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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 31, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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at the smartest showing us how challenging volatile that it can be every containment line that we've had on the eastern side. it has skipped it. >> now at 10, the growing battle to try to save south lake tahoe from the monsters flames of the caldor fire. cal fire putting all hands on deck to protect the community. as for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne of jonathan mccall pam moore on assignment this tuesday night. right now the caldor fire is raging. just 4 miles away near lake tahoe threatening thousands of homes. here's where things stand tonight. the fire now closing in on some 200,000 acres burned containment know up to 18%. that's up from 16% earlier today. the fire has now destroyed some 675 buildings through 33,000. more now being threatened. 5 people have been injured in crews say that the challenging weather conditions are no hurting their efforts with those winds. >> as ran through the forest to create what's called a active crown fire run where
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the fire actually goes from treetop to treetop when it does that, those amber cast that it throws out are going over a mile and distance. so that's what's propagating the spread of the fire right now is that long range. down when spotting of that amber cast. >> right now more than 4,000 crew members are currently on scene trying to contain the blaze. entire communities including south lake tahoe are currently under evacuation orders from 4 has team coverage of the fire. tonight. we begin with grant lotus live for us in the newsroom with a closer look at the growing size of the flames and the evacuation zones grant. >> jonathan ken, the south lake tahoe community alone talking about 22,000 or so people that have been forced out and this fire is advancing and it is an angry fire. this is an infrared heat map that you can c shows where the fire is right now. this area is where the fire has progressed overnight and into today, the
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darker, the colors, the reds and the oranges, the more intense, the heat of the fire is still raging over here closer to a echo past, but it is moved near the myers area, not burning houses. there, but certainly that he profile is making itself known. this is the latest cal fire map and this shows where the fire has moved today. we'll zoom in here. give you a closer look at this is where crews have really focus their efforts starting late yesterday overnight this is highway 89 echo summit here. lower echo lake here. this is the christmas valley neighborhood lot of homes in that area. and you can see the flag. the fire has jumped highway 89, but crews have been able to save all of these holes. another area of interest kirkwood and crews are doing their best years. you can see the kirkwood area to protect that
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resort. certainly. the snow making machines her on spring water and look at how close the fire has advanced to south lake tahoe. here's the heart of it. the airport is extremely clothes for perspective. here's the lake tahoe airport. as you drive along 50 lot of people make the right here. if you're headed towards the nevada border, their state line. it's only about 3 miles from where the flames are right here to where the shoreline is sand. now. the evacuation zone and that has not changed on the california side. in some time. but we'll show you where that is. and where crews are, you know, really stationing so that they can try to fight this fire. that's why it's so important that people leave not only to protect life and homes but all the way too. the nevada line, evacuation orders have actually extended into there. more on that in a moment. but this is a huge portion of el dorado county.
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you talking about all the way up to the placer county line here. that of course, includes emerald bay. he also portions of alpine and amador counties along highway 88 to the south that are also under evacuation orders. winds are carrying embers. more than a mile at times. and that's what you have spot fires, especially over in here is the fire makes its way to the north into the east spot. fires are all over the place. and that's one of the problem. so talked about the vet the the douglas county area over here. we have some images that the douglas county sheriff's office sent out talking about where the mandatory evacuations are there. they include upper lower and central kingsbury, the round hill region and roads, including lower elks point, lake village lower. all of hers and kill drive regions and roads. so many people have been forced out and a lot of them need a place to go. evacuation centers in eldorado county. you have the green valley community church
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cameron park community services district rolling hills church in amador county. they have a center set up at the italian picnic grounds and center creek. the truckee veterans hall is available in nevada county and in the state of nevada, you can go to the carson city community center and carson high school. all of this info has been posted on our website. kron 4 dot com canon jonathan tonight. again, it's just a battle after they've gotten people out to protect the homes that they have left behind and they're doing their best. but the wind, the winds are still real factor. so we'll send it back to you. and the wind is the enemy. but so far. >> thank goodness south lake tahoe has been spared death, but it's not over yet. definitely the best news so far grant, thank you. meanwhile, kron four's live team coverage of the caldor fire continuing tonight with chip yost he is live in lake tahoe. we're at this hour, flames are threatening the community of meyers and the echo summit mountain pass should bring us up to date.
