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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. it clears out the skies with allows for all that aircraft to work the flip side is that it brings in fresh oxygen to the fire and helps fanned those flames and push them to move faster. >> now at 10 firefighters working around the clock to keep the flames from spreading into south lake tahoe. better weather is expected to help the crews battling the caldor fire tonight. but this fight is far from over. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 10 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. while the winds were calmer today. the fire is still being fueled by dry vegetation and spot fires continue to pop up. >> here's a look at the latest numbers. according to cal fire's latest update, almost 4,000 firefighters are battling the flames more than 210,000 acres have burned containment is up to 27%. more
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than 800 buildings have been destroyed almost 32,000 others are still being threatened. so let's get the latest now from the ground reporter chip yost joins us live from the california nevada state line and ship. you've been there a couple of days now you've seen the progress. how are you feeling about the way things look. >> was looking good today was a really good day for firefighters to get a break in the weather. they got a break in the winds. the skies cleared up. so they were able to get some more precise air drops and it's looking good. but the fire is moving east. you mentioned we're in stateline, nevada, which is literally on the state line. just a couple blocks that way is south lake tahoe in california were actually believe it or not, you know, would know by looking behind me, we're in the parking lot of the hard rock casino here on the state line is basically been transformed to a staging ground for firefighters and other agencies are trying to help out in the fight of this fire. if it gets across the state line in the energy the biggest power company in the
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is also staging the area we're at right now. they work with fire departments to protect infrastructure and power lines in a wildfire. luckily, they haven't been need to get. the fire is not reached the state line, but they are having some issues on the south side of the fire in california. >> nearly 3 weeks in and the counter fire is still doing damage here in the caples valley on the south end of the fire. firefighters are trying to prevent the fire from reaching the kirkwood ski resort and some cabins in the area. and even though the red flag warning is over. the winds are still presenting a challenge for an extremely rugged territory throughout the so far. this is a huge fire instant with all different types terrain. >> the winds even though we're not red flag warning. there. winds to gust throughout that area and over the ridge tops they can reach gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour, even without being under red flag warning. so still pushing the fire so far since the fire started. it has destroyed more than 600 homes across more than 300
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square miles of destruction ashes from the fire can now be seen washing up on the shores of lake tahoe and with south lake tahoe under mandatory evacuation bears have had free rein around town. but for that area of the fire. things are looking better. >> thursday. the reduced winds and better conditions allowed firefighters to light backfires on the outskirts of south lake tahoe. so crews are in here backfiring and they have to wait. till conditions are just right to do in all, it is controlled fire taking away the fuels in front of the fire preventing the fire from being able to come in. >> and move in that direction. so in a sense, we're guiding the fire in a direction that we want it to go. >> in just a couple of hours ago we got some more good news. they gave an update as far as the latest containment numbers containment went from, i believe was 25% or 25% up to 27% now went up a few. a couple of percentage points to 27%. so they are making
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progress on the fire and hopefully that will continue as we get into the weekend for now reporting live here on the state line in nevada. chip yost. send it back to you. a tip, a curious. you have a north lake tahoe fire truck behind you. obviously mutual aid has been called. so there are a lot of agencies from california on the scene. but. >> you're in nevada now and i'm just wondering when the fire crosses over the state line. does that change things is cal-fire stop and that gets picked up by nevada. firefighters times at work. know, i'm not sure i was about to have a conversation some folks earlier. >> they did today. they divided the fire into to basically incident management so they're with the fire on the west in with one management team and now another management team handling the east end, which would get it if it got into the state line. they have to kind of make those decisions. there is federal aid coming into this fire is a declaration was made for president by day for help to come in for the fire. but as far as how that would work
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exactly. not sure what a big bet information for you later. >> chip yost reporting live. thank you so much again for your report from the fire lines the counter fire's progress for the sierra has slowed a bit. but if course is still very much a big problem. our grant lotus is live in the newsroom tonight with an update on where the fire is burning tonight. grant. good evening. pam and ken, you know, it only grew this fire by about 600 acres today. >> that is a big change from what it had been doing. remarkable improvement and credit to the firefighters who have really slow this thing down, at least right now. yes, the weather helped the big focus tonight as you take a look at the cal fire map. the latest cal fire map. big focus remains homes in the round lake south lake tahoe proper including a christmas valley and then you also have kirkwood a fly in here. get a closer look. this is christmas valley right here along highway 89 lot of homes right down here in this area that have been spared. you see the
