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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 1, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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question. rain that we are looking at some changes this weekend. but today is going to be an absolutely beautiful one. we do get a little bit warmer towards the latter part of the weekend and i know some of us got monday off in which case. >> it's expect the warm one towards monday, but friday, nicest coolest day of your upcoming forecast, at least for the weekend. today is actually today and tomorrow going to be the coolest at your forecast. we're in for a nice break from both the heat and the haze today, your look outside in her berkeley hills camera showing you some of the low grade that we are having most of us are good as far as visibility goes. watch out for a couple of patchy foggy spots winds from the coast today will be brisk at times, especially right along the coastline. you will notice a breezy day and that same wind is what's pushing on up into the lake tahoe region and resulting in the heightened fire danger, especially right around the caldor fire. we still do have a red flag warning remaining in effect until 11:00pm for the entirety of the central sierra as for
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air quality is good for almost all the bay area, an improvement from yesterday. current temps are mostly in the 50's. a nice way to start this morning ahead of what will be just a really nice day in general, blue skies and temperatures that had war must are only going to be in the low 80's this afternoon. i've got plenty more details about this beautiful day ahead of us and yes, right to your holiday weekend forecast. still to come as well. >> john, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at the bay bridge traveling into the city. a little under 2 minutes. once you reach the mace to that fremont street exit 5, 1880, moving along nicely not seen any hot spots out there at this time. san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes for you to make it into the city or make it across towards the peninsula at this hour. let's go and get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you're heading at a richmond across towards center fell. you can do that in under 9 minutes. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, let's get back to our top stories. we've been following
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this breaking news this morning. the caldor fire and eldorado county closing in on the south shores of lake tahoe. fire crews are working around the clock to protect and to say that community from the flames right now. the caldor fire threatening thousands of homes burned more than 199,000 acres. it's just 18% contain a crews say challenging weather conditions are hurting their efforts are going to shatter has more from the front lines there. >> a highway 50 toward twin bridges. firefighters work hard to try and save this unfortunately they couldn't stop these furious flames less than quarter mile from their firefighters sprayed water around this home to train protect it as the unpredictable winds helped fuel the caldor fire. >> for these 3 ladies and best friends, south lake tahoe will always be home. their
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childhood homes are still in the family and are in the evacuation zone along pioneer trail. they worry about their homes, their friends and the lives invested in south lake tahoe. >> i will back your weight and are safe. and there's so much and it's like your identity, you know, right. sir, and >> it's like because we don't know if they say it's the not knowing and uncertainty, which is the hardest fox 40 went to their neighborhood to check on their homes for sisters. maria and donna and for page her family's home looks just fine. her nephew and his family now live there. and for them this fire is personal, right. >> of us on the line fighting this fire and acknowledge like
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the firefighters they're like and are. so just so it's so humid and all of us being in different locations we're all connected to blast >> it's a unique experience to, you know, to spend any time at their really. it's like your home is goes away. >> well, that was reporting for us. meanwhile, the dixie fire continues to burn in steep and rugged terrain east of chico new evacuations were issued for the fire that has burned. now more than 800,000 acres across 5 counties. that's about 1200 square miles larger than the state of rhode island. the dixie fire has destroyed more than 1200 buildings. it's now 48% contained. as multiple major wildfires burn across the state. california republican lawmakers held a wildfire form in front of the state capitol.