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>> yeah. we just came down here to the south lake tahoe area. we're in the resort area. obviously it's a dead area right now. no one around because of the mandatory evacuations. but earlier we're up near meyers. you're just mentioning myers being one of the threatened areas. they actually had some spot fires in myers because of the fire. the winds blowing those embers ford a little earlier we took a ride up highway 51 a little bit west. a couple miles west of myers. here's what it looked like there. >> on tuesday evening. the counter fire continued. it's moving east toward south lake tahoe. resort town that now sits empty, thanks to mandatory evacuation orders covid for. >> 2 summers. now is hurt businesses. and now to have the town completely shut down. it will hurt a lot of people. the fire's movement has been pushed by high winds and gusts expected to reach 40 miles per hour or more. those gusts have pushed flames up to 3 quarters of a mile ahead of the fire.
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>> creating new fires and hotspots to deal with this map from the national weather service shows the fires recent trajectory lake tahoe is on the top right of the map. the bright red marks show the hot spots created in the previous 24 hours. we asked a fire captain about what his comfort level was in being able to protect the communities in the fire's path. we're not comfortable. all out here and it's been like that for the last 2 weeks of this fire is shown itself to be very unpredictable. >> and very aggressive as it's moving through this drought stricken heavy timber and a lot of vegetation is so dry and easily ignite a bull. in the battle will continue tonight. the red flag warning. >> continues until tomorrow night at around 11 for now reporting live in south lake tahoe. chip yost. we'll send it back to you. a you showed the map of the projection of where the fire's going looks like it's mostly going east,
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which. >> for residents of south lake tahoe would be good news because it would spare them the turns north. we're going to be in big trouble. i'm just curious i want to put you on the spot. but do you know firefighters are working on building a line between the edge of south lake tahoe on the southern part so that it keeps the fire from turning north into the developed area. >> yeah. i'm not familiar with where they lines cut. i know they were kind of hoping for some of the natural barriers to stop of the path of the fire coming in this but the winds, unfortunately, since some of those embers and they started spot fires. so that's what you saw on that map. it was pushing east and northeast in this direction and some of the communities in between here and where the fire is right now. but as far as all their different plans and whatever we're kind of incognito today. we were out in some of the areas where we had bad so coverage in that kind of things. i don't have the latest of where they may have been cutting lines and that kind of thing in this area. >> all right. chip yost live for us tonight in eldorado
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county, south lake tahoe thank you for your time and stay safe out there. take a look at distressing new images from south lake tahoe. this was the scene this morning as a photographer drove through the fire zone along highway 50. >> this is between echo summit and the the valley floor. the tahoe basin. it's all engulfed in that bright orange haze. the poor air quality in the top of region has only made the firefight. of course much more difficult and it amount of aircraft, if any, that can be put in the area. you can see you can't fight to put out a fire. meteorologist dave spahr joins us now with more on the weather. >> kind of jonathan, good evening, everybody. and we continue to monitor where that to pollution really being generated by these fires is it's pretty much to the southeast of where that wind flow pattern is we'd expected to be that way is a brings up the particulate matter and it gets dumped on the eastern side. there's the carson ridge here and on the western side of it. temperatures are much
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cooler in the 50's you get on the east side of it into this valley in hure and temperatures are much warmer. you get a little compression heating. they go over the hills and then they come back down. into the valley in air compresses and warms. a little but on both sides, it's very dry, which is why we've had that red flag warning. so passing things along as another pocket up here around chico. you can see in this is kind of going to be part of our future because this is going to be filtered down to the north bay throughout the day. it looks like tomorrow for now. we're getting some green territory going to be on san francisco up to richmond and down to the peninsula little bit as well. but taking a look at what we just mentioned there. overnight. we expect some of that to smoke to make its way down to the north bay a little bit tomorrow as the winds start to it's dry, southwest 15 to 35 mile per hour winds. although gusts can be higher than that. forecast doesn't change for
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those folks. a slight drop in temperatures thursday. friday were they can maybe some things will clear out a little bit 76 or so expected. then there's a live look at what it looks like. the golden gate bridge as or fog returns tonight might start to see some drizzle happened at the coast coming up. a little bit. of course, we'll take a look at your local forecast. jonathan. all right, dave, thank you so much. meanwhile, a bay area fire expert says that he is very concerned about the caldor fire's path. >> as it moves toward south lake tahoe. scott stevens is a professor of fire science at u c berkeley. he says while the state has done a better job of brush clearing and turning trees recently in tow simply will not be enough to stop flames from the caldor fire from seriously impacting the resort community. >> going to be sad. we're going to houses lost economies hit if it burns a big area of that part of the southern part of the basin. it could actually really have a detrimental quality to it quality. >> steven says he does not
