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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 11, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. i can just about everyone. >> every location we were at we did, we did see. >> no 8 o'clock. 20 years later america pauses to reflect. and remember the deadliest terror attack on american soil. kron 4 has live team coverage. still to come, kron 4 news exclusive. the saturday night. an unexpected discovery inside of a dog toy, a bay area couple now sharing their story. the action the company is taking nationwide tonight. governor gavin newsom visiting the bay area just
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days before california voters will decide whether or not he will stay in office. his message to medical workers earlier today. this is kron 4 news at 8 o'clock this saturday night and jonathan mccall, thanks so much for spending part of your day with us. >> justine has the night off. where were you at 20 years ago today all across america today. the country remembering the deadliest attack in u.s. history was on this day. back on 9/11/2000, one more than 3,000 americans were killed in 4 separate incidents. ceremonies held all across the country today to mark this solemn day in history, including right here in san francisco. kron four's camila barco takes us there. >> 9.11 is a day america won't forget the san francisco fire and police department remember those who lost their lives, but they also recognize the people who stepped up to help when the nation was under attack. >> i can. i can register some of the situations are as we
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speak. after 20 years, the sights and sounds of 9.11 replay and jeffrey marino's head. i can just about every. every location we were at basically what we did and what we did see, he's among the 11 san francisco firefighters who flew out to new york city to help first responders at ground 0. >> was overwhelming. thinking we could possibly save someone which wasn't the case among the heroes is harry on sister and san francisco native betty, on face coverings out too. >> and the shut down for 6,000 planes up in the air or who was who were scheduled to fly that day. she was a flight attendant on american airlines flight 11 documenting betting it. >> i'm number 3 on flight 11, 5 people hijacked that plane because american airlines and really i do information. about the ongoing within the plane.
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and identified 5 hijackers seize flight 11 crashed into the world trade center's north tower. >> at 08:46am. she remained on the phone with authorities relay critical information for almost 25 minutes. the san francisco fire police department joined forces saturday to remember, betty, on. >> and each person who perished t kerwin during saturday morning ceremony. san francisco fire called out the names of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9.11. we keep this memory alive to honor those who lost their lives. >> to honor their families and to honor all of those that were impacted. they paid tribute with the ringing of the bell. >> it's a long tradition in the fire service which signifies the last call for firefighter, something we do any time. >> a firefighter passes away on duty. harry said their mother wondered why body never called home that morning before the crash. i told her
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that daddy. to what she was trained to do. that. it was her first to t he credits flight attendants for also being first responders just in a different uniform in san francisco. camila barco kron 4 news. meanwhile, happening right now, a candlelight vigil is being held in hayward to remember and honor the lives lost in the 9.11 terror attacks. >> kron four's, amanda haai continuing our live team coverage there tonight with reaction from the folks attending >> jonathan, the people i spoke to said they were grateful to be together again and to be able to remember those lost and pray for the people that were impacted. one person told me they couldn't believe that it's been 20 years. >> for us. all a country that we're still together. and remember what happened. >> flags, flowers and soft music. set the tone as the hayward community came out.
