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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 29, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news tonight is that all of south lake is under some form an evacuation right now all the way to the nevada state line because of the caldor fire. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. i'm jonathan mccall. fire officials have ordered more evacuations around tahoe basin. >> as crews have been dealing with the 2 week-old blaze that
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has burned hundreds of thousands of acres tonight. officials say the fire more aggressive than anticipated as it continues to edge toward lake tahoe. so cal fire announced new evacuation warnings and orders and eldorado and alpine counties. >> we're putting up that information for you right now. as you can see where they're talking about right now. the most important thing to note is that there's evacuation order. that means you need to leave now and that the evacuation warning means be prepared to leave at a moment's notice for that order in el dorado county. it's for the does aleutian wilderness all the way to the watershed right to the wilderness bow knee. but for alpine county, which is highway 89 south from luther pass road to the pick its junction west. then on highway 88 all the way to kirkwood. so this includes kirkwood ski resort and caples lake. that's an alpine county that is under the evacuation order right now. so if we're talking pbout the evacuation warning. if you are in
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eldorado county, that includes the remaining area of the lake tahoe basin. >> from the alpine eldorado county line to north along the california nevada state line. >> to lake tahoe, north along the water's edge to the eldorado placer county line, then west along the eldorado placer county line to mckinney lake in alpine county. that includes highway 88 at 4 is no road west of for snow road and south of the pacific crest trail crossing west of the pacific wrote trump pacific crest trail to the summit. city canyon trail west of the summit. city canyon trail in south of the eldorado status loss national forest line south of armstrong summit to wood would ford's to force dell road north of highway 88 and highway 89 to armstrong summit. there is a map that shows the area we can put that up showing us the red and the yellow that might make it a little bit easier for people to understand. >> the map showing us where the evacuation orders are.
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that is the yellow area which is under the evacuation warning saying that those are the spots that need to be prepared to go the red. i believe that's the spots that need to be evacuating now. and there is some concern that all the smoke in the area is making it really dangerous for people to be driving out. and this is a been a concern the last few days for a number of folks who have been in that area as we've been watching the flames from the caldor fire. >> inch very closer to the tahoe basin today. according to cal fire, they say they saw significant increase in in the rapid fire spread of this. they also said afternoon, wind spotting some distance is about 3 quarters to a mile in front of that fire line and that active crown fires and group torching present pratt were president. several areas of these fires today, which we're presenting challenges for a number of the crews who have been there on the scene. we just saw that story from
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rowing in who has been talking with fire crews there as they've been trying to save a number of homes the myers area as well as the south lake tahoe area. and as we now know, those flames now creeping closer to the lake tahoe basin. let's show some video now and get the latest numbers for people. so you can see just how this fire. >> has started to spread cal fire was saying that. >> the fire had been growing about a half a mile each day for the last few days. but suddenly today it started to expand by 2.5 miles. it is 19% contained, but it's already burned 245 square miles. more than 600 structures have been destroyed and about 18,000 more are under threat. cal fire was saying tonight that this fire has become more aggressive than anticipated and it's continuing to edge towards lake tahoe tonight. it's already been burning now for 2 weeks and then once again, we're talking about
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those concerns with officials now was their worry over the last few days really is that. >> those flames were getting closer to lake tahoe. they were telling folks be ready to go at a moment's notice in case things did get out of control and it appears that the worst possible scenario is now becoming a reality. those evacuation orders and warnings now in effect for folks to south lake tahoe. and in the tahoe basin. so if you have plans to go up there. a lot of folks were thinking about doing that for labor day weekend you likely will not be able to go up there and we know that a number of highways in that area have already been closed for a number of weeks because of those fast-moving flames as well. and there's some concern about what is next for the area. a red flag warning starts at 2 o'clock tomorrow. and last until. >> tuesday night. so what will that do for the fire. what's check in now with our meteorologists mabrisa rodriquez. yeah. for the caldor fire burn area that red