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fire is on both sides of highway 89 lot of water drops in this area today to keep that fire at bay here. all the homes in south lake tahoe. the south lake tahoe airport right here. there's the see the proximity, maybe 2 and a half miles from the fire line to there and hear those some of those spot fires we've been talking about better popping up just beyond the edge of the fire. so as those fires pop up, they really try to jump on those to prevent those from merging with the larger fire and that would enable the fire to make a better charge. east towards nevada. so the the fire is heading east trying to go north and that is one area of concern for firefighters tonight. the other couple areas kirkwood. you heard a chip yost mentioned how they're trying to protect the cabins and obviously the resort. a lot of kirkwood city area here and highway 88 runs through there. and they're trying to keep this fire to the north of highway 88 you see a bunch of little spot fires popping up just to the
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south of 88. so they're trying to douse those quickly so that they can control this thing and not allowed to jump highway 88 like it jumped a highway 50 earlier this week that we have another map that we can show you. and that is the heat. this is an infrared map showing the he profiles and you can see the yellow is the least amount of heat, the oranges and the reds the most. so this is where they're seeing a lot of intensity and that's where the fire is trying to grow. so that gives you an idea of where the priorities are here along highway 88. we talked about that. and then finally, this is the evacuation map which is changing out. that's good. some folks in pollack pines and elsewhere being allowed to head home. the orange here in the middle is where the fire has burned yellows evacuation warnings red evacuation orders. evacuation orders have just been lifted tonight for the region. round round hill in the douglas county. that's here in southern nevada as well as lower oaks points and
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firefighters tonight are working to just continue to. use their bulldozers to bolster the lines that they have established so that if a wind gust does come and there is a spot fire that, you know, the fire can kind of follow that, if you will, that they have created even bigger lines than they already have. so that is one of the goals tonight, lot of work to do and it seemingly never ends. there on the caldor fire for now. we'll send it back to you, ken and pam. all right. grant, thank you very much. the counter for dixie another wildfires have put a strain on firefighting resources all over california. >> last year. you'll recall in felton crews battled the czu fire in the santa cruz mountains. those same fire teams have now moved on to help fight the caldor and the dixie wildfires, cal fire's chief admits local resources have been drawn down to what he calls a critical level. >> so with all the fire activity here locally in the san mateo santa cruz unit. our have been drawn down to what
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we consider critical. levels. word are bare minimum. we won't send anything else out and unless we absolutely have to. if we had an event that you know, threatening a lot of structures and we have a potential threat to life. we would make that request and they would pull resources from those other incidents and send them our direction because initial attack is our priority. >> 11 of the 13 inches from cal fire's, san mateo, santa cruz units and one of its 2 bulldozers and all but 2 conservation corps crews are now fighting other fires. cal fire santa clara and other units are also stretched thin right now local city and county fire departments are backing up. cal fire through mutual aid agreements. we have continuing coverage of the counter fire on our website. you can find interactive evacuation maps the map showing where structures have been damaged or destroyed and we're evacuees can get help. just scan the qr code you see on the screen. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> of course, weather. so
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crucial to any firefight. let's check in now with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow for a closer look at conditions of crews can expect certainly improve these past 24 hours. they've gone from red flag warnings. all the sudden the fire is actually being pushed back in on itself with some of the winds coming out of the north and pushing it back toward the places that have already burned. so that's good news for firefighters are going want to see more of that right now here, the very latest on last few hours. you can see little more of a west south westerly component to the winds and then turning coal into parts of south lake tahoe up toward trent bridge is we want to see more of those calm conditions and this is where we sit right now. and you can see overall the wind begin to switch just a little bit becoming out of the northeast and pushing the fire back in on itself so that is exactly what we want to see tonight that will slow down the fire. but it won't be perfect. you'll still see some place where the fire will run up some hills and in some of that rain will get some different wind directions and that could push the fire other ways. but right now they are getting some help as far as
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humidity is concerned, it's just bone dry up there. we've got 42% right now. a relative humidity myers. 42% southlake all 60% at the echo lake. that's not to drive. but in around the fire very dry. and of course, we've had the drought and that will just accentuate all the problems. all right. i want to show this to this. the very latest in our forecast for our winds as we head through the next 24 hours as we take you to the night tonight. you see almost more of the northerly component. the wind developing throughout the night. that is good news for firefighters is that's going to push that away from south lake tahoe. let's keep our fingers crossed for that. but then by tomorrow afternoon, the wind is going to switch directions. this. what happens throughout the day. the wind is always shifting by tomorrow afternoon. it will get hot enough inland office and that air rises inland. so you start to get more of a westerly component late in the day but looks like through tonight and through tomorrow morning. looks like more of a northerly wind that should slow down the progress of certainly hope keep your fingers crossed, lawrence, thank you. >> another big story we are following tonight. contra,
