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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  September 10, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at night think it's a positive phase. i know that it you know, stir some people up you know, are in favor of >> now at 9 most indoor businesses and berkeley will now require customers to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against covid the berkeley health department issuing the new order in response to the spike in cases largely because of that delta variant. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9, i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. the new rule applies to indoor businesses like restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms and for those who are 12
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and older. our kron four's. gayle ong a spoke to business owners who apparently have some mixed reactions about this mandate tonight. gayle, what are you hearing from them. >> there is still confusion about the vaccine mandate. one business owner says he didn't even know about it until people started showing their vaccination cards. but overall, it has been working out just fine. >> it was a packed house at saves are on shattuck avenue in berkeley friday night businesses find hasn't really changed since the mandate started. >> i think most people are more knowing that everyone else in the restaurant is vaccinated shares corey is one of those customers who welcomes a vaccine mandate. i think it's a positive thing. i know that it would, you know, stir some people up you know, are in favor of that i think where we're at with pandemic you know, it's a good thing.
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last week the city of berkeley issued a new order after a spike in the delta cases. most indoor businesses like restaurants bars, clubs and gyms will now require customers to provide proof of vaccination for those 12 and older. i'm feeling great about that. i have absolutely no problem with the i believe in public health. i feel like public health should be more respected as of friday. the new rule is enforceable. but this business owner had no idea. >> yes, some people some people did until i to find the say move. >> and businesses have until mid-october to require proof of vaccination report%ng from berkeley. gayle ong kron 4 news go before we let you go. some of the video that you showed the show customers were out and how are they reacting to this new mandate. >> what's been about a week. so people seem to know the drill and i didn't stop to talk to another restaurant that was off camera and they're just saying some, you
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know, some people really didn't know much about it, but people but they haven't really been getting any difficult customers. they think they just they're pretty understanding. okay. well, looks like people are out and about. and that's good news okay. thank you, gail. thanks, gayle. >> new cdc study released today shows the covid vaccines remain highly effective against hospitalizations and death. even when they're up against the delta variant, the study tracked more than 600,000 people in 13 different regions of the country. the conclusions people vaccinated are 11 times more likely. 2 people unvaccinated are 11 times more likely to die from covid then people who are fully vaccinated and unvaccinated folks are more than 10 times more likely to be hospitalized. then are vaccinated. people the study also showed that unvaccinated people are almost 5 times more likely just to get covid. then our people who are fully vaccinated. doctors say the study shows vaccines are
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working even against delta. >> well, today was a big day because were bidding and mortality weekly report from the centers for disease control came out with through studies that address this question of how much protection you get from the vaccine compared to people work needed and the data was incredibly compelling. so important because its data about the delta virus. you know, a lot of the other data we had was about the ancestral strain from that. >> there's a difference in efficacy between the 3 vaccines combating delta moderna the best followed by pfizer and then was the 3rd most effective 95% for moderna, 80 for pfizer and 64 jnj. so scientists and health officials will certainly consider that when they start recommending booster shots and what type of vaccine people will get when they get the booster shots. the cdc's director. rochelle walensky
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also reported today that well over 90% of people in us hospitals with covid right now have not been vaccinated. >> la unified school district has approved a covid-19 vaccine mandate for students. 12 and older in a require students taking in-person classes or taking part in extracurricular activities to get the shot by the end of december 200,000 of the district. 600,000 students will be eligible for the vaccine. yesterday's decision was met with some criticism from parents who say the shot should not be forced but supporters think that it's necessary to continue in-person learning. >> that's something we don't understand as parents. why are you in such a hurry to vaccinate all children when not all children have the same health condition thing. the vaccine is the way to deal with this pandemic. so i think that's a good good decision. >> during just the first week of school at the la unified
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school district 6500 students missed one or more due to the coronavirus. it is estimated that meetings and conventions generate 3 to 4 billion dollars every year in san francisco in normal years. that's when you add up the cost of putting on the convention of the meeting as well as all the money people attending those things spent on hotels restaurants shopping. >> well, the city hasn't seen that kind of money before covid-19 hit. but now conventions are returning to the mosconi center for the first time in 18 months. but first, dan kerman shows us. >> the sidewalks in front of san francisco's moscone center are crowded again and not with those seeking a covid-19 vaccine. these are some of the 3,000 people attending the california dental association's annual conference. it's nice to be here. >> and just finally be able to safely do something. >> rather than being at home think they did a really good job and everyone has to be vaccinated. >> making sure vaccination so.
