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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  September 7, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> being a rape survivor sucks. i need to at least be believed by my family. you know where to find me on my phone. god bless you, okay? ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. it was >> this election is today. the election is tomorrow. the election ends. on september 14th. >> it's one week now until ballots are due and governor newsome is starting his final push to try to convince californians to vote no in the recall election. thank you for joining us, everybody on this tuesday night for kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. well, governor newsome fights the effort to remove him from office. his challengers continue to use crime as a. >> key talking point in their
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campaign to former san diego mayor kevin faulconer who spotlighted this today. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains his promise to california it. this week. recall candidates are making their final policy pitches ahead of election day. >> the former mayor of san diego promising to undo what was one of gavin newsom's first actions as governor. >> actually be safe. former san diego mayor kevin faulconer tuesday said he will. and governor gavin newsom's moratorium on the death penalty if he's elected a change that he says would be immediate asked to be. >> and if you do not have you're not going to see a change of >> to line people up to be executed. pre meditated 2 months after taking office in 2019 newsom signed the executive order to halt executions in california. dismantling the death chamber at san quentin state prison. the move angered some prosecutors and crime victims
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in tuesday's virtual press conference faulkner pointed to california's rising crime in the 10's of thousands of inmates that are eligible for early release. faulkner was joined and supported by marc klaas, whose daughter polly was murdered by a now death row inmates partisan issue. not about any kind of the republican takeover of the state of california. i am a registered democrat. i probably more true alter president biden. this is about something else entirely faulkner is one of dozens of candidates on the ballot and on the final week of the campaign trail urging voters to recall the governor. the latest ballot tracking numbers show 26% of ballots have been returned faulkner hopilg the message today will resonate with those who have yet to turn them in. >> ahead of the governor's event tomorrow with vice president kamala harris faulkner has told me he doesn't think she or any other national leader can save gavin newsome at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and here in san francisco, governor newsom visited supporters urging voters to vote no in the upcoming recall
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election. the governor stopped by the mission district where supporters were making phone calls to potential voters. governor newsom also spoke to the media, spent a lot of time attacking the leading candidate in the recall election. larry elder, he says elders to the right of donald trump and if the republican party were to win in the recall. it could hurt california. i think this is a very consequential race. >> they've been ads that say this is about life and death. i really believe that. our approach to this pandemic. we believe to save lives. their approach. we quite literally believe what impact not only public health, the state but impact our economic recovery. >> the governor has a busy campaigning schedule in the week ahead. he and vice president kamala harris are going to speak tomorrow in the east bay. the governor also has several campaign ads with prominent national democrats, including bernie sanders and those are coming out this week. our coverage of the recall election continues. always on kron. 4 dot com just scan the qr code there on your
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screen with your phone's camera. that will take you straight to our web page where you can get the latest on the candidates. >> and details on casting your ballot. mia bonta is now officially an east bay state assemblywoman. she was sworn in as assemblywoman for the 18th district this morning representing oakland alameda and san leandro. bonta says she's always been someone who looks to serve with purpose and over the years she's taking on many roles to do just that. she says in her new role, she will continue to be an advocate for students and families also staying focused on the most urgent needs of her constituents. >> the new rating. i want to ensure that this cut, the state legislature is focused on that. extending the eviction moratorium was something that i hope that we will get to consider and ensure that we can just be strong absolutely criminal justice reform. an extension of the work that was started by the former assembly member who is also my partner in life and partners services on
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subway to be a critical priority for me as well. >> yes. bonta is the wife of former east bay assemblyman and current california attorney general rob bonta. >> and now to our wildfire coverage cal fire says that they are predicting drier and windier conditions for the rest of this year. all agency currently responding to fires across the state provided an update on current and future conditions. the forest service says that there's a about current fires said that they might grow over the next 48 to 72 hours. this as the state is already sitting at about 2 million acres burned in the calendar year, which is about where we were this time last year. >> that sobering and that is the new reality. that's what we're looking at. 2 million-acre year at this point. that puts us are right at about midpoint of the number of acres burned burned in 2020. and we could be in the same boat. so while we
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have the long weekend with some have turned to looking forward as if this is now fall summer season is over. we're right smack in the middle of wildfire peak season and so everybody needs to remain vigilant needs to ready to call 911. if you see smoke in the air evacuate. if orders come. >> and to that end, a confident milestone tonight in the fight against that caldor fire. the 22,000 people who are forced to evacuate are now allowed back home. that fire has burned more than 216,000 s around south lake tahoe and has destroyed 776 homes. more than 24,000 structures remain threatened by flames. it is 49% contained as of tonight and nearly 2 months after it began, the dixie fire is still spreading tonight
