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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 6, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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alright, thanks, nick. >> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know anything right now affects, you know, our business even if where or miss and yell 5, 5, customers that definitely hurts. >> tonight at several tech companies continue to have employees working from home. some business owners in downtown san jose say it is hurting them. good evening and thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan. the problem for restaurants. the lack of foot traffic and is not only taking away the vibrancy of the area. but of course, affecting their bottom line. kron four's, dan thorn. he's live in san pedro square tonight. he's got the latest. >> well, catherine, most of
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the places around here have been struggling throughout this pandemic. but there was some expectation as we improved our fight against covid-19 that thousands of office workers that live and work here in downtown san jose would be coming back. but as the delta variant has been surging. a lot of those companies have had to scale their plans back in and because of that, these businesses say that they have fewer customers and more empty tables. downtown san jose restaurants in the normally popular san pedro square are suffering a lack of would be customers such as tack in other corporate office employees who are still working at home is putting a strain on local business over the last few months we've got, you know, all the court, brit. >> you know, businesses. we're going to start coming back and things just keep getting pushed out, pushed out and pushed out says starting a little devastating again in a little worrisome he lost restaurant sushi confidential like others along san pedro
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street. >> has struggled for months to get a solid lunch or happy hour crowd muster was looking forward to seeing large companies like cisco, zoom or adobe bring their employees back. but because of convenience and concerns over covid-19. >> many tech companies have opted for hybrid work models or given the work from home option to employees full time. >> remote work means empty office buildings in anything right now. affects, you know, our business even if where or miss and yell 5, 5, customers that definitely hurts the absence of corporate catering has also negatively affected. muster is business. he is, however, thankful for residents who live in the area and for the temporary street closures put in place by the city shutting down the streets and allowing just people to come dine. that's definitely helped out quite a bit and it creates this community feel that has been lacking so much here in downtown san jose.
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>> there some hope that people will be returning back to the up specially as vaccination numbers are improving here locally santa clara county is one of the highest vaccination numbers rates, rather in the state. the county health department department reporting that over almost 82% of adults over the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated reporting live in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> all right, dan, thank you very much. a bill that would help california restaurants recover from pandemic losses. it is headed to the governor's desk. it passed unanimously friday. it will give businesses with expanded outdoor dining space. a one-year grace period to apply for a permanent expansion that bill will also streamline the state's alcohol licensing process by increasing the number of times a business can catering license at a single location. more than 7 million jobless workers are going to do an extra boost from the
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government. >> federal pandemic, unemployment checks were scheduled to end today leaves roughly 2.2 billion californians without income support another 500,000 people will no longer get an extra weekly $300 from the federal government. they're still going to get their regular state unemployment money, though, next week. a federal 13 week extension also comes to an end. and friends and family reeling. now from the loss of 45 year-old yvonne rogan of daly city after she fell while she was hiking maury point trail near rockaway beach in pacifica. yeah. con first of a second. talk to one a broken childhood friends and has more on what happened. >> yvonne rogan was hiking along this trail that leads up and around this mountain when witnesses say she tripped and fell from this area. police later found her about 50 feet below near rockaway beach. a lifelong friend tells me they were shocked when they learned what happened, especially since you've been recently gone into hiking shoes. a good mom.
