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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  September 2, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. good morning and thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. the caldor fire continues to be our top stories at burns in eldorado county. these pictures. >> tell the story of the firefighting effort up there right now. yeah. and there have been hundreds of homes lost. this fire is spreading moving. >> closer and closer to south lake tahoe where everybody is out. but they're frantically trying to save homes and look at this. how sad is that? a washer and dryer. no home. yeah. heavenly ski resort. also preparing to turn their snowmaking machines. >> on to their own buildings to keep them wet. should that become necessary. let's go live now to crop for sarah stinson. she's at heavenly this morning. it looks a very smoky, a very active sarah. >> it's a very active scene here at heavenly ski resort. this is a staging area. 4 fire crews before they go up. they come into a shift change here at 7 in the morning. take a
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look at that heavy smoke. that is where the slopes are at heavenly ski resort of the california lodge. you can barely see the scope the ski slopes in in the distance. i mean, the sun is barely visible. this is what they're up against. and as james was saying, they use those snow blowers to dampen their own the land and structures. will they did that yesterday probably going to have to do that again today. they had some wind gusts last night and they expect to have more wind events today. so we're talking poor visibility. plus that's coupled with wind event that they expect to see. and this is all up in the ridge line where they have they have now. 2 zones. they've separated into the east and the west zones of the fire and they have it organized out so they know where their crews are going to make sure all the fire lines are held strong last night. they did a lot of work. they put out hot spots right next to homes in christmas valley off of pioneer trail getting too
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close for comfort. now today they have another fight against the mother nature against the flames. firefighters have saved a ton of neighborhoods from these flames. but despite nonstop efforts, the caldor fire has sadly destroyed 622 homes and 12 businesses. still this morning. 32,000 structures are being threatened. people who live in the area evacuated from the lake tahoe fire zones. i've been on pins and needles grasping for any and all information they can get. i talked with a man we had to evacuate. let's hear from him. >> all of us coming together. like, you know, is there wade said how we can help you right. turn and sully. is there a way to, you know, send up. volunteers or perhaps some groceries, you know, just let us know how we can help. >> in that sense it and it's been really good.
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>> christian doesn't live up here full time his house is a family cabin that they come to, you know, for vacation. so he's trying to help the people who have been displaced this time this whole time. they're having to stay at shelters. he's been contacting people. how can i help you speaking of helping back out here live a heavenly at the staging area. and you can see this is where they sleep the mobile sleeping vance here is sleeping here. they have their food here. they'll support parties. i mean, this is really where they come to get a break from that fire fight hours long of being in the trenches in those flames doing everything they can to get a hold on the caldor fire for now reporting live at heavenly sarah stinson kron 4 news. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. and we're dealing with a natural disaster and so is the east coast. >> let's go live to new jersey were looking at rescuers going around saving people from flooded out cars and homes. yeah. they have to go to each
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house each car that's been abandoned double check, make sure that there's nobody inside that needs assistance. and it looks like they've collected a few people in that swift water rescue boat and this is one of the things that even our local first responders were helping out with that. we're mobilizing heading down to louisiana original originally when i to hit their and now it looks like outside resources are going to have to be diverted now to the new york, new jersey, philadelphia area as well. yeah. pennsylvania connecticut that all the east coast is feeling it flash flooding can, you know happen anywhere and it certainly is. hundreds of people have been rescued. >> just in new york city. they're saying they rescued from flooded out subways from flooded roadways from buildings and homes. and of course, we've also seen fatalities in this, too, because in some cases they went into flooded out homes and found people had been inundated with water like in a basement apartment. a couple and their child died. so we're looking at i think it was 14 people so far. >> deaths have been related to
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this. a lot of people just told not to move, not to go to work, not to go. well. i can't go to because they wanted to be clear for all these rescuers to do their work or so. you look at that and they're dealing with floods. you're looking at at our neck of the woods here on the west coast. we're dealing with fires. we've got natural disasters. >> plenty to track. and john sort of keeping an eye on both situations here. let's join now for another utdate. it's hard to see what's going on up in tahoe. certainly hard to see those developments from new york and surrounding areas too. >> very different tale on either coast. too little water out here out west and are devastating wildfire season. and then of course, the remnants of ida stretching all the way from new orleans on up in 10 now the canadian border where it's still resulting in some heavy, heavy rainfall focusing back here on california. the caldor fire obviously continuing to burn this is a look from just seconds to go up at sierra at tahoe. you could actually see some of the spot fires in the distance before the sun rose this morning and now you just
