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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  September 7, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us on a back to work tuesday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher is we're all enjoying the afterglow of a labor day holiday weekend and the glow of the sun all yesterday long. that's like all week long. yeah. gun behind there's a lot of low is going to make it another hot one to we're going to be into the triple digits for a whole lot of our inland areas. much as we were yesterday for your labor day as well. so just get ready for what's about to be a scorcher of an afternoon. >> you know where to head to if you do need a cooler spot to get to and you have the chance today, san francisco is going to be a great option for you as will be some of our bayside cities and closer to the coastline. embarcadero looks good this morning. not a lot of fog out there. you can see all the way out to the east bay hills. nice little note to start the morning there. we are seeing a couple of low visibility pockets just right along the coastline and some low cloud cover. hovering
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right across the east bay hills there in the distance. now what we do have as far as air quality goes, is good to moderate more and more moderate into the afternoon and we do have another spare, the air alert in effect today. much as we saw yesterday. so really all in all, a lot of today's elements are lining up very similar to what we had for your labor day on monday. 50's 60's and even a couple of 70's on the map this morning. pittsburgh at 71 degrees. san francisco at 57 well berkeley and the right now. it's 60 degrees. rain is back today talking about our commute, which is back today as well. how's it going on the roads. you know what we're starting to pick up out there like we have an accident down here in the south bay. >> northbound one. oh, one just north of guadalupe parkway. and as you can see, just a small section of one. oh, one has been impacted by that accident. not cede any additional delays across our jason highways and the south bay head into the city this morning from the east bay a little under 30 minutes. look at that. they just turn the metering lights on there. traffic is going to start to build as you head back to work and school today. a look at
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your commute as you head across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes for us there. let's check out the richmond. sandra fell commute as you head to richmond a little under 8 minutes. we'll have more on this coming up. the darien. james, back to you. thank you ray 61. breaking news overnight. the firefighters responding to multiple suspicious fires in healdsburg. yeah, there are some reports that there were as many as 15 different fires. you can see video. one of them here. >> people are being worn out a be on the lookout. let's go to kron. four's will tran. he is in hillsborough right now with the details. good morning. well. >> good morning, james and area not only james being on the lookout but get ready to evacuate in case the fires happen again. the good news is no evacuations. you can see the sign right behind me. this is on mill creek road and look at the needle extreme. they don't need to have any more nervous this, but they got that at around 10 o'clock last night here's new video that i promised you at 5.30. this is
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about 4 miles from my location. we lose internet. that's how remote this area is. but you can see the firefighters at the scene. they're monitoring the situation. these firefighters almost got badly injured if not killed because when they pull their just a few hours ago. they noticed the tree was on fire. it was just completely orange. but they knew what they were doing thinking. they still had time without the tree collapsing. they parked their truck. they whipped out their hoses and they were about to put out the fire when all of a sudden the tree comes crashing down missing that firefighters and their truck by one. but they are breathing. this is no cliche. they are breathing a sigh relief and it says a lot for cool customers to go. >> thankfully we were not injured. let me show you video from the overnight hours as far as the fires you talked about multiple fires beginning at around 10 o'clock last
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night. >> in areas that should not have a lot of people. it wasn't windy so they don't believe it was pg e power lines that came down in these areas. but they pounced on it. they surrounded the fires are contained with the biggest fire being about one and a half acres they are all scattered throughout the hillside here in healdsburg. >> just to see what's going on once the sun comes up, then they'll really see if they need to pounce. and at on it again, if there any hot spots. the good news is they're all contained. >> no structures were damaged or destroyed. nobody had to be evacuated or injured, but they don't need this drama, guys, because you know, these guys are running up and down from the major fires that they're here as well. they jumped on it. but this area so remote, you can see the power lines right in on top of us right here. but the power lines are intact. so you talked about james be on the lookout. not only that, be ready to evacuate. good thing is it
