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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  September 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> back to our top story tonight. the wildfire still threatening south lake tahoe. >> yeah. this is usually the beginning of a really busy holiday weekend for the area. but instead we have crews are just working around the clock trying to prevent the fire from moving into the south like. >> area fell this home. so those businesses. here's a look at the latest numbers containment has increased to 25%. so far more than 210,000 acres have burned more than 800 buildings have been
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destroyed and more than 32,000 buildings remain threatened at this hour. yeah. and tonight we are getting a look at what the caldor fire has left behind as it pushes east this is the scene from mount ralston road. that's just off highway 50 near sierra at tahoe. and you can see that. >> most of the homes have been crews just assess this area overnight. adding to the number of structures that were lost in this fire. they say that in particular in this area. they are seeing more homes lost and more actually saved to families still have not been allowed back to see the damage firsthand for themselves and hopefully retrieve any belongings from the rubble. why it's good get a check on our weather locally as the wildfire is causing some poor air quality. this is a live look right now at the san mateo bridge there hazy. now one of those days where you're just inundated can smell it. and it's all encompassing. but. >> i had a friend whose preschool canceled school
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today because of the bad air. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is standing by. large could be worse. but it's not great. yeah. it's you know, you look at the skies outside just hazy. everywhere you look out there. those a milky looking skies up above hayes. if you look across the bay that continues outside for this evening looking for the berkeley hills looking back west. you see the haze across the bay little orange out over the bay waters as that haze kind of filtering some of that sunlight out. you get that the orange color air quality. yeah, looking good toward mill valley stretching across toward richmond, moderate amounts of pollutants around the rest of the bay area. we've had enough of an influx of an onshore breeze. and that has really kind of helped out a bit. so here's the latest on your smoke tracker across the bay area the forecast over the next 18 hours. of course, a very poor air quality in and around right of those fires. but of the bay area catching a little bit of a break. more of a sea breeze. again. but there's so much smoke mix to the atmosphere even off the coastline. think we're looking more hazy conditions again for tomorrow by the afternoon should be some improvement.
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right inside the bay and along the coastline. otherwise you see the fog out there some that smoke is coming in are mixed in that fog in that it's going make its way back on shore overnight tonight. but that healthy sea breeze continues to blow outside a stronger on shore. winds. 30 mile an hour winds right now in the san francisco 13 in sausalito 16 into fairfield. so all that being said, i think we're looking at high pressure building the desert. southwest temperatures going to warm up near 90 degrees in the hot spots for tomorrow plan, a cooler weather and fog with 60's out of the coast. all right, lawrence, thousands of dollars worth of professional beauty products. they were stolen. >> from a well known barry makeup artist that she tells kron 4 segment you in that she doesn't need people sympathy. she really just wants her. >> makeup kit, returned. >> i have like no, no, no. russian still not eyelashes. no lives lost, not think. >> everything is gone. >> those are the tools of the trade for bay area makeup artist to the stars jonee of
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martin. >> during this tandemic. i have found myself helping more people unfortunately, someone broke into her vehicle as it was parked outside of her home near chandler street in east oakland. >> and stole her portable makeup studio which includes multiple brands of professional makeup products. she estimates the loss at around $15,000. jonee a martin says that she arrived home tuesday at around 08:45pm. after the single mom work and exhausting 16 hour day with a commercial shoot. i was parked here. >> security typically sits in this clubhouse to make his rooms. i was so tired from all the walking that we had to do during the production was like, okay, i'm too tired to take step in leave it just after 08:00am wednesday morning. this is what she found and i live in a private community in east oakland heim to rent. >> we have security in the back of my car where it was in the trunk. he wouldn't have been able to see because my makeup chair was covering everything. >> your observations of the police response to this. i
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mean, do you feel like that was adequate inadequate. so i called 911, said, oh, this is not an emergency call. non-emergency. so i called about 5 times the 9, 1, to number 2. i got through similar and in the lady in the was like, oh, well, you can just do this one line office is going to come out for the resident says she realizes that smash-and-grab auto burglaries are major problem here in the bay area. >> yeah. this is the thing i'm not looking for sympathy. i'm not this just happened to me. i was tired or 16 hour day. i just want what's the back. >> i just pulled a i forgave you even know who you were taken from. but this is my livelihood. i do this school time in the have no way of providing for my household, for my son. >> if you have any information about this incident. you're asked to contact oakland police has it made kron 4 news. happening tonight. the alameda unified school district is voting on 2 new covid related rules and
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they're significant. >> the new proposal would require masks outdoors regardless of vaccination status if passed the outdoor masking policy would be in effect until at least winter break the other motion would require students to be tested for covid if they're 12 or older. so eligible for the vaccine. but they did not get the shots. the tests would be mandatory twice a month. the meeting tonight is scheduled for 6 o'clock. also in the east bay, some businesses in berkeley have about a week now to implement new vaccination requirements starting september 10th large indoor events, restaurants and gyms will be required to ask customers to show proof of full vaccination similar to what san francisco has been doing this rule will apply to everyone, 12 and older. as for employees at these businesses, they have until october 15th to show that they have been vaccinated or they can submit to weekly testing. the labor day weekend is almost upon us. and despite coronavirus