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remember those lost and impacted during and following the 9.11 attacks 20 years ago. impeach up lives in castro valley became to hayward for this opportunity to remember together. he signed a placard set up to honor those who were affected. he says he thinks about the attacks often because he spends time in new york city. he's part of the pyro crew that does the 4th of july celebration there every year that i've gone. i go to the memorial to very heavy feeling every time that i've gone there, you can feel like lost souls but he feels it's important to remember those lost and pray for their families from believable. >> what had occurred. >> and still seems like unbelievable. reliving something that. >> it should have never happened. marci santana says she spent the week watching documentaries about the tragedy. and it's given her a
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new perspective. >> just like it really changed everyone's life. and i just feel bad about what happened after 2. >> i mean, that's going to war. she says when she heard about the community coming out. remember and support. 20 years later she wanted to be a part of we need to start taking care each other, not hurting each other. >> those placards you saw them signing in the video will remain here at heritage plaza in hayward, at least until tuesday. organizers said they're not sure exactly what they're going to be doing with them after that. but they want to make sure that everyone has the chance to come here. and remember those lost live in hayward. amanda hari kron 4 news. amanda, thank you. meanwhile, house speaker nancy pelosi issuing a statement to mark the 20 year anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> in that statement. she said, quote, the terror attacks on the morning of september 11th for ever changed our nation in the
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world. these acts of in comprehensible, evil left heartbreaking images seared into our collective memory today and every day we reaffirm our sacred commitment to pay tribute to the fallen the survivors and the heroes, though the rubble has been cleared the fire is extinguished and our city is rebuilt. the painful memories of september 11th remain forever etched in our hearts of every american inspiring us to come together to build a more peaceful future for generations to come. the only plane that did not hit its intended target that day 20 years ago was united flight 93 that plane was either headed for the capitol building or the white house. but the passengers and the crew memberh on board overtook the hijackers sacrificing their own lives crashing the plane in shanksville, pennsylvania. that plane was originally headed for the bay area. one of the flight attendants on board oakland native won the green kron four's, noelle bellow learned how she's now being remembered. 20 years
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later. >> we consider hero who appreciate that. people celebrate one of year olds. >> we're quite 93, a flight attendant with united airlines for 29 years. wanda greene was one of the first african american flight attendants with united a dedicated mother of 2 children and very active in the new jersey community you in which she lived. but her home town was oakland and on september 11th. she planned to visit with her family on her layover from flight 93. but wanda and the 43 others on board that plane never made it. we're very proud of her and other passengers. >> the in the night them use that planted the bomb heady beats. sandra swanson is want us cousin. he was also chief of staff for congresswoman barbara lee on 9/11/2000, one. >> he says the acts of all those on board flight 93 are an example of the courage of
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these passengers because of cell phones. new. what's happening. >> and they're very consciously made that decision. so take lying down and that led to war with anyone else who was in. these are all patriots later we learned that flight 93 more than likely it was coming into the capitol. and so today i'm thinking especially of those the heroes on flight 93. >> who has saved many lives because they took plane congresswoman lee was inside the capitol that morning. she holds a special place in her heart for chief of staff's cousin want a green. >> for me personally, it's it's a very somber day very active thoughts and prayers go out to sunday's family family and all those who lost so many months and loved ones green was 49 years old gone but never forgotten. >> noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> tonight, kron 4 staying in contact with san francisco police to learn more about a blast that prompted a
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shelter-in-place in the ocean side neighborhood this afternoon. we first told you about the story on kron. 4 news at 6. the blast happened along lobo street near the mini and lovie ward community center just before 3 o'clock. police believe fireworks spark that blast. the department's bomb squad were told is also on the scene. 2 people were hurt tonight. there's no word on their conditions. once again, we are staying in contact to learn more about the scene, including on just how long that shelter in place will remain in effect. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them talk about our 4 zone forecast. this saturday night, plenty of stuff going on today. a gorgeous day outside kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez who tonight with a look at what is on the way for the start of your sunday. yeah. if you love today's forecast, you're going to love tomorrow's outlook because today we actually had pretty seasonal temperatures from coast to valleys. live look outside. >> stunner of a sunset out there this evening in the east bay over berkeley. not really
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tracking much high or low cloud covers out there this evening radar for trying to see some of that marine layer influences making its way closer towards half moon, bay. but overall, crystal clear skies for your saturday night and temperatures starting to cool down along the coast. widespread mid 50's. for those of you pacifica and half moon bay thanks to that cool sea breeze and low 60's. for those of you in downtown san francisco, mid 60's for oakland and berkeley at 63 degrees in san jose. still pleasant temperatures out there right now at this 8 o'clock hour flirting with 70's currently 69 degrees with conquered in the upper 70's. but dublin and livermore little bit cooler in the low to mid 70's there. but san anselmo seeing some offshore northerly winds warming up temperatures compared to everyone else in the north bay widespread 60's. but cnn currently in the mid 70's thanks to that offshore flow. but we are tracking cooler temperatures along the coast. still a warmer air mass. as
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you make your way inland upwards of about 5 degrees. but when tracker for tracking those northerly winds along cnn sal mo and right now for downtown san francisco 14 miles per hour sustained winds but future cast for going to see some high thin cirrus clouds overhead. but overall better clearing for your sunday afternoon. and with that warmer temperatures. thanks to that extra sunshine and those warm dry offshore breezes for the 2nd half of your weekend. little change on monday. but then tuesday warming up about 5 to 10 degrees above average. details ahead on your full weekend outlook. what you can expect for your week. work week forecast early this upcoming week. back to you. jonathan risa, thank you so much. more to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at o'clock. >> governor gavin newsome campaigning here in the bay area just days before california voters will decide on whether or not he will stay in office. his message to front-line workers of the pandemic. still to come tonight also, we will check in live with our washington show
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you how president joe biden spent the day traveling to all the sites impacted during the 9.11 attacks. that's still on the way.
