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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 5, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 >> now i'm outside but when i'm like group of people are inside known try to your mask. >> get vaccinated and whatnot. >> now at 10 o'clock the long labor day weekend is finally here, but it is bringing covid concerns for many folks across the bay area. that's where we start this sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome. jonathan mccall justine enjoying the night off despite rising case numbers being fueled by the delta variant in officials now closely monitoring the new new variant. it's not stopping folks from getting out and about to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. kron
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four's amanda hard getting a chance to talk with some folks along with a doctor about the best ways to protect yourself while enjoying the holiday a mandate. >> jonathan, the doctor i spoke to said because of that delta variant you were just talking about. we still have to take precautions this holiday weekend. but there are ways to gather responsibly. >> do the best we can within the scientists estimate. i charlie's if any was out on the embarcadero and even come up with a friend. they were 2 of many people enjoying the holiday weekend. well, still being careful generally wear my mask. >> now i'm outside. but like when i'm like, big groups of people are inside known try to your mask, get vaccinated and whatnot. doctor sharonda johnson with kaiser permanente. >> says that last part is still the most important way to keep everyone safe getting vaccinated. but she says regardless of your vaccination
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status. you shouldn't think you're invincible. >> was yourself first. how are you feeling? >> doctor johnson says if you're feeling off, whether that's run down, have a sore throat or a fever to name a few. you should cancel your plans and stay home. any tells me they're always careful, especially when visiting grandparents for the labor day long weekend to want to be super cautious because they like 80 something years old. so it's it's really nice to be able to see with them and like the with them. you know, kind of not be super stressed about it. doctor johnson says it's important to take as many precautions as possible. >> to help bring this pandemic to a the we allow covid to circulate in the population, the more opportunity it has to develop new variants. >> the doctor wanted to emphasize the best way to protect yourself. skill is to get vaccinated. but she says it's important to follow those
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old precautions like watching your distance. washing your hands. and of course wearing a mask live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news amid the thank you. >> the united states has now surpassed 40 million covid-19 cases vaccination rates are growing after seeing a drop during this early early summer months according to the centers for disease control and prevention more than 175 million americans are fully vaccinated according to the agency, though not a single state has reached herd immunity here in california, the golden state has seen more than 4.2 million covid cases and 66,000 deaths as a result of covid-19 the new numbers come just 2 weeks before the white house's deadline of september 20th to start administering booster vaccines to the general public. >> we're not going to do anything unless it gets the the appropriate fda regulatory approval and then the recommendation from the advisory committee on
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immunization practices. looks like pfizer has their data in likely would meet a deadline. we hope that mode would also be able to do it so we could do it simultaneously. but if not, we'll do would seek when chile. doctor fauci says he is confident that the moderna booster shot will be safe and effective. he says if it does miss the deadline he predicts it will be no more than a few weeks late. now the wildfire coverage tonight, folks in south lake tahoe finally getting a chance to go back home after being forced to flee the caldor fire. >> evacuation orders were dropped earlier today as a result, crews continuing to gain the upper hand on the fire. officials are warning folks, though, even though you can go back home to remain on alert. cal fire says the caldor fire has now burned more than 215,000 acres in el dorado and amador counties. the fire has also destroyed more than 900 structures. the caldor fire now 43% contained.
