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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 11, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> tonight. we remember the lives lost in the 9.11 terror attacks 20 years ago today, moving tributes taking place all across the united states of america. that is where we start this saturday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome jonathan mccall justine has the night off. 3
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presidents standing side by side with their wives at the national september 11th memorial sharing a moment of silence to mark the anniversary of america's worst terrorist attack with a display of unity. patrick elwood starts our team coverage tonight in new jersey just across from manhattan where we can see the beams of from where the twin towers once stood lighting up the sky. patrick, good evening. >> good evening to you. in speaking with so many people over the last several days here in new york, in new jersey, in the eyes of many. the stay is always about remembering what happened back in 2000. one, but also as we move ahead collectively as a nation. where are we going? >> beautiful new york city morning much like it was exactly 20 years ago. they gathered to keep true to the promise to never forget. mike
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lowe, the father of sarah just a 28 year-old flight attendant on american was the first to address the crowd a time when many people acted of the. >> and beyond the ordinary presidents and first ladies were on hand. andrew anthony each was read aloud of those who died at ground 0. >> outside the official 9.11 event. americans from all walks of life. watch from afar. >> at bus driver drive us directly over to the site while in the 5 boroughs of new york city like here in brooklyn. the larger families of first responders convene phil ruffolo is a retired fdny captain. he was not on duty at the time of the first plane attack. but like everybody else and rescue too, ran to help. because the guys on duty had left the house with all of the equipment. they commandeered a city bus and headed straight down to lower manhattan. it's chaotic.
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>> the cloud is very dense arriving from brooklyn. they immediately hit the rubble of the collapsed tower. we all know what we have to do. it. search until we can search anymore. found a few members they were dead. >> john, the pala title and kevin o'rourke were 2 of the 7 members that day rescue to lost. today. he found joy when he saw john's daughters and kevin's grandson, our friendships that are missed. and there's joy. because. >> i look around the room and young ones have sprung up. that's a great thing. it's the the renewal of life. >> so on the morning that began with people from all walks of life privately going about their business has led to this 20 years down the road in most public display of grief, remembrance of who they were and hope always hope for
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better days to come. for all of us. >> and president biden recently declassified all government documents associated with 9.11. that is welcome news to many, many families who have long want to get more information in terms of exactly who financed these attacks reporting from jersey city on patrick elwood. jonathan, back to you in studio. patrick, thank you so much for your coverage tonight. we appreciate it. >> meanwhile, back here at home, folks across the bay area are remembering and honoring the lives impacted by the september 11th attacks in hayward. the city hosted a community get community gathering and candlelight vigil. kron four's amanda hari spoke with folks who attended. >> the people i spoke to said they were happy that they got
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to be together. all remembering those lost and praying for those affected by the events 20 years ago. one person said to me they couldn't believe just how fast that time went by saw the country never stood together in. >> remember what happened flags, flowers and soft music. set the tone as the hayward community came out. remember those lost and impacted during and following the 9.11 attacks 20 years ago. impeach up lives in castro valley became to hayward for this opportunity to remember together. he signed a placard set up to honor those who were affected. he says he thinks about the attacks often because he spends time in new york city. he's part of the pyro crew that does the 4th of july celebration there every year that i've gone. i go to the memorial to very heavy feeling
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every time that i've gone there, you can feel like lost souls but he feels it's important to remember those lost and pray for their families from believable. >> what had occurred and still seems like unbelievable. reliving something that it should have never happened. marci santana says she spent the week watching documentaries about the tragedy. >> and it's given her a new perspective. >> just like it really changed everyone's life. and i just feel bad about what happened after 2. >> mean, that's going to war. she says when she heard about the community coming out. remember and support. 20 years later she wanted to be a part of we need to start taking care each other. not hurting each i spoke to organizers and they told me the memorial here at heritage plaza. >> will remain at least until tuesday. they want people that didn't have the chance to come to this event to be able to come by later on and pay their respects in hayward.
