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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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these aren't political issues; they're readily fixable management issues. career politicians? celebrities? i've solved problems all my life. let's fix this great state!
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now. attend dry lightning strikes in petaluma. this video just coming into our newsroom in the past half hour storms like these are forcing the bay area to brace for a potentially devastating wildfires. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10.
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i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. the potential for dry lightning on more of it. plus the gusty winds in the bone dry land. >> well, it's all triggering a red flag warning in parts of the east and north bays and the conditions are only expected to get worse over the next few hours. we have team coverage for you tonight on the high fire danger while force. dan thorn is live in concord, which is under the red flag warning tonight and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the conditions as they stand right now. but first, let's head to the north bay where kron four's gayle ong is live for us in santa rosa. gail o we've been seeing images of these lightning strikes along. >> highway one. oh, one in petaluma. have you seen anything in santa rosa. >> ken and pam. i'm here at the santa rosa fire department and we have been seeing activity starting around 09:00pm. that's when we started seeing lightning strike said the national weather service actually they have confirmed 8 cloud to ground strikes in sonoma county and that a lot of
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activity we want to show you that video and pictures if you're driving around in and around sonoma county. you may have seen the in the sky a lightning bolts that we have been hearing thunder rolling in this. of course, is a concern with the red flag warning event and firefighters are staffing up for the next day or so. this is what they're worried about. so they are hoping it's going to be a slow night. but we have been seeing those lightning bolts and indian. firefighters want people to be prepared because the activity is expected to happen in the overnight hours. >> how cell phone charger plugged in and tur ed on. this is not a time to put your cell phone on vibrate shut off for the night. have it available to receive emergency alert from us. a call from a friend, a neighbor. >> be prepared. >> and in the last hour, the winds have started to calm down. it was picking up about 9 8 o'clock hours. but i
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haven't seen a strike in the last 20 minutes. but. >> we are seeing some activity in this area, ken and pam. so gayle just check and to the fire departments to stage crews at various locations to be on the lookout for these things. >> yes, absolutely. especially since the 2017 temps fires that they've really changed the way they've responded to these wildfires. so i went red flag event happens. they have strategic engines that are stationed in those areas that are vulnerable with a lot of the dry brush as we know this exceptional drought. here is really the concern makes with those lightning boats and of course, the gusty winds up in the mountain. so they are patrolling they have engine station where they need to be in case of fire nice. you know, we all are familiar with the devastation that santa rosa suffered a few years ago with the tubbs fire and so on. >> and that point about having your cell phones on. so that
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you can hear them tonight is really valuable because that was a problem during those trying to alert people. they've upgraded the emergency system through excellent, so on. you want to reiterate what the chief said about being aware of ways to be in for maybe they need to sign up for some of these emergency alert if they haven't done so already. >> yeah, absolutely. you really want to have more than one alert you want. you don't want to rely on the sirens which they will do during an emergency but the next alert at the city alerts, the county and what santa rosa did over the past couple of months. they actually gave away thousands of noaa weather radios which if you live in the tornado prone areas. you'll be more familiar with those. but that's just the situation here. and that was thanks to a grant with fema. and of course over the past year they have been doing evacuation drills in areas in healdsburg up. and that's where we saw a lot of that fire activity last year. all right. good advice as sign up now and it could save you some
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grief down the road. gayle ong for us in santa rosa. >> well, the south bay is also seeing lightning and the national weather service tweeting this as of 09:45pm tonight, there were about 8 confirmed strikes in sonoma county and one in northeast santa clara county. that one was in the middle of last year's scu lightning scar zone which the weather service says is good news because that area has already burned. our chief meteorologists is here now with a look at the fire danger. boy, we hope this comes down it. not only want to see the word we've been talking about the possibility. now it's kind of all coming together here at the same time really get going to the evening hours here after the sunset. >> all that activity, the lightning activity developing around the bay area really. it just started to kick off outside right now. numerous thunderstorms cumulative us clouds rolling through the bay area right now in sonoma and marin. you can see the cells coming down, bringing some lightning strikes and some big-time cells just got to
