caused the spare, the air because of all the smoke and it an extended through the weekend. we're taking a look now at the air quality map on the kron four's own radar. we can see some parts will be very poor. this is right now. other parts are considered to be just poor and moderate, but even just moderate air still very smokey out there and it's irritating a lot of people who have some health concerns go across 4 meteorologist marisa rodriguez here to talk a little bit about that as we take a live look at the sutro tower camera. >> and justin was talking a little bit about it. just the
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smoke in. >> everything else has been happening recent. yeah, that's right. i mean, we're tracking some pretty poor air particles. >> not just at the ground surface level but also in the upper levels as well. so that's what you have spare. the air alert and an air quality advisory in effect through sunday night. >> when trucker for still seeing those northerly breezes out there. >> throughout most of the bay area, but they're going to shift out of the southwest. so we are going to see more of a cool sea breeze influence. we're going to notice improved air quality first arriving along the coast by sunday morning and it's going to improve for those of you in the inland valleys by around sunday night. but taking a look at air quality for tomorrow afternoon. still going to be under that moderate to unhealthy range. the porous. for those of you in the north bay and east bay valleys in addition to that tracking a very hot and dry and warm air mass out there even this evening for your 9 o'clock hour. temperatures still in the low to mid 80's for innermost valleys in the
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east bay livermore and dublin. 82 degrees conquered 83 degrees with san jose. pretty pleasant temperatures there in the mid 70's. but finally noticing that cool down right along the bay area shoreline low to mid 60's downtown san francisco and even oakland and berkeley in the mid 60's out there right now for your 9 o'clock hour with widespread low to mid 70's for those of you in the north bay. so we are tracking some really. but unfortunately it took all day for us to get here. but finally relief in sight. and we're going to notice cooler temperatures by the afternoon arriving by some degrees on sunday afternoon. but really the cool down will begin tuesday of this upcoming week when we cool down to pretty seasonable temperatures from coast to valleys. more on that in my full forecast and your microclimate sunday outlook in just a few minutes. just seen in. jonathan, back to you. thank you so much for president joe biden is vowing
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to expand. the u.s. is air campaign against the offshoot. isis group that committed the terror attack on the kabul airport that killed 13 american service members. >> and dozens of afghan the citizens with less than 3,000 american personnel left in the country. the pentagon is also warning that more attacks from isis k are very likely and telling any and all americans who are still there to get out as quickly as possible in the meantime, we have learned that the first u.s. air strike has killed 2 high profile. i s militants believed to have been involved in planning or facilitating thursday's deadly suicide bombing at the airport. the unmanned air strike occurred east of kabul and military officials are saying that there were no civilian casualties. the military acting swiftly on president joe biden's promised to retaliate. >> meanwhile today the pentagon officially identified 11 13 american service members killed in the attack outside the kabul airport this week. they have been identified as 11 marines. one sailor and one
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soldier. sadly, we also we've learned that 4 of them are from california. this is 20 year-old, kareem nikoui from southern california. he's a native there. he was based at camp pendleton. he survived by his mother father and siblings. here is 22 year-old. max soviak from ohio. he was a corpsman in the navy. his family describing him as a wonderful son who loved his family. his community and was proud to serve in the u.s. navy. meanwhile, hunter lopez also from southern california, his parents worked in law enforcement in riverside county. he was actually planning to join the force after his deployment. meanwhile, 20 year-old marine riley mccollum, a want wyoming was anticipating the arrival of his first child with his wife in just 3 weeks. one of the mccollum sisters say that he was a marine before he knew he was allowed to become a marine was also on his first deployment to afghanistan. today we also learned the 23 year-old sacramento native sergeant nicole lee. among