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>> she was good daughter she the good wife shoes. a good friend. she was all that they don't make them like that. no more. >> jason be had lost his lifelong friend yvonne rogan sunday morning after a hiking accident in pacifica. he had first met rogan at this school yard in daly city when he was in the first grade. now 40 years later, he can't believe his best friend is gone when he told me what happened. >> even my wife couldn't believe it. she said this is wrong. this is bad information. just wait. pacifica. police say. >> witnesses saw rogan trip and fall of more deeply trail. they later found rogan, 50 people know the trail near rockaway beach in recent years. she really turned her life around and dedicated herself to living healthy year. >> and she working out and eating right. and it it's just so ironic that this is what did her in that you know, that she was out there exercising getting her hiking on and
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everything like that. you know, it's. i don't know if that makes it hurts more, whatever. you know i still can't believe that. >> the hand says rogan was one of the most motivating strong-willed and loving people. he knew he says she and her husband christian recently celebrated their 25th anniversary this month. she also leaves behind a son. this is just a hard loss >> she was a. strong woman, really devoted to her family. >> husband and her son. and her mom that she's been taking care of. you know, she raised son right. ariel has grown to be an outstanding young man. this hurts for all of us. >> already. i've watched dozens of hikers. go up and down this trail. many of them having to slow down to keep themselves from falling friends of yvonne rogan say
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they hope signs or barriers go up to prevent another tragic incident like this from happening in pacifica tailored. the psac ii kron 4 news. >> and now to our wildfire coverage crews are working on a new wildfire in northern california. you're looking at time lapse video. this is from pg. any cameras. the bridge fire broke out yesterday and auburn in placer county. it is forcing some evacuations and has grown to roughly 300 acres and at last check, it is only 5% contained. firefighters are making significant progress against the massive called or fire a burning near south lake tahoe now. >> some of accusation orders have been down graded 2, an evacuation warning. officials say residents can return home. but they're still a risk from this fire and course poor air quality from all the smoke. the fire is still threatening nearly 27,000 structures. it's been burning now since august 14th. the fire has scorched more than 216,000 acres and is
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now 44% contained. all right. take a look at the 4 zone forecast and we're looking live at the golden gate bridge little hard to see. they're pretty foggy yeah. across for us. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. here to give us an update on. >> and the weather conditions. the bay area. yeah. you know, you see that fog right down there on the golden gate bridge. you can certainly expect to see. >> pretty strong ridge of high pressure up above. and that's what we're getting at this time of year. so we get some of that very dense fog along the coastline. they get some fresh air out of the beaches that fog can reach further inland. a nice marine air can make its way all the way to the east bay and well, that's where we start to see problems with a lot of the smoke. and so that's where we sit right now. hazy out there around the bay area looking out toward the sfo right now. some fog trying to make its way on shore today. the temperatures soared into san francisco 77 degrees. nice warm day and temperatures go 87 in oakland getting hot in san jose 93. then we really cranked up the cooker there and live more of a 10301 in concord and 99
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degrees in santa rosa big dome of high pressure overhead that huge ridge will continue to bring with it some hot temperatures. the next few days, especially inland. >> all hot air kind of sitting over head kind of sinking in. >> from up above and that keeps those temperatures very warm. it also keeps the atmosphere from mixing very much. that means not a whole lot in the way of wind, although we are going to get that seabreeze in the afternoon that help to cool down some of those temperatures. but out there. the air quality has been suffering. we're getting that onshore breeze in the evening hours late afternoon. and you can see the effects here. nice clean air. now in a san francisco in a nice batch spreading all the way to martinez play. also in the napa valley. not as good as you make your way into parts of oakland san leandro and hayward in the east bay right now. but you see along the peninsula and then stretching across there to fremont have some pretty nice air quality with that sea breeze kicking in. we're probably going to see the same as we head toward tomorrow afternoon once again, temperatures are staying very warm outside again, that big
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ridge of high pressure sitting over head 82 degrees right now in morgan hills to 85 in pittsburgh. 84 in concord, 81 a dublin 75 degrees in play right now in 84 degrees in st. get temperatures this warm right now. you know, we're headed again for tomorrow. looks like another hot day away from the coastline. expect those numbers will be up to the triple digits and the tri valley and parts of the east began as you make your way in the central valley will slowly cool down, though it's going to take some time. but that air quality. yeah. not so good. the next couple days. i lawrence. that's surprising. lerach. lawrence, thanks very much. >> speaking of wildfires, although crews are making progress on containing the caldor fire and some people have been able to return home many others are still under evacuation orders today. kron four's charles clifford talk to a group that's doing what it can to help. >> well, 10's of thousands of people have been displaced by the caldor fire. some are now being allowed to return home. but many are not this afternoon. we spoke with a nonprofit that's doing what they can to help people from