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seems like all of the fires are under control at this particular time. but they could have been injured or not killed by the fires. try to get more video in between are hits. to hear firefighters, james and area to see them kind of rattled was a little jarring even for me annually and all right, ines, thank you very much. well. >> so we'll follow those fires are also following the elections coming up, the recall election. we are the headquarters for the group enough to get it or recall election just one week away now governor newsom is going to be in the bay area this morning campaigning against the recall saying vote no cropper. sara stinson live in san francisco. >> with the details. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. mail in ballots are starting to stack up. and as you said, with just one week until the governor recall election. governor gavin newsome. he's been hitting the campaign trail hard, trying to get that final push for votes getting democrats to vote at all is one of his biggest concerns
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but it all this campaigning seems to be paying off. take a look at the latest survey by the california paul public policy institute shows about 58% of voters would vote no on the recall. 39% would vote yes to recall newsom. the survey also indicated 53% of people approve of how newsom is handling his job. and that's up from earlier in the year. also the number one issue voters care about is the pandemic. of course, governor newsom is not letting up over the weekend. governor newsome. he hosted rallies with us senators elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar last night. the governor and larry elder in los angeles campaign against each other. of course, to governor newsom attacking elders views an attempt to hold onto his job. >> he doesn't believe the minimum wage at all. he calls food stamps. a giveaway. at the same time he calls for eliminating the corporate tax in america. larry elder,
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thanks. climate change is a quote, unquote, myth. he thinks it's a crock. this is not a republican takeover. this is a takeover from californians who are absolutely fed up. >> and with one week to go, governor newsom is putting in all the final stops, including calling in the vice president, kamala harris, one of our very own for support in the final days of the campaign. the 2 will be in the bay area tomorrow. together. now, a lot of republicans who do not trust mail in ballots. they'll be showing up to the polls on september 14th in droves. we can expect that. but just a heads up if you do plan a mailing in your ballot does need to be postmarked by election day. so you may as well get that ballot out of the drawer. you may have thrown it in. get it out as a reminder to get that vote counted for now reporting live in san francisco. sarah stinson dock to k. >> thnnk you very much, sir.
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and our election coverage continues online. if you scan this qr code, it will take you to the spot on kron 4 dot com where we've got everything you need to know about the candidates, the recall and how to cast your ballot. >> another big story we're following this morning is the fact that now the labor day weekend is behind us. doctors are worried we could be on the doorsteps of another covid surge that could be ahead of us will have to see it a little. >> take place over several days. if it health experts are afraid that that's what could happen. nancy loo has the details. >> after a weekend of grilling and gathering for college football. and high school parades parties and events of all kinds health officials everywhere are dreading the covid-19 impact. we know it's going to show up. >> we just really have to wait and see. but we're not we're not optimistic that we're going to see any counter in the trends any time within the next 4 weeks and especially discouraging sign was outside
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the arkansas game where a vaccination clinic went completely ignored. no one came by no one even questions. quite honest. the cdc is forecasting that covid deaths could surge to nearly 19,000 in the 4 week period ending september 25th. >> with more than half of those deaths predicted later this month days into september. just 53% of americans are vaccinated just please help me, help me. get us to vaccinated. >> that's the only take what we got. i wish to goodness. i can tell you something else. but the bottom line is just if we're going have we're going have a bunch more people die. the cdc had advised unvaccinated americans not to travel over the holiday weekend. but it's hard to tell whether any plans changed. >> roads have been congested and flights have been full. i had covid in february >> double in unity with the vaccine. yeah. not too worried.
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>> it's 6. '09, and happening now in the north bay sonoma county's vaccine mandate for county workers starts today. all county employees as of today have to be fully vaccinated show proof of that or they have to have weekly testing the mandate applies to all 4400 county workers. the county health officers also recommending that every business in sonoma county do the same. also in the north bay 6 students and staff at bayside martin luther king junior academy in sausalito have tested positive for covid. and so because that the school is going to be offering free rapid covid testing today. and later this week, the 6 positive cases we're in the kindergarten. 3rd, 43rd and 5th grade classrooms. the outbreak was at the nevada street campus will be doing testing there and also. those are going to have to get the campus on phillips drive and students and staff can also get tested today and thursday from one to 3.30, at the marine city wellness clinic. >> and when got the loans.