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those identified just 6 days before the attack. she posted this picture on her instagram account of her holding an infant. but the caption that said, quote, i love my job. the other soldiers killed. staff sergeant during hoover of utah sergeant johnny rosario put corporal humberto sanchez and lance corporals. david, it's some and dylan merolla. today. governor gavin newsome offered his condolences on the loss of the american military members killed in that attack. in a statement today he wrote in part, quote, our heroic troops gave their lives to protect others amid harrowing and dangerous conditions and we will never forget their bravery and selfless sacrifice in service to our nation. governor newsome also ordered flags at all. california state buildings to be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims. governor newsom also sending as we mentioned, sending his condolences to those victims as well. >> meanwhile, there's been a show of support here in the bay area. for people in
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afghanistan and demonstrators took to the streets in san francisco to stand in solidarity with afghans around the world. kron four's, gayle ong at the event earlier today and she has the latest now. >> hundreds gathered outside of the united nations plaza in san francisco to bring awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. >> winning opening their to the united states i was going on in reno. frustration. >> why just go beyond taken away by the my question is why
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and pleas for now and he's got you. i will mustafa kareem anmer john budd, our travel to the city from fremont. their parents were refugees from the soviet invasion of 1979. this has been an incredibly. >> traumatizing event for them as well because they're reliving what they had to go through just to see our parents relive this. >> unfortunate nightmare all over again. and now we're relieving it ourselves being a refugee coming to america. we're hoping and praying for the best. and that's all we can do at the side. >> one of the several demands protesters are calling for is resources for afghan refugees and urge you to contact your local elected official for support reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news and stay up to date with
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the ever changing situation in afghanistan. >> with us right here on kron 4. what you can do is just scan this qr code on your screen and we'll take you directly to our web page on kron 4 dot com coming up at 9.30. we will speak to a california lawmaker from the armed services committee about the situation in afghanistan will get the latest there. >> hurricane ida getting ready to take a direct aim at louisiana as the storm quickly
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day after hurricane katrina decimated new orleans and much of the gulf coast, folks there are bracing for another major hurricane, something that. >> they just simply used to. we're talking about hurricane ida some believe that it could pack a punch just like katrina if not more as well. >> ida is gaining strength. that is expected to hit new orleans tomorrow and reporter jack, where is in new orleans. he's there for us live tonight. people are preparing for the worst. he's going to go over a little bit with us, how they're getting ready and what the mood is like there tonight before hurricane ida makes landfall. good evening, jack. >> good evening and you're right, it's the new does it really depends on who you ask. some people are walking around like it's any other night saying they're just going to ride this storm out others. we saw getting out of town bumper to bumper traffic headed out of new orleans as we were coming in earlier today. you can see behind me some places are doing what they can
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boarding up windows, things like that. others kind of feel like it's old hat at this point here in new orleans. but nonetheless, that does not diminish how seriously the leadership here is taking this storm. the governor saying while this could be worse than katrina. they also feel more prepared than last time, too. >> familiar sight of a hurricane approaching boarded windows sandbags to prevent flooding a major hurricane bearing down on new zach and spencer are helping each other as they prepared to stay put during ida their jobs will keep them here even as many choose to evacuate. did you consider leaving a dollar or. >> yeah. yeah. we but. kind watch that play out. >> i guess there's still a chance of it. ends up getting bad late will head out as of now. we're not going to track it. >> the new orleans mayor stopping short of issuing a mandatory evacuation saying there simply isn't enough
9:17 pm
this could be worse than ying n- katrina. >> this will be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit anywhere in louisiana since at least the 1850's. >> although leaders are confident in the city's levee system which faces its first major test since being rebuilt. the rebuilt levees near the 17th street canal are working properly leaders say millions of dollars invested to strengthen the system. that's why some people feel confident riding out item. this doesn't work. >> engineer not make any sense to, you know, this is going to work. if he can work. do you you think it will work even even despite them saying some of this could be worse than katrina in terms of of winds and just the power of the storm. >> yeah, i think i think it could handle another katrina at that. what they did here and they didn't say every can. now that goes in here. >> still, people who live here being urged to leave with time running out as night falls on the big easy. here tonight.
