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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  September 10, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> that, you know, i'm glad he did. and that can cost. >> now it's 6 a suspected drunk driver slams into a car in oakland ejecting 2 children. police say a total of 6 children were hurt in all, 10 people were sent to bay area hospitals tonight. what we know about the investigation. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm pale more and i'm ken wayne oakland. police say the suspect tried to run from the scene last night. the good samaritan stopped him in his tracks until officers arrived. kron force. what you call tells us. 2 children remain in critical condition. >> shattered glass and broken car light scattered across international boulevard in oakland at 38th avenue. remnants of a horrific crash. it gave me chills. i couldn't imagine that happened to me dioner apd a sympathizing with one mother's nightmare media clue ritmo fitness at the intersection. she was away
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when the crash happened at around 8.30 thursday night. but her father who works here as a personal trainer heard the crash and helped render aid to a 9 year-old girl who was ejected from a band. he said she had a lot of wounds. armed with she had 2 big openings on her head. she was one of 2 kids thrown from the van, the other a 2 year-old child, both hospitalized in good condition. the oakland police department says a total of 6 kids in the van were injured. this after the suspected drunk driver in a pontiac g 6 driving the bus laying down international boulevard ran a red light and hit the family. the dia says her father says the mother was disorientated. she was just kind running frantic didn't know which could to help out. and i couldn't imagine myself in that situation that just seems pretty intense. police say the suspect trifd to run off. but some good samaritans pinned him down until officers were able to make an arrest.
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feels for the family just at the wrong place at the wrong time. a lot of the time someone things, especially when you're driving with your family i'm a good driver. how be safe. but you honestly never know the other person's intentions or what they're doing. if they're under the influence, which a lot of the times around here that seems to be the case, which is pretty sad. the parked car was also damaged in the collision. >> in oakland. police paul frank or news. >> also in the east bay, san pablo police just released new video tonight showing a drive-by shooting and they're asking for the public's help to try to find the shooter. kron four's haaziq madyun gives us a closer look at the video. it is a car to car shooting in broad daylight captured on surveillance video. it happened back on july first at around 04:42pm on san pablo dam road in the city of san pablo. according to san pablo police investigators, the suspect vehicle had multiple occupants. it was traveling in
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the opposite direction of the victims vehicle. that is we did the video. you see the vehicle pull up to the driver's side of the victim's car. someone sitting in the rear seat of the suspect's vehicle pointed the gun out of the window and started shooting. striking the driver who police say was seriously wounded during the incident. here is a still image of the suspect vehicle which investigators believe is a dark colored late model honda cross tour this is the city of san pavlos 8th shooting incident of 2021 there were 7 shootings at this time last year. >> right there. as you can see, san pablo has a vast network of over 250 surveillance cameras positioned strategically at key locations and intersections these types of images and recordings have been used to solve investigations of previous shootings. however, in this case, police are still trying to positively identify the vehicle used in the shooting. the driver of the vehicle. the person who pulled the trigger.
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>> anyone with information is asked to contact pablo police at 5, one. '02, 1, 5, 3, 1, 5, 0 all callers can remain anonymous. has it made you cry on for news. >> marks the 20th anniversary since the 9.11 terror attacks for years. people all across the country have visited the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania to pay their respects and in some cases actually learn about what happened that fateful day we have live team coverage tonight in new york in washington and pennsylvania. we start with matt alvarez who is live in shanksville tonight and gives us a tour of what you can expect to see an experience if you want to go visit that site. >> matt, good evening. good evening to you there in san francisco. i can tell you're here that there are 10's of thousands of people that. >> are visiting the flight 93 national memorial, especially every year. according to the national park service, they expect that number only to increase.
