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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 8, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> now, when i just tragic developments in lafayette tonight. a crossing guard has been killed after an suv hit him and a child in front of a lafayette middle school. that is according to a family member. the crossing guards who spoke with us tonight. good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us on kron.
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4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and on bikie liviakis. this happened at about 03:00pm. today. right outside stanley middle school that is on school street off of a road really not far from. >> downtown lafayette. a very quiet area. kron dan thorn is live exactly where this with the very latest for us. >> that's right. vicki and grant were outside of stanley middle school here in lafayette. the family confirming with us tonight that this school crossing guard that was killed was only on his second day on the job. the circumstances surrounding this crash have not been released by police but neighbors tell us that this area along school street can be a problem. investigators take over the street in front of stanley middle school in lafayette is the scene of a fatal accident. where an suv struck a child and killed a school crossing guard. >> neighbors telling kron 4 news school street can be
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dangerous. i'm not surprised. and that's >> i knew this day was going to come because this just like i see everybody skating here. >> the family of the school crossing guard identified him as 45 year-old. ashley d s they say ds had just started working to help kids cross the street to protect them from cars. police combing through the suv while closing off school street between avalon court and paradise court tuesday afternoon. the accident shaking up the community surrounding the school. too many people are speeding around all these towns. lafayette has a problem. >> with distracted drivers. i'm not paying attention, especially from the schools and going where the speed limit and obviously now this is cause. a tragedy. >> police had several investigators working the scene. neighbors say this is an unfortunate but harsh lesson for people to be aware. people need to realize that kids are back at school and they need to slow down.
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>> but we're still working to confirm more information about this accident with lafayette police tonight. they have not told us again what the circumstances were surrounding this crash. they also have not told us about the driver of the conditions of the driver. whether or not that driver has been arrested or is facing any charges in this crash. we will, of course, bring you that information once it is released on us reporting live in lafayette. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan and a new development tonight. this is in the east bay as la meta police city of alameda. police say a driver who ran a stop sign and crashing into another car killing a man monday night has now been charged with manslaughter and dui. this happened near cambridge drive. and for inside boulevard. police say the suspect blew through the intersection slamming into a car. it was carrying 2 people. nicholas bianchi was driving the second car and died. his passenger was hospitalized with serious injuries. but is expected to
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survive. the suspected drunk driver has not been identified. a bill aimed at limiting deaths from automobiles here in california cleared a big hurdle today. >> the bill that some are calling a game changer would give cities a bigger say in determining speed limits. our coverage on the call live for us. the newsroom with the details on this. jonathan. >> you know simply go 43 now on its way to governor gavin newsom's desk that bill would let cities have more flexibility in determining speed limits that they feel are best needed for their cities in just the last few hours, one east bay city tells me that they are already making their plans as soon as this bill is signed into law. >> speed versus safety. we often get drivers cutting sure, because the neighborhood speeding fatal traffic crashes across the bay area have soared in recent years. funding solutions. that's plagued bay area cities. >> folks who are who are, you
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know, having their pets run over. we cyclists with this front hit by important. but help is finally on the way. >> wednesday. the california legislature gave the green light to assembly bill 43 the bill would give cities the power to lower speed limits in some areas. berkeley mayor jesse arreguin calls it a game changer. >> chair, you know, because state state law largely dictates what speed limits are with some exceptions such as sitting sitting speed limits are in school sentence. so to have broad authority to look at adjusting speed limits in areas where there's high rates of, you know, collisions and injuries. it's just it's really critical right now. speed limits are said based on the decades old rule of the 85th percentile. >> which is the speed at or below what 85% of traffic is moving in a certain area. this bill would give cities the power to lower speeds down to as much as 15 miles an hour, if needed.