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only spends i like that ring too. >> yeah. actor michael k williams best known for his role in the wire has died. he was just 54 years old. his family says he died at his home in brooklyn yesterday. nypd says his death is being investigated right now as a possible drug overdose. but they have made a determination just yet. in addition to the wire, he was known for roles as well. and boardwalk empire and 12 years a slave. the actor recently earned an emmy nomination for his role in hbo's lovecraft country. >> 6.11 is the time. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron. 4 morning news jor progress battling the caldor fire near lake tahoe. we'll have the latest on their containment efforts coming up in just a minute. plus businesses in parts of san jose say they are struggling without the foot traffic that normally comes with is the office buildings and president joe biden will be visiting the
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state recovering from the impact of hurricane ida will have his plan to make sure the u.s. is ready for the next big storm and we do have a lot of sunshine later today. in addition to that sunshine, some really hot temperatures inland areas rising well into the triple digits. a whole lot like yesterday. >> more comfortable towards the coast. i've got all the details on what to expect for your tuesday. still to come and traffic is building up there with that sun. >> accidents popping up like this new one in south san francisco.
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>> it's 6.14 in the south and number of tech companies continue to have employees working from home. and that is having an impact on downtown san jose. it the problems particularly for restaurants. is that without that foot traffic business has been way down. proposed and thorn has more on their story. >> most of these places have taken a huge hit throughout this pandemic. but there was hope that once things improved in our fight against covid-19 that offices would be bringing their employees back. but as the delta variant has been surging. many companies have changed their return to office plans leaving restaurants with fewer customers and more empty tables downtown san jose restaurants in the normally popular san pedro square are suffering a lack of would be customers such as tack in other corporate office employees who are still working at home is putting a strain on local business over the last few months we thought, you know, all the
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court, brit. >> you know, businesses. we're going to start coming back and things just keep getting pushed out, pushed out and pushed out says starting a little devastating again in a little worrisome he lost restaurant sushi confidential like others along san pedro street. >> has struggled for months to get a solid lunch or happy hour crowd muster was looking forward to seeing large companies like cisco, zoom or adobe bring their employees back. but because of convenience and concerns over covid-19. >> many tech companies have opted for hybrid work models or given the work from home option to employees full time remote work means empty office buildings in anything right now. affects, you know, our business even if where or miss and yell 5, 5, customers that definitely hurts the absence of corporate catering has also negatively affected muster is business. he is, however, thankful for residents who live in the area and for the temporary street closures put in place.
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>> by the city shutting down the streets and allowing people to come dine. that's definitely helped out quite a bit and it creates this community feel that has been lacking so much here in downtown san jose. >> there is hope that office workers will return, especially as vaccination numbers improve here, locally santa clara county has one of the highest vaccination rates in the state with the county health department reporting that almost 82% of people over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated reporting in san jose. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 6.17, right now and we're checking out the weather setting the stage for the next work week. so what type of weather can we enjoy and all say that loosely enjoy enjoyed loosely for sure. if you don't mind a drive to the coast. that's about the only spot you may be enjoying because our inland areas, especially are going to be scorching hot, even hotter than yesterday. >> we had initially been looking at what was supposed to be a gradual cool down,
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which is still eventually going to take place. but this high pressure ridge is staying in place with us. and that means that today as opposed to being anything. cooler is actually right around the same if not a little hotter than yesterday. now at the embarcadero right here. this is going to be one of your cooler spots. you can see out there to the east bay hills in the distance. really not talking a lot of marine layer this morning. we're looking at a southeasterly flow. generally into the bay area. and this is one of the reasons we're going to be so hot and also one of the reasons we're going to be so hazy wildfire smoke taking a long time to get here. it's being sent to the east down through utah. up their arizona and then back our direction as a part of the circulation around this high pressure ridge. so we are tapping into our own california wildfire. smoke by way of the great basin basically hazy conditions again today. does it have an impact on air quality or wildfire smoke. and we do have a spare the air alert in effect. it's good to moderate air quality across the bay area for your tuesday. not as bad as yesterday but still an