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flag warning going to go into effect at 11 o'clock. >> monday morning. so a little bit earlier than the one at south lake tahoe, which begins at 02:00pm on monday. so let's take a look at what you can expect. as you could see, most of the sierra shaded in red. that means imminent fire danger. we're tracking very dry conditions out there with those southwesterly winds and where that cow counter fire is burning those southwesterly winds are actually going to help possibly digits as low as 10%. relative humidity. so you add on top of that, not just extreme fire conditions but also the extreme drought conditions as well for most of this year. as you could see it could be a recipe for an increase in disaster in the caldor fire could actually spread even more. and that's going to reduce the containment that
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they made. so certainly going to keep an eye on that from the kron 4 weather center. let's take a look at the bay area forecast is right now we are tracking that marine layer. but as we move toward south lake tahoe in this year. we are noticing that radar reflectivity showing with the smoke and also the flames actually coming up on radar. so no, that's not rain shaded in green. that's actually the flames of south lake tahoe in truckee. we are noticing very poor to air particle conditions there because of the extreme drought extremely dry mid 80's on monday. but then cooling down by wednesday. but don't forget any time you add double digit wind speeds 50 miles per hour less throughout the peaks of south lake tahoe. but in the lower elevations of the valley for the tahoe basin could see wind gusts upwards of 35 miles per hour or less. but the good news is we are tracking cooler weather which should help to maybe bring some more moisture
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in that area. but as we know, we're in summer. so not expecting any rain there any time soon. back to you, jonathan. just staying. >> right now, kron 4 dot com. you can find all of those evacuation warnings and orders listed for the caldor fire and other fires as well. once again, all of that information posted for you right now on our website at kron 4 dot com we will continue to monitor that and updated as new developments become available. >> to the people with gulf coast. i want you to know the trend for the best planning cared for the worst. >> now 10 president joe biden is pledging the federal government's full commitment behind rescue and recovery as hurricane ida smashed into louisiana item made landfall today as a category 4 hurricane and it ripped right through new orleans. ida has now been downgraded to a category 2. but officials are saying the winds are still really shere's still a lot of wind out there. so we
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want to get you the very latest right now in the last hours, state officials there in louisiana say that more than a million folks now being impacted by power outages down in the bayou state. >> among t em, the entire city of new orleans is in the dark. some 720,000 folks there alone without power. we've also learned that a person hit by a tree near baton rouge is the first person killed connected to the storm. >> now here's what we know so far. the regional energy provider reported that all of orleans parish is without power due to catastrophic transmission damage caused by hurricane ida louisiana's governor is saying it will deploy search and rescue teams as soon as conditions allow and also crews from the oakland fire department are on their way right now. >> 2 louisiana so they can help assist people who have been impacted by the hurricane. meanwhile, for many folks as land fall. it heartbreaking reminder of hurricane katrina which ironically.
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>> hit the same area 16 years ago today reporter markie martin takes us to new orleans to show us the destruction. >> this is canal street hurricane ida has officially made landfall. this isn't even close to where the eye is. there goes my hat and this is what conditions look like today. somebody helping me right here. this guy right behind me. can't even stand up. if you take a look at the median. take a look at the media can now street here. these palm trees being blown around like toothpicks. if you see in the middle of the street as well. bus stops the glass in case has broken off. so now not only are you dealing with when you're dealing with broken glass and it's coming down when as well. the gusts that were feeling are about 85 miles per hour. of course, that's not sustained winds. but these gusts are so powerful. it hurts. you know, it stings your face to be here. it's hard to even keep your eyes open, especially after you lose your gear, your hat to be on the lookout to see if there's any debris that is
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flying your way. a lot of people have heeded the warnings. thank you, sir. a lot of people have heeded the warnings to stay in a lot of the folks that are watching here emergency management crews that are not only local but have come from out of town as well to weight light of day tomorrow. that's last. okay. so that's broken glass. we just heard shattering glass were here by a lot of hotels. businesses and we're not exactly sure if that glass is coming our way or not. but there's not a lot of action on the street. you know, the governor, governor john bel edwards, a lot of local state leaders saying you have to stay home because if you need emergency medical care, you're not going to get help to the light of day tomorrow, which is when i didn't expect to calm down. i just a little bit. that was a can. back inside. i'm going to toss it back to you, though. i just things are only getting worse. again, this is not the eye of the storm. back to you.
