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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  August 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know it's scary. i drove around the neighborhood to say goodbye. >> the fact that it hit a since my first time ever having to evacuate. most terrifying thing i've ever experienced. >> now at 9, thousands of people racing against flames rushing to evacuate south lake tahoe as the caldor fire heads. right towards their homes. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 9
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everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the 22,000 people who live in south lake tahoe. are being told to grab their things and get out. here's a look at what the traffic look like earlier today as people tried leaving town this is highway 50. it's kieran just absolute gridlock. here's what one evacuee says that he woke up to. >> it's all gone everywhere i go. it's burned. it's sad. it's sad. really. said people have to really wake up now and say this is reality. this is smoke. this is ashes. this is evacuation. what's next? >> let's take a look here now at the burn area. that is the area in red his burning on both sides of highway 50 at points has reached echo summit and is headed down that hill towards christmas valley. it's
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basically the entire region within the borders of highways. 50 4988 89. and here's where things stand tonight. so far the fire has burned 186,000 acres. containment is now 15%. that's down from yesterday. where was nearly 20%, 664 structures have been destroyed. 5 people have been hurt, including 3 1st responders and 10's of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders. this evening. proffers an anchor. ken wayne is live for us in the newsroom with a closer look at these evacuation zones can what do you see again taking grant about 22,000 people, as you just mentioned, live in south lake tahoe alone. >> that's the biggest community on the lake. it's only one community, though. that's under the evacuation orders. all the areas you see here in red on this map are currently under mandatory evacuation orders and we're getting closer now to the lake area, seeing to see what we're
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talking about. the areas in yellow over here on the left side of your screen. those are evacuation warning areas. and we also want to point out that this side of the lake, the nevada side. this is douglas county here right next to the california border. this is state line here, of course, where the casinos are. this area has now just been given an evacuation warning. so this would be a yellow area, but we don't have that because that's a douglas county law enforcement putting that information out here are the evacuation shelter sites that are currently open in eldorado county. that cameron park community center. the green valley community church. rolling hills church and for those who have small animals, they can go to the eldorado county animal shelter. there's a list on your screen. we have all this. it kron 4 dot com in amador county just south of there here are the locations said also have shelters. see evelyn bishop paul in. i own and amador county fairgrounds for large animals in plymouth.
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again, we posted all this information on our website. kron 4 dot com to keep you informed, grant and vicki, back to you all right, ken, thank meantime, the mayor of south lake tahoe was among the evacuees in tonight. >> she has this message for her community. >> we we may not be able to save everyone's homes. >> but we can save every person. and that will be the most important thing right now. >> mayor wallace says that law enforcement is going door to door right now, making sure that everybody is gone. what everyone is out. firefighters can then bring in their equipment and aircrafts to help with the firefight. and for those forced to evacuate. it isn't just a race to get out of town. it's also race to save priceless family heirlooms kron four's. dan thorn spoke with evacuees desperate. and that is just what they are trying to do.
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>> as thousands of people have left the south lake tahoe area because of the caldor fire. others are still trying to protect some precious valuables. the fire has forced families from their homes along pioneer trail resident and physical therapy is jan johnson and his wife have tried to pack up several things like family heirlooms clothing and pictures. they're now using johnson's office in the tahoe keys as storage. they're hopeful it will not burn brought everything we could hear. >> that we want to save things that we couldn't replace know the johnsons have lived in the area for more than 30 years. and the last 30 hours have been sleepless. >> they now plan to seek shelter in reno. pretty tough to lose your home will do the best we can. now the smoke and poor air quality has blanketed the region for weeks. locals were optimistic. the flames would not get too close to the lake. thousands were seen making their way out of south lake tahoe earlier monday. police having to help evacuees navigate this busy intersection. those living along the western shore of
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tahoe have also had to escape many fearing they, too will not have a home to return to its scary. i drove around the neighborhood to say goodbye. >> the fact that it hit a since my first time ever having to evacuate. most terrifying thing i've ever experienced. >> residents say many of these communities are tight knit and they will come together to pull through. neighbors are encouraging one another to stay safe and stay informed reporting in south lake tahoe. i'm dan thorn. >> during the rush to leave southlake one evacuee used music to try to lift the spirits of a community fearful of what will happen to their homes. >> they need the. evacuation mandatory. so we loaded up everything. the violin. the dog. came out here and that everybody else.