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expect the fire to move further south and south time. no farther north, i should say then south tahoe but says it will likely move much further east into nevada right now on kron 4 dot com. we have continuing coverage of the caldor fire on our website. you can find an interactive evacuation map showing where structures have been damaged or destroyed. and where evacuees can get help. it's all available at your fingertips. just scan the qr code you see on your screen with your mobile device. and we'll take you to our website at kron 4 dot com. some breaking news to tell you about off the coast of san diego where search and rescue operation is underway after the crash of a navy helicopter. >> the mh 60 seahawk similar to this one was operating off the aircraft carrier. abraham lincoln and was conducting routine flight operations when it went down 60 miles off the coast of san diego. the coast guard says at least one sailor has been rescued. a search is now underway for 5 others will keep you posted. turning now
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to our coronavirus coverage. governor gavin newsom announced today that california has administered 48 million doses of the covid vaccine. that means 80% of all eligible californians have received at least one dose. that's more than any other state during an event in oakland today. the governor said while he's proud of the state's high vaccination rate. there's still a long way to go. this is still primarily. >> overwhelmingly, a pandemic of the un vaccinated. we still have work to do in the latino community. the african american. >> community. >> governor newsom says the state will continue using outreach campaigns. pop-up vaccination clinics and whatever it takes to get more people vaccinated. state lawmakers have dropped a controversial proposal to issue a statewide vaccine mandate. the bill called for californians to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses. it would also require all employees to be fully vaccinated or be
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regularly tested. the bill faced serious challenges less than 2 weeks before lawmakers adjourn for the end of the legislative session. it was unclear how the requirement would have been enforced or how much it might have cost. as the country sees new covid-19 cases being fueled by the delta variant. >> a new poll shows that vaccine opposition is now dropping the latest axis iup's ips s o s poll shows that only one in 5 americans who now say that they are not likely to get vaccinated. that same poll found that 14% of americans aren't hard opposition to getting the vaccine. both numbers, the lowest they've ever been since the beginning of the pandemic. the poll also found that more than half of all americans say that they would support vaccine requirements by their employers. nearly 70% also say they would now support mask requirements in school. meanwhile, new tonight in just the last few hours, the city of les hope became the second city in solano county to issue its own indoor mask mandate.
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it happened after benicia who did last week. the move comes after county health leaders chose not to issue indoor mask mandates kron four's. taylor spent the day getting reaction from folks up in the north bay. >> while we see a lot of residents with different opinions on social media and in facebook groups, the steps of city hall are empty tuesday night. no protesters and a lot of people i spoke with are in support of a new mask mandate. >> following indonesia's footsteps. the city of vallejo is now considering a new mask mandate at a special meeting tuesday night. i think it's fair. i mean, i think until more people are vaccinated, it's the right thing to do. i think the should follow the state of california and cdc and that's a recommendation for a mask and i risk areas. >> and i think it's a citizen's responsibility to do what's right and indoor mask mandate would make delay hold the second city to break away from the rest of solano county as its health officer.
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>> is the only bay area health officer to not recommend facial coverings indoors at this time. i don't know who health person news here in toledo. maybe. >> they need to be looked maybe the question needs to be to the health person. do they believe in science. i believe in science level, a whole currently doesn't require masks are vaccinations for entry into bars and restaurants. owner of town. house cocktail lounge on george street is one of few if not the only bar in vallejo to require proof of vaccination. we have a lot of musicians that come in and they were. >> voicing some performing live in a small space and we decided that in order to protect the people who are coming in. that we would require vaccination cards. and as far as i know, we're the only ones doing jeff lynne requires proof of vaccination at his bar. >> he says he's not sure an indoor mask mandate would do any good in helping the city to stop the spread of covid-19 chair and public spaces require people to wear masks that it's fine and in a place
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like we have here. they come in with a mask. they take the mask off. it doesn't do any good. >> and one of the reasons we went with the vaccination requirement to get in with an increase in delta variant cases, all bay area counties except solano county have had a mask mandate in place for several weeks now county's health officer previously said that a mask mandate would be effective here because his data shows that a majority of the residents are being infected at large gatherings in vallejo taylor kron 4 news. >> a cargo ship from the philippines will have to stay anchored in san francisco bay after a covid-19 outbreak on board yesterday kron 4 1st told you when san francisco fire crews removed 6 crew members from the global striker ship after they say they tested positive for covid-19 today the u.s. coast guard says they first learned about those cases over the weekend. >> on friday was notified the
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coast guard that they had crew members who are experiencing like symptoms they were already at anchorage anchorage 9 on saturday was when the crews tested and sunday was when we were notified of positive tests. >> 2 of the 6 crew members were admitted to the hospital. the other 4 have since been discharged and are currently in isolation. the coast guard says that the entire crew will have to test negative for the virus before they can set sail again. tonight. san francisco police looking for the killer of a 16 year-old boy. detectives say the teen was shot and killed overnight near silver and san bruno avenues in the bay view neighborhood. investigators say that teen was sitting inside of a car when he was shot. that car also had multiple people inside of that at the time. so far police have not released the name of the boy anyone with information, though, is opno urge to give san francisco police a call a 17 year-old has died after being stabbed in a santa cruz county high school. the sheriff's office says.