9:18 pm
you can see some folks are still walking around. i mean, you can tell people are. >> doing whatever they want to most people, though, have heeded the warnings. i'd say it's by no means busy in new orleans tonight and worth noting this is actually a very significant day in new orleans history. august 29th tomorrow. that is not only is it the anniversary of katrina and not only will it be the day that i to makes landfall likely as a category 4, but it's also the 3rd time a hurricane has hit here that's very strong. isaac back in 2012. so this time of the year, folks in new orleans know what to expect. >> so jack, what are the lessons learned that during those past 2 hurricanes that people are using this time around so they can be more prepared. getting leading up to the hurricane and then also afterwards during the cleanup face. >> well, 2 parts to that answer. one would be the way individuals are preparing. i think more people are inclined to heed the warnings to get out of town. we seem to have
9:19 pm
found fewer people who are the type to say i'm going to stick it out. we we obviously spoke to several today who did have that opinion. but i think people are quicker to listen to the warnings of authorities and say, you know what, we may as well get out of town and not risk our lives. staying here with our property. but from a leadership standpoint, from the leadership of the city from the federal government. the investment that's been made in this city in the pump system and the levees to try to strengthen and reinforce those preparing for an event like this has been very significant over the past 16 years since katrina. so this will be the first true test of that investment to see if it can hold up. >> once again, we're still timing the any idea has that changed at all on when the storm is expected to arrive. >> i believe the last estimate for the national weather service here in louisiana. was that it's actually a little earlier. now the meteorologist in charge here saying on twitter earlier he's really concerned about the impact of
9:20 pm
the storm nervous it and believe he said on twitter that it makes him sick to his stomach to think about. so, you know, i think people are so used to hearing about bad weather here. but when you hear the guy that's in charge of determining how severe storm will be say that he's queasy about it. i think people are listening to this morning's it's also to be something to keep in mind is if this happens overnight, a lot of folks, you know, obviously going to be dangerous if you're going to be trying to get on the road. >> trying to get out of the way of the storm at that point too late. obviously, you know, at night things can you don't have the daylight. and so for a lot of folks who may be trying to ride this out or just not get out of the way or, you know, just simply trying to ride this out as the storm hit overnight that that also adds another level of danger as well, jack, what's your plan for overnight and then covering this tomorrow. >> yeah. justine and jonathan, you make a good point. just to get your question. our plan is just sort of that to try to
9:21 pm
stay in a safe area to be able to show people what the power of this storm is bringing what it's doing to the city. but we want to be careful of flying debris and all the things that have to be thought about in terms of covering a hurricane like this. but you know, the way people are preparing his standard. but it's different at the same time that it would be for some other storms. given that this one is very severe. >> jack, thank you so much for your live reports for us tonight during conference in prime time and we'll check back with you later please stay safe while you're out there. jacqui, appreciate it. thank you, guys. all right. let's get a look at what the track that hurricane ida is going to take with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. >> yeah. right now it does have sustained winds at a 105 miles per hour. it is a category 2 hurricane and it is going to make its way throughout the northern gulf states and expected to make landfall specifically in the state of louisiana with new orleans. now in that cone of uncertainty remaining as a
9:22 pm
category 2 hurricane with wind speeds anywhere from 90 to upwards of a 110 degrees. so we're going to keep an eye on this hurricane from the kron for weather center. but you could see what the satellite and radar imagery the outer bands of the storm now starting to make its way throughout the northern gulf coast states and that well, defined eye because it is a category 2 hurricane as it churns closer towards louisiana expected to make landfall bringing life threatening storm surge anywhere from 8 to 16 inches of rain for the states of louisiana and mississippi possible tornadoes and also hurricane force winds and that 60 to 70 miles per hour range after it makes landfall continuing as a category 2 hurricane. but let's take a look at our bay area forecast because we're not tracking any marine layer influence out there. in fact, temperatures today very warm and dry air mass and it just obliterated any chance of that low and
9:23 pm
high cloud cover of making it its way into the bay area temperatures today ranging 80's along the coast 90's in triple digit heat. as you major way in london still very foggy hazy sky out there right now with that smoke and ash in temperatures out there right now. 60's along the coast and east bay shoreline with 70's and 80's as you make your way inland. and overnight lows tonight, 50's and 60's. so we are going to cool down some along the coast. thanks to that cool sea breeze influence but daytime highs tomorrow. slight cooling trend. so we it is going to begin on sunday afternoon. this cooling trend that is going to continue through most of this upcoming week, mid 70's for downtown san francisco low 80's for the east bay shoreline and instead of triple digit heat. we're tracking mid-nineties for conquered and even nevada with san jose flirting with the 90's at 88 degrees. but we're leave won't really arrive until tuesday. that's when we're going to notice more of that marine layer presidents and that cool sea breeze.
