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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  September 1, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> a good wednesday morning and thank you for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. can you believe. >> that today is september. 1st time reyna harvey, thank you for joining us. go ahead. and mark your calendars as you plan out the rest of the month. maybe you have some labor day plans. i'm john tribal has us covered. if we're back here at home and we're not leaving town to safely celebrate long weekend with their family and friends. good morning, john. top of my labor day priority list. a nice long nap. at least not
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setting my alarm about saturday like, that's always my >> we are looking outside conditions this morning for early risers out there. we're in this together. we are looking at some low clouds out there for sure. but what we're going to be seeing later on today is a lot of blue to the skies. and you know why? because air quality continues its improvement. you're look outside at the berkeley hills camera right here does show a little bit of that low grade that we are seeing future cast of winds showing an onshore flow continuing the southwesterly winds are great for the bay area, but they're not so good for is our sierra neighbors. they're still in a red flag warning through 11:00pm tonight due to the same southwest winds that are pushing on up through the bay and resulting in some really strong and fast areas of the caldor fire up there in the sierra, of course, our hearts go out to those in south lake tahoe air quality right now is looking good across the region. that's the benefit of these winds for us 50's and 60's for our current
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temperatures. really all of us are in the 50's. but we're close to the 60's in oakland and pittsburgh at 59 degrees hayward and conquered. you're at 58 with some 40's up in the north bay are very cool spots being petaluma and nevado only at 46 degrees right now. so to bundle up there further north. some fog this morning. but really that's pretty limited to the coastline. cool and breezy otherwise as we make our way into the afternoon. expect daytime highs at or very warmest only be in the low 80's. really nice day ahead of us. i'm talking more about this nice forecast. all still ahead, back to tom, thank you for that. all right. let's go ahead and get a look at your wednesday morning commute via the bay bridge a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive. time to make it into the city this morning. the san mateo bridge pretty nice and light for you as you're heading across towards the not seeing any delays along one o one that would undoubtedly slow us down this morning. but we're looking great. a little under 13 minutes for your drive time there and the golden gate bridge on that scene. dense pockets of fall like we have normally seen here about 18
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minutes for your drive as you're heading into the city. we'll have more on trafficking of a for now breaking news this morning. the caldor fire and el dorado counties closing in on the south shores of lake tahoe. fire crews are working around the clock tohprotect and save the community from the flames right now. the caldor fire threatening thousands of homes. it's far more than a 199,000 acres and is just 18% contained. crews say challenging weather conditions are hurting their efforts. dennis shanahan has more from the fire lines. there. >> for the people who live in christmas valley or river park estates. the eldorado national forest is the backyard and it is burning. the flames. we saw on this tuesday afternoon did not look ferocious, but they kept firefighters on the move. the dry pine needles provide fuel for the fire to creep along the ground from there. it devours the shrubs and launches up into the trees. >> with the skies to smoking for helicopters and air
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tankers. these boots on the ground are everything to the residents hoping to come home to these neighborhoods. we saw evidence of the firefighters, hard work on every street in the heart of christmas valley. santa claus drive at sleigh bell drive and we want to show you. >> how close the caldor fire came to some of the homes here as we look off to the right, you can see the charred area where the fire did burn it smoldering here and there. >> but as we look off to the left, you can see the backyards of the homes that were immediately threatened by the flames right in the middle. you see a dozer line. so when we talk about fire fighting. this is a large part of it. the firefighters making these breaks between the fires and the property in here, it worked. >> during our drive through the area. we did not see any destroyed homes just close. call after close call. >> and many engines and hand crews staged or actively working to keep this neighborhood safe. the areas that are still burning stand out in the dark reminding us that firefighters still have a long road ahead before this fire is contained or controlled. firefighters are
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hiking into the woods from highway 50 dragging hoses spraying down hotspots and they're carrying hand tools to clear the forest floor. >> the winds near christmas valley have been somewhat light on this night. the fire appears to be moving slowly. offering hope for the tahoe basin. >> thousands of people are now waiting out the fire in evacuation shelters, not even sure if they're going to have a home to return to many left behind just about everything they have on forestry says stasi spoke to some evacuees that are in truckee. >> i am here in truckee at one of the evacuation centers that has been set up for those people who are forced to flee south lake tahoe in and around the tahoe basin. you can see how some people have just pulled over and set up camp to try and wait out what's going to happen next with the caldor fire. i spoke with one person about how they took off on sunday when the flames and the