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>> trying to make the best of things and the traffic there stopped. that's highway 50 everybody was headed east earlier gridlock trying to get to the nevada border. that smell smother playing violent, he says because of the fires, the idea of beautiful lake views and wonderful summer days has unfortunately change for the negative over the past few years. and take a look at this video from north of emerald bay looking south. you see that huge plume of smoke from the caldor fire really gives you a sense of just how massive that fire is. and the crews on the front lines. they are getting any help from the really attics is just off highway 50 with a look at what firefighters are facing now. >> well, guys, the conditions here are just miserable. it is very hard to breathe with all of the smoke. also, the winds are kicking up. and as you can see on the hillside, it had died down those flames that's the general area were house
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one up in flames just a little while ago. but as you can see, the winds are feeling it back up again. now we want to also show you some video that we shot on our way up here. >> firefighters are posted up and down highway 50 doing their best to save homes and have that is from the caldor fire. a very different scene just outside sierra at tahoe where flames decimated this neighborhood. the only hint that homes where there are the brick chimney still standing. >> fast-moving flames on the echo summit grade are on the move as firefighters brace themselves for a busy night ahead. >> in the spot fire and vegetation. that hasn't burned as the head came through can become secondary fires on the backside of resources that are out in front of it. it's a safety issue. they're all being addressed every every flame that's out here. he's watch him in team and spotted for firefighter safety in the
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region. >> and as the spot fires die down. we know that they could flare back up very quickly. that's because of the unpredictable winds that are out here, something that firefighters will continue to contend with throughout the night and into tomorrow night reporting from just off of highway 50 rowena shaddox. >> absolutely horrifying how it's going to get a closer look at the conditions that those 4 firefighters are having to deal with tonight there for the latest there. we turn things over to kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. those winds are picking up. >> yeah, they will going to be around for about 48 hours of the game grant. good evening. and we're taking a look just here of the live picture of the winds kind of out of the southwesterly direction. the winds are somewhat variable. when you heard about the reporter talking about change in wind directions, which really can happen quickly with these fires. we know even on the home front, that happens like that will couple with all of this will have even though the winds are coming from westerly direction or southwest. it's going to be dry air relative humidities are going to drop down single digits, perhaps possible. 35
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mile per hour winds, gusts of 50 this is around until 11:00pm on wednesday channel forecast as no surprise smoke in windy turning somewhat more breezy by the time we get to wednesday and thursday only nice things as temperatures drop a little bit as a sidebar issue looks to be something interesting in the long range forecast models that may potentially throw some monsoon moisture there. the middle of next week. something we get a bear watching because the last thing we need to hear about as dry lightning. meanwhile, here's a look at the future cast winds, somewhat of the southwest from our perspective as well. by the time we get to tomorrow evening, it will be around through wednesday as well for us, it's cooling brings that marine layer east even bring down some of those temperatures in the inland valleys. all good news for us. pretty nice picture here. some of that haze developing overnight with the fall. there's the east bay shoreline, as you can see for the breakdown 66 by 11 by the witching hour. 63 clear skies inland fog around the bay for tonight, temperatures in the middle 50's going on might have some coastal drizzle