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got the smoke that is clearly in view right here as for smoke around lake tahoe. here's the view of it over the past 24 hours. and you can see it getting picked up and being moved to the north and east as we made our way through the day yesterday, you'll see this loading here again in just a second and actually be able to see that smoke plume today. winds are generally going to be lighter, which is going to work in favor of those fire crews battling that blaze especially in areas like myers in south lake tahoe itself. these lighter winds not necessarily working in favor for the bay area. yesterday we had smoke having the opportunity to return aloft and today it's going to be able to settle into the bay area already resulting in our moderate air quality that we're seeing as compared to yesterday's good air quality. so some changes in the works iome your holiday weekend air quality. not going to be as good as it has been. 50's and 60's for current temperatures we may be a bit hazy today. but we're staying really comfortable. i've got more about that. still ahead, tom, thank you. so we have another hot spot. we talked about this accident during the last hour. this is out. >> in sausalito, northbound
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one. oh, one north of sausalito lateral road. we have an overturned vehicle. 2 lanes. there are blocks so you can get through, however, it's going to take some time because of that right next to that alexander avenue runs adjacent. so you could go ahead and get off and hop on that and then get back on one on one heading into the city right now. little under 14 minutes, we had some earlier issues here, things are getting much better view of the bay bridge. the san mateo bridge where we had an accident here. 18 minutes for your drive time. the accident has since been cleared. but your scene residual delays from that here in philly north on 8.80, south of marina boulevard. you have an accident there not seeing much of a delay along 5.80. in fact, it looks pretty clear adjacent to that. if you do want to take it. and if you are taking any of the capitol corridor trains train 5.23 is delayed. 55 minutes. departing oakland coliseum because of some earlier police activity train 5.24 is stopped in hayward due police activity lot. more on this coming up during james, back to you.
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time now is 9. '07, in the east bay. new vaccination requirements for some businesses in berkeley mean employees and customers. >> have to have their vaccination card handy. yeah. and this is going to go into place here in quick order. in fact, for more on this, let's go out to kron. four's. will tran standing by with what we know so far about all this in berkeley. they will. >> what we do know is you're good to go for now. but the clock it's taking on you because come next friday. if you're going into berkeley and you want to walk into a coffee shop. you better bring your vaccination card because they will have somebody there to check it. whether or not you're off fully vaccinated, not just your first job but your last and final shot 14 days out and that means that you're 12 years and older because they, too, want to slow down the delta variant. they are doing this not just for the patrons course. that's one component. the other component is for their employees. your date is
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october. 15th that they want you to be fully vaccinated. and if you're not fully vaccinated. well, you will have to show your employer that you have a negative covid-19 tests, which means a test every week. berkeley they are expanding this to even indoor events with a 1000 people or more come october 15th you too. we'll have to show that event that you are fully vaccinated now got a chance to talk to some people walking around berkeley. some people they like the idea some others. they don't. here's reaction to what's going on in berkeley. what do you say to those who might say berkeley has gone a little too far. >> i they're wrong and berkeley's right. why. >> well, you need a vaccination to be healthy, especially in school restaurants or any public place even department stores. >> and james duryea berkeley
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is not messing around so let's just say you're an employee and you have religious reasons why you're not going to get vaccinated or you have some preexisting condition that you can't get vaccinated well thing you need to prove with the legal document and you could face perjury if it's not true, you either have to have a religious some court sign off on your religious exemption or your doctor to sign off on that as well. and if you are lying about that, you could be in some trouble with the city of berkeley. that's how serious they are taking this so you have time now. but the 2 dates that you need to know. september 10th an october 15th and i know i am dating myself, but you know, u.s. evans and i joke about this. remember the old american express commercials with karl malden. don't leave home without it. and being with the vaccination cart. that's right. the home without ad and currently what's in your wallet? it better be a vaccination card. thank you. well, haha and learn from you, james. right. one got washed.
