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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 30, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron
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4 news at 6. >> now at 6, the entire city of south lake tahoe is under of a back your way shun orders as the caldor fire continues to rage nearby and eldorado county. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. want to show you a closer look at the current burn area in the sierra. the fire is now less than 5 miles from the city of south lake tahoe. >> about 7 miles from the shoreline of the lake. the skies are so smoking in that area that firefighting aircraft just can't get to work near the tahoe basin. so now let's get to the evacuation orders. this is a map of the region from the el dorado county sheriff's office, everything you see in red is an evacuation order. this now includes all of south lake tahoe animal bay and myers just to name a few of the locations included. >> it also includes tourists and residential areas such as
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heavenly stateline tahoe keys to whole island. these you and to houma. >> if you live in those areas and have not left. officials say you need to leave now. emergency officials remind everyone to check for evacuations to as the situation is quickly changing karma dickerson from our sister station in sacramento has the latest on the fire. driving towards the orange glow of the flames this morning was pretty terrifying as we came closer and closer to the caldor fire. but as the sun came up, it went from frightening. >> the devastating as we see what's left behind left the people's homes and a lot of times we weren't sure what we're seeing. we're out buildings or cabins. but then we saw the signs up there letting us know about the families that lived in this area we're just west of alpine, not far from sierra at tahoe in an either side of the road. we see destruction in the light of day. of course, we've got acres and acres have burned force. but nestled into this for us. our homes. we
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should note that in so many cases we saw firefighters parked out in front of neighborhood. stretches of homes doing everything they could to stop the flames from getting close and in many cases they were successful. but we know at least 600 buildings have been lost to the flames as the fire continues to grow. they say that have been growing by about a half a mile a day, but sunday, 2 and a half miles of growth, letting them know that this can change so quickly, even as they get containment up, they're really up against the elements here. dense terrain. just look at how hard it could be to get in there and fight those fires its steep. the force is deep and it's dark and smoky and many cases. so they're doing what they can, but it just continues to be treacherous. so many of the firefighters that would meet that we talked to the live in these areas to and they're worried that they potentially could be coming home to homes that look just like this reporting from eldorado karma dickerson. >> lake tahoe home owner made it out before the fire forced
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road closures where he lives. he shares his concerns for his neighbors who may not have got out kron four's, has it made you has the story. >> it is difficult to imagine that this image of the caldor fire is from the towel. south web cam taken this morning facing northwest from timber. cold pier as the fire continues to move towards the tahoe basin burning on both sides of eastbound highway 50, which is now close from peddler hill to the north of state route 89 you and your family. if you didn't leave when you when you when you what would be a situation up there. >> we probably be stuck in. i would imagine all of folks who are trying to get out in the basin and that are trying trying to leave the >> the eldorado county sheriffs mandatory evacuation order was issued sunday remains in effect monday bay area resident in south lake tahoe. homeowner shot picket didn't wait for the order he and his family left after
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friday's evacuation warning was issued the fire was already burning too close to take any chances camp sacramento got 2 of the sierra tahoe ski resort. >> which means i mean, that's only a few miles west of echo summit and echo summit is about 7200 feet and is that the. peak of highway 50 before you started its descent into the tidal basin. if the fire makes it. anywhere in that location. those embers are going to come down on the basin like a waterfall. >> cal fire crews continue to battle the blaze in an effort to prevent that outcome officials at the lake tahoe visitors authority sent crowd for a statement that reads in part, quote, we will be mobilized to assist area businesses and residents recover. we're a tight knit mountain community. and as such have weathered various challenges over the years to emerge stronger and we will again, we ask for everyone's support and following the
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guidelines of emergency agencies and for your prayers and now that he and his family are safe, pick its spots turned to his fellow south lake tahoe residents. so i mean, the concern is. >> with everyone really in a tie who area that just a basin. >> haaziq kron 4 news. >> and continuing our team coverage tonight, california, emergency management officials gave an update on the state and federal response to the wildfires burning across california. from force ashley zavala explains the efforts that are now under way. >> state and federal emergency management officials say they continue to take an all hands on deck approach. the wildfire situation here in california as once again, the state sees another historic fire season. >> there is fire activity happening in california that we have never seen before. california's top firefighting officials sounding the alarm as now to wildfires this year across the sierra nevada which had never happened in the state's history until this
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month. the first was the dixie fire and now the counter fire threatening south lake tahoe. it's been burning in heavy timber. >> just very, very difficult conditions. we've been making headway at times across the state. more than 15,000 personnel are working to fight 15 major wildfires with out of state help coming from utah, washington, wisconsin and west virginia 1059 members with the california national guard are helping with fire response with 150 military police members helping with evacuations in eldorado county to support is a broad spectrum of military capability from space-based platforms. >> down to boots on the ground where we're providing fire suppression incident awareness support to law enforcement. >> another 250 active duty. military members are being prepped to help respond to fires cal fire chief porter with the stern warning to all californians for the rest of you in california. >> you've heard me say this before every acre can and will burn someday in this state. be ready now. be ready now.