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returning tonight potentially or at least by tomorrow night with all of that as well. and then a look ahead. we've got a fog returning mild with temperatures in the 50's early in the week. we're still working on getting those inland temperatures down. they do fall in the 80's that by the end of the heat spike unclear. we don't know and looks like temperatures might start to get up in the 90's, but maybe will avoid the 100 degree. mark grant. >> appreciate it. david for continuing coverage of that caldor fire scan. this qr code there on your screen. it will take you to a section where we have an interactive evacuation map as well as a list of evacuation orders and warnings. shelters offering help, including for animals. it's all a kron. 4 dot com. now to our coronavirus coverage shes more kids return to school everyone under the age of 12 remains unvaccinated, of course. but. pfizer board member is now saying vaccine approval for kids, ages 5 to 11 could come by november or december of
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this year. the biden administration has said vaccination rates among those 12 to 17 has been growing faster than any other age group with more than 50% of those kids having now received at least one dose. but infectious disease specialists say those numbers need to be higher. as for a booster shot the white house's chief medical advisor says they're sticking with getting a 3rd dose at the 8 month mark, though. they are keeping the door open to changing that. the bottle rock music festival is this weekend in napa valley. the three-day event brings in 10's of thousands of people raising some concerns now. >> for locals about covid case rates. our kron 4 s taylor joins us now live from napa valley, the expo where the music festival kick-off uh this weekend. that taylor. what are you hearing? >> well, vicki can see the check intense already up preparation and set up is underway. and it all starts on friday. the last time that they held this event back in
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2019 for the 120,000 people flooded this area over those 3 days. however, of course, this year may look a little different. >> little rock will rumble. napa valley this weekend as performers take the stage starting friday. the three-day music festival and thousands of people coming to town some have their concerns going to be crazy to me crowded. >> as far as covid goes, i am a little bit concerned just because we're going to be late. so close together. i'm worried about numbers spiking and we're going to shut down upon entry. but iraq is requiring all guests to provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test taken within the last 72 hours. >> of each day of the festival. local shannon anthony says the proof of vaccination still doesn't ease her mind, especially with the highly contagious delta variant, i've kind of thought this whole because in fact say that i'm okay and not going to her kids or someone you can get vaccinated or can't get to them. i could be carrying it. >> and that's frightening and everyone who comes in my shop could be carrying it. some
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infectious disease. experts have concerns of their own stuck in a crowded with people. >> all around you, particularly yelling and screaming like a concert or a football game. i think is a risky situation for you. and i would try and avoid it right now, however. >> that the county's public health officer isn't as worried in a statement to kron 4 news on monday. she says, quote, bottle rock is requiring proof of vaccination of all attendees and staff or a negative covid test. 72 hours prior to attendance. indoor mask use is mandatory. they're highly recommending outdoor mask. use these measures were successful at markedly decreasing transmission during the lollapalooza music festival in chicago of more than 385,000 attendees less than 0, 5%, had covid despite these numbers, some of decided it's not worth the risk might one friend who just called me to sell tickets for general admission ticket. she is when it comes to right of the of the variant a catch. and is activated. so lots
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tickets for sale right now. >> but iraq will also provide a pop-up testing site on thursday from 09:00am to 09:00pm. you'll have to sign up by wednesday and it will also cause, you know, if you plan to come to the event. still bring your mask to not only are they recommended outdoors, but they are required in all the indoor spaces. now we're live in napa taylor second reporting kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. right now 6 crew members from a cargo ship. they're being treated for covid-19 at 3 san francisco hospitals. san francisco fire leaders say those 6 were among 19 people on board the ship who are showing signs of the virus since kron 4 news at 5. our jonathan because bin. >> learning more about the ship and its movement came to the bay area. it feels like we're a year and a half ago and there's the ship docked outside the bay and there. but people. >> i know it's different not yeah. obviously concerned. you got a call of according to san francisco fire that 19 people are on board a ship.
