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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> now at 6 o'clock. the threat in south lake tahoe is growing by the minute tonight as the caldor fire burns into the tahoe basin. new evacuation orders have just been issued. the fire now less than 4 miles from the shoreline of south lake tahoe on the fire watch is where we start this tuesday night here on kron. 4 news at 6. welcome and i'm jonathan mccall. pam moore is on the sign and i'm ken wayne. we want to show you that satellite images just coming in from noaa, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. you can see just how large the fire grew overnight in size. more than 20,000 acres. the fire has been burning. now since august 14th. let's take a closer look at where it is burning right now. the fire has now made over echo summit into the tahoe basin. now some 2 miles away from south lake tahoe and 4 miles from the shoreline. the city remains under a mandatory evacuation order at this hour. flames have burned more than a 191,000 acres. it's still just 16% contained. more than 400
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homes have been destroyed. it continues to threaten more than 33,000 buildings to date 3 first responders and 2 other people have been injured. take that of orange haze in the sky. car drove through south lake tahoe through the fire zone along highway 50 between echo summit and the tahoe basin. the skies, as we mentioned, soaked with that bright orange while emergency crews are working to try to keep the flames from creeping closer to south lake tahoe, kron four's. dan, a thorn has the story. crews are continuing to work to save homes in the south lake tahoe area as thousands remain evacuated tonight. the caldor fire has grown and is raging along highway 50. the flames were seen burning through dry brush and trees below echo summit. strong winds have been adding fuel and pushing the fire closer to the road as the relentless thick smoke has made visibility difficult in the area.
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>> evacuation shelters have been set up in neighboring nevada for the more than 20,000 people who had to escape. this couple is staying in a tent with others at the douglas county community center. they're from myers where the fire has been burning dangerously close by. it was a little >> kind of scary and getting everybody out. and then going home and packing really quick. >> have to hope and faith and just hope that get through it. other families, especially those with pets are using tense as well. it's not bad. we've been kept in the 4th. keep the fast-moving fire from creating more havoc. crews have been clearing brush along highway 50 to keep the flames from jumping the road as flare ups like this continue to happen. the concern also becomes the burning trees crashing on that. this path for emergency crews. the focus for fire crews is also along pioneer trail where families have resorted to using sprinklers in hopes of keeping
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any fire from destroying their homes. i'm hopeful are great guys the fire department get this thing out before it gets to the town really the caldor fire has destroyed more than 600 structures. many of those were homes and at least 30,000 more structures are threatened. >> by this fire reporting in south lake tahoe. dan thorn kron 4 news. meanwhile, the bay area expert who studies fires says he's now raising grave concerns about the caldor fire as it creeps closer to south lake tahoe, even though he says enough brush has already been cleared. it's simply not enough to slow down the flames. kron four's, dan kerman continuing our team coverage tonight. >> i just worry that a fire could be pushed into some of the most densely populated areas of lake tahoe, south shore. certainly one of them as the calder fire advances on south tahoe. >> increasing concern from scott stevens, a professor of fire science at u c berkeley. >> it is so densely populated. there's so much infrastructure there that would be at risk,
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you know, and the fire can move in and really cause havoc to so much of that if they has windblown, you only got fires and marin have really detrimental impacts. >> still, steven says tahoe is in a better position in some respects because a lot of brush clearing has already been done along the west shore and myers and he credits the state for spending more money in the last 5 years to help get that work done. >> fitting of small trees, brush clearing pile burning. it got a little bit of prescribe fire down there. not as much, you know, broadcast burning, but they really have worked on some of the fuels reduce the under story on fuel load. so it's just not going to burn as readily still burning, but lowered playing links lower spotting potential. most of the trees might survive and that's also is really good for truth, try to take stands to keep houses from burning, but he says the federal government has done more planning than working and overall not enough has been done to the forest areas, including those along. >> the highway 50 corridor. the force that the more remote all that much less work. i
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think that upper truckee river's have very little work. so, you know, these areas are going to be more 4 straight and be more vulnerable to high severity fire. >> and unfortunately and probably some of that's going to happen. >> steven says his big concern now for the spot fires which are starting with more frequency. thanks to the winds and dry conditions. >> we try to contain a fire. you maybe use the highway or using some of the areas you really feel you have the chance. then you have the amber come over maybe half a mile or mile downwind start another fire. start another one. >> and you're literally running all the time to try to contain because the embers are costly starting new fires that's really been the problem. this whole fire season. >> looking ahead, stevens doesn't expect the fire to move farther north and south tahoe but says moving east to nevada remains a threat. steven says going forward. the hope is that force management and brush clearing will be done with the same intensity. >> as firefighting is done. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> want to give you another view of the smoke from the counter fire. this is a 6 hour time lapse showing the smoke growing over time. this view is from hawkins speak. that's about an hour and a half south of lake tahoe and you can see the go up and then spread out as they're being blown by the wind, which has been shifting in different directions over the past few sometimes it's clear, but sometimes it's just you can hardly see across the street. you know, just like we saw in that image where the sky was just completely orange from all the smoke and flames that have been in that area to talk more about the air quality that folks up in tahoe are seeing right now. >> we're joined now by meteorologist dave spahr with a look at what things are looking like. we're fine here, but the further inland you go. yeah, we're fine. for now. jonathan can good evening. and we're looking at conditions as we get into the weekend, you know, we i might on top of us. >> and boy, it's going make terrible conditions for those folks. there is the particulate matter can't go anywhere. at least this is moving it. but here's what we got for right now. this thing
