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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  September 7, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the time for you now 04:30am. i'm reyna harvey. thank you for joining us on september 7th. we were talking about the heat, the heat and more. he was hot yesterday. john and apparently it's supposed to be hot today. john trail has been tracking all that for us. also, we need some tips drinking water stay in the shade. all those great things. good morning. yeah, definitely help said just a very hydrated the next couple of days. shade. >> definitely going to come in handy to as much as you possibly can. at least temperatures today will exceed ymsterday's in many spots that high pressure ridge is not wanting to budge. so we are going to be seeing a pretty hot rest of your forecast as well. so time to settle in for the heat. if you know, cool place to get to. you might want to spend some more time today. there as far as conditions go right now, we are in the midst of some low
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gray that's hovering across the bay area. it's not the last furlong and it's not resulting in too terribly of widespread visibility issues. a couple of foggy spots near the coast and in the east bay hills, air quality is good to moderate today. and we do have a spare the air alert in effect yet again, much as we saw yesterday. so heads up about that 50's 60's for your current temperatures with oakland at 59 alameda and san mateo. it's 60 degrees. can't ignore that 72 up in pittsburgh, though, the obvious stand out from the rest of the bay right now. livermore, you're at 68. well, fairfield at 67 degrees. here's a look ahead at our afternoon and it's another triple digit won for inland areas talking. how many areas will hit those triple digits. still ahead right now. don, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at averages. thankfully no major hot spots on tracking. >> any accidents out there at this time as you're heading from the east bay into the sea. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time at this hour. san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. look at that. nice commute. a little under 14 minutes for you to make that
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drive. also looking great along one oh, one. so no major delays on the other side and the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you head out of richmond. we'll have more on your traffic and weather coming up. but for now. let's talk about the recall election for governor gavin newsome. one week away today and governor newsome will be in the bay area today is going to be in san francisco as a part of his get out the vote tour. today's visit comes after the governor spent part of his labor day weekend campaigning in socal care. winter brings us more from his latest campaign. stop. it's a race to the finish line in the final days before california special >> governor gavin newsome fighting to keep his job while urging a room full of supporters to defeat the republican led effort to oust him in the september 14th race. newsom's biggest challenger republican front runner. larry elder, a conservative radio talk show host who knew some took aim at in his comments to voters. he doesn't believe the minimum
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wage at all. he calls food stamps. a giveaway. at the same time he calls for eliminating the corporate tax in america. larry elder, thanks. climate change is a quote, unquote, myth. he thinks it's a crock newsome also slammed elder on the covid crisis with elder promising to eliminate vaccine mask and testing mandates. if elected. older who also has strong views on gun control rally his base of supporters in cass tape saying he wants to save small businesses devastated by the pandemic. >> this is not a republican takeover. this is a takeover from californians who are absolutely fed up. >> also stumping for votes this labor day california state assembly member kevin kiley who campaigned in beverly hills. he represents the sacramento suburbs in the state legislature. he was vaccinated against covid-19 but said if elected governor he would do away with newsom's
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mandate on vaccines and masks. he's in favor of a minimum wage but says it should not be as high as what democrats are pushing for. kylie also believes in climate change but says he's against newsom's orders to, for example, ban all oil drilling by 2045. this is the for this thing from a partisan recall as much as gavin newsom. i'd like you to believe but, you know, the very reason he's able to go on tv. you know, constantly incessantly right spreading also is because he's getting tons of money from the very same special interests that control the governor's office. >> happening today. lawmakers return to sacramento for the final week. >> of california's legislative session. ashley zavala gives us a preview of what they're going to be talking about. >> state lawmakers have until the end of the day, friday to pass or kill hundreds of proposals, including a last minute request from governor gavin newsome with 4 days to go in the legislative session. governor gavin newsome. late friday requested to use 60.0.
