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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 7, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3. we are exactly one week away from the gubernatorial recall election and governor newsome spent his day campaigning here in the bay area. what you need to know before you hit the polls. plus is the covid-19 summer surge over check in with health departments all over the bay area to find out if cases and hospitalizations are on the decline. >> live look at temperatures. we've got the upper 90's going on the far east bay still holding on to 90's in the north bay as well. look for more of the same coming later this week. kron 4 news at 3 starts now. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4
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news at 3. >> this election is consequential, not just here in california but all across this country vote no on this recall >> there is just one week left before california voters decide if they want governor newsome to continue leading the golden state. thanks for joining us here on this tuesday here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. governor gavin newsome was in san francisco today urging voters to vote no and the upcoming recall election kron four's charles clifford was at the event. he's bringing us more of the governor's message today. good afternoon, charles. >> other. gavin newsom back in san francisco today to continue what will probably be a very busy week of campaigning. let's go ahead and look at some video he visited a neighborhood there in the mission district to talk to some supporters who are making some phone calls
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urging people to vote no on the upcoming recall. the governor also spoke to the media at link. i spent some time today attacking one of his opponents in the recall election. larry elder saying that elder who is leading for the republican is a far right republicans even to the right of president. former president donald trump and he says that if the republican party and elder were to be elected. governor, that it could have serious consequences for california. >> i think this is a very consequential race. they've been ads that say this is about life and death. i really believe that. our approach to this pandemic. we believe to save lives. their approach. we quite literally believe what impact not only public health, the state but impact our economic recovery, which as you know, is one of the fastest growing in america. 80 billion dollar operating surplus, unprecedented job creation and 14,000 jobs created last month know the state comes close economic output and no other state is enjoy only a few states enjoy lower positivity rates and better health outcomes. right now. the pandemic. all right.
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back live now the governor will also be campaigning with vice president kamala harris tomorrow. he has several ads with prominent democrats nationwide. democrats, including bernie sanders will be airing in the days ahead. and also president. >> biden is expected to campaign with the governor some time probably next weekend, early next week. but for now in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> thank you, charles. the white house says president biden will be visiting california in the coming days to campaign for the governor. we're working to gather more details about the president's expected visit on the day of the event. we will be carrying it live on our streaming news app kron on. you can download that for free in your app store. we do know, however, vice president kamala harris is set to visit the bay area tomorrow in support of the governor. today. she voted no. in california's recall election. the vice president posted this picture to her personal twitter page saying, quote, california voting is
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underway. let's keep gavin newsom fighting for californians in sacramento and keep the state and nation moving forward and quote, vice president harris served with governor newsom when she was san francisco's district attorney as well as the state attorney general when newsome was governor harris will be campaigning with newsome tomorrow in the east bay will also carry that event live on our kron on app. we are covering every bit of the recall election right now it's all there on kron. 4 dot com just scan the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to our web page where you can get the latest on the candidates and details on casting your ballot. mia bonta is now officially an east bay state assemblywoman. she was sworn in as assemblywoman of the 18th district. this morning now representing oakland, alameda and san leandro. bonta says she's always been someone who looks to surf with purpose and over the years she's taken
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on many roles to do just that. she says in her new role, she'll continue to be an advocate for students and families while also staying focused on the most urgent needs of her constituents. >> so that you get i want to ensure that this couple, state legislature is focused on that. extending the eviction moratorium was something that i hope that we will get to consider. all right. and ensure that we can just be strong absolutely criminal justice reform. an extension of the work that was started by the former assembly member who is also my partner life and partners services on subway to be a critical priority for me as well. >> montana is the wife of former east bay assemblyman and current california attorney general rob bonta. now to our coronavirus coverage this afternoon. the indoor mask mandate having an impact on a reduction in covid-19 cases here in the bay to a pair of bay area health
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officers to see if there's a link. >> it has been a few weeks in several counties here in the bay area issued mask mandates and some indoor settings. the question is, is there a direct connection to a decrease in covid-19 cases during that time frame contra, costa health services officer doctor chris farnitano so it's always hard to tie one particular intervention to a change like this. so our county, we had about 230 patients with covid in local area hospitals a couple weeks ago and now we're down about a 190. so that's pretty significant decrease. >> there has also been a decrease in covid-19 cases in solano county insulin of the disease rates are coming down. however, solano county health administrator. doctor j lee richards says the decrease can't be because of an indoor mask mandate because solano county doesn't have one. i also doesn't carly from a timing the counties that