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>> experiencing what they believe are symptoms of the flu potentially covid-19 all hands on deck responding to this call earlier today. the can grant those 6 crew members told authorities that they tested positive for covid-19 over the weekend. but in the last 2 weeks. tonight, i learned that the ship has made stops up and down california. it had previously stop here in san francisco just 9 days ago. these are pictures of the global strike or a cargo ship currently anchored in san francisco bay. >> monday afternoon. san francisco fire says its crews received a call from the u.s. coast guard that 19 crew members on board. we're showing signs of flu like symptoms to get a call that we >> it does. so with potentially 19 people on there and there's a language barrier which there was this case is how severe are lieutenant jonathan baxter with san francisco fire. >> says the department launched its fire boats to get first responders to that ship. baxter says that 6 of the 19 crew members on board
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requested to come back to shore in order to go to the hospital. >> of the 6 that we have watched shore customs and borders the all stated they were tested saturday. and positive for covid-19 their signs and their symptoms are mild. >> they're in very good spirits. those 6 crew members were brought to pier. 26 along the san francisco embarcadero where they were then checked out and loaded on to a mass casualty bus and taking the 3 san francisco hospitals. baxter says there wasn't much difference in this response compared to a regular house called for covid-19 that he would take the standard >> in the same precautions. we're taking with these individuals. this is not largest. >> kron 4 did some digging and found out that according to vessel finder, dot com, the ship was built in 2013. it's been anchored in san francisco bay since friday. but before
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that the ship and its crew spent 3 days in sacramento. the ship was also in san francisco for 18 hours. back on august. 21st boxer says the remaining crew members who showed signs we'll still have to get evaluated by the health department or the county before they can get the green light to leave the ship. >> time because we do suspect your covid-19 the city policies and counties. what the very but in line with what we would be subject to it. we were sick here on the embarcadero. so they will not be allowed to come simply on shore to go to a restaurant or to a bar. they're going to be on that >> so the u.s. coast guard will have the final say. so on when that ship can finally the when it can finally leave the bay or if it can actually be francisco pier. so still lots of details still up in the air will keep you up to date as more developments become available. jonathan mccall
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kron 4 news. thank you, jonathan, for the first time in 20 years. >> all u.s. troops are out of afghanistan. the 18th airborne corps tweeted this photo of the final soldier boarding a plane out of the country today. it brings to an end. what has been america's longest war. but even though all of the troops are coming home. allison harris explains why some americans are still. >> in afghanistan. >> the last c 17 lifted off from hamad karzai international airport on august 30th this afternoon at 03:29pm east coast time. put more than a 100 americans remain in the country. general mckenzie explaining the last flights out of kabul took off without us civilians. but we were not able to bring any americans out that activity ended probably about 12 hours before our exit, although we continue the operation would have been prepared to to bring them out until the very last minute. but none of them made it to the airport and were able to be and were able accommodate the secretary of state vowing tonight that
9:20 pm
american still in afghanistan won't be left behind under taliban rule. we've lost far received confirmation that about 6,000. >> and then evacuate id or otherwise department. we believe there are still small number of americans under 200 and likely closer to who remain in afghanistan and want to leave the withdrawal of us troops and rescue of americans and afghan allies became the largest u.s. airlift ever evacuating a 123,000. >> but it was frantic and chaotic a botched exit. according to top republicans now furious with more question. what is the plan? >> what is the plan now to get americans out. the president will speak to the american people. tuesday addressing what he says was in unanimous recommendation of joint chiefs and commanders on the ground to leave afghanistan by the president set deadline of august 31st. >> saying in a statement that it was the best way to protect the lives of our troops and secure the prospects of civilian departures in the weeks and months ahead.
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>> that was allison harris reporting for us tonight here in the bay area. one woman is helping a family of afghan refugees. kim bradley lives in sacramento but need someone to take over her least when she moves back to concord in a couple of days. her neighbors family just arrived from afghanistan. they need a place to stay long term. so bradley is offering up her place to the family and they have accepted. bradley is also raising money to help pay red sox family. first year of rent. that's the family coming from afghanistan and accepting donations to help. first, the apartment coming up on properties at 9, our coverage of the caldor fire continues tonight. what's being done to make sure we have enough firefighting resources. as for 5th teen wildfires rage across california. plus, hurricane ida decimating schools homes and businesses. >> in and around new orleans where the storm is heading now. and the effort to recall san francisco school board members is gaining momentum.
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>> a major milestone for a group trying to recall 3 san francisco school board members recall sf schoolboard petition. it's received 70,000 signatures virtually ensuring an election late this year. early next year. but for some on spoke to the group's leaders about why they started this effort.