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now they heard from different private companies and community leaders to discuss better ways to prevent these wildfires from happening. many of them emphasized the need for greater forest management. >> all these trees are essentially straws and the ground. >> just trying to compete for valuable water about. we need to get on fires faster before they become. >> the kind of come flag or asians that we've become all too. >> familiar with. >> the form was in response to democrats postponing an oversight hearing with governor newsom's administration. this after an npr investigation found cal fire had completed just 13% of wildfire prevention projects. the agency and knew some claim to the field. last year. newsom did address the corolla fire situation while he was in oakland yesterday. he says more action is needed to combat the threat of climate change. >> we've got to recognize that we are experiencing extremes
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extreme weather conditions that are precipitated these fires in creating fire conditions, likes of which we've never seen in our lifetimes in. so we'll deal situation like as we do here in california, express these wildfires. but we have to deal with the sustainable responsibility to continue to lead on climate change and that is our resolve and commitment a back seat to no one in this country in terms. >> bipartisan oversight hearing is set to be scheduled or rescheduled. sometime later in the fall or winter. in the east bay. parents of a student castro valley are outraged. they claim their 12 year-old was beaten up by another student at canyon middle school. the parents are now demanding answers from school district officials kron four's michelle kingston has that story for us. >> hunched are right in the face knocked around grabbed a big chunk of her hair holder down to the ground on her face and continue to pummel her in the face. the parents of a 12
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year-old student at canyon middle school in castro valley are not showing their faces wanting to protect their child's identity who they say was beaten by another student last thursday during a lunch break. both of her albums are scrapes her knees. her back. >> her face has a footprint on it as well as numerous other bruises. her lip. eyes, her hair, the parents as well as many community members are upset with how the district is handling the fight. the parents say they were not notified until 2 hours later. >> and that their child was never given any medical treatment until they took their child to the emergency room themselves. this is a copy of the doctor's note describing their child severe concussion. they describe what their child looked like when they first got to the school. her eyes are glazed over. she's got blood everywhere closer all read it. >> and she's got. >> bag of water that must have been nice and a stack of band aid sitting on a table castro valley unified school district
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superintendent parvin ahmadi confirmed there was an incident, but was unable to comment on any disciplinary action. she said students safety remains their highest priority and they're still investigating this situation. she said in a statement that although staff takes precaution to prevent unfortunate incidents from occurring as children interact with one another at times disagreements occur. and unfortunately batters escalate. she went on to say that campus supervisors were in the location but did not witness the actual incident. but attended to them immediately after the parents of the student have not been told which faculty member responded to the fight. if anyone at all. they have many unanswered questions. they wouldn't tell us anything over the phone with let me talk to her on the phone. >> when give her the phone didn't let her call me. the parents of the student have filed a police report and are pressing charges in castro valley. michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> president biden is defending his decision to end the war in afghanistan. but. >> republicans on capitol hill
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want an investigation into the evacuation. they're demanding the president resign. kelli meyer has the latest from washington. >> good morning. president biden says he believes this is the best decision for america. americans remain in afghanistan after the 2 week evacuation and republicans say the president should be held accountable. time to look to the future. >> and the past. president joe biden is shifting focus back to america after bringing the 20 year war in afghanistan to an end. it was time to end this war. the president took full responsibility for the decision, but also says he was following through with an agreement made by the previous administration with the taliban to remove troops by may. first of this year. i was not going to extend this forever. war. and i was not extending forever exit before republicans questions about the quick exit remain. there will be a lot inquires the
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next few months. gop lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the evacuation and some calling for president biden's resignation. we expect performance and performance right now. >> for president biden calls for him to step down. republicans criticizing the president for leaving americans behind the state department says anywhere from 100 to 200 americans remain. >> and pledged to get them out we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out. the white house says 98% of americans who wanted to leave were able to and those that wanted to stay were longtime residents. >> with family in afghanistan. we'll likely hear more on this and other questions today at the pentagon reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. roughly a 122,000 people have now been evacuated. >> from the kabul airport in afghanistan since july. east bay. congressman mark to says more than 150 afghan families have reached out to his office alone in desperate need of