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meanwhile, containment on the dixie fire. now up to 56%. the second largest fire in california state history has now burned close to 900,000 acres across 5 counties today we learned more details on a firefighter who died on that fire that we first told you about yesterday here on kron 4 today we learned that the firefighter worked for the u.s. forest service and died of an illness while assigned to the fire. officials say the firefighter was not actively on the front lines when they passed away. so far the name of that firefighter has not yet been released. the combination of smoke smaug along with high temperatures will keep the bay area under spare. the air alert for the rest of the labor day weekend. kron four's gayle ong has more. >> walnut creek reach triple digit temperatures sunday afternoon. not a good combination with the wildfires burning to north and in the sierra we're seeing this wildfire smoke along lives
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>> mixing of these high temperatures are causing those in position at ground level. the bay area air district issued a spare the air alert through monday under the alert. the hope is people will drive less to help reduce harmful smog, ozone or smog can cause throat irritation congestion and chest pain. the ozone pollution can also trigger asthma. the best way for people to protect their health is to not engage outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day, not landis with the air district as children, the elderly and people with respiratory issues should stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. and despite the high temperatures people gathered outside at tpheather farm park in walnut creek. if you boxes a week ago we were just coughing and we were outside at all. but. >> it gets hard being inside. so we want to let's get some fresh air it's sad that, you know, we've had these fires. that's not horrible, >> for out today, the air quality isn't today. moderate haha. but today is my
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grandson's first birthday. so i had to be here sheila pinion says she is doing her part to help the air did bring sandwiches today. no barbecuing because we don't want to hurt the air quality. >> as for the smoke advisory while it may look like clear skies where you are. we could expect hazy skies from the wildfire. smoke. but the air district says it is not going to be unhealthy, but it's also best to check every hour on the air quality reporting from walnut creek. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> right now at kron 4 dot com. you can find more details along with information to get you ready for wildfire season scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast this sunday night. a live look from the mount tam cam across the bay area. the city lit up on this monday or the sunday night before labor day kron four's. erica caturay in tonight, former breece of with a look at what's on >> good evening, jonathan. well, temperatures today were
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above normal again. we had triple digit heat for inland areas tomorrow is going to be the same story as well. we could also possibly see hazy conditions in the morning. so here's a look at the temperature change over the last 24 hours. you can see it. couple degrees warmer versus this time yesterday in san francisco where the current temperatures 57 degrees right now. still only 80's, though, out in antioch 68 in san jose in 58 and santa rosa. so here's smoke tracker. looks like air quality is in ghana change tomorrow. pretty much same thing as yesterday. we have the spare, the air alert in effect tomorrow as for our conditions and temperatures along the coast. we can expect to be in the 60's. we are going to see lot of cloud cover tomorrow. bacon expect temperatures in the upper 70's and of course, a triple digits and upper 90's for our inland area tomorrow. so we have that high pressure that's giving us these dry conditions and hot
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temperatures asked for a hurricane, larry, which i've been keeping my eye on. this is the path of prediction here. hurricane larry's currently a category 3 hurricane winds, 125 miles per hour by middle of the week, though it does weaken to category 2 by friday category one i don't see making from this model here. and again, we have a hurricane scale here that i can tell what category it falls under is based on those wind speeds. good way to tell and then after hurricanes that weekend. we do tropical storms. i'm sure you've heard that that term used a lot by meteorologists there and then a tropical depression once the winds go under 39 miles per hour. so here's a look at our temperatures across the country tomorrow in case you happen to be traveling if you're staying closer to home, you're heading just south at the santa cruz are looking at upper 70's. it's going to be a nice dry day across the whole state out in southern california hot as well. inland looking at the 90's there in
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pasadena, kimono and then a central california triple digit temperat res. i am picking up some heat advisories. i'll tell you all about that coming up in just a bit. jonathan. >> erica, thank you. just 9 days until the recall election. governor gavin newsome on the campaign trail to keep his job today. he was in southern california handing out pizzas during an appearance with minnesota sen amy klobuchar in orange county. he continues his push in this message that recalling him and removing him from office would cost californians lives as we continue to battle the pandemic. meanwhile, security questions are now being raised ahead of next week's recall election, a group of cyber security. researchers are now urging the california secretary of state to do a statewide risk-limiting audit after the auction election. that audit would use paper ballots to detect possible interference. you may remember just weeks ago my pillow ceo mike lindell released software for the dominion voting election
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management systems used in the majority of counties here in the golden state. the group says that his actions have now diminished trust in elections. >> only certain individuals can get it that we take that put it on to you. our system. but verify that system is indeed there. correct system is working properly and everything we have in walk is a location. >> california has done risk-limiting audits in the past. but state law does not currently provide for one in the upcoming recall election right now it's unclear if that could change at kron 4 right. dot com right now. you can get more details on the upcoming recall election just scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you to our web page where you can get more details on the candidates and how you can cast your ballot. emergency teams performing a water rescue near the ferry building in san francisco. what we're learning about the incident. >> tonight. experts say the list of endangered species is