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include mandates should seen improvement within a week of the implementation. and and these these improvements are much, much later, but they're reflecting this reduce transmission of disease overall, people are changing their behaviors as we're moving from summer into fall. unfortunately with the labor day weekend having just passed. we may see another bump because of that. but both health officials agree that wearing a mask is a proven method to limit the spread of covid-19. >> they definitely help for unvaccinated people everywhere you know, vaccination and masking are really both required to keep it in check of the stage. >> haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> up in the north bay bayside martin luther king junior academy in sausalito is offering free rapid covid testing today. it's all in response to 6 students and staff members having tested positive for coronavirus the 6 positive cases were in the kindergarten. and 3rd 4th and 5th grade classrooms at the nevada street campus testing
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is being done there as well the campus on phillips drive students and staff can also get tested today and thursday from one to 03:30pm, at the marion city wellness clinic. to the south bay now or controversy continues over a new temporary parking site for homeless people living in recreational vehicles kron four's. rob fladeboe has the latest live from san jose. rob. >> that's right. well, i'm here in north jose. just off this to avenue here behind me. you can perhaps off in the distance there. there's a tow truck here. they're pulling in a motor homes here from a now defunct a rv site elsewhere is san jose. this site, though, just opening out today as they're getting it rolling here. the problem low neighbors staged a protest earlier today saying this is the wrong place to do what's more, they say they were left out of the planning process. here's more. >> this was the scene in north
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san jose on tuesday as residents of the renaissance drive in vista, montana neighborhoods staged a protest in front of the proposed new temporary site for recreational vehicles whose owners are homeless owned by the city of san jose, the site here at 71 vista, montana will offer safe parking sanitation and other services for up to about 20 people living in rvs. the current plan calls for the site to remain open for 9 months as the rv dwellers tranlition to longer term parking the location, though, isn't a mostly residential neighborhood with a playground and a school nearby residents opposed to the plan insist the city did not give adequate notice of the plan and were not included in the planning process which they say lacked transparency. they want the plan scrapped. the key element here is i know late last week, right. so here the purpose is not against the home that its against the city seconds. the planning commission. it's close and the cull and it's against nonprofits. all the 4
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of them this since got essentially and then created certain decisions without any of the in the group they today does not is not open. there's openness. yeah. i understand that. and fortunately due to tight timeline would need for an emergency location. the city had to look for a place that that the city owns and was able to. >> secure based you know, having a site that they could easily security had it. >> walls and fencing around it. and so i believe this was a good choice based on the fact that there weren't very many options in the north part of san jose. >> now the rv dwellers were among those that had been a formerly living at a another a homeless encampment on private property owned by apple computer. they have since been removed from there and now apple in the city of san jose and the nonprofit home first are working on finding temporary shelter for all those other residents and
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those that had been living in our bees are ahead for this location here office diamonta residents they are not going to stand for this probably will be showing up at a future city council meeting saying that this%is not the place to do this again. you heard that the councilman there say that there just aren't that many other locations available here in the north side of more on this story coming up at 5 o'clock. until then, live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. rob, thank you for that. >> time to talk about our weather forecast this tuesday live look right now from our mount tam cam up in marin county. it is absolutely beautiful out there. you can see a little bit of fog creeping in along the coast, though. but it is hot, hot, hot in the east bay valleys kron for meteorologists dave spahr joining us now with a look at the forecast today. it's quite thermally active. we've got that right now. all of this is a live shot coming in from the east bay shoreline to see it rather in some of the fog noel was talking about. we're getting some of that spilling across the bay. >> it will return again for tonight here in this fog once
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again upper 90's going on in the far east bay up to the north bay. a mixture of 80's and some 90's still holding together 66 for san francisco with the east bay shoreline mid 70's with fremont. the hot spot down south at 85 this is the breakdown as we go forward. 93 expected next hour down to 8576 at 10 clear skies. again, that's away from the immediate water. we're talking inland, but the wind pattern. we're getting a little bit of a clip going here out of the northwest and that's providing some moderate cooling chapter be near the water to get that. serena penetrating inland very well, even though you can see the arrows coming in from the west do have that heat advisory in place until thursday at 8 to cover solano county is a technicality and the central valley again until thursday, although the rest of the bay is going to stay plenty warm. we will check into that forecast coming up in just a bit. well. >> thanks, dave. coming up, thousands of south lake tahoe, evacuees are returning home now. but officials are warning
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about some unwelcome guests. they may find inside. plus, we're hearing from a lifelong friend of the woman who died while hiking in pacific over the weekend right after the break. several suspicious fires break out overnight in one bay area city here in officials have to say about them. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back. bay area homeowners, learn how your neighbors are accessing hundreds of thousands of dollars
