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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading now at 8, a monsoon rolling in the bay area bringing clouds and the possibility of thunderstorms fires a real concern tonight. we'll have the very latest coming up, coupled with those dry fuels and any outflow from thunderstorms could be. >> very problematic. >> bay area fire crews keeping their eyes on the sky. and any trouble mother nature might bring. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. cal fire is on high
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alert tonight because a chance of thunderstorms could bring wildfire sparking lightning. check out this map of the bay area behind us. and look at all that red all the north bay down to the east bay hills. all under red flag warning, meaning weather could result in extreme fire danger what we don't want. we are using cal-fire's cameras to set up. they are set up throughout the areas of concern tonight to monitor anything that may pop up and this is a time lapse view in sonomaicounty from sleepy mountain. we also have live kron 4 team coverage from the north bay to the east bay. all areas that are under that warning to see how fire crews are getting ready for any problems. but we start with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has been tracking the incoming system lawrence. guys, this critical time of year. we're always worried about fires and you get some lightning in the mix and. >> of course that can be a major issue outside tonight. so far dark skies. we've had reports of some scattered showers and a couple
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thunderstorms getting a little bit too close now show you more on that just a moment. but you can see all that moisture that monsoonal moisture rolling up in california today. numerous strikes across the sierra nevada. then we start to see couple of strikes moving a little bit closer. look at that. just really in the central valley. we're seeing some of those strikes beginning to pick up there as the atmosphere gets a little bit more unstable. and you've got this huge batch of moisture that is sitting off the coastline. you see it right out here. all this moisture right out here off the coast that is going to be pushing on shore here in the next couple of hours in the north bay that is coming along with some instability off the coastline that's being provided by a cold front that's actually approaching the bay area. so couple of weather systems moving closer. the same time. and this what we don't want to see. we don't want to see numerous lightning strikes like this. and that's what we've been seeing over the central valley in just these last 15 minutes and that's what we could see here in the bay area overnight tonight, you can see that train of moisture off the coastline. you see all those clouds out there and all this energy from the some moisture
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starting to move on shore right now. the main cold front still a little further off the coastline. that's located at right about here. but that's what's going to provide some of that instability with that subtropical moisture. those 2 combining over the bay area tonight bring at least a chance of some isolated thunderstorms. but all doesn't take one thunderstorm to cause a major problem of fires. guys, back to you. all right. laura extra. staffing has been called in tonight to prepare for any possible danger. our team coverage continues with kron four's terisa stasio who is live in larkspur tonight with those details teresa. >> well, i'm here in grand county in larkspur because right behind me is mount temple, pious and there's a camera poised on mount tam as well as several other mountains here in run county and they're being staffed to watch out for any wildfires is red flag warning goes into effect. this is what so many worried about in the next critical hours. dry lightning.