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my friends just packed up and left for mandatory evacuation. kerry sgarbi works for the nonprofit community disaster resource center or see drc based in south lake tahoe. ccrc was originally created to help the victims of the 2007 angora fire which destroyed. >> hundreds of homes in and around south lake tahoe. now they are trying to help the people forced to flee the caldor fire really focused on. >> community members that have under their under-insured that are low income and that have no 60% of south lake tahoe are renters. the majority of them do not have insurance and a lot of them will need financial assistance and physical system sitting. >> back into the community. thankfully fire crews have so far been able to keep the fire from burning into south lake tahoe and some of activation orders have been lifted. but kerry says that even if the immediate danger from the fire passes. there will still be people in need and a lot of cleanup work to do. the likelihood of severe smoke damage. >> is going to you know,
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pretty probably extravagant because that was so close back to put people back yards literally. so we don't know the scope of the project. it could be that people have to go in and repainted and replace or furniture for any fire victims who might need help. scurvy suggest that they visit the cdr c's website. >> and fill out the intake for please. if you need assistance with housing, food. if anything got ruined in your house. severe smoke damage and you need help with that. please reach out and fill out the intake form on our website. we are really about keeping the community healthy and trying to get them back into their and jobs after disaster. anyone who wants to help out or make a donation can look at the cdr see website for more information. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. not only are the fires threatening homes and other buildings around lake tahoe. they are a threat to the lakes famous blue waters. >> smoke and ash from the
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caldor fire already is a clouding the like you see davis researchers say that could disrupt a hose ecosystem for years. an accumulation of ash could significantly affect. for example, how far down people can see into the water. this as evacuees are beginning to make their way back to the south lake tahoe area. sarah paulson go was there to speak to them about the feeling of returning home and what comes next. >> after hearing bad news for most of the past week. here's some good news. homeowners are returning to the city of south lake tahoe tommy to kony and his 3 dogs. one of the first ones to return the dogs are so happy to be home. >> evacuated a few days before the mandatory orders and took his trailer to oregon and mammoth lakes before coming back. it's like a ghost town shocked at how quickly they got our town taking care of
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and safe shocked after nearly a week of being told to evacuate sunday afternoon says city of south lake tahoe into home. residents were allowed to come back. the evacuation orders were downgraded to one. i'm excited to be home. you know, has been a crazy dread, tony. more relieved. this ordeal is getting closer to being over in town is still standing strong with city of south whitehall now under evacuation warning. >> fire chief clive topical says people will have to be self-sufficient as it will take a few days for emergency resources to be up and running because the morning because air quality still isn't great. >> if you have any health problems, it might not be the best time come back up. if you're in a safe place get our quality just area a little bit of good news to kony is soaking it in. but officials are hoping people are prepared. if things get worse and the warning is upgraded to order. i have the trailer ready and pack still. >> from accusations. i'm ready to go.
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>> and i'm confident com. you will find more details, more information to get you ready for the ongoing wildfire season. you can scan the qr code on your screen. you'll be taken right to our website here in the bay area point was wild night last night. you get a look at this video posted to the citizen app. but late last night video of a sideshow. what took place. >> on treasure island. no word on just how many people were there, only that it was near 9th street. h police have not released any further information on this incident. we turn now to the east bay where there's a makeshift memorial growing in night stand for the victims of a deadly hit and run the chp say that an 18 year-old girl from pittsburgh and a 16 year-old boy from oakley were hit as they were walking along the road on saturday night. the 2 teenagers were killed. the chp says the driver is 18 year-old colby sharper. who has been
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accused of being intoxicated at the time of the crash that happened on byron highway in the town of nights sharper is in custody and faces charges of driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. so far chp not releasing the names of the victims. and with a long holiday weekend. the comes more traffic, of course as well as more accidents. unfortunately, some of the crashes were deadly. >> kron four's amanda hari talk to the chp about what they're doing, what they have been doing to try to keep people safe and about what you can do. >> chp had a maximum enforcement period all weekend and they were out in full force just trying to make sure everyone stayed safe. >> that's a sound that was heard across bay area roadways this labor day weekend as officers patrolled california highway patrol implemented. a maximum enforcement period and it was needed.