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i'm proud to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better >> welcome back up in the north bay officials believe an arsonist may be on the loose after a string of suspicious fires sparked up in healdsburg
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overnight. more than a dozen fire sparked in the remote areas along mill creek road. thankfully no homes were damaged and no one had to be evacuated. but massive trees did catch fire and toppled over one even almost hit the fire trucks on scene. the city is already under some extreme fire danger and officials are asking people to be on the lookout as they investigate. time now to take a look at the wildfires that are burning across the state. a confident milestone hit this afternoon in the fight against the caldor fire as the 22,000 people who were forced to evacuate were allowed back home. the caldor fire has burned more than 216,000 acres. it's destroyed 776 homes more than 24,000 structures remain threatened by the flames, though at this hour, it is 49% contained. meantime, south lake tahoe residents who are returning home are being warned about
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bears. authorities say families and there's been roaming bear in neighborhoods looking for food and dozens of cases they're breaking into homes hoping to find something to eat. and one case some security video actually caught a couple of bears playing in a cooler filled with water. it was left in a driveway. you can see it here in this video is actually pretty cute to watch, but it could be kind of startling to come home to. if you happen to spot bears in your neighborhood. experts are advising you to stay alert and keep a distance from the animals. crews have stopped the bridge fire. meanwhile from moving forward up in placer county. it's parked under the forest hill bridge in the city of auburn over the
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weekend. a few evacuation orders and warnings do remain around born state recreation area right now. the fire is 25% contained at 411 acres. one firefighter has been injured in this firefight. nearly 2 months after it began, the dixie fire is the largest single wildfire in california history and it's still spreading across 5 counties. this fire has torched more than 914,000 acres. and it's just 58% contained. it's destroyed. hundreds of homes and businesses and its reduced downtown greenville to rubble. the greenville has been re populated. plumas county leaders are still getting calls from residents in nearby communities wondering if it's safe to return home. >> when can we come back and what's one of the mandatory evacuations going to get lifted. i got those fun phone calls. all of that all the time. every day.
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>> supervisor kevin goss home was spared by the dixie fire. but his business was not. that's his family has owned village drug company in greenville for nearly 40 years. the building itself was built back in the 1860's a serious loss there. the supervisor is joining his community now hoping the town can rebuild through fundraisers and low interest loans. >> the greenville, an indian valleys, a very strong community and we born up of loggers and from the 1800's an and this is definitely the biggest setback this town has ever had. but i this town will be back. >> plymouth county officials are working with cal. oh yes. now to find a temporary housing community for those who are displaced. they hope to have a temporary firehouse in greenville as well. by october 1st. >> on the peninsula, friends and family are mourning the death of a daly city woman over the holiday weekend. yvonne rogan fell to her death while hiking maury point trail
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near rockaway beach in pacifica witnesses walking the trail sunday saw her trip and fall 50 feet below first responders pronounced her dead at the scene. rogan is survived by her husband and her son. her childhood friend says she just recently got into hiking. >> this is just a hard loss she was a. strong woman, really devoted to her family. 2 are husband and her son. and her mom that she's been taking care of. >> friends of rogan hope warning signs or barriers will go up on murray point trail to help prevent another tragedy like this from happening. switching gears. here to talk a little bit about our weather forecast taking a live look out towards alcatraz. blue ocean affair, blue bay, i should say out there a little bit hazy from for meteorologist dave spahr joining us today with our forecast as we move into the
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2nd half of the workweek. dave, it's going to stay pretty hot for us. it is. and it's an extension of the with salt water. it's it will cover up to here's one little improvement. we have your noel air quality appear even in the mountains. a lot of moderate. i grant we saw a little bit of green earlier but pockets of around tahoe city. >> coming across central valley. you know, some patches of some poor there. but it's again improvement from what we saw even yesterday. now here across the bay. now some moderate is taking a hold of the peninsula. we saw a lot more green earlier this afternoon. but a nice little pocket of green there for the east bay as well. member. our winds are basically out of the northwest for right now live shot as you see the east bay shoreline some of the fog noel was talking about. that's going to start to collect and around the east bay shoreline and certainly for san francisco, not much further inland. however, futurecast for going forward. we're pretty much locked in this pattern with this high-pressure cell. we don't see it really breaking into latter portion of the week. that's a monsoon coming in from the southeast. that's not good. but some scattered
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clouds to make note of. we expect the high to start to break. we get into around friday and into saturday. doesn't that make you second that stormtracker 4. and that's out to sea. we also look at lightning strikes, none in here as well. so the position of the highs. just robbing us of that tonight. this is the forecast 59 san francisco, a little of that fog developing up to get very thick in terms of layers above but will still cover some geography on the east bay and san francisco 61 for oakland. some patchy clouds to 63. meanwhile, for san jose in the wider perspective tonight. couple really almost like a july like night to antioch at 71 concord. 6463 livermore and upper 50's up there in the north bay coming up a little bit. of course, we looking at that extended forecast and what's on with this, larry, on the atlantic. well. >> i'm alexandra limon with the efforts in washington to fight against abortion bans like the one in texas will have the details coming up.