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>> striking the incredibly dry conditions in marine county as well as several other bay area counties shown here in this map issued by the national weather service and the challenge with that is as everyone is well aware these drought conditions are our fuel conditions. >> all right. some of the worst levels they've been out historically and so the lightning coupled with those dry fuels and then outflow from thunderstorms could be very problematic. marin county fire chief jason weber. >> as besides the dry conditions made worse by the drought fires burning in the state such as the dixie fire. >> draining resources allstate is really stretch. since it's been a little over 2 sense. the dixie fire started and other large fires in northern california. >> and most of california for services in supporting these larger incidents, especially most recently with the fire and the top of a son and we have resources back, but they're tired. >> chief webber says cameras located on mountain tops being staffed. 24 7 right now. fire
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personnel poised to call in and send crews of something ignites. it was just last year when a powerful lightning storm coupled with the erratic winds erupted. several large fires. >> there's also a new almost a month earlier than this. our fuels are coupled with the drought on top of month later. there just grind. and that's what we're most concerned about. >> you can hear the concern in the chief's voice as he was talking me tonight. so again, that red flag warning started at 5 o'clock. it stretches in till friday at 11 o'clock, of course, conditions can change the back and change as well. but of course will be staying on top of it reporting live here in marin county. theresa back to you guys to reset. thank you for that from the north bay to the east bay. now winds and possible dry lightning, also a major threat there. kron four's, dan thorn continues our coverage from concord after talking with the fire crews about. >> how they're standing by and. >> very similar situation out here as well. can the contra
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costa county fire protection district's deputy chief saying that they want to be as prepared as possible. they're beefing up staffing and adding additional resources in case of fire does break out their main emphasis being prepositioned into the overnight and into tomorrow. >> a possible lightning strikes igniting the extremely dry mountains and hills of contra. costa county as fire crews on high alert. the red flag warning thursday night into friday morning bringing about concerning conditions. the county's fire protection district says they are ready multiple agencies from throughout contra, costa county. >> or adding resources for overnight into tomorrow in anticipation of the incoming weather system. aaron mcallister, deputy fire chief with the contra costa county fire protection district says crews will be spread out across the county, but keeping their eyes on the higher elevations. the dry grass trees and brush in those spots could be kindling for the potential threat from above lightning as predicted by the weather service. and we want
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to really mitigate any new starts as soon as possible and get on them so that they don't become significant fires at this point getting ahead of any possible fire danger has become even more critical. several large fires are currently burning throughout the state stretching resources thin deputy chief mcallister says the fire protection district will have additional resources ready to go such as 5 additional engines. 2 additional chief officers. >> 2 bulldozers and hand crew. that's not normally on duty at night. the district's water dropping helicopttr con air one as well as secondary eyes in the sky. it's what's needed mcallister says to be prepared for any danger that's over and above what we normally have on duty throughout the county. so those are additional resources to help us mitigate those incidents. fire officials are also asking people to report any fires that they may see also any smoke do not assume that those fires or potential fires have already been.
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>> reported. they're also asking people that if they feel like they're in any sort of danger because of a fire and they feel like they need to leave. it's a good idea to do before there is any danger. and they're also asking people tomorrow to not do any weed abatement and not to do any yard work with any sort of mechanical equipment because those 2 could cause fire reporting live in concord. dan thorn kron 4 news. good advice, stan, thank you. taking a live look now from our camera atop mount hamill pious a flex alert is in effect until 9 o'clock tonight, you're looking out and see. >> some of the fog hanging over the bay area. cal iso, the operator of california's energy grid predicted more hot weather. and the short supply of energy. everybody is being asked to conserve electricity to prevent the grid from being overworked and of course, to prevent the need for any rolling blackouts. and you probably remember this. if you are here one year ago today skies around the bay area turned that eerie dark orange.
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>> this was how it looked in san francisco, smoke from several wildfires across northern california sparked by dry lightning cause. this strange discoloration of the sky experts. explain see orange color was a result of smoke particles scattering the sunlight that is very, very series. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage on the fire danger scan that qr code on the screen. it will take you straight to our web page dedicated wildfire resources. you can find the active fires in air quality map and more. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> we are following some breaking news happening right now at ohio, military base is on lockdown at this hour because of a possible active shooter. this is happening at wright patterson air force base which is located just east of dayton, ohio. the 88th air base wing sent this tweet just after 07:00pm pacific time. it says that emergency responders responded to a report of an active shooter in the national air and space
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intelligence center in of the base security forces are currently sweeping the building. the base is on lockdown of course, we will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as they come in. >> we were sent on a suicide mission. >> coming up on kron 4 news today in an american hero sharing her story about how she was willing to give her life to save countless others. >> a new federal vaccine requirement will require employees with large companies to get vaccinated or tested weekly why a doctor says this is needed and harry and all have that story. plus, how much are breathtaking city views were apparently much more thanoone homeowner. imagine.