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costa county health officials are releasing new guidance when it comes to covid-19 and youth sports and activities mask-wearing vaccinations and are being encouraged as the county like much of the bay area is seen an uptick in cases kron four's. dan thorn talked with the county's health officer about the new recommendations and he joins us live from tonight with more. dan. >> well, pam ken, this new guidance is for school and non school-based activities and youth sports. the county health officer says that the new safety essentially just build off of what the state is already recommending. and even though hospitalizations remain low for kids that get covid-19. they want to keep it that way. and they also want to prevent this highly contagious, delta variant from being spread to others. >> face coverings testing physical distancing and getting vaccinated. all things we've gotten familiar with over the last year and a half in contra, costa county health leaders are right now focusing
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on how those things relate to youth sports and activities really important because schools have started back up and it started back up of the time. we're in the midst of of us are just search. that's, you know, worst in our service last summer county, health ofhicer doctor chris farnitano says masking is being strongly recommended for all participants coaches. staff volunteers and spectators involved in outdoor sports regardless of vaccination status. masking is already required for indoor sports and activities except those settings where a mask poses a safety issue such as wrestling or swimming and of possible high risk indoor activities such as dancing cheer or choir are being recommended to be moved outside we've seen, you know, kids coming down with covid. we've seen. >> outbreaks associated with extracurricular activities. we really want you most to minimize because kids under the age of 12 are not yet able to be vaccinated. health leaders say schools and youth organizations need to be especially aware of the risks.
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those who are old enough for being told it's best to be fully vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated are being told to get tested regularly or be limited from high-risk close contact sports. >> such as football. as for preventing the spread of covid-19 off of the field. the time spent in locker rooms should be limited along with mask wearing on team buses. and if the team travels out of state following cdc guidelines and wellbeing of its schools are all following these guidelines of other. >> private clubs and another non-school youth activities. follow these guidelines will be able to keep the cases down. we'll be able to keep these activities going. >> the county health department says that there's guidance is not a part of a legally binding health order. this is just simply expert advice that will help keep people safe from covid-19 reporting live in or into dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you for that report.
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>> in the east bay alameda unified school district students will be required to wear masks indoors and outdoors regardless of their vaccination status and students who are not vaccinated must be tested for covid monthly the school board passed both measures at tonight's meeting. the mask rule will be in effect until winter break and reviewed on november. the first it is unclear how long the testing requirement will remain in place. also in the east bay, some businesses in berkeley have about a week to implement new vaccination requirements starting september 10th large indoor events restaurants and gyms will be required to ask customers to show proof of full vaccination for covid similar to what san francisco has been doing this rule will apply to all persons aged 12 and older who are eligible for the vaccine. as for employees at these businesses, they have until october the 15th to show that they have been vaccinated or to submit to weekly testing
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in san francisco. ballpark. ballpark workers at oracle park of announced a strike vote hat's after they say more than 20 workers contracted covid. >> since the stadium reopened in june. the vote is being organized by hundreds of concession workers at oracle park. in a statement unite here. the hospitality workers union says, quote, the giants have failed to mandate and or enforce masks and social distancing at concourse concession stands private suites and more and food service workers frequently have to deal with maskless guests who are often drinking while park workers say they've struggled during the lockdown without secure health care. they're asking to lower the eligibility threshold to qualify for insurance. they want masking and social distancing to be enforced and hazard pay a $3 an hour. all park workers and others will meet before the dodgers giants game on saturday and if they vote yes, it would allow workers to walk out at any time. >> new tonight, the owners of
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the ghost ship warehouse in oakland recently filed bankruptcy to settle a lawsuit with victims families and survivors of the warehouse fire. you might remember that tragedy nearly 5 years ago killed 36 people and displaced many other from four-staters aqui joins us live in the studio breaks down what this means for the families and the lorvivors. taylor. well, as you know, this has been a long this filing a bankruptcy will actually help move along the final legal proceedings attached to this tragedy. >> it will also cover more than half of the settlement for these families. an attorney representing victims. family says her clients are disappointed. the owners, the ng family were in criminallya least they're being held accountable. >> december. second 2016, a