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>> some people are not like that. but at the same time, we have a responsibility to make our streets safe for everyone. >> according to the national transportation safety board speed played a factor in nearly a 3rd of all crashes in the united states back in 2019. a report from the university of california institute of traffic studies also found that reducing speeds by just as much as 5 miles an hour to reduce injuries in some cases by as much as 40% this works, this works and making our streets safer for kids for seniors, for people to disabilities. the price tag to implement. this is definitely worth it. no one should lose their life. >> to collision. >> so there would be a cost in trying to change all of those signs if cities do implement lowering the speed limit. although the price tag on that still unknown, as you just heard from there. again, he says that reducing the speeds and replacing those signs, though. it's still a whole lot cheaper than having to reconfigure entire roads. this
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bill would apply to local municipalities in streets on those cities but not impact major highways and interstates live in the newsroom. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> thank you, jonathan. the national weather service is issuing a fire weather issuing a fire weather critical conditions expected the east bay hills and they have a range. the advisory goes into effect tomorrow at 05:00pm. it expires friday at scary stuff. the concern is that dry lightning in the just like this time last year we're dealing with others, lightning complex fires. >> thanks to terrible lightning storm in august of 2020. hopefully we're not going to repeat that kron four's. gayle ong reports. >> firefighters are monitoring the weather and want to remind people to stay vigilant ahead of this fire weather. watch. >> it happens quickly when it happens. and that's exactly what happened at the cash buyer lake county last month. residents had to rush out of their homes. sometimes you have a lot of times they're
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from acquisition such as they did in south lake tahoe at. ek know, it's tough to some of the fire. >> but at the same time those fires where you have 5 to 10 nick luby, deputy chief of operations at the oakland fire department says that's why people need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. >> as firefighters are getting a handle on the caldor fire in the sierra. >> the national weather service has issued a fire weather watch that goes into effect thursday afternoon until friday morning affected areas are the north bay mountains east bay hills and the diablo range high temperatures low humidity and high winds are making conditions ripe for fire danger. there is a slight chance for dry thunderstorms. but potential lightning that could spark a new fire coupled with gusty winds that could fan the flames. we had the oakland hills it was pretty scary. orinda native peter keener remembers the 1991 fatal tunnel, fire and admits he could prepare better for a disaster. probably not prepared enough, but. >> you know, we have some things that we can grab and neighborhoods in orinda and the oakland hills work with their local fire departments to medicaid fire hazards.
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>> but with wildfires these days don't engage in any activity that could potentially start a such as we mowed the lawn for we hots for. we're into a fire weather. watch. she flew be as those who live in fire-prone areas should know their evacuation zone. >> because win or is evacuation orders and warnings are issued. it will be by his own numbers. reporting from orinda gayle ong kron 4 news. >> wildfire coverage continues now we're tracking several that are already burning in northern california. the relentless. yeah. the calder fire near south lake is now halfway contained a 50% so far the flames have burned more than 217,000 acres. 9 people have been hurt, including 7 1st responders and more than 900 buildings have been destroyed. the cause of that fire still under investigation tonight. meanwhile, the dixie fire east of chico still terrorizing parts of 5 counties. nearly 2 months after that started, the
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gigantic fire has burned more than 922,000 acres. it is 59% contained. nearly 6,000 buildings are still said to be threatened tonight and more than 1200 buildings have already been destroyed. was really hot out there taking a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. a statewide flex alert remains in effect tonight for the next hour and then goes back into effect tomorrow from 4 to 09:00pm cal iso. also asking it ready to voluntarily conserve some energy during these times sickening, you reduce the strain on the power grid. there will also be a fire weather. watch talking about this gal is for much of the east bay and north bay tomorrow night. other areas as well. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. they worried about the like. yeah, and that's really the story. you know, usually when we're talking about fire, weather watches. we're talking about an offshore wind event and that's where you might get some dangerous conditions. but this one a little bit unstable air possibly moving
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in late tomorrow afternoon. >> and by tomorrow evening. so there's a slight chance of some isolated thunderstorms up across the u.s. here that you see little south lake tahoe called the fire getting some help tonight as you're seeing more of an offshore wind there, but very light moving across that area that is pushing away from the fire zone back out to along the california coastline. we've got an onshore breeze. see the moving on shore right now hearing the nice cool marine and clean air outside. that is great for us affect their quality looking fantastic. all the centers for the most part picking up green now across the bay area the exception of san jose. otherwise we're looking great all around right now. more that to come. i think as we head in toward the weekend now, fire weather watches have been issued in the north bay and the east bay right now probably the are the greatest chance of lightning storms coming in the north bay and that happening by tomorrow afternoon and then through at least friday morning, we're going to see the culmination of 2 weather systems. kind of come together and that's the concern as that could give enough instability to spark a couple of thunderstorms out