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i know. so put it on your phone picture, at least. all right. we'll take a break. 9.10. is the time. coming up on the kron 4 morning news. new information about how effective masks are again spreading covid. >> we'll break down a new study conducted by stanford and u c berkeley. >> plus the supreme court refusing to block a new texas law that basically bans all abortions will tell you how it could impact california.
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>> 9.13 right now checking out the weather and sure was nice yesterday short. yeah. today. >> not so much. but you know what? that's an ok thing because as the winds calm down here and that smoke starts to settle back in. it also comes down up and talk. all right. so better for us to get some smoke in them to get some relief on the exactly. i would say we can handle that hazy skies that we have today. some moderate air quality out there. and with those red flag warnings now expire. dip in lake tahoe, at least a little sign of hope. it's still definitely a dire situation for those communities looking out there this morning at the embarcadero. we do have a gray skies overhead. most of this is the product of some low gray marine layer that is pushed in. we are actually in for quite a cool day across the bay area. but we are also going to have some haze mixed in out there so you can probably already feel new venture outside this morning.
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definitely not as clear skies as what we had been seeing smoke does linger especially around the south end of lake tahoe's. we continue to see our wildfire burning the caldor fire and most of that new expansion of the blaze has been just west of fallen leaf lake as well as just south of lake tahoe itself. south lake tahoe. the community up in those mountains. right above heavenly ski resort. belmont's is still looking at some breezy conditions we haven't seen winds picking up as much as yesterday, though, for the rest of the region, which is good news and a telltale sign of why that red flag warning was in deep canceled last night at 11:00pm just as expected, it would be looking out the side this morning. we do have the return of our moderate air quality here locally, which is an unfortunate part of the calmer winds. but we'll take it still. it's still going to be a gorgeous day to step outside. if you do have respiratory conditions do think twice about that. but overall, today's weather is a whole lot nicer than what we're going to be this weekend cooler and a little clear than the hazy or skies that will continue to be seen on over the next few days saying carlo
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77 for your high today. beautiful one for the south bay we're staying in the 70's. no 80's in sight just yet. we do have some 80's in the eist bay, though pleasanton livermore as well as danville walnut creek up to concord. all back into the low 80's oakland up to richmond in the 60's 60's 70's 80's across the north bay with antioch 81 santa rosa down through center fell each in the 70's. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days daytime highs will remain cool today like they were tomorrow but not for long tomorrow. we start to temperatures rising into the upper 80's and saturday, sunday and monday will be the hottest of this forecast seeing some more 90's popping up for inland valleys also likely some more haze thanks for that track in a hot spot out in sausalito. so this is northbound one. oh, one. >> north of sausalito lateral road and just put an image of that and traffic. as you can see, bumper to bumper now alexander avenue would be a good way to hop off and go around. but you can still get
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through just 2 lanes. there. block traffic moving very slowly there heading into the city a little under 15 minutes, much improved from earlier we had earlier traffic collision slowing us down there. the richmond sandra fell bridge. we had an earlier stalled vehicle that slows down up to about 30 minutes now at 11 as you're heading out of richmond down in the south bay one. oh, one traveling towards menlo park. 29 minutes much improved from earlier. we're at about 40 minutes for that drive. 2 8082 not seen much of a delay. and the san mateo bridge finally back down to 15 minutes. we had a traffic collision that took us up to about 27 minutes earlier, daryn, james, back to you. time to talk winners and losers with our financial expert. rob black. hello, rob. >> darren, how are you today? well, i'm pretty good. and it looks like i guess the job market's even better. i think that unemployment numbers came in right. >> not unemployment. but first time unemployment claims claims writings been laid off.
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we're on it. we're automatically going to add jobs are automatically lose some jobs math. and these are the ones we're losing a 140,000. that's the lowest since the pandemic started. that has helped the s p 500 nasdaq creep into record territory again. just a bit. a warning for you, daryn. september tends to be a dangerous month on wall street gets kind of slow and kind of sad day. and that's when the corrections tend to happen. >> when we are least expecting them big number. tomorrow will be the jobs report and that will give signs inflation, signs of our way back to normal or not. so on the down burger king started some reward programs for a little late the party. i still like starbucks, mcdonald's my fast food okay that. >> but back to the thing on the jobs too, is the market looking better like as far as i know, there are so many labor shortages. nobody could find anybody to work. >> right. so what's your plan is basically not finding people to work means. we've had to pay them more in the restaurant and hospitality industry. that's inflation.