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day. many families won't forget after their loved ones died in a fire thth tore through the go ship warehouse in oakland. the inferno killed 36 people and left many others living there at the time. homeless now nearly 5 years later, an end in sight for these families in family who owns the warehouse which continues to sit vacant recently filed bankruptcy to pay an estimated 11.8 million dollars to survivors and families of the 3 dozen victims owners of the building. >> went >> into voluntary bankruptcy and that so that we will have not only their insurance policy but we will also sell their properties that they have in oakland and those proceeds will go. >> to the family's attorney. mary alexander represents 13 of the families in a dozen others who once lived at the warehouse. she says they already settled with the city of oakland and pg. any party promoters in the master tenant
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derick in mlech elmen a pled guilty to 36 counts of invovovontary manslaughter. but will serve 12 years on home arrest and probation. alexander says the families are disapointed that the ng family wasn't also charged criminally families really wanted to see that things charged criminally to be held responsible. >> 4 letting this building be such a fire trap and have people that matter and unpermitted events. and so the civil suit, though, the amount of money is. not enough to compensate them fully at least in some sense of justice under the wings bankruptcy plan. they'll pay nearly 6 million dollars in insurance money. >> and the rest would come from the sale of their properties in oakland, including the ghost ship warehouse still very raw and still very upsetting to we're
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hoping that this will get them. >> some some sense justice. this compensation. >> alexander says together the bankruptcy and sale of beings property could take as long as a year. back to you. >> all right, taylor, thank you. >> the news now crime in oakland is running rampant 87 homicides this year. 5 of those just in the last week that compares to 64 at this time last year. plus shootings robberies and carjackings are also up. in fact, there have been more than 400 shootings this year and 700 armed robberies. >> both 50% increases compared to last year. opd is also reporting carjackings have gone up a 100% over the last year and asked the city's police chief is making another appeal to the community to try to get their help to stop the violence. >> there's an opportunity that community has to actually touch them before have to come
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into the hands of law enforcement or before it get themselves involvement in another violent act really call in a family members and friends that if you see your loved one armed with a firearm. and if you see them involved in some confrontation that lead to violence that you step and intervene. >> chief armstrong also says part of the answer to the uptick in crime is reaching out to all of those who are hurting as a result of gun violence getting them support. so they realized the remedy is not retaliation and get this. police say they've recovered more than 800 firearms so far this year. >> take a look at this glass smashed, a livelihood stolen around $15,000 worth of professional beauty products white from the car of a well-known bay area makeup artist janae a martin, someone broke into her car as it was parked outside her home near chandler street in east oakland and stole her portable makeup studio she says she's not looking for sympathy. she just wants her makeup kit back.
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>> i would in a private community in oakland heim to rent. we have security in the back of my car where it was in the trunk. he wouldn't have been able to see because my makeup chair was covering everything. i have like no, no, no. brushes do not eyelashes. no lives lost, not think, yeah. this is the thing. i'm not looking for sympathy. i'm not this just happened to me. i was tired or 16 hour day. i just what's the back. i i forgave you even know who you were taken from. but this is my livelihood. i do this school time in the have no way of providing for my household, for my son. >> if you have any information about this incident. you are asked to contact oakland kron 4 is your election headquarters. and tonight mia bonta is declaring victory in the special runoff election for the assembly district. 18 seat as of tonight. bonta holds just more than 56% of the vote. alameda county has not made the results official,
10:23 pm
but 100% of precincts are reporting. this win means she'll succeed. her husband rob bonta, who was appointed by governor gavin newsom has the state attorneys general, the 18th district represents a little more than 500,000 people across much of oakland and all of san leandro and the city of alameda. >> the gubernatorial recall effort is headed for a landslide defeat. at least that's what a new poll is suggesting the survey from the public policy institute of california found 58% of likely voters say they would vote no on the recall just 39% of the respondents said that they would vote yes. among those voting to replace the governor if he is recalled. is republican. larry elder. he leads was 26%. that's a full 21 points ahead of the next contender. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer mean well, election security experts are calling for a rigorous audit of our state's recall election. this is the
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first election since the my pillow ceo mike lindell actually distributing companies of the dominion voting systems. election management system and security experts say recent breaches in colorado and in michigan, have them concerned that somebody could try to manipulate california's election, too. it's important to know that as of now there is no evidence that anybody plans to hack the voting system in california and a spokespersot for the secretary of state says california has the strictest and most comprehensive voting system testing in the country. our coverage of the recall election continues at kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to our web page where you can get the latest on the candidates and details on casting your ballot. still ahead, the remnants of ida tore through the northeast leaving more than 40 people dead. >> we'll have the latest on this historic flooding and the united states supreme court has upheld the new abortion