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>> as you begin your visit to the hallowed grounds of the flight. 93 national memorial. you will first be met by the tower of voices. it's made up of chimes each representing a voice on board flight 93 the tower itself creates this incredible sounds. and when you experience said it's very humbling. >> and you're thinking of what happened that day on september 11th from here you'll take a 2 mile track to the flight 93 national memorial visitor center to this black sidewalk pierces through the 2 portal walls of the visitor center. those portal walls are helping focus year eyesight towards the trajectory of flight 93 which rate ahead and above us a learning center is just a few 100 feet away. so we have 3 recorded phone calls that visitors can listen to that were left on answering machines from passenger and crew members and made phone calls of our flight 93 a short walk from the learning center is an overlook where you can see the crash site debris field and the wall of names. the names of each hero who took down the terrorists on
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9/11/2000. one. >> so the flight pass here will end. just there. the armed, the wooden gate this wooden gate is the ceremonial gate. it's a hand human hemlock 8 made with 40 angles one for each of the passenger and crew members. this is a really incredible. >> play. slowly read is visiting from texas. this is his first time at the flight 93 national memorial. it brings you back to that day all the emotions of that day. and the pride that we have in our country and the pride that we haven't those people that were on this flight. 93 to and what they did for our country. the flight 93 national memorial grounds for healing closure, education and respect for those who stood against terrorism and gave their lives for countless others. >> and the park service says they've actually seen quite an influx of international visitors to the flight. 93 national memorial. it's a sure sign that this memorial will be around for decades to come
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reporting live in shanksville, pennsylvania. i'm matt alvarez. >> matt, thank you for that live report tonight. >> and now we switch to our coronavirus coverage most indoor businesses in berkeley now have to require customers to provide proof of full vaccination against covid. >> the berkeley health department issued the new order in response to the spike in cases because of the delta variant that new rule applies to indoor businesses such as restaurants bars, clubs and gyms. it does not apply to children under the age of 12 who of course are not yet eligible for the shot. also by october, the 15th businesses must collect the vaccination status of their employees. speaking of businesses it is estimated that meetings and conventions generate about 3 to 4 billion dollars a year for san francisco. that's when you add up the cost to put the meeting on as well as all of the money that people attending spend on things like hotels and restaurants and shopping. yeah. huge industry in the city in the city hasn't
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seen that kind of money since before covid hit. but now. >> conventions of return to moscow knee center for the first time in 18 months. kron four's dan kerman giant joins us live from moscow knee with more. dan. >> you know, the california dental association was the first group to hold a convention here mosconi after 9.11. they are now the first group to hold a convention here. mosconi after the covid-19 shutdown. this is the. the first of 3 conventions to be held this month. for the first time in 18 months. the sidewalks in front of san francisco's moscone the center are filled again now with those seeking a covid-19 shot. but with 3,000 people attending the california dental association's annual conference a check of axa nation card as you enter the building. >> we have to wear masks. really nice to be back in person with people who know your specialty and you're just around people that understand.
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>> what you're learning. the number of those attending in-person this year's far below the out. but it's still a hopeful sign because when hotels fill up, it trickles down brings more employees back to work. >> it brings business and to the city. it helps small businesses because of people staying in hotels attending the conference will be a icing restaurants and businesses and attractions within san francisco. one market is one of those restaurants that seen a slight uptick in business, not just from the dental convention. >> but smaller meetings that have been going on at nearby hotels. >> it's promising a new era encouraged and optimistic. it's estimated meetings and conventions. generate 3 to 4 billion dollars a year in san francisco recovery to that level is not expected until 2025, but industry leaders say this convention sends a signal that san francisco is safe and open for business. >> we're proud of the role
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that my study play during the pandemic and that helped a lot of people. we believe that save lives. and now it's back to the intention of the building that in the first place is to have conventions meetings there. so it's kind of been a full circle that bill just showcases how important that building is to not only that, the safety of san francisco but also to the economy, a separate system. >> now we can tell you again that this is the first of 3 convention scheduled at mosconi for this month. that's the good news. the bad news, several convention scheduled for october and november have canceled. they're hoping to get a more robust set of conventions. once the new year begins live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you for that. to parts of the bay area are cleaning up from last night's a pretty significant storm. the national weather service said. >> it counted more than a 100 lightning strikes in the bay area statewide or at least 1100 cloud to ground lightning strikes in rohnert park. check this out. a tree fell onto a house. >> after it was hit by