9:19 am
that's a bad thing. it's too much. it's a good thing moderate. and i think it's a good thing in this case. but the job market looks different have been restaurant recently before you see and don't busboys seen 16 year-old kids doing it. so for the job market is trying to adapt to what is happening with covid and the change and the wage inflation is that have come out of it. well, since you're talking wage inflation, we're showing rent inflation. >> i know that kind let's go to that now, which is good thing will get paid more because rents about to skyrocket. i guess. and then high rents will equal higher wages even further down the road, which is bad news. but we'll get there in a second. >> so you see home prices go up. he can 0.6% last month across united states. that's too much when that goes up, it puts a situation of now it's time to. raise rents. so i have a home that has gone up so much and i am go because i couldn't put a renter and not tread have to treat a family of 4 like. 14,015 $1000 a month for cash flow. so people
9:20 am
like me are going to sell and or raise rents. so that housing crisis is turning the bombing rent. 3 1% rise in rents this year. 3.8% next year. 6.9% the year after shelter. inflation good and this case, it's going to lead to higher wages down the road because as we're paying more in job start to disappear in the job market. they have to pay us more money to come in. but it's much faster than our races for forget inflation on the round like what about even paying the rent because right now a lot of people. >> are coasting by on the covid holds right. so that when they lift that, you know, and then they can suddenly evict too. just going to be trouble. yeah, big trouble and california, new york have. what is it called california more tights moratorium on races and that will probably in january of next year. i'm not a politician's. i can't
9:21 am
guarantee that. but without more tory amends more to be very, very quick to raise rents. all right. well, we're talking about difficulties like this. it's hard for me to. >> you know, be a sympathetic to tom cruise, but i just can't believe how covid has hit the guy so first was with mission impossible reeled it. everybody about girls. now covid is costing him because the top gun and they're still i just was reading. they're suing their insurance company because they lost so much money over the covid problem with mission impossible. 7 covid costs. a lot of money. a hollywood. >> and that's one of california's bread and butter industries. movie industry. and it does tide pod hope maverick top sequel was shot. the mountain outside of time. i bring this up because my wife had a massive crush on top i feel bad for her. i'm not a buyer flowers. telling her yet again mavericks the delayed from november 19th may 27th mission impossible. 7 has
9:22 am
been delayed to be very interesting. a lot of i think this is a male movie, but no time to die with james bond 100 of women are in the james bond, lot of men are including myself. that's slated for october 8 allen still on delta hasn't one down. the delta took down tom cruise it is amazing how much you. >> they are paying. you don't understand how much they the covid protocols cost. my does some like series for netflix and that kind of thing. and each episode to film. it's an extra half a million dollars just in covering covid costs. why put to feel. so that's what that mission possible cyclists and a million dollars is not enough to cover our covid costs. we need more on the insurance company said sorry. >> and then remember tom cruise freaking out on the set of mission have so he's like don't mess around with this because this is costing him hold your breath. and i guess t- you can rent all mission
9:23 am
impossible. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, that the white house. >> okay. and for the record f 9 is the biggest movie of the year. 700 million dollars. pre delta, though don't dismiss everything up. it is. all right. thanks a lot, rob. and you can reach rabon e-mail
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the peninsula. police are looking for 2 men who assaulted a woman in mountain view. and at this point we know it happened at a popular
9:26 am
walking trail in the community. >> the description of the attackers is still a bit unclear right now covers nearly 7 is there in mountain view. >> with more on this. you'll you say they are working on a composite sketch, correct. >> yes, that's correct. i was about a about a half an hour, an hour half hour ago. i spoke to someone here at the police department. and she told me that they were working on a composite side. they spend quite a bit of time with the victim. so they were at least able to get a general description of the suspects and that's what they have out right now, but they're hoping to have that composite out a little later today. but before i get to their description, the show you a map of where the happened. now, this happened just on the stevens creek trail yesterday around 1 o'clock in the afternoon between creekside part. excuse me and central expressway. now, according to the victim, she was walking on the trail when she says when she was approached by 2 men who came