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>> we have seen an increase and the traffic across the roadways throughout the bay area this weekend. and with the increased traffic came more accidents. >> this is citizen video of an accident on. i 2.80 in san francisco. there were no major injuries in this accident. but others resulted in deaths. one person. >> as a result result drinking and driving as the cause of it this accident happened around one 15 monday morning on the bay bridge. >> chp says calls started coming in about an accident involving a wrong-way driver and multiple vehicles. one woman was killed in the crash is the man driving the vehicle. that was going the wrong way has been identified as eric stever sen he ran away but was found on a bike path near by. he was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. all we can say public's, please don't drink and drive another crash killed
9:18 pm
2 teens on byron highway in the town of nights in. >> this is a memorial set up for them. according to chp, 18 year-old colby shaw river was intoxicated at the time of the crash. an 18 year-old and a 16 year-old were walking along the road when they were hit and killed chp. san francisco division officer mark andrews says they're trying to stop these types of accidents from happening anyone that's going too fast. >> following too close making unsafe lane changes and driving over aggressive or the traffic and hit him as well as people who are distracted by the cell phones or other devices. and then of course, impaired drivers as well. officer andrew says you can help as well. we always encourage anyone who me? >> believes there behind someone who's exhibiting driving us that typical
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typical what officer might see. definitely encouraged to call 911, the officer also emphasized that you should always designate a sober driver make sure everyone in the vehicle. >> has their seat belts on and always follow the rules of the road in san francisco. amanda hari kron. 4 news was a violent day in la as well where police are looking for the person responsible for a deadly shooting today in long beach. investigators say that the shooter killed the couple just outside their apartment building over a parking spot. >> police have not released any further information on the suspect. but we will update you soon as we get more information at the newsroom. deputies in florida. they've been looking for a motive after a man shot and killed an entire family sunday morning happened in the city of lakeland. >> the suspect is 33 year-old brian riley. he was reportedly wearing full body armor when he opened fire on the residents of 2 separate homes. he killed 3 people and killed
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the baby an 11 year-old girl was shot 7 times and survived. riley is a former marine. he was a sharpshooter in both iraq and afghanistan. he was shot once by officers before he surrendered. but while being treated at the hospital. he reportedly tried to grab an officer's gun. investigators say he apparently targeted his victims at random. he is expected to recover. he will be transferred to jail to face charges. >> tonight. u.s. navy is remembering 5 sailors now presumed dead after a helicopter crash off the coast of san diego this weekend. learned that one of the sailors who was killed grew up in the fresno area and received training here in the bay area. kron four's jonathan mccall is here with details on how he is being honored jonathan, thank you, catherine. just a heartbreaking story about this tragedy. navy. lieutenant bradley foster identified over the weekend is one of 5 sailors lost at sea after that crash last week. >> tonight, the navy is searching for answers into the
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crash as family and friends of foster and his shipmates prepare for life without them. foster grew up in oakhurst just outside of fresno tonight. the 29 year-old is being remembered as a hard worker. a leader and a class act last tuesday. navy officials say that foster went into the water off the coast of san diego after helicopter crash. officials say that chopper was conducting routine operations off the flight deck of the aircraft carrier uss abraham lincoln in addition to the 5 sailors lost at sea. 6 other sailors were also hurt in the crash. but are expected to survive for those who watch lieutenant foster grow up. they say his loss is not only painful painful for them personally. they also say it's a tremendous loss for our country. >> now, everybody knows everybody here. it's our community. we have bright young men like that. that's a nice tragically protecting our country. >> the other 4 sailors also identified by the navy killed in that crash last week as you
9:22 pm
just saw from for yourself. lieutenant foster leaves behind a wife, a young daughter along with a mom and a brother today. we also learned that lieutenant foster prepared for his military life right here in the bay area. he graduated from the cal maritime academy in vallejo back in 2015 tonight. all new on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. a look at how the school is remembering him in wake of this tragedy. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> thank you, jonathan. coming up on this. our kron 4 news at 9 and north bay baker battling covid symptoms. months after recovering. we're going to hear from this woman. medical experts are calling a covid long hauler. also the situation in in the afghanistan roman remains very volatile the u.s. and other countries negotiate with the taliban. how one bay area group is working to help the
