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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 6, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> now at 6 recall rallies are in full swing just over a week befnre california voters will have their final chances to have their final chances to decide if they want governor the state. hello, everybody. i'm pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. governor newsom and his challengers in next week's recall election are making their last efforts to try to get voters out to the polls during winter brings us more from the governor stop today in los angeles. >> it's a race to the finish line in the final days before california special >> governor gavin newsome fighting to keep his job while urging a room full of supporters in baldwin hills today to defeat the republican led effort to oust him in the september 14th race. newsom's biggest challenger republican front runner. larry elder, a conservative radio talk show host who knew some took aim at in his comments to voters. he doesn't believe the minimum wage at all. he calls food stamps. a giveaway. at the
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same time he calls for eliminating the corporate tax in america. larry elder, thanks. climate change is a quote, unquote, myth. he thinks it's a crock newsome also slammed elder on the covid crisis with elder promising to eliminate vaccine mask and testing mandates. if elected. older who also has strong views on gun control rally his base of supporters in cass tape saying he wants to save small businesses devastated by the pandemic. >> this is not a republican takeover. this is a takeover from californians who are absolutely fed up. >> also stumping for votes this labor day california state assembly member kevin kiley who campaigned in beverly hills this afternoon. he represents the sacramento suburbs in the state legislature. he was vaccinated against covid-19 but said if elected governor he would do away with newsom's mandate on vaccines and masks. he's in favor of a minimum wage but says it should not be as high
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as what democrats are pushing for. kylie also believes in climate change but says he's against newsom's orders to, for example, ban all oil drilling by 2045. this is the for this thing from a partisan recall as much as gavin newsom. i'd like you to believe but you know, the very reason he's able to go on tv. you know, constantly incessantly right spreading also is because he's getting tons of money from the very same special interests that control the governor's office. >> it was winter reporting happening this week. vice president kamala harris will be in the bay area on wednesday to rally in support of governor newsome. we are still working to find out exactly where she will be going to newsom said he also expects president biden to come to california to see for him in the closing days leading up to the election on september. the 14th. >> lawmakers return to sacramento today for the final week of california's legislative section. our
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capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala gives us a preview of what they're going to be debating this week. >> state lawmakers have until the end of the day, friday to pass or kill hundreds of proposals, including a last minute request from governor gavin newsome with 4 days to go in the legislative session. governor gavin newsome. late friday requested to use 60.0. 7 million dollars in state funds to help afghan refugee arrivals in california. the proposal is backed by ppdemocratic legislative leader and has bipartisan support. it's great that he wants to do this republican assemblyman devon mathis served in the military for 10 years. completing 2 tours in the middle east. he supports newsom's proposal and author to house resolution urging the biden administration to get americans in afghanistan home along with afghan partners and their dependency. the biden administration guys needed admit that they screwed the pooch on this one. >> and get a horrible job on this block. and now we have to put pieces together to make sure people have somewhere to go. a little bit of this helps
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that absolutely. as far as california. the crew that were able to help get them settled here. and if we can't get them settled here. we need to help and be part of the collaboration to get them several on us. >> another proposal facing friday's deadline, a bill that would strip badges from bad law enforcement officers. california is just one of 4 states that does not have a system to decertify police officers. the senate is set to take the final vote after it passed the assembly friday. this is not an anti police bill. this is an accountability bill. >> without any accountability. we lose integrity of the bad and the bond with the community is broken. republicans have concerns with the potential for bias in the bill which establishes a nine-member disciplinary board that could have only to law enforcement officer representatives. >> and 7 others with personal backgrounds with police accountability. they also have concerns with the bill's broad definition of misconduct. we do need. it's a decertification process. but
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we also need but to be fair. >> other legislative priorities that likely will not happen by the end of this week include to oversight hearings into the newsom administration is handling of the employment development department and wildfire prevention at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> our coverage of california politics and the recall election continue on kron 4 dot com to scan that qr code on the screen. it will take you straight to our web page. we can get the latest on the candidates and details on casting your ballot. to our wildfire coverage on this monday night. crews are working on a new fire burning in northern california. we're looking at a time lapse right here from camera. it's the bridge fire is called it broke out yesterday in auburn in placer county. it's for some of shuns the fire has grown to about 300 acres. it is now just 5% contained. >> firefighters are making significant progress against the massive caldor fire that's burning near south lake tahoe