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>> we do have a special program to let you know about as well. this saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the 9.11 attacks will have live team coverage on the day's events in our weekend news cast and our streaming app kron on also on saturday, kron four's going to have a 30 minute 9.11 anniversary special starts at 10:30pm, saturday night. we hope you'll join us. we'll be right back.
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>> 3.25 here and fallout continues over the texas law banning abortions after 6 weeks. the ban does not provide exceptions for rape or incest and other states now say they're considering similar bans. house speaker nancy pelosi says the u.s. house will vote on a bill to protect access to abortions. alexandra limon has details on that bill and other tfforts to fight back. >> california congresswoman judy chu says she was stunned. the supreme court allowed the texas law banning abortions after 6 weeks to take effect. >> very disturbing and chilling feeling. she says that's why it's necessary for congress to pass her women's health protection act known as to provide. >> abortion care free from medically unnecessary restrictions. abortion rights advocates say bands don't decrease the number of
3:27 pm
abortions. instead they increase unsafe abortions, especially for those who can't afford to travel to where the procedure is legal. so truly. >> having a chilling effect on those who. have the least resources while expected to pass in the u.s. house with a is unlikely to get the 60 votes needed in the senate to protect abortion rights. democrats could also eliminate the filibuster or expand the supreme court. >> but those options are also unlikely. the u.s. attorney general said in a statement that the justice department is exploring all options to challenge the texas abortion ban, even republicans who oppose abortion like congressman adam kinzinger are hesitant to support the texas ban. what i don't like to see is this idea of every citizen being able to tattle you know, sue an uber driver. but state lawmakers in other states say they're considering implementing similar bans in washington. alexandra limon.
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>> coming up next. president joe biden was in the northeast today surveying the damage done by hurricane ida hear about his plan to make sure the u.s. is ready for the next big storm. plus, gubernatorial candudates continue making their pitch to voters want to hear from kevin faulconer and his promise to protect crime victims in our state and after the break, what voters in contra, costa county need to know as we near that the collection day. stick
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>> our election coverage continues in the east bay today. the contra costa county elections division made a stop in pleasant hill. that's where we find kron four's, phillipe, djegal all who reports college students are being encouraged to register and vote. >> election day is just one week away and college students at db seen pleasant hill are excited to be a part of the process. we ought put in our voice and give her $0.2 in make change on tuesday. the contra costa county elections division teamed up with the league of women voters to register students for the upcoming gubernatorial recall election so they can cast a ballot. we were contra costa college last week and will be a most madonna's next week. county clerk recorder and registrar of voters. debbie cooper joined the outreach team in the trailer at the college parking lot. >> she says voter turnout may not reach 85% like it did in the november election. but cooper says it will likely
3:32 pm
exceed 60% were very pleased with the turnout so far. it's already about 35%. >> which means more ballots are making to our office in time to be included on that election night count 780,000 residents who registered to vote before august 3rd have been mailed mail in ballots. in addition to the post office, you can leave your ballot in one of 36 secured ballot drop-off boxes throughout the county and on friday, a regional voting centers will be open for in-person voting that really gives everyone an opportunity to vote in this election, which is super important. we have a responsibility as. >> citizens of this nation to go in and actually. you know, speaker voice because we have that privilege. not a lot of people in other places have that privilege to go in and actually you know, have their voice heard county wide 153 polling places will be open on election day. >> in pleasant hill. philippe djegal all kron 4 news.