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issue. if you have respiratory conditions as far as heat advisories go. we do have one that takes effect at noon up in solano county last till 08:00pm on thursday. rest of the bay area. no advisories just yet. but we do have the same heat advisories extending the length of the central valley. how hot will it be today will for san francisco. it's going to be a warm and comfortable day 60's and 70's 60's right along the coastline and then 70's and 80's along the bayshore certainly not bad along the bay but getting warmer redwood city 85 woodside at 91 south bay temperatures well into the 90's for many of us san jose at 90 degrees campbell at 93. and for those of us in the east bay. it's a wide range of either 70's from oakland to richmond to the triple digits in livermore danville, walnut creek and concord more triple digits in antioch, pittsburgh, fairfield and vacaville really taking the cake today at 106 degrees. you can see why solano county does have that heat advisory. now tomorrow's temperatures still hot as will be the case on thursday. we start to back up the heat on
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friday and by saturday and sunday, we're really catching a break. some upper 80's to low 90's inland and 70's solidly returning to our bayshore cities. we also will have some haze sticking around through thursday likely improvements in air quality. from that point forward. thank you for that. we have some accidents to tell you about. unfortunately south san francisco, northbound one oh, one at oyster point boulevard. >> again, not seen much of a major delay along one oh, one or to 80. so things are still looking nice as you're traveling there down in the south bay northbound one o one de la cruz boulevard. and again, looking at highways, things are still pretty light out their lawn one on one heading into the city as you can see, traffic is building that is still under 30 minutes that things are moving by pretty quickly. as soon as you can get past the tolls there. also moving along pretty nicely for us a little under 14 minutes taking the san mateo bridge to make it across towards the peninsula and let's check on things here across the richmond. sandra fell commute a little under 9
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minutes daryn, james, back to you. thank you. 8620 is the time. and today president biden visits the east coast looking at new jersey and new york and the damage done by hurricane ida when it got there is tropical storm and cause major flash floods actually hammered the region. we've got reshad hudson joining us live from dc with more on what we'll expect. >> with the president's visit. good morning. were shot. good morning, james and darya while in new jersey and new york today president biden is also expected to promote his infrastructure plan which he says will help the country prepare for the next big storm. >> to z president biden is visiting the east coast where hurricane ida left a devastating and deadly mark on communities in new jersey and new york. at least 50 people have died as storm waters from the hurricane made its way into people's homes. >> it intensified so rapidly in the atlantic are in the gulf emergency managers, emergency responders had even
6:22 am
a shorter time to warn the public can help get them out of harm's way. many are shaken by haunting images of flooded roadways and destroyed homes and fema administrator deanne criswell says the federal government is constantly preparing for the next big storm. we will continue to respond to these threats and events as they happen. >> but we have to start investing in reducing the impacts that were seen from these. >> president biden walked the streets of the hard-hit louisiana neighborhood friday and assured a full federal response. >> and s-per storms are going to come and they're going to come more frequently and more ferociously. >> as he visits storm ravaged areas president biden is also pushing his infrastructure bill that will modernize our roads sewers and drainage system. not only is the white house focus on helping people recover from hurricane ida. but it's also turning its attention out west to help fight some of those wildfires reporting in washington.
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reshad hudson. >> back to you. all right. thank you very much for shot. >> time now 6.22 and coming up, we're going to hear from a lifelong friend of the hiker who fell and died in pacific mo
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eligible people waiting to get their moderna booster shot later this month may have to wait a bit longer. the biden administration wanted 3rd doses ready from moderna and pfizer by september 20th. but the fda says moderna may take
6:26 am
a little longer. erin myers explains. >> health officials are saying that they need to submit more data to the fda before can be approved. so that could take into october those with weakened immune systems, though, can currently get the pfizer or moderna 3rd dose now. now, when it comes to the booster shot. the rollout is expected to be september 20th for pfizer. but moderna may be delayed by a week or 2. according to doctor anthony fauci, the president's chief medical adviser. >> companies must submit the appropriate information to the fda to get that approval first, we're not going to do anything unless gets the the appropriate fda regulatory approval. >> and then the recommendation from the advisory committee on immunization practices doctor fauci says the vaccine's efficacy does start to diminish. so a 3rd dose may turn out to be the proper regimen and that data out of israel shows booster doses offer profound protection against infection and hospitalization those with
6:27 am
weakened immune systems have been able to get that 3rd 28 days after their second. this new rollout would be for the general public with a 3rd dose being recommended 8 months after that second dose. >> now, when it was erin myers reporting and johnson and johnson is also studying a booster shot. but they say that their single shot vaccine is highly effective for at least 8 months. >> we'll take a break it's kron 4 morning news an update on some fatal crashes that happened in the bay area over the labor day weekend. chp to try to prevent that from happening in the future. and we'll talk more about that. >> and i'm will tran live in healdsburg where fire crews spent the overnight night hours rushing to about a dozen suspicious fires. coming up, we'll tell you how they