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let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. >> our top story tonight. we're monitoring possible fire danger in the north bay as well as the east bay hills. this is a time lapse view from lafayette. you can see the clouds rolling by on the freeway there in the breeze blowing in the area concern about fire danger with the lightning out there. >> on 9/11/2000, one air force pilot scramble to fighters to the pennsylvania skies and no guns, no missiles. they only had their playing reporter. scott maddest topped with one of those pilots who is willing to sacrifice her own life to save countless others that
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fighter pilot. her name is heather penney and she was just in her 20's back in 2000. one. >> and unbeknownst to her in everybody else. the passengers and crew well, they were becoming heroes that day as they tried to take over flight 93 so it would not make it to its destination. likely washington, d c this. well, heather penney was still on the ground trying to get clearance to go up in the air on what would become a suicide mission. >> i'm just your. average ordinary american. >> but when lucky as she goes by, started her day on that crisp and cool tuesday morning of 9/11/2000. one, she could never have imagined. should be asked to willingly. take down a passenger plane in the process of possibly taking her own life. >> that tuesday morning was an absolutely ordinary morning you see lucky penney was one of 2 f 16 fighter pilots with the air force that scrambled to find take down flight 93
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before it hits likely destination. the u.s. capitol in washington, dc. >> they were in a meeting when they heard the second tower being hit we knew immediately that we needed to get airborne. center lucky in a flight commander suited but there was just one problem in 2000, one, there were few f 16 states at fully armed with missiles. so lucky's jet was completely unarmed. we were sent on a suicide mission. the plan once they found flight 93 lockie would take out the tail because. >> era dynamically without the tale airplanes cannot stay airborne. they actually tip over and dive straight into >> but after scouring the air about pennsylvania the 2 fighter pilots charged with taking down flight. 93 were unsuccessful hearing about it's crash near shanksville. hours later. so in the end, this american hero by all definitions, lucky penney
8:16 pm
actually doesn't consider herself a hero saying she was just a normal person on a far from normal day. >> i simply observed what was going on. the passengers on flight 93 change the course of history because if they had not. chosen to fight back. chosen to crash that airliner. they would have made it to the scene. >> one of the other questions that i asked heather penney was did she think about dying that day on 9/11/2000. one, she said emphatically no, absolutely not. i had a mission to find flight 93. and unfortunately that was unsuccessful. reporting in shanksville, pennsylvania. i'm scott madness. >> one of so many amazing stories from that day this year on september 11th on
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saturday. we will have live team coverage on the day's events in our weekend newscasts and on our streaming app kronon also on saturday kron 4 will have a 30 minute 9.11 anniversary special it starts at 1030, saturday night. >> a new federal vaccine requirement could soon affect as many as a 100 million americans, president joe biden announced this afternoon that employers who have more than a 100 workers will require those workers to be vaccinated or tested weekly for covid-19 kron four's amanda hari us live in our studio with reaction from a doctor about this announcement and what other requirements we could see in future. amanda. >> can the doctor i spoke to said this new federal vaccine requirement is a bit heavy handed, but he says he believes this is the right thing for president biden to do. >> we're going to protect vaccinated workers, some unvaccinated co-workers. a big announcement from president joe biden and expansive rule will mandate that all employers with more than a 100
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workers require them to be vaccinated against covid-19 or tested weekly. president biden says many big employers like united airlines, disney and tyson already doing this. he sounded frustrated by the lack of vaccinations and he's not the only one. we're in the middle of a crisis right now. >> we have the tools. we have the technology. we have to use that. we know the science infectious disease expert with ucsf doctor peter chin. hong says this is more than what he expected. >> and he's glad to shine involved. employers could be penalized $14,000 if they don't comply. the white house did not say when it would take effect, but workers will have sufficient time to get vaccinated doctor chin-hong hopes this will trickle down to even more workplace. it's somewhat in >> estimate of 80 million americans that's still unvaccinated reports show most
8:19 pm