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across 5 counties. this is a time lapse. over the last few hours from highway 2.99 between the last and shasta trinity national forests on the rise. and you can see that huge plume of smoke from the dixie fire. it has torched more than 917,000 acres. and it's 59% contained crews have stopped forward progress on the bridge fire in placer county. it's parked on sunday. >> under the forest hill bridge back elation orders and warnings. those have been lifted except for those covering the auburn state recreation area 411 acres have f burned in that fire is 25% contained as of tonight firefighters say that they have got a better handle on the flames by dropping fire retardant on old forest hill road in the nearby grass. taking a live look outside right the bay said bit of a haze in the sky. but some blue is well, meteorologist dave spahr is with us now we're be
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on labor day but is not quite the fall. it doesn't feel like forget about it still summer. it's going to feel like summer for looks like of the week ahead going on forward. >> let's stop to that air quality because it did improve a little bit, although it's starting to fall part a little bit now. >> got some greens in here lake tahoe. and so forth. but carson city reno still in that moderate category in their pockets of poor to be found in the bay area. yeah, we're getting back in the moderate here for oakland san francisco. the peninsula getting some greens back. so a little bit of an improvement. we saw more earlier. there is the golden gate bridge. all shrouded in fatal error of fog that will mix out pretty quickly tomorrow morning when tracker how we do want a good, strong onshore, wind driven by some of the elements and inland heating. but we're actually not going to see the winds as strong tomorrow temperature check. yes, it's very much like summer. upper 90's happening in the far east bay. the even coming about 84 some of the winds helping out their 93 check in for santa rosa nevado at 95 going into your evening. you can expect this 90 for next hour. 77
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about 9 midnight's at 74 not much colder than that. as we go into the morning. coming up a little bit here. of course, we'll take a long look at that longer range forecast for you, vicki and grant. alright days in the south bay controversy surrounding the opening of a new. >> temporary parking site for homeless people living in recreational vehicles in san jose kron four's rob fladeboe joins us live from san jose. now with the latest on the fight. robbie of some people who are not happy. that's right. doug rand are a lot of the neighbors around here say this is just the wrong place for this but san jose's newest homeless rv, a parking lot camping. if you will, open today here behind me on north first street. despite the protests from love those same residents who say they were blindsided by city hall and they had no voice in the matter at all. >> here's more. >> this was the scene in north san jose on tuesday as residents of the renaissance drive in vista, montana
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neighborhoods staged a protest in front of the proposed new temporary site for recreational vehicles whose owners are homeless owned by the city of san jose, the site here at 71 vista, montana. we'll offer safe parking sanitation and other services for up to about 20 people living in rvs. the current plan calls for the site to remain open for 9 months as the rv dwellers transition to longer term parking the location, though, isn't a mostly residential neighborhood with a playground and a school nearby residents opposed to the plan insist the city did not give adequate notice of the plan and were not included in the planning process which they say lacked transparency. they want the plan scrapped. >> they got essentially and then created certain decisions without any of the in the group late sunday does not is not open. there's openness to not part of the decision-making process. part in hours just before a long weekend. it was gone from just
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on friday. >> i believe this was a good choice based on the fact that there weren't very many options in north part of san jose. and, you know, i understand people felt that it was it was russian. it was it was rushed based on the fact that that the site was that where these people are coming from was being closed down quickly and we had to find a disposition for these small number of people who need to park. there are these the rv dwellers had been parked at a camp on property owned by apple computer which is working with a nonprofit home. first. >> to find temporary housing for the other people so far only are these from that camp can park in the new site. but other rv dwellers like steve perez are hoping it can be expanded, which also has neighbors worried it. we're not asking to a parked underneath window sill what asking to park on the street. it was just good for a safe parking behind the building summer some way in the back. that's all we're worried about the. >> people who are not in the program coming into our area and parking to start pumping
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tense up in garbage in our area. we already had one the other day and after we came and get a walk around the neighborhood. they eft a syringe behind. >> now. so far i've seen maybe 4 or rv show up here at the site this afternoon, the city insists that there isn't room for only 20 people here going forward. we're not sure exactly how many motor homes that will include. but just 20 people said and it will not be expanded. as for the cost. estimate to be about 3 to $400,000 and that will be picked up by federal grant money live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news i think coming up on kron 4 news at 5 how friends and family are remembering the their roic axed. >> of the passengers on flight 9320 years later. plus efforts in the east bay to get more voters ready to go for next week's election with the contra costa county elections division hopes to get involved. >> and could covid cases be leveling off in the bay area.