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roll in, even see near samara fell right now. you've got a pretty good cumulus tower wouldn't be surprised if we get a lightning strike out of that one very soon. you see another one just off the coastline. believe this is we're going to see more of that activity and plenty more off the coast. so we're watching these all very, very closely. and same with many of the fire department. so they're going to be tracking these lightning strikes. you know, some of these lightning strikes can hit the ground and they can smolder for a little while before starting a fire and then all of a sudden those fires take place so they could be on track looking for those 4 tonight. we've seen strikes near owner park. the over the last 15 minutes or so near saint helene. and you can see a pretty good so moving in that direction. we've seen some of that also is little county over the past hour or so numerous lightning strikes a series of cells begin to rotate through that area and lightning coming down across that it just to the east of fairfield and now we're starting to see some strike showing up in parts of the east bay. you see that. so right there for to sing some lightning strikes just over the past 15 minutes or so and
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they continue to move a little bit further to the east a little more so it's just beginning to get active out there right now. i think we've got a long night ahead scene that we're already seeing lightning now. now we're starting to see the cold front get a little bit closer. so don't be surprised tonight, be ready to go. we've got the lightning out there and and ernie some of those storms. we could see some very strong gusty winds with that as well. and that means well, you've got to be careful as the fires could get started and they can move rather quickly than the sum of those thunderstorms. all right. we're going go to dan thorn right now he's in conquered. so far we haven't seen the lightning there just yet dam. but it's not that far away. >> that's right. grant. but they are skews me not lawrence. the fire crews out here. they're preparing for that right there getting ready for these. these moments, getting ready for whether or not there will be any lightning strikes that get into this area were in concord where at the lime ridge open space. we spoke with the deputy chief of the contra costa county fire protection district who said that they were beating up tonight, they
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would be adding additional resources and a lot of the emphasis has really been pre positioning into overnight. anticipating what's going to be coming and how that goes into the morning. >> the possibility of lightning strikes igniting the extremely dry mountains and hills of contra. costa county as fire crews on high alert. the red flag warning thursday night into friday morning bringing about concerning conditions. the county's fire protection district says they are ready multiple agencies from throughout contra, costa county. >> or adding resources for overnight into tomorrow in anticipation of the incoming weather system. >> aaron mcallister, deputy fire chief with the contra costa county fire protection district says the resources include 5 additional engines. 2 additional chief officers to bulldozers. a hand crew. that's not normally on duty at night. the district's water dropping helicopter con air one as well as secondary eyes in the sky. the higher elevations filled with dry grass trees and brush will be
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a central focus lighting as predicted by the weather service. and we want to really mitigate any new starts as soon as possible and get on them so that they don't become significant fires at this point getting ahead of any possible fire danger has become even more critical. several large fires are currently burning throughout the state. stretching resources thin mcallister says that they're doing what they can to be prepared for any fire danger. >> the availability of additional resources to mitigate large is somewhat compromised. and so we do want to catch these fires as soon as we can. >> well, it seems like some of these preparations were put into action. tonight. we found out within the last hour that crews were able to get a vegetation fire under control over near grizzly peak. and we all know how in the oakland hills there could be that that constant danger of fire breaking out there. oakland moraga orinda and east bay regional parks. all responded to that. they were able to get it under control around 9
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o'clock so good work by them. fire officials also reminding people that if they see any fire or if they see any smoke to give them a call to let them know do not assume that somebody has already reported this also, if you believe that you might be any sort of danger or facing any sort of threat from fire evacuate the area get out of the area do not wait for emergency crews to notify you to do that. and they're also asking people who are planning on maybe doing any yard work or weed abatement tomorrow to hold off on that tomorrow is not the day for people to be doing that, especially if you're going to be using any sort of a and because that could spark a fire in this kind of weather reporting here live in concord. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> well, it is official now this summer is the hottest ever recorded in california. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration or noaa reported record high temperatures in 16 states with an average bike of 2 degrees across the nation. conditions
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are so extreme that cal iso the agency which operates california's power grid has asked the federal government to declare and electricity emergency that allows power plants to operate at maximum levels. regardless of pollution flex alerts have been in place now for the past 2 days. they are designed to encourage californians to conserve their energy and prevent those rolling power blackouts there are no plans for a flex alert tomorrow. >> the extreme heat is also contributing to california's drought and now water managers in marin county are considering fining people who use too much water. this comes after the water district asked customers to reduce water use by 40%. the district says residents only reached 30% water board says the goal is to save water, not collect revenue. we are looking at. >> trying to come up with something that effectively gets people's attention we don't really want to clip