9:27 am
out of the bushes. now the man attempted to grab the woman, but she screamed and fought back at 1.0, one of the men tried to pull down her pants. the victim was able to run away and call the police from a safe location. now the mountain view police department did an extensive search in the area with patrol cars, traffic officers and detectives but still. >> me their suspect was found. now for the description. one of the suspects is described as a white male between the ages of 2030 years old with curly blond hair wearing a gray shirt and jeans. the second suspect was also described as a white male in his 40's about 5 feet tall and let's give me 5, 1010 tall and has a large build brown hair wearing a blue shirt and jeans. now a police department is trying to put out the warning if you're on that trail to be on the alert and aware of your surroundings. and if you see someone who
9:28 am
fits these descriptions to call them right away or call 911. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. you >> well coming up, the unified school board is taking up 2 new proposals tonight to keep students safe f ♪ ♪ fall together with lowe's. labor day values now in-store and online. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. >> 9.30 right now. and we're taking a live look here. quick towers still gray out there. it is yet we've got >> morning fog, but sooner
9:31 am
rather than later. we'll start seeing smoke as well. really filter hour. and for that, we're also in for i think a warm up, right as we get into the holiday weekend. john. yeah, i know we've had nice weather during our week days lately and then the weekend's get hot and get hazy and this weekend is no different. we're warming things back up. not quite as warm as they were last week but definitely going to be back into the 90's for a lot of our inland areas. and yes, going to start seeing the return of haze after was such a cool and clear day yesterday. obviously this morning as have been the clearest. we do have the low gray that's hovering right above the bay area this morning and air quality that isn't necessarily ideal. we are seeing calmer conditions around lake tahoe, which is good news for them, though. so as we see smoke working its way back into bay area. we're actually going to be seeing improvements around lake tahoe. i'm looking out there as far as air quality is concerned, it is moderate this morning as compared to yesterday's good conditions, 50's and 60's for current temperatures died. take the
9:32 am
jacket with you as you're getting out there this morning for sure. especially with the cloud cover that we have overhead. it will be a comfortable afternoon. so enjoy it before our warmer temperatures this weekend. john, thanks for that about some good news about this hot spot out sausalito. they just opened up. >> all the lanes. so we saw. >> nothing but red traffic backing up. now you can see things are returning back to normal. this is northbound 1 one north of sausalito lateral road here. so again, you don't have to take alexander avenue to get around now that they've opened up all the lanes here. another traffic collision. this one out of some know westbound 84 at 6.18 north. and we're seeing a slight delay due to that accident. there heading into the city down to 60 minutes. so traffic is improving along the bay bridge. we have bumper to bumper traffic earlier that kept us pretty sluggish there at the bay bridge. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond. a little under 13 minutes. that is stalled vehicle to this all the way up to about 30 minutes here in the south bay along one oh, one as you're headed in the park. 28 minutes. so now's a good time
9:33 am
to get some things done in the south bay for traveling there. 2 8582 all looking great. and as you travel across towards the peninsula. he can make that drive in a little under 14 minutes daryn. james, back to you. thank you. right. >> so now to our wildfire coverage. the caldor fire which continues to burn up in eldorado county. it is growing as it threatens thousands of homes up there near south lake tahoe. and you can see there flames get real close to a couple yeah. there are also doing their best to save the homes as this fire has grown. now. >> to 210,000 acres and containment has gone up to 25% now it is still moving closer and closer to south lake tahoe proper, the nevada border as well. so you have people on both sides really bracing for. and we continue our team coverage now in place and take a closer look with richard sharp. >> good morning. one of the things we've been talking about a lot this week is the air quality. so wanted to give you kind of a different visual to kind of illustrate some of the particles that in the is the flashlight here to kind of turn it on and you can see how much smoke is in the year.