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spreading rapidly across the country. this is expected to be a very busy travel holiday. >> our first charles clifford has details now from oakland. >> the cdc has recommended that unvaccinated people not travel during the upcoming labor day weekend. but here in oakland, the airport says it could be a very busy labor day weekend holiday airport officials say that friday and monday will be the busiest travel days with a 130,000 people total passing through the airport over the next couple of days. anyone inside the airport does need to wear a mask. also, masks are required on flights as well. on thursday talked to several people here at the airport to say that even though they know coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the country. they feel pretty good about traveling right now. i personally feel okay. i'm fully vaccinated. sos my husband even when i travel, i keep my mask on. i sanitize i still follow those procedures, but i feel ok because of that because i'm fully vaccinated and i followed my. >> system, if you will. well. >> we beat had that that
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scene. so that decreased some of the anxiety of we saw the precautions hand sanitizers, 6. 6 feet apart when possible and wear the mask. >> now, the cdc also says that for folks who are unvaccinated. but still insist on traveling. they recommend. >> getting tested for coronavirus before you leave. and then again after you leave, make sure you wear a mask while you're traveling, do the best you can to social distance. >> other people and try to limit your exposure. but for now, in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >> a woman tries to bypass hawaii's quarantine rule by using a fake vaccination nation. cardwell how officials were able to track her down and arrest her. and after the break, we'll show you apple's new digital driver's license and how it could come in. really handy at the airport. september is hunger action month and kron four's
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partnering with feeding america help and food insecurity scan the qr code on your screen for information on how you can donate to local food charities here in the bay area and watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our communities.
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easier way to show your license at the airport simply by tapping your phone. apple is adding a digital driver's license to the iphone, arizona
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and georgia will be the first 2 states to adopt a digital driver's license. connecticut, iowa, kentucky, maryland, oklahoma and utah will be next. no word yet on when california could be added. apple says it is working with the tsa to accept the digital id ease digital ids. apple says can be more private than handing over a physical card. a license since just the necessary. details are handed over. >> tesla ceo elon musk announced that the release of the highly anticipated wrote stirred will be delayed yet again. musk confirmed the roadsters release is now delayed until 2023 and could be delayed even longer due to supply chain shortages. it's now 3 years behind its original timeline. it was supposed to the market in 2020. so people who wanted to be the first in line to get the vehicle had to put down between 50,250 $1000 in deposit.
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>> notice off here with this vaccine card. well, if you look closely, it's pretty easy to tell. it's fake you look live right here. first dose came from met there mad during
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a u mad bro dispelled run to the m o d. >> yeah. you know. >> not the sharpest. well, whatever we first told this story last night. a person he tried to run with this airport in hawaii got arrested for the counterfeit card. >> so tonight we're hearing from police and learning now that screeners at the airport. notice these irregularities on the woman's card. sam spangler report . >> william rose that drive to on august 23rd which he presented this vaccine card screeners. notice moderna misspelled within a instead of an old and an illegible lot number that also looks suspicious. that's one indication. >> as well as other things that in the car at they've they've thought it was suspicious and as as being suspicious, they get their job of notifying us. >> prozac is from illinois. but the court said she received her shot from the national guard in delaware
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today, g, by steam conduct its investigations. contacted the state. that does the vaccinations and determined i was no record out of the suspect that they have been vaccinated. special agent lau was unable to reach rose act by phone. she wasn't staying in her listed hoy address. >> after finding her profile on facebook special agent loud to turn tha prozac had a distinctive tattoo on her left hip on august 28th rose. that was found by the 14 complaints checked he based on her tattoo at the southwest airlines counter it will airport. >> it was a. joint effort that we able to locate her. and find out when she was leaving. you vote even though she was evasive about kerr lodging location. >> she was arrested and charged on suspicion of falsified vaccination documents but claimed that she had paid for a vaccine from her doctor rose x bail was set
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at $2000 falsifying a vaccination card comes with a fine of up to $5,000 and or year in prison. it's also illegal to sell or buy them. 2 other groups have been busted with fake vaccine cards in the islands just this month. norbert and trevor chung were arrested after authorities were tipped off to their fate carts and in seoul and daniela del mazo were pa for having fake vaccine cards. also perfect cars for a 4, 5, year-old. more eligible for vaccination. there may be others. i could say that there is still ongoing investigations. all >> faults vaccination documents that has come through pki. out there the be investigate at this point in time. >> that was sam spangler reporting for us tonight. officials say that most of those fake vaccine cards are being sold online. >> whether time as we get look outside this is a live look at san francisco's embarcadero.