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help and housing right here in the bay area. congressman met with members of the bay area afghan community in conquer yesterday. families who fled the country during the soviet invasion. more than 3 decades ago now hope to help the new wave of incoming refugees. >> if the country with nothing but what they wear, it's so we plan to provide everything for that. we we want to be working. i loved to make sure that we do everything we can to make this work for as many people as possible. the congressman says he will work to ensure the refugees can transition as smoothly as. >> possible in the days and months ahead. dozens of volunteers met over the weekend to prepare care packages for the families on their way to the east bay. coming up next on the kron morning news, a new crime prevention strategy is being discussed in san francisco that pays people not to commit crimes will have the details on that. we get back.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at times you now for 44 am. >> take a look at this distressing new image from southlake to hold. this was
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the scene. >> as a photographer drove through the fire zone along highway 50 between echo summit and tahoe pays and you can see the bright orange haze. the poor air quality in the tahoe region has only made the firefight more difficult jaw as i'm thinking about the people thinking about the firefighters again about the journalists down there left debris in that air quality for us back here at home. how will that impact us in the next couple of days. so obviously air quality around lake tahoe, especially right there in south lake tahoe is going to be. >> really, really poor. of course, evacuations have already occurred in those areas. so that's something that emergency management, those staying around to a fight that fire going to be dealing with health swear in the bay area, especially we've seen just the opposite skies. clearing out really, really nicely. this is your morning view it quite hour right here. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast is going to be offering up some of our clearest and some of our coolest weather today and tomorrow. if you've been
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looking for both of those things today and tomorrow, your days to enjoy. so this is where we're at as far as air quality goes, westerly winds continuing to push that smoke out of the region. obviously there's that deeper red in your air quality map still for areas like lake tahoe portions of the northern california too, even right around mendocino county still less than ideal. as far as the air goes. but big improvements for most of the bay red flag warnings do remain in effect today. and the reason for that is the strong winds out of the southwest. as for belmont, that's upper elevations, just west of lake tahoe. 19 miles per hour is your current wind speed calm at lake level right now. but conditions out there. our windy are dry enough for red flag warnings to remain in effect through 11:00pm tonight due to those winds, the same sweeping wins bay area air quality. so much improved were green across the map here. locally. nice change of pace. only getting better and better as far as air quality goes the past few days. and as far as temperatures go, you could say the same. we're in the 60's
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70's to just a couple of low 80's today. today is going to be exceptionally cool considering what time of year it is starting off september on a really clear and cool note, redwood city and san carlos each at 75 san jose at 77 today while one of her 80's livermore only at 80 degrees itself. hayward. 69 for your high will open at 66 walnut creek. a beautiful 77 today. antioch or other 80 degree number and your 81 today. benicia at 72. so no one really nice. 74 same number for you. and nevado and sandra fell. here's a look ahead next 7 days do eventually get warm again. so really do enjoy this break from the heat we've got today and tomorrow. friday starts comfortable enough. we will be starting to see temperatures climb into friday and that sets us up for even hotter weather towards sunday and the holiday on monday with highs returning to the mid 90's reyna. tom, thanks for let's go. look at our bridges as you're heading from the east bay into the city is. >> morning. no major issues or
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delays a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there is a vehicle fire over on 5.80 eastbound west of highway 24 and it looks like the center divider may be blocked. so we're keeping a close eye on that. also in the east, a little further down. there's a disabled tractor trailer on 8.80, southbound north of marina boulevard. insanely and row. so it's really early. not seen a lot of delay as a result of those things. the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes into the city for you. there not seeing any major issues. let's check out the richmond. sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond down under 9 minutes. no major issues on that commute. we'll have more coming up. but for now, let's get back to the news. a crime prevention strategy that is used and a pair of east bay cities may be coming to the city. it involves cash incentives for not committing crimes. kron four's has june has those details for us. >> san francisco's dream keeper. fellowship has been described as giving someone
