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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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news station. you're watching kron. 4 news we can just right now. hope for the best hope. >> people are using it. >> what i call good covid. common sense. >> now at 10 as holiday travelers return home. doctors say they're worried about post labor day covid surge that may already be brewing. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. after several days a potential super spreader events health experts fear a deadly start to the fall. nancy loo has their concerns. >> after a weekend of grilling and gathering for college football. and high school parades parties and events of all kinds health officials everywhere are dreading the covid-19 impact. we know it's going to show up. >> we just really have to wait and see. but we're not we're not optimistic that we're going to see any counter in
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the trends any time within the next 4 weeks and especially discouraging sign was outside the arkansas game where a vaccination clinic went completely ignored. no one came by no one even questions. t. the cdc is forecasting that covid deaths could surge to nearly 19,000 in the 4 week period ending september 25th. >> with more than half of those deaths predicted later this month days into september. just 53% of americans are vaccinated just please help me, help me. get us to get vaccinated. >> that's the only take what we got. i wish to goodness. i can tell you something else. but the bottom line is just if we're going have we're going have a bunch more people die. the cdc had advised unvaccinated americans not to travel over the holiday weekend. but it's hard to tell whether any plans changed roads have been congested and flights have been full. i had covid in february >> double in unity with the
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vaccine. yeah. not too worried. >> that was nancy loo reporting for us. and this is a live view from our sutro camera looking at downtown san francisco our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look ahead at what we can expect from the heat and from the and whatever else is official a summer labor day holiday weekend is certainly living up to the billing as turned out 3 pretty hot specially parts of the bay area inland you're up in the triple digits today. signs of things changing, but it's going to take some time. this is really just a dominant ridge sitting over head right now mostly clear skies in the san francisco. we are seeing some fog out there. look at that. getting dense as you make your way toward the golden gate bridge. and that's where it's going to be. it's going to sign that very strong ridge of high pressure compressing that marine air right down to the surface. so that the marine air is only about 500, maybe about a 1000 feet thick. that is it. so it's not to be able to make its way all the way inland
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overnight tonight. that means another hot day. it's coming your way. highs. today. 77 degrees in san francisco. that was well above the average 87 in oakland, 93 degrees in san jose. then we really started to crank up the heat. a 103 in livermore, 101 in concord and 99 degrees in santa rosa. all right. here's that big dome of high pressure sitting over head the circulation around that ridge. yeah, that's likely to bring up a little subtropical moisture into our skies for tomorrow. that will be interesting. but the same time that ridge just sitting over head. that means not a lot of mix in the atmosphere down below that gives us all the hazy conditions. and with all that smoke in the atmosphere already. we'll see more of it again for tomorrow. lake tahoe. i'm seeing this in quite some time. how about that? they're actually getting some good air quality in truckee right now. they haven't seen that and maybe a couple of weeks looking pretty good in the i've got some moderate amounts of pollutants in the tahoe city and southlake them poor right in around the fire. the called fire continuing to burn there.
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all right. let's get you back into the bay area. you can see outside right now you get that nice afternoon, sea breeze and that really starts clean out the atmosphere bit. look at an ice cream conditions all the way from mill valley stretching the napa valley about layoffs in martinez. even in the car right now. still some pockets of some moderate amounts of pollutants. that's mainly the east bay but approaching the coastline to get that seabreeze in the afternoon that generally helps to clean things out. now the call the fire continuing to burn there right now. you see the wind direction continue to move out of the west in and around that fire right now pushing that toward the easterly direction for them. they're going to see more of that in the afternoon. you get that seabreeze kicking in for them as well. humidity been very dry out there to 27% of my or 20% south lake tahoe. we're going to see more of that, too, as that big dome of high pressure sits over head. there's the very some of the wind conditions see along the coastline more of a northerly component. that nice on shore. breeze that brings with of low clouds and fog here unfortunate that marine layer
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so shallow because a ridge of high pressure. so strong they're not feeling any of that relief anywhere inland tomorrow. back up in the triple digits and their quality. yes, going to suffer again tomorrow spare the air day. all right. thank you, lawrence. well, more hardship for nearly 8 million americans still looking for a job to federal unemployment programs created during the pandemic expired today leaving millions of people scrambling to make up for lost income. >> another 2 million people will also have to do without a supplemental unemployment payment of $300 a week which expire this weekend here in california, the statewide eviction moratorium is set to expire at the end of september. but billions of dollars are still available for tennis and for landlords, just make sure you check this out so that you can see if you qualify. and as a number of tech workers sent tech companies continue to have their workers work from home. some business owners in downtown san jose say that is