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growing the number of plants and animals that could be wiped off the planet another night, another sideshow here. the bay area, a look at where one was caught on video tonight and what police are saying. despite more
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enforcement and even tougher laws. san jose police were busy overnight responding to a
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number of side shows kron four's camila barco has more. >> this is one of 3 intersections where those sideshows happen early sunday morning. drivers left their mark. but now you can barely make out the cross walk here on and 10. >> drive or save aided the streets of san jose after midnight sunday. dozens watched as they circled their cars and high-speed at the intersection of south 10th street and east avenue just across the street from solar 4 america ice rink. the facility's vice president says they've seen multiple sideshows in the same location in the last couple months and workers find themselves cleaning up after the mass. >> but he says it's dangerous for the drivers and his customers since kids often practice on the rain until the late night hours. >> a vehicles were seen cotton traffic at sunday's sideshow. police came and broke up the
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crowd 30 minutes later it was a similar scene at the intersection of 8915 monterey road as well burry and wrote dozens of eyes were on the driver's creaking. her tires on the street. this all comes about a week after san jose police responded to a separate sideshow there. they cited a 170 people and impounded 6 cars. so just the public nuisance. >> people are getting hurt and we need to, you know, address that area. >> forcefully san jose city council member sergio jimenez says the city is working to crack down on these events. it is now legal to promote sideshows in the city and spectators can face fines of up to a $1000. hopefully it sends a signal to all the folks that are participating. >> that we as a city with police department are watching very closely and we're going to be tracking your every steps. we've reached out to san jose police about sunday morning sideshows. however, there's no word if any arrests
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were made in san jose camila barco kron 4 news. meanwhile, sent kron 4 is saying in contact with san francisco police to learn more about what appears to be a sideshow happening. >> on treasure island. tonight. this happening in the last few hours. >> this is video posted on the citizen app right now. there's no word on just how many people are at this particular scene. we have learned this is happening near 9th street and avenue. h so far no other details have been released will bring those to you as soon as we get them into the kron 4 news room. meanwhile, oakland police say they will have more officers on the streets this weekend looking for impaired drivers. opd says that even with those extra officers on the streets. it will not stop them from enforcing its sideshow detail which will allow them to focus on cracking down on those illegal sideshows on oakland streets. new tonight, 10 o'clock in the last 30 minutes we have now learned the name of the driver arrested in a crash that killed 2 teens overnight. according to chp 18
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year-old colby shaw river of ny done was intoxicated at the time of this crash. it happened on byron highway overnight in the town of 9 sun. chp says an 18 year-old pittsburgh woman and a 16 year-old boy from oakley. we're walking along the road when they were hit sharper. now behind bars and facing charges of driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. so far chp has not released the names of the victims. police in southern california also looking into what caused this crash. a woman lost control of her suv before crashing into a tree in long beach. this is a look at all of that extensive damage left behind. you can see the front part of that car just completely smashed in the woman taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. we're also following details here in san francisco tonight. staying in contact with san francisco fire of a man pulled from the water outside of the ferry building this evening, adding that a
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lifesaving measures were successful. they were able to pull that man out. the didn't have a pulse at the time, but they were able to find that poll start cpr on them taken to the hospital. no word on his condition at this point. but we are once again staying in contact with san francisco fire to get more details. we'll bring those to you as they become available as well. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. a live look at the san francisco embarcadero and the bay bridge lit up on this last unofficial last sunday on the unofficial and to some or a lot of folks will have labor day plans tomorrow, maybe some barbecuing just getting out and about kron four's erica caturay and tonigh former greece uh with a look at what you can expect. >> good evening. while if you plan on having a barbecue. we don't expect to see any rain. so temperatures will actually be pretty similar to what we saw today for daytime highs and san francisco tomorrow are expected to be in the low to
10:20 pm
mid 70's along the coast looking at 60's mainly 72, though, out in halflmoon bay 73 in san bruno 83 in millbrae 86 in burlingame along the peninsula looking at upper 80's and some 90's. the south bay upper 80's to upper 90's there in morgan hill hayward 85 down to fremont. also looking at 80's warmer out there, though. look at pleasanton and livermore expected to be in the triple digits again tomorrow. dublin 97 as well as moraga triple digit heat out here in concord. a down to danville 98 in san ramon 70's in richmond down to oakland expected to be 84 in san leandro 88 in the nation tomorrow. a vacaville 100 fairfield 9495 in sonoma and upper 80's for santa rosa tomorrow. now after tomorrow we will get into a cooling
10:21 pm
trend for most of the bay area. we are going to see an increase in clouds and some moisture moving in. that's why we're going to see our temperatures get cooler. but other parts of the bay area. further inland closer to sacramento. we do have a heat advisory out there. so if you live and places like vacaville are dixon. we can expect to see triple digit heat tuesday and wednesday you see that orange there. that is where the heat advisory will be. but again here in the bay area. we will see temperatures starting to go down after that and we see it here on the 7 day extended forecast behind me. so looking at 90's, the next couple of days for inland areas in the bay and then along the coast upper 60's john and everyone soaking in that last bit of summer. erica, thank you. >> stay with us, everyone. we have more news, including an ohio woman celebrating a big milestone after giving so much to her community and the country while you can it back to her.