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>> tonight, health officials are warning people not to take ivermectin to cure or try to
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prevent covid the california poison control director says there have been some increases in calls because of its use and some animal feed stores in the bay area say they've seen people coming in to buy animal products for human use a feed store owner in santa rosa told us they don't want to scrutinize people for buying the product. but sometimes are ripped through neighborhoods with unrelenting fury. the rising death toll and devastating damage caused by the remnants of hurricane ida
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and questions keep coming about the president's decision to withdraw troops from afghanistan and the americans who were left behind. the pentagon addressing the evacuation today. we'll tell you what officials have done and what still needs to be done. plus, we continue our coverage on the caldor fire. 10's of thousands of structures still threatened tonight. hundreds have already burned to
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>> our top story at 1030, better weather is helping in the battle against the counter fire near south lake tahoe, but extremely dry for some wind gusts are still possible as a fire heads toward the nevada state line. let's take a closer look at just where the fire is burning. we have a map to show you from cal fire incidents page. the flames are spreading east creeping closer to the nevada state line. but so far. >> the fire crews have been able to keep the fire out of south lake tahoe. >> here's a look at the latest numbers. almost 4,000 firefighters are battling the flames. more than 210,000 acres burned containment is up to 27%. more than 800 buildings have been destroyed almost 32,000 others are still being threatened. firefighters are cautiously optimistic about getting a handle on the counter fire. but there are challenges ahead, of course, many challenges kron four's. gayle ong has the latest from the firefight. >> i'm here in south lake tahoe where we're really only
10:33 pm
seeing emergency vehicles utility workers zip by this empty town overall. firefighters got the upper hand with the caldor fire. but still that with winds that caused flare ups. >> the smoke highly visible as firefighters monitor this fire burning in timber along highway 89 near meyers allude to pass road thursday afternoon. overall. the weather was favorable helicopters made water drops throughout the day. an aircraft found spot fires ignited from this week's high wind event based on the active burning areas our primary priorities are up near south lake tahoe where the where the fire is not fully contained. >> areas around kurt court as well. and then parsons of the 50 corridor and then down low and the fire as well. a grizzly flats area a decrease in winds is anticipated in the forecast from friday into the weekend. >> that's expected to bring relief for firefighters but poor air quality due to lingering smoke fire officials, cautioned dry conditions and low humidities across the caldor fire more
10:34 pm
than 4400 firefighters personnel are working on the ground and air keeping a close eye on areas with homes and businesses. we spent a lot of the day time putting a fire line ahead of the fire. so that at night time, if the line we can do a strategic back burning and burning operations between the line, though, is installed earlier in the day. >> and where the fire's front is that can only occur if the conditions line just right between the temperature in the relative. humidity. >> some evacuations warnings and orders have been lifted on the west side of the fire that includes the areas of pollack, pines and omar ranch as for future repopulation is at this point there is no timeline. but crews say they are working fast to get people back in reporting from south lake tahoe. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> you can use this qr code to be directed to our web page dedicated to more information and tips on wildfire season just scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our special section at kron 4
10:35 pm
dot com. now to the missouri back east. the remnants of hurricane ida leaving a deadly mark in the northeast record breaking rainfall quickly turned highways into rivers. >> and left some neighborhoods completely under water and killed more than 40 people today. today, first responders conducted water rescues across the tri-state area, new york, new jersey and connecticut. they're now working to remove people trapped in vehicles and in basement apartments. andrew ramos talk to residents in passaic new jersey today. they say 2 people remain missing in their neighborhood after being overcome by flood waters. >> but that. >> passaic resident lady tourist cries for 3rd floor window after witnessing 2 people get taken by rush of water along main avenue. wednesday night. they open bottom up and coming in center of the she told us when they got to the middle of the street. they got out of the car. >> and i don't know if they were trying to take a video. but the car just started moving in. the current was so
10:36 pm
strong it just swept everyone away. those 2 individuals described as only a man and a woman between the ages of 1821 still missing. officials say their current phones have been recovered. but the search and rescue mission continues. one theory. the pair was swept into this nearby storm. drain, which empties out into the passaic river. we want to be strategic. >> and specific with our efforts because we also want to preserve the lives of our emergency responders are firefighters are divers at the height of the storm brought by remnants of ida the city of passaic reported its first casualty. the 70 year-old man who was a passenger in a car that was overcome with water. first responders were able to rescue his 66 year-old wife and 25 year-old son officials here are still wrapping their heads around the power of wednesday storm which transformed streets into rivers. >> in some cases. >> 5 feet high in my 35 years and i've seen a lot of storms. i work with you, sandy, the intensity of what we that developed over our area. i've never seen.