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hurting them. the problem for restaurants in particular is the lack of foot traffic is not only. >> diminishing the vibrancy of the area. but it's also affecting their bottom line. kron four's dan thorn has the story from san jose. most of these places have taken a huge hit throughout this pandemic. but there was hope that once things improved in our fight. >> against covid-19 that offices would be bringing their employees back. but as the delta variant has been surging. many companies have changed their return to office plans leaving restaurants with fewer customers and more empty tables downtown san jose restaurants in the normally popular san pedro square are suffering a lack of would be customers such as tack in other corporate office employees who are still working at home is putting a strain on local business over the last few months we thought, you know, all the court, brit. >> you know, businesses. we're going to start coming back and things just keep getting pushed out, pushed out and pushed out says starting a little devastating again in a
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little worrisome he lost restaurant sushi confidential like otters along san pedro street. >> has struggled for months to get a solid lunch or happy hour crowd muster was looking forward to seeing large companies like cisco, zoom or adobe bring their employees back. but because of convenience and concerns over covid-19. >> many tech companies have opted for hybrid work models or given the work from home option to employees full time remote work means empty office buildings in anything right now. affects, you know, our business even if where or miss and yell 5, 5, customers that definitely hurts the absence of corporate catering has also negatively affected. muster is business. he is, however, thankful for residents who live in the area and for the temporary street closures put in place. >> by the city shutting down the streets and allowing people to come dine. that's definitely helped out. >> i quite a bit and it creates this community feel that has been lacking so much
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here in downtown san jose. >> there is hope that office workers will return, especially as vaccination numbers improve here locally santa clara county has one of the highest vaccination rates in the state with the county health department reporting that almost 82% of people over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news in the north bay sonoma county's vaccine mandate takes effect tomorrow county employees will either need to show proof of vaccination. >> or submit to weekly testing the mandate which was approved last month. applies to all 4400 county workers. the county health officers also recommending that every business in sonoma county adopt a similar policy. the city of alameda has passed a vaccination milestone. 80% of people 12 and older are fully vaccinated and nearly 93% of that population has received at least their first dose.
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>> the city has been dealing with a surge in cases, though. let's take a look at some of these numbers. this is amazing. just 47 cases on june. the 21st. but in july by july, the 21st that number had jumped to 251 and then on august, 21st. look at this. the number is 461 cases of covid. so that's why they're taking this action. most eligible people waiting to get their moderna booster shot later this month might have to wait a little bit longer. the biden administration wanted 3rd doses ready for both moderna and pfizer by september 20th. but the fda says. >> moderna may not be ready in time. erin myers explains. >> health officials are saying that they need to submit more data to the fda before can be approved. so that could take into october. those with weakened immune systems, though, can currently get the pfizer or moderna 3rd dose now. now, when it comes to the booster shot. the rollout is
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expected to be september 20th for pfizer. but moderna may be delayed by a week or 2. according to doctor anthony fauci, the president's chief medical adviser. >> companies must submit the appropriate information to the fda to get that approval first, we're not going to do anything unless he gets the the appropriate fda regulatory approval. >> and then the recommendation from the advisory committee on immunization practices. doctor fauci says the vaccine's efficacy does start to diminish. so a 3rd dose may turn out to be the proper regimen and that data out of israel shows booster doses offer profound protection. >> against infection and hospitalization those with weakened immune systems have been able to get that 3rd 28 days after their second. this new rollout would be for the general public with a 3rd dose being recommended 8 months after that second dose. >> again, that was erin myers reporting for us. >> 6 students and staff members at bayside martin luther king junior academy in sausalito have tested positive
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for covid and as a result, the school will offer free rapid covid testing tomorrow. here's a breakdown of the positive cases they were in kindergarten 3rd and 4th and 5th grade classrooms. although the outbreak was at the nevada street campus the rapid testing will be available there along with the campus on philips testing will also be available tomorrow. and thursday from one to 3.30, at the marin city wellness clinic. >> well, for some people coronavirus symptoms can last weeks or even months. these are the patients that are called the longhaulers. according to a recent study they experience fatigue, headaches, hair loss and. >> like one business owner that kron four's michelle kingston talked with still no taste or smell even after 7 months. >> you know, i remember sitting in my bedroom with i could smell anything and taste anything. and i thought like, wow, this is like this is actually happening more than 7 and a half months ago handily per been tested positive for