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there right now. you see some patchy fog along the coastline can see there. but there are some mid to high level clouds continue to move on by right now. we've got high pressure over the desert southwest. you've got the clockwise circulation around that. you see that rotating around right now. occasionally that picks up on a little subtropical moisture, maybe a storm system to the south on the part of some to get some trained. all that moisture and rolls up in the california that looks like it's going to be the case tomorrow on top of that, we've got a cold front that's off the coastline. these 2 are going to start to emerge and come together just about the right time. and here we go. as we get toward tomorrow afternoon, we start to see that come together, get the subtropical moisture. coming up. you get a little instability coming in with us from behind it. that may be just the perfect recipe. to squeeze out. not a major event like we had before but looks like one that we could see a couple isolated thunderstorms. we get lightning strike in these kind of conditions. so dry all doesn't take one. all does take one of the wrong spots open. we're going to be aware of that through the night tonight and tomorrow to ensure been on high alert and
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it has been hot out yeah. so the flex ended at 9 o'clock. so if you're waiting to do the dishes of the laundry, whatever it's technically a free over. >> as of 9 o'clock tonight, another late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. so, yeah, more hot tomorrow. thanks. alerts politics now. kron 4 is your local election headquarters and vice president kamala harris came to california today to support governor newsome in the recall. the pair rallied together and family after this afternoon just days ahead of the big election. >> our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has more now on their message. >> this rally was rescheduled after the original one had to be canceled a couple of weeks ago when kamala harris had to turn her attention to afghanistan, but by having her here, team newsome says this is just one of the ways the campaign is making sure every living breathing californian knows this recall is happening.
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>> we are here to say today we fight for gavin newsome. vice president kamala harris came home to the bay area for her friend and fellow democrat governor gavin newsome with less than a week before the election. date. harris says by keeping new senate office californians would defend the state's progressive values dream, i wake my for women about 100 yards back from the stage where the vice president stood a group of protesters chanted and waved the flag of afghanistan. harris's visit comes about 2 weeks after the biden administration rushed to evacuate americans and afghan allies from the country now taken over by the taliban. the vice president's appearance at a previously scheduled no on the recall rally was canceled after the couple airport was >> but back at the rally, the governor grateful harris stopped by to support him along with other high ranking democrats in state office because my name may appear on the ballot, but we're all on the ballot and we will not. >> give up because we know. so
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much is at stake. so many are counting on us. and there was so much good that we can do. >> next on the docket for team newsome president joe biden is expected to visit california next week not only to tour wildfire devastation but a rally with the governor. details on that visit have not yet been set. and san leandro. ashley zavala kron 4 news that 2 of the republican candidates for california governor kevin faulconer, john. they made campaign stops in. >> san francisco today. everybody making a final push. they were taking aim today at governor newsome. of course, both touting. >> a tough on crime stance. kron four's ella sogomonian joins us without each claimed they would be better. than the current governor. hello. that's that's the theme. >> exactly. that's right. just in his last few days before this election. so father started off by saying that he's going to be tough on crime because every california has a right to feel safe and there is a rise in crime across the state right now. he
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pointed to retailers like walgreens and chose to shut down locations throughout san francisco after they were repeatedly targeted by thieves. we've all seen those videos. thakur said that he will be a governor that puts victims first and criminals in jail he would invest in police departments instead of pulling funding away. >> and we have to have a governor that is going to make safe neighborhoods and its eight-state a priority. that is in contrast is what we have seen from gavin newsom. was continue to support legislation that makes our cities unsafe. continue to take actions allowing the early release of. a violent felons. >> and the 10's of thousands. >> faulconer went on to say that his focus will be on breaking the cycle of drug addiction and getting people off the streets by breaking up open air drug markets. the second candidate here, john stood in front of that san francisco skyline boasting his business background as a qualification to run california better some.