severe illness and death from covid-19. >> is happening among the unvaccinated doctor chin-hong says we all can have a hand in ending that fashion, which is to talk. >> 2 people you might know are not vaccinated in a non-judgmental way. the vaccine is available for free and the biden administration is trying to minimize the cost of testing. >> but doctor chin-hong does believe the administration could do even more to convince people to get vaccinated, especially when it comes to transportation to even though the tsa is going to double fines to people doing wear mask. i mean, it's very easy and under. >> federal jurisdiction to regulate transportation between states and also from the u.s. other countries. so another maneuver could be requiring vaccinations. >> the doctor tells me he's hopeful at this will encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated, although employees can choose to get
8:20 pm
tested weekly for the virus that can be an annoyance and just getting vaccinated might be easier reporting from the studio amanda hari kron 4 news amanda, thank you. a landmark decision from the second largest school district in the country. >> the los angeles board of education has voted to require all students 12 years and older to get vaccinated against covid. that's if they want to attend in-person classes. the decision makes los angeles. largest district in the country with a vaccine requirement under the new vaccination plan. children 12 and up who participate in sports and other extracurricular activities have until the end of october to get fully vaccinated. all other students have until december 19th. >> well, we're turning our attention back to the fire danger forecast tonight as we take another look at this time lapse now from the past hour. this is from alameda. county out near fairview chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has more on the fire danger out there tonight. think starting to pick up outside
8:21 pm
right now. we've seen some lightning starts getting a little bit closer. another round of rain just about to push on shore to we're watching that very closely as the cells. they're starting a colony. now with an area of low pressure off the coastline this front. it's not really strong, but maybe enough to get things going outside cloudy skies in the san francisco right now. we've got a storm system off the coastline. you get this cold front out there right now. you've got high pressure in the circulation around that ridge, bringing some of the monsoon back into the bay area and all of a sudden here comes that cold front encroaching on some of thaa monsoonal moisture. maybe just squeeze in out or given enough lift in the atmosphere to crank out some thunderstorms. yep fire weather watches up in the north and the east bay continue until at least 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. but i think by then a most that is long gone as we're going to clear out your skies by tomorrow afternoon. but right now you can see the activity out there right now that next band of rain just beginning to make its way on to the marin headlands right now. you see the yellow. you see the orange embedded in there certainly could see some cumulus towers and that maybe some
8:22 pm
thunderstorms developing these things are happening very, very quickly. we'll let you know coming up here in a few minutes we'll be tracking this all night long. all right. thank you so much. we need somebody to track it for sure. thanks, lawrence. and still ahead tonight at 8, a san francisco home with quite the sight for those inside live cells, kept it on the market for less than 2 weeks. >> september is hunger action month kron 4 is partnering with feet america to help end food insecurity. scan that qr code your screen for more information on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay area watch all month long as we highlight month long as we highlight oh! my new, bigger, crispier cluck sandwich. mmh. just tell me you're not going to go overboard with the marketing. no. you're fully clucked out, aren't you? try my $6.99 cluck sandwich combo. download the jack app today.
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download the jack app today. >> another bay area home selling for over the asking price way over this time in san francisco. this is at the home has been dubbed the tree house in the sky by the realtors because of this breathtaking city views from every room it was built in the 1970's located in san francisco's called valley neighborhood. it has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. guess how much? well, the asking price was 3 and a half million dollars. it sold for more than 5 and a half million dollars. more than 2 million dollars over asking price the home was on the market. just 11 days evening tours at alcatraz island resume. tonight. the tours are offered on thursdays through mondays. visitors can take the ferry leaving from san francisco's pier 33 at 06:00pm. for now the 2 will be limited to just a few 100 guests every night. and in the
8:26 pm
south bay and infant is alive. thanks to a mountain view. police officer. the baby was choking outside of an in and out honoring store avenue on monday night. the police department tweeted this photograph of the incident officer garcia right here was across the street saw what was happening, ran over to help. the infant was not moving. nor breathing. so officer garcia grabbed the baby and performed cpr for several minutes. eventually the baby does start to breed was taken to the local hospital to get checked out and is now back at home. so the police chief sent this out, quote, i am so proud of the quick actions that were taken to help this little list. mountain view resident. it is a good feeling to know we have someone like officer garcia ever ready to help our community in a time of need and quote, thanks. officer garcia. we'll be right back. coming up next, we're going to continue our coverage of the weather conditions outside. this is a time lapse of.