9:24 pm
finally bring this cooler weather and pushing the smoke and ash away from the bay area. so a few more days to go. but that's why we do have that spare the air alert extended through sunday. >> but still tracking some poor air particles even monday. but tuesday. that's going to be your best bet. so far fresh make this the summer you taught them what it means to serve. the summer of hauling happiness by the ton. and bringing home hardware by the handful. where traditions were passed down on the tailgate. and the only thing more powerful than the feeling was the truck that took you to it. make this the summer of ram. right now, get 0% apr financing, or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back, everyone. fremont unified schools reporting more than 3 dozen covid cases since the beginning of the new school year, a letter from the
9:27 pm
district superintendent says the 37 cases were found among students and staff members since august. 1st, officials say that the case total is around 0.1 0%. the letter says that many of the early cases students contracted the virus outside of the school officials say it is important to make sure that you wear your mask and practice good hygiene and to be mindful of physical distinct distancing whenever possible british researchers say that folks who become infected with the delta covid variant are twice as likely to need hospital care. this compared to those with the alpha variant that was previously widespread and much of the world. the study reinforces the importance of vaccinations researchers examined more than 40,000 cases between march and may of this year to compare hospitalization rates. delta accounts for almost all covid cases in the uk today. >> and stay with kron 4 continuing coronavirus coverage just scan the qr code you see on your screen right
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now with your mobile device and you'll get directed to our web page. that's dedicated to covid-19 coverage. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. we'll be right back.
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[sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods? >> kron. 4 continuing to follow the latest developments from afghanistan as american officials tell every american still in the country to get away from the kabul airport tonight. that warning coming from the u.s. state department of mid concerns of terror threats in that area in that
9:31 pm
region just 3 days left until that deadline to get all americans out there still plenty of work still needed to be to get more perspective on the evacuation process and also. >> the retaliation that the united states has already taken against isis k following the bombings that killed 13 us marines. we're joined live right now by congressman john garamendi, thank you so much for joining us here on kron 4. good to be with you. so the news that was breaking tonight was that americans near the airport will being told to get away from the airport because there was a credible threat that was going to be made. but if they're away from the airport, how are they supposed to evacuate. and is this what is just going to be like for the next couple days. and. and you think that that august 31st deadline is a sticking. >> but the august 31st deadline definitely going to stick the military us beginning to withdraw. now for those americans. and there's very few still left in the country probably has a. i well 24 hours ago there somewhere south of 500 and the
9:32 pm
expectation is that all of those would be evacuated staying away from the airport, basically means don't crowd up against dates. we do know and the last 12 hours that we have successfully brought to the airport by vehicle. 2 families that are that are now on their way to see qatar. so what we do know that they are back away. she has to continue. >> we know they want more than 110,000 people according to the state department have been removed from afghanistan. you still have 3 days is are concerned that someone will be left behind if so, we we've heard several reports of people being held safe houses unable to get past those taliban checkpoints in order to get to the airport. are you concerned or is there still fear that you may not be able to get every american who wants to get out out of afghanistan.