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>> biggest issues that i'm an address today want our housing and homelessness and they're so important to this city behind putting people at a hotel isn't going to cure the illness or the addiction. we've got to cure the illness is in the addiction. we also have to build less expensive homes. we've got to cut the cost to build. and that's my business. i know how to do that. i'm going to do that when i'm the governor of this state. >> went on to claim that he'll address these issues and more all while cutting texas live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you, ll larry elder who is the republican front runner to replace newsom if he is recalled campaign in the la area. today. he met with locals at brent's deli in northridge alder kicked off his bus tour across southern california final pitches before tuesday's recall election. and there's a little drama on the campaign trail elder and his team. they were confronted by some protesters in venice. one woman
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reportedly threw some eggs and punches forcing elder to cut his visit short elder tweeted about what happened and he wrote, quote, the intolerant left will not stop us. we will recall gavin newsome. and it's been 3 weeks since warren county students and teachers went back to classrooms and since then the. >> health department has investigated more than 70 positive covid cases among students and staff across the entire fortune. well, bellow reports now only couple of the cases are considered in school transmissions. >> it's very promising and mia sharing data that we're seeing on the school's friend deputy health officer for marine county doctor lisa santora says they were concerned schools would be particularly vulnerable for covid-19 transmission. but the data they're seeing now is reassuring. we have categorize former school, school pays, but actually to are only to from school based
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transmissions the other to actually determine doctors and tourists as some of the 71 total covid cases among students and staff. our through sibling contact are thought to have come from community spread outside of school officials say when you compare the cases numbers from last year when there were a similar amount of students in school. but the state was on lockdown. the current situation is actually encouraging. says the effectiveness of vaccine and using the risk of community covid-19 transmission. we're seeing really have 10 more cases and families and students are navigating obviously much more of a bin. >> a community. our seen data that i shows that we're definitely holding our ground by using the mitigation strategies. are in schools. mary jane burke says washing of hands wearing a mask and not coming into school or work. if you're sick is crucial that >> to close any fo any classrooms or any school wants students notified about a
9:21 pm
positive case. rapid antigen tests are given and a modified quarantine for students is put into place. doctor centaurus as having 98% of teachers vaccinated is also a plus and families, you know, that schools are safe for students. and i think school staff to know that schools are safe for them to work. >> and that we have to work together and every decision we make in to gauge in a high-risk activity increases the possibility that covid-19 could enter the school campus in marin county. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> with more children returning to schools questions continue about when kids under the age of 12 will be able to get the covid vaccine right now. there are several vaccine trials for children under the age of 12 going on across the country including here in the bay area today we talked to a 9 year-old boy and a 6 year-old girl. we've got 2 shots as part of stanford's covid pfizer vaccine trial. their mom is an icu nurse after she heard about the vaccine trial. she and her husband say they did some
9:22 pm
research on possible risks consequences and then decided to let their kids partake in the trial. >> it kind of stone little bit. >> but it didn't a fully can do because if he doesn't get it, then it who lived. then you can get. >> we'll cover that we could zeal e back. >> that's adorable. the father also said in the beginning their kids were a little reluctant to get the vaccine. but after seeing everybody in the family get vaccinated and stay healthy. they say they then wanted to do it as well. stanford infectious disease specialist yvonne maldonado told us the only way to get through the pandemic to get children under the age of 12 vaccinated. don't want probation or a quick prison. stay where believe you're innocent. then you go to trial. what we learned today is that. >> first parents accused in that college admissions scandal. try their luck in court.
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>> new safety. details on the tallest residential building in san francisco. what we're learning tonight about the recent movement at the millennium tower and september is hunger action month kron 4 is partnering with feeding america. >> to help try to end food insecurity scan the qr code on your screen for info on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay area. you can watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our community
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>> it is the tallest residential building in san francisco, famous name. now the millennium tower, but it is a building which is face major problems over the last several bears a strong resemblance to the leaning tower of pisa. well, anyway, the latest a construction project designed to stabilize the building from sinking apparently. >> is not working in san francisco supervisor tells kron four's haaziq madyun. it's time to bring in outside experts. >> the fix was review and recommended by this design review panel. i am now actually interested in bringing in other national. professional engineers to oversee their work. >> it appears the famed the millennium tower in san francisco, which was first reported sinking back in august 2016 is now leaning just a little bit tilted. an additional 5 inches in saint couples. morant not good.