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>> and he's nonprofit hosted a fundraiser today to help afghan refugees during what's being described as a a very critical time. another mission began with the war 20 years ago. but they need has ramped up. of course, as we know in the last month as that taliban is gaining more power in their former home are for sale. so the money and is here with details on how these immigrants are getting some vick in katherine, this nonprofit here n the bay area. does a lot of things to help afghan refugees. and today the focus was
9:26 pm
specifically on. >> collecting furniture donations. so for airport pickups to enrolling kids into school to housing again today. they specifically focused on furnishing those homes. the jewish family and community services organized a call to action, which was answered today and people dropped off all kinds of household items at a storage unit in walnut creek for big families moving into small apartments, twin size beds and mattresses are really a big help and a cordon 8 are there tells me that the need is greater than ever as u.s. troops have pulled out of afghanistan. people there who helped our military, whether it be translators or even those who served meals on base have been targeted by the taliban. so they're coming to live here specifically in places like conquered. we're a huge afghan community already exists and refugees resettling. there are eligible for this aid. if they arrive on a special immigrant besa. they're just happy to be safe. >> these these people are. i mean, they're coming from, you know, 20 years of war and many
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of them have been very specifically targeted. they're here safely, but they still have you know, mothers brothers you know, back in afghanistan who are who are still at risk. >> so there's a sense of relief for dotson explains the refugees are still anxious for the loved ones who couldn't come here with them. this group typically helps about a 135 individuals in one year and now as a comparison, they're on track to triple the number of re settlers 75 people migrated in august alone. 100 more each month are expected in the next 3 months. dotson expect this to continue for another 6 months finding a place to live is hard even for locals here, let alone for refugees in the bay area without a financial track record. so the jewish family community services has been asking for co-signers to leases as well. that's a pretty big ask, but they are getting volunteers. so if you'd like to help out in any way you can reach out to that nonprofit. we'll be posting some links up on kron 4 dot com. the key. >> all right, thank you for that
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9:31 pm
>> you know, i remember sitting in my bedroom with i could smell anything and taste anything. and i thought like, wow, this is like this is actually happening more than 7 and a half months ago handily per been tested positive for covid. she lost her sense of taste and smell difficult symptom to swallow as a head baker in co owner of the restaurant. everything tasted wrong. everything. tasted like burning and like trash and. >> you know, apple's just tasted like peaches like everything, just the connections were right in my it's been it hasn't really been getting any better. purvin works at one house bakery in benicia. >> she's one of many people who have tested positive for covid who are now being called long haulers while it's all still being studied research suggests about one in 3 adults who get coronavirus up symptoms that last more than 2 weeks. even people who only get mild sickness and don't need to be hospitalized
9:32 pm
report. feeling side effects and symptoms long after their free of the virus. the study published in nature scientific reports fatigue headaches attention disorder. >> hair loss and loss of taste and smell was the top 5 most common long-term side effects. sometimes those wires get crossed. people can get what are called camp can still win. >> is the medical term for. were you smell things that really are there. what some strange things with this virus. as for perth. and she says she's trying to stay positive. but it's been difficult. >> food. is her happiness or joy her career. it's been very very >> trying to bake and cook without being able the taste of theirs asset or salt in certain products in benicia michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> kron 4 is your local election headquarters and happening this week, vice president kamala harris will be in the bay area on wednesday to rally in support of governor newsom. and we're
9:33 pm
still working to find out exactly where she will be. governor newsome says that he also expects president biden to come here to california to support him in the closing days leading up to the election on september 14th. gubernatorial candidate larry elder. he visited the oroville dam with congressman doug lamalfa over the weekend. elder says one of his top priorities. if you selected. >> will be improving infrastructure to help deal with the statewide water shortage. some democrats have criticized the conservative radio host saying he will governor newsom's covid policies. but elder says that he not only supports vaccines. he's had his shops. >> i do believe, however, that people have choices in this country. when i become governor. i know that gavin newsom has mandated that every state worker who has not been actually be tested once a week and wear a face mask at work when we peel before my first cup of coffee. >> elder has also said that he would shut down the state's bullet train project, which is dramatically over budget. it's been taking years. he says he