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>> amanda hari kron 4 news and a programming note tonight kron 4 news at 10 o'clock will end a little bit early so we can bring you a 30 minute special 9.11 anniversary. it starts tonight at 1030 right after we're done with the news here at 10 o'clock. now to a kron 4 news exclusive tonight pet food express. the california based company says it is removing a certain brand of dog toys from its shelves after a couple in the east bay says they found a needle in their pets. brand new toy that couple talking only with kron four's gayle ong about that discovery. >> this is the middle. he was all over in one of all over >> israel says saito says he found the needle as he was playing with his dog all over at their concrete homes. that is so light. >> with a net to get the squeaky i'm made this weekend because all of us crazy over it and then i to myself really
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my fingers and was like housing for the hurt. that's when he said he found the sewing needle coming out from inside the toy is was pretty scary for especially because all over. >> full of or he is. we love all over. and i got so worried that he could. >> the toy was purchased at a pet food express store in concord. saito and espouse immediately contacted the store manager and they say the manager contacted the manufacturer. >> a spokesperson for pet food express sent a statement to kron 4 that reads in part, quote, we are so grateful that no pet was hurt. while we have never had an incident with this manufacturer. we are directing our stores to remove the product from their shelves until we can be certain that the product is safe. a statement to kron 4 from the manufacturer patchwork pet reads in part, quote, safety is our number one priority. never in our 13 years of business. have we encountered a safety related issue like this require procedure is that all toys must go through metal detection prior to packaging.
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the quality control team is investigating and will make any necessary corrections no, think will for the full response from both companies and just wants to spread awareness to other pet owners that means always checking toys for all of her before play time. >> in concord. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> not a wildfire coverage. tonight. more evacuation orders have now been reduced to warnings as the caldor fire gets closer to containment in eldorado county. but authorities are warning folks to be careful as they return back to their homes. the 15th largest wildfire in california state history remains at 53%. containment. so far flames from this fire had burned more than 218,000 acres so far, destroying more than 900 buildings. the dixie fire burning north of paradise is still burning in parts of 5 northern california counties. nearly 2 months as after it for sparked so far this fire has charred more than 953,000 acres and his 59% contained after 2 months in lassen
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county, several evacuation orders and warnings have now been downgraded. more than 1300 buildings have been destroyed from this fire. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look over the city of san francisco from the sutro tower camera on this saturday night. a gorgeous picture that we're taking a look at and things only going to get better as we move into a new workweek. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what you can expect as you head out the door. first thing in the morning 8 or jonathan. yeah. it was a beautiful day in the bay area, not just along the coast but even for inland valleys. >> warming up into the low 90's when we should be in the mid 80. so about 5 degrees above average. there. seasonal weather, though, for oakland at 73 degrees with downtown san francisco little bit cooler than average. but 66 degrees pleasant nonetheless, no one along the coast and barkett arrow complaining today. let's take a live look outside city hall very
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patriotic in honor of september 11. >> lit up in red, white and blue. this evening. and we are seeing that marine layer making its way along the coast starting to spread across the bay area shoreline where we are going to notice future cast for tracking those high clouds during the overnight hours. but it is going to be a thin layer of high clouds mainly going to have to worry about the dense low clouds and fog with that deep marine layer to start out your sunday morning commute. but better lifting and clearing by mid morning with temperatures right now. widespread 50's and 60's still in the for conquered and antioch in the mid 70's right now when tracker for though, tracking calmer wind speeds and getting more of that westerly breeze extending into the east bay now making its way inland into the valleys with overnight temperatures tonight in the mid-fifties. but those of you in santa rosa, little bit cooler low 50's for you all for antioch in the low 60's currently in the mid 70's right now. so no surprise are
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only going to cool down into the low 60's for your overnight temperatures. but then daytime highs tomorrow 92 degrees of peace for conquered and livermore mid 70's for oakland downtown san francisco warming up into the upper 60's. so enjoy that your next 10 at 10 outlook. we're tracking warmer temperatures on wednesday. the warmest day of the next 10 at 10 outlook until we start to cool down below average friday through saturday with temperatures rebounding near normal 10 days from now. jonathan, back to you. thank you. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. >> governor gavin newsome making a stop here in the bay area just days before californians will decide whether or not he will stay in office. his message to workers in the east bay today. 20 years after the september 11th attacks. we're still learning new stories from that day, including a flight attendant who is also an oakland native killed in the attacks. plus as we head to the break, september is hunger action month kron 4 is teaming up