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>> it's safe. the number of those attending is far below the out. but it's still helpful for hotels which can survive on tourists alone. >> with conferences. they bring people to our city, but they bring our employees back to work when the hotels are busier. we bring more people back to work hotels are busier, more restaurants, get extra business and that means people coming back to work is also. >> one market is one of those restaurants that seeing an uptick in business, not just from the dental convention but smaller meetings that have been going on at nearby hotels. you know, we still have a long ways to go. but we're taking steps in the right direction as meetings that begin to return its estimated meetings and conventions. generate 3 to 4 billion dollars a year in san francisco recovery to that level is not expected until 2025 but industry leaders agree this is a good start. >> it's telling the world that san francisco is open and it's
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a safe city to come into your meetings. now, this is just the first of 3 convention scheduled for the month of september. that's the good news. the bad news is some convention scheduled for october and november had canceled. >> but they're hoping things will get back on track at the beginning of 2022 at the moscone center in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> new at 00:00pm tonight. deputies in santa cruz are searching for a man accused of slashing someone with a knife. the sheriff's department releasing this sketch of the suspect. deputies say the alleged assault happened on sunday on keystone way. the victim described the suspect to be in his early 30's around 5 foot 8, 5, foot 9 with sandy blond hair and a comb over deputies are asking anyone with information to contact the santa cruz sheriff's department. >> under way today after that storm rolled through the bay area overnight. maybe saw the lightning heard the thunder. the national weather service counted more than 100 lightning strikes locally.
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brian horton that anecdotally they're all over the place. statewide at least 1100 that they counted cloud to ground strikes in rohnert park your tree fell onto a house after a lightning bolt struck that a huge branch also fell onto a car smashing the windshield which you so there fortunately, nobody was hurt and no major fires are started much calmer night. tonight, though, this is a shot from our mount tam cam. >> beautiful love, beautiful wide shot there. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with what we can expect heading into the weekend. yeah. kind of interesting. you know, you talk about all those lightning strikes. we do only really count the ones that are cloud the ground, the ones that don't hit the ground ago from cloud to cloud. we don't count. but they were lighting up the sky as well. so you can see out there tonight, though not having to worry about the lightning. we've got to move up. above all down below as couple patches out there forming along the coastline. the whole atmosphere. a lot more stable of course, becoming very unstable last night. >> and that's why we had all those thunderstorms and it was going for quite some time.
