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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  September 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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l free clear. the #1 doctor recommended brand for sensitive skin. >> now from the area's local news station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> this is not about freedom for personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. >> a major announcement today from president joe biden as he unveils new federal efforts to boost covid-19 vaccines and gain the upper hand against the pandemic. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock today. i'm justine waltman. the president just announced the sweeping new vaccine requirements affecting as many as 100 million americans. our washington, dc correspondent basil john joining us now live from washington with what the
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president just said. good evening to you. >> justine. good evening. the white house says the president is taking these steps to protect more people as the administration says that unvaccinated americans are affecting everyone. >> my message to unvaccinated americans. is what more is there to wait for. >> president joe biden is toughening his approach to controlling the covid-19 pandemic. >> we have the tool to combat the virus. if we can come together as a country and use those tools. >> the president is setting up a six-pronged plan to reduce the spread of the more transmissible delta variant. >> this is a pandemic of the un vaccinated. >> under the plan businesses with more than 100 employees must mandy vaccines or regular testing workers in health care and education that receive federal funds must be vaccinated as well as all
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federal employees and contractors. >> this is not about freedom for personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. >> i don't believe the government ought to be in the mandate business. but some lawmakers like florida republican senator rick scott say requiring vaccines is the wrong approach. >> they should be doing is given good information. that's not true. just the federal level at the state, the local level. let's give people good information. >> now, this plan would also add. to that surplus in one end of adding the possibility of increasing the amount of masks and also covid tests available. it would also strengthen excuse me would improve care for those who are who do contract covid-19. and it would also entice the states in order to make those vaccine mandates applicable to school teachers reporting live in washington. i'm basil john
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and basil. what did the president also say about people wearing masks on flights on airplanes. >> well, the president did reiterate the fact that he does want these mask mandates to stay in place in a lot of federal locations. >> and he said that if anybody does violate those mask rules when they are on planes. the tsa will subject them to double the fines that are already in place. isil. john live for us in washington, dc thank you so much. >> now the justice department is taking action against the new texas law banning most abortions. a lawsuit filed today in federal court calls the abortion ban a violation of rights and asks that the courts ruled the law invalid. the new rule makes abor illegal once a fetal heartbeat is detected and that usually happens around 6 weeks after conception before women. may know that they are pregnant. courts have blocked other states from imposing similar restrictions. now, big story
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we're watching today is the weather. we're keeping our eyes on the skies this afternoon. there is a red flag warning that goes into effect in just a few hours from now. it starts at 5 o'clock tonight. here's a live look outside right now in saint helene. and this is napa county. we can see some clouds forming out there. what we're concerned about is dry lightning tonight and we do have team coverage. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is standing by in the weather center with a look at the conditions and kron four's. rob fladeboe is in the south bay speaking to cal fire crews about how they're preparing that will begin right now with mabrisa to get a closer look at which parts of the bay area are under this red flag warning. good afternoon to you. hey, they're just seen. yeah. and we're tracking most of the north bay and east bay from valleys to the highest peaks impacted by this imminent fire danger. it is going to go into effect in just about 2 hours from now at 5 o'clock this evening. >> and we're going to notice 2 worlds colliding a storm out of the northwest making its way with monsoonal moisture
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out of the south. and with that very unstable atmosphere is going to form tonight during the overnight hours and even continue through your friday morning. we're already starting to notice some bands of rain off the coast beginning to make its inland into that northwest quadrant of the north bay right now. the degas bay and also parts near cloverdale right now seeing some very light scattered showers. most of st, though, expected to dissipate before it hits the ground. also known as virga. here's that monsoonal moisture that's going to create a lot of instability so unfortunately not tracking a big rainmaker with this upcoming storm set to arrive tonight. future cast for though, let's track this system hour by hour because it is going to really increase in intensity during the overnight hours for those of you in santa rosa by around 2 o'clock in the morning and it could shift south and east into the east bay and south bay. so even though the south bay not included in that red flag