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>> president joe biden commemorating the 20th anniversary of the september 11th attacks today by visiting the sites of each of those
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attacks nearly 3,000 americans were killed that day. kron 4 washington correspondent jessi tenure live for us tonight in washington, dc with a wrap-up. the president's visit very busy day as he attended all of those memorials ceremonies. but a very solemn day for this entire country. >> yeah. most definitely. and those events kicked off at sunrise at the pentagon. there is really this message of unity that spread throughout the day and pentagon officials there were hoping that it resonates across the country. >> 20 years ago. began as a typical morning for. pentagon employees. but at 09:37am on 9/11/2000. one in second scores of lives were lost. general mark milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs remember the 184 ameri.ans killed in the pentagon attack. >> in the building and on flight 77 doctor a e true innocent ranged in age.
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>> the 71 years old. petty officer second class chris romero petition dot. >> just as we once worked alongside so many of them we know him alongside all of you. defense secretary lloyd austin said the pentagon has worked these past 20 years to honor their sacrifices. >> by defending the country against terrorism. it will always be our duty to fulfill their missions and to live up to their goodness and to stand guard over this democracy. this is the first 9.11 anniversary without us troops in afghanistan. and as debate about the withdrawal continues. pentagon officials remember those who gave their lives during the war. and those now back home who are questioning their impact. you did your duty. your service matter. your sacrifice was not in vain. the day's final commemoration at the pentagon happened before sunset. the commander in chief, president biden laid a wreath after
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stops at the other to attack sites in new york city and shanksville, pennsylvania. >> and they're still has one more washington bay ceremony to calm house and senate leadership. democrats and republicans. we'll meet on the steps of the u.s. capitol on monday in remembrance of 9.11 live in washington. i'm jessi tenure back to jesse. do we know anything. we know that obviously this is the first 9.11 ceremony that has been taking place since. >> troops have been withdrawn from afghanistan a lot of debate. you mentioned that in your story about how this all went down. are any other lawmakers talking about just the semblance and just the timing of all of this happening today. >> there is definitely a lot of discussion on that. and we're going to see a lot of movement even just this next week, the senate is coming back from its august recess. the house still won't yet. but even in house committees, they're going to be taking up the issue of the troop withdrawal already and bringing in different
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officials as well. and so a lot of them democrats and republicans are wanting to get to the bottom of some of these questions that they still have one of the main ones is why the withdrawal didn't happen. sooner. and then just other logistics of it. what we saw play out the past couple of weeks. and so definitely %psomething that will continue to watch here and definitely something that's on a lot of mines. a lot of folks definitely will be paying attention to that when those hearings get underway. >> jessi tenure live for us tonight in washington, dc jesse, thank you for all of your work today. we are ending our newscast a little early tonight to bring you a 30 minute special presentation called 9.11 20th anniversary. we remember it comes your way tonight at 1030 right after kron 4 news at 10 o'clock. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast again this saturday night risa was teasing me at 6 o'clock. it wasn't picture perfect day outside across the bay area today will things continue that way as we move into sunday here she is with
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the answers. i mean, jonathan, it's going to be perfect shorts weather. so i hope you have a great pair ready for tomorrow because we're tracking warmer weather for the 2nd half of your weekend. >> let's take a look at today's daytime highs because. >> we notice pretty seasonal weather warming up. thanks to that extra sunshine. not really tracking that marine layer today and thanks to that. we actually warmed to the mid 60's for downtown san francisco few degrees below average. but very pleasant, none. the net last at 66 degrees livermore and conquer, though, in the low 90's. so about 5 degrees above average. there starting to notice a little bit of them really are trying to make its way into half moon. bay. but overall clear skies from coast to valleys in the bay area. also better air quality as well. we are noticing more of that cool sea breeze turning into more of an offshore flow by the afternoon pushing all that smoke and ash away from the bay area temperatures out there right now. 20 degree difference from our warmest cut inland valleys to our coolest coastal cities conquered and antioch 78
8:21 pm
degree there with half moon bay at 57 degrees is certainly getting that cool sea breeze influence right now for the san francisco peninsula coastline and overnight lows tonight, widespread mid 50's. pretty uniform numbers for this evening. but a little bit cooler because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover daytime highs, though, going to be warmer very seasonable for those of you in the inland valleys about 48 degrees above average conquered in livermore, 92 degrees upper 80's for nevada with mid 70's, a piece for oakland and hayward 68 degrees for downtown san francisco. so degree shy of your average of 69 degrees in san jose in the mid 80's. but jonathan, i know you love roller coasters. we're going to peak on tuesday temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees above average and then dipping by friday with below average temperatures can handle it that maybe like almost winter. >> i know always like right around the corner. watch out. i know. all right. all right. thank thank you.