9:33 pm
>> president biden has pledged that every american that wants to get out of afghanistan will get out of they said a moment ago by the end of this state. it's early morning in trouble right now. we would expect most of the remaining americans to be able to get to the airport being escorted to the airport, not having to stand in line outside the gates was so tragic it 2 days ago. so. once military operation shuts down there will continue to be every effort necessary to extract whatever americans may be remaining. do. keep in mind that some americans. up. and to this point have decided that they do not want to leave. now. they may change their mind in the days ahead. and if so, the american government will, i believe successfully evacuate them. we also know that the taliban is
9:34 pm
likely to continue to cooperate in this regard now with regard to afghan citizens that worked with the american over the last 20 years. it becomes somewhat more difficult situation, although i do know yesterday and quite rightly today. we will continue to see. afghans are serious risk being evacuated. partly by the american military flights which will continue for another 2 to 3 days and also by domestic and charter flights flying out of that same airport. >> so isis k took responsibility for the attack that killed the 13 service members at the airport. what do you know about isis k and how big of a threat is. isis k 2 american security. >> well, certainly americans with in afghanistan are at risk of isis k. that's why a state department to the president has been so clear about the risks of crowding
9:35 pm
the gates at the kabul airport. isis k is a very serious problem for afghanistan in the year 2 to 3 years prior to this current situation. isis k conducted horrible horrific bombings. you recall the school that was bob the hospital's most of all isis k terrorist bombings. so isis k is that wrecked to the new. the taliban government that is now attempting to establish itself and the taliban have been at war with isis k for that release. last 2 to 3 years. ryan, one situation in northern. afghanistan. the taliban was assisted by the u.s. military in a fight that they were having with prices, kate. so we're expect that to continue. and you can be sure that the american government, the
9:36 pm
military. we'll carry out biden's promise to seek revenge. nice escape. what they did to those 13 americans and 160 other. most of them afghanistan. >> congressman garamendi, you serve on the house armed services committee along with several other. california representatives as well hearing the news that 4 of these of american military members are from california. what is just can you just put into perspective what that what you're dealing with right now, how you're feeling, you worked very closely with members of the military. have you been able to talk any of the families of the service members. what can you tell us about them. what are they saying tonight. >> i have not had a chance to talk directly to the families. i will tell you that all of us who are you. well, i think all americans and certainly those of on the armed services committee and we do deal very
9:37 pm
directly with the report of the and so, you know, our hearts are broken. this is a tragedy. this is horrible situation. seenif. over the last several years so i know that i and my colleagues have. all too often. worked with gold star families these are the families that have lost one of their children, their and the brother n the. in the various. try to set the united states military has a geisha and not just in afghanistan but around the world. and so it's very, very difficult. it's certainly difficult for those families and for those of who reach out to the families. you could well imagine it is emotional and difficult. now our task is to make sure that the military has what it needs. to conduct its work and also to do it
9:38 pm
safely. and we're in the process of during that this next week. this week finish up the annual national defense authorization act and certainly in that piece of legislation, there will be specific. text and programs to deal with the kind of ongoing terrorists and that will be facing the entire world. some of that from isis k isis is still in syria, although are significantly degraded. and of course, all across a large swath of africa. we have boko and other terrorist organizations and also in asia. so it's a worldwide issue. the real key here is to work with our allies and others who are threatened by terrorist organizations that sprouted up in their countries. it's a big task. it's an ongoing task in that same time. we're going to have to deal with russia and china.
9:39 pm
you know. >> 13 american military members obviously a country owes them money. huge debt of congressman john garamendi, thank you so much for your time here on kron. 4 news at 9. >> thank you so much. and you can step today with the ever changing situation in afghanistan with scanning this qr code on your screen right now. we'll take you directly to our web page kron 4 dot com. we'll turn now to our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside from our mount tam candidates saturday night air quality was not so great today and we're hoping some for some improvements on sunday. let's hope so. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what's on the way as you start. >> your sunday. >> yeah, we're going to notice a change in wind direction. so instead of getting more of that northerly flow that ramped up temperatures this weekend and even brought us those hazy skies. we're going to see more of a cool sea breeze in full. and so it's not going to be as hot as it was today for the 2nd half of
9:40 pm
your weekend. still 5 to 15 degrees below boat above normal. but the good thing is we are going to see that cool sea breeze influence arriving along the coast as early as sunday morning. and those of you looking to get relief as you try to make your way into this year and just stay in the bay area because we're actually tracking worst air quality out there right now when no marine layer presents for the bay area and even for those of you in the sierra not a cloud in the sky. very hazy conditions as well because of that caliber fire actually inching closer toward south lake tahoe about 8 miles away from that city. but we are going to be under a fire weather watch starting monday afternoon through tuesday night. very dry gusty winds dropping relative humidity to as low as 10% with wind gusts of 50 miles per hour or less. so it is going to bring hazy skies and that's going to continue for this and also in addition to that temperatures
9:41 pm
in the low to mid 80's for truckee and south lake tahoe staying in the low 80's for most of this year by monday. but then cooling down into the mid 70's. but that fire weather watch going to remain in effect pretty much all day tuesday and then don't forget labor day weekend right around the corner as well. so just plan ahead. if you are planning any trips to this year in the coming days. back to you. jonathan just seen. >> thanks so much for reason for your money. stimulus payments are going out this weekend to californians our state plans to distribute them in batches every 2 weeks between now and the middle of october individuals will receive $600 families with children receive an additional $500 to qualify. you must have filed your taxes by the 2020 file, your 2020 taxes by october 15th earn less than $75,000 in 2020, the a state resident for more than half of 2020, the u.s. state resident,
9:42 pm
the date. the payment is issued and you cannot be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer. >> still to come tonight, a look at several rallies taking place across the bay area today voicing support for governor gavin newsome. why they believe the recall is a waste of time and money.