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>> shortly before 2.30 this afternoon. authorities responded to reports of a stabbing at high school. the student was flown to a trauma center to be treated. but did not survive. high school was placed on lockdown for about 3 hours while police searched the area. we're told 2 other students have since been arrested in connection with the stabbing detectives say the incident may have been captured on cell phone video and they are continuing to investigate. now to a story you'll only see on kron 00:00am tonight, parents of a student castro valley say they are outraged and they're demanding answers from the school district after they say their 12 year-old daughter was beaten by another student on the campus stephanie, a parent's worst nightmare. they told kron four's michelle kingston, they had no idea what had happened until several hours after the incident. >> hunt's are right in the face doctor out grabbed a big chunk of her hair holder down to the ground on her face and continue to pummel her in the face. the parents of a 12
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year-old student at canyon middle school in castro valley are not showing their faces wanting to protect their child's identity who they say was beaten by another student last thursday during a lunch break. both of her albums are scrapes her knees. her back. >> her face has a footprint on it as well as numerous other bruises. her lip. eyes, her hair, the parents as well as many community members are upset with how the district is handling the fight. the parents say they were not notified until 2 hours later. >> and that their child was never given any medical treatment until they took their child to the emergency room themselves. this is a copy of the doctor's note describing their child severe concussion. they describe what their child looked like when they first got to the school. her eyes are glazed over. she's got blood everywhere closer all read it and she's got. >> bag of water that must have been nice and a stack of band aid sitting on a table castro valley unified school district
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superintendent parvin ahmadi confirmed there was an incident, but was unable to comment on any disciplinary action. she said students safety remains their highest priority and they're still investigating this situation. she said in a statement that although staff takes precaution to prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring. >> as children interact with one another at times disagreements occur. and unfortunately matters escalate. she went on to say that campus supervisors were in the location but did not witness the actual incident. but it ended to them immediately after the parents of the student have not been told which faculty member responded to the fight. if anyone at all. they have many unanswered questions. they wouldn't tell us anything over the phone with let me talk to her on the phone. >> when give her the phone didn't let her call me. the parents of the student have filed a police report and are pressing charges in castro valley. michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. the trial of elizabeth holmes
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underweight starting today. let you know what happened in court as the once billionaire and rising silicon valley star now faces up to 20 years in prison. plus, sweltering heat in the south is bringing more misery tonight to the victims of hurricane ida. millions of people still in the dark with the cleanup efforts and just getting started. plus the taliban down declaring victory in afghanistan. but president biden calling the withdrawal an extraordinary success. how he's defending his decision. still to come.