9:27 pm
>> buildings are meant to stand up like this. there's a little bit of tolerance but not that much and at this point san francisco supervisor aaron peskin is out of tolerance for construction project that was designed to fix the millennium tower's sinking problem. however, instead it appears have exacerbated the. sinking in tilting. those are the revelations that we've heard about in august the building has actually continued to say until the end. the relatively alarming rate as ken says. he has convene board of supervisors hearings in the past to get to the bottom of the millennium tower sinking problem. now he plans on doing it again. and explains that this time there is a sense of urgency restarting those here in the spring in the engineers and experts, particularly in the wake of the building collapse in florida. >> i have very serious concerns about. >> what is going with the fix on project.
9:28 pm
>> and frankly, i'm very worried that. >> our department of building inspection is outgunned and does not have internal >> has it made kron. 4 news. >> still to come, violence breaks out in the bayview after a shooting leaves a man dead. what police are saying about their investigation tonight. plus, new details in the case of the murdered jogger in georgia ahmad arbery. what we know about the next prosecutor in the case accused trying to cover up the killing and former silicon valley's superstar now on trial, elizabeth holmes, prosecutors calling her a liar and a cheat today in court by allegations of domestic abuse could play a key role in
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>> the trial of fallen one time silicon valley star elizabeth holmes got underway today in the south bay she's accused of duping investors into pouring millions of their dollars into a medical startup company which prosecutors say was a fraud. yeah. big story. kron four's rob fladeboe brings us up to date on the trial. >> there was no comment from elizabeth holmes from her attorneys or from prosecutors as they face a gauntlet of news media early wednesday here outside federal court in san jose. >> no cameras are permitted in the courtroom where opening statements got underway as her
9:32 pm
lawyers and the u.s. attorney alternately described holmes is a greedy villain out to get rich and a rising star out to shake up the health care industry. >> legal analyst stephen clark. >> what makes this case so unusual is you have very high profile witnesses coming to court very high profile defendant who's facing a jury in this case all over billions of dollars. holmes is accused of fraud duping people into investing in them losing millions of dollars in her startup company theranos and its much-hyped blood testing technology that turned out to be a flop that this is the case that silicon valley is looking at to see. >> are we going to be treating tech companies in different ways in the future essentially saying. we're going to step in as the u.s. attorney's office and say, you know, there's a new sheriff in town here. we're going to be prosecuting fraud portrayed by her
9:33 pm
attorneys is a passionate entrepreneur who truly believe she was promoting a faster cheaper way to screen blood for disease. >> holmes defense may well rest on her testifying about being a victim of domestic abuse as clark. and she's now got to take these jurors behind the scenes and say that's not really what was going on here. i was abused and that's why my conduct was what it is prosecutors in turn will try to convince the jury that not only was theranos a fraudulent scheme, but that it may have actually put people's lives in jeopardy in what stephen clark sees as a cautionary tale for silicon valley and it speaks to the fact that people want to believe in these types of scenarios, they love the dream of becoming millionaires in silicon valley. but sometimes that dream turns into a nightmare. >> the trial is expected to take as long as 6 months in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> police in the bayview are searching for the suspect who shot and killed a man over the
9:34 pm
weekend. police say it happened on kirkwood avenue just after 08:00pm the victim was taken to the hospital but died of his injuries. police are asking anyone with information on this particular case to contact them. new details tonight in the case of the murdered georgia jogger ahmaud arbery. >> former georgia district attorney jackie johnson is accused of trying to delay the arrests of the men charged. but the killing of arbery. this is video from that horrific scene that was back in 2020 reporter jonelle forte brings us up to date now on the accusations, sand arrest. >> today. eggs. clinton county district attorney jackie johnson booked and released from a georgia jail last week, a grand jury indicted her for misconduct after state prosecutors alleged she used her position to delay the arrest of the white men chased and killed him on a parade last year. county officials say johnson's office block them from arresting her former investigator gregory mcmichael. >> in his son travis she
9:35 pm