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about we want to have the water savings. >> almer in county customers are assigned to one of 4 tiers based on their water usage from the previous summer or winter under the proposed plan. anyone in tears 2, 3, and 4 who exceed their allotted amount of water use could be fined. the board is still working to determine just how much those fines could cost. our weather coverage continues online. if you scan this qr code on the screen. it will take you straight to our web page. it's dedicated to wildfire resources. you can find the latest information on flex alerts air quality in what you need to have. in case you need to evacuate. it's all at kron. 4 dot com. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news and ohio military bases still on lockdown tonight because of a possible active shooter. this is happening at wright. patterson air force base which is located just east of state dayton the 88th air base wing sent this tweet just after 7 o'clock this evening pacific time is says emergency
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responders responded to a report of an active shooter in the national air and space intelligence center, an of the base security forces are currently sweeping the building the base is on lockdown. of course, cloud for will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates. >> the bottom line. we're going to protect vaccinated workers, some unvaccinated co-workers. >> a big story tonight. pledging to protect all americans president biden announcing sweeping new vaccine mandates affecting millions of americans the new pandemic plan is aimed at increasing vaccinations and curbing the surging delta variant after months of offering incentives the president is now taking a much firmer stance. our grant lotus joins us here in the studio with the details on this grant. it's like we've made that bad. >> and now lay in laying out the law and president biden. >> maybe as forceful as we have seen him calling this a
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multi-pronged action plan to address this latest rise in covid cases, the delta variant is really out of control and we have a stagnant number of new people lining up to get vaccinated after we did see a bump in august compared to july. the biggest step here, instructing the labor department to issue an emergency order requiring business owners with a 100 or more employees, even private businesses to force their employees to get the covid vaccine or they don't want to do that forced them to get tested for covid every week. according to federal data, that's about 80 million americans and businesses that do not comply could be fined. more than $10,000. businesses will want to pay that federal workers and contractors must now get vaccinated. no testing option for them. they had the opportunity to get tested instead. but that is not the case anymore. biden says if
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you want to be in the government or work with the government contractors. you have to be vaccinated. also the roughly 17 million workers at health care facilities that receive medicare or medicaid funding. we'll also have to be fully vaccinated. you combine those 2 groups. you're talking about nearly a 100 million americans alone that now have to get the shot. and while he did not issue a mandate for school employees. president biden is calling on states here. 2, issue of vaccine requirement. he's urging governors basically to force people who work in schools to get the vaccine and this announcement comes after months of basically bribing people to get vaccinated. but that just hasn't worked well enough. you have nearly 80 million americans who are still not vaccinated. the president made it clear today that he's running out of patience. >> my message to unvaccinated americans what more is there to wait for. what more do you need to see. we've made
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vaccinations free safe and convenient. the vaccine is fda approval. over 200 million americans have gotten at least one shot. he's been patient. but our patience is wearing thin. and your refusal has cost all of us. >> republican lawmakers. some of them are already threatening to challenge the mandates. the governor of south dakota, for instance, tweeting that she will, quote, defend freedom and see the president in court. the republican national committee has also put out a statement promising to sue the biden administration over what it is calling an unconstitutional ruling part of the president's plan also includes the official rollout of booster shots. they should be available as early as september 20th assuming the fda approves up. and finally, ken and pam, the plan also increases the shipment of antibody treatments for people who are fighting the virus. the monoclonal bodies. so
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yeah, that is if you get covid, you know, we have a lot of breakthrough infections and obviously the vaccine has proven too help. people have a better outcome, not go to the hospital in most cases. but the antibody treatment seems to be working as well. and he also said that he's going to send millions of doses to other countries around the world because the back the virus knows no borders. >> we all want to travel. we all want to go around and see places and we can't in many cases because of. not enough vaccinations for other people right in the virus runs wrapped around the world. we worry about delta now. >> could be a new variant that can get through the vaccine. and then we're almost back to square one. so trying to get control of this sooner than later. all right, dan, thank you. new york. >> a landmark decision today from the second largest school district in the country. the los angeles board of education has voted to require all students 12 years old and older to get vaccinated