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>> right now and wow, this is a beautiful shot. look at it. >> thank wall of >> mount tam camera showing is definitely that marine layer pushing through. that's why the golden gate look so a foggy it's stretching all the way out. looks like towards angel island, maybe even o. >> it looks a sudden it feels i felt kind of like still in a little stickier. something this morning. for e temperatures like this morning, john. so it's fairly mild. we've got some 70's for inland areas is wide range. we do have some really dry
6:31 am
conditions. but of course, then you also see that fog pushing in a couple of pockets too. so it's one of those bay area days. we're all just depends on exactly where you're at now, fogg is pretty limited. we've got that finger of its streaming right through the golden gate. if you saw in the distance from your mount tam shot. you can actually see some of the haze out there hovering right across the bay as well. that's very different from the fog that we have in the foreground and that view you look outside at our view of san francisco right now shows the sunshine up about we are seeing limited marine layer. but the pockets of it that we are seeing our very condensed in pretty dense this morning. so across the golden gate in a couple spots along the coastline. watch for some lower visibility areas. air quality is good to moderate today. and we do have conditions bad enough for a spare. the air alert to be back in effect if you felt a little irritated in the lungs and the as you've been breathing in that air. that is the reason why we've seen still some wildfire smoke impact across the day. even though conditions haven't been as bad as they once were 50's and 60's for most of our
6:32 am
current temperatures. but i did mention that 70 inland. pittsburgh. you're sitting right at 70 right now it's a mild start to this morning. hardly even need the jacket for a lot of the bay. i'm talking definitely not jacket where the weather this afternoon as we get some really hot conditions still to come in your forecast john, thanks for that traffic is building out there starting pick up as you're traveling from the east bay into the city right now. once you do hit the may's a little under 60 minutes for your drive time. so no major accidents loan is down there. just more traffic and more people going back to work and school. >> the richmond center fell commute a little under 9 minutes as you head out of richmond there. some accidents to tell you about like one in south san francisco northbound 1, one and oyster point boulevard. we're not seeing a major delay as a result of that accident along one. oh, one or to 80 and the south bay northbound want to wanna de la cruz boulevard. you see a little slowing behind that along one o one. but for the most part, the adjacent highways look great. we'll have more on your tuesday morning. commute. darya james,
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back to you. thanks to laura. 6.32 and breaking news overnight in the north bay. multiple suspicious fires in heels bernier some reported that there may be 15 different fires that were. >> found burning people being warned to be on the lookout again, as daryn mentioned, suspicious, that's what they're saying. you know, let's go to kron. four's will tran in hillsborough can see why why these look suspicious. well. >> why is because they're happening in remote areas, especially when you're talking about the number i mean, we're running about 15 fires. i mean, one or 2, maybe, but 15 fires out of the blue at around the same time. that's why they think is suspicious. that still under investigation. this all happened within this facility. this is mill creek road and you can see the needle right behind me extreme fire conditions. they don't need anybody intentionally. they don't know yet. but let's just say it's intentional. they don't need that on their plate, especially with all the
6:34 am
wildfires that are happening in our state. this crew here. and i want to show you video. this crew is part about 4 miles from this location where i'm going to you live. the reason why we're here is because down the road, it is so remote this no internet. they pulled over late last night. they saw tree that was burning. the whole hillside was on fire, but specifically a tree that they wanted to put out. they stopped. they got out of their truck. all of a sudden the tree comes crashing down misses the fire truck and some of the firefighters by one. but so they're breathing a sigh relief. they're still there watching for any hot spots. here's video that we got in the overnight hours. this all these fires happened between 10 and say about 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning and some possibly could still be smoldering at this time. they're happening on the hillsides. fortunately, they're all contained. james and the biggest fire was about
6:35 am
one and a half acres. nobody had to be evacuated. now that the sun is coming up. they will get a little bit closer to see what's going on. they're worried about hot spots, but there is a little bit of good luck on their side. one is that they were killed by that falling tree. 2 is that they don't believe this was caused by any pg e power line. you can see the power line right above me, everything seems to be intact and get this. it is not windy. look at the trees. look at the leaves. nothing is swaying back and forth so all these fires that are happening. if it was windy, it could have been disaster. we are in an area where there's a vineyard right behind me. so could have been had people evacuated could have injured people. but fortunately no evacuations, no injuries and no structures damaged. it a bullet definitely this time sank in. i was close. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> and continuing our wildfire coverage. we have the bridge fire burning near the city of auburn up in placer county.