8:27 pm
>> how it looks in bolinas all along the county coast with
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>> back to our top story tonight, the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for the mountains hills and the valleys in the north bay and in the east bay. that's because a chance of thunderstorms could spark a wildfire. here's a time-lapse video from sears point in sonoma county overlooking the
8:30 pm
sonoma raceway. >> and we're watching areas under that red flag warning to see if any trouble starts up. for more on the system that we're keeping an eye on our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, guys. not even a chance anymore just in these last 15 minutes we've lightning strike. >> in the north bay. so we're going to see that happening. a red flag warnings are up across the north and the east bay as those strikes continuing to come down. they are looking more of that lightning rolling into at least parts of them are in headlines. let's give his switch over to our max one weather computer. you're guys and see if you can show that for us right now as we're seeing some of that lightning move on shore here in the bay area. it's kind of intermittent. we've seen waves of moisture coming on shore. but now just the last few minutes here, the lightning beginning to move on pop up not only there but just to the east of us too. so this what we've been waiting for. this has been the concern. you see these towers here. you see the areas in yellow, you start to see some red and some orange. those are some of those cumulative us towers that are now developing outside and now
8:31 pm
we're starting to see some lightning strikes in the marin headlands the possibility we could see more as we've got a larger batch just off the coastline. look at all this moisture out there right now. we've got all this moisture still the stream on shore. this is that subtropical moisture again most of the focus is in the north bay on the backside of it. we've got a cold front. those 2 are kind of intermingling now. and now we're getting that instability. and now we're talking about just the right stuff. coming together to get the chance of some thunderstorms overnight tonight. i think that will go through the night tonight and then into early tomorrow morning. here's a high-resolution model showing you some of that moisture coming through as we head toward 10 o'clock. you can see a couple scattered pop up showers. maybe some thunderstorms. the main cold front still to the north entering the north bay by about midnight and that sweeping across the bay area overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. then after that, i think as you wake up, maybe 7, 8 o'clock. most of that will be moving out of town guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, thank you. our team coverage continues now from another area under that red flag warning santa
8:32 pm
rosa kron, four's. gayle ong live at the fire department there and has more gayle. >> ken and pam, it just started to get breezy in the last few minutes. but overall quiet here at this santa rosa fire department. firefighters have been responding to calls that quick calls here and there. they're hoping it will stay quiet. but for this red flag event, they did increase staffing as they do for every red flag warning. and this time the concern as lawrence has been talking about is the dry lightning as we remember last year this time of the lightning complex fires destroyed and damaged several homes across the bay area. primarily in the north bay and solano and napa counties and the santa cruz mountains. so firefighters here in sonoma county are just using that as a reminder of how vulnerable the area is and when the devastation we can see and also the critical fire weather is expected during the overnight hours and that's why firefighters are urging people to be prepared. >> how cell charger plugged in
8:33 pm
and turned on. this is not a time put your cell phone on vibrate shut it off for the night. have it available to receive emergency alert from us. a call from a friend, a neighbor. >> be prepared. >> any really. that's what we can do. we can't really prevent these fires. but as we've seen in past people really sometimes don't have much time to skate fire crews there just arriving back from one call here. but overall. >> i am starting to feel the winds shift a little bit more and we will check back with you guys in the next hour, reporting live from santa rosa gayle ong kron. 4 news. gayle, thank you for that, santa rosa, all too familiar with the dangers of fire. another big story. it's been almost 20 years now since the 9.11 attacks. >> was a time of terror heartache and a new direction for american foreign policy, including the war in afghanistan. that has only now just and the terror attacks also galvanized the country in unity and love for those who died and for those who survive
8:34 pm