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>> nearly 38,000 species are now at risk of extinction. according to a new report from the international union for the conservation of nature. the agency warns the number of species on the red list is continuing to grow. that includes everything from sharks to even the komodo
10:25 pm
dragon plants are also in danger about 2, 5, from their watch list are now being threatened with extinction. but there is also some good news agency says that 4 of the most commercially fish tuna species are now starting to recover as more countries tackle illegal fishing. an ohio woman who has spent years helping others across america setting a big milestone this weekend. the walls of love organization just put up its one-thousandth wall filled with everyday essentials for folks in need. this woman's the fences at progressive field, which is the home of the cleveland indians. hallie jackson started the project a few years ago and says at one point she needed help herself and says she wishes something like this have been available for her. she started the organization as a way to give back. and in just a few years, she says she's put up these walls of love across america, even as far away as alaska. she says, when it came to deciding where that one 10th wall would go. it wasn't even a matter for debate.
10:26 pm
>> 1000 ahead to be here and ohio and had to be in cleveland because i'm in cleveland are out there and fruit. >> and luckily the indians have been amazing with the kurdistan berg and his crew. >> in getting it approved so i could something off my bucket list and do my 1000 fall here in cleveland for the community. >> donations are always accepted. she says, holly, to keep that project going. that does it for us here live on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock in prime time this sunday night. jonathan mccall, thank so much for spending part of your labor day weekend with us. but don't go anywhere, though. sports night live up next with came running.
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the sooner you sign up the more you save. edition of sports night live. i'm your host kate rooney. jason do moss usually standing right over there. he's got the night off. and even though he's living the good life on the amalfi coast right now. yes, all the way in italy. >> kind of bad for him that he had to miss this particular weekend in bay area baseball, after all, is there any better rivalry in the majors. i don't think so. sure. you've got yankees red sox. of course, maybe cubs cardinals. you could say if you're a midwesterner, got to throw mets phillies and their right. but when you look at what's at stake at the passion of the fans. how can you say anything
10:31 pm
is better right now than giants. dodgers baseball. yeah. i think all the. oracle park would agree. crowd today as the giants try to regain first place from the dodgers are going to pick it up in the bottom of the first brandon belt first pitch swinging against walker buehler and it pays off this one gone to the deepest part of the park. one. nothing giants belts 21st home run of the season. in the second steven duggar, his first game back from triple-a sacramento lines one past first base and into the right-field corner. brandon crawford and mike ya-strem-ski, both score other into 3rd with a triple. he's pumped rightfully so it's 3 to one giants. in the second pinch hitter darin ruf. now pinch hitters have been huge for the giants this season and ross gets the rbi single to make it. giants. they kept it going in the 3rd brandon crawford. lines one into the
10:32 pm
right-field corner lamont wade junior. he's so good getting on base course here rbi double for craw. it's 5, one giants there. pretty much cruising now buehler's worst outing of the season. the cy young favorite gave up 6 runs in only 3 innings. but you look, there was drama in the 9th inning. of course there was pitching around a pool he's still playing and still playing. well gets all of this. jake, mcgee pitch. that is a 2 run bomb to left center. so the giants lead cut to 6, 4, by the way, to 678. purple holes. well, now mookie betts up. the potential tying run the he gets the called strike. that's doesn't like the call. it's a tough one. that's 2 outs next. batter justin turner still up in the tying run that him to pop one down the right-field line and mike yastremski right up against the netting makes a fantastic catch to end the game. the dodgers did
10:33 pm