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warning very dynamic atmosphere. all really need to keep our eyes and ears to the ground and sky. but we're tracking not much rain with this system. and that's why dry lightning is going to be the biggest threat because it could actually spark fires and those winds from the thunderstorms that may form could help it spread until we start to warm up and dry out by this weekend. details ahead in your full microclimate outlook in just a few minutes. you so much. in our team coverage continues right now with kron four's. rob fladeboe. he is in morgan hill in the next 24 to 36 hours. rob. >> will be the telltale sign for firefighters about the potential for wildfire starting you spoke with a cal fire today. what do they tell you about how they're preparing for these critical next few hours. >> well, that's right. justin, let me tell you, first of all, it's very, very hot and muggy here in morgan hill was just a slight breeze right now. and asthma brisas said, well, the red flag warning us
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unnecessarily most of the south bay, although some of the east bay hills here are included in that if we should see a repeat of what happened here. you're so going those thunderstorm sparked lightning which in turn touched off several wildfires. cal fire says it has a plan to be ready for just that. let's go inside to hear more about it now. >> area skies began to cloud up early thursday. ahead of a weather system that might include thunderstorms and dry lightning that could spark wildfires already on the move and still battling wildfires in the sierra elsewhere. cal fire is fine-tuning plans to deal with multiple incidents. should they arise. >> and it basically allows us to respond to incidents. but still have units available throughout the rest of our unit in case there are other incidents that are happening the fire weather forecast is not anticipated to rival the dry lightning storms that touched off dozens of fires. >> including the czu and scu lightning complex fires in the
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santa cruz mountains. an east bay hills and valleys a year ago, august. however, the landscape is much drier today than it was then and resources are already stretched thin. so this multi incident plan basically allows us to control that divides unit into zones and they basically the different chiefs that are in a incidents that happened in e those areas. >> are able to plan for that. the lightning threat and red flag warning mainly impacts the north and east bay mountains and valleys along with the diablo range east of san jose. >> but cal fire says the combination of thunderstorms dry vegetation and increasing winds will also increase fire danger across the entire region. >> now it's worth noting, according to cal fire that even if that we shouldn't see any immediate results of lightning. if we don't see any fires, that doesn't mean they're any aren't many out there. they'll be looking in
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the days and weeks ahead for what they call sleeper fire. sometimes lightning could spark fires out in the well in areas and they just was kind of a skunk around and pop up several days later. so that's something that will also be keeping an eye on going forward. have more from cal fire coming up on kron 4 news at 5. justin, that's it from here for now. back to you. thank you so much, rob. >> and happening in about 50 minutes from now at 4 o'clock kauai. so the operator of california's energy grid has issued another flex alert. it starts at 4. it goes until 9 o'clock tonight. the agency is predicting more hot weather and it is concerned about the energy supply with people using seas to try to stay cool. everyone is being asked to conserve electricity to prevent the grid for being overworked and to prevent the need for rolling blackouts right now on kron 4 dot com. you can get more details and information to get you ready for wildfire season scan the qr code on your screen right now with your mobile device and to be taken right to our website. kron 4 dot com. and
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now to our drought emergency the north bay. there could be new penalties for people who exceed water use limits in marine county, kron four's, charles clifford following the story for us. he has details now on this proposed changes. he's live for us are in afternoon. charles. >> well, the marin county municipal water district had set a goal earlier this year of reducing water use here in marine county by about 40%. unfortunately, they didn't reach that goal. the only got to about 30% and headed this. you know this upcoming winter there's concerns that if we have another dry season that the water supply could be in rough shape up summer. so they are looking for ways to try to increase the amount of water that people are saving. >> heading into the fall months. marin counties. reservoirs are only about 37% full in the water district is looking for ways to save as much of that water as possible at a board meeting this week. they unveiled a proposal to penalize customers who exceed their allotted amount of water, all renner assigned to