9:34 am
just from the beam of his flashlight. now, i also want to show you a way of lighting the air here that we're going to kind of eliminate some of the particles that in the air. you can see it's almost like it is snowing a light snow shower. but these are particles from the fire ash particles from the fire. and this is not even the fine particulates. it looks like it's foggy or smoking in the air. and it really is super thick. it's hard to be. that's why need an n 95 mask. some of the air quality in south lake tahoe has been more than double the standard for unhealthy or hazardous air quality at some points being 3 or 500 on the a q i level even higher at some point some of this ash are particularly is being blown not only here in south lake tahoe, but all across the lake, all across the sierra and in fact, in sacramento, some of the action, the caldor fire, the other side of the caldor fire has been blown down into the sacramento value might have seen it on your cars when it was really smoky in sacramento. but that's what it's been like here in south lake tahoe for the past week, week and a half with
9:35 am
conditions some point it will clear up depending on which way the wind blows and it will be a little bit better. but that ash gets on everything that covers the cars. it covers the roads covers the businesses and can be really problematic. and it's not just affecting humans. the animals out in the forest. and obviously the ones that are coming to south lake tahoe are getting this as well, breathing this and really on healthy levels for air quality. we've got to be really careful. one of the reasons we wear the n 95 mask in south lake tahoe. i'm richard sharp. >> yeah. and we're continuing our coverage of the caldor fire on our website. kron 4 dot com. if you scan that qr code, it'll take you to a special section. we've set up with things like evacuation zones, places where we've confirmed the buildings have been damaged or destroyed. all that information there for you. make sure you check it out again. scanning the qr code will take it right there. >> it's 9.35, another big stories in the east bay where the alamo, a alameda unified
9:36 am
school board is voting on a plan to better protect students from covid. yeah, we've got a couple plans that they're thinking about either one would call for stricter covid protocol. so we've got kron four's, camila barco there live for us in alameda to explain. good morning, camilla. >> good morning, deiah james. so yeah, 2 proposals on the table. the first water would require unvaccinated students to get tested for covid a couple times a month. the second proposal would require everyone to mask up outside currently face. coverings are mandatory. when you're stepping inside one of the school's buildings. however, this proposal would ask for everyone to mask up when they're inside and outside despite of your vaccination status. now there are exceptions when you're eating and drinking or if health conditions prevent someone from wearing one the proposal states students get masking breaks outside if they become distracted. now, if passed the outdoor masking policy will be in effect until winter break
9:37 am
the other notion would require students to get a covid test if they did not get a covid shot. the tests would be mandatory twice a month. the district superintendent says 70% of students in the eligible age range are vaccinated now at this time. if if you remember authorized covid-19 vaccines are available to kids to 12 and older however, covid testing for unvaccinated students would apply to every grade level. now safety is the primary driver for these proposal. but the superintendent tells me that this would also alleviate some of the workload on employees. >> these are 2 proposals that we really hope will kind of create a land for us to keep kids in school. all year long and really make life easier for our principles are clerical staff or teachers. people are working beyond belief out there to make this happen. so hopefully simple adjustments like this will make their jobs easier. >> now the school district already has covid testing
9:38 am
sites available for students and employees. if these notions to pass alameda unified school district would join san jose schools in the outdoor masking policy in the school board members will vote on these proposals later tonight that meeting starts at 06:00pm starting james, back to you. >> ok. thank you very much. coming up. >> 9.38 is the time and breaking news overnight. the u.s. supreme court decided not to block a new texas law. >> that bans almost all abortions and it was a 5 to 4 ruling with chief justice john roberts joining the court's 3 liberal members in dissent. yeah. the reason that they were opposed to this even though did. become law because of their inaction. is that it basically bans abortions once a doctor can hear a heartbeat which often times can be done right around 6 weeks, which is pretty early in the pregnancy earlier than most women even know they're pregnant kron four's. dan kerman shows us how this decision will impact california. >> it's a hardship that is.