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against covid. that is if they want to attend in-person classes more than 600,000 students are in the district. they're already tested each week and there are mask mandates in place reaction from parents has been mixed. >> california. we have a state law that every kid has to have that teed up by 7th grade. so this is not new information or a new way of doing business. it's just adding a new one. >> under the new vaccination plan. children 12 and up to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities have until the end of october to get fully vaccinated. all other students have until december 19th. president biden is flying to california on monday to campaign with governor gavin newsome urging voters to vote no on the recall election. there was a protest against the governor outside the state capitol today. the group rescue, california is not
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endorsing any of governor newsom's challengers. they say they just want newsome out of office. they gathered at the state capitol today campaigning alongside crime victims and business owners who say their lives have been affected by governor newsom's policies and pandemic shutdown. he's joining us now to talk about the republican party's efforts to stay competitive in this recall. jessica millan patterson the chairwoman of the california gop. thank you for being with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> so the republicans are certainly galvanized behind the recall effort. but the recent polls show that newsome is likely very likely in fact, to stay in office. i'd like your reaction to that as well as to the fact that pundits are saying that's because the republican party has not managed to expand on its base. >> well, it's a good news for us. pam, that polls don't vote people down. and what i can tell you is that i'm pretty confident and modeling that we're seeing with turnout. this is an effort that was not started in the republican
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party. this is an effort that was started by grassroots people californians of all political stripes, some of the 20,000 businesses that had to shut down permanently in the last year. parents to watch their children finish a second year with remote learning individuals who have lost their homes because this governor lied to us about what he was doing with wildfire prevention. people that are sick and tired of watching the homeless problem only increase here in calieornia. there isn't many california is that haven't been affected by this governor is incompetence jessica oh covid seems to be top of mind for most people right limiting our activities. what we can do, what we can't do. >> i'm just wondering, we all know what the governor has been doing. >> we've heard some of what the the candidates on the republican side are offering. what do you think is the best way to handle the covid problem in this country in particular in california right now. >> well, i think that this governor has done it a terrible job, whether it was the rollout of the vaccination
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if you wanted more people to be vaccinated. he should have done a better job with the rollout, the millions of dollars that he wasted on a website that barely register people to get it. you could even get in. and that was a huge problem. and i think what we're seeing now with the mandate is only going to hurt californians and americans even more. >> to get to the point, though. i mean, i understand the criticizing of the governor. and that's why we're having the recall. but when you're going to vote for a republican. what are you going to get from a republican on how to handle covid. are you going to get rid of the mandates. are you going to get rid of face masks. are you get rid of school districts requiring vaccinations. what is the republican solution to the covid situation. >> i think that you will see more freedom here in california. what we're seeing is just an absolute push on the constitution and our freedoms in the state and in this country. and i think the californians and americans are sick and tired of that. >> so you want freedom. more
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than the vaccinations or covid. >> well, i'm fully vaccinated and i recommend people get vaccinated at. but i think that mandating it is not the way to. >> larry elder has led the recall but your party has not endorsed anyone among the many people who are running to replace governor newsom. should the recall succeeds. do you think that was a mistake. do you think you'd be farther along further along the process had the party and or someone and would larry elder be the person who you would want to lead. >> i feel very good about where we are. our number one focus of the california republican party is voting yes on question one in turning out the vote to recall this governor, each one of these candidates is going to have to make the case to california voters as to why they should be the ones to succeed. gavin use that and to be quite frank. any one of those republicans would be a better governor gavin newsome, the
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los angeles school board just voted today to mandate vaccines for all students, 12 and older. >> the governor can't really say anything about rick, the santas and florida's having the situation right now where he's trying to get schools to do that. and there are define that. what do you think a republican governor in california should do with schools vaccines with students. >> well, i think a republican governor in california would help parents to get more whether is breaking down and standing up to the that kept our children out of schools. this these last 2 we saw. you know, california was the last school in the nation when it came to getting our schools back. our kids back into school. so i think you'll see a governor who will be standing up for parents in standing up for students because clearly this governor has not done that and not only his incompetence when dealing with it. but he's a cocker c. when many public school