10:37 pm
>> it's certainly something figure. hager never expected a surge of water not only ravage her newly renovated basement. but it brought fragments of a tennis court from nearby memorial park to her lawn saying now there is nothing is down the rafters is there any >> that was andrew ramos reporting president biden will head to louisiana tomorrow to 2 of the communities devastated by the hurricane there. fortunately though, ida is almost gone. wow. kron 4 chief meteorologist karnow joins us now with a look at what's left of that storm that caused so much a lot tech of the storm. you know, you don't think of these hurricanes. come on shore. think. >> well, that's it. will they still a lot of moisture and better there. and then the started interact with some of the other weather systems working their way across the u.s. a cold front kind of dropping in from canada. and so that cold air mixing with all that warm moist air tends to ring out a ton of moisture in the did along the northeast. now it's finally making its way out of town.
10:38 pm
you see leave in maine right now. but the ein, they continue to see some flooding along many of the tributaries and rivers there, they will likely do so at that water just rains down the mountains over the next couple of days here in the bay area. of course, it hasn't been about rain is the lack of rain and the fires and the smoke hazy conditions out there right now. the fog has begun to move inside the bay air quality. not bad moderate amounts of pollutants around the bay area. right now we're all under that yellow shade right there. i think we'll see a little improvement by tomorrow afternoon. not going to be entirely great still. but on the hazy side, long range forecast. this starts to get a little interesting. we get a little closer to the rain season. these models a little bullish. i'm bringing a maybe a chance of rain in the forecast, not just yet high pressure building in over the weekend. that is going to bring some hot weather inland, some places maybe near triple digits as we head into labor day holiday. then things change as we get into next week as we're going to see some more clouds roll on in some cooler temperatures on the way than late next week. we've got a front off the coastline and there you go.
10:39 pm
possibly by next saturday or sunday may be our first shot of the chance of rain. don't think it's going to happen. but we'll keep our eyes on that temperature wise. you will see a lot 80's inland 60's 70's around the bay and we're going to see a lot of warm temperatures over the weekend. the holiday. yeah. it's going to be a little bit hot in the labor day holiday then temperatures cooling down will hold off on calling for rain just yet. but that's a promising sign of hope. it happens soon. we'll do all right. well, as the u.s. now to an update on the afghanistan withdrawal. the white house says more than 7,000 americans and permanent residents. >> are now back in the united states by administration still trying to coordinate with the more than 100 remaining americans to see if they want to leave afghanistan in many cases, those left behind have deep ties to afghanistan and others have dual citizenship and complicating evacuation efforts chartered flights out of that country could soon be operated by taliban controlled airports. the white house wants more scrutiny before allowing those flights to land at american bases.