recused herself from the case. >> the mcmichaels and their neighbor. william roddie bryan are being charged with murder in arbery's death. the 2 count indictment is for violation of oath public officer, which is a felony and obstruction of a police officer. the charges come with a maximum sentence of 6 years in prison. >> from the beginning. you said that this office had mishandled. >> your son's case. shows is someone else saw the something went besides me and my family on the state of georgia. also. >> they were able to come in and look at the occasions in see this. something was actually done. they very >> arbery's mother say it's a huge win for her son's case. >> their legal team is hoping for even more charges to come down this time against george barnhill prosecutor johnson initially handed the case over to. >> we feel like he's also guilty of violation about in the new yorkers office because
9:36 pm
he explained to one of the cooler into his media. his official reports to the attorney general's office i was engaged some sort of a burglary that the physical and video evidence shows never took place. the charges against johnson highlighting a new trend seen most recently in the elijah mcclain case, not just police officers facing consequences for these kinds of deaths anymore. >> paramedics and prosecutors are now also being charged young accosted by police officers in the unit. he's he lost his life in the prosecutor in that case. if that means eating foul play in that the would not be pursued. criminally get to against these officers. will grand determined that that these men had committed a crime that was probable cause for crime charges were brought for. >> it was to no forte reporting for us tonight. meanwhile, the first trial stemming from the college admissions scandal. began today. former casino executive
9:37 pm
gamal abdel aziz and former staples and gap executive john wilson are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to get their kids into the university of southern california. according to a though, a number of other people around the nation were arrested in the scandal, including actress lori locklin, a full house fame. this is the first time we've actually gone to trial with any of these people. lockland and many others avoided trial by pleading guilty to fraud. they received punishments ranging from probation to little prison time. 3 other parents are scheduled to go to trial in january. >> and in sports, the giants trying to get the sweep being colorado was well as a 2 game lead in th
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> you know, they say vegas is always right. well, when it comes to the 2021 world series odds. i think vegas is way off the numbers released today of the dodgers as heavy favorites to win it all after the dodgers as the astros than the white sox and the tampa bay rays. then the brewers, then the yankees and then the san francisco giants. so despite having the best record in baseball. the giants or the 7th favorites to win the world series. so fans if you've got
9:41 pm
an extra buck and you believe in this team. time to put your money where your mouth is. the giants proving the doubters wrong at course field today. some fans out there enjoying some grub top of the 6th brandon crawford. nails. this one deep to left ceo later. >> that's a three-run shot. his 20th of the season. giant fired up 3, 3, but the bottom of the frame dia's take. zach tell way back and that one is gone for a solo shot rockies, backup byron 43 to score top of the 9th still for 3 at this point. but lamonte wade junior comes through in the clutch again lines that one right through to right field with the bases loaded received a bond strada score san francisco takes a 5, 4, lead and the giants win 7 for san francisco sweeps. the rockies and takes a 2 game lead. the national league west over the dodgers who lost tonight. the giants also are the first team in the mlb to reach 90 wins
9:42 pm
and the only team so far to sweep the rockies at coors field the pretty good almost like they could win a world series say, well, they could raise the dance the night at the coliseum fans getting down a's white sox. they were having some fun scoreless in the second. matt chapman gets on that hanger deep to left nails it on to the stairs for a solo shot. one nothing a's chap use 25th homer of the year. bottom of the 6, 3, chad pender goes opposite way. john was rounding 3rd, there is coming home pender with an rbi triple 41 a's oakland ends appointing 5 to one frankie gave up only are run in 7 innings of work a snap, a four-game skid with this much needed win. we're just 4 days away from the official kickoff to football season and the forty-niners are buckling down at practice in santa clara before they head to michigan to take on the lions. trey lance continues to heal for a chip finger. he was able to
9:43 pm
throw today but still limited to non-contact kyle shanahan said they don't know yet if he'll be able to go on sunday. meanwhile, jimmy garoppolo will take the reins as the forty-niners starter. jimmy g told the media today he feels pretty satisfied about where his game this out and coach kyle shanahan's decision didn't come as a huge surprise to him. >> so you guys a long time. we got a pretty good feeling about kind of joked about it. but yeah, i was i stood in everything. yeah. now it's official. yes. >> i never said that they were competing. you know, he said that when when one guy, we think gives the best a better chance one will never hesitate to make that decision. but i think it's when you look at a rookie quarterback. i don't think anything's been consistent. i think it's been up and down some good, some bad and. you know, it's also kind exactly what expect to. kind exactly what expect to. >> game one is on when a truck hit my car, kind exactly what expect to. >> game one is on the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm.