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children could not most public school children could not go back to school. this governor is sending his own children to in-person private school. >> millan patterson, thank you so much. for your views and for being with us at this hour a night. we appreciate your perspective. thanks for having me. we'll have full team coverage on election night starting at 05:00pm. our crews will be all over the state as the results come in. we'll also have a special edition of. >> inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts and look for our live reports from candidate headquarters all over california. make sure you tune in to kron 4 on election night tuesday, september 14th. >> well, as we've been reporting tonight, it has been almost 20 years since the 9.11 attacks. it was a time of a time of heartache and a new direction for american foreign policy, including the war in afghanistan that has only now ended. but the terror attacks also galvanized the nation in unity and love for those who died and those who survived
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reporter patrick elwood joins us now from jersey city just across the river from downtown manhattan with. >> the story tonight, patrick. >> good evening to you. and yes, just across the hudson river. the beautiful manhattan skyline. one gentleman remarking earlier. he wished that this country was more like it was on 9.12 that it was today. certainly unified in any event, 20 years down the road and people from all across america are keeping their promise to never forget. >> they are the of road warriors from california to new york city's 9.11 memorial and museum. the very spot once known as ground 0. >> starting august so it's a four-day trip. >> say hello to glenn smith. he and his band of cycling superman just wheeled in from santa monica, california through the mountains. the deserts, those days we were
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seeing in. >> 100 too good a 118 right, 9210 rebounds those days that equates to 34 days of rioting. 6 days of rest. >> 2800 miles covered glenn spent 3 decades of the fire service that has made it to the here and now version of the promise land. i work really county far for 31 years are retired 2 years as a >> thank you. the group is called fire below a nonprofit and this is their ride across america for the 20th anniversary of 9.11. they began planning a year ago every day i get up by the fact that lord loves me to do that. >> let's do it. >> and while he didn't know anybody personally who died that day. he and his teammates pounded those pedals that sparked the candle of faith, hope and love the burns in
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their hearts i write. as for >> a far cry from the liquor cancer black america and given the opportunity. >> just to get out be a part of something that i thought was a good thing. >> kudos to glenn and his teammates for making that tracked the program begins locally saturday morning at 08:00am at the 9.11 memorial and museum. everybody who perished that day. their names will be read aloud in panic. and if you're wondering not going to be cycling back to the west coast. there. taking a plane back san francisco. earned it. yes, patrick elwood reporting live from the east coast tonight. thank you so much. >> on september 11th will have live team coverage on the day's events in our weekend newscasts and on our streaming app kronon also on saturday, kron 4 will have a 30 minute
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remembering 9.11 special. it starts at 1030 saturday night. >> and coming up in our next half hour, we are remembering a bay area area hero who lost her life that tragic day for us. rob fladeboe sits down with the husband of lauren grandcolas to talk about her life and her legacy. plus, no shots, no paycheck which companies putting employees with religious exemptions to the covid vaccine on unpaid leave.
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>> the lightning couple of those dry fuels and then outflow winds from thunderstorms could be very problematic. >> to say the least. fire crews across the bay area on high alert tonight amid the looming threat of wildfires. there is a red flag warning in effect right now in the mountains and hills across the north bay and the east bay. it is expected to last until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning. the biggest concern is the potential for those thunderstorms and dry lightning that sometimes comes along with those storms, which could unfortunately easily ignite a wildfire. in fact, there have already been a number of lightning strikes in the north bay and the south bay. >> including in the burn zone of last year's scu complex fires tonight's forecast is not expected to see as much
10:33 pm
activity auris intense activity is last year's storm. but brown county fire chief jason weber says the conditions are now much drier and resources are already stretched thin by this long fire season. allstate is really stretch. it's been a little over 2 sense. the dixie fire started and other large fires in northern california. >> and most of california for services in supporting these larger incidents, especially most recently with the fire up in the top of a son and we have resources back, but they're tired. fire crews are monitoring wildfire cameras such as these 24 7 to be on the lookout for. >> any possible lightning storms. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now is tracking the conditions at this hour. warts. yeah. guys, it's been coming down these last few hours here around the bay area. numerous lightning strikes. >> lopping mainly in the north able to see those in the east bay and make your way in toward the central valley as well, too. so very active out there tonight. we've got a long way to go. fire. weather warnings remain in effect