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covid. she lost her sense of taste and smell difficult symptom to swallow as a head baker in co owner of the restaurant. everything tasted wrong. everything. tasted like burning and like trash and. >> you know, apple's just tasted like peaches like everything, just the connections were right in my brain. it's been it hasn't really been getting any better. purvin works at one house bakery in benicia. >> she's one of many people who have tested positive for covid who are now being called long haulers while it's all still being studied research suggests about one in 3 adults who get coronavirus up symptoms that last more than 2 weeks. even people who only get mild sickness and don't need to be hospitalized report. feeling side effects and symptoms long after their free of the virus. the study published in nature scientific reports fatigue headaches attention disorder. >> hair loss and loss of taste and smell was the top 5 most
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common long-term side effects. sometimes those wires get crossed. people can get what are called camp can still win. >> is the medical term for. were you smell things that really are there. what some strange things with this virus. as for perth. and she says she's trying to stay positive. but it's been difficult. >> food. is her happiness or joy her career. it's been very very >> trying to bake and the cook without being able the taste of theirs asset or salt in certain products in benicia michelle kingston kron 4 news. >> tonight. the u.s. navy is remembering 5 sailors now presumed dead after a helicopter crash off the coast of san diego this weekend. we learned one of the sailors in this tragedy grew up in the fresno area and prepared for life in the navy right here in the bay area. ron for shots in the canl here in the studio with how this navy officers being honored pam. ken,
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especially can you know, you and i are former sailors. the navy says that this is a routine operation. but any time. >> there's an operation involved. there is some type of risk always at the forefront of it. navy. lieutenant bradley foster a 2015 graduate of the cal maritime academy in vallejo. those who know him say he always wanted to be a navy pilot. they say his loss will not only be felt by them personally. but it's also a tremendous loss for the nation. all american class act and leader all words, best to describe us navy. lieutenant bradley foster by those who know him best. >> they say the loss of this. 29 year-old is a big loss for them personally, but also a loss for america. >> and just a great loss for us here. god got to really them. he got a the fresno area native and navy pilot. >> now among 5 sailors presumed dead by the u.s. navy after helicopter crash off the coast of san diego last tuesday. according to us, navy
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officials. the crash happened as the chopper was conducting routine flight operations off the flight deck of the aircraft carrier uss abraham lincoln. >> it's yet another reminder of the dangers. our men and women face every day. overseas. at sea. >> and here at home foster is also a 2015 graduate of cal maritime in vallejo. in a statement, the school's president said that foster represents the best of the school calling him enthusiastically optimistic and mature beyond his years going on to say that the cal maritime family is heartbroken over the loss. tom wheeler is a family friend and watched as bradley grew up. he calls him a leader and impressive in sports and as an eagle scout and someone who other kids looked up to and someone who will be truly missed. you know, everybody knows everybody here it's our community. can we have bright young men like that. that's a nice tragically protecting our
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country. >> lieutenant foster is survived by a wife and a small daughter along with his mother and brother. in addition to the 4 other sailors lost at sea 6 others werenalso injured in that incident. they are now in stable condition recovering from their injuries. they are expected to be okay. and ken and pam, the navy still trying to piece together the details of this crash, so many questions still unanswered tonight. live in the studio jonathan mccall kron 4 news and thank you for that. >> we have new information tonight on a crash that killed an 1816 year-old over the weekend according to the highway patrol colby harbor was driving under the influence when he hit and killed the teenagers walking on the road. it happened on byron highway in the town of nights in this memorial set up for the victims of the crash site was just one of several serious crashes over the holiday weekend early this morning, someone going the wrong way on the bay bridge hit several cars and killed a woman. the chp says the
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wrong-way driver was eric stever son. his hometown was released. he apparently tried to run away. but authorities say he was found on a bike path and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving chp, san francisco division officer mark andrews says they're trying to stop these types of accidents accidents from happening. >> anyone that's going too fast following too close, making unsafe lane driving in a over aggressive or the traffic and vision as well as people here distracted by the cell phones or other devices. and of course impaired drivers as well. >> the officer also emphasize that you should always designate a sober driver. make sure everyone has or seat belts. fastened simply follow the rules of the road. >> happening tomorrow. me will be sworn into her state assembly seat. she defeated to nani roma chandran in a special election to represent district 18 which includes alameda oakland and san