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one of 4 tiers based on their water usage from the previous summer winter under the proposed plan. anyone in tears 2, 3, 4, wixey. there are a lot of them out. could face a financial penalty. the water board says the goal here is to save water, not collect revenue. we're looking at trying to come up with something that effectively gets people's attention we don't really want to clip about it. we want to have the water savings. >> all right. back live now. and at this point they don't know how much those penalties would be. there's another board meeting on september 21st. >> they're going to review several different possibly move forward with one of them. if they do decide to implement that penalty. it wouldn't take effect until december, which is the beginning of sort of the winter period of building for water customers here in marin county. but for now in the north bay. charles clifford kron, 4 news, thank you so much, charles. >> here, kron 4. we are your local election headquarters. we have learned that president
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joe biden will head to long beach on monday to campaign with governor gavin newsom to tell people to vote no on the recall election. this is going to be happening on monday and is part of the presidents. california visit. he will head first to sacramento to serve a wildfire damage in the state. and then after being in sacramento, he will join the governor in long beach for this rally against the recall. we will carry the event live on our streaming news app. kronon and of course bring you a full report of the day's events. >> on kron 4. and our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan the qr code on the screen right now. i'll take you straight to our web page. >> we can get the latest on the candidates as well as information about how to cast your ballot election day is tuesday. september 14th. we have much more ahead here on kron. 4 news at 3 o'clock today. >> we'll hear from bay area doctors who are on the front lines in the icus about the new technology that they have helping them to treat covid patients. and we'll also
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remember the gas line explosion in san bruno. that was 11 years ago today. and as we head to break, we're taking a live look outside right now in santa rosa, that red flag warning goes into effect at 5 o'clock tonight. but the flex alert starts at 4 o'clock as we'll have everything you need to know right after the break. welcome to the place where the aroma of authenticity turns into the scent of home. where cacique inspires you to add your own flair. and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits.
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>> big story we're watching
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this afternoon is the extreme fire conditions around the bay area. we taking a live look outside right now at our camera along walnut creek east bay. part of the red flag warning and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on what we can expect in. also some of the questions people are having about how we're having a storm that has lightning but no rain associated with it. >> yeah, that's because we're tracking a very weak storm to the north, combining with some tropical moisture to our south. so dry lightning unfortunately doesn't have a lot of rain associated with a typical thunderstorm. and that's what's going to bring us our threat for possible fire sparking right now we are seeing some moisture in northwestern portion of the north bay. but most of this rain actually evaporating before it hits the ground. really just expecting traces amount, if any, with possible pop-up thunderstorms in santa rosa by tonight during the overnight hours and maybe even extending into the east bay
3:17 pm
and south bay by friday morning because after the sun rises, it's going to create a lot of instability with the daytime starting to heat up future cast for though, is going to show drier and calmer conditions by your friday afternoon with that imminent fire danger set to expire shortly before noon tomorrow side 11 o'clock friday morning. but remember, we're under extreme exc looks like our main threat for thunderstorms going to happen over the north bay and east bay. and that's where we're noticing the worst of the drought conditions. but we're tracking pretty calm conditions. very dry out there increase in that cloud cover as those storms start to approach temperatures out there right now. noticeably cooler out of the triple digits and talking conquered even nevado 93 degrees about 35 degrees warmer than half moon bay in the low 60's and overnight lows tonight, widespread 50's and 60's. so it is going to have a very muggy tropical feel, but we're going to dry out with the cooling trend continuing about
3:18 pm
5 degrees below average downtown san francisco in happened in the mid 60's and conquered in livermore, even nevada just warming up into the mid 80's with those of you in san jose upper 70's. but we're going to gradually warm up this weekend. very seasonable temperatures all weekend long. and for early next week as well to steen. back to you. thank you so much. will go to our wildfire coverage right now and parts of highway 50 remain closed amid the caldor fire that's burning. >> near south lake tahoe. we do have some new pictures from caltrans to show you. right now, crews are still assessing the damage from the fire burn along highway 50 and highway 89. they're going to have to do that assessment before the roads can reopen fully burned trees that could fall on 2 lanes and create hazards are being removed and there are also downed power lines near highway 50 caltrans cameras at echo summit and the 5 80 roundabout in myers have been restored. this is a live look at that camera now. twin bridges in sierra cameras are still down. you can see here