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once we got things rolling as that cold front approach the bay area. we saw a big change in the weather pattern. we really back a right to about just after 9 o'clock last night. you can see some pop-up thunderstorms in the east bay. then all of a sudden they started to get more and more active throughout the night and numerous strikes just about everywhere you went except along the immediate this la and then the cold front started to come in just after midnight and 1 o'clock. you see all the photos thunderstorms moving into parts ran and sonoma county and boy really got going as we head through the night into the early morning hours, even along the peninsula. they got the game late about 4 o'clock in the morning. look at those strikes just off the coastline there. half moon bay and kind of rolling on shore right across the peninsula and then really getting extreme through solano county. look at all those lightning strikes rolling through that area. there. it was a very active night outside around the bay area. but things have since settled on down right now, things quiet, just some patchy fog moving in along the coastline right now. some of
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those thunderstorms continuing in nevada. but that's as close as they're going to get now. rainfall amounts pretty impressive fairfield. they must get a thunderstorm come right over head right over that rain gauge they had almost a half an inch of rain. that was the wettest place in the bay area. otherwise 800 since santa rosa 700's of san bruno. just 200's in san francisco and 100's of an inch of rain in berkeley and no measurable rain officially in san jose scattered light amounts around the rest. the bay area temperatures today also take a hit. so those numbers coming down across the board. as we get that cold front coming through and that brings those numbers down outside. but the good news is you get a sphere like this. this that nice clean fresh air out there. and got green everywhere you go all around the bay area. i think that will hold true. least through tomorrow. temperatures will heat up this weekend. we're going to talk about that. going to get hot spots this weekend the resch air like that in the nicest way to the hills look like good. thinking. >> vta light rail service is
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expanding starting on sunday services going. >> expand to include the entire blue line. that is from bay point to santa teresa. meanwhile, a green line service which is currently operating from old ironsides to the don, it's expected to be back in full operation soon. free fares which were scheduled to end on sunday are actually going to continue for the light rail through the end of the month. light rail service was not running for months following the employee mass shooting that killed 9 co-workers kron 4, is your local election headquarters. and with just 4 days now until the recall election. a new poll out shows even more california voters now are saying. >> they want to keep governor newsom in office. ashley zavala explains how the governor is responding in. >> how the front runner a replacement candidate is preparing. if newsom wins. >> a new berkeley institute of governmental studies in la times poll shows governor gavin newsome has more breathing room with a boost in
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the front running replacement candidate is prepared to challenge the election results. >> the governor gavin newsom and his wife filling out and handing in the recall election ballots at the secretary of state's office friday support. >> no and go. >> a new berkeley igs an la times poll shows 60% of likely voters say they'll keep newson office. the governor did not respond to questions about the pole friday. but says he's focused on voter turnout. we're reaching out and taking nothing for granted. the new poll shows front runner. larry elder opened up a big lead among the field of replacement candidates with 38% of likely voters saying they'll pick him ahead of election day. elders website now has a tab for voters to report election incidents and a petition to demand a special legislative session to investigate the, quote, twisted results of the 2021 special election. >> it's just an extension of the big lie. steel stop the steal. i mean, it's just a remarkable thing. 4 days out
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as lex has even happened. now they're all any election fraud. >> newsom was asked if he'll accept the results, if voters remove him from office. of course. >> line with the will of the voters whatever the outcome. >> the governor would not say what he's learned from this whole process. but he says once the recall is over, he'll be ready to reflect in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news despite being a democratic stronghold voter turnout in santa clara county is so far less than half of what it was for the last general election. but the numbers. >> they are expected to climb after this weekend and again on election day, officials say mail in voting may ultimately increase turnout but officials admit there has been a little confusion about the ballot. >> they i mean, there's 2 options, but they're confused. and if they have to vote on both of them are if they can only vote on one or on the other. so there's a little bit of confusion with that. but i think people are kind of getting the hang of it and they're kind of understanding how to do this now.
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>> election analysts are predicting last minute voters could push statewide turnout to at least 50% of registered voters or twice. what we might see in a special election. the registrar's office on berger drive is among 19 of vote centers already open and another 17 are going open tomorrow through election day. and it's not too late to register to vote. we will have full team coverage on election night starting at 05:00pm. our crews are going to be all over the state as the results come streaming in also have a seecial edition of inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts and look for our live reports from candidate headquarters all over the state. make sure you tune in to kron 4 on election night. tuesday, september 14th. marks 20 years since terrorists changed our country forever. the 9.11 attacks would. >> begin in new york city of course, and reporter patrick elwood continues. our coverage tonight. he is in jersey city right across the river from
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manhattan. and in new york, certainly provided the most jarring visual that i think is etched in everyone's mind of the 3 attacks. >> grant and vicki, good evening to you from jersey city just across from manhattan. pretty much everybody was watching with that second plane hit the second tower and immediately as a country, we knew that we were under attack. so tomorrow is 20 years. it's all about honoring those who died on that day but also preserving their legacy in the woman you're about to meet. she is the personification of that. >> where the twin towers once stood. now there is a shrine to those who passed the terror attacks part inspiration and dedication symbolizing the reflecting pools that the 9.11
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memorial and museum and in body by this woman. >> this place is always given me a sort of peace. especially on days like. >> an anniversary day. that is julie sweeney, rough. and this is the husband, brian was torn from her 20 years ago tomorrow he was able to calm me. >> that morning. a few minutes before the plane crashed. and he just told me to do good. >> brian was a passenger on the flight that crashed into the south twin tower. julie was teaching high school in massachusetts. he was a former navy pilot and instructor who'd recently taken a job with a defense contractor. her principal pulled her out of class and she would soon learn that united airlines flight one 75 the brian was on was hijacked. she got the news from brian's mom. he had called them both and as a mom. now i can't even imagine the pain that she. >> goes through on a daily basis. tell.