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>> we are your local election
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headquarters and monday is your last chance to register to vote by mail for the upcoming recall election registration forms are available from the registrars office or website and you could pick up the forms at the post office city clerk's office or any library or dmv. they do have to be postmarked by 5 o'clock monday night. if you miss that deadline, you can visit the registrar's office or a voting location to register to vote through election day, which is september 14th. >> the peninsula today. democrats rallying voters to vote no on the upcoming gubernatorial recall election kron four's phillipe has the story from east palo alto just a few weeks ahead of the big day. >> ballots have been mailed out for weeks and election day is less than 3 weeks away with this. we call. >> passes. it's a disaster for this state. democratic state senator josh becker menlo park gathered. other elected leaders that don't park in east palo alto saturday
9:46 pm
pushing the electorate to support governor gavin newsome by voting against him that we have elections for reasons even election next year. if you post him, you can out next year. >> but spent 250 million dollars and are we call a new election next year. >> it's crazy. local democrats say the republican candidates who appear to pose the biggest challenge to new. some are not fit for the job. namely conservative talk show host larry elder and businessman john. i believe, is that this vote is a distraction and a waste of these democrats are stressing the importance of every single vote. they believe the higher the turnout, the better it will work out for governor newsome. i am concerned that we can become complacent and not return about republicans have blasted newsome for his responses to the covid-19 pandemic. the growing homeless problem crime and wildfire protection. but democrats say some is addressing those issues effectively is really
9:47 pm
the right that we need to keep in the governor's office. if we lets trump, republicans take control sacramento tracker state back to 2 years. election day is september 14 in east palo alto. police to call thing >> the lee district attorney says he will not prosecute larry elder, a leading candidate to unseat governor gavin newsom elders, former fiance accuses the talk show of showing off a gun during an argument and domestic abuse incident from 6 years ago. sinceithere is a one year statute of limitation on misdemeanor cases. prosecutors say they could not pursue the claims made by her elder is one of several contenders hoping to replace governor newsom in the upcoming recall election on september 14th. our coverage of the recall election continues right now is kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to our website at kron 4 where you can get the latest information on the candidates and details on casting your ballots in
9:48 pm
national news today voting rights groups marking the anniversary of the march on washington with nationwide marches for voting rights. and the largest one was in the nation's capital. our washington, dc correspondent. >> reshad hudson was there. >> 58 years after doctor martin luther king junior led the original march on washington. voting rights advocates are back. demanding new federal voting rights act. thousands of voting right activists brought their fight over access to the ballot box to washington saturday. 58 years after doctor martin luther king junior made the same plea. the protesters are worried the voting rights are slipping away particularly and republican led states earlier this week. the house passed the john lewis voting rights act, alabama congresswoman terri sewell and texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee say now it's time for the senate to do the same age. you to call all senators and tell them they must pass hr now. >> is their courage in this
9:49 pm
place is their courage in united states senate is their courage in america. senate republicans have all promised to block the legislation. they say the bill amounts to a federal takeover of state elections. >> the senate is expected to take up federal voting rights legislation when they return next month. reporting in washington rashad hudson. back to you. >> let's switch to gears to talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at the transamerica pyramid and downtown san francisco. >> folks headed out on a saturday night. >> well coming in are coming in. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez coming in to go going out of recent. >> no, i'm going to stay in try to just stay cool. all not go out and deal with that poor air particles out there right now because. >> it was bad all day. in fact, i was coughing throughout most of the day. my allergies and also might slight asthma problems did not appreciate the air today. even
9:50 pm