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lightning resident also found a big branch fell onto their car. the windshield completely smashed. a neighbor was home at the time of the tree falling said time like a bomb exploded, the good news. nobody was hurt. joining us now kron 4 seat meteorologists lawrence karnow last night we were talking about our fears that these lightning strikes could start a wildfire. >> in that regard. we dodged a bullet. yeah, we really did, although we still have to wait a little bit. sometimes you get the strikes and that can smolder for a while before actually started the fires will get another day or so. but it looks like. >> we dodged a bullet from a most of worst conditions, but still some pretty scary weather around the bay area last night. thunderstorms popping up all around. kind of quieting down out there right now. you see a fog down below. that's a sign of a stable atmosphere and up above instead of that subtropical moisture like yesterday actually says some blue skies out around the bay area. now, last night it was a different story. want to roll this back for you. see as the storms begin to roll in as we head through the evening hours and it was quite a night really picking up in the evening and then has went through the evening really get going early
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in the morning. so here we go. we see those thunderstorms begin to pop up with some of that subtropical moisture coming through about 9.30 last night really started to get things going. but then the cold front begin to move a little bit closer that provided the instability to really start to crank out the thunderstorm. look at all those thunderstorms in napa county right there. and also over the central valley and then the front moves in and really gets going across parts of northern sonoma county are in and then a for the south and all of a sudden along the peninsula starting to get reports some thunderstorms early early in the morning just write about 4 o'clock in the morning. numerous lightning strikes right there along the coastline of pacifica and half moon bay. how about that? lots of storms can tune in right around that frontal boundary. all the way through solano county. so it was a very active night of things have quieted down now. and that's what we like to see it not much in the way of fire concern. but we did have almost a half an inch of rain in fairfield for one of those thunderstorms that wanted overhead. we'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes taking arts. we're just days away
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from the gubernatorial recall election. what we're learning about voter turnout and what you need to know before you go to the polls. a live look now at lower manhattan. this is live as the nation prepares for several memorials honoring the victims of 9.11. and we have live team coverage ahead on how new york and washington, dc are preparing. and as we remember the lives lost here in the bay area. several events will be held to honor those victims where you honor those victims where you why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin...
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>> tomorrow the nation will pause to mark 20 years since aus un's of lives were lost in the september 11th terror attacks. this is a live look at the freedom tower in new york city in lower manhattan. and you can see the beam of light in the center of your screen representing the twin towers were brought down by the jets. a crashed into them 20 years ago. saturday this evening. the president will be the big apple to participate in the commemoration ceremony. of course, that means security will be even tighter than normal. craig treadway joins us live from jersey city just across the river from lower manhattan with a look at how the city is being protected. >> craig high. >> hello, ken and pam. we'll just the city city, state and federal officials, including officials from the department of homeland security held a briefing to discuss security matters not just at ground 0
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for tomorrow's memorial. but around the city and they advised the public as well. as anyone watching the events with ill intentions security will be massive. >> today. flowers will being placed at the memorial pools alongside the names of those who perished 20 years ago. one of those who never returned was kevin flight for a firefighter and brother of fdny. chief joseph pfeifer. i saw this plane brace down the hudson river at a low altitude. >> it disappeared behind some buildings. and then i saw the plane. >> and crashed into the world trade center. 5 for headed for the towers and began giving out assignments. he gave his brother the order to evacuate and rescue. anyone left in the building. >> for a few seconds. we just stood there. and we wondered if each of us was going to be ok. he took his unit 33. and that was the last time i saw my brother and then the for heroes were born out of the ashes that day. >> and as those heroes are
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being remembered, the watchful eye of a terrorism task force is in place to keep the city safe. so on the eve of this anniversary. the city's security remains a top priority. we will leave no stone unturned to protect the individuals. we have pledged to represent. >> so it was important. i come here in person to thank the individuals who are working round the clock 2 identify and potentially thwart any threats. >> both the governor and the nypd making sure this 20th rememberance is a safe one. there are no specific and credible threats to to new york city. >> but we also understand the time that we're living in and to stand united that we will do everything possible to protect new yorkers. never forget. it's hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years from that date. i can tell you that it would be impossible to forget. >> impossible to forget because since 9.11 there have
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been additional plots or attacks against new york city. that's according to the nypd half of them within the last 5 years. get it passed. >> all right, craig, thank you for that were just talking about how we all remember exactly where when we found out what happened. craig, thanks again. >> here in the bay area. oakland officials gathered at lake merritt to remember the lives lost on 9.11. a giant american flag flew over the ceremony that included open mayor libby shaft, faith leaders and representatives from the oakland police and fire departments. oakland's fire chief said the sacrifices of new york's firefighters 20 years ago inspired him to face the challenges of the covid pandemic. >> speier by their selflessness. we rededicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of readiness and service and to the common values that bind us as a nation. we must make common