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monday to not shoot people. how would answer someone who sees this program and those >> and so the pain criminals not to shoot is a catchy headline. but extraordinarily an accurate description of the initiative. the green keeper initiative is part of mayor london breed. 60 million dollars investment in san francisco's black and african american community. >> that will also provide resources for, among other things, youth development, education workforce training and guaranteed income resources aimed at reducing violent crime in the city says the executive director of the national institute of criminal justice reform david muhammad who explains how it works it's it's an incentive for achieving milestones. so for instance, what we are proposing at the moment is that people involved in the program would receive a $300 a
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month. a guaranteed income stipend as a part of the city's larger guaranteed income program. but then in addition to that, they would be eligible for receiving up to $200. additionally of rather modest. >> monthly stipend for cheating certain outcomes. 50 $1 a month for stan income. constant engaged with the life coach $50 a month for stand in compliance with your probation or $50 getting a new job. small financial incentives that could add up at most to $200 a month. he says there are successful examples of similar crime. reducing initiatives in a pair of cities right across the bay in they have had an operation peacemaker that saw a 70% reduction. >> in shootings and homicides over the course of several years ago oakland with the implementation of intensive life coaching as a part of the gun violence reduction strategy. we saw 6 consecutive years of declines in shootings
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and homicides. >> mohamed says a financial incentive is a bargain in comparison to the cost to bay area taxpayers after an injury shooting occurs. the return on that investment. primarily is the saving of life but also you have a gigantic fiscal return on investment that pales in comparison to a small financial >> haaziq kron 4 news. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back. it is 4.54 on this wednesday morning. conditions out there. so nice for the bay area today. we are talking obviously fire threats continuing in south lake tahoe. but as for the bay, that is cooler and clear than it's been in quite some time. you look outside at our east bay hills camera situated over berkeley does show a little bit of a low gray. watch out for some patchy fog this morning and that the coastline conditions will be partly to mostly cloudy through the afternoon. high temperatures in the low 60's at the coast. our inland areas of the ones that are really in for a nice treat today. daytime highs mostly only in the 70's and good air quality. on top of that, a really nice day to venture outside today and tomorrow, both actually are going to be super comfortable him and antioch in livermore are only 2 80's anywhere in
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the bay area today elsewhere. it's really either 60's or 70's. so do enjoy it right now. tom, thanks for that. let's get a look at your traffic. the bay bridge will start here. >> heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time, not any major issues there. the golden gate bridge as you're heading into the city. look at this. about 20 minutes for you to make that drive will have more on your traffic and weather coming up from now. let's get over to our sports lets talk bay area baseball giants are in a bit of a slump after losing last night. the milwaukee brewers lead over jets and giants offense could not get anything going early and only scored one in the 6th inning and then another time in the night the giants fall to the with a final score of 62. >> now the giants are only a half game up from for the top spot in the nl west title hope bounce back tonight against brewers first pitch is going to at stopped. >> meantime, the oakland a's are on the road facing the detroit tigers in the 5th inning. top mark at the plate
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he homers to extend the lead that a defenseless also great and and the tires with a final score 93 goes face the tigers again today that first pitch for 10. now the a's are only one game behind the red sox for the second wild-card spot. coming up in the next hour, the caldor fire threatening south lake tahoe as the fire grows and crews struggle to gain containment. we're going have a live report from the fire zone. plus an indoor mask mandate is now in effect for the city of the lay home. we'll have a live report. what that means for residents moving forward. and recovery efforts after hurricane ida left a path of destruction across the gulf coast. we'll have a live update straight from new orleans over get that.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. our top story this morning. the caldor fire continuing to burn in eldorado county. >> it is closing in still on south lake tahoe. these
5:00 am
pictures are from overnight and they show you how intense the flames are. the winds are whipping this fire causing it to spread. fire crews have been working around the clock trying to save thousands of homes. yeah. we got from 4 sarah stinson once again following the story for us reporting live from the fire lines with a closer look at the situation this morning. sarah. >> yeah, we drove all the way through self lake tahoe. and i can tell you some good news today because you know, we've been so worried about south lake tahoe that main strip at the state line area still standing and still not seeing a whole lot of flame. it heading right towards it. i know that's something we've been concerned about, but it's mainly very much up in the tree line. it's very remote area where it's burning in its active right now, actually near the eco summit area not necessarily down in town. we drove everywhere. we're trying to check in on everybody. you know, check in on pioneer trail. didn't see any flames there. we


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