3:19 pm
no traffic going on this direction in this camera skies still a little hazy as well. an update about containment for the caldor fire. it's now at 53% contained. and the dixie fire which is burning east of chico is still going. nearly 2 months after it started that fire burned more than 927,000 acres so far it is almost 60% contained at 59%. containment. nearly 6,000 buildings are still threatened and more than 1200 buildings have been destroyed. we'll do our coronavirus coverage right now. and new technology is providing doctors a virtual access to covid-19 patients in real icu rooms right here in the bay area kron four's as he but you shows us. my >> you're looking at a demonstration of center
3:20 pm
helsley electronic intensive care unit. it is a kind of position staff multiplier that enables doctors insights and his network to virtually be in the room in real time with doctors and patients in critical care settings. another center hospitals. icu acts as a cognitive resource for all of our affiliates. >> they are. hes accessing the critical care specialist sutter health bay area doctor thompson as he explains how the eu icu has been an invaluable resource during the pandemic. >> so our smaller hospitals where they there may not be as much critical care expertise are drawing upon the support from the intense of this remotely to help manage the. situations work need critical care needs that can include mechanical ventilation advice. for patients who have covid electronic icu can provide is support to our large hospitals
3:21 pm
as well. pulmonary and critical care doctor vanessa walker is the medical director for a sutter health's valley area icu. these larger facilities are stressed. their icus are full. >> the positions are running around trying to take care of very sick people. >> and having e intensive us that position in the electronic icu able to step in at a moment's notice. sometimes with just the push of a button with our dealers system allows us to be right there to help assist those position that the larger when they might be tied down during a procedure taking care of another patient. >> the icu also gives families of covid-19 patients virtual access to their loved ones. we have been able to. >> through ipads, allow families to interact with their loved ones through even when they're in isolation as it when on for news. >> the half moon bay pumpkin
3:22 pm
festival has been canceled for the second year in a row. this is video from a previous festival. the council is saying it's more important to protect public health during the pandemic. the council also decided to cancel the city's summer end music festival. despite the festival being canceled. the safeway world championship pumpkin weigh-off. we'll still be happening on october 11th. still ahead, it's down to the wire. the recall election against governor gavin newsome is on tuesday. so coming up here. >> during conference at 3 will be speaking with our political analysts about how this is all going to play out over the next few days. and after the break, la county unified schools are poised to become the first in the nation to mandate covid-19 vaccines for eligible students. the bay area follow
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>> with more and more children returning to school questions continue about when those under 12 can be vaccinated against covid. and right now there are several vaccine trials for children under the age of 12 that are going on across the country, including right here in the bay area. we've got a chance to talk with a 9 year-old boy and a 6 year-old girl who got 2 shots as part of stanford's covid pfizer vaccine tribal trial. their mother is an icu nurse. and after she heard about the vaccine trial. she did some research and then decided 2 her children participate. >> he kind of stone little
3:26 pm
bit. >> but it didn't a can do because if he doesn't get it, then it who lived. then you can get the car really can zeal lee back. >> the children were a little reluctant of at first to get the vaccine. but after seeing everyone else in their family, get vaccinated they wanted to do it as well. and other southern california where the los angeles school board members are voting right now on a proposal that would require all students, 12 and older to be fully vaccinated against covid-19 to attend classes in person. if the board adopts this proposal, all la unified students who are eligible for the shot. we'll have to get their first vaccine dose by no later than november 21st and their second dose. no later than december 19th. la is home to the nation's second largest school district. so we have reached out to bay area school districts to see if they will follow elese lead. stay with us. here on kron 4 for
3:27 pm
answers. now. up next, has been 11 years since a pipeline exploded in san bruno that killed 8 people who are living in this. >> neighborhood. we're going go back there and see how much has changed. and the fda is ordering more stores to remove nearly 1 million vaping products from their shelves, but they did not rule on some major companies like juul have those details after the break. and as we approach the. of rememberance of 20 years since the 9.11 attacks. new york police are on high alert to keep those remembrance ceremony safe. we'll have a live report right after this bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home.