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>> kron 4 your local election headquarters tonight in just 3 days until the recall election. governor gavin newsome making a stop here in the bay area today talking with medical workers on the front lines during the pandemic. kron four's phillipe djegal was there as the governor urged a no vote on tuesday saying the consequences for this election, a matter of life and death. >> a you now, wait >> governor gavin newsome saturday the center in oakland this is an enemy to this state before members of s e i u of 2015 hit the phones and knocked on doors urging voters to reject recalling the governor tuesday, the eu made up elected democrats narrowing down what is at stake it's our governor. they're protected asked against covid the governor's opponents have criticized him for implementing masking and vaccination mandates but his supporters say he is taking
8:23 pm
necessary action has saved lives and livelihoods. this election is a matter of life and death public health is on the ballot. the governor defended his pandemic policies during a nearly 17 minute speech while also taking swings and conservative talk show host in 10 republican candidate larry elder, the only candidate he mentioned by name attacking his desire to eliminate minimum wage. downplaying the impacts of global warming and elders person he's he doesn't believe, for example. there's a glass ceiling it doesn't believe women have the right to attorney lee. he doesn't believe women are even has smart. >> as men. the governor says if everyone votes, the recall will fail vote. >> you know, clean up a leap to go from 4 know kron. 4 will bring you live team coverage
8:24 pm
on tuesday night. we will have crews across the state watching the results as they come in. >> but also have a special edition of inside bay area politics with our panel of political experts also be sure to watch for live reports from candidate headquarters all across the golden state. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at a busy night for law enforcement in san jose. >> more on the side show that led to a number of arrests and even. hundreds of tickets being issued those details after the break. new at 8, a
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large sideshow in san jose ends with cars towed and hundreds of tickets issued overnight. this is video of the scene from the citizen app from early this morning. police say that more than a 100 cars flooded the area near park avenue and was way officers issued more than 200 tickets toad 3 cars and arrested one person. >> san jose police are also searching for answers in an overnight shooting that killed one person and injured a second. it happened near cadillac drive in winchester boulevard. also video from the citizen app tonight. detectives say when they got to the scene, they found a woman and a man both shot. paramedics took both to the hospital. we learned the men died. the woman, though, is expected to survive. so far police have not released the names of the victims or details on a suspect or a motive. a colorado jury has found former broncos player
8:28 pm
justin bannan guilty of attempted murder. he's accused of shooting a woman back in 2019. he says he was not guilty by reason of insanity. detectives say they've been told them that he thought the russian mafia was after him. his defense claimed that he suffered concussions after a lengthy playing career in the nfl, which cause mental conditions that lead to paranoia. so far there's no word on when bannon will be sentenced. a wild scene overnight in oakland. police say that 2 people trying to get away from the shooting crashed into an oakland patrol car. it happened on 85th street. police say after the crash officers found 2 guns inside of that ride in arrested the driver and the passenger medics took that injured officer to the hospital just to get checked out. the good news we're told they are okay. and since have been released. a motive on the shooting. still unknown tonight. no word on if anyone was hurt. still much more
8:29 pm
tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock, a popular pet supply chain. >> pulling toys off of their shelves. the dangerous item. one bay area customer says they found hidden in their dogs chew toy kron 4 news exclusive. you have to see. plus, president joe biden says he wants to get more at home tests covid-19 tests in the hands of americans. how he says he plans to make them more available. plus a look at how folks in new york city tonight are remembering the september 11th attacks. 20 years later, how they're paying tribute through music and fundraising. those stories and more still to come.