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before there's a warning when there's a warning, you put everything in the car. and you go or you wait for the order and you go. be ready now. >> president joe biden has approved a major presidential disaster declaration for counties affected by the dixie and river fires. federal officials say that could extend to even more counties once they finally get a chance to assess the damage done by these other fires at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, let's take a live look at traffic in south lake tahoe. this is a live picture from highway 50 at ski run boulevard. as you can see, no traffic concerns at all right now that you can see the color of the sky there. very hazy. and this is earlier eastbound 50 backed up throughout the day with families that have packed up and trying to leave the area as they've been ordered. this is a look at the situation about noontime today bumper to bumper traffic. then. and coming up in just a
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bit. we will go live to south lake tahoe to check in with firefighters on the frontlines there and continuing coverage of the caldor fire can be found on our website just scan. this qr code on your screen. there. you'll find an interactive evacuation map as well as a list of all evacuation orders and warnings. plus shelters which are offering help. it is all at kron. 4 dot com. >> a big international story tonight the european union is recommending its 27 member countries restrict travel on tourists from the u.s. because of rising covid infections here in america. earlier today, the european council removes the united states from a safe list of countries for nonessential travel. however, the new guidance is non-binding us travelers overseas will encounter a host of different rules across the different countries of europe. the biden administration has imposed an indefinite ban on eu travelers coming into the u.s. citing concerns over the
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delta variant. that decision comes as united states 155,000 new coronavirus cases. a day and 1200 deaths a day. but the news is not all bad, especially when it comes to getting more school age children vaccina ed while force in kerman is live in san francisco tonight with more on that part of the story. dan. >> well, if your youngsters are already in school. they will likely be going there soon. and of course, as we know, those under the age of 12 cannot get vaccinated. but now we're getting word that is possible that the fda might give approval to pfizer's vaccine for those aged 5 to 11 before the end of this year. >> 11 could get an fda approved covid vaccine as early as november or december. so says the pfizer board member an infectious disease. experts say that would be significant. kids being protected can lead to in addition to. community protection by increasing the
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number of people vaccinated i-i increase in the force field against viruses coming in, variance coming in. so everybody counts kids, adults. all of this. >> the biden administration is said vaccination rates. among those 12 to 17 has been growing faster than any other age group with over 50% receiving at least one dose. not enough says medical experts to 61% of the population was the number right today. >> that has received at least one. yeah. so we're not nearly where we need to be in the meantime, further clarification and confusion over the rollout of those booster shots at the 8 month mark. >> was sticking with that for now we're not changing it, but we have very open to new data as it comes in. we're going to be very flexible about it. >> medical experts say they're keeping the door open to change the date of the 3rd shot because so far the data. it isn't clear cut, but they say that's ok because the vaccines continue to work. >> if on bodies. wein at 6
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months, 7 8 months. i this time it's not translating into hospitalizations and serious disease in the vaccinated. folks. it's unclear how soon more data will be available but infectious disease experts say. >> a booster gives a chance to be proactive instead of reactive certainly put us ahead of the curve for the first time. this pandemic. >> so i think that's a decent argument for going ahead with these boosters as long as the data continues to support it. >> again. there is no specific. somehow that rollout will actually take place other than beginning the first week of september 20th during that week in the meantime, medical experts say people should continue to do what they've been doing masking and distancing live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you dan. and still to come this hour as we battle fire here in california. the
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south dealing with a deadly threat of heavy wind and water from now. tropical storm ida a live look at the damage caused when it made landfall as a hurricane. plus, a deadly weekend in the east bay prompts oakland's police chief to visit the sites of gunfire. and later, there is only one day left to get the last remaining americans and our afghan allies out of afghanistan will. >> get the latest on the situation overseas coming up in a live report.