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smoke were just too on irving. >> what are your thoughts right now. just watching it all it's a very frightening. frightening for a lot of people >> do you have friends that are in the area. anybody you know, evacuated. >> know we don't know what most friends are up here >> was it like to be a pure when you all of a sudden like this weekend and just took off. oh, yeah, that's why we actually had it out just in case. so we're just going back now. just now, just now. yeah, yes, he did. you head out on sunday. yes. yeah. what was it like to be here on well, the smoke was just going to be in the whole area. so it's kind of hard to breathe. so it's best and then you didn't know where the goes. is this just before the rush. >> and here at the veterans building, i caught up with mark richter who evacuated monday morning. we have. >> what's left of my life there. like my all my bargains
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around $20,000. i just have to leave it behind. yet. insurance will cover some of the all of that. so, you know, our cameras part of my life that goes. >> red cross spokesperson tells me that they are just trying to do what they can to give some people some relief as they wait out. what happens next in this caldor fire. here in truckee. theresa kron 4 news, a bay area fire expert says he's very concerned about the counter fire's path as it moves. >> toward south lake tahoe. scott stevens. he's a professor of fire science at u c berkeley. he says while the state is done a better job brush cleaning and pain trees recently in tahoe. it won't be enough to stop the flames of the counter fire from seriously affecting the resort community. >> going to be sad. we're going to houses lost economies hit if it burns a big area of
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that part of the southern part of the basin. it could actually really have a detrimental quality to quality. >> steven says he doesn't expect the fire to move farther north and south tahoe but says it will likely move much further east into nevada. well, go ahead and take out your phone scan. this qr code that's on your screen right now. we're bringing you around the clock coverage all the caldor fire you can find over on our website. we have interactive map showing you where structures have been damaged or destroyed. so you can know also, we're evacuees can get helps. go ahead and scan that qr code on your screen. it's going to take you over to kron. 4 dot com. new this morning mask have to be worn indoors in the city of vallejo effective immediately. the city of voting unanimously to issue its own indoor mask mandate last night. flails now the second city in solano county to do so after been a ship. the move comes after county health leaders chose not to issue indoor mask mandates county wide city
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leaders side of the surge in covid cases from the delta variant as the reason for implementing the mask mandate before the vote came down. we heard from vallejo residents on the issue. >> it's fair. i mean, i think until more people are vaccinated, it's the right thing to do. i think the should follow the state of california and cdc and that's a recommendation for a mask and iris karius public spaces require people to wear masks that fine. >> and in a place like we have here. they come in with a mask. they take the mask off. it doesn't do any good. an it's one of the reasons we went with the vaccination requirement. >> well, the mask mandate will remain in place for 6 weeks after that, the city council will come together to reassess the covid cases in the city of vallejo and solano county before determining if a mandate extension is required. another big story this morning, governor gavin newsom
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says california has administered 48 million doses of the covid this means 80% of all eligible californians have received at least one dose, which is more than any other state during an event in oakland yesterday. the governor said while he's proud of the state's high vaccination rate. they're still a long way to go. this is still primarily. >> overwhelmingly, a pandemic of the un vaccinated. we still have work to do in the latino community. the african american community. >> governor newsom says the state will continue issuing outreach campaigns. pop up vaccination clinics and whatever it takes to get more people vaccinated. meantime, state lawmakers have dropped a controversial proposal to issue a statewide vaccine mandate. the bill called for californians to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses. it would also require all employees to be fully vaccinated or be regularly tested. the bill faced serious challenges less than 2 weeks before lawmakers adjourn for the end of the
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legislative session. a cargo ship from the philippines will have to stay anchored in san francisco bay after a covid-19 outbreak on board on monday. san francisco fire removed 6 crew members from the global striker who tested positive for covid-19 this is a video of an emergency medical bus, taking those crew members to a hospital in the city. now we know the u.s. coast guard first learned about the cases over the weekend. >> on friday was notified the coast guard that they had crew members who are experiencing some flu-like symptoms they were already at anchorage anchorage 9 on saturday was when the crews tested and sunday was when we were notified of the positive test. >> 2 of the 6 crew members were admitted to the hospital. the other 4 have been discharged and are now in isolation. the coast guard says the entire crew will have to test negative for the virus before they can set sail again. coming up on the kron
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00:00am morning news they lawmakers are discussing wildfire prevention. one, many of them say is the key. >> to avoid future disasters. plus, east bay, parents claim their 12 year-old child was beating up at a school. now they're demanding answers from school officials about the matter. and recovery efforts underway after the devastation of hurricane ida on the gulf coast. we'll have a live update from new orleans. this morning.