10:34 pm
across the north bay and continuing the east bay. but if you get a lightning strike anywhere. you can see a fire started from one of those bolt of lightning. but right now the main focus has been in the north bay were numerous lightning strikes have been found kind of a culmination of 2 weather systems putting themselves together. now as we've got an area of low pressure off the coastline and that low was bringing with it a chance. some thunderstorms developing outside you see it right there, approaching the coast and here comes that cold front and at the same time we've got all this monsoonal moisture wrapping around that ridge of high pressure kind of getting caught up in the circulation and rotating back to the bay area. so as these 2 weather systems begin to merge. that kind of the cold front kind acts like a wedge and lift that atmosphere up and gives rise to the thunderstorms and the instability were seen that tonight. that's why we've seen things really start to just come together now and looks like that will be the case as we head throughout the night tonight and probably continue into the early morning hours right now. a lot of clouds out there. that's just some patchy fog bouncing up against the east bay hills. but above that
10:35 pm
we're seeing plenty of the monsoon. a look at that outside. while that is not what we wanted to see. dozens upon dozens a lightning strikes across the state, not just the bay area and you can see that rain and moisture still off the coastline. that's the main cold front that is still sitting off the coast. and this is got a long way to go before begins to move on shore. so that means tonight you're going to long night ahead as we've got a chance lightning, a continuing on and off through probably about 8 o'clock in the morning that i think things will begin to settle down numerous strikes, though, showing up in the north. they already and they're just kind of piling up now you can numerous strikes in this area right here. near saint helene avoid big thunderstorms rotating through that area. even in this last hour here, you'll notice that these thunderstorms continue to move on by and as they do get those cumulus towers building. and if you get the right conditions, you can start to see some of those lightning strikes. now that's happening over areas that are known for fires and the concern, of course. and that will be the case throughout the night even thunderstorms popping up over parts of the east bay now. so anywhere
10:36 pm
could see these thunderstorms throughout the night tonight, you've got to be prepared. we'll see more of that fact computer models showing you this storm system kind of rolling through very slowly about midnight or so. the front begins to move into the north bay. then as we head toward late tonight, slowly drag into the bay area by tomorrow morning. 04:30am. look at that. that line of thunderstorms real possibility. draped across the bay area that continue until about 6 in the morning that i think we get the backside of that. so we've got a long night ahead. and again, it just takes one all lightning to cause a major fire around the bay area. so we talk about thunderstorms with a really. there's not a lot of rain for us in this. see, that's the big problem, right. if we had a whole lot of rain that would wet the ground. >> and then we wouldn't have to worry about if there was a strike. but that's why they call it dry lightning. yeah. a lot of the moisture actually evaporates before it hits the surface. so by the time lightning comes down. it's already dry. all right. thank you. okay. firefighters not getting a lot of sleep tonight. well, if you're here, you'll remember this was exactly one year ago today.
10:37 pm
>> well, the skies in the bay area turned that eerie dark orange. the reason, of course, big wildfires in northern california sparked by dry lightning. the caller was dramatic. and if you were here, it's probably a day you'll never forget. experts say the or skies were a result of smoke particles scattering the sunlight. >> well, on this day, 11 years ago, a utility pipeline explosion claimed the lives of 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno. the 30 inch natural gas pipeline owned by pg exploded in the crest poor neighborhood. this was back in 2010. >> jurors convicted the a company of obstructing of obstruction rather and for failing to classify the gas line as high risk the genie paid out more than 3 billion dollars in fines and legal settlements related to that pipeline explosion. it was also put on probation. well, tonight, one survivor of that explosion is speaking up about his loss and his appreciation
10:38 pm
for life that has grown since that day was ella sogomonian joins us live in the studio tonight with his story l a. >> pam of the time. joseph gomez was just 19 years old. and in love. he was enjoying an nfl season opener beside his girlfriend at home. that afternoon when the pipeline burst changing everything in an instant. >> and then just out of nowhere. how starts going up fire. completely around the 60. >> that's your resounded flames ripping through gomez says san bruno neighborhood in 2010 he managed to get out of his home and onto the street where a mother and daughter rushed him to the hospital, seeing that his skin was shredded and hanging from his body. >> sadly his girlfriend, jessica morales didn't make it. and after that it was in a coma for 2 months. i was in hospital for 6 months at over 30 still getting surgeries to this day took a lot of blood, sweat and tears and. >> you know, i'm just i'm just
10:39 pm