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with feeding america to help end food insecurity. scan the qr code on your screen for information on how you can donate to local food charities here in the bay area. you can watch all month long as we highlight local groups making a difference in our communities. crew members and
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passengers on board. united flight 93 are being hailed as heroes after sacrificing their lives to prevent a 3rd airplane from being flown into
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the capitol. >> or the white house in d c one of the flight attendants on board that day was oakland native one to green kron four's noelle bellow has more on how she's now being remembered. 20 years later. >> we consider hero. we appreciate that. people celebrate one of year olds. >> more like 93. a flight attendant with united airlines for 29 years. wanda greene was one of the first african american flight attendants with united a dedicated mother of 2 children and very active in the new jersey community you in which she lived. but her home town was oakland and on september 11th. she planned to visit with her family on her layover from flight 93. but wanda and the 43 others on board that plane never made it. we're very proud of her and other passengers. >> the tariffs and good night them use that planted the bomb
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heady sundry swanson is want us cousin. he was also chief of staff for congresswoman barbara lee on 9/11/2000, one. >> he says the acts of all those on board flight 93 are an example of the courage of these passengers because of cell phones. what's happening. >> and the 're very consciously made that decision. so take lying down and that led to war with anyone else who isn't. these are all patriots later we learned that flight 93 more than likely it was coming into the capitol. and so today i'm thinking especially of those the heroes on flight 93. >> who has saved many lives because they took plane congresswoman lee was inside the capitol that morning. she holds a special place in her heart for chief of staff's cousin want a green. >> for me personally, it's it's a very somber day very active thoughts and prayers go out family wants family and all those who lost so many
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months and loved ones green was 49 years old gone but never forgotten. >> noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> meanwhile, here's a look at other ceremonies that took place across the bay area today in honor of the 9.11 attacks. santa clara and san mateo fire departments held a flag ceremony this morning holding a solemn ceremony outside while ringing a bell. >> in a 5, 5, 5, 5, pattern, which is the notification for a death in the line of duty. meanwhile, in fremont, a large display could be seeing remembering the more than 300 firefighters killed that day 20 years ago. >> and a quick programming reminder in just a few moments. we will bring you a 30 minute special title 9.11 20th anniversary. we remember it comes your way at 1030. right after we're done right here on kron. 4 news at 10. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast on a live look what is expected to be the golden gate bridge it's underneath there somewhere under that thick layer fog. kron 4
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meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez here tonight with a look at what else is on the way as we start sunday. yeah. instead we're getting treated with very colorful clouds out there because of the city lights and we are tracking though deeper marine layer out there. >> courtesy of our mount tam camera but temperatures tomorrow we're going to notice a lot more sunshine. and with that warmer temperatures just in time for the 2nd half of your weekend downtown san francisco. >> warming up to seasonal temperatures 68 degrees as is the mission district for those of you on terror granada 57 degrees. but half moon bay in the mid 60's. so we are going to get a cool sea breeze to start out your sunday morning and then more of a northerly offshore wind pattern by the afternoon helping to clear out the clouds and warm us up throughout the peninsula with millbrae and burlingame 79 degrees. low 80's for those of you in san mateo and san carlos redwood city even milder than that. 83 degrees as the san jose in the south
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bay saratoga and campbell in the low 90's. so pretty toasty temperatures there. but even warmer, for those of you in livermore 92 degrees. so you're going to be about 8 degrees above average there with walnut creek and concord. also in the low 90's when you should be in the mid 80's this time of year are in the amur agha mid 80's and richmond 78 degrees as we head into the north bay sonoma in the low 90's. but a little bit cooler for those of you in napa pleasant. nonetheless, at 83 degrees santa rosa in the mid 80's as his petaluma with mill valley also warming up to 86 degrees. taking a look ahead at your full 10 at 10 outlook. warming trend going to peak on tuesday. that's where we're going to be about 5 to 10 degrees above average for most of our inland valleys holding steady along the coast and east bay shoreline and then below average temperatures by about 5 degrees friday into saturday. even next weekend. going to be on the cooler side. i know you like the warm hot weather being from texas. but can you handle it?