9:34 pm
would use some of the money to fund efforts to curb wildfires. lawmakers return to sacramento today for the final week of california's legislative session and our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala gives us a preview of what they will be debating this week. >> state lawmakers have until the end of the day, friday to pass or kill hundreds of proposals, including a last minute request from governor gavin newsome with 4 days to go in the legislative session. governor gavin newsome. late friday requested to use 60.0. 7 million dollars in state funds to help afghan refugee arrivals in california. the proposal is backed by democratic legislative leaders and has bipartisan support. it's great that he wants to do this. republican assemblyman devon mathis served in the military for 10 years. completing 2 tours in the middle east. he supports newsom's proposal and author to house resolution urging the biden administration to get americans in afghanistan home along with afghan partners and
9:35 pm
their dependency. the biden administration guys. you did admit that they screwed the pooch on this one. >> and get a horrible job on this block. and now we have to put pieces together to make sure people have somewhere to go. a little bit of this helps that absolutely. as far as california. the crew that were able to help get them settled here. and if we can't get them settled here. we need to help and be part of the collaboration to get them several on us. >> another proposal facing friday's deadline, a bill that would strip badges from bad law enforcement officers. california is just one of 4 states that does not have a system to decertify police officers. the senate is set to take the final vote after it passed the assembly friday. this is not an anti police bill. this is an accountability bill. >> without any accountability. we lose integrity of the bad and the bond with the community is broken. republicans have concerns with the potential for bias in the bill which establishes a
9:36 pm
nine-member disciplinary board that could have only to law enforcement officer representatives. >> and 7 others with personal backgrounds with police accountability. they also have concerns with the bill's broad definition of misconduct. we do need. it's a decertification process. but we also need but to be fair. >> other legislative priorities that likely will not happen by the end of this week include to oversight hearings into the newsom administration is handling of the employment development department and while our prevention at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com. you can scan that qr code. it will take you straight to our web page where you'll get the latest on the candidates and information, including the most recent polls still ahead, the state that is giving young students official mental health >> and coming up next in sports, fresh off taking 2 of 3 games of from the dodgers and giants.
9:37 pm
>> they were right back at it in colorado. kate rooney has your highlights coming in.
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for expert help with all your insurance needs, get to know your local geico agent today. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> rest. well, there's no such thing. if you're the giants, san francisco hasn't had a day off since august 23rd that was the day after the bay bridge series which feels like about a million years ago, especially after this weekend's hard fought series win over the dodgers. and
9:40 pm
today the giants got right back in action for an early game. the giants beginning a six-game road trip in colorado. we're going to pick it up in the second inning. already one. nothing giants and buster posey last one. the way. andy. it is gone for a solo home run his 17th of the season. 2 nothing giants after that, we go to the 4th now tyrell strada up to flips. it long and back and that gets out for another solo. jack. nothing giants this for love hitting those home runs. but he wasn't finished. an inning later us try fix another one to deep left. exact same spot. just a couple inches over its out for a 2 run homer. huge game for the young infielder. 6. nothing giants scored their same darin ruf wants in on the action drugs. one way. that's right. center that one's not gone, but it is over the head of garrett hampson, steven duggar and kevin gausmann both
9:41 pm
score. you don't see this often rough into 3rd with a stand-up triple 8, one giants. the rockies would make some noise late. but the giants stolen by police had to 5 final score and they remain a game up on the dodgers in the national league west after the game. gabe kepler spoke about the giants offense. staying hot, especially with a really tight turnaround from yesterday's game monaco's. his group came ready to play obviously. >> late flight last night get in at one 30 in the you know, the whole crew has a very, very quick turnaround in the sun tired eyes this morning. these guys got ramped up well, and our guys have all throughout the day. as as difficult. these decisions environment for our guys. difficult for them as well. freeman was was throwing strikes were in a nice job of getting driving >> good win for them. some forty-niners news today. a veteran addition to the secondary san francisco signed cornerback josh norman. he spent the last season with