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cause with a fellow resident and unite to face a national challenge of a different sort. the covid-19 pandemic. >> if you are looking for a way to honor the lives lost on 9.11. there are a number of events happening around the bay area. tomorrow in the east bay, the alameda county sheriff's department and the fire department will hold a memorial ceremony at the alameda fairgrounds that starts at 10 o'clock in the morning. the san jose fire department is hosting a patriot day anniversary commemoration that will start with the procession down south market to firehouse. one followed by a brief ceremony and reception that starts at 9.45. and we'll also be live streamed on facebook and francisco. nearly a 1000 volunteers gathering at the palace of fine arts for a day of service and remembrance. volunteers will pack up 200,000 meals for the san francisco marin food bank. >> that runs from 8 in the morning until 4 tomorrow afternoon and you will need to
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register online in order to participate for more events all around the bay area. you can head to our web site kron 4 dot com time now for the 4 zone forecast with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge where the old only places where you can see some fog around the bay area. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now and he has more on what to expect this weekend. yeah, we're hoping it could be a little quieter tonight, right. hardly slept a week last night with thunderstorms out there tonight should be a much quieter event is we're seeing that patchy low cloud deck rolling on shore. that's a sign. >> of a much calmer atmosphere outside you see no subtropical clouds up above that rainfall totals. yeah. almost a half an inch in fairfield 8, 100's in the center of the 700 bruno to hundreds in san francisco just 1, 1, 100th of an inch precipitation in berkeley and no reported rain in san jose. although you may have had a couple of drops, just not enough to really get the bucket cranked over. in the meantime, though, things kind of quieting down outside the storm clouds headed east. now some lightning strikes
6:22 pm
continuing over nevada around the bay area. now, though, the temperatures 70's 80's inland comfortable a much cooler than it has been 60's and 70's around the bay and 50's along the coastline highs today. well, they were noticeably cooler outside that cold front sweeping on through bring us some nice fresh air and some cooler on the fall-like temperatures outside 63 in san francisco. 69 degrees in oakland 79 for a high in san jose today 86 it was warm but much cooler now into livermore concord checking in 8579 pleasant in santa rosa tonight. skies are going to be mostly clear with the exception of some of that patchy coastal fog and tomorrow you'll see mostly sunny skies. it will be a little bit warmer as high pressure begins to build in. and i think maybe starting to get a little bit hot by sunday at least in all right. here's latest in the forecast. you got a front off the coastline is a good sign. we're starting to see things kind of getting cranked up in the gulf of alaska. that's really kind of the center where you see all our storms getting to develop here and we're going to see more of that on the way, but not just now. the weekend looks okay. high pressure going to cause a suggestion to lift a bit. that means we're going to dry things out. bring
6:23 pm
some warmer weather to the bay area. think by sunday we could temperatures inland back in the 90's. thank you, lawrence. coming up, more stimulus checks are on the way for californians will let you know about the eligibility eligibility requirements for the money. also ahead, over the past 2 decades. the area of lower manhattan has undergone a lot of changes since 9.11. we're going to show you it's reaper.
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>> for your money tonight. california will be sending another round of stimulus checks eligible californians will see the payments in their bank accounts or get a check starting next week. >> the first batch of payments went out about 2 weeks ago, people who made $75,000 or less on their tax return are eligible to receive $600 plus an additional $500 for those with one dependent. the state will send out a total of 12 billion dollars in payments. meantime, a new treasury report on collecting taxes from some of the wealthiest indicates a lack of irs resources. the report released this week. details differences between what is owed and what is collected in taxes. the findings indicate the wealthiest one percent of americans failed to pay an estimated 163 billion dollars in owed taxes each year. the tax gap could be about 600 billion dollars in lost revenue a year and 7 trillion
6:27 pm
dollars over the next decade, the analysis says the irs is understaffed and has it and isn't able to collect what is owed or conduct enough on its. >> new york city is of course, called ground 0 for the terrorist attacks on 9.11 but harris also delivered a catastrophic blow at the pentagon coming up in our live team coverage. how the federal government is responding to the attack. 20 years later, president biden gearing up for his trip to california to survey the damage by the recent wildfires in northern california. we're going to hear from the white house climate adviser about t
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>> continuing our live team coverage tonight on 9.11 as we look back, we will, of course, remember that the pentagon was also a target. the 20 years ago, attack. our washington correspondent basil john joins us now live from washington, spdc with more on what. >> the federal government has to say about what happened there. good evening. based on. >> well, pam kang, good evening. while the twin towers burned in new york back on 9/11/2000, one a 3rd plane crashed right into the pentagon. the symbol and center of us military power. now 20 years later, officials say that days serves as a constant reminder. 20 years since the loss of nearly 3,000 lives friday in a private ceremony


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