10:40 pm
>> in afghanistan. more than 2 dozen women protested outside the governor's office and the promise of the province of a lot are urging the nation's new leaders to include women in their cabinet. >> taliban fighters prevented the demonstrators from actually speaking with the governor. they did not break up the rally which is unusual based on things they've done in the past tonight we continue to follow the controversial new abortion law in texas u.s. supreme court has formally denied a request to freeze that texas state law that bans abortions after 6 weeks, the court's action means that the so-called heartbeat law which bans abortions before many women even know they're pregnant will remain on the books. the net romero has reaction. >> for the state of texas. roe v wade is still the law of the land last night in west
10:41 pm
hollywood local activists voiced their concern over the ruling. they say it's texas now. but the fear is this is only the beginning. >> for women not to be able to get an abortion when they determined that is the best thing for them. and their families. >> the texas law bans most abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of a medical emergency. the state has an interest in protecting fetal life. that's what texas heartbeat act is about if allowed to remain in force, the law would be the most far-reaching restrictions on abortion rights in the united states since the high court's landmark, roe versus wade decision legalizing abortion across the country in 1973 legal challenges to the texas law have been complicated by the fact that leaves enforcement up to citizens anyone who successfully sued the woman or someone who helps a woman get an abortion after 6 weeks. can collect $10,000 encourages private citizens to
10:42 pm
essentially become bounty hunters. the supreme court voted 5 to 4 chief justice john roberts dissented along with the court's 3 liberal justices. >> they are outnumbered now with former president trump's 3 supreme court appointees. in a statement after the law took effect president joe biden said it will result in constitutional chaos. but there's a push on social media to cause chaos in texas. the hashtag boycott, texas is trending hollywood celebrities movie execs and average citizens vowing to take their business out of texas in protest. many experts say the supreme court acted on a technicality and that its constitutionality will be tested in the future. but there are others who are concerned. it might be too late by then in the next few days and weeks. look for other states to implement law that look exactly like texas's law. >> it will be hard for the court to say that those law should be pas. but the texas law should not be, which means
10:43 pm
i think we're going to see roe v wade not be the law of the land in more and more states. >> now this afternoon president biden said he will look into a possible federal response to the texas abortion ban. if he has to reporting from new center of lynette romero. now back to you. >> coming up next in sports, the giants are trying to snap a four-game long losing streak and get back into first place in the nl west kylen mills has
10:44 pm
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10:46 pm
>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> well, labor day weekend right around the corner. usually marks the unofficial end of summer, but baseball season here in the bay area just heating up. both of our teams are in the hunt. the a's right now in the wild card hunt while the giants deadlock with the dodgers in the top of the nl west. these 2 teams also face off this weekend. but for san francisco trying to avoid the sweep today in the final game of their series against the brewers. so let's head out to oracle park. the brew crew. also one of the best teams in the national league tied at 1 one until the 8th inning darin ruf lines one into left field corner nicely hit kris bryant comes into score giants take the lead to one next batter tyler was strada getting the start of second today. by the way, sends one deep to left gone into the fans. that's a three-run shot. 5 to one
10:47 pm
giants at this point. top of the 9th those time for some defense strada getting back to work check this out. a great diving. stop of the grornd are. and then he pops up and throws to first to complete the final out of the game. what an afternoon for him giants win 5 to one. they move into a tie with idle dodgers for first in the nl west. the 2 rivals play a three-game series oracle park starting tomorrow with the wind san francisco. also snapped a four-game skid. >> i think there's a much needed victory for us. this could boost confidence going into the next series. but obviously, you know, all of our attention and focus. i was on today's game it was important because we every bit of it. every of mental energy. >> the a's in detroit taking on the tigers in their rubber match top of the first. no score 2 on for jed lowry. he sends this one into left center. caring. well, yes, that baby good fights over the
10:48 pm
wall. the a strike first on that 3 run blast top of the 4th a's up big 2 on for the returning chris davis who sends one down the left-field line that will score a run and the ball, by the way, got stuck under the wall. you can see the empty out there that counts for an rbi ground-rule double. welcome back to chris. the crush davis. the tigers did make it a game, though, by hitting 2 big home runs in the 7th. but the a's hold on to win it. 8, 6, the final day. take 2 out of 3 from detroit and the red sox also won. so oakland remains 2 games back in that some of that second wild card spots. well, less than 2 weeks to go until the first game of the football season and now with the working 53 man roster. the forty-niners are busy fine. tuning trey lance continues to practice will dealing with a small chip fracture in his finger. so he's limited to qb room and things like footwork on the field for now. no contact for the rookie until he is fully healed. the
10:49 pm