9:39 am
>> devastating. planned parenthood affiliates of california reacting to a new texas law that prohibits most abortions after about 6 weeks, which is before many women know they're even pregnant. i think we've heard time and again that the roe v wade was the law of the land and no one would overturn 50 years of precedent. but what we found. >> is that when we woke up this morning, we did not have those constitutional protections and the supreme court did not have to even utter a word for that to happen. as for the texas law's impact on california california's laws with respect to how women can obtain access to an abortion will not change as a result of what's happening in texas. >> and other loss that provide women with the ability to obtain access to abortion in other states. >> we will not change period. >> but planned parenthood fears. if the recall of governor newsome is successful that could have statewide impacts. >> the governor has. and
9:40 am
powers. they have veto powers. they put people in place that are in charge of medicaid funding where one in 3 get access to care. and that way that there's all sorts of mechanisms that a can can do to limit access to any service really of even greater concern is a highly restrictive mississippi abortion law. >> which goes before the supreme court in the fall. well, the supreme court ruling in favor of mississippi. also shouldn't impact california law planned parenthood says it could impact 26 other states we've seen over 600 be passed this year across the nation trying to restrict. >> abortion services and so we know the hostile efforts that are that folks have undertaken to try and take away rights in where we're preparing in fighting back for that. if the supreme court upholds that restrictive mississippi
9:41 am
abortion law. >> planned parenthood believes it will increase the number of out of staters coming to california seeking abortions in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. ♪ ♪ everyone's looking forward to the school year... but sometimes... the best part about being back... is the excitement of heading home. kohls.
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>> you have to pack in your own water next time you head to mount diablo state park officials with the state's department of parks and because the drought their water storage tanks are close to empty. so all the faucets from the picnic in the camping areas have been shut off. most of the restrooms at the higher elevations are closed and instead they have portable toilets and handwashing stations. officials say they're going to keep it this way until we get a good amount of rain. so it's going to be awhile. be right. >> let's get to the weather center. we have john keeping an eye on our forecast. that
9:48 am
you're talking about. maybe the hopeful hint that maybe at the end of the month, we might get some moisture at on track. i was looking at some long range forecast yesterday that were showing signs for the first time in months that there could be a shift in the couple weeks. so we should all keep fingers elective little rain dance yes, absolutely. anything to hopefully make that panned out. that's still a ways away. but hey, maybe a little side hope looking outside this morning in your north calhoun, the weather center forecast. we do have some low gray across the bay area. you look at this and think, oh, maybe there could be a little rain out there. but we all know better here in the bay area that this is just run of the mill kind of low marine layer that we do see this time of year. and that's certainly the case across the bay area this morning. we're going to see that mixed with some haze today as wildfire smoke does gradually work its way back into the picture that's going to be true on into the upcoming weekend to now focusing on the caldor fire for a second. we have seen winds coming down in the sierra nevada which is some good news. we're actually pretty calm in the vicinity of the blaze, especially in lower
9:49 am
elevations. most fire growth. this happened just west of fallen leaf lake last night and then south of the city of south lake tahoe right above slopes of heavenly good news in that it hasn't dropped into south lake tahoe just yet of course, areas further south from there like myers have seen a couple of spot fires pop up. and as we work our way through this forecast despite the fact that we don't have red flag warnings in effect anymore. it doesn't mean we're out of the woods just yet. as far as the bay area's concerned, calmer winds means better chance of haze falling out into the bay and we're already seeing the evidence of that in air quality this morning. yesterday it was good today. it is moderate and likely to see some poor pockets. a pink popping up if not today, on into tomorrow and the rest of your holiday weekend. 60's for your highs in san francisco in right along the coastline. as for bayshore cities, it will mostly be daytime highs in the 70's today. another really comfortable one for the spots saying carlos at 77 degrees. south bay temperatures mid to
9:50 am
upper 70's san jose and i 77 freeman through hayward in the 70's. well, pleasanton and livermore each at 81 oakland's richmond in the 60's. 60's continuing to vallejo. well, low 80's for pittsburgh antioch in vacaville. santa rosa through center fell comfortably in the 70's. a look ahead next 7 days getting warmer. but no excessively hot temperatures. at least highs will peak in the low 90's saturday, sunday and monday as after that we cool back down into the 80's. return of haze may keep some of our more vulnerable to that poor air quality inside. but today and get out their venture out. enjoy a cooler day before warmer temperatures reyna. tom, thanks for that. we did have a hot spot, but now thankfully. >> the lanes have been all open right here. westbound 84 at southbound 6.80, that connector ramp was closed. briefly in tunnel. but you still do have residual delays there. a long 5.80, heading into the city a little under