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>> the oakland fire department welcome back. crew members who had been deployed to help with hurricane ida recovery efforts oakland fire sent 46 members of the california task force for firefighters say they were proud to support the mission and wishaw the communities affected. a quick recovery. the biden administration is asking congress for billions of dollars in emergency funding to address natural disaster. there are several of them. this comes as the president has now. >> torre damage from hurricane ida and remnants of ida kron four's, washington correspondent reshad hudson has the story.
9:47 pm
>> while touring the damage left behind by hurricane ida president biden pointed to extreme weather as a need for massive infrastructure spending as well as addressing the effects of climate change. >> we can get you help now president biden toured the devastating damage left behind by hurricane ida in new york and new jersey on tuesday telling those communities the federal government has their back. the president's visit comes after he approved a disaster declaration for those states. clearing the way for officials to access federal relief funding to aid recovery efforts. oregon look around the wreckage of the ruins and the heartbreak. >> from so many communities. feeling is don't understand. you could feel it. you can taste it. the storm left at least 50 people dead in the northeast and calls historic flooding in the region. the white house is also asking congress to provide about 24 billion dollars. >> in emergency funding to address natural disasters.
9:48 pm
>> i know these disasters are going to stop. they're only going to come with more frequency and ferocity. >> while visiting the hard-hit east coast, the president used the opportunity to promote his infrastructure plan he says will help protect the country from extreme weather events modernize our physical infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our power transmission distribution lines. later today, president biden will deliver remarks in honor of labor unions. and we can also expect him to make another push for his infrastructure bill reporting in washington. reshad hudson. >> back to you. >> all right. thank you reshad. now to some the news on another storm. this one obviously not quite as big as hurricane ida. this is tropical storm mindy, which is just made landfall along. >> florida's panhandle there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about it aren't lot of these storms useful. you know, we need to get that rain from these storms expecting maybe 2 to 4 inches of rain. of course it
9:49 pm
comes down so fast. sometimes you get the flooding to go along with that. but they certainly could use the rain and they're getting it there for tonight. then the storm system one to start to fall apart and get trained in some other circulation patterns around us. in fact, a little further to the north member. we're talking about the remnants of ida. guess what, they have another rough night across the northeast with these thunderstorms just ripping right now, right across the northeast all the way up to new york seeing some very heavy rainfall. flash flood watches have been posted all along of the northeast. there's those heavy rains expected throughout the night tonight and early tomorrow morning. all right. let's get you back out west right now fairly quiet. but we're going to see a little subtropical moisture coming our way in the next 24 hours. we have some of that today. a couple of pop-up showers in the north bay. but now tomorrow things are going a combined between 2 systems. we've got that wrap around moisture coming around the ridge of high pressure watches will begin to flow up in the bay area, bringing those clouds across our skies during the day tomorrow. we'll see that behind that. we've got an approaching cold front to really kind of combining to bring us that instability in the atmosphere may be just
9:50 pm
enough to squeeze out a few scattered showers continuing late thursday afternoon into friday morning. and then all kinds of moves out of town by late in the day on friday. but temperatures tomorrow are going to take a hit. it will be down a bit and that will be nice temperatures in the 60's and san francisco. but 60's along the coastline, partly cloudy skies inside the bay 69 degrees in millbrae 70 in burlingame. you'll see a lot of 70's as you make a good way down the peninsula. some 80's in the south bay instead of triple digits tomorrow. you're talking about some 90's well inland, so not as hot as it's been those temperatures coming out of very hot numbers we've had over the past few days cooling it down toward the coastline. in fact, next couple days we'll bring those temperatures down a bit. but the fire danger is going to be on the rise, at least through tomorrow afternoon and then overnight thursday night into friday morning that we're going to see some of that subtropical moisture rolling on through with a chance of fire danger mainly in the north and the state to keep an eye out for that. thanks. in 3 days. the country will mark 20 years since the september 11th