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7 million dollars in state funds to help afghan refugee arrivals in california. the proposal is backed by democratic legislative leaders and has bipartisan support. it's great that he wants to do this. republican assemblyman devon mathis served in the military for 10 years. completing 2 tours in the middle east. he supports newsom's proposal and author to house resolution urging the biden administration to get americans in afghanistan home along with afghan partners and their dependency. the biden administration guys. you did admit that they screwed the pooch on this one. >> and get a horrible job on this block. and now we have to put pieces together to make sure people have somewhere to go. a little bit of this helps that absolutely. as far as california. the crew that were able to help get them settled here. and if we can't get them settled here. we need to help and be part of the collaboration to get them several on us. >> another proposal facing friday's deadline, a bill that would strip badges from bad
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law enforcement officers. california is just one of 4 states that does not have a system to decertify police officers. the senate is set to take the final vote after it passed the assembly friday. this is not an anti police bill. this is an accountability bill. >> without any accountability. we lose integrity of the bad and the bond with the community is broken. republicans have concerns with the potential for bias in the bill which establishes a nine-member disciplinary board that could have only to law enforcement ofnicer representatives. >> and 7 others with personal backgrounds with police accountability. they also have concerns with the bill's broad definition of misconduct. we do need. it's a decertification process. but we also meade. but to be fair. >> other legislative priorities that likely will not happen by the end of this week include to oversight hearings into the newsom administration is handling of the employment development department and wildfire prevention at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news.
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>> friends and family are reeling from the death of 45 year-old hugh van rolled in of daly city after she failed a hiking on maury point trail near rockaway beach in pacifica kron, four's tell exactly talk with rogan's childhood friends has more on what happened. >> rogan was hiking along this trail that leads up and around this now. and when witnesses say she tripped and fell from this area. police later found her about 50 feet below near rockaway beach. a lifelong friend tells me they were shocked when they learned what happened, especially since you've been recently gone into hiking shoes. a good mom. >> she's good daughter she the good wife shoes. a good friend. she was all that they don't make them like that. no more. >> jason be han lost his lifelong friend yvonne rogan sunday morning after a hiking accident in pacifica. he had first met rogan at this school yard in daly city when he was in the first grade. now 40 years later, he can't believe his best friend is gone. what
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he told me. what happened. >> even my wife couldn't believe it. she said this is wrong. this is bad information. just wait. pacifica. police say. >> witnesses saw rogan trip and fall of more trail. it later found broken. 50 people rode the trail near rockaway beach in recent years. she really turned her life around and dedicated herself to living healthy year. >> and she working out and eating right. and it. >> it's just so ironic that this is what did her in that you know, that she was out there exercising getting her hiking on. >> and everything like that. you know, it's. i don't know if that makes it hurts more, whatever. you know i still can't believe that. >> the hand says rogan was one of the most motivating strong-willed and loving people. he knew he says she and her husband christian recently celebrated their 25th anniversary this month. she
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also leaves behind a son. this is just a hard loss >> she was a. strong woman, really devoted to her family. to her husband and her son. and her mom that she's been taking care of. you know, she raised son right. ariel has grown to be an outstanding young man. this hurts for all of us. >> already. i've watched dozens of hikers. go up and down this trail. many of them having to slow down to keep themselves from falling friends of yvonne rogan say they hope signs or barriers go up to prevent another tragic incident like this from happening in pacifica tailored. the psac ii kron 4 news. >> we have new information on a crash that killed an 1816 year-old over the weekend according to chp, kobe scheiber was driving under the influence when he hit and killed the teens walking on the road. it happened on byron highway in the town of