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now to a kron 4 news exclusive. the saturday night. california based pet food express says it is removing. >> a certain brand of dog toys from its shelves after an east bay. couple says they found a needle in their pets. brand new toy. the couple talking only to kron four's gayle ong about the fund. >> this is the middle. he was all over in one of all over >> israel says saito says he found the needle as he was playing with his dog all over at their concrete homes. that is so light. >> with a net to get the squeaky i'm made this weekend because a little less crazy over it and then i to myself really my fingers and was like housing for the hurt. that's when he said he found the sewing needle coming out from inside the toy is was pretty scary for especially because all over. >> full of or he is. we love
8:33 pm
all over. and i got so worried that he could. >> the toy was purchased at a pet food express store in concord. saito and his spouse immediately contacted the store manager and they say the manager contacted the manufacturer. >> a spokesperson for pet food express sent a statement to kron 4 that reads in part, quote, we are so grateful that no pet was hurt. while we have never had an incident with this manufacturer. we are directing our stores to remove the product from their shelves until we can be certain that the product is safe. a statement to kron 4 from the manufacturer patchwork pet reads in part, quote, safety is our number one priority. never in our 13 years of business. have we encountered a safety related issue like this require procedure is that all toys must go through metal detection prior to packaging. the quality control team is investigating and will make any necessary corrections no. it's full for the full response from both companies and just wants to spread awareness to other pet owners.
8:34 pm
>> that means always checking toys for all of her before play time in concord. gayle ong kron 4 news talk about our 4 zone forecast the saturday night. if you have plans here in the city or if you're out and about. >> things looking good. looking good. looking. definitely in your favorite. >> what will they look like for sunday. here is kron. 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. i know it's such beautiful weather. jonathan, you're speechless tonight right was really one of the that a loss for words. that's exactly. right. let's take a look at your bay area forecast because it's a great night out there. >> in fact, here's a beautiful tribute out at city hall lit up in red, white and blue to honor the victims and the heroes of 9 1120 years later, we will certainly never forget. >> stormtracker 4 out there right now. pretty clear skies out there this evening and we are noticing better clearing for those of you in this year. you were under a red-flag warning yesterday with pop-up thunderstorms. all of that, though, is cleared out
8:35 pm
tracking some showers in the reno and carson city area. but that's really all about it. in fact, we're noticing improved air quality. there, especially for the northern portions of this year. but at around south lake tahoe still a little bit hazy out there poor to moderate air particles going to continue tonight and even through tomorrow as well. so a little bit hazy out there. low 80's for truckee. mid for south lake tahoe. and we're going to hold steady by monday and then warmer weather as it peaks on tuesday with widespread low to mid and upper 80's for this year. up your bay area forecast, though, we're already cooling down into the 50's along the coast from timber on all the way down into half moon bay thanks to that strong sea breeze out there right now. light and breezy in the tweens. but it's nice to see that shift in wind direction from will northwesterly flow to more of that westerly sea breeze that we certainly love and are spoiled with here in the bay area oakland 63 degrees with dublin in the low 70's and low 70's. for those
8:36 pm
of you in san anselmo but still tracking those offshore northerly winds. that's why you're in the 70's while everyone else is in the 60's high temperatures tomorrow going to continue on a slight warming trend. little change for inland valleys because you certainly saw that warm up today. 48 degrees above average in london. the north bay and east bay valleys, low 90's for concord and livermore at 92 degrees. novato trying to flirt with 90's. but 88 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs. so not a bad way to wrap up your weekend forecast. hope you have some outdoor plans because even along the coast upper 60's, a 68 degrees for your sunday afternoon and mid 70's for oakland and hayward. taking a look ahead at your next 3 day outlook. we're going to continue with that warming trend through tuesday. that's going to be the peak with temperatures ranging from about 5 to 10 degrees above average warmest for the inland valleys. little change along the coast and east bay shoreline, though, thanks to that cool sea breeze and that marine layer. we're going to
8:37 pm
wake up to in the morning. jonathan, back to you. >> ariza. thank you so much. earlier this week the biden administration announced a new six-step plan to help curb the recent surge and covid-19 cases. white house officials say in order to provide better access to covid testing top retailers like walmart and amazon will have to sell at home. rapid covid tests at an up to 35% discount for the next 3 months at home test include nasal swabs saliva test and more. but despite them being available at major retailers supply is limited. one family owned pharmacy owner says that the demand is because more folks want to leave their homes again. >> want to go back at the same time you don't want to get exposed by going to a hospital a clinic setting where there's a chance that there are like most people on them. there's a chance that he's going to convince infect adult. >> that pharmacist says that he's hopeful with that with the president's new plan that he'll actually be able to get some of those tests in his store so that he can better serve its customers during the