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>> on the gulf coast recovery efforts are underway after the wrath of hurricane ida the death toll has risen to at least 5 as crews raced to rescue people cut off by flood waters. there's still no power in many places across louisiana, which took the biggest hit from the storm. take chapman joins us live now from new orleans with a look at the conditions this morning. jake, you've been out there for the past couple of days. what are you learning at this moment. >> right now when the sun comes up, you just get a clear picture of how devastating ida was because most of new orleans and most of the gulf of louisiana is still without power. meaning that thousands of people have water is well, but we want to show you right now we're in the business district of downtown new orleans right now. you can see this part of the district is blocked off by law enforcement. but you can see right there. power crews are
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going up and down the streets of downtown new orleans. they have a lot by the superdome right now. one thing we want to know a note about this. ida has impacted more than just the power and water the saints won't be playing their home opener against the packers because of the damage ida has caused. but one thing we've shown people today has been this a piece of jazz blues history wiped from the face of the year. the famous chernofski shop where louis armstrong spent much of his childhood here. some say the music industry, the music history of new orleans took a devastating toll from hurricane ida and again, the governor, governor edwards, i should say, he toured a lot of the damage outside the city of new orleans throughout the state telling the people that help is on the way. but for when they'll have power again water again. it could take weeks for them to be fully back to normal. but. >> we'll send it back to you guys. >> all right, jake, thank you
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so much for that coverage. stay safe. while you're out here. >> now back here at home, we have actively been tracking a few things. so we have that fire that's going on. we also have that air quality that's been impacted by that. it is a holiday weekend as well. so, john, for people who are trying to plan some things back here at home. what can they expect. what do they need to know in order to just enjoy it safely all rain. yes, there's a lot going on across the country right now and ahead of the holiday weekend, too. >> back to idol, which is obviously just the remnants of a tropical system. now you can see that louisiana has really since cleared out much of the initial core of that rain is stretching on up into that mid section of the u.s. stretching from ohio on over towards new york. couple of those bands hanging out around florida. but things now just recovery mode for louisiana. back here at home. we're in the midst of just the opposite. some obviously very dry conditions are drought continues and we
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are looking at conditions out there a lot clear as far as air quality goes, those southwesterly winds that fanned the flames, the caldor fire over the past 24 hours are continuing to at least push smoke out of the region. so for the bay area. we're looking pretty good for the vicinity of the caldor fire, especially with the southwesterly winds. that means the expansion of this blaze continues to be mostly in a northeasterly direction and that includes in the direction of myers, south lake tahoe and other communities that are sitting right there at the eastern sierra front where we are seeing this fire expanding we are looking at another red flag warnings remaining in effect today on until 11:00pm tonight. winds will continue today to gust as high as 25 to 35 miles per hour. and these are very dry winds from the southwest to the good news for the bay area is look at our air quality. it is pretty much good across the board. now we're going to be in for a good air quality day in a really comfortable one, too 50's and 60's for your highs in sf as well as right along the coastline as for
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temperatures elsewhere, it 70's to 80's and very low 80's at our warmest redwood city and san carlos a perfect afternoon spent at 75 degrees. san jose 77 campbell 79 will send a clear at 75 livermore, one of her hotter spots and only a 80 today just to think that you are in the 90's just yesterday upper 90's. before that concord and walnut creek mid to upper 70's. well, oakland at 66 north bay temperatures anywhere from the 60's 70's to just barely the 80's antioch 81 today santa rosa through center fell all in the 70's. so really comfortable day ahead of us and tomorrow stays nice and mild too, with some really clear air overhead friday. we start to see temperatures climbing. but still a nice start to the weekend. our hottest days of this forecast will be sunday and monday. so if you have the extended holiday weekend to do note these will be hot days and maybe a little hazy or to found. thank let's get a look at your bridges as you're heading from the east bay into
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the city. >> a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. so things are looking nice. the san mateo bridge you're heading across towards the peninsula. you make that drive a little under 13 minutes and we'll leave you with a look at we'll have those 2 bridges will have more on your golden gate bridge commute and richmond sandra fell. can we get back. but still to come on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> in criminal fraud trial. >> in silicon valley for the founder of a medical tech startup. what you can expect when elizabeth holmes. >> faces a judge will have that. we get back.