9:42 pm
buffalo where he played in 9 games racking up 24 tackles 2 fumble recoveries, a forced fumble and an interception before the bills norman played 4 seasons in washington and 4 seasons in carolina. that's where the panthers drafted him in the 5th round in 2000, 12 here in sf. he joins a group of young cornerbacks led by emmanuel moseley and he can potentially help provide some some veteran support to guys like ambry thomas and yemen or lenoir both rookies, the niners did release dontae johnson to make room for norman on the 53 man roster. we've got just 6 days to go before we're going to get to see norman and the rest of the forty-niners in action on sunday when they take on the detroi
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>> for your health. but tonight it might take longer than a week to recover from bad sleeping habits. this is according to a new study that was done in poland. researchers put volunteers on poor sleep schedule for some 10 days. doctors. then measure their reaction times after giving them about a week to recover. well, the team found that the group still had trouble with memory and their reaction speeds we're really not at normal levels. researchers say the study give some insights on the neurological impact of sleep deprivation showing that even a full week is not enough to recover for some people. after year of isolation and online learning being back in the classroom could feel like a big change for some children.
9:46 pm
>> it can bring excitement, but it can also bring other feelings. one state is trying to provide more understanding of that problem when it comes especially to the mental health of young students. the illinois governor has signed a new bill. this is going to give every student 5 automatic mental health days for the school year. one counselor says that can really make a big difference in a child's life. >> i just think it's important to recognize that mental health. this is same and help. i think kids need the option to have. that rest or to check in with a doctor therapist. and do some self care things. it's our mental health is really important and kids are pressured these days and they. they need to be. well. >> at the start of the pandemic and fact mental health emergencies skyrocketed. in fact, one report says mental health emergencies rose 24% for children, ages 5 to 1131% for
9:47 pm
children, 12 to 17 in the months march through may. >> all right. time for another look at the forecast as this labor day weekend comes to a nap time for his chief. meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look what mother nature is cooking up for us. yeah. she's with of another big storm out there. a major hurricane continues to churn in the atlantic. so it around for a while now since last week. this is larry continue to spin around out there. look at all the colors wrapped in around as you can tell, the intense storms continue to blow up in around the core that i and there you go. you can see that i looking right back at you. a fairly symmetrical to is it's a moving out over open water. so far the good news is it hasn't affected any major landmasses just generates a big swells along parts of the islands here. but further to the north. well, the track is going to take it very close to bermuda. we're going to watch out very closely the next few days, sustained winds right now of a 125 miles an hour, making it a major hurricane, a
9:48 pm
category 3. the track of making its way right along getting very close to bermuda. watch it very closely may be a category 2 by late wednesday into thursday, maybe a 3. we're going to wait and see. either way, it looks like it'll be a glancing blow, at least along the eastern half of the island's most that staying away from there, they can see some huge swell. maybe some 20 foot waves moving in along the coastline there and then it's going make its way out to the north and finally going to start to move on the way land looks like it's going to stay away the east coast and wait for the united states about. and that will take to friday. so it's really a slow-moving storm that fog very dense outside. when you see a death like this. you know, you have a strong ridge of high pressure overhead that ridge again will bring some very warm temperatures away from the immediate coastline. still nice and the san francisco about 72 degrees. mostly sunny in the afternoon along the coastline to find some sunshine and emissions, some fog temperatures in the upper 60's we're not in half moon. bay 75 in millbrae 74 and burning him about 83 in redwood city tomorrow. 81 in
9:49 pm
mountain view, the south bay get some 80's and some 90's. so getting on the hot side. and speaking of hot, they are talking triple digits again, tri 101 walnut creek. one '02 in 100, one in discovery bay about a 100 degrees in fairfield, 90 in the napa valley. the idea of these temperatures staying hot for at least another day or 2 before starting to cool down high pressure will slowly weekend, but it's going to take some time until about thursday or friday before we really start feeling of cooling probably right about average saturday and sunday with much cooler temperatures next weekend. all right, lawrence foy, that's going to be really hot. >> know, you can pick up just about anything your local shops. but at an independent pharmacy in lower manhattan. the owners are stocking something special this is a good idea. intended us to pick me up for small businesses and people in that area. greg mocker from our sister station in new york explains. >> a dose of music is