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>> markie. martin reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, as hurricane ida does bear down on the bayou state. several hospitals there in louisiana are packed with covid-19 patients that cannot be evacuated. governor john bel edwards said hospital evacuations would normally be considered. but it's just not possible. now. many hospitals are at capacity. so there's nowhere else for patients to go. >> officials with the largest hospital system in the state say facilities have stocked up with 10 days worth of supplies each as backup power and a fuel truck on site. some staff will have to sleep at the hospitals for the duration of the storm. >> meanwhile, back here at home, the lay could become the second city in solano county this week. the institute its own mask mandate. the vallejo city council set to discuss the issue during a special meeting tuesday night. if passed that mandate would require folks to wear a mask while indoors at public buildings and enclosed spaces last week the city of benicia passed a similar ordinance in all indoor public settings, including theaters, businesses
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offices, bars, retail stores and restaurants solano county. the lone bay area county so far not to institute a current mask mandate. >> as of today, 80% of eligible san francisco residents have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 mayor london breed made the announcement on twitter saying this is a major milestone. but we still have work to do to make sure that all of us are protected. now. it is the time to take your shot if you haven't already. the city has more than 683,000 residents aged 12 and older who have been vaccinated of those 86% have received at least one dose and 80% have completed a full series. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock, a rivalry between the niners and the raiders inning up as both teams take field in their final preseason game to get a levi stadium for the highlights. >> and powerful video. the fire condition showing us how strong the winds are and how
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dangerous. we'll also get an update on the new evacuation orders and warnings for the caldor fire return home for 13 american military members killed in afghanistan. this as a new round of drone strikes take place. the details. still to come.
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>> the pentagon is saying tonight that the u.s. conducted an air strike
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overnight against an isis k target. it was a vehicle that had explosives inside of it. and this happened right near the airport in kabul that is the second strike in as many days against the terrorist group since a deadly attack back on thursday killed 13 american military members. >> kron 4 washington correspondent reshad hudson brings us more. earlier today, president biden met with the 13 families of us troops who were killed in that suicide attack thursday. >> near the kabul airport sunday, president biden paid his respects to the 13 u.s. troops killed in afghanistan. as there remains arrived at dover air force base in delaware. the solemn occasion is known as a dignified transfer. every americans grieving the loss our men and women in uniform in that. >> heinous terrorist attack. lawmakers continue to hammer the biden administration over the chaotic exit in loss of troops and a leading critic as senate republican leader mitch
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mcconnell. >> this is one of the worst foreign policy decisions in american history. but utah senator mitt romney says he told both the trump and biden administrations to leave a small troop presence behind. >> so pulling out means we're less safe and also record record highs. the war is not over. where does in a weaker position. we don't have boots on the ground with just days left in afghanistan. the u.s. carried out another air strike against a suspected isis k car bomb that was threatening the airport. >> congressman seth moulton of massachusetts and congressman peter meijer of michigan who made an unannounced trip to afghanistan last week told cnn this outcome was preventable. >> we wouldn't have had to put brands in this position. if we had started the evacuation much earlier and we need to realign our strategic and operational priorities to ensure that it never happens again. and as of now, the white house is sticking with that august 31st withdrawal reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> back to you.
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>> and back now to the breaking news we're following with the called or fire all of south lake tahoe is under some form of evacuation right now because the fire is inching closer and closer to the area. >> fire officials once again in the last hour have ordered more evacuations around the tahoe basin as crews continue to try to contain the 2 week old fire which has continued to spread. officials say that the fire today was more aggressive than anticipated. we knew that winds were picking up in that area which we're starting to push those flames closer toward the toward the basin in toward south lake tahoe as well. some new information that we just got into our newsroom as we show you the map of where the evacuation warnings and orders are. >> we can show that the red areas. that's where there's the evacuation order you must leave immediately. the yellow area is the warning be prepared to go at a moment's notice and in that yellow area is barton memorial hospital right now. it is evacuating all patients patients will be