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leandro. that seat was left vacant when to me is husband was appointed as state attorney general. >> there's just a week before california voters have their final chances to decide if they want governor gavin newsom to continue in his position and the governor and his challengers in next week's recall election are making their last efforts to try to get voters out to the polls. kareen wynter brings us more from the governor's stop today in los angeles. it's a race to the finish line in the final days before california special >> governor gavin newsome fighting to keep his job while urging a room full of supporters in baldwin hills today to defeat the republican led effort to oust him in the september 14th race. newsom's biggest challenger republican front runner. larry elder, a conservative radio talk show host who knew some took aim at in his comments to voters. he doesn't believe the minimum wage at all. he calls food stamps. a giveaway. at the
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same time he calls for eliminating the corporate tax in america. larry elder, thanks. climate change is a quote, unquote, myth. he thinks it's a crock newsome also slammed elder on the covid crisis with elder promising to eliminate vaccine mask and testing mandates. if elected. older who also has strong views on gun control rally his base of supporters in cass tape saying he wants to save small businesses devastated by the pandemic. >> this is not a republican takeover. this is a takeover from californians who are absolutely fed up. >> also stumping for votes this labor day california state assembly member kevin kiley who campaigned in beverly hills this afternoon. he represents the sacramento suburbs in the state legislature. he was vaccinated against covid-19. but said if elected governor he would do away with newsom's mandate on vaccines and masks. he's in favor of a minimum wage but
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says it should not be as high as what democrats are pushing for. kylie also believes in climate change but says he's against newsom's orders to, for example, ban all oil drilling by 2045. this is the furthest thing from a partisan recall as much as gavin newsom. i'd like you to believe but, you know, the very reason he's able to go on tv. you know, constantly incessantly right spreading also is because he's getting tons of money from the very same special interests that control the governor's office. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 10 crews have stopped the forward progress of the fire that forced hundreds of evacuations over the weekend. >> the tactics they use help them get the upper hand. >> also the taliban now has control over every province in afghanistan will tell you why president biden says that gives us more leverage in negotiations. and next, we're hearing from a lifelong friend of the hiker who died while hiking in pacifica over the weekend she's being remembered.
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>> friends and family are reeling from the death of 45 year-old yvonne rogan of daly city. this is her picture. she fell while she was hiking at maury point trail near rockaway beach in pacifica kron four's taylor talk with rogan childhood friend and has more on what happened. >> yvonne rogan was hiking along this trail that leads up
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and around this now. and when witnesses say she tripped and fell from this area. police later found her about 50 feet below near rockaway beach. a lifelong friend tells me they were shocked when they learned what happened, especially since you've been recently gone into hiking shoes. a good mom. >> she's good daughter she's a good wife shoes. a good friend. she was all that they don't make them like that. no more. >> jason be hand lost his lifelong friend yvonne rogan sunday morning after a hiking accident in pacifica. he had first met rogan at this school yard in daly city when he was in the first grade. now 40 years later, he can't believe his best friend is gone. what he told me. what happened. >> even my wife can believe it. she said this is wrong. this is bad information. just wait. pacifica. police say. >> witnesses saw rogan trip and fall of more trail. it later found broken. 50 people rode the trail near rockaway beach in recent years. she
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really turned her life around and dedicated herself to living healthy year. >> and she working out and eating right. and it. >> it's just so ironic that this is what did her in that you know, that she was out there exercising getting her hiking on. >> and everything like that. you know, it's. i don't know if that makes it hurts more, whatever. you know i still can't believe it. >> the hand says rogan was one of the most motivating strong-willed and loving people. he knew he says she and her husband christian recently celebrated their 25th anniversary this month. she also leaves behind a son. this is just a hard loss >> she was a. strong woman really devoted to her family. to her husband and her son. and her mom that she's been taking care of. you know, she raised son right. ariel has grown to be an outstanding young man. this hurts for all
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of us. >> already. i've watched dozens of hikers. go up and down this trail. many of them having to slow down to keep themselves from falling friends of yvonne rogan say they hope signs or barriers go up to prevent another tragic incident like this from happening in pacifica tailored. the psac ii kron 4 news. >> next on kron. 4 news at 10. our state's firefighting resources are being strained even more as crews battle another blaze in northern california. we'll have the latest on the firefight. the efforts to get the remaining americans out of afghanistan are running into some problems. why there's trouble bringing them back home. many afghan refugees are now calling the bay area home. how one organization in the east bay is helping out families. one say right. 4 news at 10. we'll be right back. >> and a major hurricane is brewing in the atlantic. where is larry head and we'll talk
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about that and your 1010 coming up next. is your family ready for an emergency?