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nightstand. now this memorial set up for the victims at that crash site. that was just one of several serious crashes over the holiday weekend early yesterday morning someone going the wrong way on a t hit several cars and killed a woman. the chp says the wrong-way driver was eric stevenson. he tried running away but was found on a bike path and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving chp, san francisco division officer mark andrew says they are trying to stop these types of accidents from happening. >> anyone that's going too fast. following too close, making unsafe lane driving in a over aggressive or the traffic and vision as well as people here distracted by their cell phones or other devices. and then of course, impaired drivers as well. >> the officer also emphasize that you always designate a sober driver and make sure everyone has on their seat belts. coming up next on the
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kron 4 morning news september is hunger action month. >> we're looking at how one bay area food bank is working to help in food security will have
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news september is hunger action month kron four's. the news parent and our parent company nexstar teaming up with and feeding america. the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization here in the bay
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area. there are a lot of organizations trying to in food insecurities, which is spiked dramatically during the pandemic kron four's. maureen kelly has more on that for us. >> we decided to go because i lost my job. san jose resident, susan castellano says she found herself out of work when the bay area shut down back in 2020. the 34 year-old list of her 13 year-old daughter. 6 year-old son as well as her mother and stepfather, her stepfather was able to keep his job working for a landscaping company, but his paycheck could not stretch far enough for all of them in high price luck on valley. the family struggled for several months before her mom found out via social media about second harvest of silicon valley food bank. >> having that food and our house. it was scenes just by seen my kids faces. it was. >> full of like law. >> after being unemployed for about a year. susan now has a new job as an administrative assistant. she says there by monthly trips to get groceries
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from the food bank, help them through a very tough time. you can maybe not pain are not getting, but food. it's important and must be if you have >> home, it's like something really need to care about and bring it home because the kids tessa know if you have money are not says it is just one example of so many. >> folks who found themselves out of work but recently struggling to be able to pay their rent, pay their bills and still afford food. and so we have had to literally double the amount of food were provided. we're still serving on average close to half a million people. every single black relying primarily on donations and an army of volunteers. second harvest works with 300 nonprofit partners. >> giving away food at 900 distribution sites throughout santa clara and san mateo counties. well, the need for food has spiked dramatically during the pandemic. the food bank ceo does not expect this demand to lessen.
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>> even as the economy begins to sputter back to life. now that the shutdown is over because for so many of our clients after being out of work for many months. they are behind on their rent. they're behind on your bills. >> most of them had had to wipe out their savings entirely. we did a recent survey of our clients. it should. 57 1% of people had less than a $100 in savings. so if you can just imagine how hard it is to come back from that kind of economic setback. >> those at second harvest of silicon valley believe they will need to provide the same level of assistance for the foreseeable future. maureen kelly kron 4 news. all right. well, this is a time where you can take your phone out right now and scan that qr code on your screen for more information on how to donate to local food charities right here at home. you can watch all month long as we highlight local organizations are making a difference in our community 5 feeding families. all right.
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the time for you now for end and we're watching the roads which still pretty light at this hour as well as the weather, which is not pretty a lot about those to put right into that at it is going to be another hot afternoon. not a fun one to be spending much time outside in our inland valleys later on today. >> you're newark out on the weather center forecast starting off a little gray above the east bay, though your view from the berkeley hills, not shown you much of a view at all right. now as we are still in the midst of that low gray high pressure. ridge does not want to leave. still set up shop across the region. and it's actually continuing to not just keep us hot but also funnel in some wildfire smoke. a lot of that smoke that set out to the east circles back from utah on up through arizona and back from the southeast on into the bay area. that's one of the reasons that we are still looking at some haze on the horizon today despite the fact that most of it still continues to be sent to the east from our wildfires this morning. air quality is a touch better than yesterday.