10:20 pm
transferred to regional partner facilities and patients families will be notified. but the emergency department remains open. that is according to the hospital itself. also important to note within the evacuation order in alpine county. that does include kirkwood ski resort and caples lake. so we are working to get more information on this. this is just started and from hearing from people were in the area. it's rather chaotic trying to get out. they're scrambling at the moment. it's also dark there and very, very smoky. the conditions have been difficult for people to see and breathe real quick. we just got word that state emergency management fire and law enforcement officials. >> we'll be in tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock where they will provide an update. >> on the firefighting efforts of the caldor fire. we expected to hear from a number of officials, including fema as well who will be there on the scene to talk more about the firefighting efforts trying to make sure that this does not get out of hand again, evacuation warnings have been issued for all of south lake tahoe. well,
10:21 pm
details on this. >> on our website. kron 4 dot com and also updates tomorrow starting at 04:00am during the kron 00:00am morning news. bute now we turn to our forecast our meteorologist marisa rodriguez are tonight with what we can expect. obviously a lot of folks are going to be talking about the air quality over the next few days as specially as these fires continue run of recent. yeah, that's right. in fact, for this year we did see some improvement today compared to yesterday. but. >> we are going to notice that increase in smoke and haze as that caldor fire inches closer and winds out of the southwest heading northeast. we'll actually start to inch its way closer towards south lake tahoe because of wind gusts, upwards of 50 miles per hour or less warm dry. gusty conditions recipe for high fire danger and that's why red flag warning going into effect starting tomorrow through tuesday night. let's take a look at your bay area forecast because we're noticing the return of the marine layer. so i know it's definitely needed
10:22 pm
and seeing also the return of that cool sea breeze. but it is going to push that low fog bank along the coast. >> and even throughout the east bay shoreline is well visibility at or near 0 to start out your monday morning commute with better lifting and clearing by mid morning, but temperatures out there right now. >> 50's, 60's 70's and yes, even 80's antioch 82 degrees. >> and for those of you along the coast, santa rosa, the coolest city right now. 57 degrees. >> so quite the temperatures spread. double digit cooling for conquered and santa rosa low temperatures tonight in the 50's and 60's a little bit cooler along the coast. thanks to that sea breeze influence, very seasonable temperatures to start your work week monday. downtown san francisco 68 degrees oakland 73 degrees with the mountain view at 82 and still in the low 90's for conquered ann livermore. so very seasonable temperatures in the cooling trend going to continue even through thursday, wednesday through friday of this upcoming week
10:23 pm
below average temperatures from coastal valleys. but then warming up just in time for your labor day weekend and monday looks to see that warming trend to slightly above average temperatures about 5 degrees above normal. but overall, not going to be a scorcher like what we experienced friday into saturday. but today finally. did get a little bit of a break and tomorrow going to look and feel even better. even with that smoke and haze. all right. be nice to see some blue skies and it's frightening. what's happening in tahoe right now, especially near south lake. >> yeah, right at the moment. yes, a labor day weekend plans just a whole have a nice day cation. no safer. marissa, thank you. thanks, guys. we'll be right b boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade.
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>> a little light news to end our weekend because there were about a dozen contestants who took part in a high heel race in russia this weekend. contestants include both men and women. this time they have to wear four-inch heels. men took part for the first time this year. 3 of them there strapped on some high heel sandals. the race not without its hazards, though contestants. and one had to be given first aid for scraped knees. a go. >> why did the men run with the women, though. room. but i
10:27 pm
mean. >> my heels are dart. i will give them at all. i don't know anything about that. and i think i got a whole stash back there. if you want but no, good. will just stick with the but the flats accurate. thank you so much for joining us this weekend right here on kron. 4 news in prime time. we went through a lot of things, including the breaking news that's happening. >> in south lake tahoe right now. and of course you can updates on our website. kron 4 dot com. and don't forget the kron 4 morning news starts bright and early at 4 o'clock. don't go anywhere, though. jason is up next with sports night live.