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>> crime continues to be part of the debate in the recall of governor gavin newsome, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer spotlighted this today. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us live now with more on his promise to californians a week before newsom's recall election nationally. >> no. this time next week poll workers will be preparing to count ballots so this week candidates are making their final policy pitches to the state. kevin faulkner. this former san diego mayor promising to undo one of gavin newsom's first actions as governor. >> but to actually be safe. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer tuesday said he will. and governor gavin newsom's moratorium on the death penalty. if he's elected a change that he says would be immediate has to be. >> if you do not have you're not going to see a change of behavior. >> to line people up to be
3:34 pm
executed. pre meditated 2 months after taking office in 2019 newsom signed the executive order to halt executions in california. dismantling the death chamber at san quentin state prison. the move angered some prosecutors and crime victims in tuesday's virtual press conference faulkner pointed to california's rise in crime and the 10's of thousands of inmates that are eligible for early release. faulkner was joined and supported by marc klaas, whose daughter polly was murdered by a now death row inmates partisan about any kind of the republican takeover of the state of california. i am a registered democrat. i probably more alter president biden. this is about something else entirely faulkner is one of dozens of candidates on the ballot and on the final week of the campaign trail urging voters to recall the governor. the latest ballot tracking numbers show 26% of ballots have been returned faulkner hoping the message today will resonate with those who have yet to turn them in.
3:35 pm
>> now ahead of vice president kamala harris's visit to california tomorrow to campaign with the governor kevin faulkner has told me that he doesn't think she or any other national leader can save governor gavin newsome at state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com scan. the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to our web page where you can get the latest on the candidates as well as those details on how to cast your ballot. over in texas. it just became harder to vote today. governor abbott signed a sweeping overhaul to the state's election system. the bill bans ballot drop boxes. it also limits the hours polling places can be open and prohibits counties from opening 24 hour, drive-thru polling places. the bill also gives more power to poll watchers and contains a mandate requiring businesses give their employees time to go to the polls. in national news this afternoon, president
3:36 pm
joe biden paid a visit to the northeast today to survey the damage from hurricane ida kron four's, washington correspondent basil john joins us now with details from the president's visit. during his tour, president joe biden said the damage from hurricane ida. >> is an indicator of a bleak future. but there's still time to make a positive impact. president joe biden says his administration is helping in every way possible after hurricane ida left destruction and death and its wake. we're here to see first hand. >> what the damage is and find out directly from, you know what? what is most needed tuesday. the president toured the damage in new jersey, in new york. >> he says, sadly, it's a sign of things to come. >> for scientist award extreme weather. and would be more extreme and climate change was here we're living through it. now. we don't have any more time. the president says these disasters aren't going to stop
3:37 pm
in congress must do its part. the bipartisan flight plan. >> to modernize our physical infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our power transmission distribution line. president biden says this isn't an issue isolated to a single region. >> every part of the country's getting hit by extreme weather. and we're now living in real time what the country don't look like if we don't do so we can't turn very much, but we can prevent it from getting worse. both new york and new jersey were granted federal aid money to aid those severely impacted by the storm. people are experiencing these events. we need to invest in reducing the risk that these communities are facing. >> but we also need to make sure that we're helping individuals be prepared. >> the president emphasized that the country as a whole needs to recognize global warming as a threat reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> time now to check our weather forecast here. we are keeping an eye on yet another
3:38 pm
storm. larry is going on right now. dave, hello, okay. that's what we have going on. there's a category 3 storm which shot. you can see that's out here in the atlanta. good news is this doesn't look like it's going to impact the continental united states. that's a good front. >> by the way, this front come across the midwest here. severe thunderstorm watch boxes all the way up there in chicago. so let's go forward with all of this. here's bermuda. this means it's a tropical storm watch at this point timing on this when it gets nearby. that would be abouo thursday. this is atlantic daylight time. that's 4 hours ahead of us. i believe max winds at that point will be one. '05. good news is there on the backside of this. what will be a category 2 and continuing this forward. this drops to a category one by friday. and again, moving in the right direction, aided by a little bit of a front up here in new england with more rain for those folks. but that will help scooted out to sea. also for folks along the east coast that we get some good surfing going on as they get some swell. so this may be a plus with this system being that we're in the tropics real quick. this blob over here may
3:39 pm
develop into something. this is coastal texas that's got to watch for this. and in our coast. yeah. another one near kabul saint lucas this will be probably picked up. the models say and sent out to sea. so again, it shouldn't threaten land. here comes that fog back again, our winds locally out of the northwest, although we're not getting much cooling happening. inland. current temperatures near 100. when is this going to end. eventually. we'll have that 7 day forecast the benton. thanks, dave. coming up, september is hunger action month. >> we're looking at how one bay area food bank is working to help end food insecurity. plus we've got ourselves another one here where in the bay area they will cast was spotted. and after the break, another benefits to breastfeeding, how it could help your baby's heart for years to come. stick with us properties at 3 continues.