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>> maybe august the 31st is not due to an arbitrary deadline. it was designed to save american lives. >> tonight, president joe biden is standing behind his decision to pull all american troops from out of afghanistan marking the end to america's longest war. the biden administration calling the withdrawal a success. but his opponents now calling for him to be impeached and somewhere between one and 200 americans are still in afghanistan right now. allison harris has the latest. >> i was not going to extend this forever. war. and i was not extending forever. exit president biden putting the pullout squarely on his shoulders. i take responsibility for the decision. now, some say we
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should have started mass evacuations sooner. and could this be done and done in a more orderly manner. i respectfully disagree. the president saying the decision to complete the drawdown while as many as 200 americans who want to leave afghanistan remain in the country was unanimous among joint chiefs and commanders on the ground. the bottom line. >> 90% of americans in afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave. the president says diplomatic pressure against the taliban will force them to cooperate and allow those that remain to leave impeach biden. >> impeach kamala harris today. some conservative republicans going so far as to call for the impeachment of the president. secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. >> we now have americans stuck in afghanistan. >> the taliban in charge. the president calling the biggest airlifting us history. an
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extraordinary success. thanks to heroic service members 13 gave their lives. 20 were wounded. the president saying the war is over but the u.s. is far from done united states will never rests. >> we will not forgive we will not forget will hunt you down to the ends of the earth and we will you will pay the ultimate price. that was allison harris reporting president biden talked about why he pulled the united states out of afghanistan in the first place. >> by following the agreement to withdraw that. is what former president trump had made with the taliban under the original plan. all u.s. troops would have been out of the country by may of this year. and take a look at this. many are calling this video. the new reality of tv journalism in afghanistan. a group of armed taliban soldiers taking over a new station and surrounding an anchor while he was reading the news leader of the taliban group later spoke on air and
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he said that the afghan people shouldn't be afraid and that they will be protected. this video has been shared more than a million times on social media. roughly 122,000 people have been evacuated from the kabul airport since july. >> he spent congressman mark, the says that more than 150 afghan families have reached out to his office in desperate need of help and housing. today the congressman met with members of the bay area afghan community in concord. families who fled the country during the soviet invasion. more than 3 decades ago say they now hope to provide a softer landing for incoming refugees than what they had. >> he left the country with nothing but what they wear, it's so we plan to provide everything for that. we we want to be working. i loved to make sure that we do everything we can to make this work for as many people as possible. dozens of volunteers met over the weekend to prepare care packages for the family is currently on their way. >> to the bay area from kabul.
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says that he will work to ensure that the refugees transition can be a smooth as possible in the days and months ahead. coming up next at 10 as a counter fire races toward south lake tahoe. 10's of thousands of people. >> are waiting out the flames and evacuations centers. we're going hear from those residents who still can't return to their homes. plus, how the counter fires affecting the recall election of governor gavin newson in another public blow to santa clara county's top sheriff laurie smith. the new vote tonight amid growing calls for her to step down from office. n
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1030. kron 4 continuing to track the latest developments of the caldor fire as flames continue to creep closer to lake tahoe. >> this is video from the u.s. forest service lookout camera showing the smoke plumes rising over the mountains right now. the fire closing in on some 200,000 acres burned for perspective. that's an area more than twice the size of the city of las vegas. flames have been burning for more than 2 weeks in crews say that the fire fight is far from over. the fire is about 4 miles from the edge of the water of lake tahoe want to show you a map of an infrared map of the counter fire. this is. >> constantly being updated to actually this is the evacuation map. so we'll switch over to the other map that shows the area where the fire is burning. this shows
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you that all of eldorado county for the most part, a good part of eldorado county, especially next to the lake has been evacuated under that evacuation order the yellow there is the part that shows evacuation warning the other map shows you the direction the fire is going. i just tell you that right now it is burning towards the east just south of the city. the town of south lake tahoe jumped highway 89 in the christmas valley area just south of myers and is moving to the east heading toward the nevada state line basically in the direction of the heavenly ski resort, maybe a little south of that. so right now it's not heading north, which is good news because that's where the 22,000 people affected by this fire but if it does. turn because of the wind shifting that could be bad news right now. more than 33,000 buildings are threatened by the caldor fire. so far at least 486 homes have been destroyed. >> firefighters from
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california and nevada are out there battling those flames. more than 4,000 personnel are assigned to fight the fire at last check containment has gone up a little bit. it's now 18% thousands of folks are now waiting watching out the fire in those evacuation shelters, not even sure if they will have a home to go home to. >> kron four's terisa stasio talks with evacuees today who say they escaped with their lives but left just about everything else spot. >> i am here in truckee at one of the evacuation centers that has been set up for those people who are forced to flee south lake tahoe in and around the tahoe basin. you can see how some people have just pulled over and set up camp to try and wait out what's going to happen next with the caldor fire. i spoke with one person about how they took off on sunday when the flames and the smoke were just too on irving. what are your thoughts right now. i'm just watching it all it's a very frightening.