9:25 pm
>> because what we think is that san francisco is the best city in the entire world. if you have the best schools in the entire world. co-leads for recall as have school board autumn low in and civil raj say they just want the best for have students. raj says his son is a freshman in high school and distance-learning wasn't working for him. >> he struggled last ation he's been maligned depressed when san francisco unified school district announced they wouldn't be bringing back middle and high schoolers during the 2020 2021 school year low in and raj knew they had to do something. that's how the recall effort started. everyone said it was impossible. it's not possible. >> don't even try. and so it's feeling pretty good to be on the cusp of making it the group is trying to recall 3 eligible school board members. >> president gabriela lopez vice president fell goma linger and alison collins each
9:26 pm
petition has received about 70,000 signatures of those signatures. leaders believe more than 51,000 are valid. that number is 10% of registered voters in sf. it's what they need to qualify for the ballot. we are 99% certain that we have the signatures, the ballot signatures. >> and we just need to get it organized and submitted to the department of elections. the group will need to submit the signatures by september 7th if accepted the election would be later this year or early 2022 the city's really united in wanting a better future for our children. >> that was amanda hari reporting for us tonight from san francisco. next on kron. 4 news at 9, our coverage of the caldor fire continues. we'll hear from an who made it out of south lake tahoe before the roads close. why is now worried about his neighbors. >> and the caldor is one of 15 fires burning right now in california. what is being done to try to make sure we have
9:27 pm
enough resources to battle all of these fires. and then there's the wrath of mother nature not just being felt here in california were heading to louisiana tonight where hurricane ida left a path of destruction where the storm is no
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 9 and we're continuing to follow the latest on the caldor fire forcing evacuations in south lake tahoe and headed towards smyers. these are. yeah. just
9:30 pm
some of the flames ahat we have seen exploding in size. crews really struggling to get a handle on them. and here's where things stand tonight. so far the fire has burned 186,000 acres 15% containment. 664 structures have been destroyed. 5 people have been hurt, including 3 1st responders. and let's go and show you this map. these are the evacuation zones. pretty clear cut here. the areas in red. there are under evacuation orders those areas in yellow. those are evacuation warnings. fire officials are advising everyone in these areas to be ready to go. >> at a moment's notice. and tonight we're hearing from a lake tahoe home owner who escaped before the caldor fire shut down roads in the area. and although he's safe. he says he's worried that some of his neighbors are. >> going to be trapped who spoke with kron 4 says it made you. >> it is difficult to imagine that this image of the caldor fire is from the towel. south
9:31 pm
web cam taken this morning facing northwest from timber. cold pier as the fire continues to move towards the tahoe basin burning on both sides of eastbound highway 50, which is now close from peddler hill to the north of state route 89 you and your family. if you didn't leave when you when you when you what would be a situation up there. >> we probably be stuck in. i would imagine all of folks who are trying to get out in the basin and in that are trying trying to leave the >> the el dorado county sheriff's mandatory evacuation order was issued sunday remains in effect monday bay area resident in south lake tahoe. homeowner shot picket didn't wait for the order he and his family left after friday's evacuation warning was issued the fire was already burning too close to take any chances camp sacramento got 2 of the sierra tahoe ski resort. >> which means i mean, that's
9:32 pm
only a few miles west of echo summit and echo summit is about 7200 feet and is that the. peak of highway 50 before you started its descent into the top of a says if the fire makes it. anywhere in that location. those embers are going to come down on the basin like a waterfall. >> cal fire crews continue to battle the blaze in an effort to prevent that outcome officials at the lake tahoe visitors authority sent crowd for a statement that reads in part, quote, we will be mobilized to assist area businesses and residents recover. we're a tight knit mountain community. and as such have weathered various challenges over the years to emerge stronger and we will again, we ask for everyone's support and following the guidelines of emergency agencies and for your prayers and quote now that he and his family are safe, pick its spots turned to his fellow south lake tahoe residents. so i mean, the concern is. >> with everyone really in a tie who area that just a
9:33 pm
basin. haaziq kron 4 news killed or fires. one of 15 major wildfires burning right now in california. and it's stretching our resources extremely thin. >> there are now more than 15,000 people who are helping with these firefights and that includes out of state help from utah, washington, wisconsin, even west virginia, along with more than 1000 members of the california national guard and today cal fire's director. issued a dire warning to everybody in the state. >> you've heard me say this before every acre can and will burn someday in this state. be ready now. be ready now. before there's a warning when there's a warning, you put everything in the car. and you go or you wait for the order and you go. be ready now. >> president biden has approved a presidential disaster declaration for the river and dixie fires that