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>> jury selection is now underway in the criminal fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. we'll hold. you might remember work in silicon valley in the medical tech industry. and now she's on trial for misleading investors as well asipatients kron four's. noelle bellow has that story from san jose. >> she was once the golden girl of silicon valley. now elizabeth holmes is at the center of one of its biggest scandals on tuesday. homes arrived to the federal courthouse in san jose for jury selection. she's facing 12 felony counts alleging she engineered a massive fraud
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scheme with her company theranos theranos was one of the biggest. >> tech companies that existed in terms of people's attention and also in terms of the promise that a lot of people saw that promise was a blood testing technology that the company said would be able to screen for thousands of diseases like cancer and diabetes with just a finger at one point theranos was worth 9 billion dollars, but it all came crashing down after wall street journal article called into question machine's capabilities now holmes and her ex-boyfriend and business partner balwani are facing charges. they defrauded investors and patients seen at editor at large ensure expects homes will try and place more blame on bell wani now we're here at this point where it's it's very much a low point right now. we're finding out. >> a lot of the details about what happened at that company. we're going to probably weren't quite a bit of unsavory details about how
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theranos tried to hide a lot of what they've done, which is what's been accused in a lot of the news reports out there so to be very interesting to watch, but also a very bad moment for silicon valley, finding jurors with no knowledge of the scandal was tough on tuesday as there have been documentaries made about their nose. patients who are wrongly diagnosed of the technology are set to testify in the trial and homes is expected to speak on her own behalf. >> the trial is set to begin on september 8th in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> in the south bay. the santa clara county board of supervisors have unanimously declared no confidence and sheriff laurie smith smith has been under the microscope since settles in there. sam liccardo call her or call her for resignation last month. carter says that under smith's 23 year tenure inmates in the county's jail system have been severely beaten and even killed. he also accused her of not cooperating with an
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investigation into an alleged bribery scheme will smith has blamed the jail systems problems on a lack of staffing and insist her office has aggressisely implemented reforms. developing news out of southern california, search and rescue operation underway off the coast of san diego after the crash of a u.s. navy helicopter yesterday afternoon. these are pictures. what the helicopter looks like so far. the coast guard says at least one service member has been rescued and they're looking for about 5 more. the helicopter was conducting a routine flight operations when it went down 60 nautical miles off the coast. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the count of fires getting closer and closer to south lake tahoe. >> the latest on the firefight to say the community there from bernie. welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news at time for you now for 29 08:00am approaching 4.30. >> on this september. 1st we have a long weekend for a lot of you out there, harvey, thank you for joining us. john trouble has been telling us about the air quality tulsa be great today. what about over the weekend for these plans.
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and i know that's the big question. rain that we are looking at some changes this weekend. but today is going to be an absolutely beautiful one. we do get a little bit warmer towards the latter part of the weekend and i know some of us got monday off in which case. >> it's expect the warm one towards monday, but friday, nicest coolest day of your upcoming forecast, at least for the weekend. today is actually today and tomorrow going to be the coolest at your forecast. we're in for a nice break from both the heat and the haze today, your look outside in her berkeley hills camera showing you some of the low grade that we are having most of us are good as far as visibility goes. watch out for a couple of patchy foggy spots winds from the coast today will be brisk at times, especially right along the coastline. you will notice a breezy day and that same wind is what's pushing on up into the lake tahoe region and resulting in the heightened fire danger, especially right around the caldor fire. we still do have a red flag warning remaining in effect until 11:00pm for the entirety of the central sierra


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