9:51 pm
terror attacks. >> but many people are still suffering with lingering effects over the last 2 decades hundreds of first responders have been dealing with chronic illnesses they say are linked directly to working at ground 0. reporter craig treadway has more. >> 20 yearn later and it's still going on. people are still getting sick. former nypd detective barber burnette was one of those first responders working the pile in the days and months following the 9.11 terror attacks. >> that is much more than a memory for her. >> they said it was that directly related to the today. she joined members of the fdny and the union representatives along with former governor george pataki. >> to remind the city and nation that for many first responders and survivors on site. 9 11 lingers in chronic illnesses and deaths. 20 years later. >> america has to understand we can never forget what happened to a larger percentage of our fire officers and firefighters are
9:52 pm
coming down. obscure cancer. something very small percentage of the population get that a large number of firefighters fire coming down. according to a report released by the justice department and revealed by the victim's compensation fund. >> it's believed more people have died from 9.11 related illnesses than the numbers that died in the initial attacks. the report also states more than 19,000 people have filed claims with the vcf listing cancer as one of their eligible conditions. accounting for 48% of claims filed last over 215. members that died on the world trade attorney nick represents first responders and civilian claim victims. >> a list he says continues to grow after 2 decades since then. >> more than 3,000 first responders. students,
9:53 pm
residents workers. have died. of cancers. to their exposure to those deadly toxins. >> and it was craig treadway reporting for us tonight. city officials and hayward are holding a candlelight vigil to honor 9.11 victim says coming saturday night it will be held. it. the new heritage plaza at 6.30 officials say people are invited to gather in leave messages covid safety measures will be encouraged. also in september 11th. we're going to have a live team coverage on the day's events in our weekend forecast. >> and our streaming app kron on and on saturday, kron 4 will have a 30 minute 9.11 anniversary special. it starts at 10:30pm, saturday night for
9:54 pm
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>> steph curry and curry are continuing to give back to the first family, the bay area right there. foundation is rolling out a bus now to provide nutritious meals groceries books and more to oakland children and families in need. look at that thing. officials say the big bus will also be hosting community events such as health screenings and youth sports clinics. the foundation is partnering with the alameda county community food bank to operate the bus each day on a regular route and it's special events and more on the food
9:57 pm
hands. a grilled cheese sandwiches today is a really amazing one for just one day. >> this is a michelin star chef. dominique wren's masterpiece tar teen bread. bell cheese kranz very own farm tomatoes. you can get one for yourself. tomorrow all day long and shake shack in san francisco's cow hollow neighborhood. yes, shake shack. >> again, a gets crispy. in binary, it's just the best coaches i've ever had this. this whole grilled cheese is a love letter to san francisco using all the ingredients from san francisco and up north. all about the city. we're so honored and privileged to be here in san francisco. we just want to be a good neighbor, you know, that is mark over saudi his the shake shack's culinary director all proceeds from these michelin-starred grilled cheese sandwiches go to la. >> sea knight, a nonprofit that supports low income up food entrepreneur. so, you know, you can eat good and you can do all the same time really. so real to that wraps
9:58 pm
up kron 4 news at 9 right was good, right. can you have a. >> one of the advantages of sitting next to yeah. what i sit across from i didn't get it. next to vicky's. one of the advantages come into work he snooze you lose people all right. take it away. all right. thank you so much grant and vicki cannon coming up. and here's what we're working on kron 4 news at 10 o'clock tonight. we are. >> continuing the story on that tragic crash that happened outside of a lafayette middle school, a driver, killing a crossing guard and hitting a child. the outrage and the frustration from the neighbors tonight and fire affair. a fire weather watch is taking effect for much of the bay area tomorrow afternoon. the words of warning tonight from fire officials.
9:59 pm
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