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some evacuation orders have been downgraded. now to evacuation warnings officials say residents who are allowed to return home are still at risk from the fire and the poor air quality from all the smoke. the fire is still threatening nearly 27,000 structures. it has been burning since august. the 14th, the fire has scorched more than 21i,000 acres. it is now 44% contained. >> although crews are making progress on containing the caldor fire and some have been able to return home. many are still under evacuation orders and they need help. today. kron four's, charles clifford talk toua group is doing what it can to help some of those people. well, 10's of thousands of people have been displaced by the caldor fire. some are now being allowed to return home. >> but many are not this afternoon. we spoke with a nonprofit that's doing what they can to help people from my friends just packed up and left for a mandatory evacuation. kerry sgarbi works for the nonprofit community disaster resource center or
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see drc based in south lake tahoe, see drc was originally created to help the victims of the 2007 angora fire which destroyed. >> hundreds of homes in and around south lake tahoe. now they are trying to help the people forced to flee the caldor fire really focused on. >> community members that have under their under-insured that are low income and that have no 60% of south lake tahoe are renters. the majority of them do not have insurance and a lot of them will need financial assistance and physical systems hitting. >> back into the community. thankfully fire crews have so far been able to keep the fire from burning into south lake tahoe and some of activation orders have been lifted. but kerry says that even if the immediate danger from the fire passes. there will still be people in need and a lot of cleanup work to do. the likelihood of severe smoke damage. >> is going to you know, pretty probably extravagant because that was so close back to put people back yards literally. so we don't know
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the scope of the project. it could be that people have to go and repainted and replace or furniture for any fire victims who might need help. scar be suggest that they visit the cdr c's website. >> and fill out the intake for please. if you need assistance with housing, food. if anything got ruined in your house. severe smoke damage and you need help with that. the intake form on our website. we are really about keeping the community healthy and trying to get them back into their and jobs after disaster. anyone who wants to help out or make a donation can look at the cdr see website for more information. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. time now for our 4 zone forecast taking you to san francisco airport where it's a pretty clear there's a little bit of haze and maybe at some fog that said trying to develop there at the bottom out. san bruno, the bay area air quality management district has just extended both the spare, the air alert and the air quality advisory
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because of all the wildfire smoke hour. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to talk about that. >> yeah, you know, you get a big dome of high pressure sitting over us now see heat things up. but the same time you don't see a whole lot of mixed in the atmosphere. so those blues kind of get trapped down below are seeing that out there today. hot one hot labor day around much of the bay area, especially inland out there over san francisco. clears can be just a couple high clouds drifting overhead, but a lot of sunshine, the temperatures. yeah. well above the average even in san francisco 77 degrees today 87 in oakland, 93 degrees in san jose and hot there. then we really crank up the heat in london. 103 in livermore today. one oh, one in concord and 99 degrees in santa rosa. there's that big dome of high pressure sitting over head as it sits there. all that sinking air heat us up in her. it also traps a lot of the that's what gets a little bit hazy outside underneath that ridge. now the next couple days. it will likely slowly begin the weekend and that will allow for more that fresh ocean air
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to begin to push back on shore. but still so many fires burning in the state. it's hard to clean things out very easily. we do get that afternoon sea breeze. you see the effects. now you see the green in the san francisco little finger of fresh air extending just to the north of oakland and you see some of the down toward mountain view as well and toward free month. so those areas finally getting that nice push of that ocean air. well, lot of yellow in other parts of the areas moderate amounts of pollutants in the atmosphere. but overall looks like those winds kind of kicking around a bit. you can see in toward the tall area getting a little bit of more of a northerly component. the wind for tomorrow. and then you will see an easterly component and that's some good news. that is pushing that fire back in on itself. and that's kind of been the trend that is really help the get a handle on that fire up there at near tahoe. but in the meantime, air quality for tomorrow. plan being a moderate in to the north. a good out along the coastline. moderate amounts blues. the east bay and poor air quality, especially in the south bay. >> thank you lauren is happening right now. the chp
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has maximum enforcement period is still in effect through 11:59pm tonight, officers are focusing on removing impaired driver drivers from the roads. they are asking anybody who suspects an impaired driver to keep their distance and to call 911, with a full description of the car. >> take a look at this the coast guard rescued a man last night who was stranded at greyhound rock county park. that's a little north of davenport in santa cruz county, a bystander called in to officials to report what was going on. the helicopter crew of dry arrived on the scene in. as you can see, lowered a rescue swimmer to the rock and successfully brought the man into the helicopter. neither the man nor rescue team members were injured. >> coming the navy has identified the 5 sailors killed in a helicopter crash off the san diego coast. we will remember one of them who was close to the bay area. family is safe, but shaken after a mother is carjacked with their children in the vehicle, how she says her son's quick thinking helped them escape and more sideshows