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>> frightening for a lot of people. you know. >> do have friends that are in the area. anybody you know, evacuated. >> know we don't know what most friends are up here about >> was it like to be a pure when all of a sudden like this weekend and just took off. >> oh, yeah, that's why we actually had it out just in case. so we're just going back now. just now, just now here. yes, he did. you head out on sunday. yes. yeah. what was it like to be here on well, the smoke was just going to be in the whole area. so it's kind of hard to breathe. so it's best and then you didn't know where the fires and goes is best to sleep before the rush. >> and here at the veterans building, i caught up with mark richter who evacuated monday morning. we have. >> look to my life there. like my all my come bargains around $20,000. i just have to leave it behind. you know, yet
10:36 pm
renters insurance will cover some of it. all of it. so, you know, our cameras part of my life that goes. >> red cross spokesperson tells me that they are just trying to do what they can to give some people some relief as they wait out. what happens next in this caldor fire. here in truckee. theresa kron 4 news. the caldor fire prompting voting changes in the south lake tahoe area as well. >> as the recall election of governor gavin newsome approaches ballot drop boxes have been closed because of evacuation orders and voters are now being encouraged to mail their ballots in the eldorado county registrar says that they are now working on plans to offer more voting options for evacuees, including opening pop-up voting centers at evacuation sites. they also plan to reach out to voters, offering to reissue their balance. right now. kron 4 dot com. you can find continuing coverage of the caldor fire. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen and you will be directed to our
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website where you can find an interactive evacuation map along with a list of evacuation orders and warnings. plus shelters now offering help to those being forced to leave their homes. time now for the 4 zone forecast. let's go outside on top of mount tam a pious. we start to see more clouds moving through the area. but it looks like the cameras and bank bouncing around like it was earlier today with the wind finally, yeah. they got some fog rolling guys. and that's going to be. >> and our future for tonight. maybe some coastal drizzle along with that. but real quickly just checking out the smoke is this is a these are live sensors. give you an idea that basically that smoke is being pushed to the south. up there on that ridge. meanwhile, as we take a venture up towards the north. this is what's going on north of chico. there's another pocket here. this is kind of our future, not necessary. that intensity. but that particulate matter is going to coming down to the south in the north bay. it looks like as early as tomorrow. but we have a nice green patch covering the peninsula, san francisco up to richmond. you
10:38 pm
can see a little bit of the concord as well. so it's improving next 3 hours or 4. yeah, 3 hours noting some of that fog making its way temperatures in the 50's pretty much where low will be future cast winds. we do have another pop happening tomorrow afternoon. but after that, a hint of what's coming our way. they does high pressure. that means a warming phase as we head on into the weekend. all right. for tonight. they fought breezy chilly in the 5th day will be a chilly goes right through. you and a mostly sunny and cooler on wednesday that we start to flip things and warm up into next weekend. we'll return to the 90's for those inland valleys. the long-range forecast models to kind of hint to some moisture coming in what appears to be from the tropics. not really sure on this because the models don't entirely agree. but it is reflected on the longer range forecast models. so checking things out of the 4 zone going on here for your wednesday. 63 san francisco. we're looking at lower 60's at the coast 68 for burlingame. again, an improvement from today even 73 palo alto and mountain view in the south bay still in the 70's and all locations they're
10:39 pm
still 70's. also in the east bay shoreline will see some 80's come this weekend 78 for pleasanton livermore 82 82 also walnut creek with richmond at 6462 vallejo 74 for sonoma and 70 going on for santa rosa with 63 from mill valley might be some of that fog, the kind of lingers along with some showers at stinson beach or drizzle. excuse me. so looking ahead of the 10 day forecast. there's the pop that returns by sunday, monday partly cloudy might see some clouds. try to sneak on in here. some of those long range forecast models hint at a skies. so that will be something to look out for. although i don't think it's going to come together, but something look out for won't be watching out for special with labor day weekend on the way as well. dave, thank you. latest now on the aftermath of hurricane ida where the death toll has now climbed to 5. >> crews are racing to rescue those still cut off by flood waters say still can't reach some of the hardest hit areas for many. there are. and there's no power, no water, no gasoline and making matters worse. an extreme heat wave has moved in. temperatures are expected to hit 105 in some