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health experts are weighing in on what we're doing
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>> violent crime continues to be out of control, quite frankly in the city of oakland has the number of officers on the force continues to decline. and now that city's police union is blaming the city council for the officer exit this kron four's, dan kerman report. >> we've learned from this council that our service is not about it. >> the oakland police union is
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calling out the city council holding them responsible for the departure of 5 to 10 officers each month and leaving the ranks of 20 16 levels at a time when murders shootings and armed robberies are soaring you've got stop the attrition i stop. the attrition is stopped at stop bill. 5 police officers treat them with value treat them as a public servants that they are opd had 723 officers in january. well below the 786 that were authorized. now that number is below 700 continue to fall. we're struggling to fill the beach every day. officers out there on the street just to take 911 calls when it approved to scale back police budget this summer. the city council approved only for police academies over the next 2 years now. councilmember sheng tell wants to add 2 additional ones. >> actually we'll feel are vacancies. our current vacancies with our local hires with more women with more
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people of color. and we know that those investments in the city callous as the first new academy will require no additional funding. but the second one will. >> she says keeping the ranks above 678 officers is required. otherwise the city will not be able to access measures see tax dollars being the score will critical critical important programming like violence prevention, like violence interrupters and the fire department along with foot patrol officers as well. >> councilmember taos proposal regarding police academies will come before the full council on the 21st of this month. dan kerman kron 4 news also in the east bay coronavirus cases are spiking at the santa rita jail in dublin. sergeant ray kelly says 46 inmates have tested positive for the virus. >> 9 of those are symptomatic and are currently under close observation. the rest are asymptomatic. kelly says none of the cases are serious. she
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says since the pandemic started more than 700 coronavirus cases have been reported at the jail and 2 people have been hospitalized and both have since recovered last month. authorities had to cancel in-person visits because of a rise in covid cases, though outbreaks are still popping up the indoor mask mandate may be having an impact on the reduction in covid-19 cases here in the bay area. >> kron four's haaziq madyun spoke to a pair of bay area health the officers to see if there's a link. >> it has been a few weeks in several counties here in the bay area issued mask mandates and some indoor settings. the question is, is there a direct connection to a decrease in covid-19 cases during that time frame contra, costa health services officer doctor chris farnitano so it's always hard to tie one particular intervention to a change like this. so our county, we had about 230 patients with covid in local area hospitals a couple weeks ago and now we're
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down about a 190. so that's pretty significant decrease. >> taking a quick look at a pair of covid-19 deaths boards in neighboring alameda and santa clara counties starting august 3rd with the mask mandate took effect. you see a consistent pattern of cases rising through mid august and a gradual decline as the month is there has also been a decrease in covid-19 cases in solano county insulin of the disease rates are coming down. however, solano county health administrator. doctor j lee richards says the decrease can't be because of an indoor mask mandate because solano county doesn't one. i also doesn't carly from a timing the counties that include them. and it's sure to seeing improvement within a week of the implementation. and and these these improvements are much, much later. >> but they're reflecting this reduced transmission of disease overall, people are changing their behaviors as we're moving from summer into fall. unfortunately with the labor day weekend having just
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passed. we may see another bump because of that. but both health officials agree that wearing a mask is a proven method to limit the spread of covid-19. they definitely help for unvaccinated people everywhere you know, vaccination and masking are really both required to keep it in check of the stage. >> haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> my weather time. now as we get a live look outside. beautiful day in the bay. this is san francisco's embarcadero always nice when you can see a little a blue out there in the sky. meteorologist dave spahr lou, there, the bay bridge. no problem course. the golden gate of the fog creeping on back again. and it's kind of a good friend. it helps us out the morning hours to keep things kind of cool. however. >> yes, by tomorrow morning of the fog will redevelop. it looks like for us. this is what it's gonna look like by tomorrow morning, little bit of aligning along the east bay shoreline san francisco. but it's very thin. however, so won't take too long to mix out. still with the success of heat solano county. that's until 8 o'clock on thursday