challenge it was a health is the dog didn't hit the net before. yes. >> made the cats great catch. but yes, the giants. when 6, 4, it was the first time they've even beaten buehler. hard to believe. >> on the other side, san francisco used 9 pitchers to get the win after the game belt duggar and gabe kepler talked about the huge win. >> it really, you know, so like a playoff atmosphere out there. and you know, obviously we've had some games like that before. but you know, it's crunch time and we we came in. >> to this series tied for the lead this might be the first time that we've ever done that in september. you know, just it was just a cool atmosphere and there's no doubt that the energy that the fans. but today really helped us pick it up. i was just really excited to be >> obviously that, you know, last few down and sacked us, you know, just prepare the same as far you know,
10:34 pm
extremely fortunate to get an opportunity tonight to to to help this team win and a pretty big game sunday night. and this incredible robbery in. tonight guys came out on top. you just got look at it and say it's going to be tough because you know, we're running the ball game will have to go through our entire paguen. >> and there are a lot of things are going to have to go right for us and. so i think getting through that game and seen that, you know, were tough enough to to manage a situation like that. will give us confidence not just for the next time for the dodgers. whenever that time comes, but also for this colorado in chicago, a series of missed this road trip coming up. >> yeah. really big win. no matter which way you look at it there it is. that one all the way to the right on the second line. a thing of beauty right now. the giants are officially a game up on the dodgers. and remember, they don't play again during the
10:35 pm
regular season. these 2 teams. so only chance for a set to gain any ground and head to head competition and just to show how much better this division is than the rest of the competition. the padres 14 games back here, but they're currently in second position in the nl wild card race. we've talked a lot this season about the giant struggles to hit with runners in scoring position. we saw that at times in this series through the first 2 games of this dodger series. they left 26 base runner stranded. now, according to team rankings, dot com there in the bottom 5 teams in the league with runners in scoring position. so it was pretty refreshing today to see the office. it happened 4 different players brandon crawford darin ruf steven tucker and curt casali in for buster posey. all drove in rb eyes with runners on base. and that's something this team is just going to have to keep up if they want to maintain any separation with the dodgers and be competitive in the postseason, which of course they do. all
10:36 pm
right. time now to talk some a's. at one point this season seems like they were major contenders in the american league. but they're friends. some extended rough patches for oakland since mid august that stretch of 6 losses at the end of the month. and now a rough trip over the border trying to avoid a sweep in toronto today. former a star marcus davis. you see them there from missing about the good old days. today, not a good all day for the a's davis just called back up this week the game starling marte. hey - drives one deep to left center. randal grichuk makes a great diving. catch rolling into the wall. there dropped part a of extra bases on to the second inning. lourdes gurriel junior drives one the opposite chad pender get right to make his own catch against the wall. but back to says off as and it's a 2 run double for burial that made it 2. nothing jay-z go to the top of the 3rd now semi n. oh, boy. he gets
10:37 pm
the best of his old teammates again. this is a solo shot to left his 35th home run of the season. always hard to watch for nothing. jay-z still when she was on. oakland's team's 3rd cole irvin hangs out all 100 kirk that's gone for a three-run home run. it 7. nothing jay-z. and gave up 7 runs over only 2 and a 3rd innings yanks. robbie ray meanwhile, had such problems for the jays. he didn't give up a hit until the 5th inning and struck out 10 days over 6, 2, 3rd innings. pretty good outing for him and oakland only managed 2 hits all game long. so the bluejays really run away with this 1, 8 nothing. they sweep days and what was a pretty devastating series for oakland. but after the game that happened, bob melvin said, hey, don't give up on us yet. >> i think we've got to just have a short memory on that one. you know, we've been a swing the as a group really
10:38 pm
putting up a lot of runs. and you know, we just haven't been able to find a way to win some of these ball games. you know, we're still in the high. obviously we've been on a skit lee and that's that's not good. bye. i think that there's some positives we can take away. we've been swinging the bats. well, playing good defense. the pitching. i know. pitching has been something that's been solid for us all season. so, you know, we we're a team. we win as a team. we lose as a team. and i know we're going to be able to tighten everything up and, you know, we're going to play a lot of meaningful baseball down the stretch. you know what i think are the best part of our season yet to come. i really do. i think we're going to we're going to get home. we're going to play or best stretch of baseball. >> and we're going to get get on a run for the season's over and then we have 2 teams that we need to be there at the end. i think our best baseball yet to come. >> okay. hope you're right. well, let's take a look at the american league wild-card standings used to seeing the a's near the top of that race. but now they've slipped to 5th 4 games back of the red sox