looking to think pg e was fined one 0.6 billion dollars by the california public utilities commission. >> for that pipeline. explosion and paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements to those who lost loved ones were burned by the fire or whose homes were destroyed. a jury also convicted pgd of obstruction and 5 counts of pipeline safety violations, including failing to evaluate potential gas line threats and deliberately not classifying a gas line as high risk. >> pga new release a statement on thursday that says in part the events of the state transformed our gas operations organization and we remain committed to doing everything possible to prevent something like this from ever happening again. it wasn't just utility company that took away crucial lesson. sad day. >> don't don't take your mobility for granted. don't take life for granted. you never know. it could be the last moment the last day. >> we're going as says that another real struggle after the recovery and then the lawsuit with pg e it's another
10:40 pm
lawsuit this time the one filed against his own personal injury attorney who represented him in the first case. he claims that that lawyer turned real housewives reality show star tom girardi ran off with his settlement money live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. >> hala, thank you for that report tonight. coming up next. in sports, the a's try to race past the white sox today at the coliseum. kylen mills has the highlights. plus good news for the giants and boy, that tom brady, he strikes again. it's all coming up. >> up next, we remember the brave men and women from flight 93 as the nation approaches 20 yea
10:41 pm
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>> this saturday marks 20 years since the september 11th terror attacks that shocked the world. thousands of lives were lost. thousands more changed forever among the heroes of that day was the bay area's own lauren grandcolas
10:46 pm
file four's rob fladeboe talked with lauren's husband jack about his late wife's life and legacy. >> lauren catuzzi grandcolas is asked for life was evident for anyone who was fortunate enough to have known her. but tragically, her life was cut short when she boarded the ill-fated flight 93 on 9.11. lauren was. >> a very proactive person. she was a go-getter in life. i caught up with lauren's husband jack recently in monterey. >> as she reflected on her memory. 20 years after he lost her to terrorists motto on the free for greater was get busy living or get busy dying. i i just. i felt that, you know, she was at peace with whatever happened. all the ones i can only imagine the most horrifying perils. >> situation anyone could. >> lauren is one of the 40 heroes on flight 93 who gave
10:47 pm
their lives when they turned the tables on terror by plotting to retake the plane battling the hijackers eventually forcing it down in rural pennsylvania theirs was the first victory in the war on terror. >> do reconnaissance. to band together to vote to come up with a plan and then to execute that plan over a rural area is astonishing to me. >> lauren was heading home to sandra fell from her grandmother's funeral in new jersey. she and jack were expecting their first child. he shared part of the heartfelt message she left calling from the plane. she said i just love you more than anything. know that. >> so that i would be left with any haunting even in moments of the perils. she wanted to comfort me. we need the message that i want you to go on. if i don't get through this, don't let them get you to. and she said i just love you more than anything. know that please tell my family, i love them too. the buyer.
10:48 pm
>> a native of houston, the university of texas graduate was a high level marketing manager by trade and an aspiring author emt trained in the daughter of a football coach, lawrence beilein today appears on the inspiring. you can do it. the merit badge handbook for grown-up it's a handbook for adult women. >> learning and growing you know, gaining more self-confidence self-esteem and their adult life just like you learn when you got your bags as a child. >> really great. you look great up there. remarried now, but still healing jack fondly recalls there are many adventures including skydiving and how laura not only inspired him but no doubt inspired her fellow heroes on flight 93 jack says the memorial to their heroics is symbolic of what people can do when they are united against evil. it's been a long journey for the %o get this done.
10:49 pm
>> and it's a sense of relief that it's done. it can stand as a beacon in perpetuity for what people can do if they just come together. >> rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the a's need to get hot during this last stretch of the season. if they want to stay in the american league wild-card race today. the chance to make a move with a win in the final game of their series against the white sox. let's go to the coliseum. by the way, the play of the game actually made by a fan makes the catch of this fall ball. not really in his hands but in his pack, a large fannie pack actually. well done. a nice play rinaldo, lopez tries to pick off starling marte. hey, and you don't do that. the ball gets away into center field marked a speeds around 3rd and scores easily. it was
10:50 pm
1 one. but the a's take the lead here. 2 to one at that point sean, took it from there gave up only a run over 7 innings. >> and started this suite. 1, 4, 3 double play and the 6th inning. he also struck out 9 after the game manager, bob melvin talked about how the lefty is pitching his best at the best time of the season. and by the way, the yankees lost today. so the a's move up to 2 and a half games out of the wild card spots. >> this time of year. you tend to be a little bit tired. last 2 starts has been anything but for him. so i think the the anomaly was probably gone through a tough month with what he's accomplished throughout the entire the entire season. and now coming down. the stretch is when you expect big things from guys like him in the last 2 times out. he's been as good as he's been on here. >> well, the giants enjoy the day off in chicago ahead of their series against the cubs the dodgers were in action today in louis tyler o'neill breaks the 1 one tie with a bang or you just saw the last.