6:36 am
it's now grown to 400 acres in size a little bit more than that. 15 1% contained so far. and the good news is firefighters say they've been able to stop all forward progress of that fire evacuation orders are still in effect, though, and firefighters say that there at this point is no immediate threat to structures. the one firefighter did suffer minor injuries but was able to return to the front lines. >> a timeline video is now. >> now let's continue on with our fire coverage. crews are battling the caldor fire. still, they made a lot of progress. so far it has burned 216,000 acres and destroyed 700 home. yeah. it's now 40% contained. so they're nearly halfway there despite the progress, though, the fire fight is far from over dennis shanahan with the latest. >> along highway 88 in the kirkwood area. firefighters have made good progress. but hot spots continue to challenge containment lines. to put out this flareup crews pulled along hose line from a
6:37 am
water tender parked on the highway. firefighters are working and living in these woods. we have folks out here campaign and the wilderness at night. >> with or without tense there eat memories. their drinking water out of their canteens. >> and many of those who aren't putting out flames are working on the forest floor with hand tools, building containment lines and. bringing down the street. some of the burning in this area is controlled firefighters have set back burns. well, weather conditions are favorable. >> and the goal is to eliminate all byrne fields to eliminate future flare ups in this area and then we can get in off that app and extinguish it. firefighters have largely kept the flames on the north side of highway 88. they have not reached the resort destinations of silver lake and kirkwood. but they are creeping close to caples lake. >> we saw 3 helicopters dropped utilizing type one helicopters. >> and in several of these
6:38 am
pockets to to keep those flare ups checks to buy us time to either go in and do direct hand like construction around there or just buy us time in general. the figure out what the appropriate course of action is dennis shanahan fox 40 news. >> and we have new information on the crash that killed an 1816 year-old over the weekend according to the chp, the driver of the car, the truck them colby sharper was driving under the influence when he hit and killed the teams who are walking on the road. it happened on byron highway in the town of nights and this is a memorial that was set up for the victims there at the crash site that was just one of several serious crashes that happened over the holiday weekend. there was another one early yesterday morning in which someone going the wrong way on interstate 80 hit several cars and killed a woman. the chp says the wrong-way driver was eric stever sen. he tried running away but was found on a bike path and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving chp, san francisco division officer mark andrews says that they are trying to stop these types
6:39 am
of accidents from happening. >> anyone that's going too fast following too close, making unsafe lane driving in a over aggressive or the traffic and vision as well as people who are distracted by their cell phones or other devices. and then of course, impaired drivers as well. >> and the officer also emphasize that you always should designate a sober designated driver and make sure that everyone has their seat belts on. >> 6.39 and friends and family are reeling from the death of 45 year-old yvonne rogan of daly city. >> she fell while hiking on maury point trail near rockaway beach in pacifica. >> kron four's taylor the psac ii takes a look in talks to her childhood fan about what happened. >> yvonne rogan was hiking along this trail that leads up and around this now. and when witnesses say she tripped and fell from this area. police later found her about 50 feet below near rockaway beach. a lifelong friend tells me they were shocked when they learned
6:40 am
what happened, especially since you've been recently gone into hiking shoes. a good mom. >> she was a good daughter, she's a good wife shoes. a good friend. she was all that they don't make them like that. no more. >> jason be hand lost his lifelong friend yvonne rogan sunday morning after a hiking accident in pacifica. he had first met rogan at this school yard in daly city when he was in the first grade. now 40 years later, he can't believe his best friend is gone when he told me what happened. >> even my wife couldn't believe it. she said this is wrong. this is bad information. just wait. pacifica. police say. >> witnesses saw rogan trip and fall off of more trail. it later found broken. 50 people rode the trail near rockaway beach in recent years. she really turned her life around and dedicated herself to living healthy year. >> and she working out and eating right. and it. >> it's just so ironic that this is what did her in that
6:41 am
you know, that she was out there exercising getting her hiking on. >> and everything like that. you know, it's. i don't know if that makes it hurts more, whatever. you know what? i still can't believe it. >> the hand says rogan was one of the most motivating strong-willed and loving people. he knew he says she and her husband christian recently celebrated their 25th anniversary this month. she also leaves behind a son. this is just a hard loss >> she was a. strong woman, really devoted to her family. husband and her son. and her mom that she's been taking care of. you know, she raised son right. ariel has grown to be an outstanding young man. this hurts for all of us. >> already. i've watched dozens of hikers. go up and down this trail. many of them
6:42 am
having to slow down to keep themselves from falling friends of yvonne rogan say they hope signs or barriers go up to prevent another tragic incident like this from happening in pacifica to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> 6.41. is the time. coming up on the kron 4 morning news september is hunger action month. and we're looking at how one bay area food bank is working help end food insecurity. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth.