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>> she sped home to press play on the tech tool of the day. the answering machine, he said, hey, jules, it's brian. i'm on an airplane that's >> here want hear. >> you know, with that, you know, it's a very general statement. but, you know, there is this that a line between good and not good and you know, i've try to do what i can to be just a good human. a good person. >> in this world. among other things, julie does good by volunteering at the memorial. >> you know, even if i affect one person on the day that on there that makes a difference. and that's all you can do as an individual. >> pause on that moment. see you when you get there. that's
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the faith, hope and love that can call it an afterlife or have in our use of many people call it different things. but. >> it's that belief that gets me through the days. >> so julie tells me despite being physically and mentally exhausted that day. she had a really hard time falling asleep because she knew that would be the last day she would share with her husband while he was still alive. she, of course, will be part of an official ceremony tomorrow begins at 08:00am locally here on the east coast. do good. words to live by. i'm a jersey city tonight, patrick elwood, back to you in the studio in san francisco. wow. so profound patrick, just thanks,
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>> here in the bay area opened officials gathered at lake merritt to remember the lives lost on 9.11. a giant american flag flew over the ceremony that included oakland mayor libby shaft, leaders and representatives from the oakland police and fire department oakland's fire chief says that the sacrifices of new york's firefighters 20 years ago, inspire him to face the challenges of the covid pandemic speier by their selflessness. >> we rededicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of readiness and service and to the common values that bind us as a nation. we must make common cause with our fellow residents and unite to face a national challenge of a different sort. the covid-19 pandemic. >> memorial events will continue all around the bay area this weekend. tomorrow, san francisco will host its 5th annual stair climb to
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raise awareness and support for first responders suffering from posttraumatic stress injuries at the building at 5, 5, 5 california street. and tomorrow we will have live team coverage on the september 11th events on our weekend newscasts. >> and on our streaming app. kronon also tomorrow, kron 4 will have a 30 minute remembering 9.11 special. that starts it 1030 tomorrow night. still to come tonight, surveillance video captures the moments a drive-by shooting in the east bay takes place. the search is now on for the people involved. >> and we're stimulus checks are on the way for californians will go over who is eligible for the money. >> september is hunger action month caught on kron 4 partnering with feeding america to try to help end hunger scan the qr code on your screen. for more info on how to donate to local food charities here in the bay. you can watch all month long as we highlight local organizations making a difference in our community. we'll be right back after this.
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>> for your money tonight. california will be sending out another round of stimulus checks. the jabal california's are going to see the payments to their bank accounts or receive a check starting next week. the first batch of payments. it went out about 2 weeks ago and people who made $75,000 or less on their tax returns. they're eligible to receive $600 plus an additional $500 for those with
9:26 pm
one independent. the state will send out a total of 12 billion dollars in payments. meantime, a new treasury report on collecting taxes from some of the wealthiest indicates a lack of irs resources. the report released this week. details differences between what is owed and what is ultimately collected in taxes. the findings indicate that the wealthiest one percent of americans failed to pay an estimated 163 billion dollars in owed taxes each year. this tax gap could be about 600 billion in lost revenue a year and 7 trillion over the next decade. the analysis says that the irs is understaffed and he's unable to collect what is owed or conduct enough hot. >> got to get that sorted out. up next, the u.s. military trial of the 9.11 suspects drags on now 20 years after the attacks by the suspect's defense attorney say it's the federal government's fault. plus, authorities are comparing the attack plan to
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columbine. yeah, a quick thinking actions that stopped an alleged school shooting plot and bay area family living through an absolute nightmare after a driver slams into their car throwing 2 children out. keep it here.