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got temperatures approaching one o 5, a little bit higher than that low's. meanwhile, in the 70's for some of those inland spots. now, here's what the macro picture looks like. these are excessive heat warnings out of the south. meanwhile, heat advisory covers almost all of the central valley and it bleeds into solano county a little bit and just out to see showers without the lightning will be nice when you get some out this way. but the high pressure continues to block that system moving through and it looks like it's going to hang for a little longer than the forecast earlier called so given all of that, we're going to see temperatures remain in the upper 90's 59 tonight with that fog coming back again for san francisco 61 oakland 63 for san jose. they fog warm inland. we'll have pockets going on tonight in the 70's still later this week. gradual moderating trend. i can't say cooler. but moderating will get into the 80's. it looks like in time for the weekend. and we have some scattered clouds at the coast in the north bay during the entire transition period coming up in a bit. of course, that 4 zone forecast grant.
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>> thank you, dave. still ahead tonight as well. the federal government maybe getting involved in the texas abortion bad after all the new promise from the department of justice and honoring heroes of today. well, remembering heroic actions of 20 years ago. >> how friends and family are honoring th
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>> a heroic acts happening every day across the country. some of them get lots of attention while others go
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unnoticed. friends of flight 93 to group that raises awareness for the 40 heroes who took down the terrorist. >> in a pennsylvania field. what they have now created in ward so that heroes are known around the country and remembered for years to come. here's matt alvarez with more. >> the hero award is basically a way for us to raise awareness of flight 93 national memorial to raise awareness of the 40 passengers and crew members and what we were looking for. our people in america who have demonstrated bravery and courage in time to assist someone else put their own life in danger jeopardy to help others just like the 40 passengers and crew members did hear 93 donna gibson is the president of friends of flight 93 she and those close to the heroes of flight. 93 say this award is more important at a national level. now than ever before. there's a group of people out there
5:26 pm
that. >> don't remember. don't have firsthand recollections. so i think that just this is a really kind of positive way too. keep the memory alive. and to just, you know, is. pay tribute and respect to people who are doing the same thing. i'm a leash ankle is the god daughter of lorraine bay, one of the flight attendants on flight 93 when i first heard about it, i was really just i thought it was such a great idea for so many reasons, perhaps the most important reason is that the award shows that those who receive it and others around them that they could be a light even in the darkest of times for all the bad years. >> so many more. but for so many more good people going to try to so many more people who are choosing love and kindness over hate and terror. >> and so i think this award helps to show that that that still the case for so many people who are putting others before themselves in you know, just rising to the occasion.
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>> he >> at the flight. 93 national memorial. i'm matt alvarez. on september 11th. we will have live team coverage on the day's events in our weekend newscast and our streaming app kron on. >> also on saturday, kron 4 will have a 30 minute 9.11 anniversary special. it starts at 10:30pm, on saturday night. >> still to come tonight kron, 4 news at 5. just one week to go until ballots are to efforts to get out. the vote are picking up how officials in the east bay are trying to get more people registered. also a warning for the future while surveying the damage left behind by hurricane ida president biden sharing his hope for the years to come. and the fight against food insecurity. how the organizations in our area are working to try to problem that working to try to problem that the pandemi after my car accident, working to try to problem that the pandi wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out.
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