reporter patrick elwood joins us from jersey city tonight just across the river from downtown manhattan. with more. >> thanks for joining us. >> good evening. my pleasure. manhattan beautifully lit over my shoulder. so when that first plane hit the north tower on that day's we all so remember, it was quite clear by the end of that day that our country had changed forever all this time later, 20 years down the road americans from all walks of life are keeping true to their promise. the never forget. >> manhattan. new york city the corner of greenwich and liberty. >> at the 9.11 memorial and museum. it is a solemn emotionally stirring plates. >> it takes you back 20 years, one name at a time for everyone perished on that day. >> and within russian associate in. >> like is always the case. people from across the country come to pay their respects and
8:35 pm
to remember. but today here for the first time since that day, his native new yorker, carlos delgado. he was working in a restaurant in tower 2, the south tower. here's a photo of him dating back to those younger more carefree days. he had left the 30th floor to go to another building nearby that was part of the world trade center campus. i went to get my inventory across the street. >> from the twin tower building. it was then that the north tower was crashed into by american flight 11 and pieces of the building falling down. >> so debris everywhere knew what to >> a co-worker made their way to the street and like everyone else could not believe what was happening. he watched that one person job out of the building at to michael walker. i want to get out of here and want to stand here. carlos and so many others ran as fast as they could to safety was such a
8:36 pm
beautiful john bergen from rescue company. 5. he's one of more than 40 friends fdny. now, retired. last. >> and how many firefighters first responders do you know personally he died on that day 44 back day. >> and he was working communications dispatch from staten island and like everybody else never imagined that the towers would fall. how many funerals with that? >> probably only got to about a >> he sets which brings us back to carlos who came here at the prodding of his best friend jason, all a actually grew up together. danya in a chelsea area paying their respects. and for carlos exercising. some some of those >> i how do you feel about being back here for the first time. >> and he'll this
8:37 pm
>> so so many powerful stories. obviously people who survive, but also those who lost their lives that day. the official program and up and begins a local time here. 08:00am and all of the names of those who perished ground 0 will be read alive is a throw back to you in the studio. i heard one gentleman remark. i wish as a country. we could go back to how we were on 9.12. back to the stand as a good. a good point at rick, because new yorkers definitely rallied and came together. i was there in the days after that. and i never seen so many american flags. >> flowers and candles in my life along with posters of missing people. i'm just curious how new yorkers are doing right now. how are they feeling right now on this eve of that anniversary. >> definitely a hard time because it kind of, you know, all those memories from that time. resurfaced. but new yorkers. they are tough bunch and they'll be getting a lot of support from everyone is going was coming in to see
8:38 pm
that to support them. all the firefighters and police officers who ran to help that day. those who lived are coming back many of them as sort of a reunion. so to be lots of tears, we're going to be lots of smiles and hugs too. >> good to hear that. patrick elwood, thank you for that live report tonight from the east coast. pleasure. >> still ahead at 8 o'clock signs of support growing in lafayette for that crossing guard who gave us life while on duty. tonight, we're hearing from 2 people who knew
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let our injury attorneys when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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in for the family and friends of ashley dia sees this school crossing guard who was killed in lafayette. the 45 year-old lost his life protecting children from an oncoming car it happened after school was letting out at stanley middle school yesterday. >> diaz was working his second day as a crossing guard when he was pinned underneath the car after pushing some children out of the way. >> we had this big belly laugh and he was able to see the bright side of things. it is no surprise to me that he died doing something so noble and what could be more noble than saving a bunch of children getting in touch with people and then talking about him and crying and then and then laughing about some memories. and yeah, it's just it's all over the place. >> one child was hurt. but will be ok, dia's is survived by his parents, a brother and
8:42 pm