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3.42 and mama's a new study suggests milk can help strengthen your baby's heart. >> irish. researchers followed 80 premature babies over a year's time premature infants. typically are born with lower heart function. these researchers found those children who were only fed milk had improved heart function by their first birthday close to babies who were delivered at full term babies who were fed formula did not show the same type of recovery to now. still ahead here at 3 o'clock. september
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is hunger action month. we're looking at how one bay area food bank is working to help end food insecurity. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back. bay area homeowners, learn how your neighbors are accessing hundreds of thousands of dollars with a reverse mortgage loan from the bay area's number one reverse mortgage lender other mortgages are paid each month, but with a reverse mortgage, you can pay whatever you can,
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call now so you can... retire better >> welcome back. september is hunger action month kron 4 news and our parent company nexstar teaming up with feeding america. the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization here in the bay area. there are many organizations trying to end food insecurity, which is spiked dramatically during the
3:46 pm
pandemic. kron four's. maureen kelly has more. >> we decided to go because i lost my job. san jose resident, susan castellano says she found herself out of work when the bay area shut down back in 2020. the 34 year-old list of her 13 year-old daughter. 6 year-old son as well as her mother and stepfather, her stepfather was able to keep his job working for a landscaping company, but his paycheck could not stretch far enough for all of them in high luck on valley. the family struggled for several months before her mom found out via social media about second harvest of silicon valley food bank. >> having that food and our house. it was scenes just by seen my kids faces. it was. >> full of like law. >> after being unemployed for about a year. susan now has a new job as an administrative assistant. she says there by monthly trips to get groceries from the food bank, help them through a very tough time. you can maybe not pain are not
3:47 pm
getting, but food. it's important and must be if you have >> home, it's like something really need to care about and bring it home because the kids tessa know if you have money are not says it is just one example of so many. >> folks who found themselves out of work who recently struggling to be able to pay their rent, pay their bills and still afford food. and so we have had to literally double the amount of food were provided. we're still serving on average close to half a million people. every single black relying primarily on donations and an army of volunteers. second harvest works with 300 nonprofit partners. >> giving away food at 900 distribution sites throughout santa clara and san mateo counties. well, the need for food has spiked dramatically during the pandemic. the food bank ceo does not expect this demand to lessen. >> even as the economy begins to sputter back to life. now that the shutdown is over because for so many of our
3:48 pm
clients after being out of work for many months. they are behind on their rent. they're behind on your bills. >> most of them had had to wipe out their savings entirely. we did a recent survey of our clients. it showed 57% of people had less than a $100 in savings. so if you can just imagine how hard it is to come back from that kind of economic setback. >> those at second harvest of silicon valley believe they will need to provide the same level of assistance for the foreseeable future. maureen kelly kron 4 news. scan, the qr code that you see on your screen now for information on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay area. you can. >> also keep watching all month long. we're highlighting local organizations making a difference in our community. time to talk about our forecast now. a new live picture looking towards oakland and the mount diablo range up in that right hand corner very small agi out there and we know it is hot.