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>> it's moving slow in louisiana after ida's landfall as a million people prepare for a second night without power in the dark. the now tropical depression made landfall yesterday as a powerful category 4 hurricane killing one person and leaving a mask trail of destruction reporter mitch mccoy is live for us in new orleans tonight. so how are things going right now. very dark there because there's no power right. >> yeah. you're absolutely right, ken and pam, good evening to you guys from new orleans. the city is a ghost town. it is very dark hair. there's no working electricity at new orleans police asking people to stay off the streets. all while scenes like this play out across the city where they're picking up. he says it is dark. i apologize, but they're preserving as much history as possible of this
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historic building. but let's walk you through how we got to new orleans today. we traveled about 70 miles south taking interstates that are at times partially blocked by fallen trees and flooded roads. one woman, holly richardson bethel lives about 30 minutes from new orleans and decided to ride the storm out. i asked her what made her want to stay. >> my grandparents. i mean, you're any crashing question and. i couldn't leave him. there. i honestly new that we probably should but i know i think it leads them to think for themselves. >> for holly tonight, the next threat rivers already swelling in her backyard. he's been using in and out of her home. at one point on our journey down in new orleans today we saw that massive amount of water a semi truck had water
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going up to the cab door. that is the main concern for holly, because that water. >> is going to have to go somewhere reporting from a very and non new orleans tonight on mitch mccoy. back to you. all and stay safe. we hope the residents here can stay safe as well. thank you for that live report. >> crews from sacramento sending help for tropical storm ida the u.s. coast guard station there posted on facebook yesterday that they're on their way to provide support. >> helicopter crews from san francisco in san diego and headed to houston to get ready for the storm's passage. joining us now for more on ida meteorologists, a far. >> yeah. the tropical depression that doesn't want to die on the projections as they send it back over the east going forward with this and the other issue will be locally. severe weather for folks in its path as it still has a lot of moisture which for the atmosphere to absorb. it's going take a look at. we're talking about here. what we have is you can see if you
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look real carefully these green outlines. this is all flash flooding in what its pathways projected to be most of the rough weather to the east and north of the center for a typical less to the west. now what happens is when you get daytime heating it tends to flare up again because it's not as stable as it was over. water so you can get locally severe weather more power outages, possible flash flooding is possible. even locally. heavy winds too, on our front. we're getting some of those on shore. winds expected over the next 48 hours to have blue skies in places you can see from the golden gate. quick temperature. check a little more still hanging on to 9086 for pittsburgh. 71 vallejo one 82 better temperatures coming along with this is what we project going forward. winds. look at this. they do uptick a little bit to this evening. do the same thing tomorrow we find to get more of a shift now southwesterly to west. this will begin tomorrow into the 20 mile per hour range. so kaye for us. but up to around tahoe. not so good. they have a red flag warning because of these westerly winds, these winds hold together about wednesday as well. so we have
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they fog returning tonight. mild temps pretty much in the 50's for this week. mostly sunny cooling continues and we get some 80's going on inland and then by next weekend we're back in the business of the 90's question mark if this is another heat spike and on the other side of all of that a little concerned. we run through this real quickly here we have some tropical moisture from a system of the pacific. this bubbles up to the 4 corner states were being insulated by another front. but it's really into next week. look at that plume of moisture going north into next tuesday. wednesday, not just us but also to tahoe. that's monsoon moisture aloft. the dry lightning. not a good thing. so a fussy and follow this to see if it holds together and i can. >> all right. dave, thank you. other news now it was a violent weekend in oakland 5 people were shot and 2 separate shooting incidents and one of them has passed the first shooting happened on saturday evening at a barbershop on college avenue and broadway police say 2 people were injured there. the