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>> it's been almost 20 years since the 9.11 attacks and keeping new york city safe surrounding the remembrance ceremonies is a top priority today. both the nypd and the joint terrorism task force are working around the clock. reporter greg treadway is joining us now live from jersey city, new jersey with the latest on the security preparations. >> for joining us. craig. >> thank you, justine. as the approaches, the nypd has entered what it calls an elevated security environment. that means they're using all of the counterterrorism tools at their disposal to ensure safe event and his terror chatter continues to grow and get louder around the world. the nypd is listening closely.
3:31 pm
>> the tribute in lights rehearsal took place in lower manhattan last night. 2 beams of light honoring the lives lost symbolizing the strength of new york city. a poignant reminder of america's darkest day when the twin towers fell to terrorists. that's how we pay honor to all. we lost keep them safe, keep their families safe, keep the city safe now and stepped up security is top of mind for both the nypd and the joint terrorism task force as we approach 20 years since the 9.11 terror attacks. the nypd says security response to terror threats and attacks have changed around the world and here in new york city in those 20 years. the nypd is much better equipped trained and prepared to prevent a terrorist attack in the city. but as saturday approaches the nypd is monitoring activity abroad in afghanistan and a call to action by terror groups, growing louder. this year. we've seen the al qaeda magazine. >> wolves of manhattan, which
3:32 pm
is named for the 9.11 hijackers come out with a new issue. we've seen the inspired guide another terrorist publication circulating. we've seen a trailer and al qaeda. a film that is supposed to come out soon. so we take note of all of that. >> still commissioner miller says at this point there are no specific or credible threats against new york city. but for the nypd this weekend, vigilant security will the top of mine in jersey city, new jersey. i'm craig treadway. justine back to you. thank you so much. greg. >> and a programming reminder for our viewers here this saturday, kron 4 will have a 30 minute 9.11 anniversary special. it starts at 1030, and saturday night. we'll talk about our forecast right now as we take a live look outside right here in san francisco. this is a view from one of our cameras right here in our kron 4 news studios. clouds are starting to move in. that
3:33 pm
could have been lightning. but i know it wasn't it's just a little glitch there in the cameron. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking, though the dry lightning. yes, that is on the way north and east bay is that's where you're keeping your focus. this afternoon. yeah, exactly. fortunately, we're going to remain dry throughout most of today. just seen. but we are starting to notice the increase in that subtropical moisture as those clouds from the south start to make its way northward into the bay area overall. pretty dry outlook. but we're starting to see some pop of some thunderstorms form for those of you in this year's specifically carson city, but south lake tahoe and even those of truckee dry for now. but by tonight, even into your son friday morning. we're going to notice the increase of that thunderstorm activity. and it's even going to continue through friday night with a red flag warning going into effect at 11 o'clock this evening. >> through friday at 11:00pm. so it is going to last for a full 24 hours they're very
3:34 pm
unstable atmosphere for most of this year. and because of those southwesterly breezes, we're going to see those highest peaks anywhere from 60 mile per hour wind gusts are less throughout the valleys of the tahoe basin around 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts. and that's going to drop relative humidity and dry it out significantly by friday afternoon 15%. so we are going to notice extreme fire danger concerns. fortunately, those southwesterly going to help clear out the smoke and ash from the nearby dixie and caldor fire. but remember, it could worsen if we do get any new fires form tonight through tomorrow in this but we're going to track mid 70 saturday into sunday for your forecast. so enjoy the cooler temperatures for your friday afternoon. just steam. back to you. thank you so much. debris. some and now in the east bay. in lafayette. they're dealing with the tragedy this afternoon after a car hit and killed a school crossing guard who is helping children cross the street. >> right in front of stanley