8:38 pm
initial wave of the covid-19 pandemic pediatric patients were far and few between. but now pediatric doctors say they're actually seeing more and more pediatric patients every week. adding that many of these children will go on to develop long-haul symptoms. those lingering symptoms from the virus will likely be similar to the one seen in adults were talking about headaches fatigue, muscle aches. and while those conditions are vague in fairly common. they should still be checked out by a doctor. >> yeah. all the kids from the first and second wave in all of got admitted to the hospital. i see that maybe a week now getting admitted to the hospital to eastern new symptoms are something that are impacting your child. it's it's important that you get in talk to your healthcare provider about so that they can help decide is this normal. >> doctor belcher says from hand washing and social distancing to mass and vaccination. he says the long
8:39 pm
haul symptoms are much less common in children who are vaccinated. >> the annual stars and strings country music concert is happening this evening after skipping last year because of the pandemic. we'll show you how the artist are honoring the victims of 9.11 news. oh! my new, bigger, crispier cluck sandwich. mmh. just tell me you're not going to go overboard with the marketing.
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8:42 pm
music. >> the annual stars and strings country music concert is taking place this evening after being forced to be postponed last year because of the covid pandemic artists like darius rucker zac brown and chris young will take part of the concert to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9.11 magee hickey takes us there. >> it's been 2 years to see stars and strings concert hit the stages of new york city. the last time was barclays center in 2019. but this year in their first concert since the pandemic paused all live events, stars and strings is back in a 9 11 tribute at pier 17 and the south street seaport. it's a fundraiser to benefit 9.11 day. the nonprofit that runs the federally designated september 11th national day of service.
8:43 pm
i kind of feel like we had to this being the 20th anniversary of 9.11. it seem like it would be an injustice if we didn't bring the show. >> this town and this venue is a beautiful venue. is outdoors. so it's safe for everybody. for the crowd, say for the artists. it's a beautiful backdrop the great music darrius rucker, zac brown and chris young will be tonight's headliners in this 9.11 tribute of stars and strings. >> and all covid safety protocols are in place for the 3,300 audience members who bought these fundraising tickets ranging in price from 97 to a $150. >> we make sure that everybody's facts. we make sure that everyone has a positive are sorry. a negative covid test before being able to enter. and that's the best artists that's the workers. that's everybody walking in the room. we want to make sure that everybody is safe. >> magee hickey reporting for us tonight. still to come, our special coverage of 9.11 continues. we're learning new stories from a widower of a
8:44 pm
person, a passenger on the flight that day
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
>> we continue to remember the lives lost in the 9.11 terror attacks 20 years ago today moving tributes taking place all across america today, 3 american president standing side by side with their wives at their side at the national september 11th memorial
8:47 pm
sharing a moment of silence to mark the anniversary of america's worst terror attack with a display of unity. patrick elwood continuing our live team coverage near manhattan tonight with the look at the ceremony is taking place. patrick, good evening. >> good evening to you, undoubtedly. in the eyes of many today is all about taking a look back and remembering what happened in 2000, one and why. but also as we move forward, taking stock of where we are collectively as a nation. >> beautiful new york city morning, much like it was exactly 20 years ago. they gathered to keep true to the promise to never forget. mike lowe, the father of sarah just a 28 year-old flight attendant on american was the first to address the crowd time when
8:48 pm
many people acted of the. >> and beyond the ordinary presidents and first ladies were on hand. andrew anthony each was read aloud of those who died at ground 0 outside the official 9.11 event. americans from all walks of life. watch from afar. >> at a bus driver drive us directly over to the side while in the 5 boroughs of new york city like here in brooklyn. the larger families of first responders convene phil ruffolo is a retired fdny captain. he was not on duty at the time of the first plane attack. but like everybody else and rescue too, ran to help. because the guys on duty had left the house with all of the equipment. they commandeered a city bus and headed straight down to lower manhattan. it's chaotic. >> the cloud is very dense arriving from brooklyn. they immediately hit the rubble of the collapsed tower. we all know what we have to do. it.