9:34 pm
could extend 2 more counties which crews have a chance to assess the damage from the other fires. these fires are certainly having a big impact impact on our air quality there for several days now kron four's meteorologist dave spahr joining us with a closer look at the conditions, the wind, the smoke, dave. >> okay. expected to get some better conditions going on here in the local area with these onshore winds. but things going downhill and staying that way in the mountains. you can see now just from earlier, looks like we're getting some greenery working and they're around reno is where we're seeing some green make its way through moderate and then worst in very poor. as you can see, where close to where the fires are occurring across central valley moderate at least tonight with some green in there and across most of the bay we still have moderate going on for now. give it some time by tomorrow morning that you go back in the green, at least temporarily. meanwhile, there is a red flag warning that's in place up there until 11 o'clock on wednesday dry, southwest winds at 35 gust can get to about 50. it's blowing
9:35 pm
already dry air is what the problem is. live shot coming in from sfo fog isn't really settled in here just yet. quick check of those temperatures. we have 70's coming. even the inland areas off to the east bay pittsburgh. 75 livermore 73. they're only about 90 just a few hours ago up in the north bay and mixture up 70's and 60's over most the real estate so little cooler today going to build on that going forward and temperatures will improve and the next couple of days. complements of a trough up in the northwest providing the nice on shore flow and keeping that monsoon at bay. now as we get to the weekend, looks like there's a high redeveloping again, there's a question whether or not we're looking at another heat spike to push those numbers into the upper 90's or 100 like we did last go around, but more concerning is look at the bubbling up in the monsoon. this is one of the model runs the european one, the throw a monsoon moisture back our way up to as you can see into tahoe that could be problematic with elevated thunderstorms to look out for. so that's we'll have
9:36 pm
to see if that holds together for the middle of the next need to hear wake-up forecast - bay area fog developing 50's will be across the region. then we pop inland to about 80 or so already as you can see by high noon mild and sunny and by 3 o'clock. we'll see high temperatures at about 86 sunny and warm as expected inland. so little cool down and we warm back up again. thanks. thank you, dave. and stay with kron. 4 for continuing coverage of the counter fire uses qr code to get directed to our website. >> and there you'll find interactive evacuation maps the map showing where structures have been damaged or destroyed and were evacuees can find some help. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. still ahead on properties at 9 hurricane ida devastating new orleans on the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> instruction left behind and where that storm is heading now it's sports. the giants back home tonight. they're hosting the in el centro leading milwaukee brewers
9:37 pm
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does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> they got the surprise start today. johnny cueto couldn't go. more on that in a minute. pick things up at top of the first already one. nothing brewers omar and is. lined a single into left field. christian yelich comes around to score. and just like
9:40 pm
that. it is to nothing milwaukee early. i was still at the game. at that point. i had some reports before the game started. now bottom of the 7th still 2. nothing. brandon crawford. comes through in the clutch every time. one run comes into score is 2 to one and there are 2 runners on with no outs. but the giants going capitalized. there are rough get a hold of this one. but yell it makes the catch. it is still it's 3 one now milwaukee scored again. and right now watching it. >> it is 3 to one bottom of the 8th. >> the giants. brandon belt is up. he had one on first. now, anyway, we had some big news off the field. >> alex wood one of their starting pitchers. he tested positive for covid in johnny cueto, who like i said earlier, was supposed to start today. he was a late scratch because he had flu like symptoms, although he tested
9:41 pm
negative giants manager gabe kepler said what is experiencing all the symptoms and feeling really sick. he received medical attention from team doctors. but he hasn't had to go to the hospital. we don't know. it would is vaccinated. capital was asked that specifically earlier and he said he won't reveal that without was permission would is in the midst of a solid season. he's 10 4 on the year with a 4 point. '08 e so. we hope he gets better all righty. kyle shanahan him in company have a lot of decisions to make. number one, trey lance who is going to start him or jimmy garoppolo. but the niners did dodd some very bad news today. have a chip in his finger and he won't have to get surgery. like many thought could happen. he got that chip after he hit his hand on a helmet. but luckily all is good. he will avoid surgery now it's