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>> after seen how terrible the scene looked and trying to flee. that, you know, i'm glad he did. and it can cost. >> police say an intoxicated
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driver slams into a car in oakland ejecting 2 children from the vehicle. a total of 6 kids were injured in all, 10 people had to go to area hospitals. police say the suspect tried to run last night. but good samaritan stopped him in his tracks until officers arrived. kron four's. phillipe djegal reports the 2 children remain in critical condition. >> shattered glass and broken car light scattered across international boulevard in oakland at 38th avenue. remnants of a horrific crash. it gave me chills. i couldn't imagine that happened to me dioner apd a sympathizing with one mother's nightmare media clue brick mo fitness at the intersection. she was away when the crash happened at around 8.30 thursday night. but her father who works here as a personal trainer heard the crash and helped render aid to a 9 year-old girl who was ejected from a band. he said she had a lot of wounds.
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arm was she had 2 big openings on her head. she was one of 2 kids thrown from the van, the other a 2 year-old child, both hospitalized in good condition. the oakland police department says a total of 6 kids in the van were injured. this after the suspected drunk driver in a pontiac g 6 driving the bus laying down international boulevard ran a red light and hit the family. the dia says her father says the mother was disorientated. she was just kind running frantic didn't know which could to help out. and i couldn't imagine myself in that situation that just seems pretty intense. police say the suspect tried to run off. but some good samaritans pinned him down until officers were able to make an arrest. feels for the family just at the wrong place at the wrong time. a lot of the time someone things, especially when you're driving with your family i'm a good driver. how be safe. but you honestly never know the other person's intentions or
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what they're doing. if they're under the influence, which a lot of the times around here that seems to be the case, which is pretty sad. the parked car was also damaged in the collision. >> in oakland. police paul frank or news. >> also in the east bay san pablo police releasing this surveillance video hoping to find the shooter here. this happened in the middle of the day back on july. 1st you see the the victim's vehicle right over here and watch it as we play this. investigators say the shooters car was traveling in the opposite direction of the victims car when a pulled up to the driver's side of the victim's car. and that is when somebody in the back seat of the suspects car pointed a gun out the window and started shooting. the driver was it seriously hurt. the shooting happened. you saw them at their own san pablo dam road just east of interstate 80 and we have an image of the suspects vehicle which police believe is a dark colored late model honda cross tore if you have any information on this case. you're asked to call san
9:33 pm
pablo police. >> 2 florida teenagers are facing conspiracy charges after allegedly plotting to carry out a school shooting and deputies say that they took an interest in the columbine high school shooting alaina dia's has details now from fort myers. >> its bone chilling authorities say they stopped a school shooting plot being hatched by 2 middle school students in southwest florida. lee county sheriff says it's lucky they caught it when they did. this plan was coming together. >> and any time the press of a button. god forbid we could be sitting here talking about a mass shooting. the teens were apparently telling other students about their plan. >> one tipped off a teacher with word. one of the boys might have a gun in his backpack. the school resource officer checked and found no gun. but they did find a map of the school with every security camera marked. that's when law enforcement realized this was more than just talk. these 2 suspects.