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you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> tonight. fire crews are dealing with yet another fire in northern california. this is time lapse video of the bridge fire that's burning in placer county near auburn. the fire started yesterday just outside the city of auburn. so far it's burned more than 400
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acres and it's 15% contained that fire prompted evacuation orders over the weekend, although tonight most of them have been lifted it on wallace. has the latest on that fire fight. we can see this charred hillside behind the flames burned this area yesterday. but today, firefighters tell me they're confident they're gaining the upper hand. >> from the air. and from the ground. firefighters made major headway on the bridge fire over the last 24 hours. >> just put a great effort in yesterday to get us where we are today. a few spot fires remain, but all forward progress has been stopped. >> the fire started just after noon yesterday sending thick smoke into the sky and leading the placer county sheriff's office to evacuate about 500 people from the area including from the popular robert state recreation area. the nearby forest hill bridge closed. and while that closure and the evacuations remain in effect. >> currently, there are no threats to any structures in and around the fire and no
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threat to the community of forest hill or the adjoining communities. >> firefighters about a large measure of success on this fire in part because of their strategy to take a look at all the fire tartan drops here on old forest hill road and also in the brush. >> and that they say has helped increase containment cal fire confirms the cause is under investigation and one firefighter suffered minor injuries. but is back on the front lines with page and others like him who live nearby are grateful for all first responders that saved the state park. >> it's huge. i run down there. we do a lot of hiking and things like that. i mean, it's definitely a big part of life. >> as for the forest hill bridge and nearby hiking trails. well, the california department of parks and recreation tells me you should expect this area to be closed at least throughout the night reporting in placer tom wallace. >> in south lake tahoe. the 22,000 people who were forced to evacuate because of the caldor fire are allowed back home tonight those flames have
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burned more than 216,000 acres and destroyed more than 700 homes is now. 48% contained. >> although crews are making progress against the counter fire, not all of the evacuation orders have been lifted and a nonprofit in south lake tahoe is helping out those forced to leave their homes. the community disaster resource center was originally created to help victims of the 2007 angora fire that blaze near fallen leaf destroyed hundreds of homes near south lake tahoe. but now the organization is coordinating relief efforts for people affected by the counter fire. >> 60% of south lake tahoe are renters. the majority of them do not have insurance and a lot of them will need financial assistance and physical systems hitting back into the community. >> if you'd like to help out with a donation. we posted a link on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> the sec on our 4 zone forecast. a live look tonight at the golden gate bridge
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which you can barely see anything from the fog and haze there from 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at the lingering smoke from the fires. how it's still affecting us. yes, certainly concern. and you know, we got talking about the caliber fire. we've got other fires burning the dixie fire. the fire is burning. >> around the state and they just continue to pump out all that smoke in the atmosphere gets caught up in these different circulation patterns before you know what some of the works his way back in the bay area. we've seen this play out. >> or last 3 weeks or so. but they continue to see some of that smoke in and around that whole fire right now. and you can see the wind now coming up a little bit out of the south. here are says me out of tne north here and then kind of a westerly pattern kind of rotating around. that's pushing the fire direction. little further to the south of where it's been. that is good news. that is away from south lake tahoe. but generally fairly light winds over these last few hours and that way you'll see overnight. it will calm down may be turning a little bit more northerly overnight tonight and then by tomorrow afternoon again that sea breeze kicks in and you
10:34 pm
get more of a westerly component of those winds now the air quality around the bay area has been suffering, of course because of all the fires burning around the state. occasionally. we'll get more of a northerly component, a win. and that brings more smoke in the bay area today. not that bad. and then tomorrow she doesn't look that bad to me either. we'll see a little smoke out there, little haze. but you know, it's love that blue showing up on our computer models in the smoke tracker. that's looking pretty good on the north bay. we do start to see some yellow showing up by late in the day. all right. they're quality mother. you go into the tahoe area right now. they've actually got some green haven't seen that in about a week or in and around the fire, you're still looking at some orange is a very poor air quality. the bay area, though a different story. we've pretty fresh air begin to move in right now. but again, overnight tonight things will settle out and then we'll start to see some more of that smoke in our skies by the afternoon. here's a major hurricane. this is larry spin around out there. look at that swirl. all those wind just now. it looks like the storm system going to get very close to bermuda as we head to the next couple days to stay winds
10:35 pm