9:42 pm
just decision time in college and hand knows it's a big one. >> when it's your what helps us and keep it there. at the same time, i get i'm getting the traffic to get a young quarterback and you got to do what's right for that guy to come. always trying to make sure that trade doesn't go whole nother year without playing football going to make sure that we do what's best for him getting him reps on the practice field hopefully in games 2 and we'll see how this all pans out. >> al
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>> it's at least all too familiar scene for so many people in new orleans and louisiana tonight brick after brick and so many schools homes businesses just decimated overnight by hurricane ida. yeah. wiped out just to take a look at this agtermath here. the. >> hurricane, it beared down for more than 12 hours yesterday killing at least 2 people and leaving more than a million customers throughout louisiana and mississippi without power. and as craig treadway reports for us tonight. this all happened 16 years to the day that hurricane katrina wiped out much of new orleans. >> exactly 16 years after it was devastated by hurricane katrina. hurricane ida has new orleans once again picking up the pieces with other areas along the gulf coast of the state inundated with floodwaters storm surge and catastrophic winds from the
9:46 pm
slow-moving storm that pummeled the area for 16 hours over the weekend before it was downgraded to a tropical that perfect cup only. >> the pentagon in coordination with fema activating national guardsman from surrounding states for rescue and recovery efforts. they bring a variety of assets, including high water vehicles, rotary lift and other transportation transportation capability to support recovery efforts. president biden leading a fema briefing this afternoon on ideas, devastation for those who've lost their you know, states working with the american red cross have already opened. >> 5050 shelters in affected areas across the gulf coast he ran. we heard some crackling. >> and then a slow motion that reduced came toppling over and like it. >> say hit the roof of ports. floyd today considering himself lucky his front porch damaged by this toppled over tree in belle river. but his
9:47 pm
house spared. >> but from new orleans to baton rouge to the floors. southeastern louisiana is facing a major cleanup from what fema officials call one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the region. >> and that was craig treadway reporting for us tonight. tropical storm. all right. and now tropical depression ida is headed towards the tennessee and ohio river valleys. but first, meteorologist dave spahr joins us now with a look at the storm's half a day. where is it headed now? okay. what? going up to the tennessee valley and flash flooding will be a company at all the way up to, as you can see, new england with this now it's being projected to remain a tropical feature with the tropical features aloft. >> it's just an awful lot of moisture for the atmosphere to absorb so you can get locally severe weather along with this. you can see most of the heavy stuff remains to the east and north of the center circulation. very typical when you get daytime. heating is sometimes springs alive again and you get locally severe weather from the tape that we
9:48 pm
saw there earlier in micro locations flash flooding again, possible all the way up to new york back on the home front. we got bay fog that returns in this forecast again for tonight, temperatures holding pretty much in the 50's mild over the region and then for this week we have cooling off, although mostly sunny those inland valley temperatures will be falling to the lower 80's by the time we get to around wednesday. that's some 20 degrees off of where we were on saturday. then for the weekend, look warming back again through the 90's. this is where the question mark develops. a heat spike. we revisit 100 again. we'll keep it in the 90's in our 7 day for now, but more concerning is the little bit of monsoon moisture coming up are not just our way but also up to the sierra, which could be dry lightning, something that bears watching back in the home front. what we have is that moisture starting develop marine layer will get some fog again tomorrow morning. little stronger looks like to the south there as will get some fog along the coast again with some coastal drizzle is a possibility
9:49 pm
forecast lows tonight, middle 50's for most of the bay scattered fog and clouds say oakland mild and calm down to san jose. 4 zone forecast to check in for tomorrow. 65 san francisco lower 60's hugging the coast. 62 for half moon bay. these numbers are out 7 year. so this last weekend, 70 burlingame down to the south with retired the 80's for now 78 for redwood city 77 for palo alto in the south bay approaching at about 80 some lower 80's working your list. got us about 8483 for cupertino east bay shoreline to the south and the 70's tri valley upper 80's some 90 at least 87 going on for walnut creek and concord even brentwood in discovery. bay. also 8768. meanwhile for richmond, 74 of a 82 for fairfield 74 for napa and 83 for santa rosa. we'll keep the brakes on our 7 day forecast here. not going to pop to 100 or so. we'll keep it in the 90's. you can see although 80's returning to the east bay shoreline and still watching out for that monsoon bubbling up to see what happens. we get
9:50 pm