10:39 pm
for the second wild-card spot. the mariners and blue,jays by percentage points, passing them today. and as far as west oakland remains 5 games behind the astro's. but the mariners slide into second with their win today. the a's now slipping into 3rd place in that division. >> for tonight. live ksat, you're timers. mark your calendars, whatever you got to do today is the last sunday of the year. that won't have nfl football. we're going to talk some niners coming up. allen stiles joins the show for our bay area baseball bat. he's going to help us make sense of everything that happened this weekend for both teams. we want to see in the days and weeks to come. that's next.
10:40 pm
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>> welcome back to sports night live. kate rooney here with you doesn't just feel like it's been several life time since the forty-niners were in the super bowl. it wasn't even 2 calendar years ago. but between covid-19 and all the injuries to san francisco last year. it sure feels like we should get a do over. i think the red and gold would probably agree this club still thinks it has what it takes to make it to the big game once again, the niners open up their season on the road for the 3rd time in the last 4 years headed to detroit to take on the motor city kitties. a k a the lions as
10:43 pm
talented as the forty-niners roster is as feared as kyle shanahan's play calling is. a lot of questions heading into week one. what will the quarterback situation look like with jimmy garoppolo and trey lance. how good is the defensive line. nick bosa, dee ford javan kinlaw. they're all coming off injuries. >> now, those are just a couple many questions and we won't know for sure until the night or gang takes the field. they're getting ready for that moment. now, earlier this week, shanahan was asked when the niners will start installing plays for that week. one matchup. >> some things on just to give him a head start. but in the past we've done some things on monday that we end up scrapping by it gets real on for the game plan stuff because, you know, you always feel you need 3 days to teach it to rap and stuff. so it won't get that real them. >> all right. here's a look at the first few weeks of san francisco slate after that
10:44 pm
detroit matchup, the niners head to philly for week 2 that actually stay in the eastern time zone in practice and west virginia before the eagles game. stay acclimated. then the first home game against aaron rodgers in green bay in week 3. that's always fun. they'll stay stay home for a date with seattle in week 4 and then another divisional matchup on the road in arizona for week 5 home and seeing all that right now getting a little excited over here. also excited for the raiders were still the official, a bay area home of the raiders. so got to give some love to the silver and black. still so many fans here in the bay area. and if you had any doubt about that. obviously you didn't check out the sea of silver and black at levi stadium a couple weeks ago for the preseason contest. but it's about to be the real deal now and the raiders are opening their season. >> under the monday night football lights. they're going to host baltimore at allegiant stadium. this is going to be a very interesting season for
10:45 pm
las vegas. the raiders were extremely disappointed. but how last season finished particularly from a defensive perspective. so they made a lot of changes in the offseason. new defensive coordinator and gus bradley some personnel upgrades guy's like yeah, nick nick and casey hayward and then also on offense. they're hoping for another great year from derek carr and the variety of skill players he has at his disposal. here's jon gruden. >> i feel pretty good and we obviously have a long way to go. a lot to prove a lot of players didn't play much at all. the pre season. we practice hard. we practice smart. we have a lot of reps. so i do like to the nucleus of our team. we have a lot of guys like football that are talented and young. and we've got some good veteran leadership. but we have a lot to prove. >> looking forward to seeing them do it kicking these things off this season in vegas against lamar jackson and the ravens and sore


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