10:40 pm
areas. 25,000 utility workers are trying to get the power grid back up as soon as possible. and have to do with the heat. they also have to do with the humidity as well. meanwhile, take a look at this tragic scene from mississippi to of the 5 people killed in the storm. were killed on the mississippi road that gave way last night from all the water. this is a look at the daytime video here. >> 7 cars. one after another had no idea what was happening. so they all drove into the same deep money pit authorities believe that the heavy rain washed out part of highway 26 in lieu still a major thoroughfare between mississippi and louisiana. the suspects or they authorities believe that the drivers may not have seen the road give way in front of them. 10 other folks were also hurt in this incident and a 71 year-old man is presumed dead after he was apparently attacked by an alligator in the flood waters left by the hurricane. >> the man's wife says that her husband was walking in water after the storm when she
10:41 pm
saw a gator attack him. she says she pulled her husband out of the water. she went to get first aid and when she returned, she says her husband was gone. so far. sheriff's deputies say they have been unable to find his body. new tonight, the oldest son of robert f kennedy is condemning the possible parole of the man convicted of killing his joseph p kennedy. the second says to commissioners on the california state parole board made a grievous error when they recommended parole for sir hanser. hon. he's the man who gunned down the senator, the senator at the time back in 1968 at the ambassador hotel in los angeles, joe kennedy and 5 of his siblings have vowed to fight the ruling. there's younger pictures back in the 60's to other sibling say they support the parole board. the ruling will be reviewed over the next 4 months with governor gavin newsome having the final say. the santa clara county board of supervisors have unanimously declared no
10:42 pm
confidence in sheriff laurie smith smith has been under the microscope since san jose mayor sam liccardo called for her resignation earlier this month. >> the cargo says that under smith's 23 year tenure inmates have been severely beaten and even killed at the jail. he's also accused her of not cooperating with an ongoing investigation into an alleged bribery scheme. smith, though, says that she blames the jails problems on a lack of staffing and insist that her office has aggressively implemented reforms. elizabeth holmes was once breaking barriers in the medical tech world. now she is on trial for duping investors and patients. the criminal fraud trial began today in san jose kron four's noelle bellow has more. >> she was once the golden girl of silicon valley. now elizabeth holmes is at the center of one of its biggest scandals on tuesday. homes arrived to the federal courthouse in san jose for jury selection. she's facing 12 felony counts alleging she engineered a massive fraud
10:43 pm
scheme with her company theranos their nose was one of the biggest. >> tech companies that existed in terms of people's attention and also in terms of the promise that a lot of people saw that promise was a blood testing technology that the company said would be able to screen for thousands of diseases like cancer and diabetes with just a finger at one point theranos was worth 9 billion dollars, but it all came crashing down after wall street journal article called into question machine's capabilities now holmes and her ex-boyfriend and business partner balwani are facing charges. they defrauded investors and patients seen at editor at large ensure expects homes will try and place more blame on bell wani now we're here at this point where it's it's very much a low point right now. we're finding out. >> a lot of the details about what happened at that company. we're going to probably weren't quite a bit of unsavory details about how
10:44 pm
theranos tried to hide a lot of what they've done, which is what's been accused in a lot of the news reports out there. so to be very interesting to watch, but also a very bad moment for silicon valley, finding jurors with no knowledge of the scandal was tough on tuesday as there have been documentaries made about their nose. patients who are wrongly diagnosed of the technology are set to testify in the trial and homes is expected to speak on her own behalf. >> the trial is set to begin on september 8th in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron. 4 news. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10. don't rain on their parade. >> models on the catwalk. get an icy reception at the world. renowned fashion show. coming up next in sports after being scratched yesterday. tonight wasn't quite the return to the mound that johnny cueto would have liked sports director jason dumas has the breakdown and kate rooney is live at the ballpark. that's coming up.
10:45 pm
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10:47 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants were looking to snap a two-game skid tonight and keep some distance between them and the dodgers. but.