9:51 am
14 minutes like they just turn those meteor lights off for you. 5.80, moving along nicely the san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes. if you're heading across towards the peninsula as you can see that a stalled vehicle there to the side of the bridge. hopefully they're able to get that off in the south bay looking at one. oh, one traveling to west menlo park. 28 minutes 2, to all looking nice and the richmond. sandra fell commute a little under 13 minutes daryn. james, back to you. all right. thank you. reyna. >> in the east bay and attempted arson at the ebenezer mission baptist church in berkeley was caught on video kron four's dan thorn has reaction now from the pastor. >> this is now the second time in the last year that someone has targeted a well-known black church with arson here in berkeley. ebenezer missionary baptist church is in a building. that's 100 years old and an unknown woman was caught on video trying to destroy it. >> in the early morning hours of august 14th an unidentified woman is seen launching bricks at a church in south berkeley. but the disturbing act of
9:52 am
vandalism does not stop there she is also seen attempting to set the building on fire. we were. >> just grateful that that light was unable to take that that the flame didn't catch pastor kevin craddock. the second is lead pastor at ebenezer missionary baptist church he reviewed the video from the churches surveillance camera on august 15th after noticing damage on the building's windows. what he witnessed was appalling. it was very, very painful we couldn't believe that this was happening, something like this weird s kind a like an amazing video shows over the course of several minutes. the woman continues her brick throwing barrage. but it's the suspected lighter fluid squirted into the grass and the failed attempt to light it. that sent the pastor's emotions on a roller coaster being an african american church. we know our history. >> of the churches and the church bombings and setting fire to churches that were of african descent and worship
9:53 am
centers. >> last summer near, by the way, christian center was the target of an arson attack. the pastor telling kron 4 news in july 2020. he believed it was because of their stance on racial injustice. well, we don't know whether or not attack was racially understandably has people upset and it does strike a deep nerve in the community. berkeley city council member ben bartlett says racism is a form of mental illness. and while he hopes police catch this unknown woman pastor craddock is willing to help her. we definitely need to know who this young lady years. >> we want to help her. and i believe that you can live in harmony when they are in harmony. >> berkeley. police are handling this investigation and anyone with any information is encouraged to give them a call. >> reporting in berkeley. da
9:54 am
9:55 am
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>> 9.56 means the kron 4 morning news is almost over, but they never stop on kron on. let's go to the newsroom and get an update from sun good morning, daryn. good morning, everyone. >> we've got a holiday weekend coming up and neither the pandemic nor the delta variant is stopping a traveler's of from going on vacation. oakland airport is anticipating a busy labor day weekend ahead with tomorrow being one of the busiest days of the weekend will have live reports from the airports with tips on how to maximize your safe travel experience. so to catch that story and get real-time updates on local and national headlines grab the phone and scan. this qr code.
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it will take you straight to your app store so you could download kron-on for free. back to you. thanks to us. >> so with a mandatory evacuation orders, in effect up near lake tahoe bears have been coming down to town. so keep that in behind now police have been able to shoot them off thankfully. but, you know, they've been scratch around for food so the fire impacting everybody, everybody. let's take a peek. it's going to impact us some bad air today, right. yeah, we do have some hazy conditions on the way, guys to just get ready for that. scott is easy. breathe. yes, very good. thanks. and we'll tomorrow. we'll tomorrow. >> a (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure.
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>> announcer: today, it's a "dr. phil" catfish investigation. >> gail was living without heat, air-conditioning, and running water, all to save money to send to her boyfriend of four years, matt hurley. >> matt hurley does not exist. he's a scammer trying to get what he can. >> announcer: was she scammed by an online romance? >> look what he's saying. "don't tell me you have no money, just do what i told you." >> we sent a staffer there to bring him home. >> this is the hotel. not one person recognized this man. >> if he's not in nigeria, where is matt hurley? >> announcer: what happens when she actually meets her online boyfriend? >> we did find the man in the photos. [audience reacts] ♪


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