3:35 pm
middle school neighbors are shocked but not surprised. they say speeding is a huge problem in that area. kron four's camila barco has the story. >> in light of what happened wednesday afternoon. thursday morning. the school's principal the district superintendent and a police officer are the ones directing traffic in the morning and leading students to the classroom. >> messages, flowers and candles pour out for cross guard ashli de esta local is being hailed as a hero as you push kids out of the way before being hit and killed by a car wednesday afternoon. i think that. >> this protecting our students. >> police say a car hit one child and one adult outside stanley middle school lafayette officers found one person trapped under the car. both were rushed to the hospital. the child is at home recovering, however, ds died. the district superintendent stresses. the accident was not
3:36 pm
intentional. it wasn't somebody trying to dodge around the traffic rules or. >> drive on safely. it was an accident in every sense of the word. >> the family says it was ds is second day on the job. so that's the part to me that the. >> really. amazing that somebody on their second day here with take that extra step. >> on behalf of our kids. counselors are available for students who may need to talk, but the investigation is ongoing. the driver has not been identified and police haven't said if there are any charges against them at stanley middle school camila barco kron 4 news. on this day 11 years ago, a pipeline explosion claimed the lives of 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno. >> 30 inch natural gas pipeline owned by pg exploded in the crest more neighborhood in 2010, jurors convicted p
3:37 pm
jeanne of obstruction and for failing to classify the gas line as high risk pg paid out more than 3 billion dollars in fines and legal settlements related to that pipeline explosion. the company was also put on probation and the neighborhood. it's been forever changed. kron four's maureen kelly is joining us now live from the crest more neighborhood with how they are remembering the victims from thatrblast. good afternoon. murray. >> hi, there just and i am standing in the world. glenview park. >> 11 years ago 3 homes stood in this location. they were completely destroyed when that pipeline exploded along with dozens of others. >> now you can see over here. a memorial to those people who lost their lives all 8 names etched in this stone above their names. it reads gone but not forgotten. >> driving down glenview drive. it's hard to see now
3:38 pm
the evidence of the horrific explosion that engulfed this neighborhood 11 years ago. it was so massive that it first it was believed to be the result of a plane crash. >> i talked to one long-term resident of this area who was home that evening. the house started shaking. >> so we thought it was an earthquake but kept going and it was really loud buzzing noise to a new way to honoree. things got tougher. >> driving away. no idea what it was because like fires in different spots. meteors falling. what's what's going but he was no natural disaster. the inferno was unleashed by the explosion of a 30 inch pg natural gas pipeline. in addition to killing 8 people. the resulting damage the neighborhood was akin to a bomb going off. >> completely leveling some streets. destroying 38 homes. the california p you see ended up finding pg, one 0.6 billion dollars and utility had to pay out hundreds of millions of
3:39 pm
dollars to settle lawsuits brought by those who lost loved ones. >> or were burned in the fire or whose homes were destroyed. a jury ended up convicting pg of obstruction and 5 counts of pipeline safety violations, including failing to evaluate potential gas line threats and deliberately not classifying a gas line as high risk today pg e released a statement that says in part, the events of this day transformed our gas operations organization and we remain committed to doing everything possible to prevent something like this from ever happening again. philpott search ios house survived the explosion and he has made peace with the past but not everyone has. i didn't lose everything. look, some people lose my life ups, little some people dead. and so. >> i can understand people who never want to come back. i can understand people who still carry. honestly, they have pg bumper stickers on their car. still.