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>> i don't know. got to break up the sweat pants and a sweater very good joy or short stay tomorrow try a vision. >> meanwhile, kron 4 is your local elections headquarters. governor gavin newsome making a stop today in oakland just 3 days before the upcoming recall election. governor gavin newsome talking with caregivers on the front lines during the pandemic. kron four's, phillipe djegal found out that the governor urging them to vote no on the recall saying that the consequences of this election are a matter of life and death. >> when you now, >> governor gavin newsome saturday the center in oakland this recall is an enemy to this state before members of s e i u of 2015 hit the phones and knocked on doors. urging voters to reject recalling the governor tuesday, the made up elected democrats narrowing down what is at stake. it's
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our governor. they're protected against covid. the governor's opponents have criticized him for implementing masking and vaccination mandates. but his supporters say he is taking necessary action has saved lives and livelihoods. this election is a matter of life and death, public health is on the ballot. the governor defended his pandemic policies during a nearly 17 minute speech while also taking swings and conservative talk show host in 10 republican candidate larry elder, the only candidate he mentioned by name attacking his desire to eliminate minimum wage. downplaying the impacts of global warming and elders person he's he doesn't believe, for example. there's a glass ceiling it doesn't believe women have the right to maternity leave. he doesn't believe women are even has smart. >> as men. the governor says if everyone votes, the recall will fail vote.
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>> opening up a leap to go from kron 4 will have complete live team coverage for you on election night. >> our crews will be stationed across the state watching the results as they come in. we'll also have a special edition of inside bay area, politics with our panel of political experts and be sure to look for live reports from candidate headquarters all across the state that comes your way tuesday starting at 05:00pm right here on kron. 4 news. still ahead tonight, more stimulus checks are on the way for californians just how much and who will be eligible.
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>> for your money tonight. california will be sending out yet another round of stimulus checks eligible californians will see the payments pop up in their bank accounts or they could receive a check starting next week. the first batch of payments went out about 2 weeks ago for folks making less than $75,000 on their tax returns. they are eligible to receive that $600 plus a an additional $500 for people with one dependent state will send out a total of 12 billion dollars in payments. in southern california. today. venice and santa monica hosting car shows to feature low riders vantage chevrolets in class honey the event held while the santa monica show was on the pier. both car
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shows celebrating latino culture contributions from the venice event will are being used to a monument honoring mexican and mexican american railroad workers who played a key part in the construction of the main railroad transportation system here in the u.s.. tomorrow. vta light rail service will be expanding service will expand to include the entire blue line running from bay point to santa teresa. meanwhile, the green line currently operating from old ironsides to the dura. dawn is expected to be back in full operation sos. that does it for us. everyone have a good night. we'll see the ball.
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>> tuesday 9/11/2001 the most horrific i've ever seen in my whole thousands murdered in lower manhattan to the virginia in western many heroes in their final moments, he was lining up people. >> and getting them ready to evacuate she was working on his stone look though look keep moving but a day meant to destroy us has only made us stronger >> tonight 20 years later. we we mourn in we were men.


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