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>> hello and welcome to a another edition of sports night live. i'm your host jason dumas. some riding solo tonight. but we've got a lot to get to niners raiders pre season finale at levi's a's hosting the bronx bombers giants down in atlanta and more. we're going to start in santa clara. today may have been the most anticipated pre season game in franchise history for the niners. not only were the fans going to get a heavy dose of trey lance under center. they also were hosting their own friend, the
10:31 pm
raiders there are still plenty of raiders fans here in the bay area and they don't like niners fans. all that much. an interesting reunion to say the least. neither gm, john lynch chatting it up with raiders owner. mark davis. word is the raiders could have stayed in the bay if you're willing to share levi stadium with the niners. but that was a hard pass. now rob. this is a site the niners fans love to see george kittle. >> first action of the pre season and he looked in midseason form 14 yards pickup. here's another one of the studies on this niners offense where he most to get out to the edge speed, 17 yard game. he might be one of the fastest players in the nfl and jimmy g he's going to finish this drive off with his look, everybody i can run to try move first tougher on there by quarterback. now, what's the niners highlight without the probable sons share a land
10:32 pm
uses his legs for the score niners up 14. nothing hopefully does a lot of that in his career later on land shows off that rocket launcher of an arm 15 yard pitch and catch one jennings niners end up with a field goal on the drive. let's go through the 3rd quarter. basically the sole highlight of the day for the raiders nate peterman finds knicks powers its neck that a touchdown. but will it be enough? let's go to 3rd. we've been talking all offseason about the quarterback. but this is still a run-first offense. and they've got some bell that right there. 35 yard run for john. michael hasty is 27 to 10 niners. love the celebration. now, this was a pretty one-sided game. nate peterman goes deep to allen needed native keelan doss, but he had picked off by ha ha clinton dix the niners just picked. clinton dix a couple
10:33 pm
weeks ago. look like you from. but at the end when he was ruled down. now more from hasty in the 4th. he finishes all the drive right there. another touchdown niners 34 to 10. trey lance finished 6 for 13 for 46 yards and that rushing td. meanwhile, jimmy garoppolo for for 7.64 yards. he also had that rushing touchdown. >> who will start week. one. we'll get into that a little later. but in the meantime, let's send it back out to levi were kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney was for a recap. >> today's 3rd and final preseason game for the forty-niners. the dress rehearsal for the regular season as they call it, perhaps provided a clue into the question everyone has been longing to know the answer to which quarterback is going to start the season if today's game is any indication, could be both of them. both jimmy garoppolo and rookie trey
10:34 pm
lance, we're in for several snaps of this game taking turns rotating through the offensive scheme. here's what kyle shanahan garoppolo and lance had to say about that after the game. i just want to get a live action of it and and practice couple times and. >> this is the last time before we're going to end the regular season. so last time you can have the opportunity to do it. so kind of wanted to do this game was good. i into good jobs with defensive scrambling to make for tough. >> tough job and those guys. so as good compared for it. so i think us to same thing. i'm sure you answer the same way. it's one of the things where we have right to, like i said. so it's good to get game reps kind of really see how it really feels. let's go ahead and break it down by the numbers. jimmy garoppolo finished 4 for 7 with 64 yards and a rushing touchdown on a quarterback keeper. >> trey lance was 6 for 13 with 46 yards and a rushing touchdown as well. couple other things of note in this game. the running back depth for this offense was on full display start start of the game and broke up several big
10:35 pm
runs to michael hasty had 2 touchdowns and trey sermon also looks pretty good. getting some good carries in this game. we also got to see for a couple players on defense who have been injured javan kinlaw and to quest the tart book played significant snaps and both said that they looked and felt pretty good afterwards. now it's just a matter of down to the 53 man roster. and that's what we're going to be watching in the next couple days at levi's stadium in santa clara. kate rooney, sports night live. >> thanks for that report. like she just said today we saw a dual quarterback system at levi stadium. jimmy g played 14 of the forty-niners first 24 snaps, trey lance play the other 10. it seemed to work today. obviously. but can it work in the regular season. i'm not so sure a big believer that quarterback. they need a rhythm in is year planting in a different quarterback every 9.10, plays. how can you get that rhythm seems gimmicky defenses can eventually learn and pick up from that. you're not going to
10:36 pm
catch anyone off guard. if you continue to do it and have you ever seen a playoff team to this consistently i'm all for kyle shanahan being innovative in pushing the game forward. but it is better not to reinvent the wheel. and that's what i think the forty-niners might be trying to do here. but the great thing about sports, all we have to do is wait we'll find out. the answer whether i'm right where the cows right. we'll find out soon. first game september 12 detroit. i can't wait. jimmy g trey lance, it looks like they're both going to be under center a lot. okay. now we heard from the niners let's go back out to levi's and hear from jon gruden after today's games back to the >> like or their offseason program are training camp we took the approach to evaluate the guys. we didn't know much about lot of these guys had college seasons that were interrupted last year. the