3:40 pm
>> i talked to one man who did not want to go on camera because he says he's still traumatized by what he saw that day saying he was neighbors to death in that fire not want to dredge up those feelings. obviously the trauma of that day still lingers here just seeing back to you. thank you so much. marine. >> and coming up, the real estate market. we know it's pretty crazy. but find out how much over asking this unique house went for the amount is surely going make your jaw drop. also the fda is order in stores to to remove nearly 1 million baking products from shelves except for jules will have details on why after the break.
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officials have delayed a high stakes decision on whether to allow vaping brand jewel to stay on the market. the fda had faced a court deadline of today. >> to issue its decision but said they need more time. they did, however, ban the sale of thousands of other lesser known electronic cigarettes and related products. parents politicians and anti-tobacco advocates have pressured the fda for years to ban jewels >> american lung association is very encouraged. the want to make sure that kids are being protected from all tobacco products.
3:44 pm
>> the fda says for companies. to not remove their products as instructed could face enforcement action. still ahead, the countdown is on for governor gavin newsom's recall election. it is on tuesday. and coming up after this break. and we'll talk with our political analyst. >> about the cam
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3:46 pm
>> the big story doday is the weather as we take a live look outside right now in contra,
3:47 pm
costa county, there is a red flag warning that starts at 5 o'clock tonight. there are some concerns about fire starting and also flex sort starts at 4, we're being asked to conserve power and cooler weather is on the way and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has a lot on her plate right now. she has details now. lot to juggle out there this evening. just steam. but yeah, we're tracking imminent fire danger because of the threat of dry lightning. >> pop-up thunderstorms could actually spark and spread wildfires if any do form and like you mentioned, it's going to start at 5 o'clock tonight. so in a little bit more than an hour from now. and it's going to continue through friday morning. but we are seeing the storms off the coast over the pacific trying to make its way inland. but unfortunately. >> not going to be a rainmaker. that's why that dry lightning threat could actually form and spark fires because we're already extremely dry out there in the bay area. but after the storm passes, we're going to cool down. we're going to be a few degrees below average from coast to valleys downtown san francisco only warming up to
3:48 pm
66 degrees. half moon bay. also in the mid 60's. fortunately tracking calmer wind speeds, but still going to see that cool sea breeze influence bringing widespread low to mid 70's from brisbane into burlingame, millbrae and burlingame 73 degrees with mid 70's for san carlos and san mateo redwood city though 78 degrees as a cooling trend continues for a second day in the world wrap up your friday afternoon. forecast san jose 70 degrees with cupertino in the low 80's and livermore 84 degrees. so you're going to be about 5 degrees below average walnut creek 82 degrees with mid 70's. a piece for renda and richmond as well. 75 degrees in vallejo and benicia in the low 80's with low 80's for santa rosa and nevado 84 degrees. until we start to warm up dry out and clear out by this weekend. seasonal temperatures. so fortunately, just be no major heat waves heading our way, especially
3:49 pm
after tonight. we certainly will not need that. back to you. thank you so much for >> kron 4. is your local election headquarters. and we're just 5 days away from governor gavin newsom's recall elections. it is on tuesday. september 14th. so where do things stand right now as we go into this final push. joining us is our political analyst david mckeown. he is a political science professor at sonoma state university. thank you for joining us. going to be here. thank you for having me. of as of monday, more than 6 million people just over 27% of california's 22.3 million registered voters had turned in their ballots. do expect a lot more between now and tuesday. and what do you think of that numbers that high or low. >> you know, just tn about a month ago, the governor was under water. we weren't sure that this was going to be a heavy turnout election. those numbers that you just talked about from labor day and the latest numbers we have today about 30% of the vote. and that's a pretty big number so what 22 million potential voters out there in the
3:50 pm