9:50 pm
available at the local pharmacy on thompson street in it's exactly what the doctor ordered. no prescription required actually really sound. and the voice is really good. this could help cure what ails says. the shop owner and pharmacist that tim danson we've all trying to do to keep our neighborhood intact. >> we went a rough time last year. every other tuesday as thompson chemists closes for business. the store because the side effects include flashes of joy spontaneous there's not a bad seat on the sidewalk that we've been going there for years. it took really good care of my mom. she's like 96, the independent pharmacy has been in the neighborhood. 24 years with new york's about >> just everybody getting together and feeling good about yourself. in creating doing things that are the
9:51 pm
music started about 4 years ago. when the neighbor known as sheriff bob came in. yes, a band called sheriff and the deputy the sheriff a good time. so i feel very responsible for people having a good time there. full meets rock style has become even more important. now they're back for live performances. after all these this year of covid, when we did the show online to bring it back on the street with so many people having a good time. >> and i could see out here today. everybody was having a good time keeping a healthy attitude seems >> in soho, greg mocker pix 11 news. >> oh yeah. share while coming up, it was a good weekend for collectors of elvis presley memorabilia items that sold at auction in how much they sold for.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. elvis presley memorabilia continues to bring in big money, really big money on the auction block ok, an example, a jar of his hair with what's described as extensive documentation. it sold for get this $72,000 at a recent auction over the weekend. one of elvis is famous jumpsuits with the cape that sold for more than a million dollars at
9:55 pm
an auction. he word at madison square garden at a concert in 1972 it became one of his most photographed outfit, the jumpsuit and cape were and they were among many other items sold at the auction that work attached to the superstar. so. the creators of an art exhibit in moscow say that it is intended to make visitors feel like they are in the future and they're looking back and fact you are meant to imagine it is 3115 and there are specific and you're looking at classical settings of ancient greece and rome. so the end result is a collection of seemingly ancient sculptures. but you're using our current electronic devices too reflect on your lifestyle or you can just enjoy the strangeness now. well, everybody is planning on moving anytime soon. you may want to check out a new city that's being called. it's being built and it's called to llosa. he's a 400 billion dollar project for an entirely sustainable city in the
9:56 pm
desert. the brains behind this idea are former walmart exec billionaire marc lore and danish architect berkey ingles. they say that their city will combine the cleanliness of tokyo, the diversity of new york and the social services of stockholm. just one or 2 hurdles still to get over the. need to find somewhere to build it. and the little matter of the 400 billion dollars in funding. so far they say they're looking at locations in nevada. utah, idaho, arizona, texas in the appalachian region. kind of a blade runner find it that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour with pam moore and ken wayne, catherine vicki, thanks to you both. and ken and i are coming up next with all the day's news coming up, details from doctors are worried that labor day weekend activities will lead to a spike in covid cases why they're fearful a search is already brewing
9:57 pm
plus, we're learning more about the mother who died in a hiking accident and pacific over the weekend. the body was found at the bottom of a cliff. >> how a lifelong friend is remembering her tonight. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10. ys from yourt care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay?
9:58 pm
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time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news we can just right now. hope for the best hope. >> people are using it. >> what i call good covid. common sense. >> now at 10 as holiday travelers return home. doctors say they're worried about post labor day covid surge that may already be brewing. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. after several days a potential super spreader events health experts fear a deadly start to the fall. nancy loo has their concerns. >> after a weekend of grilling and gathering for college football. and high school parades parties and events of all kinds health officials everywhere are dreading the covid-19 impact. we know it's going to show up. >> we just really have to wait and see. but we're not we're not optimistic that we're going to see any counter in


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