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keeps changing all the time because it's a live look now we seen this grow from the very bad pocket from carson city back over the california border before it was more contained to a little island there you can see it improves a little bit towards the north. now let's head north entirely here. very bad pocket. you can see here northwest of chico all the way to the oregon border. and meanwhile, back in the home front were in the moderate category really has improved the green at all. really even though we've had this on shore, wind. take a look at the winds. now they're coming. this is live as well. basically from the south a little bit more so. so that's kind of move that bad zones. you can see kind spread out and the southern portion of the lake a little bit. but the general flow pattern is southwesterly to northeasterly track with all of us. now, as you've been seeing from all the films and tapes and so forth. there's the general direction from the southwest blowing the smoke off into nevada. that's some cloud matter way down to the south. that's some of the monsoon bubbled up there. we still
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have this red flag warning in place officially now it's until 11 wednesday. that hasn't changed, although it can winds could be 25 to 35 gusting higher dry winds. they have dew point values in the teens in the 20's. we talk about red flag warnings here in the bay in the east bay, even drier than that up there than we see here. so very, kind of a tinder box type situation can. all right, dave, coming up in our next half hour. we're going to go live to eldorado county for an update on the evacuations there. >> and what it's looking like right now in the sierra nevada. so stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage on the counter fire. you can scan this qr code on your screen there. you can find an interactive. the evacuation map as well as a list of all the evacuation orders and warnings. plus shelters are offering help. again. it's all at kron, 4 dot com. in other news tonight. california lawmakers have now dropped a controversial proposal that would mandate vaccines here in the golden state. >> oakland assemblywoman buffy wicks who authored that proposed bill says that she will not pursue it this year after drafts were leaked last
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week. the bill would have required all californians to show proof of vaccination in order to enter an indoor business. it would also required workers to be fully vaccinated or to get tested regularly right now it's unclear how the bill if passed would have been enforced or just how much it would cost. meanwhile in the north bay and less than 2 hours from now. the lake city council will discuss becoming the second city and solano county to institute its own mask mandate. if passed folks would be required to wear those masks in public buildings and enclosed spaces just last week the city of benicia passed its own mask mandate right now. solano county, the lone a bay area county to not have a current mask mandate that special meeting set to get underway at 8 o'clock tonight. we'll bring you updates during our prime time news, starting at 8 o'clock, a cargo ship experiencing a coronavirus outbreak is under orders from the coast guard to stay anchored in san francisco bay. >> a san francisco fire boat responded to that ship
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yesterday and brought 6 crew members to the city for medical about valuations. kron four's maureen kelly has the latest on these confirmed covid cases. >> here are pictures of the san francisco fire boat responding to monday's 911. call from on board the global striker a cargo ship out of the philippines. the cole saying 19 on board were showing signs of flu like symptoms today. the coast guard says that ship was already on their radar because of covid-19 on friday. >> was notified the coast guard that they had crew members who are experiencing like symptoms they were already at anchorage. the anchorage 9 on saturday was when the crew was tested and sunday was when we were notified of the positive tests monday. 6 were taken to the embarcadero fire station at pier 26 where they were put on board a mass casualty bus and transported split between 2 city hospitals while their symptoms were described as extremely mild by first
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responders. >> the san francisco joint information center says 2 crew members needed to be admitted to the hospital. >> the other 4 were discharged and placed in isolation. now the global striker remains at anchorage. 9 floating between hunters point and ella metas harbor bay island. the san francisco department of public health is coordinating ongoing quarantine efforts for those still on board with the cdc. the coast guard has issued what's called a captain of the port order, keeping the ship in place for now. the whole crew of the negative test results for the cap of the court were to be rescinded. >> the other option, the entire crew would be swapped out with new personnel before the coast guard will allow them to lift anchor maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> what was hurricane ida keeping almost a million people in the dark and prompting questions about the days ahead. coming up in a live report. we're going to take a look at efforts to help new orleans recover from the storm. plus the war in afghanistan officially over today. we'll show you how
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president biden now defending the departure and later cash for criminals. the new pilot program offering money to people to not shoot anyone or be shot themselves will explain.