a sister. the driver has reportedly been cooperative. police have not publicly identified the driver nor said whether that driver will face charges. >> in national news tonight. the justice department is suing the state of texas over its new restrictive abortion law attorney general merrick garland filed that lawsuit calling the new texas law unconstitutional. the u.s. supreme court declined a request to block the law from taking effect next week. under texas law abortions are bann d after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is generally about 6 weeks. anyone in the state who helps a woman get an abortion can be sued for at least $10,000 under the new law. >> one bay area woman was among the 40 heroes on flight 93 she gave her life so that harris could not succeed with their 9.11 plans next. today we're hearing from her husband
8:43 pm
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
as we've been reporting, of course, saturday marks 20 years since the september 11th terror attacks. thousands of lives were lost. thousands more change forever among the heroes of that day was the bay area's own lauren grandcolas, kron four's, rob fladeboe talk with. >> lawrence husband jack about his late wife's life and legacy. >> lauren catuzzi grandcolas is asked for life was evident for anyone who was fortunate enough to have known her. but tragically, her life was cut
8:46 pm
short when she boarded the ill-fated flight 93 on 9.11. lauren was. >> a very proactive person. she was a go-getter in life. i caught up with lauren's husband jack recently in monterey. >> as she reflected on her memory. 20 years after he lost her to terrorists motto on the free for greater was get busy living or get busy dying. i i just. i felt that, you know, she was at peace with whatever happened. all the ones i can only imagine the most horrifying perilous. >> situation anyone could. >> lauren is one of the 40 heroes on flight 93 who gave their lives when they turned the tables on terror by plotting to retake the plane battling the hijackers eventually forcing it down in rural pennsylvania theirs was the first victory in the war on terror. >> do reconnaissance. to band
8:47 pm
together to vote to come up with a plan and then execute that plan over a rural area is astonishing to me. >> lauren was heading home to sandra fell from her grandmother's funeral in new jersey. she and jack were expecting their first child. he shared part of the heartfelt message she left calling from the plane. she said i just love you more than anything. know that. >> so that i would be left with any haunting even in moments of her peril. she wanted to comfort me. leave me the message that i want you to go on. if i don't get through this, don't let them get you to. and she said i just love you more than anything know that please tell my family, i love them too. the buyer. >> a native of houston, the university of texas graduate was a high level marketing manager by trade and an aspiring author emt trained in the daughter of a football coach, lawrence beilein today appears on the inspiring. you can do it. the merit badge
8:48 pm
handbook for grown-up it's a handbook for adult women. >> learning and growing you know, gaining more self-confidence self-esteem and their adult life. >> just like you learn when you got your bags as a child. >> really great. you look great up there. remarried now, but still healing jack fondly recalls there are many adventures including skydiving and how laura not only inspired him but no doubt inspired her fellow heroes on flight 93 jack says the memorial to their heroics is symbolic of what people can do when they are united against evil. it's been a long journey for the to get this done. >> and it's a sense of relief that it's done. it can stand as a beacon in perpetuity for what people can do if they just come together. >> rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports from
8:49 pm
the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> he's fighting to stay alive in the american league wild-card race with a tough tests on their hands today. oakland looking to win the series over the a l central leading chicago white sox at the coliseum today. a fan actually had the best play of the game. makes the catch of the foul pop with the help of this fannie pack. i love big fan of packs. bottom of the 3rd 1, one tie. rinaldo lopez tries to pick off starling marte. you don't do that. the ball gets away into center field marte a speeds around 3rd and scores easily the a's up 2 to one. they take the lead. and sean, when i would take it from there. 7 innings of work. he started this suite. 1, 4, 3 double play to that end of the 6. he also struck out 9 after the after the game rather manager bob melvin talked about how the left these pitching his best as the best time of the
8:50 pm
season. also the yankees lost today. so the a's move up to just 2 and a half games out of the wild card spots. and while the giants enjoy the day off in chicago ahead of their series against the cubs the dodgers were in action today in louis tyler o'neill breaks the 1 one cie with that finger to last 1000 goes down hard this solo shock of the cars to leave the bottom of the 5th and they would hold on to that lead to the one st. louis, the final with that dodgers loss. the giants now have a 2 and a half game lead at the top of the national league the forty-niners finally open their season sunday in detroit versus the lions for demeco ryans. it will be his first game as the niners defensive coordinator. ryan's has instilled his entre, meaning special work ethic and relentless mindset. he says he impressed on the defense during the offseason and training camp. the lions will have a fully familiar face to the forty-niners under center this season and jared goff