a little closer grant. thank you, dave. now to the south bay where san jose police crackdown on a big old side show over the weekend. >> 170 citations were issued 6 vehicles were impounded. it happened that said in a shoe avenue in great oaks boulevard and south san jose. saturday night. police say guns were fired with shell casings littered among the trash left behind. the city has stepped up sideshow enforcement including targeting promoters of sideshows and finding spectators up to a 1000 bucks. >> people are getting hurt and we need it, you know, address that area forcefully, my my teens. police say. >> 2 men detained at a side show 2 weeks ago possessed a ghost gun. in the east bay oakland police chief leronne armstrong visited the scene of a pair of weekend shootings. he spoke to neighbors and shop owners trying to reassure them. >> that his department is working on finding the
9:51 pm
suspects involved. we asked chief armstrong how the department plans to address gun violence. >> well, more present, you know, trying to get officers trying to get a more officers out here over time. obviously we are struggling with resources. and so we're utilizing overtime to come out and supplement areas where we know we have a large that includes the downtown and includes the chinatown as well as the fruit bill and so we are trying to put a presence in areas where we know people are beginning to come out and gather. so it it's a challenge. >> so far. investigators have not identified any suspects or motives in most recent shootings. anyone with information is being asked to contact police. next up on kron 4 news at 9 in northern california. community, making sure that firefighters on the frontlines of the caldor fire. >> no, their sacrifices are appreciated. how community is getting together to show gratitude
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> santa clara valley transportation authority has resumed light rail service after the deadly mass shooting in may. the first weekday commute trains rolled out early this morning. trains are operating every 30 minutes on the orange and green lines serving the mountain view transit center all the way to milpitas transit center, the best bridge will also continue service every hour. it has been about 3 months since the bet. a stopped train service after 9 of its employees were
9:55 pm
shot dead by another employee back may 26 the agency closed down to give employees a little time to heal from the traumatic experience. >> and the the jesse bethel high school football season is currently on hold because of covid the vallejo city unified superintendent sending us a statement today reads in part, our student both junior varsity and varsity football are being tested for covid today in accordance with the direction we receive from solano county public health assuming our athletes test negative. we look forward to resuming practices as early as tomorrow and competition will resume based on the season. schedule with fires just raging across the state. the u.s. forest service is closing down all of california's national parks to public access. >> those closures are going to begin tomorrow and going to last at least through september 17th the forest service says the decision was made due to the extreme fire conditions to help keep both the public and firefighters
9:56 pm
safe those caught entering forest service lands could face a fine of up to $5,000. and as firefighters spend countless hours on the front lines as we speak, trying to. >> southeast wildfires burning across the state. one community in west sacramento is trying to make sure the crews out there know their sacrifices are appreciated indeed the a group of christians of yellow county. they pulled out some crayons. they use their art skills to make. thank you letters for those working this wildfire season. many of the artists put together some pretty amazing drawings, including some that depict crews working out there in the field. one fruit member says the goal was to spread good word of gratitude. >> there's a lot of people this morning. we've been doing it is in bit and people get excited about it. you know the firefighters out there working really hard. and we just we love them and want to shore care for them. >> the group plans on getting together this weekend to create a new set of thank you notes for the firefighters on the frontlines in. heaven knows we need. well, thank
9:57 pm
gratitude only. wraps up kron 4 news at 9. thanks for being with us this hour. keep it here, though. our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam and ken are. >> here with that grant. thank you. thank you very much. so many people counting on those firefighters right now. they need all the help they can get thousands of people are fleeing south lake as the caldor fire races towards community. we have the latest evacuation orders now. cal fire is preparing for a very long fight. plus, america's longest war officially over now as the last u.s. troops leave afghanistan. the mission this started 20 years ago after 9.11 and with the final c 17 lifting off from kabul airport. >> i fail more and i'm ken wayne. the news at 10 is next.
9:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news there is fire activity happening in california that we have never seen before. it's all gone everywhere i go. >> it's burned. >> now 10, an historic wildfire season. igniting a race to escape south lake tahoe as the flames of the out of control caldor fire. now barreling toward the community at this very hour. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm moore. the


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