8:49 pm
search until we can search anymore. found a few members they were dead. >> john, the pala title and kevin o'rourke were 2 of the 7 members that day rescue to lost. today. he found joy when he saw john's daughters and kevin's grandson, our friendships that are missed. and there's joy. because. >> i look around the room and young ones have sprung up. that's a great thing. it's the the renewal of life. >> so on the morning that began with people from all walks of life privately going about their business has led to this 20 years down the road in most public display of grief, remembrance of who they were and hope always hope for better days to come. for all of us.
8:50 pm
>> president biden recently government documents associated with 9.11. it's very welcome news to many, many people who have long to learn more about just how exactly those attacks were financed live in jersey city tonight. i'm patrick elwood. back to you in the studio. >> even after 20 years, we're still learning new stories of what happened that day, including what happened to a passenger on board. united flight 93 that plane was headed to the bay area when it was hijacked, then crashed into a field in shanksville pennsylvania. kron four's, rob fladeboe talk to a man who lost his wife in that attack. >> lauren catuzzi grandcolas zest for life was evident for anyone who was fortunate enough to have known her. but tragically, her life was cut short when she boarded the ill-fated flight 93 on 9.11.
8:51 pm
lauren was. >> a very proactive person. she was a go-getter in life. i caught up with lauren's husband jack recently in monterey as she reflected on her memory. 20 years after he lost her 2 terrorists motto on the free for greater was get busy living or get busy dying. i i just. i felt that, you know, she was at peace with whatever happened. all the ones i can only imagine the most horrifying perils. >> situation anyone could. >> lauren is one of the 40 heroes on flight 93 who gave their lives when they turned the tables on terror by plotting to retake the plane battling the hijackers eventually forcing it down in rural pennsylvania theirs was the first victory in the war on terror. >> do reconnaissance. to band together to vote to come up with a plan and then execute
8:52 pm
that plan over a rural area is astonishing to me. >> lauren was heading home to sandra fell from her grandmother's funeral in new jersey. she and jack were expecting their first child. he shared part of the heartfelt message she left calling from the plane. she said i just love you more than anything. know that. >> so that i would be left with any haunting even in moments of their peril. she wanted to comfort me. we need the message that i want you to go on. if i don't get through this, don't let them get you to. and she said i just love you more than anything know that please tell my family, i love them too. the buyer. >> a native of houston, the university of texas graduate was a high level marketing manager by trade and an aspiring author emt trained in the daughter of a football coach, lawrence beilein today appears on the inspiring. you can do it. the merit badge handbook for grown-up it's a
8:53 pm
hand. but for adult women. >> learning and growing you know, gain more self-confidence self-esteem and their adult life just like you learn when you got your bags as a child. >> really great. you look great up there. remarried now, but still healing jack fondly recalls there are many adventures including skydiving and how laura not only inspired him but no doubt inspired her fellow heroes on flight 93 jack says the memorial to their heroics is symbolic of what people can do when they are united against evil. it's been a long journey for the to get this done. >> it's a sense of relief that it's done. it can stand as a beacon in perpetuity for what people can do if they just come together. >> rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
8:54 pm
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>> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast. this saturday night. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what's on the way as you head to bed tonight and first thing in the morning. >> yeah. we're tracking warmer weather for the 2nd half of the weekend nice that we warmed up and also cleared out from the stormy weather that we saw overnight thursday into friday morning. plenty of sunshine, though, by or sunday afternoon temperatures. very seasonable from coast to most of the east bay shoreline. the downtown san francisco at 68 degrees. mid 60's for happen. they and daly city going to see more of that cool sea breeze to start the day. but
8:57 pm
then those warm dry northerly winds by the afternoon helping to clear us out 70's from brisbane all the way into burlingame with mid 70's there in san carlos little bit milder at 78 degrees with san jose 83 degrees. so very seasonable temperatures for the south bay as well. livermore 92 degrees. a little change from today's daytime highs in the low 90's. there with the walnut creek and concord also 92 degrees at mid 70's of peas. for those of you in oakland and berkeley. 84 degrees with mid 80's for benicia in the north bay and avato and sandra fell in the upper 80's for your afternoon high. so great end to the weekend and a perfect start today as well. all right, thank you. >> that does it for us here on kron 4 news at
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