8:51 pm
linebacker fred warner said their defensive approach won't change, though. >> just because the sages. it's bigger, it's regular season. this may be this huge deal. >> no, it's going to be exact the lines were off offer us know that a lot of turnover over there. so it's kind of, you know, see things go in 1st half of the just quarterly. >> we've got a barn burner and ball game. you guys. i was like trying not to get distracted behind going to ask you again we've you can't you can't take away brady's talent. i mean, and they're down to the wire here. so we'll see if people that out. i know give him the ball with them in a half left to make a drive. i just feel like it's exactly. year on like. all right. now, no thursday night football highlights coming up we just knew we going to go thank you kylen. coming up, border patrol agents racing
8:52 pm
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>> border patrol agents jumping into action along the california mexico border when a man is discovered and dangerous waters. it was not a base of illegal entry into the country. salvador rivera reports. on this speech is where the united states and mexico meet along the pacific
8:55 pm
ocean. it is here where recently border patrol agents saved a man's life agent patrolling this area. he saw what he initially thought was someone trying to swim around the border wall. >> as he kept observing it kind of became apparent that the man was struggling to keep his head above water. he notified san diego fire lifeguards as well as emergency medical services and it kind of became apparent that the man was just wrapped in a rip current was getting swept out to sea. we had a couple agents on the beach that actually ended up dropping their their duty belts taken off their boots. and basically just ran out wait it out there to to rescue the man in plum out of that current this video provided by customs and border protection. >> shows the man in distress and the agents going out to save him. one of those things you kind of got to make a judgment call. i will often times put themselves in harm's way to to save someone else. and that's. >> regardless of immigration status regardless of of any factor. they see a human life in need and and they'll go great links to to say about her son. this was not a migrant biden swimmer from south of the border who got
8:56 pm
caught in a riptide and somehow ended up in a lot of trouble north of the border literally just in the wrong place at the wrong time. and you really can't. >> account for that. you can count for what the ocean is going to do. but again, it's just one of those things where agents just had to make a judgment call in and seen that man in distress. you know, they decided to to act quickly and fortunately they were able bring him to shore. >> the man turned out to be okay. and after a medical checkup he was returned to tijuana. >> that was salvador rivera reporting and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. our primetime coverage continues to top of the hours. grant lodes and vicki liviakis ken, pam pre here's what we're working on. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 9 that red flag warning is in effect tonight for much of the north and east bay's. >> storms that have lightning are here. people reporting seeing strikes in parts of the bay area. the concern, of course they can start fires and strong winds out there could fuel that will have the latest on this dangerous night again or fracking and president biden announced new
8:57 pm
vaccine mandate that could affect. >> 100 million people were going explain the new rules. those stories and much more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at you mean. usually isn't just in your backyard. >> a lot of times it occurs in
9:00 pm
areas that are a little more remote and a lot of times when we have lightning come through. we don't know that the fires necessarily there until a couple days later. >> now at 9. stay alert and hope it doesn't happen much of the bay area remains under a red-flag warning tonight. the concern the lightning that is out there right now starts fires and that combined with strong winds and bone-dry vegetation. well, it could be a recipe for disaster. thanks for being with us on kron. 4 news at 9 tonight. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. thanks for joining us tonight at 9. >> so tonight's red flag warning is for the north bay and east bay mountains. the hills, the valleys this warning is set to expire tomorrow morning at 11:00am. we have team coverage tonight on the fire threat. kron four's. dan thorn is live in concord for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the conditions. the lightning tonight. but first we go to the north bay where kron four's gayle ong is live in santa rosa. >> with the latest there. gayle, what do you say?


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