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>> welcome back, everyone. tonight, the mayor of new orleans has issued a nighttime curfew in the big easy to prevent looting after hurricane ida folks there in the dark. there is no
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available tap water and no gasoline as well. water rescues are underway to get residents have been stranded by the high water levels. mitch mccoy live for us in new orleans tonight with a look at how some people are managing now 2 days into this storm event. mich. >> yeah. good evening, jonathan. ng can and we're about 5 to 15 minutes now into that citywide curfew that the mayor announced late today, the city of new orleans. it is dark behind me. this all happening while in la plata, about 30 minutes away. there were residents at while using taking advantage of the daylight going through the storm damage, their homes and businesses while there are some people, a group of about 20 stranded at a hotel. their hotel has now turned into an island. from the air where rescue crews are searching for survivors. >> to the ground where crews. in people like wallace rather are picking up debris after
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ida tossed trees like toys have never been through anything like this. a close call rather says the tree nearly hit him. i was in rome actually getting out of some wet clothes. >> when i heard snapped by to take off running out of >> just down the road and off interstate 10 water is so high. boats are the only way to get lost the ice and walter brown turned down a last minute trip out of town before ida he says he along with 20 others are now stranded at this hotel. the we that have no no running water, believe it or not, the water is receding behind me about 24 hours ago. the water was up to that semi trucks cab door. so that is good news. but alligators are now creating a hazard for the people. stranded in the hotel and noon and again about 9 feet. i write him. >> and another one this time she's in canton as my everybody had.
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>> taking damage on the stone for rather hurricane ida met her match chain with more or less the water situation. i mean, did have winds, but i don't and this they just kept on want to stop. but in dark times the good in people always seems to shine as rather lends a helping hand we all good people around him and we try to help everybody out. >> that concern. very real over alligators and it took a terrifying turn authorities confirm a louisiana man is missing after being attacked by one. we're live in new orleans. mitch mccoy jonathan, ken, back to you. payments. i'm curious, just about working conditions. i know i was in new orleans during katrina 16 years ago. there's california highway patrol officers. >> people from across the country coming in to help and they're mostly put up in a big staging area at the louisiana state police headquarters in baton rouge. just wondering a lot of help is coming in. but there's no power. so how are these people who are helping other people getting by. well,
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that very good question. we have noticed there are some locations like hotels. >> even the one right next to our station that have at least lights on. and that's likely because of the generators you might actually be hearing the generator behind me. that's what's helping us power. some of our live capabilities right now is is those generators. so there is a heavy demand on that. but you then start to ask yourself where is the gasoline coming from. and those so that'll be the growing concern over the next 24 hours. if gas stations don't start to reopen. but i will say yesterday when i was in downtown new orleans. we were bringing you some live reports. then we saw some of those gas trucks, those trucks. >> come in and they are beginning to bring fuel into the city of new orleans. >> a long road to recovery for those folks in southern louisiana. they've been through it so many times. it's like old hat to them. mitch
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mccoy live in new orleans for us tonight. we appreciate your time. for more on what's left of ida. let's check in now with kron 4 meteorologist dave spahr. and just really just as a big rainmaker right now. well, rainmaker and also locally severe weather, which these things always do. it just takes days and days. the atmosphere really to absorb all that that's going on. look at that. look at the territory. this is covered up here. >> we have some colors ation for some watches going on here. we talked to even yesterday about all the flash flooding that goes up to new england. but i would draw your attention to some of the red here. yeah. tornado watch boxes. this is not the dc area, but its northern virginia very, very typical of landfalling hurricanes when they're out at sea. it's like a perfect machinery because everything or no tension at the surface of the water they go over land and it's a different story. so its port basically they're dying pattern that can create all of this weather that takes days for the atmosphere really to absorb. so this will be in play for the next several days. it would find it kind of rattles its way out to sea on the east coast. temperature
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check. now furloughs. we expect the for a 50's rather over most the real estate. this go around. it could be a little different, though, is going to feel cooler because we have a good on shore wind at work and that will be with us tomorrow as well. keeping those temperatures down live shot of the east bay shoreline. see the sun setting and a little bit of that haze, also some of that fog coming back in and with our front in our backyard. that low in everything we have here kind of keeps kept monsoon kind of in check their down around vegas is about far north as it's able to venture. of course, we've been talking about the southwesterly winds will continue again for tomorrow. they're fairly dry when you get out of the bay area because they don't have much moisture, which to work with even though they're from a westerly direction that will continue. it looks like through tomorrow. we pop into the 20's and those inland valleys. it looks like, as you can see. then after that point the winds will start to wane a bit. and the next thing to look out for is the development of high pressure. again, the exact placement is what's going to drive our temperatures for the weekend and early into the following week next 3 hours 67 by 8.