10:48 pm
>> it did not go their way. let's head out to oracle park johnny cueto scratch last night because of an illness. he got the start tonight. a giant top of the second just already down by 2 lorenzo cain. deep to get all of that. brewers extend their lead to 3 we fast forward to the top of t4e 4 brewers up by 5 omar hernandez hits one to shallow left and we have some miscommunication between kris bryant and alex dickerson first their runs come in to score then throws it away. this was the type of night it was for the giants quedo got taken out of the game. after that right there. one bright spot for the giant came in the 6th brandon moon shot right there. his 20th home run of the season. that's the first time in his career, he's hit 20 home runs in the season. however, giants fall, 62 and
10:49 pm
the dodgers. they beat the braves tonight, which means the giants, the lead in the nl west is down to a half a game. and we have reinforcements at oracle park tonight, our very own sports reporter kate rooney with there. kate was dole on the tv. how was it there in person. >> it was a little stressful. jason, this is the first time in a long time that we're seeing the giants not play their best baseball. in fact, this stretch where they've lost 4 of their last 5 games hasn't happened in a long time for this team. they haven't lost more than 2, 3 of 4 dating back to june. so really unfortunate to see this happen when they have such important series here. they've got this this series with the brewers. they've already lost who's the best they can hope for is to split the series. they've got the dodgers. coming up on a thursday. and as you just mentioned, man, it's going to be real important now for them to win that series because the dodgers are closing in just half a game back with their
10:50 pm
win over the braves tonight. tonight certainly did not go how they wanted. they were hopeful when they found out that johnny cueto was feeling better and he could make the start tonight. but gabe kepler had a contingency plan. he admitted in the pre-game that they have brought in jose quintana cause him up from the minors to possibly come in and pitch. he pitched a great game. we can talk a little bit more about that later. but for now, let's hear get kepler had to say about the way the jets are playing in this last 4 or 5 games. >> in our best do we have to play better. if i don't know that there's anything specific that i points, he says and we just haven't played good all around baseball and we've we've gotten handed to us by some good pitching. >> yeah. they face the brewers 2 best pitchers the last 2 nights. and there's some defensive miscues as well. but really the wake widow performed got things off to a very rocky start. however, the bright spot in keene, tata excellent in his debut for the giants. he just allowed one run, one walk 6 strikeouts. and he also got a base hit
10:51 pm
himself in his first at-bat. so pretty good stuff to see how this develops and they certainly could use some depth and their pitching roster. when you look at the way that gossip been pitcher recently. you've got alex wood on the reserve covid-19 list. so they need some help to take every little bit. they can and they're just going to try to rally in slog through the next couple games. they know it's a long season and they have faith that they can still turn this thing around and create a little bit of separation in the national league. jason. all right. kate, thanks for that report is looking a little chilly out there. >> get home safe oracle now a's fans. they were in the motor city today and their team taking on the tigers. second ending chad pender. check out the web gem here on his high horse laying out earning that paycheck tonight. cole irvin its love. tigers up one to nothing sits a top of the 3rd the match at show. gets a hold of that know ahead of myself. he had hit 2 run
10:52 pm
home run double play and you get the double play right there. it's 3 to one a's now 4 to one in district right that's mark hanna he goes the opposite way or the 2 run homerun a 6 to one 13 home run of the season. they win 93 there 12 straight win in detroit. they're only a game behind a red sox now for the second wild-card spot. the yankees also lost he's got some. going forward. the forty-niners. they trim their roster down to 53 and there were too many surprises, but 2 notable ones were jordan matthews and ha ha clinton dix, matthews had been trying to make the transition from wide receiver to tight dick's he's a former first-round pick out a he actually had an interception on sunday. meanwhile, raiders released alameda native keelan doss today. all players cut have an opportunity to be signed by their respective teams.
10:53 pm
practice squads. if no one claims them off waivers. so this doesn't necessarily mean is the end of the road for some of these guys. we hope kill and off alameda high grad lands on his feet. he's been a friend a crown for for years.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
month. he named himself as the permanent host. but stepped down after pass massaging this to comments and discrimination lawsuits against him surfaced. he was due to stay on as the executive producer. but today he also lost that title of both executive producer of both jeopardy and wheel of fortune. a high end italian fashion show quickly became a lot less glamorous thanks to the weather. a hail storm struck venice during a dolce gabbana runway show the show featured a luxury men's wear line. but fans closer suddenly soaked up by the storm. the models were able to make the best of it. a list celebrities in the audience. such as jennifer lopez and heidi klum were seen trying to take cover from the downpour. we could use some of that rain here. definitely. final check of the forecast here's our meteorologists dave spahr, ok, this what it looks like for
10:57 pm
tomorrow. morning. bay fog going on with temperatures pretty much into the 50's by high noon cool and breezy 73 happening inland. >> and will only get to about 80 or so going on by the afternoon, things will be a change in as we head on to the weekend, however, so cool down a little bit for tomorrow. but even more so is expected. as we get into thursday and then we're going to see a nice warm-up, guys as we get into the weekend into next week. >> dave, thank you. that does it for us here on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock, thanks so much for jumps spending to cope with we will see you ready for tony. i think we are. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night's sleep
10:58 pm
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