9:34 pm
>> and could it any second execute that plan. they were obsessed with columbine. >> that the boys homes deputies found evidence of an arsenal in the making. and we executed search warrants. it's disturbing. we find. weapons knives bullets and it's not the first time police have been called to their homes between the 2 families deputies had visited more than 80 times. but anytime we go somewhere times for problems. that's a problem and shows the systems found at the school. investigators discovered the teens had used school computers to research how to buy guns on the black market and how to make pipe bombs despite being middle schoolers. the sheriff says their plot was no child's play. so it's sad that we're talking about a 13 or 14 year-old. but i will tell you. >> a 13 year-old pulls the trigger a 14 year-old pulls the trigger. it's the same as a 25 year-old. the aftermath
9:35 pm
is the same. >> alaina dia is reporting there for us tonight mean. well, 2 decades after the september 11th attacks. the alleged masterminds sit in the guantanamo bay prison. they have yet to face trial this week proceedings continued after delays due to the pandemic. according to defense attorneys, the trial has been stuck in pretrial hearings ever since 2012 because the federal government, they say destroyed important evidence. the legal team for one of the suspects says they don't have what they need to move forward with the trial. they're also accusing the cia of torturing the detainees during interrogations. >> fbi on 70 and the 75 different occasions sent detailed information and questions to the cia to be used in brutal interrogations interrogation techniques step. >> code. name for torture did not work. it's outrageous that. we still haven't brought. individuals that have
9:36 pm
been captured the trial 20 years later. >> the prosecutors in this case accused the defense attorneys of unnecessarily dragging out the proceedings. no trial date has been set yet and it's unclear if or when a trial will get underway. take a look at this. a heroic teacher jumps in front of a car rolling towards a group of middle school students. this happened in linden, new jersey. the teacher was able to get into the driver's seat. >> and stop it before that suv got any closer to students. the video also shows the parent who owns the car running too try to stop it. there. >> was caught on camera in the driveway of a southern california town in monrovia just east of pasadena. city officials say it's not unusual for bears to break into homes or make sure their trash cans looking for some food people are being encouraged to block areas under decks where they're sometimes like that hybrid. still ahead,
9:37 pm
remembering their names. tonight we are highlighting the legacy of 12 black firefighters who died on 9.11. >> we'll hear from one family. they say they don't want their loved one to be >> and weather looking nice for the weekend ahead. if you're headed out about we've got your getaway forecast coming up next. and its port another chapter in the legal saga. dodgers pitcher trevor bauer. the latest decision and what it means for the team, battling the giants for the battling the giants for the national league west title. you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! >> and now kron 4 sports. >> giants need to keep winning in they'd love it. if the doctors could lose some games and that's what happened yesterday. the giants padded their lead in the national league west race. thanks to the cardinal sue beat the dodgers. so the giants today enter the day up 2 and a half games and the race hoping to put even more distance between the 2 rivals today in chicago emotional day for a long time. cub kris bryant. you see him here in bracing. the cubs owner tom ricketts before the game. jones, of course, traded for him. midseason. you also got a great ovation from the loyal fans there at wrigley called it's an emotional day and it kind of they've got the better of them because not not a good day at the plate for bryant who went o for 3 with a pair of strikeouts. but that's okay because the guys had his
9:41 pm
back jumping ahead to the 7th inning is a tight one tied at one until evan longoria just annihilates that 98 miles per hour pitch takes trevor mcgill deep to left 2 run shot 421 feet on the long ball. those were 2 of lung. gore is 3. rbi is on the day he now has 11 years on the year press of one there a few batters later, brandon belt. goes the other way. not nearly as far as longer is. but it's out there. 366 feet over the wall. that's the important part, right. like a storm see scores as well. 22nd of the year for bell who's having a great season giants. piled on they going to win it 6 to one. so here's where we stand right now. giants currently holding a 3 game lead over the dodgers in the national league west standings and the dodgers are look at obviously the cut into that lead. they are up 3 nothing right now in the padres. that's the top of the
9:42 pm