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again, some of that fog making note of clear inland at 64 chris will have your 4 zone forecast coming up in a bit. canon jonathan. all right, thank you very much. day, president biden officially declared the end of america's longest war in an address to the nation today. >> but now that all u.s. troops are back home. the president is facing mounting pressure from republicans in congress. many of them say they want answers about how he handled the withdrawal from afghanistan. some say they even want him to resign. kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure live for us tonight in washington, dc but the very latest just. >> yeah. good evening. during his address. earlier today, president biden reiterated how he had unanimous support from his top military commanders to stick to that august 31st deadline. but gop lawmakers were making it very clear today that this is really just the beginning of their efforts to get to the bottom of the withdrawal. >> it was designed to save american lives. president joe efends his august 31st
6:22 pm
deadline for leaving afghanistan. i was not going to extend this forever war while acknowledging the final days cost 13 american service members their lives. we owe them and their families. a debt of gratitude we can never repay. but we should never ever, ever forget. president biden stresses their sacrifices helped evacuate more than a 120,000 people from the kabul airport, including about 6,000 americans the bottom line, 90% of americans in afghanistan. >> who wanted to leave were able to leave. but republicans like arkansas congressman rick crawford want to know exactly how many are still there. simple math would dictate that there are still several 100. >> if not thousands left behind. and that's just unacceptable and tennessee. congressman mark green who served in afghanistan says leaving like this sends the wrong message to the rest of the world. you sure as heck. >> can't abandon americans in a war zone and expect our enemies to respect us. that's
6:23 pm
why many like alabama senator tommy tuberville are pressing the administration to answer questions. find out one world. we did it the way we did it and others including louisiana congressman clay higgins are calling on president biden to resign. we expect performance and performance right now. >> for president bidew calls for him to step down. >> and a group of bipartisan lawmakers is planning to travel to the middle east tomorrow. >> to visit refugee camps. there live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. jesse, thank you for that report. >> now that the war is over an east bay. congressman met with members of our bay area, afghan community today. we'll tell you about that meeting in what resources are available for those people here.
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so you can get back contra costa counties, fake congressman met with concern members of the bay area afghan community. >> kron four's, phillipe scott tells us refugees have already arrived here in the bay area. and the congressman says more are on the way. >> congressman mark to sony a says of the more than 122,000 people airlifted from kabul, afghanistan since july 151 often families have reached out to his office in desperate need of help and ho sing. i think we have a moral obligation. >> to make sure that every afghan wants to be relocated that we facility on tuesday. the representative met with
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members of the community at the newer islamic and cultural community center in concord. families who fled their home country during the soviet invasion. more than 30 years ago. now hoping to create a softer landing for incoming refugees. then they had decades ago. we worry and the fact that to come here and you give us support. >> the to empathize with. does that mean so much to us over the weekend. the center's president doctor city says dozens of volunteers who met with the planning for the preparation of the here packages for the families on their way from kabul to the east bay. and for those who have already arrived. there was 60. finally the day came last week and there are 25 people that they came to. >> i think went across the county. >> this week. the says he will help coordinate arrivals with federal, state and local agencies and ensure the refugees can assimilate as smoothly as possible in contra costa. >> we we want to be working
6:28 pm
hand in glove to make sure that we do everything we can to make this work for as many people as possible in the days and months ahead in concord, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. you can find much more on the local efforts to help refugees by scanning this qr code on your screen. it will take you directly to our web page to kron 4 dot com was all the latest details including how you can help so much more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 6 o'clock, including the battle that is still ongoing in the sierra fire crews in a race against time to protect homes and businesses ended around south lake tahoe. >> we'll take you live on the front lines. the caldor fire. plus getting paid not to shoot up here, success depends on the choices you make. but i know i've got this.
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