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california state university maritime academy in vallejo. in a statement, the president of cal maritime said, quote, brad foster represents very best of cal maritime, both during his time at at our academy. and later in his service to the nation enthusiastic optimistic mature beyond his years. brad took the road less traveled. the navy says an mh 60 s helicopter was conducting routine. find operations off the deck of the uss abraham lincoln aircraft carrier last tuesday when it crashed off the coast of san diego. the navy says an investigation into the crash is currently under way. we now know the name of the hiker who died after falling off of a bluff on maury point trail in pacifica. >> the san mateo county coroner's office has identified that hiker is 45 year-old, yvonne rogan of daly city witnesses told police they saw a rogue and trip and fall off the trail. she was found 50 feet below the bluff on the beach. the accident happened just before 10 o'clock sunday morning. and despite more enforcement and
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the tougher laws san jose police were busy over the weekend responding to a number of side shows cloud four's camila barco has details. >> this is one of 3 intersections where those sideshows happened early sunday morning drivers left their mark. but now you can barely make out the cross walk here on and 10. >> drive or save baited. the streets of san jose after midnight sunday. dozens watched as they circled their cars and high-speed at the intersection of south 10th street and east avenue just across the street from solar 4 america ice rink. the facility's vice president says they've seen multiple sideshows in the same location in the last couple months and workers find themselves cleaning up after the mass. >> but he says it's dangerous for the drivers and his customers since kids often practice on the rain until the late night hours.
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>> a vehicles were seen cotton traffic at sunday's sideshow. police came and broke up the crowd 30 minutes later it was a similar scene at the intersection of 8915 monterey road as well burry and wrote dozens of eyes were on the driver's creaking. her tires on the street. it all comes about a week after san jose police responded to a separate sideshow there. they cited a 170 people and impounded 6 cars. so just the public nuisance. >> people are getting hurt and we need it, you know, address that area. >> forcefully san jose city council member sergio jimenez says the city is working to crack down on these events. it is now legal to promote sideshows in the city and spectators can face fines of up to a $1000. hopefully it sends a signal to all the folks that are participating. >> that we as a city with police department are watching very closely and we're going to be tracking your every steps. we've reached out to san jose police about sunday
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morning sideshows. however, there's no word if any arrests were made in san jose camila barco kron 4 news. >> and take a look at this video of a side show last night on treasure island posted to the citizen app. no word on just how many people were actually there. all we know is that was near 9th street and avenue h on t i police have not released any further information on this incident. we now know the name of the driver arrested in a crash that killed 2 teenagers over the weekend. according to the chp 18 year-old colby charb or of nights and was intoxicated at the time of the crash. the crash happened on byron highway in the town of nights and. >> chp says an 18 year-old pittsburgh woman and a 16 year-old boy from oakley were walking along the road when they were hit. she never is in custody and faces charges of driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. so far the chp has not released the names of the victims. now our 4 zone
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forecast as we give you a look outside at a lot of fog rolling in through the golden gate and it's a. >> covering the whole deck of the bridge certainly is a lot of people got out and about for the holiday and. >> lawrence is here to tell us what they can expect for the rest of week. yeah. looks like we'll the heat slowly. cool things down. i think the next few days will watch high pressure kind of weakening somewhat. but. >> other parts of the country, you know, watching major hurricanes out there. we're just about the peak of the hurricane to remember last week. we're talking about larry. guess what, we're still talking about, larry and the major hurricane out there right now just got lumbering in the middle of the atlantic and maintaining that frankly that i a huge storm. now the latest track on it's going to threaten bermuda. i think as we head into the next couple of days. right now. sustained winds of a 125 miles per hour making that a major hurricane. latest track is going to make it very close now to bermuda as we head into the next few days right around wednesday thursday. it's going to pass just to the east. we believe
6:20 pm
of bermuda. that's little bit. of course, that could be a disaster storm regardless. they're going to get some huge swells along the coastline. there may be some coastal erosion and numerous thunderstorms likely to move it along the coast. now after that, of course, worried about the northeast. we had the big storm not too long ago. the remnants of ida but looks like right now. most of that, we'll stay off the coastline, although all along the eastern seaboard. we're going to see some big-time swells over the next couple of days. well, that fog just kind of slowly working its way inland right now and you can tell high-pressure very strong kind of compressing that marine layer down below. the towers are on the golden gate bridge so as not move that far inland. that being said, likely not going to see any to cool things down. for many spots in the interior by tomorrow afternoon. again. you're threatening some triple digits again inland in places like the tri valley, you get into conquered maybe a 101 degrees there, maybe a 102 and live more inside the bay. you'll find 70's and 80's and 90's in the santa clara valley plan on some 60's with some patchy fog at the coast.