now of a 125 miles per hour making it a major hurricane getting very close as we head in toward thursday, right near bermuda. public and some thunderstorms there, at least on along the eastern coast as a big-time swells out there right now. looks like larry, for the most part stays out in the atlantic and away from the mainland us. but they're going to see some big time waves along the coastline on the eastern seaboard. love. the surfers, though, love that they get those big swells along the storm does come ashore. well, that it's they're probably the only ones who really all right. thank you. okay. >> for more americans have been evacuated from afghanistan. but the efforts to bring the remaining us citizens. they're back home are running into some problems and it comes as the taliban is now in control of every afghan province. michael shure has the latest on the evacuation efforts nearly a week since the united states pulled out of afghanistan. yet the tenuous relationship with the taliban leadership there remains. we have 6 airplanes. >> that maza sharif airport, 6
10:36 pm
air points with american citizens on them as i speak. also with these interpreters and the taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now. the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee, texas representative michael mccaul commenting sunday on reports that taliban is not allowing evacuation flights to leave afghanistan to find ourselves in this very. >> precarious, dangerous situation where the taliban is now dictating terms to us or they're dictating the terms of our exit strategy in published reports. a former marine corps officer who coordinated 3 of those charter planes in mazar. sharif says that is not the taliban grounding the planes yet the state department issued a quick response to representative mccall sunday afternoon saying, quote, we will hold the taliban to its pledge to let people freely depart afghanistan as with all taliban commitments we are focused on deeds, not words. even with the taliban taking control of several strategic
10:37 pm
districts in the northern palm. sure. valley, the biden administration saying they have a different kind of power we have an enormous amount of leverage, including access to the global marketplace which is not a small piece of leverage to the taliban who are now overseeing large swaths of afghanistan. administration also saying they're working to keep their commitment to get many of those out who were issued special immigrant visas or s ivy's for having aided the americans during the last 20 years were in close communication with our. >> sources in our contacts in afghanistan to try to get side these out to get them out safely communication to continue with the highest levels this week with us secretaries of state and defense anthony blinken in lloyd austin departing separately on sunday for the qatari capital for talks with mideast leaders aimed at keeping a day. >> any research and threats and showing the different kind of us presence in the region. again, that was michael shure reporting an east bay nonprofit hosted a fundraiser today. >> to help afghan refugees
10:38 pm
during what they call a critical and urgent moment and their mission started with the war 20 years ago. but the need, of course, has ramped up in the last month as the taliban as, more power in their former home craft was ella sogomonian is here. she has details on how these immigrants are getting hill ella. well, this nonprofit has a variety of services for. >> refugees from all over the world. but they do specifically focus on the afghan community. so the help that they serve comes in many forms from airport pickups to eirolling kids into school to housing and today's event focused specifically on furnishing those homes. the jewish family and community services organized a call to action, which was answered today. as you can see in this video, people dropped off all kinds of household items at a storage unit in walnut creek for big families that are moving into small units twin size beds and mattresses are really a big help, a court in 8 or tells me that the need now is greater than ever as u.s. troops have pulled out of
10:39 pm
afghanistan. people there who helped our military, whether it be translators or even those who served meals on base have been targeted by the taliban. so they're on track. now to triple the number of free settlers here. we have resettled 77 individuals in the month of august. >> and to put that in perspective, 77 is about what we would normally do in 6 months. so we've done a 6 months worth resettlement in one month. i do know that for the month of september. we are expecting at least 100 more individuals to arrive. so so some families are, you know, on other families are mom, dad. and you know, 4, 5, 6, kids. >> there is a sense of relief for these people. but as dotson explains refugees are still anxious for the loved ones who couldn't come here with them. they are coming to specifically live in places like concord where there is a huge afghan community that already exists refugees resettling are eligible for
10:40 pm
this aid if they arrive on a special immigrant visa. this group, the nonprofit typically helps about a 135 individuals in one year. so again, such a difference now and finding a place to live is pretty hard. even for locals here, let alone the refugees outside the bay area without a financial track record. so the jewish family and community services has been asking for co-signers to leases to these apartments. that's a pretty big ask, but they are getting volunteers. if you'd like to help in that way or just to donate you can reach out to that nonprofit. we have posted up their links up on our website. kron 4 dot com pan. back to love. thank you for that. the white house says president biden will visit ground 0 in new york city. the pentagon and the memorial outside shanksville, pennsylvania, where united flight 93 was forced down. >> president biden will be accompanied by first lady jill biden on september 11th. we will have live team coverage of the day's events and our weekend newscasts and our
10:41 pm