10:37 pm
evaluation was incomplete. you don't tackle in pads. you don't do a lot in pads like you used to do so. this was the most important call for us. so we try to make the right decisions when we cut down the roster on today. >> all right. so the pre season has come and gone and the raiders in play. derek carr or marcus one snap and a lot of their starters for that matter. so when they open up the season on monday night have a lot of players getting their first game action in months. it will be interesting to see to see. but of course it will be a spectacle is las vegas. its allegiance stadium. if the debut of allegiance stadium in the regular season with a house full of fans. i can't wait to check that out monday night football week one the las vegas raiders all righty. we still have a lot to get to here on sports night live after the break. >> we check in on it was an
10:38 pm
exciting one today at the coliseum against the yankees. also be joined by allen stiles for our bay area. baseball bit. >> find out what he thinks about the a's fans rocky relationship with the organization. you won't want to miss it. and. we have our baseball there. that's all we have. be right back after the
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>> welcome back to sports night live. the a's have been free falling as of late. but with all that's going bad. they still had a chance to split the four-game series with the yankees today which i would consider a win to the town we go. the a's have fallen >> they needed this one badly pick things up in the bottom of the 4th mark hanna with the ground there. the yankees appear to turn the double play to end any with no damage. but. >> let's check out the replay. beats the throw. it's close, but clear he was safe. this one was overturned after the review yon scores on what was ruled a fielder's choice. it's one nothing a's. >> same score in the 7th in never see route grounder goes right through matt chapman's leg at 3rd he's a gold glove winner. gary sanchez. >> the tie it on what looked
10:42 pm
like a devastating backbreaking error for oakland. but in the bottom of the 8th. tony, you can't take this one on a ride. clears the fence. 2 run homerun 3 to one a's and that was the final score. oakland gets the split. and with that when the a's are back within 2 and a half games of the red sox for that second wild-card spot. >> a's hold the yankees to 5 hits on the day. no earned runs. they only scored on that air. let's hear from the hero of the night after this game. when you're thinking about. >> travel baseball, when you're 1718 years old, there is no talk of mechanics. there is no talk of pressuring xyey. it. it's going out there having fun with your friends and. that's literally just been the thing i've been trying to do is just put myself in the seat of all my teammates and have fun with everybody. i can, you know, for this final push finished
10:43 pm
august wrong in going to september. i think it's going to be good, especially going into this road trip to get a serious split. >> all right. let's take a look at the wild card standings. the yankees out ahead of everyone at 7654 they are up 2 games on the boston red sox as 75 in 57 and then the a's coming in 2 and a half games behind boston oakland needs to get to one of those 2 wild-card spots. so they can get in the playoffs or they can do this. here are the. west standings. houston 77 to 53 they're 5 and a half games. out in front of oakland. that will be a tall task to make up those 5 and a half games in the last month. but hey, it's not impossible. we'll see how it plays out. but the a's looking for their 3rd straight playoff appearance this year. we will see what they can do down the stretch. all righty. the giants looking to finish
10:44 pm
off their nine-game road trip, strong series finale down in taking on the atlanta braves braves currently. east there a couple games ahead of the philadelphia phillies time for any austin riley. he gets a hold of this anthony desk. a funny >> it's gone and that is gone left field. it's 3 nothing braves and it would not get better for the giant 6 ending atlanta piling it on eddie rosario triples all sammy long. another couple of runs score. and guess what, giants get pummeled. they lose 9. nothing. they see their 9 series win streak snapped now and it's super important sherry's back home against the brewers that starts tomorrow. i'll be there will have pre game coverage from oracle park. >> breaking everything down. they finished 6, 3, on the road trip. remember that road trip started in oakland, which isn't exactly a road trip,
10:45 pm
then they went to new york then atlanta. let's hear from gabe kepler after the game he didn't include that oakland the series in the road trip that he's referring to or remember, they did play 3 games at the coliseum to start off this road. >> hard to be especially excited about the road trip and we weren't able to to complete the trip with our with our best play and you're always going. remember the last last game of the trip. it's always going to. >> all right. let's take a look at the nl west standings san francisco. out ahead of the los angeles dodgers by 2 and a half games. 8476, who would have thought this was a team that was only projected to win 78 games and they are you have 84 they are on pace to win 104 as of now. but, you said they can win a 10804 games and still be forced to play a one-game playoff which


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