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>> it's 6.44 in september is hunger action month and kron 4 is paired with our a company nexstar and we've teamed up with feeding america which is the nation's biggest domestic hunger-relief organization. yes. and here in the bay area. there are many organizations trying to end food insecurity which has spiked dramatically, of course, during the pandemic. >> kron four's, maureen kelly with a closer look. >> we decided to go because i lost my job. san jose resident, susan castellano says she found herself out of work when the bay area shut down back in 2020. the 34 year-old list of her 13 year-old daughter. 6 year-old son as well as her mother and stepfather, her stepfather was able to keep his job working for a landscaping company, but his paycheck could not stretch far enough for all of them in high price luck on valley. the family struggled for several months before her mom found out via social media about second harvest of silicon valley food bank. >> having that food and our
6:46 am
house. it was scenes just by seen my kids faces. it was. >> full of like law. >> after being unemployed for about a year. susan now has a new job as an administrative assistant. she says there by monthly trips to get groceries from the food bank, help them through a very tough time. you can maybe not pain are not getting, but food. it's important and must be if you have >> home, it's like something really need to care about and bring it home because the kids tessa know if you have money are not says it is just one example of so many. >> folks who found themselves out of work, but recently struggling to be able to pay their rent, pay their bills and still afford food. and so we have had to literally double the amount of food were provided. they're still serving on average, close to half a million people. every single black primarily on donations and an army of
6:47 am
volunteers. second harvest works with 300 nonprofit partners. >> giving away food at 900 distribution sites throughout santa clara and san mateo counties. well, the need for food has spiked dramatically during the pandemic. the food bank ceo does notrexpect this demand to lessen. >> even as the economy begins to sputter back to life. now that the shutdown is over because for so many of our clients after being out of work for many months. they are behind on their rent. they're behind on your bills. >> most of them had had to wipe out their savings entirely. we did a recent survey of our clients. it showed 57% of people had less than a $100 in savings. so if you can just imagine how hard it is to come back from that kind of economic setback. >> those at second harvest of silicon valley believe they will need to provide the same level of assistance for the foreseeable future. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> and if you'd like to help out to scan that qr code you
6:48 am
see on your screen that will take you to a section, a cropper dot com where we have features on different charities here in the bay area. and you can watch all month long to as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our community. if you see an organization that you click with please consider donating. >> most fun experience i had was at work and was a blast in all the potatoes and and given really feel like this is actually can make a difference for somebody at the is yeah. all right. 6.48 is the time right now. want to check out the weather. it's back to work tuesday. a lot of kids are still in school. it's back to school for them to them as well. so we want to see what was going to like. john. yeah. it's going to be another hot one today. so for back to school, hopefully more time see them. >> anything else, especially if you are inland. we are looking at another hot one in your north carolina weather center forecast and already a really sunny one in at least most of our views across the bay, san francisco looking at downtown is one of those areas that sitting under a nice dose
6:49 am
of sunshine already. this high pressure ridge is not letting go of us yet. that's one of the reasons why we have an extension of the balkans, this heat that we've been in. so just as hot today as yesterday if not even hotter. and we're also still tapping into haze from wildfires evgn though that smokes being sent to the east. there's a wraparound effect around this high pressure ridge. that's bringing it back up to us from the south and east. so it's taken a long route to get here. but it's still making an impact with some moderate air quality out there today for a lot of the bay area, an a for a spare. the air alert to be in effect for the bay this afternoon. as far as he goes, it is going to be our hottest inland as you fully expect. and we do have a heat advisory for solano county taking effect at noon today. that last until 08:00pm on thursday as the next couple of days are anticipated to be just as hot today and tomorrow, triple digit days for many inland spots. no triple digits in sf 60's 70's out that direction. 60's along the coastline. good spots to get to if you want some cooler weather and have a chance to 70's and 80's along
6:50 am