8. so. we'll keep you posted there. but the dodgers won't be able to count on one of their top pitchers again this year. there's that's score. yeah. major league baseball and the players association have agreed to extend trevor bauer's administrative leave through the end of the season. so he's not going to play again this year. bauer, of course, accused of sexually assaulting a san diego woman in april and may of this year. she says he choked her and punched her who signed a huge 100, 2 million dollars contract. this offseason has denied all of the allegations saying it was all consensual. meanwhile in the american league ace looking to gain some ground in the wild-card race. they are now just a half-game game and a half, i should say, out of second place in the wild-card standings. try to try to get up there and barring a total collapse tonight. they're going to get even closer, maybe down to a game there. currently up on the rangers,
9:43 pm
10 to 4 top of the 8th just got to hang on, right. we'll have highlights of this one coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 10 and it's september baseball football's back that time of year. niners kicking off their season on sunday taking on the lions in the motor city. our kate rooney will preview the game tomorrow night at 11 o'clock on the red and gold zone. that is right here on kron 4. so don't miss that. and some niners news. that's not great wide receiver jalen hurd feels like this. can never get on the field. he is out for sunday's game. defensive tackle javan kinlaw has a knee issue had in college. neither spent a high draft pick on him. he's got a knee problem now also db emmanuel moseley. doubtful as is kinlaw. so they're not expected to play. but trey lance who is limited in practice is expected to be available to back up. jimmy garoppolo when the giant center, the niners, i should say get things going graders, by the way, open the season on monday night football that sports more news, including. a
9:44 pm
relative of ickes who has some amazing team. >> you really don't this
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>> welcome back. time to talk weather. 4 zone forecast beautiful view here from our drone quadcopter 4. that's the palace of fine art, of course, earlier today. thick layer of fog that cover the coastline crypts even further than that
9:47 pm
eastward just laura's giving us a different look at yeah. thanks tonight to very nice around the bay area. we do have a couple patches of fog along the coastline. people headed out. >> along the golden gate bridge right now. but we are in for a very nice weekend. ahead, the weather finally settling down today and looks like we're going to see some nice temperatures. haven't you get away forecast 60's and 70's into the monterey bay. if you're headed that direction, do expect some patchy fog in the morning giving way to sunshine in the afternoon about 77 and sunny and santa barbara 95 in hot pasadena about 86 in downtown los angeles in the high country. they've had to worry about the color fire. but now things begin to clear out a little not as hazy as it's been. you see periods of some of that smoke out there. but still some warm conditions about 79 in truckee about 87 degrees. if you're headed to reno. all right around the bay area tomorrow. we're going to enjoy some patchy fog along the coastline a little breezy in the afternoon. but upper 60's
9:48 pm
and the san francisco about 62 daly city 61 in pacifica 61. also in half moon bay inland side, you're going to see warmer temperatures in the millbrae at 69 degrees 65 in brisbane. and then as you work your way down that it's find lots of sunshine tomorrow and some nice clear air some comfortable temperatures mid 70's feel like fall outside as you make your way in redwood city. also nice warm numbers in the campbell about 8481 in santa clara 81 degrees in sunnyvale. the temperatures in the east bay that have been running hot. they cooled off today. we'll start to warm a little bit again by tomorrow afternoon mid to upper 80's by the afternoon. but mostly sunny skies about 75 degrees in union city 71 in san lander 84 in written about 87 degrees in concord and 75 in hercules work your way through the delta. you see a mix of 70's and some 80's but plenty of sunshine all day to start out with sunshine. we're going to end that way too along the coastline. some patchy fog out toward the beaches stinson beach about 61 degrees, about 81 in a bottle at about 80 in
9:49 pm
petaluma next couple days. those temperatures are going to start to warm up getting a little hot inland by sunday with some 90's make a return and that will cool things down big time late next week. well, below the average by next friday. thank you, lawrence talking, of course, about how next to tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of 9.11 family members of victims are preparing to be at ground 0 for the ceremonies. that includes the families, of course, of all the fallen firefighters, but 12 of those families want to especially sure that their sons contributions are not forgotten. that's because. >> those men were the only black firefighters to die that day reporter jay dow has the story. >> 20 years after new york city firefighter leon smith left latter, one 18 in brooklyn and responded to the burning towers. the pain is still there. just beneath the surface. >> all the way back to that day. i the town was forming irene smith, one of countless
9:50 pm