streaming app called kron on also on saturday kron 4 will have a 30 minute 9.11 anniversary special. it starts at 1030, saturday night. >> lawmakers return to sacramento tomorrow for the final week of california's legislative session. kron four's. ashley zavala gives us a preview of what they'll be debating this week. >> state lawmakers have until the end of the day, friday to pass or kill hundreds of proposals, including a last minute request from governor gavin newsome with 4 days to go in the legislative session. governor gavin newsome. late friday requested to use 60.0. 7 million dollars in state funds to help afghan refugee arrivals in california. the proposal is backed by democratic legislative leaders and has bipartisan support. it's great that he wants to do this. republican assemblyman devon mathis served in the military for 10 years. completing 2 tours in the middle east. he supports newsom's proposal and author to house resolution urging the biden administration to get americans in afghanistan home along with afghan partners and
10:42 pm
their dependency. the biden administration guys. you did admit that they the pooch on this one. >> and get a horrible job on this, too. well. and now we have to put pieces together to make sure people have somewhere to go. a little bit of this helps that absolutely. as far as california. the crew that were able to help get them settled here. and if we can't get them settled here. we need to help and be part of a collaboration. get them settled on us. >> another proposal facing friday's deadline, a bill that would strip badges from bad law enforcement officers. california is just one of 4 states that does not have a system to decertify police officers. the senate is set to take the final vote after it passed the assembly friday. this is not an anti police bill. this is an accountability bill. >> without any accountability. we lose integrity of the bad and the bond with the community is broken. republicans have concerns with the potential for bias in the
10:43 pm
bill which establishes a nine-member disciplinary board that could have only to law enforcement officer representatives. >> and 7 others with personal backgrounds with police accountability. they also have concerns with the bill's broad definition of misconduct. we do need. a decertification process. but we also need it to be fair. >> other legislative priorities that likely will not happen by the end of this week include to oversight hearings into the newsom administration is handling of the employment development department and while our prevention at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> still ahead on kron 4 news tonight at 10 new york and new jersey still recovering from the catastrophic flooding that killed dozens of people. how much it is expected to cost the state's repair. all the and next in sports, the giants arrived in colorado and one 30 in the morning, but they didn't sleep walks through their game against rockies. kate rooney has highlights and reaction in september is hunger action month and kron
10:44 pm
four's partnering with feeding america to help end the food insecurity scan the qr code on your screen for information on how to donate to local food charities right here in the bay area and watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our community.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants have not had a single day off since august 23rd. that's the day after the bay bridge series which feels almost like another lifetime at this point. but rest, well, that's going to have to wait for the nl leaders, the giants beginning a six-game road trip in colorado today. we're going to pick it up in the second inning. already one. nothing giants buster posey at that. it's a lot one. the office away and d. and that's gone on for a solo home run his 17th of the season that made it 2, nothing giants onto the 4th inning tara strada at the he lives that long and left and it goes out for another solo. jack 3 nothing giants. the sure do love those solo home runs. they have all season. but another inning later as starting yanks one deep to left and it's out. exact same spot where that's a different clip. a 2 run homer just a huge game for the young
10:48 pm
infielder. 6 zip giants. same inning getting in on the action drugs. one way back to right center not gone but not too shabby because it's over. the head of garrett hampson, steven duggar and kevin gausmann both score. and then you don't see this all that often dropped into 3rd with a stand-up triple giants crews in the rockies made some noise late. but the giants still win easily 10 to final score after the game. gabe kepler spoke about the giants offense. staying hot, especially with the tight turn around they had from yesterday's >> this group came ready to play obviously. late flight last night get in at one 30 in the you know, the whole crew has a very, very quick turnaround and their son tired eyes this morning. these guys got ramped up well, and our guys have all throughout the day. as as difficult. these decisions environment for our guys. it's difficult for them well. freeman was storm strikes were in a nice job of
10:49 pm
getting driving >> who needs sleep. not this team. meanwhile, the dodgers didn't even arrive at their hotel in st. louis until about 3 this morning after their flight from the bay area. but it didn't seem to affect them either. chris taylor's three-run home run in the first gave los angeles a 4 nothing lead and that was plenty for max scherzer to work with. he struck out 13 batters while giving up no earned runs in 8 innings. the dodgers win 5 to one they have won all 7 of shirts or starts since they traded for him. so let's take a look at the national league west standings. the giants finished the day where they started one game up on the second place. dodgers and man such a tight race. this is obviously a fluid situation. every win is really crucial for san francisco, especially if like today the dodgers also keep getting these victories. all right. switching years, some forty-niners news today. a veteran addition to the secondary san francisco signed cornerback josh norman.