the bay shore. definitely moderate compared to our inland spots which are going to be so high. san jose at 90 and then the triple digits start for the inland east bay livermore as well as danville walnut creek and concord. among those triple digit areas while oakland up to richmond all in the 70's much nicer. if you want to get outside there. billy, how at 90 degrees pittsburgh antioch, fairfield and vacaville in the triple digits. not hard to see why we have solano county in a heat advisory today looking at those numbers. now tomorrow's temperatures still triple digit heat thursday. we back off a little bit, but still hot friday backing off even further before saturday and sunday. bring some relief with highs at or warmest falling into the upper 80's to low 90's reyna. tom, thank you for that. well, the good news, we have the accident in the south bay that has since been cleared. >> the other one in south san francisco. that one is also cleared. now we're looking at a ridge is a little under 15 minutes as you make that drive heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays along one o one slowing down that and you can see the
6:51 am
meteor lights are on here at the bay bridge traffic slowly building over the overpass. 5, 1880 still moving along pretty nicely. but once you do hit the may's a little under 16 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 12 as you head out of richmond across and down here in the south bay lynch that accident along one. oh, one things have been cleared since then. as you're traveling towards menlo park. we'll take about 32 minutes to 8582. no major issues daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. 6.51. is the time giants they're holding on to the lead in the nl as they take on the colorado rockies on the road in the second inning yesterday. this was buster posey hitting this ball deep to right field. it goes over the wall and that was good for a solo home run. that was his 17th of the season and then in the 5th, here's darin ruf getting this long hit to right center and the ball goes over the glove of the outfielder. so that was good enough to bring 2 runners and then in
6:52 am
the and the giants win with a final 10 to 5. how about that. their offense was hot all game long. and here's how a manager gabe kepler reacted to it all something. this group came ready to play these guys got ramped up well, and our guys have all throughout the day. >> as as difficult. it is to patients environment for our guys. difficult for them as well. freeman was was throwing strikes were in a nice job of getting driving so that one game 2 against the rockies is tonight. first pitch 5.40. now the dodgers also won. but again, so the giants so nothing changes got right. still ahead by a game. >> in the nl west. right. we'll take a break 6.52 be right back.
6:53 am
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♪ ♪
6:55 am
fall together with lowe's. labor day values now in-store and online. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> 6.55 a walnut creek local turn sports illustrated swimsuit model. ella halak us. she spent the last several years reading a message of body positivity and confidence in inclusivity in her modeling and or social media. here she is. she's now a finalist for rookie of the year with sports illustrated how a case is included in this year's swimsuit magazine. she's hoping that her story and confidence will help others realize their beauty as well.
6:56 am
>> i just realized that confidence in size isn't linked to beauty. and i just like your size doesn't determine your level of on site realized that it was like a mindset shift. and i was like, ok, i can do that. and now her modeling and plus size modeling is just so huge now that i was like now is my time to shine imus makeover, sports illustrated. and i just kept trying and trying to get her attention and and finally happened. and it really is like a dream come true. there's no words to describe the feeling. >> the winner of this words illustrated rookie of the year is going to be announced any day now. and halak is hoping to return to the bay area sunday to speak at schools about body positivity and learning to love who you are. >> we'll take a break here. coming up on 6.57. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news a number of fires breaking out in one bay area city now being called suspicious. we'll have details coming up in a live report. >> plus, we're now just one week out from the recall election for governor gavin newsom. and today the government's going to be here
6:57 am
in the bay area. encouraging you to vote no. we'll have more on appearance coming up in a moment.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> from the area's local news
7:00 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. good morning and thanks for joining us. it is the day after labor day. >> and traditionally i wear white every day this week to do it. i 3 years. yeah. just a buck. the whole you can't wear white after labor day. yeah. you know, prove him wrong. we'll see if you're successful by every day. just a little off whitish. i'm going to go all over the board on well, i mean, i can't complain. i were. >> white shirts after leaving on on and that fair standard is where white although there you go. i how's the weather going well, i know it could be it is. yes, you can know where where everyone today as long as you're staying cool because that's first and foremost priority hydrates. definitely get some sun screen on if you spent some time out there skies are already nice and bright such as we're seeing right here at the bay bridge behind me and this perspective of the bay bridge right here,


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