forty-niners have said that should be early next week. now, as for the guy still be throwing to the forty-niners have a mix of young players and veterans. also a lot of the players around him excited to have him back because they say he offers a new layer to this forty-niners offense. >> at the same time, it adds a little bit because those plays are definitely more complicated there. different types of plays and what we usually do. so it changes us a little and how we approach those blocks. it's a challenge. but it's also exciting because i mean, when trey comes out there now teams got to know their brains are spam when they got to think about what we're going to do are going to run a zone, read game or is he out there. the pastor. what are we doing with them or we just want our normal offense to it. i mean, there's just so much that goes into it and it's going make. just way harder than other defenses to prepare for that. >> now jimmy g should be the forty-niners starter week one, but we should get to see tr lance very soon. will be very lance very soon. will be very exciting for the fort
10:50 pm
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> we have breaking news to tell you about. we're just getting this in from the associated press and new zealand authorities said that they shot and killed a violent extremist after he entered a supermarket and stabbed and injured at least 6 shoppers. the prime minister described the incident as a terror attack. she said the man was a sri lankan national who's inspired by the islamic state
10:53 pm
group. she said he was well known to the nation's security agencies and had been monitored around the clock. but she said by law the man was not allowed to be kept in prison again. we'll keep monitoring the situation, but a man shot and killed described as a terrorist by new zealand. authorities after he stabbed at least 6 people. 4 people have been killed in a fiery jet crash in farmington, connecticut. the plane slammed into an industrial building about 10 o'clock this morning local time. there. witnesses say the cessna citation seem to have some kind of mechanical trouble shortly after taking off from a nearby airport to people who are inside the business were injured. the british billionaire richard branson fulfilled a lifetime ambition on july 11th by writing a rocket plane to the edge of space. but that history making flight is now under investigation by the faa. the agency says spaceship 2 veered off course during the flight returned to earth putting the ship outside its clearance area virgin galactic blames
10:54 pm
high altitude. winds for the change in flight path. a report in the new yorker says the faa also found evidence of problems right after launch. they say the pilots saw warning light signal in the craft was not climbing vertically enough to glide back with enough speed to land for now. virgin galactic is grounded. >> labor day weekend is almost upon us. and despite the covid virus spreading across the nation. this is expected to be a very busy travel holiday. in fact, this was the same oakland international airport today. airport officials say tomorrow and monday will be the busiest days federal law requires travelers to wear masks inside the airport and on the airplanes, the cdc has recommended that unvaccinated people not travel at all this holiday weekend. we spoke with travelers today who said even though covid continues to spread, they feel ok about traveling. >> we beat had that that scene. so that decreased some
10:55 pm
of the anxiety of we saw the precautions hand sanitizers, 6. 6 feet apart when possible. >> and wear the mask. >> the cdc also says that unvaccinated people who flies should get tested before and after they travel and that they should wear masks at all times and try to maintain social distancing. well, talking about flying. let's see how things look at sfo is a rolls by the airport there. and it looks pretty calm out there. lawrence is standing by. we are heading into a holiday weekend. folks want to know if they so i don't know barbecue have to be careful about that. i here already. but the unofficial end of summer. can you believe that? i mean, come and gone. and there we go. fall. you can start to feel it now at the knights of the overnight lows dropping down in the 40's in some of the north bay right now. that's a full you've got some fog overhead. and of
10:56 pm
course, some of that haze left over from the smoke from the fires. but. >> hey, you're getting forecast. you have the monterey bay for tomorrow. we'll see those temperatures in the 60's and the 70's about 68 degrees. moderate 76 carmel valley in carmel and a little shopping there by the sea 66 degrees and 72 degrees in watsonville southern california. you're going to see a mixture of sunshine, maybe couple patches of fog early, then 70's upper 70's and long beach 81 in downtown los angeles. yeah. at home. i know it's one of those places that people love to go at this time of year. this time we should probably just give it a break. it is going to be very smoky in around the lake. the temperatures in the 70's and the 80's. hey, you know, reno. not a bad place to go. 87 degrees with a having a really neat cook off this weekend, maybe a little rip contest. if you're headed up that way. so but want to go check that temperature wise numbers around the bay area. we've got some 80's and even get close to 90 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. most of that going to be in the valleys still going to be a bit on the hazy side out there about 89 degrees in concord, 89 little more. but 80 degrees downtown san jose may be 90 in morgan
10:57 pm
hill. back toward the coastline couple batches of fog still enough of a sea breeze to keep the temperatures cooler out toward the beaches and generally in the 60's right to the forecast. as we look at over the next couple days. little heat wave coming our way may be getting close to a 100 degrees as we get in to monday. but after the holiday weekend looks like those temperatures come right back. down. looks like we'll see those cooler numbers as we head in toward next weekend, too. all right. thank you, lawrence. thank you for being with us, everybody. have a good night and we'll see you tomorrow tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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>> announcer: shock and awe. total chaos in the big apple. >> we've never seen rain like this. on >> the 500 year flood that left destruction in its wake. >> and death in the basement, the family that could not escape. >> announcer: and imagine returning home after this. and come up a new tornado alley. >> people driving into it have no idea what they are doing. >> announcer: and it joe rogan blowback. >> it turns out i've got covid.


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