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and for those who want to get away. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us about summer. can you believe it? labor day holiday. coming up. here we go. already. but it went fast. and here it looks like. >> we're going to be heating up this weekend if you're getting way ahead of the monterey bay should be nice. they're carmel by the sea 65 degrees. a little hazy there. also dealing with some smoke there. 66 degrees moderate tomorrow 76 carmel valley. how about southern california? yeah, they got a lot of sunshine coming their way. a 79 degrees. beautiful long beach 81 in los angeles. 19 hot anaheim and 93 in pasadena. unfortunately, this will be a place, a lot of people be going, but they're saying don't go this weekend. you got that active fire burning up there temperatures in the 70's and 80's. but so much smoke even if you're up there, not enjoyable. also stay away from the tahoe area. looks like there's going to be a lot of smoke, but hopefully we'll get that under control very soon. temperature wise around the bay area 69 degrees in the mission for tomorrow. 61 in the sunset about 64 degrees in san francisco along
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the coastline, you're going to see some patchy fog that will keep you cooler. mainly low 60's here, maybe size 65 in daly city still going to be hazy outside the air quality still suffering out there, but it should be improved by tomorrow afternoon. 70 degrees in san bruno about 76 in millbrae. also the burlingame and then we start to warm things up. san mateo, you're looking i 77 degrees. 78 san carlos about 77 in redwood city and 78 degrees in mountain view. temperatures warming up in the south bay tomorrow. 80 degrees in san jose about 83 in santa clara about 85 degrees in campbell. if you're headed to morgan hill and gilroy. those temperatures getting closer to 90 degrees. and i think some of those numbers inland by tomorrow afternoon near 90 in little more tomorrow about 87 in pleasanton 82 degrees in union city pushing further north, of course, are going to see hazy conditions. but about 88. it walnut creek 72 in oakland 71 richmond 89 degrees in concord in the hot 91 in brentwood, 92 in discovery, bay. but all those temperatures up in the 90's
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and the vacaville area about 84 degrees in benicia. i think we see a pretty good sea breeze by tomorrow afternoon and that will be a welcome sight. of course you can see that smoke kind of settling in in the morning hours to get a little mix in the afternoon with some of those win temperatures in the north bay and about 81 degrees in santa rosa 81. also in petaluma about 58 with that patchy fog instance, a beach next few days as temperatures heating up going to be a hot holiday weekend ahead and then we'll cool down tuesday and wednesday of next week. all right. thanks exit 5 wealthy. check something off. your bucket list bucket to take a hot air balloon ride in napa. hot air balloon ride in napa. >> after the break. when that car hit my motorcycle, hot air balloon ride in napa. >> after the break. insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy.
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watch me! get real relief with cosentyx. >> well, we've been on boat rides, train rides even a tv right during our destination. california journeys. but now is the time to do something on many people's bucket list. yeah. go way, way up there only 1000 is taking us up in the air and behind the scenes of a much sought after adventure, hot air ballooning in napa valley. >> many people dream of doing as a kid floating across the sky looking down at the world below. >> in a giant balloon. fortunately for us now with ali balloons has turned our dreams. it was for. we set sail off into the sunrise.
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>> we need a cowboy to show us how things get started on the ground. >> captain chad ackerman has been a napa valley balloon pilot for 7 years and says there's a lot of work that goes into making sure. >> all smooth sailing from here. well, first off, you've got to have your crew. they're the most important. you think the polls most important. but you got to have a good crew. >> for this team. the work starts early by unloading these heavy 16 person baskets along with a massive balloon sheet that incredibly >> fits into a beam back size pouch. all that fabric weighs over 500 pounds. >> we use a gas powered can do a cold place in one state little off in heat and the bees.
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>> with the crisp morning breeze on our side. the baskets are loaded and we are ready for takeoff. >> i'm off to see napa from behind me. you can see the mountain. there's lake berryessa behind me and then on the other side. >> probably can't see it, but you can actually make out the tops of the buildings of sacramento >> meanwhile on the ground captain chats crew are going on a wild balloon chase but our responsibility is to chase chase them north with east and they better get ready because this 3 mile an hour balloon is coming >> for destination, california. i'm melanie town. >> yeah. you scan this qr code on your phone and it will take you to our destination. california section on our website to find much more about how to take a hot air balloon ride in napa. you'll also find stories on fun things to do across the whole state is all on kron 4 dot com that wraps up kron 4 news at 5
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as pickle and what have you ever say. i've never seen a behind the scenes of how they know she did a good job going like that the nation, california. >> pam and ken are up next with kron 4 news at 6. and there's a lot going on tonight. as grant. vicki, thanks to you both. coming up with us next at 6 o'clock. we're going to talk to our crews which are who are live in south lake tahoe as the flames move dangerously close to that city. the efforts tonight to say thousands of homes and from wildfires to headly floods will take a look at the damage after ida slams the northeast. the death toll now up to 40 tonigh
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now it's 6 o'clock okay. for now. better weather helping in the battle against the caldor fire in south lake tahoe. but the extremely dry farce and the wind gusts are still likely as the fire has soared. nevada. good evening. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne, let's take a look at the map of where the fire is burning right now. this is a map from the cal fire incident page. the flames are spreading east creeping closer and closer to the nevada state line. but so far. >> firefighters have been able to keep the fire out of the community of south lake tahoe. here's a look at the latest numbers containmens


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