though we don't have any wildfires burning in the bay area. all the one surrounding us. certainly impacting the airport quality out there right now. but also seeing the lack of marine layer as well for your saturday night. daytime highs, though we are going to see a little bit of a cool sea breeze. and with that cooler temperatures but still going to be on the mild side along the coast, mid 70's for downtown san francisco, 10 degrees cooler than where we were today. 84 degrees. so that's easily the warmest day for downtown san francisco. so far this year and temperatures out there for half moon, bay and daly city cooling down into the upper 60's at 60 degrees going to see winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour or less. so we are going to have a little bit of that cool westerly influence even throughout most of the san francisco peninsula with millbrae and burlingame 87 degrees. low 90's for sam. a tail redwood city at 87 degrees and those of you in the south bay. widespread 90's
9:51 pm
but san jose 80 degrees with campbell flirting with that triple digit heat 98 degrees. so still going to be hot inland livermore out of that triple digit mark. but still in the mid 90's when you should be in the upper 80's this time of year. so about 10 degrees above average there with walnut creek and conquered also at 96 degrees and for oakland, 80 degrees or into and moraga in the mid 80's and taking a look in the north bay. we are going to see vacaville and yacht bill even pittsburgh in the triple digit. but we are going to notice cooler weather for napa and the lay hole in the upper 90's with sienna rose at 92 degrees about 10 degrees cooler than where you were today and avato in the mid-nineties with no valley in the 80's. so very mild temperatures. they're taking a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast gradual cooling trend seasonal temperatures by tuesday. that's what we're going to notice improved air quality from coast to valleys with below average temperatures for most of the next 7 days. can't wait for
9:52 pm
that day to come because it's just been too hot and you can't really go outside and escape at the beach because of the poor air particle. so i mean, really we're just stuck in a rut right now. unfortunately tuesday's the break, though, fortunately is the break. yeah, but sorry didn't happen on the weekend. the good news is labor day weekends coming up in all of your 10 at 10 outlook for that that season of are often tuesday so that we're told it's our weekend. i mean, i planned it mainly from and just and so i knew that
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
>> all right. it's saturday night. you can get out your wine glass or. district straight from the bottle. that's what you want to do today is national red wine day. so you get to savor the season with low cavern. ap know you are port. and and you can use the hashtag national red wine day to share how you're celebrating, which i'm sure is right in front of the tv or your mobile device watching kron. 4. i support that. so everything in moderation. some folks are on the fence on whether they should drink from the bottle. i'm sure they approve of you giving them. >> permission to do just that. sure. he sure they've been waiting for >> meanwhile, scientists say they have discovered a new island by accident in july. they flew to the coast of greenland to collect samples. what they say they thought was a. doc island. however, they
9:56 pm
say maps are not accurate for that part of the world and they could not find the island. so they just started looking for. they checked their position. they were more than 2500 feet north of where they intended to go. the scientists say the island is very muggy with glacial debris and surrounded by gravel and to see eyes. i was wondering where i left my some thought they found it. >> it is prime a sea turtle hatching season in these little youngsters hatched on hatteras island in north carolina. >> 64 see siblings leaving their nests. have you ever seen a baby turtle they are really key every season. state wildlife officials make it a priority to remind beachgoers the importance of keeping baby turtle hatchling safe as they make their way to the ocean. there they go often be free free.
9:57 pm
>> little >> girl made a special bond with the baby champ. and you can see are falling over giggling. they're laughing so much of the chimp gave her a big hug this took place at the myrtle beach safari in south carolina where visitors can get up close and personal with the animals. i would love to hug like that. >> i was wondering what was hugging her at first. but now. make sense. oh, my goodness. this is animal abuse, though. i don't think so. okay. i mean. >> that's where you go to the safari so you can get up close with the so. >> tiger king chimp from now. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 9. >> but the news will continue at the top of the hour during kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. but coming up, we're learning more about the 13 you have service members that were killed in kabul. one of them from roseville near sacramento how their family is reacting to this heartbreaking loss.
9:58 pm
>> plus, we're tracking hurricane ida as it is expected to make landfall overnight along the louisiana coast. we'll show you how folks there in the bayou state are getting ready on the eve of the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina. kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. moments away.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news with offer, just some love to offer


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