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second shooting happened early sunday morning at broadway and 19th near the 19th street bart station. 2 women were injured in that shooting today. oakland police chief leronne armstrong visited both of the crime scenes and he talked to neighbors and shop owners tried to reassure them that his department is working on finding the suspects involved. we asked chief are showing how the department plans to address these problems. >> well, more president, you know, trying to get officers trying to get a more officers out here over time. obviously we are struggling with resources. and so we're utilizing overtime to come out and supplement areas where we know we have a large that includes the downtown and includes the chinatown as well as the fruit bill and so we are trying to put a presence in areas where we know people are beginning to come out and gather. so it it's a challenge. >> so far investigators have not identified any suspects
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nor motives in the recent shootings. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police south bay now or san jose police say they broke up a huge sideshow over the weekend. officers tell issued a 170 citations that included some impounded vehicles. kron four's. rob fladeboe has the story. >> burned rubber shredded tires, beer bottles and bottle rockets litter the intersection. the san ignacio avenue in great oaks boulevard here in south san jose. this was the scene late saturday night as san jose police in a large coordinated response cited 170 people and impounded 6 vehicles in the latest crackdown on illegal sideshows. >> we know it's it's just the public nuisance. people are getting hurt and we need to, you know, address that area forcefully in my mind we recognize apart from some of the vehicles driving in circles. people hanging out of the vehicles. you know, there's other stuff that's going on here. that other stuff includes the use of
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firearms. >> san jose police also posted to twitter this photo, a man who appears to be firing a gun into the air is he picked up sideshow trash at his place of business or landscaping in the parking lot berry were damaged jim hernandez passed along another neighbor's troubling discovery. >> he said he found a 9 millimeter shell a new show and he found out on sunday morning. >> said 2 men detained at a side show 2 weeks ago possessed a ghost gun as sideshows have become increasingly brazen serious injuries and also been reported that made stepped up enforcement. that includes targeting the promoters of sideshows and a city ordinance under which spectators can face fines of up to a $1000. hopefully it sends a signal to all the folks that are participating. >> that we as a city with police department are watching very closely and we're going to be tracking your every steps and catching you in in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4
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2020. it is 39% below the visitors in 2019 and international tourism is still down 76%, which is translating to a 60% decline in spending. >> the point up and many international visitors been 63% of all prison spending 7 system. so that's a really important market for us. sic corporate market. the business market in the mission also require typically in the month like and some time talk and seen some suspending 90% or higher this to this summer. it's looking like we'll be looking to make 50%. so this year members and down dramatically. >> the travel association does not expect the full global recovery until 2025. >> next. america's longest war may be over, but the threats from isis k may just be beginning. we're going to go live to washington, dc for the latest on the troop removal from afghanistan. plus, we'll check in with the local afghan refugee as he settles into his
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new home and at times moving at more than a 100 feet per minute. the caldor fire posing an increasing threat. still ahead, more on what's being done to try to stop it before it hits south lake ta
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>> tonight at 6.30. we are turning our attention to afghanistan, drone strikes and rocket fire rounded out the final moments of the u.s. military's presence in


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