3:49 pm
kron 4 meteorologist dave we're going to cool down little ugly. yeah. talked to talk to me in january yeah. >> well, we are seeing some better days right now live shot of the golden gate bridge in the fog. you referenced right there. >> although it's not to really thick. aloft will be enough to cover up the east bay shoreline a little bit later on tonight, air quality did improve a little bit, though, although the moderates sees be taking over up here in the mountains heading through central valley. there's some poor quality. you can see near sacramento and the greens have left the peninsula, although they're up in the north. a little pocket here for the east bay. the winds pretty much loyally today. they've been little stronger than yesterday out of the northwest. we'd like it a little bit more due are due east rather, to help cool things down, which you can see as an app and upper 90's and near about 100 going on in the far east bay. 90 santa rosa 97, a bottle 87. meanwhile for fremont looking ahead into the evening mostly clear 7 o'clock 8476 going on by 10. that is
3:50 pm
inland, of course, around the bay will be that fog going on here. so bay fog, warm inland 60's. some 70 pockets for tonight to be found later this week. gradual moderating can't say cooling going to be plenty lofty. but moderating trend here. inland sub 90 by friday, and then for the weekend scattered clouds of the coast, north bay too mild, even inland with the 80's going on even inland. now. but a little side note here. it looks like some of that monsoon does come up here. not so much the bay area, but in the mountains still, though, for tomorrow will be plenty hot 100 plus to be found. the far east bay. don't forget solano counties still have that heat advisory 80 vallejo will go about 80 for oakland 74 san francisco. and again, going forward with this again, the high starts to break down a little bit allows a little bit more traffic from the northwest. not going getting that really. and this is what we're talking about as more moisture happens up in the mountains. that might be some thunder shower action, but hopefully we'll get some rain with all of that. we're watching that for the weekend
3:51 pm
up in the mountains. here's the 7 day forecast. relief does get here by the weekend with upper 80's noel. all right, thanks, dave. >> for your money. now that summer vacation travel is winding down. airfares are actually expected to drop this fall to try and bridge the gap between leisure and business travelers. some airlines are already testing. cheaper pricing on more expensive routes. ticket prices are expected to be lower in the fall of 2019 travel data cumpany hopper says september might be the most affordable airfare month. an average round-trip flight within the u.s. could cost you just about $260. coming up next. this bird in australia can imitate just about anything take a guess at what sound. we're going to play for y
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
>> okay. before we go, we've got to tell an avocado a day may help keep belly fat away at least for us. women, researchers at the university of illinois urbana champaign say eating an avocado a day can help women with a sharp drop in abdominal fat scientists tracked men and women to learn what eating avocados does when it comes to storing body fat women showed a significant drop in visceral abdominal fat which surrounds your internal organs and it's often the hardest to lose that one men, though, did not show any fat distribution changes.
3:55 pm
so ladies, go ahead and stock up on those avocados. take a look at this. amount in lyon caught taking a stroll in pacifica. this is some video from yesterday morning. if you blink you might miss him, you can see the mountain lion walking down what appears to be a driveway near kent road and stanley avenue. officials say if you encounter a wild animal like this one in your neighborhood, you need to keep your distance. call wildlife officials to deal with we've seen a lot of mountain lions in this area. usually they're really, really buff. this one looks a little skinnier, still not someone i want run into. it's it's really creepy. you're hearing this right, though. this is not a bird. >> that can perfectly imitate a crying baby. it's called a liar bird and it lives at the taronga zoo in australia. i
3:56 pm
hope i'm pronouncing right liar. birds are known for recreating sounds they hear in their environment. this one very clearly most of her toughest the baby amongst the zoo visitors because that was pretty spot on these birds have also the known to mimic chainsaws car alarms dog barks. and then of course, the human voice, the chainsaw one i'd like to actually hear that and the car alarms. that's those are very, very hard to imitate, especially for for a bird alright lyre birds really strange. time now to check in with newsnation to see what they are working on for tonight. >> tonight on the donlon report covid takes a new form sparking more fear and concern across the nation will look at your chances of getting sick. if you're vaccinated and one doctors powerful message to unvaccinated patients. now here's leland vittert with a preview of on balance. >> thanks, joe hunted by the taliban. a pregnant american trapped in afghanistan says she's being targeted now
3:57 pm
congressman darrell ices shares his mission to get her out alive. that's coming up. on ballot tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed. here are more details. also available on our website. kron 4 dot com. of course, the news does not end here. our coverage continues at the top of the hour on the kron on app. here's what's coming up. residents in the town of bonny doon protesting the release of a convicted predator. >> we're going to have a report from santa cruz county. thanks for joining us here on the kron 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. we'll see you back here at 5 o'clock.
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