parents to watch their child turned first responder rushed to the scene that bright tuesday morning. and i didn't know mia was in when buckles forming. that's because leon, a 19 year department veteran typically help operate a ladder truck. >> so for the last 2 decades, miss smith has worked tirelessly towards a singular goal. i will keep its name alive to make sure the country continues to remember the sacrifice of leon and the 11 other firefighters who looked like him, not remembered or honored more. but the same as the rest of the 343 fdny members who gave their lives that day is so many people didn't even know, but well black 5, if i did if not unique for black. >> firefighters to remember. >> they're all this myth and fdny. captain paul, washington both say there wasn't just one slight or one incident, but rather the culmination of many over the years, washington and miss smith recalled to us. one nationally televised moment in
9:51 pm
particular, this scene from an episode of saturday night live. ladies and gentleman. the mayor of new york city. rudolph giuliani broadcast in the days after the attacks. >> featured in a subsequent documentary every last one of which his wife's tough one. >> and i think that kind of set the tone. so we feel it's important to put that to show that black sacrifice that we died in this in this and this tragedy as well. firefighters girard back to east vernon sherry terrell coleman. andre fletcher. keith glasgow. ronnie henderson, william henry karl joseph, keith remain sean powell vernon richard and leon smith junior. >> 12 black firefighters among the 343 who were killed on 9.11. this story would not be complete without also noting miss smith and the other families of the 12 black fdny firefighters who died on 9.11 have also watched the department itself change over
9:52 pm
the last 2 decades. the fire department has made an effort to diversity. they have. the the culture has changed. yes. it's better for miss irene smith. any discussion about her son's ultimate sacrifice must also include the harassment he faced on the job as well as the department's efforts to improve its culture. it is a conversation that begins and ends with leon is not a moment. >> me and my only >> his spirit is on around this outs. >> that was jay dow reporting for us tonight and tomorrow we will have live team coverage on the september 11th events in our weekend newscasts and on our streaming app kronon also tomorrow we will have a
9:53 pm
30 minute special called remembering 9 11 starts at 1030, tomorrow night. keep it here. we'll have more news right after the break.
9:54 pm
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ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance. >> all right. happy friday, this is a little silly, but we're following up on something that came up. if you were with us last night. remember this check kid, this 12 year-old who was able to pull a semi just using his his
9:56 pm
and and that's, you know, impressive in its own and as we were kind of logging him. you know, vicki goes that's nothing anything compared little she said he was famous for this dance. i guess it's a greek dance, but he had his own special twist to a lot occasions where he you know, he obviously pick up a table with his teeth. >> and people would sit on it. you guys. i was kidding or at least exaggerated. but it seems well with the nothing's possible. but it's a hard decision. yes, so but actually you don't. then you guys said, all right through it can get. he was famous for this act. he owned a restaurant in los altos called the balkan village, very popular. good date night place. >> he performed the act every night he took the act on to late night tv, even broadway. so here's a clip to prove it.
9:57 pm
>> it's special picking up the table with this team and dance and sometimes picking up a member of the audience on top of the >> if the table than some of refund shown. invited on to the ed sullivan show louis even dance with that sullivan on the table and louise larger than life personality landed him. a role in the 1968 broadway cast of zorba. insurers. those were really his teeth, that >> how do you start us do it like how do you start to try like one time. who's like it was exact lee. they know the act. is amazing. yes, yes, along. louis is up in the clouds. probably still is good. just was fine with amazing. >> set of teeth. that is so cool. es, you know, lives are, but agree. we didn't believe you would like grants sunday. you know, it it's all
9:58 pm
start to make more the e. >> all you know, they say but when all else fails, on that not how that the evidence. all right. you got the friday. happy friday on cullman week. that's >> all right, ken, we're certainly not the 10 o'clock tonight. of course we're going to talk about the story affecting the entire nation tomorrow marking. >> 20 years since one of the darkest days in this nation's history. we're going to take a look at the ceremony taking place here in the bay area. and at ground 0. and after a violent weekend, walnut creek. police are stepping up patrols downtown. why neighbors say? >> it's an overreaction. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
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