10:50 pm
>> norman spent last season the buffalo where he played in 9 games racking up 24 tackles 2 fumble recoveries, a forced fumble. >> and an interception and before the bills he spent 4 seasons in washington before that 4 seasons in carolina. that's where the panthers drafted him in the 5th round in 2000, 12 with the forty-niners. he's joining a young group of cornerbacks led by emmanuel moseley. so hopefully you can help provide some veteran support to guys like rookies ambry thomas and yemen or lenoir the niners did release dontae johnson to make room for norman on the 53 man roster. >> we've got just 6 days to go before they kick off their season in detroit taking on the lions on sunday of course we're going to have full breakdown. so that leading up to the week. and after the game. but for now, that's it for sports. more news coming boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data
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>> labor day is usually one of the busiest times for lake tahoe. but with the caldor fire still burning nearby this year is different as the water and many beaches surrounding the lake remain empty have melanie townsend shows us the effect that fire is having on the vacation area. >> this isn't how. we have so many people appear it's a ghost town. >> it's an odd yet refreshing homecoming for evacuees rosie in neil wolf, we're working on i believe out of a out of our
10:54 pm
home after spending days in and out of shelters in motels. and rosie are thankful to see the counter plate. spread to the nearby homes they've lived in since 1991. >> but on a typically busy labor day for kayakers the congress on the water is an unusual sight. >> even during the pandemic every day, there were so many people that were coming up here just to get away from their problems. and now here we are almost like a ghost town. >> expecting lockup throat since this being the long weekend. but today, you know that thing to tell us for to are in his family. lake tahoe was one of their most anticipated destinations on their 10 day road trips yet today. they are seeing and hearing that hold the counter fire is take it. on this once bustling vacation site in carson city. >> that was a suicide on 6070, s chivas telling this story even here. she has been and.
10:55 pm
shes just bankable back today just missing out a lot and the a >> as those families enjoy what they can at the lake. director of the environmental research center at u c davis doctor jeffrey shadow. >> says they're researchers are working hard to see the effects. this fire is having on the water. >> fire. it was just order of larger anything we've experienced before passion very fine flowing into the way. just the ash itself. we'll fact clarity the ash carries nutrients with that. that would stimulate. i will birth just hold the in the air reduces the amount of light than the amount of uv radiation despite appearances doctor says it is still safe for beachgoers. >> to take a cool dip, making it a good day for the coolers. an even better day for the got the call that we're back to
10:56 pm
warning at kingsbury and. >> here we are back. don't know when we're going to get to our house on north truckee road. but. >> it's nice to respect be back in >> yeah. that was melanie tells of reporting tonight. president biden has approved a major disaster declaration for the parts of new jersey and new york that saw. >> catastrophic flooding last week. the remnants of hurricane ida overwhelmed rivers and sewer systems killing at least 27 people in new jersey. >> and 13 in new york city is asked or declaration will free up federal money for temporary housing. home repairs and low-cost loans to cover uninsured property losses. flooding caused about 50 million dollars of damage in new york and 35 millions in damage in new jersey. president biden is scheduled to visit both states tomorrow. >> well, more hot weather ahead for us. yeah. tomorrow going to be another hot one, especially inland 90's. some triple digits in parts of the interior valleys right on the
10:57 pm
coastline. we're seen a thin layer of patchy fog in this very dense out there. so watch out for that. over san francisco, mostly clear skies tomorrow afternoon. yeah. here comes that sunshine again and you're moving to the triple digits in the places like conquered antioch in a place like livermore pleasanton. you're right up there. 80's and 90's inside much of the bay along the coastline, probably some upper 60's in a place like half moon, bay next few days. we're going to watch the temperatures slowly, cool down, but no major cooling and really until friday and saturday much fresher air over next weekend as well. we'll look for all right. thank you, lawrence. thanks all of you for being with us tonight. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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