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good for most of the bay pockets of yellow indicating moderate conditions. and we do have another spare the air alert in effect. i also noted that today is going to be another hot one. we have a heat advisory in solano county as well as for the rest of the central valley. extending through 08:00pm on thursday. that's going to last all day today, tomorrow and most of the day on thursday as well. now, as far as temperatures go today. for many of us, it's actually going to be hotter one than yesterday was 60's and 70's for san francisco. it will be 60's right along the coastline. good dose of sunshine out that direction while 80's to 90's for some of our bayshore cities would site at 91 redwood city 85 south bay temperatures ranging from the mid 80's and sonny bill to the upper 90's and morgan hill. now 3 months through hayward in the 80's livermore danville walnut creek concord, all triple digits oakland berkeley. in the meantime, only at 77 degrees, a good option to head to if you want to get some time outside antioch pittsburgh, fairfield
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and vacaville each. also triple digit cities today with nevado and center fell each 94. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days. so today and tomorrow. easily triple digits, inland. tomorrow. we cool things down a couple of degrees, rather thursday. we do. and by friday, a few more degrees, even cooler yet now saturday and sunday of the weekend will still be warm for inland areas, but with temperatures only rising into the low 90's that our warmest that's around 10 degrees cooler than where will be today and a little bit of relief from the heat. reyna. tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic as you're traveling into the city. >> from the east bay a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. let's go ahead and get a look at the golden gate bridge. there is very dense fog this morning. so typically it's about 20 minutes. still say it's about that time and you just want to take your time and drive a little slower this morning. as you're out there just to be safe and careful other it has ever me a little under 9 minutes as you head out of richmond. we're going to have
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more on your traffic and weather coming up. for now, let's take a look at this. the coast guard rescued a man who was stranded at greyhound rock county park in santa cruz county. look at that. the helicopter crew arrived on scene lowered a rescue swimmer to the rock and successfully brought the man into the helicopter. is a man nor the rescue team were injured in this process. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> well, the giants hold on to the lead in the nl as they take on the colorado rockies on the road and the second inning yesterday, buster posey hits the ball deep to right field and it goes over the for a solo home run 17th homer of the season and the 5th in their rough. it's a long hit to right center. the ball goes over the head of the outfield that that's enough to bring 2 runner home and the and the giants win this game with a final score in the 5 offense was hot, all game his reactions from giants manager gabe kepler. 2, 3, 9, this group came ready to play these guys got ramped up well, and our guys are all throughout the day. >> as as difficult. it is to patients environment for our guys. difficult for them as well. freeman was was throwing strikes were in a nice job of getting driving
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>> to the game 2 against the rockies is tonight. first pitch is at 05:40pm. the dodgers also won last night for the giants still remain one game ahead of them in the nl west stride. coming up the next hour. several fires break out in one bay area city. now. >> they're all being called suspicious. we have the details in a live report. plus, we are now just one week out from the recall election for governor gavin newson today the governor will be in the bay area encouraging supporters to vote no on the recall will have details on that in a live report.
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california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a back to work tuesday. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. hope you had a nice labor day holiday weekend. this week. well, i know yesterday got really warm inland that are about you did an ok when i stepped on a house this morning. i made a
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mental note because i love i forget the morning haha. >> warm. i said, oh, yeah, we just went out. they were yesterday almost sticky. still this morning. yeah. john, some of inland areas are still the 70's this morning. so, yes, it is a very warm feeling. we are looking another hazy. 1, 2, with the spare, the air alert in effect. so it's definitely not one of those mornings that you're going to outside and think to yourself, i to brought the jacket maybe the opposite. you're looking outside this morning at the bay bridge right here. and it's sitting under a blanket of cloud cover. >> but we are actually not looking at a ton of fog at the surface. there's some right at the coastline. some that has snuck into sonoma county and right along the east bay hills. now a spare the air alert in effect. as i noted, most of us are in green indicating good air quality. but there's definitely some yellow on this map showing you those moderate areas too. so here's your current temperatures. it's either upper 50's or 60's for most spots in pittsburgh are at 73 degrees right now. nevada with
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petaluma at 57 degrees. so as you're venturing outside, it is a mild start. what is about to be a very hot afternoon. i'm talking more triple digits in your forecast all still to come, let's get a look at traffic as you're heading back to work on this tuesday morning with yeah. pretty light at this hour. that's the good news. >> hopefully it stays this way. but again, we experience that light traffic over the past day or so as we head into the city this morning. a little under 8 minutes. 5, 1880, moving along nicely at this hour as well. the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive and a little under 13 minutes. no issues along one. oh, one to slow you down. once you reach the peninsula at a little under 8 minutes via the richmond, sandra fell commute. not tracking any major hot spots at this hour. we'll have more on that daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. ray. 5 o'clock your local election headquarters. the gubernatorial recall election is now one week from today. yeah. so the countdown begins. governor newsome is going to be in the bay area this morning.


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