6:21 pm
>> thank you, lawrence. coming up, a bogus bomb. but tesla camera captures a car crash. what happened to the man at the center of the scan. >> a family is safe but shaken after mother's carjacked for their children in the she says her son's quick thinking helped them get away.
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>> 10 year-old boy in fresno save the lives of his family members when he faked an asthma attack. the ordeal started when 39 year-old jorge korea's allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend's home and shot her in the face only then saw a woman outside and forced himself into her car inside the car were her 2 children, cousins unease co >> force them to speed away and was threatening them. that's when the boy faked an asthma attack prompting the suspect to let the family out on the side of the road. >> i could see the things like taking sticks. his beef >> for has to get out. >> police say claire's was under the influence of drugs suffered a medical issue and later died. his ex-girlfriend who was shot is in critical condition. >> in louisiana. man has been
6:25 pm
arrested for filing a false police report when he claimed the tesla him and made him fall to the ground. the video was posted by the slidell police department. the camera on the tesla caught the entire incident. it happened last week when police say the man called 911 to report a tesla him and fled claimed he had back and neck injuries. police located the driver who provided the video, the man, as you can see didn't happen the way he said he eventually confessed. coming up next, a potential obstacle in moderna's 3rd dose rollout. why top health officials say the company's booster shots may be delayed. >> and imagine being a fake or without your sense of taste or smell. that's been the reality for a woman in benicia who battled covid months ago. we'll bring you her story. >> plus an eerie feeling this labor day holiday the toll, the caldor fire has taken on the once bustling south lake tahoe. >> september is hunger action
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month kron four's partnering with feeding america to help end food insecurity scanned the qr code on your screen for more information on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay area in watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our community.
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6:29 pm
different as the water and many of the beaches surrounding the lake remain pretty much empty. melanie townsend shows us the effect. >> this isn't we have so many people appear it's a ghost town. >> it's an odd yet refreshing homecoming for evacuees rosie in neil wolf, we're working on i believe out of a out of our home after spending days in and out of shelters in motels. neil inroads here thankful to see the counter fires plate. >> spread to the nearby homes they've lived in since 1991. >> but on a typically busy labor day full of kayakers the congress on the water is an unusual sight. >> even during the pandemic every day, there were so many people that were coming up here just to get aiay from their problems. and now here we are almost like a ghost town.
6:30 pm
>> expecting locked up since this being the long weekend. but today anything to tell us for to are in his family. lake tahoe was one of their most anticipated destinations on their 10 day road trips yet today. they are seeing and hearing that hold the counter fires. take it. on this once bustling vacations right in carson city. >> that was a suicide on 6070, s she telling this story even here. she has been and. shes just bankable back today just missing out a lot and the a >> as those families enjoy what they can at the lake. director of full environmental research center at u c davis doctor jeffrey shadow. >> says they're researchers are working hard to see the effects. this fire is having on the water. >> fire. it was just the order of larger anything we've experienced before passion very fine particles flowin


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