universe. you take around 60% of that number. you're talking to more than 13 million people. now look, 61%, of voters turned out in 2003 when arnold schwarzenegger was on the ballot. if gavin newsom and his team can get a number higher than that. they are going to win on question one, meaning they'll be no because many more democrats will be coming out there in a good place and they're in a good place coming out of labor day. as we look at the last kind of for 5 days in the last push with the president coming on monday. all of that portends of wind at the back, if you will, pushing forward the noose and team. >> so as far as star power helping out the candidates including governor gavin newsom. he has an ad from former president barack obama. vice president kamala harris was here yesterday. joe biden is coming to a rally in long beach on monday. so he's got some big support behind him getting trying to get people to come out and vote no. >> who are the republicans supporting where where's president trump standing where is mitch mcconnell or kevin
3:51 pm
mccarthy or any of those big name republicans going to pick a candidate or stick their nose in this race. >> right. so we kind of pan out from this that the recall really as a warm-up for next year. and the part of that warm up for next year's testing different themes related to former president trump to trumpism not just in california but nationally but donald trump's not very popular here. so that certainly hurts someone like larry elder, who's going to get the most votes on question number 2, that means that many republicans are going to stay away. the difficulty of raising is certainly evident there. but you could see robo calls from former president trump over the weekend. but those aren't going to help if democrats had a secret weapon, if they have one. it's michelle obama. she won't be here. they don't need her superstar power. when you have the former president also on the air for them. and then the current president coming in. that means of the new some teams feeling pretty good. they want to knock it out of the park. then need better than 12 to 15 points if they win on question one, the no on recall by above 15 points
3:52 pm
that's a landslide. double digits is a solid win and anything less than that. is not keeping up if you will, with what we see in terms of registration and voter turnout so far. >> so election day is tuesday. people all registered california voters got their ballots so you could find it ppsomewhere near mail pile at home. fill it in the mailbox right now. you can also go to the polls on tuesday and cast your ballot. do you think that will have the results on tuesday night or that will be waiting and waiting and waiting to find out the results. yeah. good question. what one thing that's happened is republicans are holding on to their ballots and we didn't see that a generation ago. republicans voted early. that's completely changed. democrats now are casting their ballots early. so republicans come out to the polls. if you will, on tuesday. but if they think they're far behind and we haven't seen those big registration numbers even coming out with their voters. republicans and the no party preference voters it means that we likely are going to have strong trends on tuesday night despite what happens on
3:53 pm
wednesday morning when larry elder and his team, republicans file a series of lawsuits. they're going to do that. they're already game-planning for that. but nonetheless, we'll see some strong numbers on tuesday that by all the early accounts look like gavin newsom and the democrats are going to do very well out of this recall election. >> so really quick there. do you think governor gavin newsom is going to keep his job. yeah, it looks like he's going to keep his job. that will make him a national democratic power player, something the watch downstream and over the next couple of months into next year's 2022 midterm elections. david mckeown, a political science professor at sonoma state university, thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. >> always great to get your insight. thank you very much. just be nice to see. and our coverage of the recall election continues on kron 4 dot com just scan this qr code on your screen right now. we'll take you straight to our web page review at the latest information on the candidates and details on how to cast your ballot. >> up next, several office offers were received, but only one lucky and we're going to presume very rich winner.
3:54 pm
taken home this tree house in the sky. how much a san francisc
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3:56 pm
just sold for 2.1 million dollars over asking price after receiving 15 offers an 11 days. >> it's a pretty cool. look at house that was built in 19 70's around men and the home has been coined a tree house in the sky by compass realtors
3:57 pm
because of its breath taking city views from every room. this was the first time the home had hit the market in 50 years. it's located in san francisco's cole valley neighborhood again, it is 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and went for 2 million dollars over over the asking price. all right. just enough to the kron 4 news room, los angeles, which is the nation's second largest school district will require coronavirus vaccines for students 12 and up the school board just made that decision while details coming up at 5 right here on kron 4. i'm justine waldman. thank you so much for joining us. right here on kron. 4 news at 3. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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