10:51 pm
souza goes down hard the solo shot gives the cards the lead in the bottom of the 5th and they would manage to hold off the dodgers from their 2 to one st. louis, the final the dodgers loss now after the dodgers lost, the giants have a 2 and a half game lead at the top of the national league west. you love to see it. well, nfl football is back tom brady and the defending super bowl champion box in action hosting the cowboys tonight. 24 seconds left fox down one brady. know, it's going to happen of beautiful back shoulder throw to chris godwin, 24 yards to the cowboys. 18 yard line and that sets appliance a cup. 35 yards out right between the posts. it is good bpady does it again. can dak prescott put on quite the show combined for almost 800 yards in the air tampa bay wins 3129 brady as tv announcer al michaels said probably celebrated with a rhubarb pie afterwards. and in just a couple of days. the
10:52 pm
forty-niners kick off their season in detroit facing the lions demeco ryans will take the field for the first time as the forty-niners defensive coordinator. bryant has instilled his swarm entre meeting special work ethic and relentless mindset. he says he impressed set on the defense during the offseason and training camp. >> after struggling in 2020, the lines look to revamp their offense under new qb jared goff forty-niners very familiar with the former am well, linebacker fred warner said thein defensive approach. >> will not change. >> just because the state says it's bigger. it's it's regular season. this may be this huge deal. >> no, it's going to be exact the lines resent office. it all for us know a lot of turnover over there. you know, see how things go in 1st half of the just quarterly. >> so get ready. niner nation sunday. it all starts them.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
>> united airlines is changing its vaccine guidelines for employees. those workers who are granted religious exemptions to the company's vaccine mandate will be placed on unpaid leave starting in october, united announced the vaccine mandate last month but stated it would consider allowing religious and medical exemptions. the company is citing an uptick in covid cases as a reason for this decision. >> and we have been telling you about lightning strikes in
10:56 pm
the north and south bay tonight. well, this photograph is from a kron. 4 of you are showing a lightning strike over the eastern foothills of mount hamilton in south santa clara county. you know, they make beautiful pictures. but just the danger associated with the so there's a lot of dry vegetation now over that part is just the raw power. and now we're talking about being in a drought and we've seen the fire since april. we saw him get going to talk and take much. >> to get things lit outside. and now we've got numerous lightning strikes popping up around the bay area that continues right now. look at the north bay, especially. look at that numerous strikes all across the but even the east bay, my cousin just send the message you're traveling through signal. he's seen lightning out there as well. so some of that is cloud to cloud, not registering computers, but it certainly out there right now in very active will continue to do so. the cold front still rotating through the bay area. all that lightning stretching across much of the north bay right now and parts of the east bay, too. and we're going to see the cells rotating up through. you may even see some brief
10:57 pm
downpours and ernie some of these but not for long and not enough to really wet the ground to keep fire. should they start get going out there as well. so we're going to be tracking this as we head through tomorrow morning as well. john trade will be here early in the morning tracking it as well as it looks like this is going to continue throughout the night tonight and early tomorrow morning unfortunately looks like those lightning strikes we didn't want to come. they are they are here. all right. thanks, lawrence. thanks all of you for being with us tonight. stay sane. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> narrator: 9/11 jitters. >> error alerts as america marks the 20th anniversary of the attack. you are talking about regular americans having a go bag. spin on how television is marking the milestone anniversary. >> narrator: and they were there when president bush learned about the attack on the world trade center. how that moment in history change their lives forever. speak of the memory of it lingers in my mind and my heart. >> narrator: then, here they are. the band of heroes who came to the rescue of an elderly couple.


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